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dreamerkitty · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Ib sprites
Played Ib through for the first time recently. It was really fun and actually still a bit scary. I always used to prefer Mary but I was very fond of Gary in the playthrough because he’s just so caring and kind to Ib. I had to run off quickly while getting ‘together forever’ so that I didn’t get sad about leaving Gary..
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historicalsnail · a day ago
Who the hell burned a “witch" at Button House?
Whoever did private burnings on their estate was a psycho and I’m afraid of them being related to one of the Ghosts.
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a-mask-of-anarchy · a day ago
Mary Shelley, The Widow Poet
After the death of Percy Bysshe Shelley in 1822, his 24 year old widow, Mary Shelley, dedicated the rest of her time to studying and lived off by her writings, one area of writing she took up was poetry, in 1835 Mary wrote to Maria Gisborne saying “I can never write verses," she says “expect under the influence of a strong sentiment & seldom even then." Which has proven the case.
One of the common themes of her published poetry is the loss of her husband and being a widow, these poems would be published in the 1830s into The Keepsake along with her other poems such as Absence, Stanzas (“How like a star you rose upon my life”), and Stanzas (“O, Come to me in dreams, my love”), another poem which is a long elegy of her husband, The Choice, is also published I believe. Mary considered one of the poems, titled A Dirge, to be one of the best things she has ever written, here it is:
A Dirge, by M. W. S.
“This morn thy gallant bark, Love,
Sailed on a Sunny sea;
Tis noon, and tempests dark, Love,
Have wrecked it on the lee.
Ah Woe—ah woe—ah woe
By spirits of the deep,
He’s cradled on the billow,
To his unwaling sleep!
Thou liest upon the shore, Love,
Beside the kneeling surge,
But sea-nymphs ever more, Love,
Shall sadly chaunt thy dirge.
O come, O come—O come!
Ye spirits of the deep!
While near his sea-weed pillow,
My lonely watch I keep.
From far across the sea, Love,
I hear a wild lament,
By Echo's voice for thee, Love,
From Ocean's caverns sent:
O list! O list! O list!
The Spirits of the deep—
Loud sounds their wail of sorrow—
While I for ever weep!”
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terminallytwee · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
made this three years ago today about my shitty inlaws when my wife came out
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funtimelily225 · 2 days ago
Lil Michelle Au
Chapter 1
Devil’s children were very close with Mary and Kane since their childhood. Mary, Irene and Michelle were best friends. Kane was buddies with Noah and Arnold.
One day the Devil sent part of his army on killing-spree. Soldiers killed many people and several angels. Because of that Heaven wanted revenge. That’s how many angels were going down, to Hell, to kill demons. Our dear Devil’s and Azazel’s children decided to have some fun and hunt the angels.
- Ha! Another one killed! It’s so easy fighting with them! - said Noah.
- Yea! They’re so weak! - Kane responded.
- Alright, alright, stop talking and let’s find more of them - said Irene.
Bendy with Michelle (sometimes teasing eachother) were in front of the group and tried to find more angels. Suddenly they heard some voices.
- 27th kill! I’m way better than you Liraz! - male voice said.
- Ugh! Why do you always have to kill them?! Leave some for us!! - yelled female voice.
- Guys stop fighting! Let’s just find other demons nearby… - another male voice.
Bendy carefully leaned out from behind the wall.
- There’s 8 of them. - said Bendy.
- Let’s circle them! - yelled-whispered Arnold.
- Good plan! - said Mary - Girls come with me at their back. You boys take the front.
- Okay! - agreeded Alex.
Adel and Liraz were fighting about who has more kills. Malachi tried to stop them, but they didn’t listen.
- Guys stop already! - said Galene.
- Ugh, like babies.. - commented Dabria.
- Oh you sure about it Li- - Adel stopped in the middle of sentence because something fell him to the ground.
- Well, well, well… You’re really noisy, you know? - whispered Bendy over Adel.
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interstellarangel · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
last summer capricorn season
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catchymemes · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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witchycastiel · a month ago
i know i’ve read fics where mary mistakenly thinks dean and cas have a secret relationship but i have such a specific vision that i wanna see. mary and cas bond they are becoming real friends and she (in the most repressed way possible) alludes to being a lesbian and tells cas that she’s not a product of her generation, she knows things are different now and he doesn’t have to hide anything. she’s trying to tell him that she’s okay with him and dean being together but cas misunderstands it as her clocking him for being gay and is kind of confused but mostly touched when he tells her ‘thank you, mary, i appreciate that,’ which she just takes as confirmation that dean and cas ARE together in secret. later she says something similar to dean which just short circuits his brain and he tells her ‘uh. cas. cas and i aren’t like that, mom.’ and she says ‘but he said you were?’ ‘he- What Exactly Did Cas Say?’ and that’s when cas appears and eventually clears things up by saying ‘oh i see. mary, there’s been a misunderstanding. i thought you were just referring to me being gay.’ and dean just goes ‘you’re WHAT’
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awanqi · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Paintings of the story of the Assumption of the BVM
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straight friends group be like: brunette girl, blondey, Chad™, Kyle, the funny one
Gay friend groups be like: purebred himbo, accidental mother hen, slutty bisexual poet, boy scout supersized, emotional support repressed gay dad, falsely accused witch, sibling trauma, literally headless, tortured alarm clock, morally bankrupt politician, and monke
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suncaptor · 6 months ago
John is the woman in white who drowned her kids after her husband cheated except he traumatised his kids and risked their lives after his wife died. so he’s cursed to finding others who did the same as what killed his wife on different back country roads forever, incapable of going home, haunting the world, and his children are stuck just like her children were, desperately needing to face the trauma inflicted upon them, desperately wanting to move on from the violence that shaped their existence.
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alivegirllazarus · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
5x16 “Dark Side of the Moon” // Spirit, George Roux (1885)
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funtimelily225 · 23 hours ago
Lil Michelle Au
Chapter 3
- What?! Cooperate with you?! - yelled-whispered Noah
- We all need to get out of here - Sophia replied.
- We, demons, can just kill you angels. That’s a better solution. - Kane said.
- And we, angels, can also just kill you demons. But that way we would make a lot of noise and they down there would hear us. - said irritated Sophia.
- But-… ugh fine! I think it’s the only solution… - replied mad Mary.
Sophia smiled pround of herself.
- So, uh… Where is another way out?… - asked Liam.
- Ugh.. That way - Irene replied.
Irene showed them a dark tunnel that was behind one of the rocks. Children started going through it.
- It’s dark in here… - whispered Aurora.
- Well, it’s a tunnel plus we’re under the ground! - said Arnold.
Kids went few meters in silence.
- W-well, if we’re cooperating, we should get to know eachother! My name’s Malachi. - said angel with long hair.
- Hmmm… Michelle - replied demon girl.
- Oh, and I’m Aurora! - said another angel.
Than all the children introduced themselves. They were not sure if they’re doing the right thing. They all had various emotions. But they all decided to at least say their names.
- Oh, it’s really nice to meet you all, haha… Btw, I think we should release both Alex and Adel… - said Galene.
- Fine… - whispered Noah.
Alex run towards Bendy and hugged him immidiately. Arnold let Adel’s arm go, but Adel stayed in the same place.
As children were going forward, they started having a small chat. Soon they got to the end of Hell. They stood infront of portal, that leaded to Heaven.
Demons never saw thing like Heaven. They were looking through portal at it. It was wonderful - everywhere white fluffy clouds, huge beautiful temples and churches… They were amazed by its beauty.
As Michelle and Irene were looking through portal, they actually started walking towards it. Devil forbade his children from entering the portal. But in that moment, girls forgot about it.
In the moment when girls stepped on the cloud, bright light appeared over Michelle’s head and at Irene’s back. After few seconds weird light slightly dimmed.
At Irene’s back appeared her wings and over Michelle’s head - bright halo.
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cruelhighways · 16 days ago
it’s the way the ghosts’ dying outfits reflect their characters so well for me. julian’s final mistake being ever-immortalised in the comedic loss of his trousers, something which he shrugs off but is also a source of guilt? mary retaining scorch marks, tying her physical body to her experience with the witch trials and reflecting how she’s the most stuck in the past? the captain’s uniform being crisp and perfectly buttoned, revealing nothing about his death and therefore being painfully symbolic of the things he does not reveal about himself? god it hurts but it’s all so perfectly done
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