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queenmylovely · 29 minutes ago
Hi y’all!! So it’s my 22nd birthday and I was thinking I could do a little mini event. So send me one of the following if you want!
your favorite queen song + your favorite color for a mini moodboard
Your name for a playlist
A queen/borhap person of your choosing and a situation for a mini moodboard
Small requests for headcanons (we’ll see if I am actually able to keep it short lol)
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lesleeiii · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
22nd birthday and I’m ending my day with you ❤️ My heart is so full 💛
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theshortlist-blog · 9 hours ago
Top 7 Stocks to Buy Now! 🔥 December 22nd, 2020!
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syeontual · 19 hours ago
fromis pls promo a bside during this comeback pleeeeeease 🤞
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what are you doing for rob's birthday
Well, I can't say fully on here because I want part of it to be a surprise. But I asked them what they wanted and already did it for them. I also have a couple small surprises coming for them when his actual birthday gets here! ❤️
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nycnostalgia · a day ago
Tumblr media
Flatiron Building, 1984
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stanwalls · a day ago
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nct-lian · a day ago
lian instagram update (210510)
italics featured in her caption are to represent english
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
liked by _shotaroo_ and 1,619,043
baelian hot sauce !!! 🌶
_shotaroo_ HOT SAUCE
→ baelian !!!!!!
johnnyjsuh i liked your part
→ baelian who wouldn’t ??
liansrightdimple YOU SLAYED THAT MV
neoslian your vocals hit so different in this album
950mg_ i saw you at the cafe today
n24ct the entire album is so good 😩😩
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tenshindon · a day ago
all i did this mothers day was think about 22nd tien in fighterz
#snap chats#this is a lie but you guys dont know that ;)#ANYWAY no shut up let me speak#uhhh i dont konw i think thatd just be funny :)#i just want tien to do the solar flare. also i want the four witches#give me the four witches as a gross command grab thatd be so funny#let tien use the kamehameha FUCK IT we can have like twenty  kamehameha users#fuck it let him user the dodon ray too still#ngl i literally did think of like. ALMOST a complete new move set for him just for shits and giggles#of course while i was thinking i was like 'oh but regular tien already has that :/'#but then i was like 'if goku can have like ten versions of himself and it be valid then i can do tien this is fine'#ESP SINCE HIS KIT IS SO EXPANSIVE AND DUMMY#like god tien i hate you but your kit is fucking HEAT#so many untouched moves....#LET HIS INTRO JUST BE HIM THROWING HIS CLOTHES OFF FUCK OFF THATD BE SO FUNNY#CHIAOTZU IN THE BACK READY TO CATCH IT AS HE JUST LOOKS AT THE CAMERA ALL SASSY#fuck OFFFFF thatd be so funny#will i ever acutally sit down and think of a full complete move set for 22nd tien in fighterz ?#probably not idk </3#because i know if i did i would just be like 'god dammit i want 22nd tien in fighterz so bad'#in reality its cause i want tien to be shirtless but ssh#ITS WHAT HE DESERVES HE WORKED HARD FOR HIS GAINS#god let regular tien have an intro with his 22nd self thatd be so funny#just Disappointment- i know thats not a thing amongst the gokus and vegetas#but god that would be so funny i just need tien to sigh like a disappointed father#let yamcha have an intro too mfer just 'whys he a dick again thats Very Uncool :('#you guys ever think about how tien has no dramatic finishes in fighterz because I do#theres so many opportunities... bro lemme have the yamcha/tien dramatic finish#thats the closest we gon get to an official rematch#god im depressed dont talk to me
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nct-nari · 2 days ago
NCT 127's Reactions to Nari’s Sasaeng fan
This is part 10 of the Sasaeng Archives. You don’t have to but I do recommend reading the other parts first. Link to WayV and NCT DREAM's Reactions. Mark and Haechan's reactions are with DREAM. (I also recommend rereading Comfort Zone before reading these reactions, but once again this isn't necessary for the reactions to make sense).
There are two types of reactions for each member, the first one is the reaction they had after initially hearing about the sasaeng grabbing Nari at NCT DREAM's fan sign. The second reaction is the reaction they had once they found out that the sasaeng who assaulted Nari at the fan sign was the same one who had stalked her in 2018.
Tumblr media
Initial Reaction:
When Taeil heard Mark lose control over his emotions during their Vlive his mood instantly changed from playful to concerned and on edge. He couldn't recall a moment from their career when Mark, or any of the members, had sounded so distraught on a live. After all, they'd all been trained by SM, they knew how to act, what to say, what to avoid saying and they only ever made conscious decisions to ignore their training (cough* Chenle *cough). Hearing Jaemin's dismal tone as he struggled to speak over the phone only brought his mood further. When he heard from Jaemin what had happened to Nari it was like his heart had sunk into his gut. As he sat in the car, Taeil's jaw would unknowingly begin to clench as he listened to their manager explain the discussion that was currently happening between NCT's staff. Taeil wouldn't have a clue what to say or think in that moment. He was overwhelmed by crushing shock that was quickly mixing with anger and disdain directed towards the sasaeng.
Reaction after being informed about the police investigation:
Hearing from his manager that the man at the fan sign and the man who'd forced SM to get extra security for Nari back when she was still a minor was the same person made Taeil angrier than he thought reasonable. His anger was initially entirely directed towards the sasaeng, but the more time he was given to think about everything, the more his anger drifted to be focused on their managers. He knew that their managers felt guilty for having mismanaged the situation back in 2018, just like the current staff felt guilty for the fan sign, but he still held anger towards them. The longer he spent thinking about it the more he realised that no one could have predicted these specific things to happen and so instead he eventually turned his anger back towards the so called fan.
Tumblr media
Initial Reaction:
Unlike Taeil, Johnny heard about the fan sign from their manager. It was a pretty relaxed ride home for the members in the second car until their manager asked Haechan if he would be okay to stay over at the DREAM dorms for the night. Of course Haechan agreed but he also questioned their manager for asking this. Like Haechan, Johnny was curious and paid attention as their manager replied "The DREAM members have asked if you and Mark would be okay to come over because there was an incident at their fan sign today and their manager says that they aren't in the best state right now." Of course this reply concerned Johnny a lot but after listening to their manager describe what he'd heard about the fan sign Johnny would be torn with rage. Whilst still in the car Johnny found himself gripping onto his seat to stop himself from lashing out since he really wanted to punch something, anything in that moment. When their manager dropped them off at the dorms, telling the members that he'd head to the SM building to help deal with the situation (after dropping Haechan and Mark off at the DREAM dorms), Johnny came very close to losing his composure. He knew there was nothing he could do but he just wished there was nothing to sort out in the first place.
Reaction after being informed about the police investigation:
When Johnny was told by NCT's managers that the police suspected the same person responsible for threatening Nari's safety and causing his members so much stress back in 2018 was also responsible for physically assaulting Nari at the recent fan sign, Johnny remaind surprisingly calm. He was able to hold himself together enough to comfort his members and listen as they aired out their frustrations. He'd spend a while genuinely believing he was okay until his emotions built up enough that he ended up calling his mom and telling her everything that had happened. He wouldn't be able to stop talking as he explained how much he hated this part of his job and how much he respected Nari for dealing with it so well. How much he wanted to protect her from these things since she'd already been given the short straw in almost every way possible in her career. Thanks to his long call with his mom Johnny would end up feeling a lot better and he was even more encouraged than before to cheer Nari on in all she did.
The rest of the members are under the cut
Tumblr media
Initial Reaction:
When Taeyong heard about the situation, more than anything he was frustrated. He wasn't quite angry or disheartened but his emotions had settled somewhere in between. He knew that the things Nari dealt with from both fans and haters were the most disturbing, degrading and hateful out of all of their members. He also knew that even though Nari was a mature adult she still remained relatively childish in certain aspects of her personality, similar to the other DREAM members. Because of this he felt as if he'd somehow failed her for letting this happen to her, even though there was nothing he could have done. He took on bits and pieces of guilt and couldn't stop himself from thinking that he should have done something more to protect Nari. Once back at the dorms Taeyong would probably spend a few hours just laying on his bed with a blank face as he thought about how Nari, and all his members, didn't deserve this kind of treatment.
Reaction after being informed about the police investigation:
Taeyong only found out about the results from the police investigation three days before he had to go to the US with SuperM. Taeyong was not happy about this at all. The only time he'd ever seen Nari actually scared was back when they were trainees and Nari had come to him saying that she couldn't sleep. This situation was already scary but finding out it was the same person from last year some how made the situation even more terrifying. Taeyong wanted nothing more than to give Nari a massive hug and reasure her that he was always here for her to come to if she was overwhelmed. But he couldnt help constantly reminding himself that he was about to travel to the other side of the world. Taeyong felt tremendous guilt that he couldn't be there for Nari when she needed the most support. He'd end up calling their managers for constant updates on both the situation with the sasaeng and Nari's health.
Tumblr media
Initial Reaction:
Like Taeil, Yuta was in a playful and positive mood when he heard Mark's cry of disbelief. Yuta was quick to make eye contact with their manager as his first instinct was to stop the live so they could deal with the situation as best they could given the circumstances. However Yuta's clear train of thought was interrupted when he saw the sheer amount of distress that was prevalent within the comment section of the Vlive. Despite this sudden influx of concern, Yuta was still able to focus on the immediate task of making sure Mark was okay. The overwhelming tension in Mark's reactions only acted to make Yuta more concerned for Nari. Despite this Yuta was able to keep a level head as he knew an emotional reaction was not what any of the members needed in a situation like this. Yet as soon as Yuta heard Jaemin explain what had happened at their fan sign Yuta's focus on helping his members was completely shattered by the rage that began to overtake him. He remained silent and frozen, tension building up as their manager further clarified everything that Jaemin had said. His previously tired state after the long day of schedules had almost completely disappeared as Yuta instead fond himself eager to get out of the car and run off his anger.
Reaction after being informed about the police investigation:
Yuta was well beyond infuriated when he found out. Right before the managers texted the members to inform them about the police report he'd gotten a text from his sister that contained a picture she'd taken of his display in a shop window she'd walked past. Because of this all Yuta could think about was his own little sister and how unfair it was that people had to deal with scumbags like this sasaeng. Yuta wouldn't be in the mood to talk to anyone as he blasted music through his headphones and tried to come to terms with all the horrible things Nari had gone through at such a young age.
Tumblr media
Initial Reaction:
Along with Johnny, Taeyong and Haechan, Doyoung found out about the incident from their manager whilst in the car ride back to their dorms. Unlike Johnny and Taeyong, Doyoung's initial reaction wasn't anger or frustration. Doyoung quickly began throwing questions at their manager. He wanted to know exactly what happened, what the reaction was, who was involved and how their management planned to deal with the situation. It was only when the answers began to get vaguer that Doyoung's anger began to build. He'd request that SM get a restraining order for the fan and wouldn't accept any excuses or mediation. Doyoung would feel a serious amount of responsibility to make sure that the situation was dealt with properly. He would struggle as he spent a lot of time over the following hours in deep thought, analysing the situation as best he could despite his emotions constantly interrupting his logical train of thought.
Reaction after being informed about the police investigation:
Doyoung was enjoying his time at the dorms just watching dramas and enjoying some time to himself when the message got sent through. Because of this he didn't actually find out until he heard the ruckus Johnny and Haechan were making that seemed to be a bit more emotional than their normal reactions whilst gaming. Initially Doyoung wouldn't want to interrupt them, wishing for them to sort things out themselves, but after a few minutes he'd make his way into their room with the hope of helping them sort out whatever was going on. However when he found out the reason for their emotional yelling match he'd find himself in a state of disbelief that was almost instantly overridden by rage. Doyoung would remain relatively quiet in his rage but he'd be quick to act. After talking with Haechan and Johnny, he'd drop Haechan off at the DREAM dorms whilst he and Johnny went on to the SM building. Doyoung would end up letting out his anger as he spoke to their managers and Johnny would have to step in and remind Doyoung that the managers were clearly already feeling incredibly guilty alongside their current stress.
Tumblr media
Initial Reaction:
Another member who found out in a really shocking way after their Vlive was abruptly ended, Jaehyun was initially focused on making sure Mark was okay. Jaehyun managed to remain very calm as he took Mark's phone from him and talked to Jaemin. In fact, unlike the rest of the members, and even the staff and managers, Jaehyun remained calm after hearing about everything that had happened at the fan sign. He was able to thank Jaemin for telling them and remind the younger to take it easy once they got back to the dorms and let the managers look after everything. Jaehyun helped the managers organise for Mark and Haechan to stay the night in the DREAM dorms and even packed Mark's things for him when it became obvious he wasn't going to be able to do these things himself. Despite this, as soon as Jaehyun got a moment by himself after the chaos had died down, he ended up taking out his anger on his innocent bedroom wall. The whole time, unbeknownst to Jaehyun and everyone else, his anger had been slowly building up until all his emotions ended up exploding at the thought of his little sister being hurt. After punching the wall and letting out a yell of frustration Jaehyun found himself collapsing onto his bed as he began to silently cry, his hands raking through his hair.
Reaction after being informed about the police investigation:
Jaehyun felt like he'd had a bucket of ice cold water dunked over him after he read the text detailing the current information given to their managers by the police. A sense of dread and almost terror seemed to encase him as he sat in his room. What could have happened in that time he thought Nari was safe? Surely Nari would hate him for lying to her back in 2018. He'd wanted to tell her about everything but there never seemed to be a right time to do so, and all Jaehyun could think about were the constant excuses he'd come up with to keep Nari in the dark. Jaehyun could physically feel the pain of his guilt and couldn't do anything to stop his anger from mixing in with his emotions as he tried to think of a way of explaining to his little sister that he was just trying his best to keep her safe.
Tumblr media
Initial Reaction:
Jungwoo was sitting directly next to Mark in the car as they did the Vlive and drove back to their dorms. Hence, Jungwoo got very startled when Mark suddenly cried out "WHAT?!" in the middle of their Vlive. He remained shocked and concerned for Mark as the older members tried to talk to him after cutting the live short. After hearing about what happened to Nari at the fan sign Jungwoo was visibly stressed but remained silent as Jaehyun and Taeil talked to Mark and their manager about him going over to the DREAM dorms for the night. Throughout the car ride home Jungwoo wasn't really sure how to react to everything so he remained silent and let Mark talk to him. Jungwoo was mostly concerned for Nari and wanted to let her know that everyone was supporting her.
Reaction after being informed about the police investigation:
Jungwoo holds really strong memories of the incident back in 2018. He continues to blame himself for reacting in such a way that ended with Nari looking after him as his anxiety worsened during his debut. Hearing that the same person was still the cause of so much pain for his members over a year later felt like a stab in the gut for Jungwoo. Unlike the last time when he'd wanted to help Nari but been unable to, he now had the opportunity to do so. However, this time he didn't know what he should say, if anything. Jungwoo was stuck, desperately wanting to comfort Nari but not knowing how.
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nct-lian · 3 days ago
lian’s celebrity crushes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh god every single time this man is brought up
she blushes so much
and the members are just sitting there like “uh what now”
she’s been caught staring at him during award shows and she’s really embarrassed about it but it’s okay because then again who WOULDNT stare at him?
she accidentally liked one of his instagram pictures but unliked it super fast because obviously she doesn’t follow him and she’d be exposed for stalking his account
but someone took a screenshot HOW? I DONT KNOW BUT IT HAPPENED
nctzens were making fun of her like wtf aren’t you supposed to be on her side for everything
“ohhhh lian has a crushhhhh” “she must be SIMPING”
trauma. ANYWAYS
like besides his looks, she really likes his charisma (she hasn’t even had a conversation with him before- how’s she gonna know what his personality is like yk?)
she loves the way he presents himself on stage or just in general-
lian has a crush <//3 what do we do about this y’all
wonho always gets asked about her like “do you know lian” “do you like lian’s music”
and he’s just like “okay” BECAUSE ITS AWKWARD
she’s been exposed for stalking his instagram account like do you know how risky that is lian you idiot why didn’t you make a burner account
maybe lian isn’t as smart as we think,,
Tumblr media
ms jennifer anniston has been one of lian’s idols for as long as she can remember
she grew up watching friends and she knew JUST from seeing her on the screen, she wanted to do something similar
like the only reason lian is an actress right now is because of jennifer
the impact that this woman has on lian’s life is unexplainable- literally an entire role model in terms of acting
and lian also wants her secret to looking so mf young at her age because she doesn’t want wrinkles when she’s older
it’s okay lian, we understand
she’s opened up about seeing jennifer as an idol, and has said WAY TOO MANY TIMES that if she were to be able to meet one celebrity she would choose to meet her
one of lian’s goals is actually to have a conversation with her at some point in time which i doubt will happen but it’s okay for a girl to dream
“hopefully i get to meet her one day; i think it’ll be unlikely, but i want to let her know that she’s a great role model to me :D”
lian you’re gonna make us all cry stop rn
she used to follow jennifer on instagram before she decided to unfollow literally everyone for a cleaner home feed-
september 2020 sucked sorry about it HOW COULD LIAN JUST UNFOLLOW SUNMI-
i’m getting ahead of myself; my apologies <//3
back to jennifer anniston x lianna bae
lian gets sad whenever she realizes she may never be able to meet her :(
because their worlds are so different from each other and they’re not even in the same country so it’s like hckcj
it’s complicated
Tumblr media
lian’s crush on joongki is honestly pretty lowkey and not many fans know about it
they just know she’d love to work with him one day
but little do they know she’s crying over him while watching vincenzo
“hyuck get off the tv i have to watch song joongki speak italian” “get the fuck out you idiot i’m telling johnny- OPPA! HAECHAN IS BEING MEAN-”
“okay i’m going, you loser”
and then that’s when he finally gets up and plays video games for the next five hours while lian is left to watch in peace
lian thinks he’s so attractive as well
like i’m being serious here; miss girl will not shut up about how “JOONGKI SUNBAENIM IS SO PRETTY”
jaehyun is mad mad but this ain’t about him -_-
lian and the members of red velvet would have the innocent man marathons in their dorm when they were supposed to be asleep
IT WAS SO FUN- they would stay up late when they knew they would have to get up early in the morning and watch the episodes while eating wendy’s homemade brownies :(((
irene best mom agenda is coming through right now :0
lian genuinely cried when joongki said she was a good actress
back in 2019 joongki mentioned that he’d been watching abyss, and he said that he liked the female lead
lian won life
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backyard-birds · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Click for fullsize)
Bobbing for morsels
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kinazhou · 4 days ago
masterlist !
Tumblr media
# our noona
- the maknae line claims their noona
# our baby
- the hyung line reminds kina whatever age she is in she will always be the baby sister they cared about
social media
insta -
twt -
bubble ! -
Tumblr media
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