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January Fifth

Like the month before January 2000

It was the end of times

The waves rose up

And they took me down

Like one soul torn into two

Into new lives, we flew

Into new eyes, new views

I wish I gave you that chance to talk

Just like you gave to me

That will always be my biggest mistake

No longer will it ever be the same anymore

The way you say my name no longer sounds the same, anymore

Just two souls who crossed

Then burst into the sky and took off

All smiles for a while, until we got lost

On January Fifth

Mother Earth’s most beautiful flower bloomed

In a storm, she grew

During hurricanes, she flew

She made it the best of times in the worst of times

No more stress on my mind when it was her I’d find

Like a diamond in the desert at night

Under the stars, you shined

In my darkness, I found light

Now in the darkness, I got you running on my mind

It’s different when I no longer have what they don’t

It’s different every time I come home

Just two souls being led down different roads

I hope one day they cross again

I’m just like a wolf howling at the moon and the stars

Do you hear me screaming through these words from afar…

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