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@luckylabclyde has got some pipes!
Monday Blues 🎵
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Story time

Yesterday when I came from school a neighbor texted me about a tarot reading he wanted some months ago but we both forgot about it.

I told him that I can’t do that because I stopped doing and the reason is that I don’t have time. It’s my last year of high school. I have admissions, etc. He didn’t want to understand.

He started to be angry and to tell me that I lie and he is not stupid. I don’t lie. I hate it. I just told him if he wants to understand me and my time okay, if not, still okay. “i don’t have the mood because I don’t have time.” I told him. “if I was a bitch I would’ve let you with SEEN”. And at that moment he exploded. He called me all ways and threw harsh words.

But you know.. I am changed. I don’t cry and suffer because of people like this anymore so I just put him on seen and I moved on. I smiled and left.

The conclusion:

If you failed 3 times to graduate and receive a diploma, you went in England to steal and you came home and told everyone like you did a good job and stay on your parents money and spend them on drugs without contributing to help them, you don have a single right to talk about me. Simple like that.

Guys, take care of you and don’t suffer for all idiots. They are not worth your time. And it’s not your problem to change them. Remember that.

Lots of love

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2020.10.26 34/100 days of productivity 

Writing this one a bit late, it’s already the next day, but I didn’t have time to write it last night as I was hanging out with some high school friends and I came home pretty late.
I have no classes on Mondays and after spending hours writing my lab on Sunday I decided to take  “a day off” and I just did a quiz on lingodeer for my Korean lessons and that’s about it. 
Rest of the day I spent either watching videos, walking around, drinking coffee and hanging out with friends.

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I wake up to talking to myself. In the middle of the night when I’m half asleep, I sit up and crack my back from left to right. Then I stretch to where my pelvis cracks along with my fricking toes. I have nightmares. I have sleep paralysis. I sleep walk. I kick and punch where I wake up to bruises on my legs and inner arms. My panic attacks are terrifying. I get choking sensations from them. Yeah, my prescribed sleeping medication isn’t working anymore.

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Monday, October 26, 2020

Wow, it’s been a minute since I opened up my Tumblr! My first grading quarter just ended and I felt so on edge to make sure all my assignments were finished and turned in.

Phew! We’re good though!! I hope you’ve been well and taking care of yourself ♡♡

May this week treat us all very, very well!

Looking forwards to Halloween, anyone? 👀👻

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Never Skip Monday!!! Let’s Go!!! #exerciseday #eatclean #cardioday #run #walk #day2 #stayhome #herbalife #monday #hiitworkout #getfit #justdoit #Fitness #noexcuses #motivation #muscle #gainz #fit #gymlife #fitnesscoach #30dfc #fitnesschallenge #6dayeatcleanchallenge (at Addisleigh Park)

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