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#I’m not there yet
dramaphan · a year ago
I agree with the person who said this is our last big meal before he cuts us off for a while. Just as I suspected it's the last Phil video before the... you'll see. We'll all see.
The m-
The... mo....
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sarahhnghae · a year ago
For the first time in ever I allowed myself to be depressed, I didn’t fight it and the depressive episode didn’t last... as long as usual? Usually it lasts a couple weeks.. now I’m already feeling better after a week.
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royalhandmaidens · a month ago
i just need everyone to know that the “ancient jedi texts” that show up in the sequel trilogy are literally just copy and pasted works of al-biruni, a renowned persian scholar from the islamic golden age
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verified-villain-fxcker · 6 months ago
Regardless whether you like the film or not, everyone should keep in mind why the Snyder Cut being released is so important.
Not because it’s a “4 hour superior Justice League” but because Zack Snyder’s daughter died, he went off the film to grieve (VERY understandably so), and then Joss Whedon came in and tore his film to absolute shreds while harassing the cast and crew to horrific extents during reshoots.
If you like or dislike the film, that’s perfectly all right, but EVERYONE should look at this and see what a victory it is for Zack Snyder, his family and the cast and crew of the film.
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Me: If I just add all the characters in Code Black, I can then yell about ALL my headcanons and not just specific ones. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
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the-meme-monarch · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
do you think Ford saw Augustus at the end of pn1 and it all came back to him for a minute
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ly-mono · 5 days ago
thinking about how adam has been made to feel like a disappointment by his father his whole life and when he finally tries to figure out who he is without his dad’s oppressive presence he’s made to feel like a disappointment by his own boyfriend ☹️ adam finally has the chance to explore his queer identity and overcome his dad’s abuse and eric’s like ‘well if you won’t come to the gay club then i guess you’re not figuring it out fast enough for me to stay’ ☹️ and then the narrative rewards eric for this, he just leaves his bf crying on a bridge and the next scene we see of him he’s laughing and jamming out in his room while adam’s voiceover reads out a poem about how he’s never felt love like he did for eric to the extent that he truly believed himself to be a totally heartless person ☹️
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