sk8-wytch · 7 days ago
Emotional abt the idea of caring for Eddie SO SO SO much and him just being dumbfounded cuz why the hell would you care about a freak like him? He's not complaining, far from it, he just... doesnt understand? And you just wanna SHAKE HIM sjshdbddb
UGH god I know. It makes me wanna cry.
Eddie had to grow up really fast. Uncle Wayne tries his best but he’s really never been much of a cook. A lot of the time it was frozen dinners and drive-thru takeout. Eddie never complained but he would be lying if he said he didn’t miss a real home cooked meal that went beyond spaghetti, like his mom used to make. He’d just gotten used to it. Gotten used to doing most everything for himself.
When you see his empty fridge and sparse cupboards something in you is stirred. You’d never seen yourself as very domestic, but for Eddie? You were a domestic goddess.
See, Eddie doesn’t know how to ask for things. Wouldn’t ever want to burden anyone with asking. He felt like enough of a burden already. Wayne sleeping in the living room while he took the only bedroom. He sacrificed it so graciously, always made Eddie feel like he was welcome to it, the poor boy had been through enough anyway. But Eddie still didn’t like asking.
When he sees you with a casserole the first time at his doorstep he’s so confused. “What did you bring that for?” he asks with a nervous sort of chuckle, perplexed, “Shit is there some kinda potluck I didn’t know about?” he jokes to deflect.
But the warmth in his eyes as he looks at you with a mouthful of food in his cheeks, so satisfied and full, the little chuckle he gives you as he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. It sends your heart tumbling and you make a silent pact with yourself that you will do whatever it takes to see that more often.
That’s how it started anyway, with the casseroles. The easy transportable stuff like lasagna. Then it turned into you just bringing all the ingredients over and cooking there a few nights a week. Playing records and making a little party out of it. Wayne would ask Eddie where he managed to find such an angel.
Then in the evenings when everything was quiet and you were watching tv in the darkness, you would snake your arm around him and card your hand through his hair. And he would get so comfortable, really let his guard down, and sometimes let you guide his head gently to your lap where you would continue the hypnotic, gentle raking of your fingers across his scalp. And sometimes, sometimes you could hear his breathing deepen, a telltale shudder of his chest, a twitch of his leg, and you would sit there for hours if that’s how long he slept for.
He would always wake up apologizing, lamenting about how your legs must be asleep or how badly you must have to piss. But you would always reassure him, always make sure that he knew he was never a burden.
Always reassure him that the little things he never asked for were the things that you loved to do for him the most.
Tumblr media
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playgrl0 · 6 days ago
clingy / baji
baji was being extremely clingy today. you don't mind it at all since you love it, you're clingy yourself. and and it's nothing new. he's always clingy, always attached to your hip but, he's being more clingy than usual today.
you're both laying in bed, you're on your phone and he's laying on top of you, you're wrapped in his arms, legs tangled together and arms squeezing your torso. "kei, i can't breathe. you're really strong, you know?" you hear him groan. "so ya don't want me to cuddle you?" he looks up at you from your chest. "that's not it. you're squeezing me too hard and it's getting hard to breathe." "tzch! you're fine, babe." "so you want me to suffocate?" an evil grin spreads onto his lips. "as long as it's in my arms i don't see where the problem is." you slightly gasp. "you're just being dramatic, babe. let me fucking cuddle you, damn. "can't breathe" my ass"
you're on your way to the kitchen to get something to drink when you feel some arms wrapping around your waist from behind you and picking you up. "kei!! what're you doing?" he walks into the kitchen and places you on the counter. "im getting you something to drink. my baby needs to stay hydrated, y'know?" you sigh as he comes back with a glass of water. he wraps his arms around your waist and places his head on your shoulder while you drink your water. you place the glass on the counter and tell baji to let go of you, since you need to use the bathroom. "i'll carry you there, c'mere." before you can protest he's already carrying you. "baji, i can walk by myself. my legs are healthy." he only lets out a small grunt. he lets you down in the bathroom and stands in front of you. you stare at him. why is he still here? "get out." "huh?? why?" "because i need to pee?" he rolls his eyes and leans against the doorframe. "so go pee then? what's the problem?" "nope. i'm not peeing in front of you. get out." you turn his body around, slightly push him out the bathroom and close and lock the door behind you.
you're back in your bedroom seeing baji sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard and playing on his phone. "hey, are you okay?" you ask and he looks up at you. "yeah, why do you ask?" you sit on the edge of the bed and take his hand in yours. "i don't want this to come off wrong and i don't mean this in a negative way, okay? but you're being more clingy than usual today. i have nothing against it! i was just wondering if anything's bothering you or if there's a reason for that. just wanna make sure you're okay." you press a light kiss on his knuckles. he lets out a big sigh and pats his lap. "c'mere." when you sat on his lap he takes both your hands in his and he softly smiles at you. "you're so cute!" he presses a kiss on your lips. he can practically see the question marks forming inside your head, he lets out a chuckle and presses another kiss to your forehead. "you're cute for worrying about me, you care so much. i'm more than okay, babe. i'm just feeling so much love for you today. i mean, i do, everyday but the feeling is overwhelmingly strong today. it feels like a tsunami hit me when i woke up this morning but instead of water, my love for you hit me. i just want to be close to you and shower you with all the love i have." you stare at him when he finishes. "you big, fucking SIMP!" you laugh at him. his eyebrows raise and now he's the confused one. "and you always say that I'M the biggest sap here, damn kei." you finally calm down and he's still staring at you but with a massive grin spread on his beautiful face. "stop fucking laughing at me." he whispers, grabs your head in his hand and kisses you passionately. his thumbs rub softly along your jaw and you can feel him slightly tugging on your bottom lip. you let out a small sound which makes him smirk against your mouth. he's driving you absolutely crazy and he knows it. you pull away for some air and press your forehead against his. "im gonna tell smiley, chifuyu and kazu about it." you whisper against his mouth and he pulls away from you with wide eyes. "you wouldn't. don't you dare. they're never gonna let this go." you smirk at him, quickly get off his lap and run out of the room. he stands up quickly and starts chasing you. "aye! get your ass back here!"
you did end up telling smiley, chifuyu and kazutora and they did in fact, make fun of him. was baji pissed? yes. but he was pissed at the guys for making fun of him and he's definitely gonna beat their asses. but, he could never get mad at you but you will pay for this somehow.
<3 @ playgrl01
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outinthegeoffs · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Everyone may I present.... Them
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parispixiegirl · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tip #8: lean on each other
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mistressemmedi · 8 months ago
I love (2) men
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fadedmunson · a month ago
imagine being bestfriends with joseph quinn and having like sleepovers (skincare day, listening to music on vinyl, napping) and just watching shows while talking about everything
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soleilhour · 3 months ago
Mr. Steal Your Heart⏐Lee Hyunjae
Who knew those eyes of his could hold so much? wc: 520+
"could you be any more beautiful?"
In this very moment, Hyunjae was right in front of you. Face only millimeters apart from yours. Chest on chest. He was backing you up with every step he took. Eyes looking into you.
You bat your eyes, looking at him beneath your eyelashes. Pouting ever so slightly you ask, "and what do you mean by that?" A tinge of faux innocence in your voice.
The tick of his eyebrow implied that he was amused by your behavior. He shined his canines through a smile, "you know very well what I mean"
"no I don't think I do"
It was fun messing with Hyunjae this way. He always ended up getting frazzled and whiny.
But maybe not this time.
His steps became more calculated, placing his hand on your waist. He just continues to stare into your eyes, and you felt them splitting your soul apart. It continues for a while and from the visible gulp at your throat and shifting of your shoulders, he knows he has you backed into a corner.
Figuratively and literally.
The points of your shoulders were pushed against adjacent sides of the walls and your head was cradled into a corner. Mainly because your boyfriend decided to take up all the space possible.
He tilts his head at you, observing your expression. Then he opens his mouth to speak. "who's my pretty girl?" His voice dripping with honey.
For a split second, adoration crossed your face, but you don't want to give in too easily. "hmm idk why don't you ask one of your hoes?"
He snorts and turns his head away from you, unamused by your response to say the least. An impish grin lands on his face, and his gaze turns back to you. He leans in closer, if that were even possible, his breath hitting the shell of your ear. They touch your ear, "y/n..."
For such a minuscule thing to say, every ounce of air was sucked into your lungs. How condescending he sounded. It was that strict playful tone that implied that he would always get to you, have his power over you. To put you in your place.
His lips slid to your cheek, kissing your skin, till he broke contact and you opened your eyes to see him looking into your eyes again. It didn't even occur to you that your eyes were closed.
Lifting a hand to your cheek, he thumbs the apples of your cheeks, being more tender than usual. A stark contrast to caging you into a corner dare you say, you couldn't help but find it comical. You nestled your cheek into the palm of his hand.
"who's my pretty girl?", he asks again. There's that gentle, tender voice. This time when he looked at you, you felt more than what was intended. He may be looking at your eyes, but it's a lot more than just that. You know it.
"yes, you are." Hyunjae guides your lips to his, and closes his lips over yours. Stealing a kiss and your heart along with it as well.
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tripthelightfandomtastic · 21 days ago
I always think about kissing Danny for the first time. Like we’ve been friends through the years and have seen each other grow and date other people and finally we kiss and it feels like the world is reborn. How gentle he would be at first but then he would really pour all the wasted years into that one kiss.
It would be after the two of you had been with eachother all day, it's later in the evening now, just the two of you as he drives you back to your place. He walks you to the door, "I think I left my sunglasses in here when I came by to pick you up." "Yeah, come on in." You invite him as you shrug off your jacket, only moments later Danny finds his sunglasses sitting on your kitchen counter. "Got'em." He smiles as he holds up the glasses. "Oh good. Thanks for driving." "Yeah, no worries, I had a great time."
"I missed you." The words come out too wistfully, almost nostalgic. There's a beat of silence between you. You did miss him, not just him being away, but missing him when he's been with someone else. Missing that part of him that felt like only you saw, the part of Danny that wasn't on display to anyone but those closest to him.
Danny looks at you, almost like he's looking right at you, like he can read your mind or see just how nervous you suddenly are. "I missed you." His voice is raspy, longing in his tone, like his heart is speaking rather than his voice. The tension you only ever imagined in your mind is leaking out into the space surrounding the two of you, here in the dark of your house, the light of the front porch steaming in through the glass window illuminating his features. Gracing his cheekbones and peaking in through his curls around his face, his eyes seem darker here in the dim light but they seem soft and warm.
You don't know what else to say. How do you tell your best friend that you want them to stay? To be only yours.
That's not something a friend would feel for another friend. But Danny is your friend.
You take a brave step forward, unsure of what you're even looking for. Danny does the same and you're looking straight up at him now. His lips part, his tongue runs over his bottom lip nervously and you suddenly feel like your heart is in your throat.
Danny's hand comes to your shoulder, you freeze, worried you somehow misread the situation and he's about to say something you aren't sure you'd be able to withstand hearing. But why? Why does that scare you?
He's just a friend. He's your best friend.
His hand slides down your arm and moves to your waist. His eyes look almost if he's trying to say something but you can't understand. Your eyes are crying out for an explanation but you can't make your voice work. You're stuck in the moment, ignoring the way his hand makes you feel against the thin material of your tshirt.
Danny and you are touchy people, this isn't weird, right? Then why does this feel so different?
"I missed you so much." You whisper. You're even surprised to hear yourself say the words. Danny's hand on your waist feels like he has you rooted to the spot, unable to move, but you wouldn't move even if your life depended on it. The room could be on fire and you wouldn't even notice.
His eyes search yours and the two of you begin to lean in to eachother. An unstoppable pull that feels like magnets pulling you in. His lips are so close to yours, his breath is warm as it fans over you. "I've missed you so much." He whispers, so gentle and soft your mind spins if you even heard him right.
Danny's your friend. Just a friend. Your best friend. Friends kiss. Right?
You and Danny meet in a warm embrace. His lips slotted against yours, unmoving as you feel the softness of his lips. His hand on your waist pulls you closer, slowly bringing you to him, his hand holding you tighter than before. Your eyes are closed and you are too afraid to open them and find yourself in bed, all a dream, but it's far too real to be your imagination.
As though any sudden movements would ruin everything, your hands slowly move to his back to pull him to you, taking in the feeling of his toned muscles beneath the fabric. His large hand holds your cheek, his thumb running over your cheek bone. You open your mouth to him, a sigh emits from you as his tongue slides inside of your mouth. The two of you kissing gently and exploratively, basking in the touch and feel of him.
You two pull away from the kiss, your forehead resting against his, the sound of breathing fills the space.
"I can't tell you how long I've waited to do that." Danny confides, a small timid smile tugging on his lips. Your heart is slamming in your chest, you look at him through your lashes, pulling away far enough to take his face in, his cheeks pink with a shyness that you can't help but reciprocate.
"Don't let this be the last." You whisper.
"It's only the first."
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coffee-system-uwu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Everything he wanted in his arms and around him
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theshiningdiamond · 2 months ago
Started this before the special aired. Finished it up to HELP ME COPE. Also I just love Traffic Trio/ChimeraShipping
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cytosine · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Softly, but with feeling: « fuck »
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sagegr33n · a year ago
today we're thinking about Deku and his stundere wife .
Tumblr media
Cw: Black fem reader, afab anatomy, light smut-like its mostly fluff but there's the smallest sprinkle of smut, body descriptions.
Izuki Midoriya loves his mean wife.
No one can understand why he's been with someone who seems so agitated with his existence for so long , but he really does. And you are mean. Always snapping at him about one thing or another .
He didn't run an errand on time.
He forgot to take the dog out this morning.
The lawn isn't mowed.
Popping him in his forehead because he didn't pick the kids up from school or drop them off for clubs.
To other people you seem insufferable.
But for Izuku, its what other people don't see that's got him so hooked.
They didn't see way your brown eyes went as wide as saucers when he got down on one knee , or the the way your usually strong , steady voice faltered when you said yes (reluctantly of course)
or how your face lit up the first time you held your firstborn after pushing through eight hours of labor like a fucking champ. Beautiful brown lips curling up into the most delicate smile he had ever seen in his life.
Other people never get the privilege of hearing you rant about your favorite tv shows , spiky voice unusually calm. (Deku would never say it upfront , but he never knows what's going on in any of the shows you like, no matter how many times you explain it to him, the only thing on his mind being your adorable voice.)
For as long as you've been married , he still dosent think He's ever heard you say you loved him. You might have mumbled it once while he was dragging you to bed after you had too many drinks at a Christmas party but he isn't too sure.
But the thing is , Deku dosent need to hear you say you love him to know that you do.
He feels it in the chaste kisses you leave on his temple as you leave for work , early in the morning when you think He's sleep. He never is.
He can taste it in the wonderful foreign dishes you have waiting for him on the dinning room table every day when he returns home from his hero agency, battered and bruised. Before you , he was sure his favorite food was Katsudon, but now its whatever you feel like blessing his palate with.
He sees it in how understanding you are, Never jumping down his throat when hero work keeps him busy ,not even when he misses anniversaries , or birthdays, or first days of school.
He knows you love him because of how tight you wrap your hands around his torso, tear streaked face planted in his chest , shaking because "you thought he might not make it home tonight."
His entire body drips in your love when He's balls deep inside your perfect cunt, the feeling of connection so sacred and warm, he thinks if given the chance , he might never leave. Your manicured nails scratching lines on his back, cutting deeper than any insult you could ever spit at him.
Yes, for Deku its what others don't see that truly matters, because for all your nitpicking, fussing and borderline domestic abuse,
Deku knows you love him.
And boy does he love you too.
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pianju · 4 months ago
thinking about, when under the assumption he could have both, grogu IMMEDIATELY went for the chainmail to see din before going for the lightsaber. 
he loves his dad so much my heart hurts
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timidflowergirl · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Thinking about Achilles and his girlfriend on this fine Friday evening
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crystalizedlegend · 7 months ago
Since your inbox is getting dusty and you like the Tsaritsa, may I request some quality snuggle time with her. like maybe she has some work to do and we’re just ”hm no. It’s snuggle time”
It's inevitable, really. She has her role as the tsaritsa to play and as the cryo archon. unlike other, she's totally not side eyeing Rex Lapis, Baal and Barbatos, she takes her role seriously and tries her best to help her people and the people she is superior to.
"My beloved, I must go." She runs her hand through your hair as your head lays in her lap. "Work awaits."
"Nyooooo!!" You whine, burrowing your face further into her lap as you pout to yourself. You arms tighten around her waist as you finally glance up at her. "You work too much, just stay here with me." You beg.
You've met the harbingers, they're competent. Especially Scaramouche and Childe. So she should just stay here with you for the time being.
"You have competent subordinates, so just stay here with me. We can stay close for a while before I try my hand at making tea for you. I think I got all the steps down." You press your face further into her stomach and she pats your head gently.
How can she ever say no to you?
"As you wish, your divine grace." Her tone is gentle as are her eyes as she leans down to kiss your forehead.
Peaceful silence takes over as you relax into her. It's moments like these that make all of the previous pain worth it.
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mistressemmedi · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm posting it because we all need the free serotonin boost
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swooshbuckle · 5 months ago
guys i'm in the episode where percy goes apeshit at the briarwoods for the first time
i didn't expect............ vax??? his last thoughts before going unconscious???????? "keyleth, beautiful, walking under the trees" OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD???????????????? THIS BOY IS A SIMP I LOVE HIM YOUR HONOR
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