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rhysands-rightknee · 16 hours ago
by mellendraws on Instagram
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Has SJM ever said anything about adding on to ToG, like a novella or something? Or is she completely done with the series?
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crochcnqueen · 3 days ago
A bunch of my favorite Manorian moments from KOA. Obviously, these are full of Kingdom of Ash spoilers. 
“Manon bellowed his name, and the Corchan arrows fired. The Yellowlegs sentinel’s eyes stared at no one, nothing. A gaping maw opened before him, jaw stretching wide. Manon screamed his name again, but he couldn’t move.”
“Who do you wish to be? ‘Someone worth of my friends,” he said into the quiet night. ‘A king worthy of his kingdom.’ For a heartbeat, snow-white hair and golden eyes flashed into his mind. ‘Happy,’ he whispered, and wrapped a hand around Damaris’s hilt. Let go of that lingering scrap of terror.”
“’I care,’ she hissed. ‘I care if we lose this war. I care if I fail to rally the crochans. I care care if you go into Morath and do not return, not as something worth living.’ He only blinked. Manon spat on the mossy ground. ‘Now do you wish to tell me that caring is not such a bad thing? Well, this is what comes of it.’“
“Only with her did he not need to explain. Only with her did he not need to be a king, or anything other than what he was. Only with her would there be no judgement for what he’d done, who he’d failed, what he might still have to do.”
“He’d killed that spider like a blue-blooded witch, though. Not an ounce of mercy. It shouldn’t have thrilled her the way it did.”
“’I care.’ His temper rose to meet hers. And he decided to hell with it - decided to let go of that leash he’d put on himself. Let go of that restraint. ‘I care about more than I should. I even care about you.’ Another wrong thing to say. Manon stood - as high as the tent would allow. ‘Then you’re a fool.’“
“‘You’ll come back,” Manon said. It sounded more like a threat than anything. Dorian smirked. ‘Would you miss me if I didn’t?’ Manon didn’t reply. He didn’t know why he expected her to.” 
“A fool to start down this path with her. He should’ve known better.”
“’And if I asked you to stay?” The question also took him by surprise. He carefully thought through his answer. ‘I’d need a very convincing reason, I suppose.’ Her fingers went to the buckles and buttons of her leathers, and began to loosen them. ‘Because I don’t want you to go,” was all she said.’“
“She would be his wife, his queen. She was already his equal, his match, his mirror in so many ways. And with their union, the world would know it. But he could see the bars of the cage that would creep closer, tighter, every day. And either break her wholly, or turn her into something neither of them wished her to ever be.”
“She nodded, unable to find words. She had offered him everything, and had thought he’d meant to accept. Had thought he did accept it, with what they’d done afterward. Yet it had been a farewell. One last coupling before he ventured into the jaws of death. He would not cage her, would not accept what she’d given. As if he knew her better than herself.” 
“’The king I wish to be is the opposite of what you are.’ He gave Maeve a smile. ‘And there is only one witch who will be my queen.’“
“A few candles burned in the spacious room, but no furniture filled it. Nothing save the bedrolls they brought in. Manon tried not to look too long at hers, to mark the scent that had faded with every mile northward. Where Dorian was, what he was doing - she didn’t let herself think about it. If only because doing so would send her flying southward again, all the way to Morath.”
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helion-ism · 3 days ago
this remind you of someone else? :(
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helion-ism · 3 days ago
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helion-ism · 3 days ago
queen of shadows
"Because that golden-haired witch, Asterin ...," Aelin said. "She screamed Manon‘s name the way I screamed yours." Rowan stilled. His queen gazed at the floor, as if recalling the moment. "How can I take away somebody who means the world to someone else? Even if she‘s my enemy."
kingdom of ash
Manon bellowed his name, and Crochan arrows fired. The Yellowlegs sentinel‘s eyes stared at no one, nothing. A gaping maw opened before him, jaws stretching wide. Manon screamed his name again, but he couldn‘t move.
hello ...........
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helion-ism · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
why is every single manorian scene charged with electricity omg who is doing it like them
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malulls · 3 days ago
Manon: I want a baby
Dorian: we can't adopt Elide, Manon
Manon: who is going to stop me?
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rufousnmacska · 4 days ago
Here’s a quick sneak peek at the angsty Dorian-is-pushed-into-an-arranged-marriage Manorian fic I’m working on from an anon request. Hoping to get it done and posted this week 🙂
Staring off towards the hills west of Rifthold, his eyes glanced over the many red and gold banners attached to the city’s roofs, snapping in the wind. Part of him loved seeing his people so excited, so proud for the coming celebration. They’d suffered greatly during the war, and had worked hard in the rebuilding effort of the last two years. But that small joy for his kingdom was overshadowed by his own despair. How many times had he stood in this spot, watching and waiting and holding his breath until he caught sight of those silvery wings and moon white hair dancing in the sky? He’d known today would be his last chance to watch for her. And since sleep was a fool’s hope, he’d come out to his balcony and stood here for hours, his gaze on the west, wondering where it had all gone wrong.
Dorian would always greet her on his balcony with a ferocious embrace, seeing right through her composed mask. He always had. Now, Manon wished that truth away, pushing it deep down, along with the nausea roiling in her gut. As they drew nearer to Rifthold, she could just barely make out the decorations hanging from the castle. It almost brought up the meager breakfast she’d eaten not long ago. With the brightening sky, she realized the entire city was decked out, covered in colorful banners and flowers. Of course, a royal wedding demanded finery. She had expected it, guarded herself against it. But her expectations were dealt a swift blow by the reality now facing her. Manon was on her way to Dorian’s wedding. Not as the bride, but as a royal guest. And she had no one but herself to blame.
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lilastravars · 4 days ago
darklina, wolfstar and malide are my holy trinity of should-have-been-canon ships
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feyre2001 · 5 days ago
MANON: i get something in my gut whenever i look at dorian.
ELIDE: yeah those are butterflies. i get them when i look at lorcan.
MANON(touching her stomach): i didnt know we had butterflies living in our guts.STRANGE.
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bookworm-x · 5 days ago
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bellewithabook · 5 days ago
Fuck me upppppp SJM 😭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look, I am a sick, sad, fool for several SJM ships. But there's just something about Manon and Dorian. I can't quite put my finger on it - several re-reads later, I'm still working through it - but there's just something about them that crushes my heart and then pieces it back together every fucking time. Someday I'll figure out how to put it into words, but not today.
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queen-hypaxia · 6 days ago
I should've known I was going to be so damn predictable with elain x lucien and nesta x cassian.
I'm huge elide x lorcan and a manon x dorian trash. I really like the other couples, but I know my taste.
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firstsqualler · 7 days ago
couples with one short angry person and one tall kind person own my whole heart
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manontrashbeak · 7 days ago
In case you haven’t noticed I’m back on my Malide shit but if anyone has good manorian I’ll be happy to hop back on that
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