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scrumptiousloveflower · 9 hours ago
<Elriel × Elucien rant>
I've been wanting to talk about this for a while now. So we all know that Lucien and Elain are mates and that Lucien wants to give the mating bond a chance even though he doesn't really know Elain, yet Elain doesn't want to give it a chance nor get to know Lucien as her sister's friend; and I'm not saying that she's obligated to know him but at least greet him like a normal person when he enters the room not just ignore him completely then swoon over Azriel which makes no sense to me since she also doesn't know Azriel all that well but since the moment she laid eyes on him she would start flirting with him or try to get to know him and i get that she's attracted to him and she should be allowed to.
What I'm trying to say here is if she hates Lucien that much and she's already attracted to/likes Azriel then she should simply reject the mating bond because we all know that Lucien wouldn't force himself on her, if she rejected the mating bond he'd definitely back away from her and never try to get her back or anything.
What's keeping Lucien from getting away is that Elain hasn't rejected the bond yet so he thinks that there might be at least a one percent chance of her accepting it so the problem here really isn't Lucien "forcing" himself on her or Azriel being attracted to someone who has a mate, the problem is simply Elain who kept flirting with Azriel then got mad and depressed when Grayson left her, the problem is how she knows that she could just reject the mating bond yet she doesn't so she's toying with both their feelings (maybe without realizing it) so it's not Azriel's nor Lucien's fault it's simply Elain's so stop blaming them for her actions.
Disclaimer: I'm not an Elriel nor a Elucien fan so I'm not siding with anyone here I'm just stating a fact.
Also i definitely think that Elain shouldn't end up with either of them i honestly believe that it'll be better if she ended up alone and healed from all her trauma without the need of a man.
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kayla-2 · a day ago
If Sarah j Maas rolled out books like JLA with the from blood and ash series there could be peace in the world and the fandom won’t argue everyday.
She releases like two books a year for the same series.
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7sofia7 · 2 days ago
HOEAB - Juno Steel
House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City #1) really reminded me of Juno Steel
sci-fi\urban fantasy
futuristic, corrupted and heavily surveillanced city in which human traditions are mixed with new space stuff 
main protagonist: is badass, does detective work, suffers depression\ guilt and loss really affects them 
sidekicks: short, fiesty, protective, loyal, funny, loves trash tv (Lehabah and Rita)
main protagonist has a friend of the past who is an assassin and work with highly classified cases (near the government) OR is part of a secret organisation . They don’t see the main very often and the relationship is strained but still you can fell all the feels (Sasha and Fury)
even though most of the story follow day to day detective work the main interacts quite often with politicians\higher ups in the government
SPOILERISH: long epic battle to save the city
BONUS: they both have quite large fandoms, so with both you are in for a treat ✨✨✨
I know that most of the similiarities are because of the genere they are in, so if you have similar recomendations send them to me 
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my reaction to acosf varies depending on my mood. sometimes im like 'yessss smut smut and more smut' and other times im like 'where the fuck is the goddamn plot huh'
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People who ship Elriel >>>>>> everyone else
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frulyall · 4 days ago
I need to say this, but I still love Tamlin I think he deserves a redemption arc and to find his mate and be happy. He has done some horrible things but I think all the characters in the story have, but he is painted more as a villain than the others, which is bs.
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dontgetsalmonella · 4 days ago
Imagine what Feyre and Rhys were saying to Cassian through mind-speak when he danced with Nesta at Hewn City. 
“Don’t you dare interrupt her and Eris! Don’t do it, Cass!” 
“Wow. Now you’ve gone and ruined ANOTHER of our political alliances. First the summer court and now this?!” “No, Cass. It wasn’t just a building.” 
“Good gods, Cassian. How’d you learn to dance like that? I’m amazed you can keep up with Nesta.” 
“Wait, Rhys, I bet he got Mor to give him lessons. That’s adorable!!” 
“Well kiss her or something, Cassian. You’ve already ruined the thing with Eris, so you might as well make your move.” 
“Kiss her you dumb bat. Honestly! Don’t just stand there drooling all over her!” 
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e-llieoo · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
This is an older piece that I illustrated of the characters Rowan and Aelin from the Throne of Glass series, character’s belong to Sarah J Maas.
“To whatever end, Fireheart.”
Head empty just Rowaelin.
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zzara-galathynius-xo · 5 days ago
Anyone else be spelling “mass” but as “Maas” when at skl or studying after reading Sarah’s books cause lmao my teachers get so pissed off at me for it 🤭😂
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storyphile01 · 7 days ago
i like the whole alphahole thing in crescent city; i feel like sjm is doing a sort of self aware criticism of her own writing/characters :)
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nasias-stuff · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
I wrote an Elucien Muslim Ramadan AU. Hope you guys enjoy it.
•BLESSED MONTH (Elucien Muslim AU)
The moon was sighted late in the night and Lucien was still in the mosque for Taraweeh prayer.
  Elain wasn't going to fast this year as she had recently given birth and was breastfeeding the child. It felt strange to her not to fast this year because she had started keeping the fast every Ramadan since she was twelve years old and hadn't missed a single fast since. Except for the days of her monthly cycle, of course.
  Elain had already prayed Isha prayer and was preparing sehri for Lucien. She quickly prepared rice and chicken and left it in the oven. Lucien only had to warm it up before eating.
  When she finished her work in the kitchen, she heard Ayra's cry. She had to go feed her again.
Keep reading
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mountainsandmoose · 8 days ago
It’s not lost on me how merciful SJM was by having ACOSF center around Nesta because approximately 0% of me could deal with Rhys reacting to/being around a pregnant Feyre. My heart would burst and my soul would leave my body.
Like to have to be from Feyre’s POV as she watches Rhys hold Nyx? Absolutely not. I couldn’t handle it.
Rhys rubbing her feet or touching her belly? Nope. Couldn’t do it.
Having to read descriptions of the way he looks at her CARRYING HIS CHILD? literally give me death because I’d end up throwing myself off a cliff.
But also the sick, masochistic part of me is sad that I won’t get to read that even tho I know I wouldn’t survive it.
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storyphile01 · 9 days ago
*minor crescent city spoilers*
ok can we pls talk about how much of a prick hunt is about bryce? he’s so judgemental and dismissive, and it’s rly pissing me off.
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blackbeak-manxn · 10 days ago
Nesta at some point: No one gives me butterfly anymore, y'all give me brain damage
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favorite-book-quotes · 12 days ago
Some things are more important than fear.
Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Silver Flames
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azrielshands · 12 days ago
Do y’all picture Rowan with white/grey eyebrows ???? Because I just saw a fanart with white/grey eyebrows and I had always pictured him with brownish eyebrows even with his white/grey hair.
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storyphile01 · 12 days ago
*major crescent city spoilers*
am i reading crescent city again?
i wish danika and the pack hadn’t died 😖😭
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