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axhicleos · 8 months ago
People really be out there saying Azriel is the caring one and Cassian the wild one when Cassian spent all his early mornings slowly training Feyre to combat and Azriel straight up pushed her off a rock when she asked him to teach her how to fly
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bookprofessor · 5 months ago
🦇 Azriel Headcannons 🦇
Tumblr media
He changed his last name to Rhys’s when he reached his majority.
Which is Darling change my mind
But Azriel doesn’t actively use any last name. He’s just Azriel but the Darling is there on paper.
Contrary to popular belief, his favorite color isn’t red or cobalt blue—it’s teal. He remembers his mother telling him that was her favorite color.
Teal low key a surprise tool for later innit 👀
He sings so rarely the inner circle jokes it happens once a century. When he does sing, Cassian—a la Stepbrothers—says “you are the song bird of your generation.”
Stupidly good at everything. He can watch a group of people playing a card game he’s never heard of, learn it in one round, then promptly beat their asses at the game.
A sore loser. Will angrily sulk.
He was scared of the dark as a child 😭
He became a Shadowsinger as a defense mechanism. The shadows sang to him for comfort and so he listened to their language and never forgot his only friends once he left that dark cell of his childhood.
He will never get over the smell of oil.
When he was left at Windhaven and Rhys’s mother took him in (whose name I headcannon as Haizea which means wind), Azriel didn’t speak for two months.
The first time he spoke was when Cassian asked what had happened to Az’s hands, to which he responded, “what happened to your bigass forehead?”
Because Cassian has a deep scar from the top of his head down his left eyebrow.
Rhys was delighted and laughed for hours.
To this day, when Azriel flies he still hears Cassian and Rhys’s voices in his head teaching him how to bank or fly through a rough patch of wind 🥺
Right before Rhys was imprisoned UtM, the bay boi’s got into a stupid fight. During the 49 years without their other brother, Azriel and Cassian spent almost every day together they felt so guilty.
Azriel is left handed.
He is a hella INTJ on the Myers Brigg.
Would never admit it, but has the biggest sweet-tooth. 
Is not enthused by flowers.
His personal love language is physical touch.
Would 10000000% join Nesta’s bookclub and become a romance bro.
I have soooo many Gwynriel headcannons that they will have to be their own post.
BUT. They are mates and they are lovely and they deserve each other 😩
Loves the beach. Has a dream of building a house that overlooks the coast of the Sidra.
^ To be continued in the Gwynriel post 👀
When Chris Evans said he’s an ass man, Azriel felt that.
^ he puts Shadow Hands Dorian to shame.
Whiskey > Wine
🎂 need I say more?
Is the Funny Friend
NOT the Responsible Friend
IS the Chaos Friend.
Need to bury a body? He’s your call. In a bar fight? He’s right behind you. In a jail cell? Sitting beside you.
Savage but we been knew.
His eyes are more brown then hazel, but sometimes you can catch the most gorgeous green.
The story of how Azriel got Truth-Teller is really fucking bloody and 😦 and like something out of game of thrones, but long story short Truth-Teller is a Shadowsinger blade and Azriel’s birth father was in possession of it through nefarious means. So, Azriel took it. (This happens during the punishment of Az’s half-brothers that Rhys alludes to)
^if anyone wants my full story on this I’d be happy to make another bloody, Shakespearean post about it.
Is actually a lightweight but has a great poker face so you’d never know he’s drunk until he’s DRUNK drunk.
He’s a chatty drunk and the biggest fucking gossip. Love that for him.
His favorite shows would be the Real Housewives franchise and Game of Thrones. There is no in between.
Obviously a Slytherin, also obviously I think he’s a type 6w5 on the enneagram.
If he could turn into an animal like the ToG fae, his other form (outside of the bat wings) would be a Great Grey Owl
Chaotic Neutral alignment
Sleeps like once a week.
He buys coffee beans from the Summer Court whenever he’s there because I headcannon that Summer farms beans. Is now addicted.
When teaching Feyre how to fly, he discovered that she indeed did have the biggest wingspan. He has yet to tell anyone.
(Here’s the Truth-Teller headcannon!)
(Here are the Gwynriel headcannons!)
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vmiae · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
⚔️✨ EMERIE x MOR ✨⚔️
I was asked on tik tok to draw these two, and I finally got round to finishing it! Emerie is my babe, I love her so much. I NEED her and Mor to get together. They’re endgame—can’t be proven otherwise.
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a-reading-brunette · 3 months ago
“She was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius—­and she would not be afraid.”
- Heir of Fire
"Rowan beheld all Aelin was and is, and he was not afraid."
- Tower of Dawn
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sallteas · a year ago
Tumblr media
“ want to tell me something?” 😏
Commissioned by A Court of Books And Family on IG! I loved this scene so much from House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas!! ♥
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azrielsbaby · 6 months ago
Why everyone needs to stop shitting on Rhys for disliking Nesta:
Tumblr media
I would just like to remind people about this part of acomaf, chapter 41.
In this scene, feyre asks why mor was so on edge to go to hewn city (this was Feyre's first time) and Rhys tells her about Mor's story in detail especially about the abuse her family made her go through.
Feyre states that she understands why Rhys would take a long time to forgive nesta or might not ever forgive nesta (in acosf obviously that changes). And the readers have to read in between the lines to understand why as well.
Feyre was also a massive victim to family abuse. By all members of her family. But especially by Nesta.
Nesta actively seeked to belittle and undermine Feyre, insult and degrade her, took Feyre for granted and made her feel like a nobody.
The inner circle had to deal with all kinds of verbal and physical abuse. and rhys knows two people who dealt with the family abuse: az and mor. and it's a past that pains him because he wasn't able to do anything just as he wasn't able to help his own mate.
Feyre saw how much it broke Rhys to see his loved ones get hurt by their own people. And it doesn't help the fact that Nesta doesn't seem apologetic or care about the effect her actions had on Feyre and the fact she also verbally abused the inner circle:
she tosses insults about cassian being a bastard born son among other things which is exactly the type of verbal abuse he gets from his own Illyrian people
She slut shamed Mor's revealing dress, slut shaming is something we see Eris do a lot to Mor
She ridicules and mocks Rhys as a high lord, something that Rhys had to endure for CENTURIES and by his biggest abuser, amarantha
Rhys literally watches Nesta abuse his family the way the rest of the world has and does. Idk who told you that Rhys is this perfect man who forgives all and moves on or he should be because he isn't. that's what makes him who he is.
So while you forgive nesta for her actions, also forgive Rhys's treatment towards her. He has extreme trauma and has seen his loved ones go through abuse too. This man has had enough.
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shadowsingersmate · 14 days ago
Angst azriel x reader request
i just thought, what if the one mate could feel it when the other would cheat on them? azriel cheating on y/n and she doesn't tell him that she knows, she keeps it to herself until one day she's had enough because she over hears him telling someone in the ic that he loves y/n and would never hurt her and they start to fight. she tells him the truth and she just leaves him all togehter. overtime az tries to talk to y/n but she doesn't budge they end up not getting back together and stuff if you wanna change some things thats fine
Okey I’ve been vv inactive but it’s because I’m just not okey but I LIVED THIS IDEA so here we go.
Also I have about three or four requests draft that I gave up in the middle so I’ll try to finish those as well .
I didn’t proof read so…. Yeah I hope you like it :)
The black blanket had fallen over the sky signing the arrival of the night.
You were sitting on the couch, reading a romance book that nesta had recommended you couple of days ago, it was alright you guessed. It was particularly hard to concentrate to the main characters love life as yours was already falling apart.
Azriel hadn’t been at home a lot lately. He had a lot of work and you knew, you could understand but it was all too much. You had missed his touch, his company, the endless talks that you two would have at the nights were you both couldn’t sleep.
You close the book as you sighted and went over the kitchen to make some tea, maybe that would help calm you a bit, maybe that would help to get your sleeping schedule back to normal. You had gotten used to Azriel holding you that you found it hard to sleep when he wasn’t there.
Once the tea was brewed you went into your bedroom and sat on the bed, admiring the view from the window, the stars were beautiful! You smiled as you remembered how Azriel would take you out on late night dates, just you two staring at the night sky.
It hadn’t been long before you fell asleep, the sleeping tea madja had recommended was truly doing wonders when it came to sleep diprivation.
Azriel’s scarred hands were grazing her naked body as his lips found hers. The passion was clear, both of them fighting for dominance, their sent of arousal filled the air making you gag.
“Azriel…” you choked but he didn’t listen, he didn’t even spare you a glance.
You felt his emotion, the longing, the want, the lust. You felt everything. You shook your head taking small steps back as tears escaped freely. You could hear their moans, you could see everything.
“Azriel!!!” You shouted again and closed your eyes, but when you opened them again you weren’t in the room were Azriel and the girl had been but your own shared bedroom. You were sweating, weeping.
A dream you realized but them you felt a wave of pleasure running through your body and then another. You felt longing and want but no, those weren’t your feeling they were azriels.
It wasn’t a dream it was a moment, a moment of azriels long nights working. He had lied, he was cheating on you.
You just stayed there frozen, waiting for the emotions to stop and they did, then you felt his regret and you closed the bond shut forming a thick brick wall between your and his mind.
You rushed to the bathroom, you knew Azriel was coming home, he would be there in a couple of minuite sand you weren’t ready to face him.
You cried and cried trying to remember anything you had done that led to this moment.
You couldn’t really blame him, the girl was beatiful, blonde hair and blue eyes eyes, her breasts were much fuller than yours and her curves were perfect, unlike you, you looked like a child compared to her.
It was your fault, you should have taken better care of yourself maybe then Azriel wouldn’t feel the need to seek something more mature, someone better.
You heard the door click from downstairs and hurriedly you wiped your cheeks and stalked over the bed.
“What are you doing awake love?” love? Seriously?
“Good, how was work?” You asked
You expected from him to look regretful or maybe tell you the truth, but he didn’t instead he said a quiet “fine” and went to the bathroom to get ready for the night.
Once he laid on your bed you had seriously contemplated to tell him, yo let him know that you knew what he had done but you decided that it would be bette rig you just stayed quiet.
Months had past with you being silent. Everyday he would come home and you expected him to break and reveal the truth but he didn’t.
Meanwhile you felt anger building up, you felt like you were suffocating. You no longer trusted him, you found yourself thinking thrice before you believe anything he said.
He was taking you on more dates than before and he was being at home for longer which made things harder.
You tried to better yourself by working out longer hours and eating healthier, you no longer felt comfortable with him seeing you without make up.
Azriel had realized obviously and you knew, that was something. Maybe now you could be enough for him.
It wasn’t until a couple of weeks when you were passing rhysands office when you heard the three brothers talking.
“I don’t know what’s happening to her, she barely even let me see her in the morning” Azriel exclaimed “she doesn’t even touch sugar, you all know how much she used to live sweets”
“Have you tried to talk to her?” Rhysand asked.
“Yeah, I’ve tried once or twice but she just change the conversation completely, I don’t know what going on” Azriel said worriedly “I’m trying to think of anything I may have done to hurt her but I would never do anything that would cause her the littlest bit of pain you know that right?”
You laughed out loud and the males stopped talking, after a few minutes cassian opened the door and his eyes softened at your presence.
“Y/n what are you doing here?” Azriel asked.
“I was just passing by when I heard your little speech do how much you love me and care about me” you scoffed voice dripping venom.
Azriel flinched at your words. “Love? What’s going on?” He asked perfectly calm.
“What’s going on? You must be kidding me Azriel. You really must think I’m stupid” you chuckled darkly.
“What are you saying?” Cassian interrupted.
“Oh I’m just talking about the passionate night Azriel had with a stranger not to long ago. Do you remember love?” You said mockingly.
Azriel’s eyes widened and he started shaking. “What? I-“
At this point both Cassian and rhysand had turned their attention to their brother both shocked. “Azriel is this true?” Cassian asked clearly angry.
Cassian was your best friend and his anger was clear.
“I-“ Azriel stuttered.
“You what? You went and slept with someone and I blamed myself for it. I though okey maybe Azriel wants something more someone better. So you know what I did Azriel? I tried to become better” you practically shouted “and now” you laughed “and now you’re what? You decided that you love me? You decided that you worry about me?”
“Y/n let me explain please I- you are perfect I just-“ he was panicking.
“No, you know what? You had your chance to explain, I gave you two months for you to tell me, to be honest with me and explain how I don’t want to hear it” you spit before you turned and left.
Months after the hurt was still there buried deep, the void of losing someone you loved so dearly was there but you couldn’t ignore the weight that lifted off your shoulders.
Azriel had tried to talk to you for months after that but you refused to listen, you left the inner circle but still held your relationships with the rest of the inner circl. You’d till went shopping with mor, you still spent hours taking with Cassian, you still read with amren and nesta, you still went to Rita’s with them when azriel didn’t go.
You were happy that you had succeeded in keeping your relationships, however sometimes you still had thoughts of what would happen if you decided to talk to azriel, what would happen if you’d let him explain and maybe try again fresh. But that wasn’t possible, he had lost your trust, even if you wanted you could never trust him, you would never be like you were before.
Sometimes you liked to look forward to the future and see what would happen if you and Azriel made up and become friends, maybe you could rejoin the inner circle but he was your mate.
You sighted, he was your mate and he had hurt u deeply and just like that the pain blossomed again before you pushed everything down and wore the blank expression again as you realized that nothing would be the same again, you would never find happiness again.
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daisybrekker · 6 months ago
Reasons why Elriel is Endgame
(It's a long ride, buckle up!)
He gave her Truth-Teller...a dagger he never gave to ANYONE in 500 don't even bother trying to say "it's only sexual feelings"
Elain has stated in the past that she never felt "seen" by anyone and yet, when her Seer powers started to show and everyone, including her mate, thought there was something mentally wrong with her, Azriel was the only one who truly saw what was happening and do you remember what the healer said? - "If anyone can sense if something is amiss, it's a mate" (I will elaborate on this quote further on!)
Many people have been saying that it would be a cliché to have 3 brothers end with 3 sisters but you know what else is cliché? All mating bonds present in the series to be completed and have happy ending...SJM has had several mentions of broken mating bonds for a reason! Therefore, I believe Elain will break her bond with Lucien and choose Azriel
Both of them are the 2 most beautiful characters in their respective groups
Elain is the only female to ever divert Azriel's attention from Mor, someone who he has been infatuated with for 500years! So once again, that disputes the "only lust" argument
Now, there's also a matter of people saying that Elriel can't be endgame since his shadows hide from Elain but sing with Gwyn, blah, blah, blah. But do you guys remember how Azriel's stepmother kept him in a cell with no windows or light? Yes, I understand his shadows are a part of him, but what if Elain is his light, his salvation. He doesn't need his shadows, because he's safe and comfortable with her! As for why they dance and sing with Gwyn, I genuinely believe that they'll probably be extremely close friends or it'll turn out she's a lightsinger
We have seen instances where Feyre herself questions why Lucien and Elain are mates since Azriel and Elain have much better chemistry, once again foreshadowing breaking of the mating bond
We have seen in the past that Azriel is a bit insecure about his scars, yet when Elain sees his hands she literally whispers "beautiful"...
At this point, I think it's pretty clear that although Lucien has some sort of feelings towards Elain, he is slowly starting to accept that nothing will come out of it and let's be honest, him, Jurian and Vassa definitely have something going on. (Besides, he only took an interest to Elain just because she's his mate, nothing more)
The theme of secrets has been mentioned a couple times in ACOSF which I believe foreshadows Elriel forbidden romance in book 5 "His secret to tell, never hers" and "A thing of secret, lovely beauty"
Why would SJM be building tension for them since ACOMAF just to introduce Gwyn and make her Azriel's LI so that Elain will accept the bond? Doesn't make sense and besides, she has stated that she wants one couple for each book, so I doubt that she'd go through all of that just to make Gwynriel or Elucien endgame at the end of book 5
Let's go back to the Elain calling Azriel's scarred hands "beautiful"... What did her mother say about Elain getting married? "Elain shall wed for love and beauty"
When Elain gifted Azriel, who barely shows any emotion, the headache powder for Winter Solstice, he laughed in a way that Feyre never heard before
Feyre, the main character of the main series itself, ships them together...I think that says something
I have also seen many arguments that they won't work out since after the events of the Azriel chapter, they didn't have any more scenes together, but do you know why? Because SJM wants to build the tension and anticipation within her readers...We clearly don't know what's going on in the characters heads after that chapter and SJM made sure that the relations between them were left unsolved because she wants to resolve them...In their own book!
Since Elain is a Seer and Azriel is Rhys' spymaster, they'd be a phenomal duo! Think about it, SJM has made both Nesta and Feyre into warriors so Elain becoming one too would be a bit cliché, no? Instead she'd make her Azriel's spy partner with her Seer skills plus I think there's a reason SJM made Elain become friends with Nuala and Cerridwen, who are AZRIEL'S spies. Furthermore, I think it's quite predictable that since Feyre and Nesta respectively conquered their own places, I believe Elain will conquer the Prison in her book which will require some spy skills ;)
Now, let's go back to the "If anyone can sense if something is amiss, it's a mate" Quote. As some of you may know, SJM is very good friends with this woman on Instagram named Steph who frequently does lives with her and in the most recent one, Steph asked her if any fae has ever had two mates to which SJM didn't give a clear answer and responded that she felt like it was a trap...ladies and gentlemen, Azriel IS Elain's 2nd mate. We have seen implications that The Cauldron favours Elain more than the other Archeron sisters, so what if Azriel is her true mate but since Lucien showed some protective instincts over her as she was about to be changed into Fae, The Cauldron decided to gift Lucien to her as her 2nd mate
There have been posts that compare Gwyn to Yrene from TOG with the fact that Yrene was introduced late into the series as a side character yet ended up as Chaol's endgame, which for some reason people believe will happen with Gwyn, but I disagree for several reasons. First of all, I doubt SJM would repeat the exact same thing into a different series of hers (especially considering the fact that ACOSF confirmed that ACOTAR, TOG and CC are somehow linked). We also have the fact that Yrene became quite important to the overall plot of TOG as she basically saved everyone yet I don't see that happening with Gwyn at all and I wouldn't call her useless but not exactly important to the overall plot of ACOTAR which we know is linked with Koschei. As I mentioned before, I believe that Elain's book will be focused on her journey as a spy in The Prison with Azriel, also ultimately leading to her breaking the bond with Lucien, which will then lead the final book to be centered around Lucien, Vassa and Jurian vs Koschei. (I doubt SJM would make any majorly important events to the overall plot in the novella so I think that will be focused on Mor and Emerie) So in the end, where does Gwyn fit? Nowhere.
When Elain was kidnapped by Hybern, not only did Azriel first notice her absence (before Nesta may I add, who's priority at the time was Elain) but he also went first to save her, even when Nesta stated that he'd die. He didn't care as long as Elain was safe. During that bit in the story, we also see the first signs of Elain's more fierce side as Azriel tries to escape from the camp!
SJM herself has stated that she doesn't like it when there's a couple that's been developed for so long just for them to not be endgame. (Feyre and Tamlin lasted for the first book only and even then, I don't believe they had as much chemistry as Elriel do, Celaena's story with Sam was only in the prequel, Bryce's relationship with Connor barely lasted 80 pages and Celaena's relationship with Chaol was only for 2 books before she met Rowan in the 3rd.)
Azriel gave Gwyn a secondhand necklace, and even then there's so many issues with this. 1) We don't even know if Clotho gave her the necklace as there was no mention of her wearing it and as Clotho has seen that Azriel was sad, she might have kept it as she suspected that he might regret giving it away. 2) If Gwyn did indeed receive the necklace, she doesn't know it's from Azriel, therefore meanwhile she'll be obliviously wearing it, Elain may see it which will lead to conflict between her and Azriel=them resolving the situation. 3) Azriel himself said he barely considers Gwyn a friend but mentioned her as the receiver to his gift since she's the only priestess he knows on amicable terms...
SJM said that ACOSF has laid some breadcrumbs as to the next books and what do we see Azriel do a couple times? Observe Elain in a not so subtle manner ("Azriel strode to the lone window at the end of the room and peered into the garden below")
"Elain sat silently at one of the wrought-iron tables, a cup of tea before her. Azriel was sprawled on the chaise longue across the gray stones, sunning his wings and reading what looked to be a stack of reports." - It is clear that they're so comfortable together and enjoy eachother's presence (it's such a sweet, domestic scene too)
There's also a matter of the Illyrian anatomy...I have seen so many Gwynriel stans celebrating the fact that Gwyn has pliable bones so she is endgame with Azriel (which I find disgusting but that's a different matter) but first of all, has it actually outright been said that Nesta only gave Feyre and herself Illyrian anatomy? No. She said that she done it so none of them have to go through this again. (Unfortunately, I don't have the specific quote but you know what I mean) Therefore, this may imply Elain too but even if she didn't modify Elain's body, it doesn't matter. Cassian asked Azriel during ACOSF would he ever want children and he replied that it doesn't matter what he wants. Since we know that he was severely harmed by his half-brothers, what if they somehow permanently injured Azriel's anatomy and made him sterile? Maybe this is why he said that it doesn't matter what he wants, since he doesn't have a choice in first place. Furthermore, SJM herself was an adopted child so why wouldn't she give Elriel the opportunity to adopt?
In ACOFAS, he literally snatched the food from Cassian so that they could eat together with Elain (let's be honest, SJM clearly loves to write some animalistic behavior)
Elain literally wants nothing to do with Lucien at all...we have had 3 books now since they found out that they're mates and she's avoiding him more than ever. I sincerely doubt one book could change everything around
Hopefully you stuck around till the end since this post was quite long but feel free to tell me what you think! (If I remember or come up with anything else, I'll probably edit this post too)
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i’ve been trying to decide if i ship elain with azriel or lucien since acowar but i haven’t been able to come to a decision.
i finished acosf yesterday and i realised why:
it’s literally because elain is so devoid of personality, character development and any notion of a storyline that i genuinely couldn’t care less.
a fucking house has had more character growth than her ?????
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vmiae · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
✨ Gwyn and Az singing at Rita’s ✨
This came from one of the suggestions made on my Tik tok by a follower! 💖 I love the idea of them singing together and to one another 🥺
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If Elriel ain’t kissing in the rain after denying their feelings for each other Then I don’t want it
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e-llieoo · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
A Court of Nightmares.
Feyre + Rhysand. 🌙
I illustrated this a while ago now and looking at it now, I just wanna redo it and make it better lmao
Characters belong to Sarah J Maas.
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queen-aelin-of-terrasen · 2 months ago
Rowan: please tell me this is a joke
Fenrys, surrounded by over 300 cakes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROWAN!!!
Fenrys: I couldn’t decide which flavor so I got all of them. One for every year of your wonderful life.
Fenrys: please don’t kill me :)
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becspeight · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
“My sisters ate breakfast with Rhys and me, Azriel gone to wherever he’d taken the Attor. Cassian had flown off to join him the moment we returned. He’d given Nesta a mocking bow, and she’d given him a vulgar gesture I hadn’t realised she knew how to make.” Acomaf, Chapter 28, page 273.
Popping in real quick to post this for you all before leaving again from fear of acosf being spoiled! I’m trying out a new art style, which is this detailed linart (over the next couple of days before acosf release, I’ll try out colouring techniques and will post the results).
I have an Instagram now for my art, - so feel free to check it out, give it a like and follow 😊 also I’ve uploaded a time lapse reel of this and my Cassian piece on Instagram if that interests you 👌
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