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#aelin ashryver
highladyofthedark · 2 months ago
Aelin: In my defence, I was left unsupervised.
Rowan: How could you be left unsupervised? You were with Manon??
Manon: ... In my defence, I was left unsupervised
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westfall-castle · a month ago
Aelin: [to the banana she’s peeling] May I take your coat, ma’am?
Rowan: [sitting across from her] Do you think other people can’t hear you?
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faerieaelin · a month ago
Lorcan: i like your new pants.
Elide: Thanks, they were 50% off!
Lorcan: I’d like them more if they were 100% off ;)
Elide: The store can’t just give away clothes for free.
Lorcan: That’s not what— what i meant...
Elide: That’s a terrible way to run a business.
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kenyapowers · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
A redraw of Aelin Ashryver
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isabellamhsmith · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Balthazar from Acosf! He had three pages but I'm in love with him
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odelletheoctopus · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
How could anyone forget this scene from Empire of Storms, I know I can't 😅 Aelin and Rowan, characters by Sarah J Maas
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rhysand-vs-fenrys · 7 months ago
“The mood hadn’t been helped by a rare red star blasting across the sky one day- an ill omen, Nesta had heard the priestesses muttering. Cassian reported that even Rhys had been rattled by it, seeming unusually contemplative after ward.” ---- Yeah, because the alien (Aelin) flew past, yelled at Feyre ‘CONGRATULATIONS ON THE HOT HUSBANDDDDDDD’ and just fucking vanished
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nebulus-frd · 27 days ago
Jealous and protective Rowan and oblivious Aelin in a modern established relationship au
Thank u so much for the request. I loved your prompt and also love Rowaelin deeply. Hope u enjoy it ♡
If you liked it or not, let me know. Leave a comment, compliments and especially, constructive critics, are always welcomed.
Wanna request your story? Come ⋆⭒ here ⋆⭒, tell me everything. ----------
The beach. The sea. Them.
Synopsis: Modern AU where Rowan and Aelin finally get a deserved vacation. But he isn't enjoying all the attention given to his wife during the first day of it.
Rated: T
Warnings: implied sexual content. If I forgot anything, let me know.
Words: 1700+ (oneshot).
It was their first time back at the beach after being married.
The life of a military couple was hectic, to say the least, but Rowan and Aelin were rather used to the chaos. This explained why Rowan found himself alone in bed on the first morning of their vacation. Although his wife had always been a late riser, he knew better than anyone how hard it was to break their routine and if he himself hadn’t take medicine to fall asleep, he wouldn’t probably have slept at all.
Not bothering to properly dress, Rowan moved to the kitchen only to find it empty. Did she go grocery shop? But to his surprise not only was the fridge completely packed, but three sandwiches also topple each other on a plate next to a note.
Good morning princess, did you sleep well? Not even a true love kiss was able to break from the evil medicine spell. I’m training on the beach. Join me… Or not, if you feel like sleeping throughout the entirety of our vacation.
Aelin Ashryver Whitethorn Galathynius.
Rowan didn’t even feel the smile that broke through him. God, I love her. Of course, she was training. His wife always called him a workaholic and a military freak, only to always prove herself one. The food was warm enough for her not to have left for too long. And in half an hour Rowan found himself heading to their hotel gym.
Where was Aelin?
He had circulated the gym area twice without success in the mission of joining his wife. Could she be at the beach? It wouldn’t be a surprise. Aelin loves the sea, the sunny weather, and the heat on her skin.
Eight years ago, if someone said to Rowan that there were people who loved those things, he would have straight-out laughed in their faces. He couldn’t anymore. He had learned to appreciate each of these unlike anyone else.
Rowan loved the smile Aelin would have while watching the sea, loved the glow her eyes would reflect under the sun’s light, loved the heat from Aelin’s heart.
His wife had changed each perspective he had in his life.
And while at the beach, once again he asked himself how the hell, he was deserving of the woman he married to?
Aelin was coming out of the sea, dressed in a swimsuit that covered a lot more of what he was used to seeing, looking like the sea god herself had descended in the mortal world to bestow her beauty upon mortals. Thus, Rowan was hindered breathless and as soon as their eyes locked up, he could listen to her thoughts through them.
“Are you delight with the view?”
And the smile that broke in her lips made his knees go weak. She pointed to a small pile of clothes at his right and he could recognize the tennis beside it. As soon as they met Rowan girdled his arm around her hips and kissed her.
“Missed me much?” Aelin asked holding a smirk while still in his arms. Her turquoise eyes nailed on his green-forest ones. The only answer she received was a grunt and a heavy head dropping in her shoulder. “You know you could use words, rather than growling like a beast”, which made Aelin feel the smile coming from her husband, she could picture it too: the perfect set of teeth accompanied by two fangs that were borderline not-human, which had left so many marks on last night's activities, she had almost come to the beach in a diver suit.
“I can’t be bothered. There are a lot of more interesting things to do with my mouth… And my tong…”, Rowan’s impure statement was interrupted by the sound of Aelin’s phone ring, it took a moment for the woman to snap out of the mood her husband had put them in. Poor object, it earned a glare that, if possible, would have transformed it into ashes.
“Oh hi!... Yes, of course, I’m coming… Right, next to the bar… Yes, be there in a few”, she said on the phone friendly. With whom she could have made prior appointments?
“Where are you going?”, Rowan asked confused, involuntarily holding her tighter, Aelin didn’t hide the smile at her husband's unwillingness.
“WE are going to a functional training, apparently the hotel holds them every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday”, she said while putting on a pair of shorts and her tennis, Rowan just nodded in answer.
Once they were in the central area, the closer location between the hotel’s pools and the beach, the equipment could already be seen as well as 10 people roaming around it. Soon enough a man came up to them greeting Aelin, too friendly to Rowan’s likeness, although he could only spot the top of his head.
“Miss Galathnyius, it’s good to have you with us today”, the strange said while avoiding looking at Rowan’s side but he did not miss a beat.
“It’s Mrs.” his accented and low voice seemed to reverberate, earning him an alarmed glance from the instructor, as he had taken from his clothes and name tag.
“Yes, of course. Mr. and Mrs. Galathnyius it’s a pleasure to have both of you here”, the smaller man seemed ready to bolt as he alternated his looks from Rowan’s face tattoo and Aelin’s mirth-filled eyes, she just nodded and that was very well what he did. She knew it wasn’t jealousy from her husband, more like his inability to not correct a mistaken person.
Oh, how wrong she was.
Half an hour throughout the class, Rowan was calculating how much trouble would he be if he were to beat three civilians. As the training was open to anyone at the beach, around fifteen more people had come to enjoy the activities. Including a group of four men, who seem too inclined to help Aelin with her training.
Which had made Rowan seeing red since he heard the first suggestion in correcting Aelin’s posture during a core exercise. Whilst his wife seemed completed oblivious as not only agreed to a few suggestions and gave tips of her own. Rowan didn’t mind that both were right.
Nonetheless, at each suggestion made by a stranger, Rowan would casually assert his territory. Moving closer to Aelin, helping her with the weights and holding her during an exercise that required it. Of course, there was the possibility that none of the people participating held any second intentions towards his wife and were only trying to be helpful. He seriously doubted it, even though that was what Aelin seem to think.
Usually, Rowan had never been one to bluntly be jealous and if he found it necessary to discuss attitude with someone, he wouldn’t do it in front of Aelin. But he’d gone apeshit when one of the guys from before made a move to touch her while he went to grab for water. Fuck this. He had been by her side every single moment. What’s with these disrespectful motherfuckers?
The man whose hands extended to help Aelin in moving the piece on her waist only caught a movement in corner of his eyes before a mountain of a man was before him. His eyes caught a glimpse of a wicked tattoo on the man’s face, which had been hidden by the cap he was using.
Rowan’s intimidating demeanor and the fucking gold ring in his and hers left hands were more than enough for assholes to grasp the situation.
She is mine, I’m hers. Fuck off.
Either it was the rings or himself didn’t matter. Apparently, with one look everybody understood his warning.
However, nine hours later, he’d been left baffled as his wife complained how, after he glued himself to her side, nobody had talked or interacted with her anymore.
“Well, if you weren’t such a territorial bastard today, we could have made some friends that could introduce us to the town”, she said as they had clearly lost themselves while looking for a Japanese restaurant.
“I beg your pardon?”, Rowan answered seeing red all over again just from remembering the previous event.
“Oh, come on, you thought I did notice? You were just asserting your territory for the heck of it”, she said not bothering with more than an eye roll, still searching the street’s name on their map.
“For the heck of it?”, Rowan was bewildered. Aelin thought he was doing that out of leisure?
“You couldn’t possibly be jealous of those guys from the beach, right?”, she said finally dropping the stupid map that had put them in their current predicament and looking straight into his eyes. Whatever she saw there gave Rowan his favorite smile. “You were….”, she laughed, loud and uncaring. Beautiful. “You are unbelievable”.
Like the viper his wife was, she stealthy approached him in that dark alley. “My cranky husband was jealous of some gym dudes?”, her voice was surrounded by arrogance and seductiveness. Reminding Rowan just who he had married with. The most confident, assertive, dazzling woman he had ever met.
Their eyes were locked on each other as she stalked him like a snake ready to consume her prey. His response to her provocation was nothing more than a grunt. “You know what you should have done?... You could have kissed me right there, ravished me, really… And I would’ve said thank you”.
After many years into their relationship, one would think that Rowan had become numb to Aelin’s advances. However, it was very much the opposite of it. He would be scandalized, shocked… And excited, she burned him with bold words and even bolder actions that made his head spin. His calloused hand didn’t miss one second into holding Aelin’s by her backside and his mouth went to her neck.
“Ditch dinner, Fireheart, I will show you what I would like to have done”, Rowan could feel Aelin’s thundering heartbeat, like his own due to their proximity. It would never lie to him, he affected her just as she did him.
“Oh, why, when you say with such gentleness. I suppose we could make something at home”, she smoothed her hand at Rowan’s ringed finger each word, handing him a bright smile by the end. “I love you”, albeit the sentence was said in a soft tone, it swept bothering feelings between the two, such as sea waves that accompanied their evening.
“To whatever end”, he said holding her left hand and as they walked toward the ocean. Free, unrestricted, and vast. Much like their love.
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house-of-galathynius · a month ago
Only You ~ Rowaelin
A Rowaelin fanfic, set if Aelin’s parents had lived and she had met Rowan under normal circumstances, if Erawan and Maeve weren’t threats. Hope you enjoy!
I would also like to apologise for how long it has been since I have updated this! I have been busy moving and also been having a bit of a bad time mentally and lost a lot of motivation to write. But I’m hopefully back and will be updating more frequently from now on!! Thank you for all being so patient and I’m sending lots of love to everyone who is still reading <3 
@jesstargaryenqueen @sailorsassley @sjmships @tomtenadia @endlessdaydream @aflickeringsoul @tillyrubes10 @fredweasleyhasadhd @rowaelin-cressworth @cookiemonsterwholovesbooks @rowaelinismyotp @rosegoldannie @maryberry @viajandosinalas @becarefuloflove @allthebooksunderthemoon @sheharahu @swankii-art-teacher @superspiritfestival @becarefuloflove @tanvee1231 @viajandosinalas 
Chapter Seventeen ~ Heavenly 
Chapter Sixteen ~ Chapter Eighteen 
Aelin scrambled off of Rowan, practically diving to the floor to retrieve her clothes that had been thrown there. Rowan did the same, fumbling to the side of the bed to pull on his pants. 
Her heart was beating a million miles an hour as she hurried to dress and place herself on a chair near the window. Rowan strode to the desk and sat himself back where he had been and finally answered. 
“Come in.” 
A young male hesitantly stepped into the room, Aelin grimaced as she realised what it must smell like in here. Not only that, but the scent that her and Rowan must be giving off. 
“A letter arrived for you from Doranelle.” He moved across the floor to hand Rowan the letter. Quickly retreating back to the door to bow and hastily exiting the room. 
Aelin let out a sigh and readjusted her blouse, straightening it up slightly and pulling her tangled hair over a shoulder. 
Neither of them said anything, Rowan silently reading the letter. 
Aelin didn’t know what to say to him. What had happened was unexpected, after the conversations she had had with Rowan about this exact thing… she shook her head slightly. 
 Aelin had lost control and Rowan wasn’t able to help himself either. The fact that they had managed that long without getting that far was a surprise in itself, Lysandra had said as much a couple of weeks prior. Exclaiming to Aelin that most newly mated pairs would hide themselves away for weeks, even months, to get the rawness of the mating out of their systems. Aelin had to then explain that it wasn’t that neither of them didn’t want to go there… but that there were rules and etiquette in the royal family, and they couldn’t be ignored because of a mating bond. Although when had that ever stopped her?
Aelin was brought out of her thoughts when Rowan cleared his throat and stood from the chair. 
She hesitated slightly before speaking. “Is… is everything okay?”
Rowan nodded. He held the letter in his hands, his face furrowed slightly. 
“It seems there has been some unrest in Doranelle, a few groups who had supported Maeve are causing trouble.” 
Aelin nodded. “Do you need to go back?” She stood from her chair, stepping towards him. “I’m sure we can postpone everything.” 
Rowan shook his head this time. “I’ll have some of the others go to check. I’m needed here.” 
He made towards the door, Aelin grasping his hand before he could walk away completely. “I’m sorry… I know you wanted to wait until we had made everything official.” 
Rowan shook his head slightly. “Can I be honest?” 
Aelin let her grip on his wrist fall and nodded once. 
“Your father and Orlon asked me not to let things go too far.” 
Aelin was the one to shake her head this time. She stood there speechless for a moment before returning her gaze to Rowan. 
“Did they say why?” 
Rowan shrugged. “They were just concerned about the image of the royal family.” 
“The image?” She blew out a breath. “They’re— we are mates!” 
“I know. But I wasn’t about to argue with the king and your father.” 
Aelin huffed. “It’s stupid.” 
Rowan pulled her into his chest, wrapping his arms around her and placing a kiss on her head. “I know, Fireheart.” 
“We’re okay?” She murmured into his chest.
“Of course.” Rowan let her go and stepped back into the hallway. “Don’t forget dinner this evening.” 
She smiled lightly at him and nodded as he strode away.
Aelin loitered in his room a moment longer, collecting herself before she headed down to the library. It didn’t give quite the same comfort as what being at Sam’s had given, but it would do. She breathed deeply, taking in the smell of the old dusty books that lined the shelves. A fire crackled away in the background and a warmth spread through her. 
It felt like an age since she had been in here properly. When she had been with Sam she had not needed to come in here, nor had she wanted to… the librarians were still unsure of her after the accident in the Library of Orynth. Despite her many apologies and gifts of rare books from the continent, they had shunned her and made a point of not wanting her here. Although, in their defence, they had eased up in the last couple of years. 
Aelin found a corner, close to the fire but hidden from anyone entering the library. She had piled some books into her arms as she had walked through the towering shelves and snuggled down into a leather armchair. She didn’t immediately reach for the books, instead she let her head fall back against the chair and closed her eyes, listening to the sound of the librarians shuffling around, the crackling fire and the low howl of the wind from outside.
Her mind wandered a little. It was a little jarring how much had happened already today… first Lysandra, then Sam and then what had happened with her and Rowan. 
She didn’t regret it. In fact, she felt relieved that he had wanted her as much as she wanted him. But she knew that he would be kicking himself for letting things go as far as they had, especially as it had been the middle of the day, in a bustling castle where she had no doubt people would be able to hear or scent what was going on. Still, she felt oddly relaxed… and excited. In one week she would be alone with him for real, and there would be no one to interrupt them. 
But as her mind thought of her aline time with Rowan, she started to think of Lysandra and the position she was now in. Things had been so hectic that Aelin hadn’t thought of what the future would now look like. If things went well, Lysandra could very well be engaged to Aedion, they would likely move into one of the private houses nearby and raise their family. Aelin didn’t want to think of what could happen if things didn’t go well. 
And then in one week she would be officially mated to Rowan. In less than three months she would be married. 
Aelin was surprised by the shiver of anticipation that ran through her at the thought of being a wife. She had of course known that one day she would be married… but to be married to her mate, her soul-bonded— it brought a whole new element to it. And to know that he would be by her side through whatever difficulties came their way— it comforted her in a way she could not explain. 
Aelin must have dosed off as she woke to someone lightly tapping her shoulder. Aelin blinked, adjusting to the light. 
Orla, one of her ladies in waiting was loitering in front of her. 
“I’m sorry to wake you, but Prince Whitethorn asked us to help you get ready for dinner. The time is fast approaching.” 
Aelin sat up in the chair, unfurling her legs and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She glanced to the window on the other side of the library and noticed the darkened sky. She had been asleep for much longer than she thought.
She stood from the chair, feeling guilty that she would have to leave the books for the librarians to clear away. She mentally reminded herself to return tomorrow with baked goods for them. 
Aelin followed Orla through the palace, winding up the stairs and into her rooms. Several others waited for her and they immediately pulled her down into a chair, brushing through her tangled hair. She didn’t protest when they dabbed some red onto her cheeks and some tint to her lips. She silently dressed in a velvet gown of deep blue, her sleeve ends rounded with gold. The dress was beautiful and one she had not seen in her wardrobe before. She mentioned it to the girls helping her. 
“Prince Whitethorn had it delivered from the seamstress in the city.” 
Aelin smiled to herself. Rowan was full of surprises it seemed. 
She stared in the mirror, smoothing the dress and admiring the way she looked. She supposed she should get used to dressing up more— with a mating ceremony, a wedding, and not too long away a coronation, her coronation. 
Orla came to stand beside her, smiling at Aelin. “Beautiful as always.”
Aelin nudged her. “I could never look this nice without you.” 
They both turned when the door clicked opened and Rowan strode in. Aelin felt her stomach do a flip as she took him in. 
Dressed in white shirt and black pants, his jacket matching the colour of her dress, he looked… princely. Which was a good thing she supposed, as he was in fact a prince. It took her a moment to regain her thoughts. She had only seen him dressed like this when they had first met, his usual attire being lose tunics and grey pants— clothes for comfort. 
“Are you ready?” He was smiling at her as he spoke. The way he was looking at her set her alight— his easy smile and wandering eyes that were taking her in. She felt beautiful. 
Aelin stepped forward and linked her arm through his own. She turned to smile at the girls behind her, who were grinning from ear to ear as they waved her and Rowan away. 
The hallways were silent as they meandered through them. The only sounds coming from their footsteps and the howling wind outside. Aelin would always be grateful for her fire during the winter months, never having to go cold was a blessing. 
Rowan did not speak as they made their way to what was normally the morning room. Rowan slipped his arm out of her own, his hand squeezing hers as he stepped to the doors. 
“Lysandra warned me you might laugh… but I’m asking you to reserve any snarky comments until later.” 
Aelin rolled her eyes. “I promise not to laugh.” 
Rowan gave her a hesitant smile back, but opened the doors. 
Aelin could have cried— either from the overflowing amount of love she felt for Rowan in that moment, or utter bewilderment. 
The room which was usually plain and frankly, rather boring, had been transformed. The long dining table that took up most of the room had been replaced with a circular one, covered in a light linen cloth. Atop the table were candles and a bottle of what looked like a fine Terrasen wine. It didn’t end there; candles were dotted around the room too, flickering lightly, whilst vases of winter flowers bloomed on the end tables. 
Aelin turned to Rowan. He stood behind her, his cheeks slightly reddened, but his eyes on her. She shook her head slightly, going back once more to gaze at the scene before her. Never in her years had she had a partner do something like this— not even Sam. 
“Do you like it?” Rowan rested his hand on the small of her back and led her further into the room. He pulled her chair out and guided her down.
“I don’t know what to say.” 
“I recall promising you dinner in the city. But with the weather and everything with Lysandra… I thought staying here was easier for now.” 
He took the bottle of wine and poured her a glass. 
“I know it isn’t much—“ 
“It’s perfect. You don’t need to explain yourself, this is utterly perfect.” 
A couple of the fae that worked in the kitchens scurried into the room and placed a plate of what Aelin only hoped were the traditional Terrasen delicacy. Small pastries filled with herbed meat and potatoes, drizzled with a heavenly sauce. 
Aelin thanked them before they ran off again. 
“I don’t know if I mentioned how beautiful you look?” 
“I think it may have slipped your mind.” She laughed and took a sip of the wine, letting the alcohol warm her. Rowan followed suit and they sipped in comfortable silence for a moment. 
Aelin set her glass back on the table and admired the room once more. Noticing new details as she did; like the chess set positioned between two armchairs, a bottle of whisky placed just behind it. 
She turned to Rowan. “Are you trying to get me drunk?” 
Rowan chuckled lightly following her gaze to the whisky and shook his head. “I just asked Lysandra if she would give some suggestions. She said it was your favourite whisky to drink.” 
Aelin gave a hum in response. “I think I’m going to go see Lysandra tomorrow. I’ve got a couple of meetings with various people and then my mother wants to have lunch to discuss wedding preparations.”
“I should probably see Sellene tomorrow. She’s been asking after me and I’ve been putting it off. I should also check that everything in Doranelle is fine… the message from Fenrys this morning was worrying.” 
Aelin saw his shoulders sag, his brow furrowed as he thought. 
“If you need to go back, we can arrange something.” 
He shook his head. “I have some… friends, I suppose, who I can call on if things get worse. I need to be here.”
Aelin studied him a moment before responding. “Doranelle is still your home, I won’t make you stay here.”
Rowan took a long sip of his wine, twirling the dark liquid in his glass a couple of times before he swallowed. “I don’t miss Doranelle if that is what you’re thinking. I simply do not need to be there right now.” Another sip. 
Aelin narrowed her eyes. “There’s something else. What is it?” 
Rowan narrowed his eyes right back at her, earning a smile from Aelin. 
“You’re going to laugh at me.” 
She placed a hand over her heart as she spoke. “I promise I won’t laugh at you.” 
“I can’t leave you. I don’t want to leave you. I’ve said it before, but the first months or years of mating are the hardest and being apart, even just for a day…”
As he spoke she felt the bond unfurl and spread over her, then the tug of that the line between them. 
Before Aelin responded, the doors open and the palace staff came in carrying trays of food. They placed them on the table and Aelin listened as they explained what they had brought out. It all sounded mouth-wateringly good, and she thanked the Gods that Orlon loved good food, only employing the best cooks on the continent. She had only ever tasted something better when she had been visiting the Southern Continent, where the food had tasted divine and she left with the desire to return as soon as possible for more. Although many years had passed since she had been there— a trip was overdue. 
Still, she dug into the food that had been laid out in front of her. Rowan followed suit; piling roasted vegetables lathered in butter, roasted chicken which was seasoned to perfection, then soft, fluffy potatoes and a thick flavoursome sauce that Aelin poured generously over everything. 
Rowan seemed to do the same and the two of them filled their mouths, the only sounds came form the clinking of their cutlery on the china plates and the occasional moan of delight from Aelin. 
She had practically licked her plate clean, Rowan laughing at her as she attempted to get every last drop of gravy from the plate. 
“If you want more, I’m sure they can bring some up.” 
“I want to save room for dessert, but this is so delicious.” 
Rowan laughed again, reaching for her plate and stacking it onto his own. 
“It’s not very princess like.” 
She huffed, but sat up further on the chair and took the napkin to wipe her mouth., whilst also giving her dress a once over to ensure she had not spilt anything on it. Pleased that she had avoided ruining another dress, she placed her napkin down and took a sip of wine. 
“What was the occasion for this? I’m not complaining, it’s really wonderful to spend time with you like this… but I’m just curious.” 
Rowan shifted in his seat and reached to the inner pocket of his jacket. 
Aelin sucked in a breath as he placed a small octagonal box in front of her. 
“I know we’ve been doing things a bit backwards.” He stood from his seat and rounded the table to stand in front of Aelin. 
He knelt down on one knee, one of his hands grasping her own and the other reaching for the box that he had placed in front of her. 
“I wasn’t sure how to do this properly. Fae traditions are different from human ones; but I had some help from—“
Aelin interrupted. “Can you please open the box? I am dying to see it.”
Rowan beamed up at her, but did as she asked. He slowly flicked the lid of the box open to reveal a stunning gold ring. The band was intricately engraved with little lines and swirls, all leading to the middle where a raw emerald rested in the centre, encircled by another thin ribbon of gold. 
Aelin thought she might cry at the sight of it. At the sight of Rowan on his knee in front of her, presenting her with a ring. She was taken aback. 
“The band was my mothers. When I left… after that evening with Sam, I went back to Doranelle and found it amongst my mothers things that she had left for me. I took it to a goldsmith in Orynth to get it fixed, and I added the emerald— Terrasen green.” 
“It’s where you went today?” 
He nodded. He was still on his knee, still holding the little box open to her. 
“Are you going to ask me?” 
Rowan looked confused for a moment before he realised what she meant. 
“Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, will you do me the greatest honour, and marry me?” 
She felt her heart burst at the words, at the promise of their future. She nodded once, and then again and then she slid off her chair, now knee to knee with Rowan. 
“Of course I will marry you.” She barely got the words out before she was grabbing his face and placing her lips to his own. “I love you.” Another kiss. 
He murmured his love back to her before he pulled away and held her left hand in his. He gently removed the ring from it’s resting place and grinned at her as he carefully slipped the ring onto her finger. 
It was heavier than she anticipated, but it was beautiful. She stared at it for a moment, smiling. 
“So this was the occasion.” 
She admired the ring for a few seconds more before the two of them relocated to the armchairs in the corner of the room. Rowan poured them both a glass of whisky and Aelin savoured the taste as she sipped on the dark smokey liquid. 
“In all honesty, I had not thought about doing this. Like I mentioned, Fae traditions are different and most couples will never marry in the human sense. And mates will usually just have a ceremony for the mating. Many feel that marriage feels insignificant in comparison to the bond.” He gazed down at her hand, which she had purposely rested on the arm of the chair, showing off the ring.
“I thought you said you had been married?” 
Rowan thought for a moment. “In a sense, yes. But it wasn’t quite as official as what humans do.” 
She was silent a moment. “We’re technically already engaged, you didn’t need to do all this.” 
He sighed quietly. “I didn’t think it was important either. But Lysandra gave me a lecture about how it was important you knew I wanted to marry you and that I should honour the human side of you by proposing properly— even if we were already engaged.” 
Aelin huffed a laugh. “Typical Lysandra.” 
“She was right. There’s something quite satisfying seeing that ring on your finger.” He grinned at her. 
Aelin rolled her eyes. “You Fae males are insufferable.” 
“But unfortunately you’re stuck with us.” 
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feysandfeels · 2 months ago
All you need to know about me is that my running playlist is titled “For Celaena Sardothien” because the only thing that would get be out of bed to workout for a while was thinking that I too was training with a sexy captain of the guard to work as the royal Assassin for a HOT prince. 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Posting this a little early on here!
My next project with Books Know No Age will be to bring you alternative dust jackets to the ‘Throne of Glass’ series by Sarah J Maas. I had so much fun working on the ACOTAR dust jackets and I’m SO excited to jump back into the Maasverse. It’s been so long since I’ve drawn any TOG characters so this should be really fun!
Same as last time, I’m keeping the back covers a secret and only showing you the front! It was my first time drawing Sam and Arobynn and honestly Arobynn had no right making me attracted to him.
I hope you like them!
Make sure to follow @booksknownoage on Instagram for updates on preorders and timeframes! ☺️ I believe she’s making her first announcement in July!
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justelfit · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Aelin Ashryver Galathynius
This character belongs to Sarah J Maas
(Also, omg the quality of he pictures in tumblr is incredible)
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faerieaelin · a month ago
[Dorian and Aelin in Book 1]
Dorian: So did you read the book i gave you?
Aelin: YES 😡😡
Dorian: Didn’t like the ending, huh?
Aelin: also i’m out of candy fix it
Dorian: but i literally just gave you another five pound bag
Aelin: Do you want me to win this competition or not?
Dorian: So as long as you’re better at fighting than billiards
Dorian: perhaps i should clarify: THAT WAS NOT AN INVITATION TO MURDER ME.
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louiseleblancdiggory · 8 months ago
Speedy one night stand
Ok, so this is an old scene that i never posted because I never thought it was good enough, but since I wanted to post smth before ‘Tis the Damn Season, here it goes! I’m sorry for any typos, it’s 3 am and I don’t have the patience to proof read rn. There are mentions of a car accident but I swear it is not a sad or angsty scene. It’s bad and not at all a believable situation, but I hope it’s ok enough to be mildly enjoyable!
Aelin was having a spectacular day.
She had woken up around six, laying near the hottest man to ever walk on this Earth. In the previous night, she had drank enough to practically guarantee her a bitch hangover, but apparently her beautiful, silver-haired stranger had fucked it right out of her. A few times.
Not so proudly, Aelin sneaked out of his house without making a single sound. Maybe she should have stayed, maybe asked for his name. But she was also almost sure she had given him her number yesterday, and so if he wanted to continue things, he could call her. If not… Well, it had been a fun night.
Understatement of the fucking century.
And thanks to her stranger, once she got home, Aelin felt energized and inspired enough to finally give the painting a try.
The painting had become Aelin’s nightmare for the past year and a half. She had the idea, had the ability, but didn’t know how to do it, how to tackle it. She tried a few times every few days, and left the room hating it more and more. The painting started to be a mock to her abilities— she would finish other works, beautiful works, and yet the messy canvas would always stare at her from the corner of the room.
Aelin was mainly a sculptor, not a painter, and so she didn’t even know why it bothered her so much but it did. Oh, it most certainly did.
For the past eighteen months, staring at that taunting canvas was like staring at yourself on the mirror for too long. The vision started to blur, and it didn’t look real, evoked a deep panic.
For the past eighteen months, Aelin hated that fucking painting.
And yet, when she got home earlier, all she could think is that she might be able to finish it. The painting was supposed to be of Oakwald, a beautiful forest that extended for the whole expanse of the west of Terrasen. She hadn’t been at home for so long now, and all she wanted was a painting of how she remembered the forest to be. She wanted to capture its light, its life. She wanted it to look exactly how it was in her memory, but the colors never seemed right. Her fondness of the memory was becoming stained with that stupid canvas.
All she needed was the right palette.
And he had walked in a bar and sat by her side yesterday.
Her stranger was the literal embodiment of her memory, so much so that for a split second, Aelin had thought she had gone officially insane. His silver-grey hair was the exact shade of the sky on the cloudy mornings when she and her dad would go for a walk. Eyes a combination of a few shades of green and small specks of brown that reminded her of how the trees were. His demeanor was cold, and yet Aelin found him somehow so welcoming— just like she felt back at Oakwald, back home.
Her stranger had given her the thing she had needed for the past eighteen months, even if he hadn’t given her even his name.
Aelin was staring proudly at the now finished painting when the phone rang. She was glad her roommate wasn’t at home to witness her staring at the painting for that long like a crazy person, and honestly hoped it was Lysandra calling to ask if she wanted to go out and grab something to eat.
Or maybe it’s your stranger.
Aelin forced herself to shove every single spark of hope down until they were nothing more than cinders. To be honest, Aelin knew that she probably wouldn’t get a call from him. It was his first day in town, they both had been drunk, and, even though the sex had been great, her stranger didn’t seem like the dating type.
At least not the dating type with a woman who left his house unannounced at six in the morning after leaving him with no note other than her number that could potentially be wrong since said woman was already tipsy when she gave it to him.
A fucking shame.
“Hey.” Aelin said, putting the phone to her ear as she looked for her car keys. She wanted to be in the elevator by the time the word “eat” left Lys’s mouth.
“Is this Aelin?” A female voice she had never heard in her life asked, uncertainty and hesitation lacing every word.
Aelin withdrew the phone from her ear and looked at the unknown number.
Aelin rarely gave her phone number to strangers, and lately it had only been to…
Oh fucking shit.
He had a girlfriend?
Fuck fuck fuck.
“Hum, yes?” Aelin sounded as uncertain as the girl. “I’m sorry, but who is this?”
Maybe it wasn’t what she thought. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe—
“Do you know a Rowan?”
“Maybe?” Aelin wanted to bang her head against a wall. Almost seven months without touching a guy, and the first one in her way back to the land of the social people had a girlfriend. At least she knew his name now. Rowan seemed fitting, matched his appearance somehow. “Silver hair, green eyes, looks really pissed even when he’s sleeping?”
Please say no.
“Oh, yes.” The woman said, sounding… relieved? “I’m doctor Towers, and—“
“Doctor?” Aelin blurted out, all anger and nervousness being substituted for confusion. “Doctor?”
“Yes. Well, actually an intern since I’m still halfway through my first year here and—“
“I swear I mean no offense, but I am a little confused.” Aelin interrupted her after she started mumbling. “You’re Rowan’s girlfriend?”
“No!” The woman shouted loud enough that Aelin had to take the phone from her ear. “Gods, no. I thought you were his girlfriend.”
A moment of silence passed through the two women.
“What the fuck?” Was everything Aelin managed to say. She cleared her throat, mind trying to catch up with what was happening. “Why would you think that?”
“You’re the only contact on his phone.”
“I am?”
“You are.”
“I am.”
“You are.”
“I— Why are you calling me?” Aelin shook her head, her grip on her keys strong enough that started to be painful. She didn’t know if this was some type of joke her friends were pulling on her, or if Rowan was just some sick asshole that was fucking with her now that he had her number but she sure as hell wasn’t enjoying the experience.
“Well, you see.” She cleared her throat, voice tone becoming more serious, more professional. “Rowan was admitted into the Torre’s hospital a few hours ago. He was involved in an accident, and all the emergency contacts we could find are not in town as of now. I know it is not protocol, and I’m breaking so many rules here, but I went through his phone to see if I could find a contact of someone who was around. We didn’t know if his injuries were serious or not, but…”
Doctor Towers didn’t finish the sentence, and dread mixing with some type of anxiety started rolling inside Aelin’s stomach. “But?”
She didn’t respond the question, instead changing the subject. “You’re the only contact, Miss Aelin.”
Aelin slowly sat down, the dead silence of the apartment mixing with the expectant silence from Doctor Towers. She didn’t know the guy, didn’t even know his name until two minutes ago, and yet the image of the painting in the other room kept flashing in her mind, the colors in the canvas mixing with the colors she saw on his face. “I— Is he alive?”
“Yes, yes. He’s in surgery, I believe.” The initial apprehension came back to the woman’s voice. “I don’t know, actually. Again, just an intern. People don’t tell me much here.”
“And I suppose hiding somewhere after stealing a patient’s phone isn’t the best way to pick up on any information they might be sharing in the halls right now.” Aelin said, some amusement for the girl showing through her voice. “Where are you? Storage room?”
“Coma patient room.” Doctor Towers laughed nervously. “I thought I was helping.”
“It’s fine.” Aelin said even though she didn’t feel it.
The line went silent once more, and after a minute, Aelin said. “Well, bye, I guess.”
“Wait.” The doctor’s apprehensive voice sounded again. “Couldn’t you… Can you still come? Even if you’re just his friend?”
Aelin sat frozen on her chair. “I’m not his friend.”
“Oh.” She sounded disappointed. “Ok. Sorry. Have a great night, Miss Aelin.”
Before Aelin could respond, the call was ended.
The first thing Rowan noticed when he opened his eyes was that he was not at the rented apartment he and the rest of his friends had gotten for the summer.
The lights were too white and too artificial, the bed too uncomfortable to be the same one he had slept the previous night.
And there was also the fact it felt as if he had been thrown from the top of a building, broken every single bone in the impact and, somehow, survived.
He tried opening his eyes a little bit more and acute pain shot to his brain.
Unfortunately. Unfortunately survived.
Shit, maybe he was in hell.
“I don’t know if the struggle is amusing or pathetic.” A low and sultry voice sounded from the left corner of the room. “Maybe try not staring directly into the light and then try opening your eyes.”
Rowan turned his head to where the soft voice had come from, pain burning his neck with the movement but he found himself incapable of not looking at her direction. But the woman was right, and Rowan managed to open his eyes enough to see her seating in one of those uncomfortable hospital chairs, legs crossed in front of her and fingers laced on top of her stomach.
Rowan mentally scratched his last thought. If he had actually died, that certainly was tilting a lot more towards heaven than hell even with the killing pain.
“Fuck, I think I died.” Rowan blurted out.
“I’ll pretend you just compared me to an angel, not to the devil.” She said, getting up and walking in his direction. Despite her hurt tone, she was smiling as she approached his bed. “It’s the least you could do after you ruined my perfectly perfect day. I was having a blast, you know?”
Hell, heaven, or Earth— it honestly didn’t fucking matter because the pain was the same, but her voice seemed to soothe his muscled, make the pain secondary to the pleasure of listening to her voice.
“Yeah?” Rowan rasped out, hoping she would continue talking.
“Oh, yeah.” She sat by the edge of the bed, straightening his sheets. The light wasn’t so blinding anymore, and he could see every detail on her face.
Heaven. Definitely heaven.
“I’m an artist, you know. Sculptor mostly, but I’m a decent painter. There’s this painting I’ve been trying to get done for over a year now, and today I did not only make progress I liked, but I also finished it. I thought today was going to be a terrible day, you know? Yesterday I found out my flight back home had been canceled and I would only be able to get another one by the end of summer, so I went to a bar and planned on getting drunk. Today was a day for tears and hangovers.”
“But?” Rowan asked automatically, all too focused on the woman sitting next to him.
She smiled, raising a hand to brush his hair from his face, fingers intertwining with the shoulder-length knots he most certainly had after whatever it was that had happened. She seemed too focused on her hand gently undoing the knots, but thankfully kept talking. “But I met this guy, you know? Definitely not from here, accent gave it away immediately. Also not from where I am from. Just that made him interesting enough. And,” she turned her eyes to him, eyes glinting with mischief. “Very, very fucking hot. That definitely made him even more interesting.”
“What a guy.” Rowan could feel some of the life coming back to his body, and even managed to weakly match the grin she had on her face.
“Oh, yes, what a guy. Fucked the hangover and artistic block right out of me. A hero, if you will.” Her grin extended into a smile, and she shook her head. “So imagine how ruined my day was when I got a call saying my amazing bar guy had been in a car accident.”
Rowan let out a broken laugh, his ribs screaming in pain when he did so. “So irresponsible of him.”
She assented solemnly. “And there I was, hoping he would have called me to go out on a date. I’m not picky but hospital is a huge downgrade from mind blowing sex in his expensive apartment.”
Rowan laughed again, not even caring about the pain.  “I’m sure the guy would have asked you if you hand’t left the expensive apartment at the crackass of dawn without telling him.”
“And instead of calling he let his car be smashed by a fucking truck to get my attention? Tsk, tsk, tsk… Maybe I didn’t dodge a bullet with this idiot.”
Rowan’s lips were taken by a grin. “Well it worked, didn’t it?”
“Next time try something a little less dramatic.” She said, eyes narrowing but Rowan could see how she was trying to contain a smile.
“The girl really seemed into dramatics tho. Gave it away last night when she—“
“Since I didn’t know your name until your doctor called me, Rowan, I’ll save you the embarrassment of asking mine.” She interrupted him, slender fingers going from his hair to the top of his lips. “I’m Aelin.”
“Aelin.” He said against the finger sushing him. “May I ask how you got here?”
She blushed a little, taking the finger from his mouth and straightening her spine. “I was the only contact in your list. They called me.”
“Lost my phone in the airport yesterday and had to buy a new one. Still doesn’t explain why you’re here.”
She narrowed her eyes at him, small nose frowning. “You’re very talkative for someone who could barely open his eyes a few minutes ago.”
“Am I?” Rowan said, hoping to push some of her buttons. Consciousness had been coming back slowly, and Rowan certainly remembered every single detail. Remembered being pissed by losing his phone, impatient because he would have to wait two more days for his friends to arrive.
Remembered all the pissy and impatience leaving his body once he sat on the bar by the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had been quick-mouthed, with no filter, and absolutely hypnotizing. She wasn’t just fucking beautiful, but also funny, smart, and had the ability to make him forget every single thing that was making him irritated.
And the rest of the night… It was a shame Rowan was bedridden, he certainly wouldn’t mind reenacting last night again.
And again. And again.
And again.
Rowan had wondered earlier if she had been that amazing because he was drunk. The answer was obviously no.
Aelin pursed her lips, red coloring her cheeks. She cleared her throat, rolling her eyes. “The doctor guilty tripped me.”
“Yeah?” Rowan knew he was smiling like an idiot.
“She said you were in surgery and she didn’t know how serious.” Aelin finally looked him straight in the eyes, and Rowan noticed how beautiful hers were. “No one deserves to have no one in this situation. She said your friends were out of town, and the girl sounded desperate enough that it sounded as if you were fucking died. Again, no one deserves to die alone. Specially someone this good in bed.”
It took Rowan a second to understand everything she had just said. When the last sentence finally registered on his brain, Rowan laughed. Aelin shook her head, a small smile appearing again.
“Also, you’re the first guy I slept with in seven months. Letting you die alone seemed like bad luck.”
“I am honored you put so much consideration into coming to stay with me.”
“Shut it.”
“If it makes you feel less embarrassed—“
“I’m not embarrassed.”
“I would have come too. Make sure my best fuck wasn’t dead.”
“Awn, best fuck? You’ll make me tear up like this, Ro. So romantic.” Aelin pretended to clean fake tears the moment the doctor in darker scrubs and a few on lighter ones entered the room.
“Good to see you awake, Mr Whitethorn.” The man smiled at him, checking his charts. “It’s always good to see wives crying of happiness rather than sadness around here.”
“Of course.” Rowan agreed, turning to Aelin and raising an eyebrow.
“They wouldn’t let me stay if I wasn’t family.” She whispered low enough so that only Rowan would hear. Her face slowly broke into a grin, and she winked at him before turning to the doctor. “So he’ll be fine, right, doctor?”
Rowan had to bite his cheeks from laughing at how obviously fake she sounded, but no one other than him noticed. “Yes, yes. Other than a fracture to his right wrist, your husband is completely fine. Some bruising and soreness that painkillers can help, but nothing major. You two are free to enjoy your vacations when he’s discharged tomorrow.”
“Oh, great.” Rowan said, nodding seriously. “My wife here has just informed me that a hospital is no adequate place for a first date.”
All the people in the room laughed, thinking Rowan meant their first date in Antica.
Not their first date ever.
“I’ll leave you two. Anything you need, ask a nurse and they will page me.” The doctor in darker scrubs said, leaving the room with all the ones in lighter scrubs following.
“Where do you live?” Rowan asked the moment the doctor was out.
Aelin turned to him, fingers going back to his silver hair. “Have been living here for the past two years in an art internship. Going back to Orynth, Terrasen by the end of the summer.” She curled a strand around her finger before looking to his face. “You?”
“Have been and will continue to be a very happy resident of Orynth.” Rowan said, a smirk appearing on his lips. “Definitely happier after the summer.”
“Haven’t even asked me out and you’re already thinking about the end of the summer.” Aelin shook her head and clicked her tongue even though she was smiling. “No surprise you got into a car accident, so speedy.”
His smirk grew into a smile. “My dear wife, would you like to go on a date with me?”
She narrowed her eyes, taking her sweet, sweet time to answer. “I’ll think about it.”
“And, seeing how the doctor talked about all my grave injuries—“
“Grave.” She snorted.
“Do I get kisses to feel better?” Rowan’s tone was full of mockery and some laughter.
“If I kiss every place you’re hurting after being hit by a fucking truck, I think we’d be here for a long while.”
“You didn’t complain yesterday.”
Aelin half laughed, half snorted. Rolling her eyes, she bent forward, and even though she was trying very hard not to, Rowan could see the start of a smile just before she pressed her lips against his. They were sweeter and softer than he remembered, and despite the pain on his arms and specially on his right wrist, Rowan raised his hands and put them in her golden strawberry hair.
“One more thing.” He said against her mouth.
“Has anyone ever told you that you ask for too much?” Aelin said impatiently.
“As our situation is already as fucking weird as it’s gonna get—“
“You don’t say!” Aelin said, voice dripping with so much fake surprise Rowan couldn’t stop but smirk up at her.
“As our situation is already as fucking weird as it’s gonna get,” he repeated forcefully, eyes narrowing at her as her smile widened. “Tomorrow, when my friends arrive.”
“Can you please still pretend you’re my wife?”
Aelin stared at him blankly for a moment before letting out a full, lovely laugh. The bed shook with her laughter, and Rowan joined her— a little weakly due to the pain, but joined her nonetheless. She bent down to kiss him again, nodding as she did so. “Of course. What type of person would I be if I didn’t help such injured person find some happiness in their lives?”
Rowan kissed her back, fingers playing with her hair. “So this means you’ll go out with me?”
“We’ll see.”
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