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#bro really do they?

Anne: If humans can’t see air, does that mean fish can’t see water?

Cathy: I-

Anne: And if humans can see water, can fish see air?


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My Physics teacher rn.

I was expecting more frm you. You are supposed to score almost 90%. That’s what I expect out of you.

Me: No Way. I hate phy. Idk anything in it

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SANGCHENG CHERRY MAGIC AU!!!!! (basically: jiang cheng is still a virgin when he turns 36* and he suddenly gains the ability to read people’s minds when he touches them)

#*changing it from 30 to make this post canon lol#sangcheng#jiang cheng#nie huaisang#mdzs#the this picture takes place shortly after jc's bday nhs is visiting lotus pier for a cultivation conference or something#and jc reads his mind and realizes nhs likes him!!! bro is having whole ass fantasies about him meanwhile jc is having a sexuality crisis#bc u know hes been justifying this by saying he doesnt have time and he doesn't want to marry some random woman but. hes never really#considered men before.......granted he probably hasnt rlly liked too many ppl before (demi jc rights!!!!)...#(he told himself that teenage crush on lxc was just admiration 😔😔😔)#but he gradually realizes that.....people care he 🥺🥺🥺 his disciples look up to him his nephew loves him his brother misses him (THINK of#the possibilities for a yunmeng bros reconciliation if jc can read wwx's thoughts) ..... and he grows as a person and realizes how valued he#is and how its important to do things at his own pace bc hes only now having the time to live his life without worrying about so much shit#and of course he. eventually loses his virginity and the ability to read thoughts and has to learn how to communicate his feelings w ppl 🥺#anyway. cherry magic owns my soul now and sangcheng is my fave i simply had to make an au......ill never write it tho but if anyone wants to#PLEASE do 👀🥺#also dont @ me about lazy coloring i didnt feel like coloring this lol the lineart was enough work#r yall proud i didnt use mint green ad a background color again??? i was going to lol but then i changed it#this color scheme has more cherry vibes 🍒🌸
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During a global pandemic is literally the perfect time to completely redo your wardrobe and change your style to what you’ve always wanted it to be but haven’t made it because of the perceived loss of autonomy due to trauma 🤪 there’s no one to tell me I can’t and it’s easier to get used to new clothes when you don’t have the fear of being judged & the agoraphobia getting in the way


I know exactly what I want my style to be but I don’t know how to explain it??

Ive got it like perfect in my head but in words all I can say is “it’s like a weird mix of goth/punk/grunge/e-girl/etc. but like SUPER comfy because chronic pain and it absolutely does not adhere to any gender norms at all whatsoever.”

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Does anyone have spn cross stitch ideas? I’ve had a (quick) look online and I’m not really vibing w any of the ones I saw so any and all ideas welcome :)

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Remembering last year when predestination came up in class and a dude was like, that makes no sense, if you have no control about where you are going to end up, why would you lead a good life, because in the end you have no control over it, and I was sitting there like, you’re asking the questions six year old me was already thinking about

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hrrrmm i don’t. like talking abt my personal life on here but I’ve been trying to pick a middle name so I can get started changing my legal name and my dad helped me pick some we liked but my mom is literally being so mean and using the names as an excuse to mock my dad for “being a hillbilly” and now im many thoughts head full 

#jacob on main#like first of all he's not a hillbilly he's an okie get yr poor whites right 💜#second of all shes pissed that i told her to stop being fucking rude but sorry i dont think mocking ppls accents is funny?#yes i know you have no respect for the way my dad's family speaks but also consider this: shut the fuck up#and like. the name she zeroed in on was the name of my dad's uncle. and he shared a nice story abt it?#and she....used it as an opportunity to call us white trash.........?#Local Woman Who Grew Up In The Rural Desert With No Running Water Or Electricity Has No Self Awareness Apparently#now im conflicted bc i know how she is and i REALLY liked the name (Orrin) but now i know if i use it shell accuse me of doing it for spite.#so if i use it ill just be starting shit??? brother....#im just tired of being mocked for existing bro. by my own family too like this isn't an inherited position.#my paternal grandmother was literally dying of cancer n still took the time out of her day to call me white trash each time she saw me#i have heartbreaking news for all of you. if i am an okie it is because you were an okie first <3#i know it's the internalized classism of it all but it's just aggravating to deal w this from my own family#anyway if anyone has name suggestions to go with jacob i would actually love to hear them#i was considering Arlis which i thought my mom would like bc it's her adoptive father's name but apparently he is also too hillbilly.#so my ideas rn are basically aster arlis orrin red or west. idk. its so messy.#'i dont want ppl to know we're hicks!' girl trust me they know#its just weird. i feel like i literally dont do shit and yet i have so many family members accusing me of trying to drag us back down#undoing our progress or w/e the fuck??#i dont have the words or energy to explain what im trying to get at#when i was a kid i asked my dad why we still counted as okies when we're like 3 or so generations away from the dust bowl#and he basically just said 'once an okie always an okie' and i think im finally starting to get what he meant#ill probably delete this later im just complaining abt petty shit#and i still need a fucking name. goddammit.
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