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#cats fanfic
linadoonofficial · 3 days ago
Eh, just a little something I wrote about Alonzo and Spelunki. Maybe I’ll write more one day.
Enjoy i guess :v
Comments would be very appreciated
  Alonzo looked down towards his den, smiling at the memory of Cassandra and Novarak sunbathing together a few hours ago. He had joined the two back then, of course, until the sun started setting and Munkustrap called him to work on the night patrol.
  So now Alonzo surveilled the area from his high position on top of a stack of old boxes and tires. He felt a bit tense, and not just because Macavity happened to have been seen wandering the streets near the junkyard; but also for some other reason that he wasn’t sure what it was, yet.
  The night felt cold, in contrast to the warm day, and from time to time he felt his fur stand up, unsure if it was because of the breeze or because of something else.
  He did his rounds, walking on top of the junkyard’s fence, trying to ignore that weird feeling and trying to focus on being on the lookout for the Mystery Cat or any of his henchcats.
  While jumping from the fence to a stack of garbage, Alonzo almost fell down once the shadows moved beside him. But his startled heart slowly quieted down once two large yellow eyes stared at him from the moving shadow, framed by two white eyebrows.
  “Hey, little Nyx… What are you doing around here?” Alonzo smiled at his nephew, ignoring the slightly uncomfortable feeling he always felt when those deep, vague eyes were focused on him.
  “I saw a black cat wandering outside the junkyard.” Nyxen said simply, turning around and looking over the fence.
  “Did he look dangerous?” Alonzo leaned forward, trying to follow his line of sight. The alleyway on the other side of the fence was mostly empty, with the exception of a few rummaging rats in between the trash cans.
  “Not dangerous. But I can feel he is powerful.” Nyxen explained.
  Alonzo froze.
  “Powerful… You mean magically powerful?” He asked, carefully.
  “Yes.” Was the answer.
  A magical black cat.
  No, it couldn’t be him. Could it? No, it should just be one of Macavity’s henchcats.
  “Ah…” Alonzo felt the weight of Nyxen’s stare before even meeting his eyes once more. “Alright. I’ll keep an eye out for them. Thank you for telling me, Nyx.” He tried smiling at the black kitten, who simply turned away once more. “Now, why don’t you--”
  “He looked like me.”
  “What?” Alonzo blinked once or twice, startled.
  “Black with white eyebrows.” Nyxen explained, before repeating, toneless: “He looked like me.”
  “Are you… Sure of it?” The monochromatic cat asked, uncertain of what he wanted to hear.
  The black kitten simply nodded.
  Alonzo wanted to think Nyxen was just playing around, or just mistaken. But no, that kitten was just too serious and too astute to play pranks like that to his uncle. Nyxen himself knew that that cat wasn’t just any normal and unknown black cat.
  “Well, that is certainly interesting.” Alonzo kept his voice in check, raising a paw and patting his nephew’s head fur. “Listen, Nyx, staying around the edges of the junkyard is dangerous now. Go back to your parents, right now, okay? I’ll try to figure this cat out.”
  Nyxen didn’t seem to react to either the touch or the words, still focused on the empty alleyway; the tip of his tail flicking back and forth. Before he looked up at his uncle, nodding silently, and slipping away without a single word.
  Alonzo watched the little spot of darkness move across the junkyard until he disappeared, hopefully obeying his uncle’s words and going back to Tugger and Mistoffelees’ den.
  The second-in-command protector stood on top of the pile of trash, looking around, trying to see any other black form moving to and from the shadows, before soundlessly jumping from the top of the fence to the concrete floor.
  Alonzo wandered amongst the garbage bins as carefully as he could, trying to make no sound whatsoever. Until he froze.
  Not too far from him, entering the alleyway with a strange slugishness to his step, was a black cat. He looked skinnier, as if he hadn’t eaten in days, but he was still recognizable under the yellowish light of the street lamp.
  It was him, Spelunki. Or Diavolo, the “Great Magical Cat”.
  What a name. He didn’t look that “great” or “magical” now.
  Alonzo wasn’t fully sure how he felt, seeing that cat once more after so many years. Part of him wanted to jump at him and make sure that he knew everything Alonzo thought and felt about him, about the things he did to his family.
  But part of him, probably the young, kitten side of him, wanted to walk over to him, to nuzzle and ask him with sweet, unabashed innocence “where have you been, papa?”.
  Alonzo was frozen in place, watching, studying as the black cat walked past him, not once seeming to notice he wasn’t the only cat in that alleyway.
  Why was he back? And why now out of all times?
  First Macavity, and now Spelunki. That didn’t really feel like a coincidence…
  Alonzo watched as the black cat walked to the fence, stopping and wobbling in place. He looked up, as if wondering if he could jump over it or not, or maybe wondering if he should do such a thing.
  Alonzo couldn’t allow a “strange” cat to enter the junkyard, and being reminded of his role as protector, Alonzo found his voice.
  “You’re bold to appear around here again.”
  The black cat turned around with a quick movement, his body taking a submissive stance. His green and yellow eyes were wide, startled by the cat he had not heard approaching; Alonzo tried to ignore how staring at eyes so similar to his and his brother’s made him feel.
  “I don’t want any problem.” The cat said, voice soft, weak. “I’m just looking for someone...”
  “You won’t find her here.” Alonzo said quickly, not wanting to let his mind linger on how that voice brought back memories.
  The black cat leaned his head to the side, squinting his eyes.
  “Do I know you…?” He said, examining the other tom before he gasped. “Wait…”
  He took a step forward, but Alonzo hissed. Just a warning. The black cat stood still.
  “Armandie…” He said, a small smile growing on his face. “Son…”
  Alonzo’s fur stood on end at those words.
  “My name is Alonzo.” He hissed.
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linadoonofficial · 4 days ago
I Made an AO3 Collection for fics about Tugger, Mistoffelees and their seven kittens!
For all the people who have created and written fanfics for their own Seven Kittens!
(like you @the-rum-tum-hatter​ ;3)
And any fanfic written as gifts for the creators of said kittens as well!
I’m the moderator, so just send your fics to the collection and I’ll accept it. 
(I just ask that you guys tell me exactly the name of all of your kittens, with order of birth, so that I can add them in the description of the Collection!!)
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linadoondraws · 4 days ago
CATS - Feeding time
It’s time to feed the (seven) kittens!
(post) Mpreg
Was inspired by a youtube video. And wrote this.
Please do leave a kudo or a comment! Both are very appreciated! ♥
@madamtrashbat @a-cat-is-not-a-dog @the-rum-tum-hatter @roxycake @chloe-fanart
(if you want to be tagged on CATS fanfic posts and updates, please do tell me! ♥ )
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roselessart · 4 days ago
Restaurant Survey Deuteronomy Bros
You know how there's a receipt that'll say "we want your feedback!" With options to call or visit their websites. Here's their take:
Munkustrap: He will usually be honest about the services and the food. Most of time it's positive and doesn't really say anything negative even if the employee tend to be a little rude to him.
Rum Tum Tugger: He would go to their websites just out of boredom and just choose all the first multiple choices. Once he finish, he gets a coupon for taking the survey.
Macavity: He could care less about it until it gets personal to him: Forgot his order, forgot to give straws, gave him the wrong sauce, rude employees...let just say not only he takes the survey and wrote all negative, he would write a negative review and vent on his social media.
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linadoonofficial · 7 days ago
CATS - Home (CATS 2019)
“Do you miss them, Mistoffelees?” Macavity asked, voice close to Mistoffelees’ black ear, which twitched ever so slightly. “Do you wish you could go back to the Jellicles?” “No.” Mistoffelees answered without skipping a beat. “Never?” “Never.” Mistoffelees repeated, voice soft. - CATS 2019 - Macavity x Mistoffelees - Alternate follow up to Silver Bracelets.
Unhealthy relationship - past mpreg - captivity - stockholm syndrome - mature themes
This is another idea for a follow up to the one-shot Silver Bracelets.
This is not a healthy relationship, at all.
It is clearly an abusive relationship that Mistoffelees "got used to", because of that, Mistoffelees creates little "excuses" for the things that Macavity does and how he acts.
There isn't much to warn beside that, but please proceed with caution! Be mindful of the tags!
Please do leave a kudo or a comment! Both are very appreciated! ♥
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linadoonofficial · 9 days ago
Chapter 5 is here (finally)!
(this one is very long...)
CATS - Kittens in your head
It’s not unusual for the Junkyard to be brimming with new life, with pregnant queens strolling around, to couples with kittens clinging to their legs, to couples making family plans for the future. Kittens… Kittens… Kittens… Mistoffelees can’t stop thinking about kittens, they’re all over the place…! - Tuggoffelees - mpreg
@madamtrashbat @a-cat-is-not-a-dog @roxycake @the-rum-tum-hatter
(if you want to be tagged on next updates, please do tell ♥)
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mistoffeleeskinnie · 11 days ago
so i may or may not have written a thing a very very very 18+ thing with Munkustrap and Mistoffelees and i may or may not be terrified of its existence but alas, i have been encouraged to boost my confidence so i shall post it it is soft but also fjgfkdgjfdlkgjfd 18+, NSFT but heres the link please dont hate me fjdsklgjdf
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linadoonofficial · 23 days ago
Grizabella’s Rejection
Was just inspired by Mistoffelees (here still named Quaxo) and the Rum Tum Tugger’s reaction to Grizabella’s second appearance during the Jellicle Ball.
(this was like, the first thing i ever wrote for this fandom, but never posted)
  Quaxo had his eyes on Deuteronomy, a smile on his face, waiting to hear what the old leader had to share with them. His heart was still beating fast and his body with the energy of the Jellicle Ball; he could still feel it coursing through his body, his mind still a bit hazy thanks to it. He could barely register what was happening around him.
  But he soon noticed that Old Deuteronomy wasn’t looking down at them, his eyes cast somewhere else. Then Rum Tum Tugger moved, following his father’s gaze. Quaxo turned to his mate, watching how his demeanor changed, his body becoming stiff, ears pulled back and hair slightly bristled. Quaxo remembered seeing that reaction before, not too long ago actually.
  Then the scent finally caught up to him as he turned around.
  Grizabella. She had returned.
  The air of rejoice fell as the cats wandered away from the dilapidated Glamour Cat, some hissing at her intrusion, some acting as if she wasn’t there. She didn’t say anything, silently taking slow and shy steps towards the disbanding group.
  Quaxo didn’t know how to feel, but soon settled for annoyance and anger as he quickly got up. He knew the things she had done and having her there was ruining his mate’s night – well, everyone’s night really.
  Tugger walked towards Grizabella and Quaxo followed him with his eyes. Once close enough, the Maine Coon pulled violently on his furry mane, in that way he did as a display of disrespect or distaste, making himself look bigger. The old queen stared at him as he passed by, a strange glint in her drooping eyes.
  Quaxo watched as the young kittens reached for her, being pulled back by the older ones and even he himself took a few steps back when Demeter put herself between him and the dilapidated cat.
  Quaxo followed the other cats, scurrying away from the stage and from Grizabella. He climbed and jumped over the boxes and stacks of junk, circling behind the old car, and going towards the path Tugger had followed, in order to not pass by the banished queen once more.
  “Tugger?” He called, walking amongst the other cats.
  The kittens were huddled together with the older queens, while the young toms were somewhere else, muttering between themselves, glancing over to the open area until Skimbleshanks told them to stop, pulling them back. Quaxo passed by Bombalurina and Demeter; the golden queen was leaning against Munkustrap, who seemed to ignore her presence, his eyes, soft but vague, were turned towards the junkyard’s clearing, despite not having full view of it.
  The tux walked by them, not bothering the group, continuing on his search for the Maine Coon.
  The magical cat soon found his mate, leaning against a box far from the others, his eyes cast away, not focusing on anything in particular.
  “Tugger?” Quaxo called tentatively, despite knowing his mate already knew he was there by the flickering of his long ears.
  “Misto.” Was the answer he got. Tugger didn’t move, stiff as a statue, if it weren’t for his tail, swishing back and forth, tense.
  Quaxo hesitated, wondering what he should say, or if he should even say anything at all.
  For the longest of times, no one had ever mentioned Grizabella, so to have her suddenly appear once more, during the Jellicle Ball no less, was quite a surprise. It was as if she didn’t understand that they didn’t want her there, not anymore.
  As expected, Quaxo and Tugger also didn’t talk about her. It was a sore subject, no matter if Tugger said it didn’t bother him. Of course, it did. After all, how would one feel knowing that the word most commonly used to describe their own mother was “traitor”?
  Quaxo decided there was nothing to say on that matter, not now – maybe never, if Grizabella left them once more.
  He walked over to the Maine Coon, kneeling beside him on the box and tentatively pressing against him. He closed his eyes, rubbing his head against Tugger’s furry mane until he could feel the larger tom move as well, body losing a bit of tension as he let out a sigh.
  Soon Tugger was pressing back against the tuxedo cat, wrapping one arm around his small shoulders and keeping him close. Quaxo looked up, finding Tugger still staring away at nothing in particular, but at least he was purring and that was good enough – even if the purring was there just so he could calm himself.
  They stayed like that for a while. They could hear a voice, singing not too far, but they ignored it, not being able to hear the words. Quaxo only focusing on the soft purring of his mate, nuzzling his mane to show he wasn’t alone, even if the tux didn’t fully understand what he was feeling, or thinking.
  It took a moment, but soon all they could hear was the quiet meowing of the other cats and the sounds of the night around the junkyard.
  “We should go back…” Quaxo muttered almost shyly against Tugger’s neck. “The others must be returning to the stage by now…”
  Tugger nodded, but didn’t make a movement to get up.
  “You can go on ahead…” He said eventually. “I’ll be there in a moment.”
  Quaxo leaned away, looking up at his mate. He studied Tugger’s face, deciding that if he wanted some space, he would give him some. He got up, nuzzling Tugger’s cheek one last time, before walking over to join the others.
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linadoonofficial · 26 days ago
CATS - Stories of the Jellicle Tribe - AO3 series
Basically all my CATS stories are here. With the exception of the 2019 movie fanfics.
I put them in a series because they all exist in the same universe and most of them are connected, with some being direct follow ups to others.
I just thought it would make things easier for anyone reading my stuff.
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linadoonofficial · 28 days ago
Chapter 4 is up!
(it’s a bit small)
CATS - Kittens in your head
It’s not unusual for the Junkyard to be brimming with new life, with pregnant queens strolling around, to couples with kittens clinging to their legs, to couples making family plans for the future. Kittens… Kittens… Kittens… Mistoffelees can’t stop thinking about kittens, they’re all over the place…! - Tuggoffelees - mpreg
@madamtrashbat @the-rum-tum-hatter @a-cat-is-not-a-dog @roxycake
(if you want to be tagged on next updates, please do tell ♥)
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the-rum-tum-hatter · a month ago
I’m starting the Criselody story with a flashback lol very short but I like it
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linadoonofficial · a month ago
CATS - “Name”
CATS fanfic, after All alone with the memory, Kittens in your Head and Seven kittens out of a hat.
Click here for AO3 version.
  Hekate had a very sweet and calm facade, but one should never underestimate her. She was not only an extroverted, she was a showstopper, a spotlight-stealer, just like her dads. One cannot keep Hekate out of the spotlight, and if anyone try, she will do the most elaborated of things to get to her rightful place.
  Maybe that’s why she was the Rum Tum Tugger’s favorite – even if he said he had no favorites when related to all his seven kittens.
  But Hekate was also a very introspective kitten. It wasn’t uncommon that cats found her with her brows furrowed and lost in deep thoughts, playing with her long tail that was growing fluffier and fluffier.
  Both Tugger and Mistoffelees wondered to themselves what went through the little tux’s head, but they didn’t pry anything from her, only asking things gently and being happy when they got an answer.
  It wasn’t until she was a few months old, that the two learned what went through their daughter’s head, the thing that always pulled her into a deep, serious meditation, while her brothers and sisters were playing around.
  “Dad?” She called, entering her parents’ den.
  Tugger raised his head from the blankets that served as his bed; and Mistoffelees, who was cuddling beside him, did the same.
  “Yes?” He smiled at his daughter.
  “I wanted to say something…” Hekate said, voice and expression serious, as if trying to act like an adult.
  “Well, go ahead, dear.” Mistoffelees said, giving her his full attention, like he knew she wanted.
  Hekate hesitated for a bit, whiskers twitching and the tip of her tail moving slightly. Tugger and Mistoffelees waited patiently, and the magician laid a paw on his mate’s chest, feeling how he was growing tense with the silence.
  “I want to change my name.” Hekate finally spoke up.
  Both older cats blinked once or twice.
  “Oh…?” Tugger was the first to speak up, finally sitting up and smiling brightly at his little tuxedo kitten. “That’s great to hear! Have you found your rightful Jellicle name?”
  “Yes.” She said with a smile, visibly relaxed.
  “Please, do tell us, luv’.” Mistoffelees smiled, clearly proud of her.
  “It’s…” The kitten hesitated once more, more for effect than anything else, and then proclaimed with a proud smile: “Grizabella!”
  Tugger’s eyes widened at the word and his body visibly tensed, tail bristling ever so slightly behind him. Mistoffelees’ smile dropped and so did his ears, and he wasn’t sure if it was because of what he had heard or because of his mate’s reaction.
  Grizabella noticed it as well, her own ears dropping and she instinctively started picking on her fur.
  “What’s wrong…?” She asked in a soft, shy voice, almost sounding like a whimper. “Is it bad…?”
  “No, no, of course not, dear!” Mistoffelees quickly said, leaving Tugger’s side and crawling over to his daughter. He pulled himself into his feet and wrapped his arms around her, smiling while patting her head fur. “We were just surprised! It’s a pretty name!”
  “Is it?” Grizabella said, unsure, looking up at her father with those shiny blue eyes.
  “Yeah.” Tugger said, walking over to the two tuxedo cats. He was smiling like he did before, but his tail still swished back and forth slightly. “Did you hear that name before?”
  “No…?” The kitten was surprised with the question. “Other cat already has this name…?”
  “No, He-- Griz. Every cat has their own name.” Tugger quickly said, raising a paw and patting his daughter’s head, in between her ears, making her purr, leaning against his touch. “I’m proud of you for finding your own.”
  Grizabella looked from one parent to the other and then she started beaming, a large smile adorning her face while her blue eyes shined with a lovable glint.
  “So from now on I am Grizabella!” She proclaimed.
  “Yes, our dear, Grizabella.” Mistoffelees chuckled. “Why don’t you go and tell your siblings that then?”
  Grizabella hugged her parents, nuzzling them while practically vibrating with joy. Tugger’s paws lingered around her for a bit more, before she squirmed out of his embrace and ran off to find her six siblings.
  As she left, she took the light heartedness of the atmosphere with her.
  A strange silence fell over the Maine Coon and the tuxedo.
  Mistoffelees turned to Tugger.
  “You knew.” He said simply.
  Tugger sighed, returning to the blankets and dropping himself on them gracelessly.
  “Since she was born…”
  “But you gave her a different name.” Mistoffelees muttered, following his mate.
  Tugger didn’t answer right away, his eyes vague and staring at nothing in particular. The tux waited, patiently, letting out a soft sigh upon seeing the tears slowly forming on his mate’s beautiful amber eyes.
  “I was… Scared…” Tugger’s voice came soft, unsure, almost shy.
  “I understand.” Mistoffelees wrapped his arms around Tugger’s neck, pressing his face against his cheek, pretty much in the same way he had done a while ago, right after Grizabella, the Glamour Cat, had left to the Heaviside Layer. Back then Mistoffelees had been silent, waiting for Tugger to process all that had happened, to finally find the will to speak and to let his feelings out. But this time he wasn’t going to be quiet. “Come here.”
  The Maine Coon obediently got up and followed his mate, holding his paw, until they reached the entrance to their den. They had a good view of the junkyard’s clearing from there, and could see the kittens, as they enjoyed the evening, playing together with their cousins and friends.
  Grizabella was playing tag with Pysia and Calicary, just like they had always played. Nothing had changed. She was still the same lovable, tuxedo show-cat she had ever been.
  Despite looking like Mistoffelees, many cats – Tugger included – agreed that the little tux kitten had Tugger’s smile and some of his mannerisms. And now, as he watched her, he didn’t see just his smile on her face, but his mother’s as well.
  “Look… She has returned, she has come back for you.” Mistoffelees said, softly, running his fingers through Tugger’s mane. The large cat listened, his head pressing against his mate’s, but his eyes never leaving their daughter. “She has come to us as someone you love, to give the two of you a new chance.”
  Almost as if she knew she was being talked about, Grizabella turned to the two, smiling and waving.
  “Aren’t you happy?”
  “Of course I am...” Tugger said automatically, waving back at his kitten, laughing once she was trampled by her much larger and furrier older sister. And after taking a deep breath, he said more decidedly, still smiling. “Of course I am.”
@madamtrashbat @the-rum-tum-hatter @roxycake @a-cat-is-not-a-dog
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linadoonofficial · a month ago
Chapter 3 is up! 👀
CATS - Kittens in your head
It's not unusual for the Junkyard to be brimming with new life, with pregnant queens strolling around, to couples with kittens clinging to their legs, to couples making family plans for the future. Kittens... Kittens... Kittens... Mistoffelees can't stop thinking about kittens, they're all over the place...! - Tuggoffelees - mpreg
@madamtrashbat @the-rum-tum-hatter @a-cat-is-not-a-dog @roxycake
(if you want to be tagged on next updates, please do tell ♥)
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roselessart · a month ago
Rum Tum Tugger would beg Mistoffelees to go with him to the movie, Misto would constantly say no, Tugger gives up but immediately gives him a puppy eyes and say "please" and Misto sigh and say ok. (Victoria would tease him about that😂)
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paullarimone · a month ago
Any suggestions on bottom Tugger fanfictions?
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linadoondraws · a month ago
CATS - All alone with the memory
"Burnt out ends of smoky days
The stale cold smell of morning
A street lamp dies
Another night is over
Another day is dawning"
The Jellicles after the Jellicle Ball
Some angst based on all the cats who had connections to Grizabella, and how they dealt with her passing to the Heaviside Layer.
Please do leave a kudo or a comment! Both are very appreciated! ♥
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linadoondraws · a month ago
CATS - Kittens in your head
It's not unusual for the Junkyard to be brimming with new life, with pregnant queens strolling around, to couples with kittens clinging to their legs, to couples making family plans for the future.
Kittens... Kittens... Kittens...
Mistoffelees can't stop thinking about kittens, they're all over the place...!
Tuggoffelees - Mpreg
Mpreg - Mild Sexual Content - Slow to update
This is just meant to be a bunch of domestic stuff of Misto’s sudden pregnacy, with a bit of drama here and there.
Please do leave a kudo or a comment! Both are very appreciated! ♥
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rice-pudding-slaps · a month ago
Some sweet JennyJelly for the heart.
Nothing more to add. I didn’t sleep last night and I made this. There is not enough old ladies being in love.
Fic below the cut cuz it’s very long
For as long as she could remember, they had been together. Not always in the same way, but always somehow together. The soft hand that rested on her waist felt like it belonged there. Like it never left. Just as the faint sweet smell of freshly baked cookies always lingered on the air when Jenny was nearby.
A soft smile peeked in the corner on her lips, as she rested her weight on her shoulder, gaining a soft nuzzle on her cheek and a faint giggle. That was the recomforting presence that was always by her side.
Jellylorum laughed softly. She could feel the smile growing on her sweet mate. Just as it always did.
“Busy tonight, dear?”
“Just as any night with the boys coming over”.
“You love the boys”.
“I do. But they could learn to leave less crumbs on the couch and more clean dishes on the counter” Now she felt her sweet laugh. “What’s so funny?”
“You were the same. Always a mess” She stifled a smile, trying hard to sound hurts by the accusation.
“Excuse you! I was not! I’ve always been a proper queen”.
“You were an adorable and pretty mess”. Jenny ended with a kiss on the cheek before going back to her doing. Leaving her with a laugh on the tip of the tongue that she let out as soon as the hand was taken of her waist.
She looked at her with the same soft smile. Jelly shot back with a quiet snicker. She could still see the sweet, caring, and lively young queen that she grew up with. Even if her fur had slightly lost her colour and her eyes were a little more tired. She could feel the same warm coming from that smile. The same that she once saw under the Jellicle Moon.
At that time, the junkyard was less filled with trash. Slightly less illuminated, but the stage never changed. It has always been the same, she could bet on that. The wood crept on the same tables and it was just a bit unbalanced. A little to the left.
And in the centre of it, there was Jenny. Dancing like the night was going to end soon. Her orange fur beaming under the moonlight and making her seem like the glowed with joy. Ever single step carefully studied and in perfect synchrony. The brilliant smile adorning her face while she closed her eyes. The best part of her dance if someone ever asked her. She could care less about the rhythm or the sound of the taps. To hell with all of that. If she could see her smile like that, then everything was perfect.
She approached the stage. And sat there, where the audience always was. Watching her while she turned in perfect time. One, two, three times. Before a jump that ended in the perfect pose. She stood up to clap and laugh slightly when her applause received a reverence in response.
“Enjoying the show, darling?” She rolled her eyes, taking the hand that was extended to her to climb up the stage with a soft giggle. “Made it extra special for you”.
“You cannot trick me.” she warned, once on the stage and taking a second to intertwine their fingers and softly nuzzle her nose. Enjoying how her smile grew bigger and brighter. “You’re just excited because is your first Jellicle Ball with your own song”.
“That might have something to do with it. But it is dedicated to you!”
“Is that so?”
“I swear by the Beetles Tattoo”.
She snorted at that. Giving her another sweet nuzzle and pulling her bodies together. Feeling a familiar hand trying to fix her head and ears fur. She purred softly at the contact, letting Jenny try to comb her untameable mess of hair. Not with much result.
“Do you even look at yourself before going out?”
“I’ll have time to do that when I’m old. I’ve got better things to do now”.
“You look like you climbed out of a trashcan!” She let another laugh escape. And gave her a knowing smile.
“And yet you are head over heels for me.” She nuzzled her cheek. Purposely messing her fur again. Jenny couldn’t contain the growing smile. “Look at you, all smiley for a trashcan kitten”.
A bunch of laughs filled the stage while Jenny took both of her hands and lead her to centre stage, without ever letting that everlasting smile leave her face. So contagious, so warm. So full of love. The touch of her hand of her waist made her slightly jump and her laughter was replaced by a nervous smile.
“Ready for practice?” She moved her head slightly side to side, still smiling widely in both adoration and nerves. None of them tipping the scale. “Oh, dear… We’ve been going at this for weeks. It’s going to be great” Her hand reached up to her cheek for a quick stroke that made Jelly slightly shrink with a giggle.
“I know! It’s just… I’m kinda worried”.
“Worried about what?”
“It’s just…” Jenny softly squeezed her hand while the other one came back to her waist.
“Talk to me”. She said, taking one step ahead while Jelly took one back.
“You’re the best dancer of the tribe”.
“I am, thank you very much”. Jelly rolled her eyes, which prompted Jenny to give her a soft kiss on the cheek. “Please do continue”.
“And I am not that good of a dancer.” She said, while following Jenny’s decisive lead. “I’ll made a mistake”:
“So?” She took her hand and softly turned her body, dipping her with easy and letting her hand travel through her body. Like it knew it from memory.
“I… don’t want to ruin your mating dance.” Jenny opened her eyes wide as she gently helped to her feet.
“You will not ruin anything” Again she took her hands, stopping in the middle of the choreography that so delicately she had prepared for this moment.
“No- No, Jenny I will. If maybe I could sing- “.
“Let me finish” She placed again one hand on her waist. Making her slightly jump again. But she kept her gaze, softly caressing the back of her hand with her free one. “You will not ruin the mating dance. As long as you dance with me…” She continued, nuzzling her cheek, and whispering the rest next to her. She could feel her smile growing again. Her whisker tickling a little her nose “As long as we dance together. Is perfect. No matter what I just… I am happy feeling you dance with me.”
Jelly smiled widely with that. Kissing her in an instant. Squeezing her paw in her own. Sloppy, giggly kiss that lasted an eternity. And slowly their sweet laughs filled again the stage. Beginning to move to imaginary music. One step at a time in between short and sweet kisses. Jenny’s hands roaming through her stripes while they danced. Knowing just where to touch to make her sight or giggle. And Jelly responding with more kissing and laughter and banter. Even in the most precise and difficult parts, they couldn’t stop voicing their happiness. The joy of becoming official mates. And showing the tribe just how in love they were.
“You need to watch your feet” Jelly giggled as she was turned again, keeping her tail close to Jenny’s body, always close to tripping.
“You need to watch your mouth” She shot back, positioning herself before lifting Jelly with a warm smile.
They danced. And they danced. Until their feet couldn’t continue. And they stayed in the stage, looking at the stars with intertwined hands and tails. Giggling and kissing until they fell asleep.
Truly nothing had changed in her. Still giddy as a kid and still caring and loving.
“Do I have something on my face?” Jenny asked when she caught her staring while she tidied up the room for guests. She just let out a small sigh as she closed her distance to give her a tiny kiss.
“Just the prettiest smile I have ever seen”.
She laughed. “What’s gotten into you?” Jelly just shrugged as she took her hand. The touch on her waist that followed made her jump a little. Not from nervousness, but familiarity and pure joy.
“Can’t I be happy to have you as my mate, sweetie?”
“I suppose you can, darling” She smiled, leading one step ahead. Just as that first time. And maybe the turns are not as clean, And maybe she cannot lift or drip Jelly like she did that first time. Is a little slower, a little more patient. But not less joyous. Not less loving. 
Nothing has changed.
Is still the perfect dance.
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Chapter 14:
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Chapter 17 Summary:
Something unexpected happens to the last person anyone thought would be hit. Now, they feel unsure and unsafe. Not only that, but dark secrets are revealed much sooner than some would have probably hoped. What will happen now?
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