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#have a great day or night!

Good Morning my lovelies! How are you guys doing today? I hope you guys are taking care of yourself. Please remember to. Anyway, I just wanted to say that Im going to try to post after Christmas.

I know I haven’t been interacting with you guys and posting and Im truly sorry for that. I think about you guys a lot. And I haven’t been myself. Ive been very down lately, so yeah.

Well, today’s my birthday so I was planning to spend the day relaxing and hanging out with family and getting my hair done! If anyone wants to interact with me, just send me an ask. I will be here! Love you all! <3

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♡Oh alright, I hope things go well for you soon! <3 I can’t believe you have three cats, they are so cute. :3

♥Mod Ellie♥

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My first aesthetic for a character from fandom other than Sanders sides! For those who don’t know~ This is Arthur Kirkland (England/UK) from Hetalia!

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*hugs you back* thank you for sending me this! I hope you too take care and stay safe!

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Do they follow me: Yes | No

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: I appreciate an individual who puts thought into their blog theme and their posts; I love their OPP side icon and their blog music all of which really sets the mood for their blog.

Thanks for the ask!

Send me a URL anonymously and I’ll tell you

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Alright, I’ve finally worked out a lot of things that I wanted to change to my blog. This list includes:

- Theme change. I’d appreciate if any followers of mine could take a look and let me know if anything should be changed. I feel as if it might (and probably is) a bit hard to read certain things.

- The URL change from Echocronia to Ametrine-Dreams.

That’s about it for now! Have a great day!

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Hey there, how are you? I saw you're post about ISAC, and saw you tagged Xiumin. Is he okay? I haven't heard anything was wondering if something happened to him.

hello there! I’m great and how are you??~ you’ve probably already heard but yes xiumin was injured at ISAC 2016 while he was playing soccer. It’s been said that a PROFESSIONAL player tackled him and he hurt his knee.

BUT the most shocking and important part is that none of the staff really cared for him and that pisses me off. They failed to provide the medical care that they’re suppose to. And if they’re care is placing a wet cloth on his knee and going back to monitoring the game then FCK it I’m out.

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thank you soo much for the warm welcome bbs 🥺 istg yall are heaven sent. i’ll be responding to all the messages tomorrow after class since it’s already 1 am here but i want you all to know that i LOVE YOU ALL!! and you are all like a biiig reason why i’m standing on my feet again right now 🥺😭

ALSO I WANT YOU ALL TO MEET MY FRIEND!!! @ichigomikan hihihi she loves brightwin as well and she’s super super nice!!! 💙💙💙

i love you all!!! heart heart heart!!!

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ty for the ask u always come thru i lov you🥺

🐉Zodiac Sign? im a leo 😈 when i was a kid i liked it bc i rlly liked lions but then i got rlly insecure abt it bc i thought people would think im self centered bc of it

🎃Favourite holiday? i actually ! dont rlly like holidays in general. they kinda bum me out but ive been trying to be happier abt them but as a kid my favourite was easter since i rlly loved all the fancy eggs n decorating. now its mby halloween bc i get to dress up lol

🎁Birthday? ok so since i already answered ill say that i was born on a saturday and not friday the 13th😞 ive always found it a cool number tho

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thank u so much!!!! 💖💖💖💖 wishing u an amazing year as well angel ily <33

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GREGARIOUS AQUARIUS I LOVE IT! Thank you so much, I will do as much as I can within the parameters of the assvid vir*s 💕❤️

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been in a mood for some haikyuu lately thankfully i found that prompt generator cause my brain wasn’t giving me ideas. i will say that i have a couple things in drafts for me to write for you haikyuu fans~

if you guys want to request anything then feel free to! also here’s the link to that prompt generator in case you guys want to request a prompt from that or if you want to use it for your own writing <3

Prompt Generator

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problem with this household is the moment I even try to stock up on food I can make for me and me alone easily is immediately there are several nights in a row where I have to do exactly that and get in trouble for doing exactly that (don’t read the tags lmao it turned into a vent)

#once again there is basically no food in this house I can actually eat lol#note the pasta I made with three out-of-date-or-even-mouldy ingredients lol#that was lol twice in a row I hate that but fuck it not retyping that tag#I was good! I tried not to resort to doing that the second it even appeared like it'd be fend for yourself night!#but I still had to#it's like. over the end of the year period there were a LOT of those types of nights and I got in trouble because I was not eating well#and it made me feel really ick too but it's not like I had too much choice. and I was eating ok otherwise#I think if I were allowed to cook for myself those types of nights and when I say cook I mean more than eggs#that is literally all I'm allowed to cook on those types of nights it's eggs or a sandwich and that's ok for#an old lady who eats cooked lunches a LOT which is actually why we end up having those sorts of nights#the disparity between what we eat during the day#but she goes 'you can't cook for one person that's wasteful' despite often making THE most disgusting food that wastes good ingredients#that we had plans to make and therefore we waste MORE#because she has this complex about needing to use things up when that's not what needs to happen#man why am I even typing this out. it's not like anyone cares.#maybe I just shouldn't eat! I should actually fall down the rabbit-hole I have been trying not to for four years!#lol that was great. when I actually tried it my therapist and my m*ther dragged me kicking and screaming away#and then my m*ther got upset with me for overeating when I was doing exactly what I was instructed to#she's been going to her own therapist lately which is like. good and bad#she's too similar to my grandmother in a lot of ways but has the added victim complex#unfortunately her eating less (which is good don't get me wrong) destabilised the household routine#it's very complex there's a lot of different things going on in this shitshow.#but like. I haven't been able to eat well. my diet for a while was mainly snacks I could hide in my room so I knew what I could actually eat#and my m*ther is on a bit of an ego trip and going 'you should eat less' what the fuck do you think I'm trying to do half the time#this is exactly the amount I should be eating but no! it's too much for one person apparently!#so like because of that I'm holding onto the edge by one fucking fingertip#it's like#'you need to drink more'#'stop drinking so much juice' (reason I was drinking more than I probably should've? needed to drink more)#'stop drinking energy drinks why can't you go back to the juice'
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