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#heroes of the olympus

the kidsss ✨✨
i posted this on instagram and twitter a long time ago but i love it so much so here it is
(the order, from left to right, in case they look different in your mind: frank, jason, hazel, percy, annabeth, piper, leo)

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i love riordanverse, but i have to admid, the percy jacsons haven’t ever clicked to me. like yeah i love HoO & the kane cronicles & magnus chases and stuff, but percy jacsons? nah not so much

and i really can’t be the only one, can i?

(also can i say that i’m in the riordanverse fandom even tho i’m not in the percy jacson fandom that much? cos i love the other books very much and like they’re pretty linked to eachother so-)

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Remember weeks ago when JK Rowling got cancelled for the 4th time (which she deserved) and everyone was like “anyways, stan Rick Riordan” and now I just saw he’s trending and apparently also got cancelled hfjdjs. Anyways I’m glad I’m not famous Bc nobody is surviving 2020.

I don’t really know much about the Rick Riordan issue so I have no opinion to give (also I’m white so my opinion doesn’t really matter) but dude seemed like a nice guy hope he can grow from whatever he’s done.

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Nico: Honestly i’m just so badass. So full of darkness. I fred off of the souls of the living i strike fear into-

Percy: You sleep with a stuffed panda.


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Burning maze spoiler

Imagine Jason Grace going to Valhalla

Imagine a Valkyrie who watched Jason fight with shit face caligula (who doesn’t even deserve a capital C in his name), watching him fight bravely but dying. Her taking him to Valhalla where he becomes an Einherigi and living on floor nineteen. Him making friends with Magnus not knowing that his cousin is Annabeth.

Just imagine

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