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#hot takes
karlnapity · 2 days ago
Are we genuinely having discourse over Phil getting his wings back. Are we doing that
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me: everyone is entitled to their own opinions. People can like and dislike whatever books they want.
idiot: I don't like The Secret History, it's very pretentious.
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great-and-small · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Don’t hate me but I really believe the world would be a better place if pigeons were the ubiquitous avian pet instead of parrots 👀
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comradekatara · a year ago
imagine having to travel the world with your little sister and two twelve year olds who are all extremely powerful, traumatized, and stubborn, and you have very tangible goals with real stakes but to get them to do anything you have to know how to apply a very delicate touch. and you have to do that for months with absolutely no one to vent to. the fact that sokka didn’t lose every single shred of sanity he had is a testament to his fortitude and strength of character. im just saying.
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casmick-consequences · 2 months ago
They didn't wanna make Dean openly bi because they know he would've made nonstop jokes and puns about bisexuality and the CW is allergic to good humor.
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lilastromama · 3 months ago
Astrology Hottakes 📌
Water moons are extremely emotionally intelligent
Gemini/Virgo mercuries can talk u in and out of anything, believe me
Pisces men tend to have unstable relationships with their mother, while pisces women tend to have unstable relationships with their father
U will notice a sagittarius moon walking into a room. Their energy is different.
Leo men want to be adored, honored, feared and loved all at once.
Gemini risings looks more like geminis than gemini suns
Libra rising women most often look like forest fairies.
Cancer mars is the scariest Mars placement u can possibly have, together with scorpio. U dont know manipulation until u know one of these fucks
Pisces women tend to lie most often in arguments to back up their statements. They cant stand being proved wrong
aquarius venus is most compatible with either gemini or capricorn venus
taurus placements are the most forgotten in astrology. It seems like people cant read through them
sagittarius suns often play confident, even tho deep down they are not and need people to show them how loveable they truly are
gemini and pisces have a love or hate relationship, nothing in between. Hit or Miss.
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bumblin-bees · 5 months ago
hot take: osono (the lady baker) from kiki’s delivery service is living her BEST life. she runs a bakery with her husband in a quaint coastal town, in her spare time she knits, and she casually just?? let a lil witch live in her attic and work at the bakery?? also just exudes warm and loving energy in general
Tumblr media
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sapphicgoo · 6 months ago
It is not the responsibility of queer creators to tailor their queer content to any individual's specific taste and needs. It's their work and they have the creative freedom to make imperfect queer characters who get things wrong, say things that are wrong, gets hurt, etc.
There's no way a piece of media can please every single member of the audience and that's okay, audience members have the freedom go and find something else that suits them better.
Creating an arbitrary standard of "good representation" and placing that burden onto queer creators isn't very productive in making society a more accepting place for queer people, or for inspiring queer creators to make better and more interesting stories. Rather, it places enormous pressure onto queer creators to perform perfectly all the time which can actually discourage creators from making queer content in fear of falling short of their audience's ridiculously high standards.
By allowing queer creators to make the content they want is to make room for a more diverse array of queer experiences to be represented in media which ultimately is better and more truthful representation!!
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lnniter · 5 months ago
this may or may not be a hot take but i think the main reason a lot of people get kinda nervous about content creators potentially interacting on here isn’t because they’re breaking boundaries or being fucking weird but because here is where a lot of people allow themselves to unmask and be overly expressive about their interests and thoughts in ways that other people not on this website may consider “cringey” and the idea of people we look up to/content creators seeing that side of ourselves is scary because if i were to actually interact with them irl i would attempt to be much more composed and not as rabid as i allow myself to be on here. send post.
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imnotcameraready · 2 months ago
gotta say, the most relatable moment of that episode was logan dumping his coffee, popping the cork of a wine bottle with his teeth, and refilling his cup with that.
like, for the cork to come out like that implies the bottle had already been open. which means logan just has red wine on standby always.
i love this. i love him.
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karlnapity · a month ago
oh please elaborate on your last post lmao
Alright so I've been here since September/October last year and yeah I know I've always talked about how DSMPblr is obsessed with nostalgia, with things staying the same, and I think this is just a huge example of that.
DSMPblr is essentially quarantine content. It started then and that's a MAJOR factor to its original pace. Because what could they do for months other than make lore? But now CCs can do meetups, bigger projects, have school, have other obligations, etc. There's other stuff- including other content- they're doing.
And there's, like... gonna be scheduling conflicts coming along with this. We have, like, 30 streamers who each have their own storyline and their own life to contend with, and there's quite obviously going to be complications coming from this
Many CCs have also discussed the way the general attitude towards lore now (i.e. the fandom wanting it to have more serious cinematography, be more scripted etc.) has put pressure on them... begging for MORE lore constantly isn't really the vibe right now.
There have also been genuine times where people thought the SMP might end/that the story was slowing down- I joke a lot about the drought of March after Tommy's death where we genuinely weren't sure if the lore would stop. Now is not one of those times; we have like 10 CCs talking about upcoming lore.... calm down lol
And lore isn't easy, either. Take the pressure and the care the CCs have for their character, the complications of planning, the complications of the story, and the tension of the story (acting is hard and tiring). It takes a lot.
Frankly- I think the CCs have discovered how to pace themselves better. As fun as daily streams are, they're deciding to put quality over quantity and putting more thought into the storylines, as well as taking care of themselves and the other things they need to do. And I'm super glad they're not forcing themselves/burning themselves out. I hope we can all just chill and take lore as it comes. We have plenty of fan content in the meantime
TLDR: "I know CCs have issues in their own life to deal with, as well as other career opportunities and obligations they need to attend to, and the higher expectations I've imposed on them coupled with a very emotional and tense storyline mean that it's tiring and takes emotional energy to both plan and execute lore, which changes the frequency in which it's able to be done, and of course it makes sense that inspiration waxes and wanes for the creators themselves, but I don't care because I haven't moved on from the fact that we're not in lockdown anymore and I'm sad that the CCs are actually putting themselves before content" <- that's what some of y'all sound like
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gossip-eye · 3 months ago
mike crew is not a twink he's in his forties
Spotted: someone who's finally crunched the numbers and realized our beloved vast avatar isn't 22.
What's next? Accusing him of murder? Oh wait-
gossip eye 👀
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comradekatara · 2 months ago
i know i’ve previously stated that zuko is not a chad, and while i in no way retract this statement, i do think it important, upon further consideration, to amend it. because while zuko has absolutely no success when it comes to women, this is 100% due to the fact that he, personally, refuses to. the truth of the matter is, zuko is deemed attractive by many teenage girls over the course of the show: almost immediately upon letting himself have a remotely attractive haircut (as opposed to his s1 abomination), song shows interest in him, which he returns by stealing her ostrich horse; then, we see jin, who asks him out only to have a coupon shoved in her face when she tries to kiss him; even katara assumes they are having a moment in the crystal catacombs, tenderly touching his face and everything, but hes all “oh whoops was that supposed to mean smth. lmfao oops.” and then there’s that scene in “the beach” wherein he dramatically casts off his robe to the approval of a gaggle of tittering girls—a moment to which he is completely oblivious, too busy cursing the sand or whatever. no, the show makes it quite obvious that zuko is, well, a hot teen boy. as much as viewers thirsted over him, characters within the show did too. but while zuko is evidently chad-passing, there are two crucial factors that bar him from any actual success scoring pussy, and that is the fact that a) he is deeply awkward and b) he is deeply gay.
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petre-talks-minecraft · 4 months ago
Dream & Technoblade dynamic is actually called "roommates duo" and "rivals duo" is meant for Technoblade & Squid kid. Stop misusing it.
Source: cmon, you know I'm right.
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lilastromama · 2 months ago
The Signs and their toxic trait(s)
gemini: Using people. This doesnt mean they dont love/like u, they just see what u can offer to them as an "extra jackpot"
pisces: the stereotypes say it and im usually not a fan of those, but its just quite true: playing the victim/double standards. "I can do X but u cant do the same because i would be mad about that"
Capricorn: judging people and still being good with them. They could rant about you day and night and would still chill with you the next morning
Aquarius: Not setting boundaries/not communicating their feelings and needs, and THEN getting mad about it because they feel "misunderstood" - They say "X" but really mean "Y" - but u have to find that out for yourself
Virgo: always wanting to be the best at everything/their individuality complex. If they buy a shirt and u ask them where they got it from. best believe they will lie to you about it
Libra: This one might not be toxic towards other people, but toxic to themselves. Libras tend to always put others needs over their own and feel lost and drained after - but somehow "dont know" why
Taurus: needing reassurance and asking for others opinions in an unhealthy way, to the point they would choose someone elses opinion over their own. "Do u think x looks good" / "do u think i should do "x" / "do you think.." - Dear taurus, UR opinion matters. if YOU want to do something, do it without asking others
aries: being confident, but their confidence is really not real. Theyre insecure deep down but wont ever show you. Instead, they put up a fake face and overplay it real good - sadly to the point theyre slowly losing themselves in the act. Also theyre love-language is often just being mean
scorpio: wanting to radiate dominance to the point they go out of their way to make u feel as if u were below them. They maybe make it seen like a joke - even if they really mean that.
Leo: crossing boundaries and going a long way for some validation. If ure in a group of friends and one of them is a leo - or you even are one yourself: u might notice how they make "jokes" and say things to intentionally hurt you, just to have those 5 minutes of fame where everybody laughs in the group
Cancer: The same as with aquas, they dont talk about their feelings. Also when theyre mad, theyre going to say things that hurt u like a bitch, and they mean every single thing they said
sagittarius: attention-seeking. Sagittarius is one of the kinds to intentionally bring up things that will make u be worried about them, also for the fame of it.
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clare-with-no-i · 7 months ago
this is a very weird and niche take but I have to say that I believe that we, HP readers, never got to see the full capabilities of the Marauders Map.  
like, it’s introduced to us by Fred and George, who have inexplicably figured out how to open it, and we briefly see Remus (who is endlessly pained by reminders of his fallen friends and the tragedy of the Marauders, imo) interact with it at the end of the 3rd book - but I just feel like the map had way more to show than just what the twins figured out.
I mean. you’re going to tell me that a group of students who became animagi by their fifth year and essentially wizard-coded an interactive map that had personalized responses for various people it didn’t like wouldn’t customize it?
you’re going to tell me that James Potter didn’t have a special Map Password that would weed out the extraneous people and only show him his loved ones, just to check in that they were safe every now and again? you’re going to tell me that Sirius Black wouldn’t have enchanted the map to fly open and go nuts every time Death Eaters approached his brother in a classroom? you really mean to tell me that the Marauders didn’t have some special alternative incantation than ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’ that would have shown them which secret passageways were the safest to take any particular evening should they need to get to the Shack or, alternately, just take a trip to Honeydukes?? you really want to tell me that???
to me that’s just another tragedy of James Potter’s death; if he had been able to hand down the map to his son, or even live long enough to see it lying on his kitchen table one day after Harry gets it from Fred and George, he would have shown us a whole new world of the Map.  but that’s just my headcanon.
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bnhastanning · 3 months ago
So I’ve been thinking; I’ve mostly read fics where Yamada is the one that’s reassuring to victims and is a very comforting person while Aizawa is the one that speaks with his fist. HOWEVER, I think it is reversed.
When it comes to the emotional needs of his students, Aizawa always steps, especially when it comes to trauma related to herowork. Whereas Yamada found out about Shirakumo and decided the only way he was going to feel better is by DJ punching the doctor responsible for it while Aizawa supported him from the sidelines. 
Conclusion: In terms of victims and herowork, Aizawa is actually the comforting presence while Yamada is more likely to end a man.
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his-craft · 3 months ago
ugh witchtok is the worst. the idea that all thoughts manifest has a very...christian vibe to it tbh. its similar to the idea that 'bad thoughts make you a bad person'... not every thought means something 🙄
It's such a Christian thought but it's so common in what I call the "new age nonsense" community or often the spiritual community as it's seen on tiktok. They're not all full of shit but the concept is very widespread there as are many other concepts that are harmful to people's health. Not only does every thought not have meaning, but some of us are mentally ill and already feel bad for intrusive thoughts. Implying they have consequence, real consequence is one of the worst things you could do. I hate misinformation but I really fucking despise misinformation that is harmful to people's health, happiness and wellbeing.
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sylwritesstuff · a year ago
Newton Pulsifer is the smartest character in Good Omens. Change my mind.
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