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Day 5: Beloved

This day is just going to be some pure, wholesome fluff. No icky flesh slugs here.

The list of prompts I’m using comes from @oc-growth-and-development


There were a lot of things that held a close place in Zarifa’s heart. Like the little gold butterfly necklace inherited from her mother that she wore almost every day, or her soft black curls, which though a nightmare to tend, she treasured very much.

But the thing that Zarifa adored more than anything, had just stepped through the door.

Physically, Lottie looked the opposite of Zarifa. Her small body, ivory skin, and feminine clothes stood in stark contrast to Zarifa, who was tall and elegant with dark skin and rather tomboyish clothes.

“You have chocolate around your mouth, sweetheart,” was the first thing Zarifa pointed out, before licking her thumb, gently wiping the dark mess away, and tasting the chocolate.

“Frostings lovely, isn’t it, butterfly?” Lottie said with a smile, before holding up a see through bag, “I managed to steal some for us to share together.”

“You and your massive sweet tooth,” Zarifa sighed fondly, “the cake is good though, I’ll give you that, but couldn’t you just have asked to take some home?”

“I could have, but that would take all the fun out of it.” She threw a little wink in there, before striding off, undoubtedly to throw herself on Zarifa’s sofa.

Her relationship with Lottie was… complicated. There was no doubt they both loved each other, but they didn’t quite know how to define whatever this was.

For one thing, Zarifa was her boss. Granted, the Grimswell Antique branch in Lunewell was so small that normal work hierarchy had to be completely thrown out, but the title and power difference was still there.

Or maybe it was simply the fact that they had done this for so long. They had known each other since the age of 14, and been sneaking out to see each other since 16. At that point, it seemed too late to put a name to it, to dare change what has been the same for over a decade.

They had slept together, of course they had. You don’t love someone for 11 years without it. But, it had always been while drunk, or under pressure, and the days after had always been tense and awkward.

Lottie, just as Zarifa had predicted, had thrown herself comfortably over the couch in front of the TV . She was curled up in a ball, a light grey pillow covering her face in a way that made Zarifa want to hold her, kiss her and stare into those gorgeous emerald eyes forever.

Instead, she simply slid next to her, putting the cake on the coffee table in front of them, and gently laid a hand on her bare thighs. It was a subtle thing, a small action, though it still felt intimate in that way she rarely felt with anyone else.

“Grant told me that you’ve never seen The Lion King,” Lottie began, leaning slightly into her touch, “and if that isn’t the biggest tragedy I’ve ever heard, butterfly, I don’t know what is.”

“This isn’t going to be another Disney movie that makes me cry, is it?”

Lottie giggled, making Zarifa’s heart shoot off like a rocket, “can’t make any promises, you big softie.”

As they sat there, the beautiful sunset and instrumentals begging over the first scene of the movie, Zarifa looked down at an excited Lottie, and gently stroked her hair. Maybe they didn’t have to label it, just yet at least, because Zarifa didn’t even think words could describe how much she loved Lottie.

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I love Julian Bashir with my whole heart and think about him whenever I feel sad cause he makes me happy.

Which is why I’m so fucking pissed that is website has made me aware of his goddamn foot fetish and I gotta think of that when I think of him.

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