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I used to think that We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together was about Selena and Justin. Because they broke up and got back together a million times.

Taylor sings

“… and I used to say

Never say never”

And I thought it was a dig at Justin, he had that super annoying “never say never” song in 2011. I forgot but he also had a film 2011 with the same name. Jesus I wish I never googled it.

At the time I didn’t know anyone Taylor had broke up with and gotten together with over and over.

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I’m beyond proud of @taylorswift for speaking up against the atrocities that are happening right now in America. I’m shell shocked at what’s happening and can’t put it into words. I hope that there’s a way to find a solution to this problem without the use of violence.

However saying that, I’m kind of proud that Taylor’s post has filtered out the republicans that were “fans” of hers. 🤣🤣 Nice to see that politicians in America have no grace or decorum to how they attacked her on social media


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I lived in Minneapolis for 5 years and did my undergraduate degree there. That city and its people own my heart.

The murder that happened in Minneapolis just blocks from where I lived is horrifyingly unjust. White supremacy and racism are still thriving in the US and we (including myself as a white, cis female) cannot be silent and ignore these issues any longer. Human lives are being taken. Please take action in whatever way you can, through education, donation, listening, solidarity, and checking your own biases and thought processes.

Thank you @taylorswift for posting this and boldly speaking out, being fully aware of the opposition you might receive from Tr*mp and his supporters.

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Every time I watch Miss Americana I get sad because of that scene where she finds out rep didn’t get any Grammy nominations and she’s just like “I’ll do better I’ll make a better album” and it’s just like… I don’t know if it’s physically possible to make a better album than reputation

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Uhm this looks waaay more dramatic than it actually is lol but the crying is real, i did get emotional watching some parts of the Miss Americana documentary and also the City of Lover Concert. I guess I’m an emotional person or…i have serious issues lmao ANYWAYS. I’ve always been a very casual Taylor Swift fan but after watching these productions I have a whole new found respect for her. I don’t want to be one of those “watch here” people but you can watch me go through emotions here :D

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