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[Tobey spider-man making an appearance in the mcu]
Does this mean my Tobey!Peter Parker and Tony Stark ship from back in the day isn't as outlandish now? Because let me tell you, I have a hilarious image of Tom!Peter being absolutely mortified at seeing Tobey!Peter and Tony making kissy faces at each other and Andrew!Peter isn't helping as he's throwing flower petals at them.
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thefanficfaerie · a year ago
OTP Challenge is here
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The OTP Challenge is here! I had a lull at work so I thought I would get this out. 
There are only a few rules. 
1. You do not have to be following to participate. 
2. The challenge starts in October. 
3. Try to stick to one couple. You can do a different couple for each set but one set should be one couple. So its like a journey for them through out the month. 
4. You may create anything that you wish. Mood boards, drabbles, full one shot, social media edits.
5. You do not have to complete them all. You can do as many or as few as wish. 
6. No you can’t combine prompts. Its a daily challenge so a new challenge for each day. You can skip days if you wish. However you choose to take part means you can still only post that prompt that day.
7. You can use existing couples. Have a couple you already created, you are welcome to use it.
8. You can use any fandom you want not just ones I follow.
tags: @tilltheendwilliwrite @captain-rogers-beard @bohemian-barbie @mrsrafaelbarba @beccaanne814 @brooklyns-boys @shreddedparchment @all1e23 @after-avenging-hours @angryschnauzer @annathewitch @avengersandco @aurumacadicus @auduna-druitt @bucky-the-thigh-slayer @dwaynepride @red-shirts-always-die4444 @outside-the-government @evs14u @floatingpetals @heli0s-writes @girl-next-door-writes @steves-on-a-plane @allaboardthereadingrailroad @avintagekiss24 @whiskey-cokenfanfic @sapphirescrolls @mrsrafaelbarba @mrsgoodnight @thatesqcrush @madpanda75 @meganlpie @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan @thranduilsperkybutt @hlkwrites @the-stories-in-my-head-95 @theycallmebecca @k-evans-writes @shellbilee @naferty @themusicplayedherlife @pinkamour1588 @sabrecmc @captainsbabysitter-blog @buckysforeverprincess @buckysknifecollection​
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iam93percentstardust · a year ago
hi! i really like your writing and was wondering if you’d recommend other authors that you enjoy or even specific fanfics you like? i’ve only just started getting into the steve/tony fandom and want to follow more people! thank you!
Hi there and welcome! We’re glad to have you here!! 💙
I’m more of an MCU kind of gal myself but if you’re interested in the comics, I highly recommend checking out the below authors and fics:
Living in the Future by Closer: Eighteen-year-old Tony Stark is the boy genius who woke Captain America, and now he's stuck with him. That's not a bad thing, but between Steve's wide-eyed wonder at the new world and Tony's little fanboy crush, the awkwardness just keeps happening.
@blossomsinthemist: seriously one of the best smut authors I’ve ever read with lots of feelings, trust me, you won’t regret getting into their works
@sineala: been writing Marvel since approximately 2014 (though if you like their works, it’s worth reading their other stuff as well even if you’re not familiar with the fandom, it’s all that good) and has written a lot of the classics including Like a Comet Streaming On and Slipping off the Page into Your Hands
Stars Fading, but I Linger On, Dear by Chibisquirt: A Soulmate AU where people meet their soulmate in their dreams. Of course, not even that solves all the world's problems, especially if one or more of the soulmates has a secret identity...
MCU and Ambiguous Fandom:
@festiveferret: has written so much and I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve stumbled across something that they’ve written at least once, writes both on tumblr and on ao3 but everything they post on tumblr is also cross-posted to ao3 so you don’t have to go digging through their blog to find ficlets
@no-gorms: has literally the most interesting AUs, I always read whatever is new pretty much the moment it comes out, can promise lots of feelings and happy endings
A Series of Learning Experiences by @riotfalling: In which Tony finds out that his tiny artist boyfriend is not a nice boy. In the best possible way. (Riot doesn’t write much Stevetony but what she does write is amazing)
Heart in Hand by janonny: Or the story where Tony, an Omega, holds a much belated Courting Ceremony. Steve joins up and loses his mind a little.
@maguna-stxrk: writes lots of fluff here on tumblr
@omg-just-peachy: widely acknowledged as the inventor of fluff
@itsallavengers: no longer as active but writes the most heartbreaking angst with a happy ending, you will feel so many things, has written classics like Versions of Reality and Nobody Panic, Everything’s Fine
@aurumacadicus: I’ve said before (I think on the stuckony reclist) that her version of Tony is my favorite but I’m going to say it again: seriously, fantastic Tony
Finding Pack by @naferty: In a world where pack means everything from status to fame to survival and to family, newly pack-less Tony Stark is trying to survive after those he once trusted betrayed him, and starting over by searching for a new pack to take him in, but with his age and status weighing heavily on his shoulders finding someone to take a chance on him might be easier said than done.What pack wanted an old infertile omega in their ranks? Certainly not the famous Avengers pack led by the equally famous Captain. (one day this fic will be finished and when that happens, I will scream for three days straight)
@sabrecmc: hmmm yes, especially check out Celestial Navigation and The Prize (also has an incredibly comprehensive rec blog, @sabrecmcstonyficrecs)
Sunrise by NotEvenCloseToStraight: Nomad is a soldier forced to do Hydra's bidding. When his mission takes him to the castle and to the bed chambers of Prince Antony Stark, Nomad is faced with a choice-- to finish his mission and finally earn his freedom or to save the last piece of his scarred soul and let the beautiful Prince live.Antony is trapped in the Palace, his life controlled by his Uncle, the Sovereign Stane. He yearns for a life beyond the palace walls but when the Nomad breaks into his rooms with blade held at the ready, Antony thinks all is lost--and then the assassin hesitates.Steven and Antony are two souls together in the moonlight, two lives on the cusp of ruin and as the sun rises over the palace, perhaps they will be two kindred spirits, finding freedom in each other's arms.
take my heart clean apart by mistymountainking: Tony comes home exhausted after an SI event. Steve acts as welcoming committee. It's an old, careworn routine they've perfected over the years, but tonight ends up going in a very different direction.
Dear Mr. Fantasy by @pineapplebread: Tony writes letters to his past loves to get over them. They’re all but meaningless by this point, but he keeps them hidden anyways, never to be seen or read by anyone else. Until one day they all mysteriously get sent out.His deepest secrets are revealed and he scrambles to do damage control, striking a deal to enter a fake relationship with Steve Rogers who just wants his ex back. Tony conveniently forgets to mention that the only love letter he still means is the one he wrote to his fake boyfriend.
slipping through the years by often_adamanta: The plane crash and subsequent ice might have killed him, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still around, haunting those he cares about. And since the only person who can see him is Tony Stark, death sure isn’t going to be boring.
Insomnia by Scavenge4Dreams: Its 3am. Do you know where your Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist is?
rough enough for love by silkspectred: The first time they had sex was right after their first kiss. Steve dropped to his knees and then Tony reciprocated after making Steve lie down on the bed. The second time it was Steve that initiated it, slow handjobs under the hot spray of the shower, and Tony looked surprised by it. Like it was weird that Steve wanted it. Wanted him.
I’m a Grown-Ass Man by not_applicable: or, 5 Times Steve Carried Tony and 1 Time Tony Didn't Mind. At all.
Containment by D: After Tony ends up severely injured from a surprise attack, triggering a flashback and putting him in the hospital for emergency surgery, the Avengers come together in worry for their friend and teammate and are disquieted by the intensity of Tony’s reaction. Between the flashback and the sedatives, Tony’s mind revisits key moments in his life while the team bands together in support of each other and their injured friend, letting SHIELD handle Tony’s attacker, they remain where they are needed, even if Tony isn’t awake to truly realize this. And through it all, Steve makes a decision that will change things with Tony.
His Fate Will Be Unlearned by scifigrl47: Tony Stark spent his childhood making weapons, filling the hole his father left in the world when he succumbed to alcohol, grief, and his own demons. At the age of fifteen, he ran away from home, and made it as far as MIT before all of his responsibilities caught up to him. Now seventeen, he just wants to finish his degree and escape from everything connected to the Stark name. Steve Rogers crashed into the icy North Atlantic in the 1940's, sacrificing himself to save the world. He never expected to wake up, and now that he has, he's not sure he's glad. The US Army has other plans for him, but for now, Steve is slowly learning to live life in the 21st century, and taking classes at Boston College. He's beginning to suspect that there is no escape. Boston College is on the T's Green Line. MIT is on the Red. The two lines meet at the Park Street Station, and so will Steve and Tony.
The Twice-Told Tale by arysteia: For someone he'd hero-worshipped for so long, Steve Rogers in the flesh is a pretty big disappointment. For one thing, he keeps looking at Tony as though he reminds him of someone else, and even if he never says anything, Tony's pretty sure it's his father. A lifetime of not measuring up to Howard's expectations is more than enough, thank you very much, and he's certainly not going to make an effort to live up to any of Steve's. Steve's pretty clearly failed to live up to his expectations, in any case, and that's not hypocritical at all.
Like Gene Kelly in the Movies by lyra_wing: Everything Tony Stark does is a dance. And it's super confusing for Steve.
bedrock and brick by lyra_wing: Immediate sequel to the movie, wherein Tony builds Avengers Tower. Or plays interior designer, take your pick.
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marveltrumpshate · 11 months ago
May 2021 MTH fills part 2/3
Part 1 here.
The best way to see all the fills that have been shared with us is our monthly roundups tag or our #MTH-fills channel on our Discord, but you can also view them through the following methods:
Our Tumblr tags: 2018, 2019, 2020
Our AO3 collections: 2018, 2019, 2020 (only has works posted to AO3)
Completed works tag list: 2018, 2019, 2020
To find specific content, use our completed works tag lists above which includes instructions on how to search for a particular character, gen or romantic relationship, universe, and fanwork type. 
JustLous/@justlous-art - Steve/Tony multiverse crackvid for Rae on behalf of @nursedarry
@naferty - “Choice in Us” (Bucky/Steve/Tony A/B/O secret identity runaway bride AU fic) for @juuls
Oh_I_Swear/@oh-i-swear-writes - “Majestic” (Steve/Bucky A/B/O modern royalty AU fic) for britbrit99
@onlymorelove - Podfic of “Amor Fati,” a 616 Steve/Tony soulmates AU by @citsiurtlanu for AttoliaS (MTH 2019)
@pherryt - “Guardian Assassin” (post-Avengers Bucky/Clint/Steve fic where Bucky watches over Clint and Steve) for seleneaurora80
shnuffeluv/@the-no-name-system - “Second Chances, Second Family” (Steve/Tony Leverage AU fic) for @athletiger
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mthofferings2020 · a year ago
Tumblr media
See Naferty’s existing works here and here.
Preferred contact methods: Tumblr: naferty
Preferred organizations: - Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain: Au's, fluff and angst, hurt/comfort, established relationship, getting together, found family, kid fic, a/b/o dynamics, mpreg, and age difference.
Will not create works that contain: Major character deaths, non-con, age play, gender swap, infidelity, and politics.
  -- Fic or Other Writing --
Auction ID: 1100
Will create works for the following relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - AvAc, AA, MCU
Work Description: I'm offering a 5,000-6,000 fic of the reader's choice. I work best when provided with plenty of information. Your likes and dislikes, tropes and specific requests. The more you give the better it is for me. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit
-- Fic or Other Writing --
Auction ID: 2047
Will create works for the following relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - AvAc, AA, MCU
Work Description: Another 5,000-6,000 fic of the reader's choice. As mentioned, I work best when provided with plenty of information. Your likes and dislikes, tropes and specific requests. The more you give the better it is for me. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit
The auction runs from October 18 (12 AM ET) to October 24 (11:59:59 PM ET). Visit marveltrumpshate.com during Auction Week to view all of our auctions and to place your bids!
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what2finish · a year ago
Naferty Creator Post
(Auction #1015)
Creator’s previous works: Here!
Link to GDrive Folder of WIP Summaries/HCs/Plot Bunnies Creator is Offering: Here!
you can contact the Creator before bidding at:
email: [email protected] discord: Malroa#0258 tumblr: Naferty
Likes: Fluff and Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Mutual Pining, Team as Family, Kid Fic, Growing Old Together, AU, Fantasy, Creatures & Monsters, A/B/O Dynamics, Mpreg, Age Difference and more.
Do Not Wants: Non-con, Violence, Torture, Infidelity, Politics, Age Play and more.
Preferred Charities of the Creator: Any
Full Charities List
Auction #1
Type of fanwork: fanfiction
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing(s): Stony
Character(s): Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Rating: Explicit
WIPs/Prompts: Any of the five Au's from my masterlist. Child of Ours, He's My Alpha, Incubus and Demons, Stark Holiday, and Witch and Dragon. There is a sixth offering for the fic, Wild Dawns. Ask for that one.
Starting Bid: $5
Creator Notes:  There is other stuff I'm both willing and unwilling to write for any of these Aus. Please ask if you're not sure about one. For any of these WIP(s) I'm up for taking any input the winner wants to add to the idea, if possible.
Current Bid Spreadsheet: Here.
Please check what the current bid is at before bidding.
Pids might take a few minutes to load.
Bidding ends on November 28th 11:59:00pm CST. The highest bid before that deadline will win the auction.
Bidding Form: Here.
Please check the Bid Spreadsheet and bid higher than the previous bid.
You will not be notified if you have been outbid. Only the winner will be notified after bidding ends.
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athletiger · a year ago
Top 5 works 2020
Rules: it’s time to love yourselves! choose your 5 (ish) favorite works you created in the past year (fics, art, edits, etc.) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you brought into the world in 2020. Tag as many writers/artists/etc. as you want (fan or original) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works!
Tagged by @naferty​ <3 Thanks love
1. you have the right to a cattaccino (Steve/Tony)
Steve is a retired cop who catches a twink stealing someone's wallet in the train.
Of course, that twink is Tony, and he's stealing his own wallet back, thank you very much.Tony writes a letter for a friend, he finds a new family. Steve writes a letter for a friend, he finds love years late. I’ve got ideas of where this can go and am excited for it.
One of my favorites of 2020 - coffeeshop au and cats <3
2. Unconditionally (Steve/Tony)
Tony is an omega werewolf in a world supernaturals are hated and hunted. He belongs to Stane’s pack, isolated and forced to do things he hates to do. Apparently, he's also Steve's mate.
Problem is, Steve is an alpha human working for SHIELD, the Supernatural Hunter Investigation, Elimination, and Logistics Division, and he hates all supernatural creatures.
I’ve always wanted to try to write a darker, grittier fic. This is that fic that combines my love of a/b/o and angst, dubious morality, alllll the works.
3. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Arc Reactors (Steve/Bucky, Steve/Tony, eventually Steve/Bucky/Tony)
Uncle Sam always collects his dues.
They took down Al Capone this way. This time, thanks to a glaring error, IRS Agent Steve Rogers was about to lead a case to take down Obadiah Stane - corrupt businessman, mobster, and head of the Stark crime syndicate. All he needed to do was audit Stane and not mess up the process. What Steve wasn't counting on, though, was getting entangled with Stane's godson, the notorious bad-boy Omega Tony Stark. And he definitely wasn't prepared for every assassin in the Lower 48 descending on Sin City to collect the bounty on his head...Another ongoing, but it’s an opportunity to try writing about internalized problems with Tony the one freaking out.
Collab with fire for mob au with a touch of accounting (which is my irl job) and insurance (which is her irl job). We are 100% crazy :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tagging @ayapandagirl @thewaythatwerust @sharkbeneaththelotus @kunishirou @serinah80 and @mizzy2k No pressure though!
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My "What ifs/Head Canons" based off if this post that was posted by @robertdowneys :
Tumblr media
Imagine if Ana and Edwin had kids 😪😪
I bet their kid and Tont would be inseparable and Tony would have some extra support and love and people telling him that he WILL be some one in the future. That he IS a genius and they are so very proud of him. That Captain America WOULD very much be proud of Tony. And that even IF Howard doest love him that THEY DO AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS. And an older Brother and/or Sister that stands up to Howard and protects Tony at all cost and tells him not to listen to that man because Tony is exactly the Opposite of what He said. And/or a younger brother and/or Sister that look at Tony as if he hung the Moon and Stars. That tells Tony that they want to be as smart as their big brother one day because their big brother is smarter than anyone else they know.
Now imagine the Younger Sibling(s) crawling into Tony's bed in the middle of the night because they "Want to be with big brother because big brother always scares away the nightmares." And the younger sibling(s) just following Tony around like a happy little puppy. And Tony just loving the kid(s) so damn much that he takes the blame for all the things the younger sibling(s) does. [Even though the younger sibling(s) rarely does anything bad and if they do it's purely by accident] (but as they grow up with Tony that slowly dwindles and they become partners in crime.
Now the Older sibling(s).
Imagine them letting tiny little Tony crawl into bed with them because he had another nightmare about Howard again and was crying about, why his daddy didnt love him. And that absolutely breaking their hearts because this little innocent clueless bean sldoesnt DESERVE to be put through this but they just place little baby Tony on their lap, turn on their lamp beside the bed and tell him that he is very smart and loved and appreciated by Ana, Edwin and them and that Howard just doesnt know what he is missing. And the older sibling(s) softly sings a Hungarian lullaby that gets little baby Tont to sleep in an instant. They always try their damned hardest to make sure Tony and Howard are never in the same room but of course that never works entirely because Howard is as sneaky as they come but Ana and Edwin are always their to try to keep them separated as long as they can before they are whisked away by some impending chore leaving a very intimidated Tont with Howard.
Now imagine Both Older and Younger siblings making sure Tony is NEVER alone. Even when is whisked away to M.I.T they visit him every single weekend and are ECSTATIC to hear he made a new friend named Jamea Rubert Rhodes but Tony calls him Rhodey and a bunch of other nicknames that doesn't even make them blink because Tony is the Master of giving the weirdest nicknames. Now imagine how they feel when the one time they do NOT go with Tony to a business trip is when he gets kidnapped. Imagine how they feel when Tony finally gets back and suddenly closes off from everyone. No one can get through to him. Not Rhodey not Pepper not even them. Imagine how they feel at The Party [(Iron Man 2)] when Rhodey and Tony start fighting. Imagine how they feel when they find out Tony is dieing from the very thing that is keeping him alive.
[(I'm gonna stop here 'cos I'm not good at writing angst.)]
Anyways. Feel free to add on!
@aurumacadicus @naferty @tonystarkdefensesquad @tonystarkdeserveshappiness
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ao3feed-stony · a year ago
fuck me (never let go)
by Naferty
Tony Stark lived a very promiscuous life. It was no secret he had sex. It was on his title, under his resume, probably in some autobiography someone was currently writing and listed on the very top of his wiki page. 
The bottom line, he had sex and a lot of it. He knew it. The public knew it. The Avengers knew it. 
The problem lied with the people who spoke out against it. Against him. The public. His rep. Pepper. Steve fucking Rogers.
He had sex and he wasn't planning to stop, until a rash and ill-advised hook up with Rogers forces him to.
(or Tony and Steve bond without realizing it. The effects make it hard for Tony to seek out anyone other than Steve)
Words: 2283, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Fandoms: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: M/M
Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Additional Tags: Slight Internalized Homophobia, Enemies to Bonded to Lovers, Tony Stark Has Issues, Steve Rogers Has Issues, Angst and Feels, Hurt/Comfort, Soul Bond, Bond Sickness, Denial of Feelings, Team as Family, Not Captain America: The Winter Soldier Compliant, Not Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie) Compliant, Alternate Universe - Soulmates
source https://archiveofourown.org/works/27786763
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naferty · a year ago
Steve, a little overwhelmed with the new customs of this new time and the dos and don'ts in romancing someone you're interested in, asks Tony for tips on how to wine and dine the girl. Tony agrees to help, going so far as to set up practice dates and using himself as the stand in date. Steve thinks it ridiculous Tony would go this far, but will never admit how grateful he is for the step by step.
He goes through intense date training. Attends every lesson on time and writes all the notes. He listens intently and asks all the question. He learns quick. Very quick. So quick, in fact, that even Tony is impressed and calls him his star pupil. A meaningless title, but certainly true.
Tony gives Steve the passing grade, declares him ready and throws him into the world. "Go and get the girl, Cap. Use everything I've taught you."
And Steve does. He takes everything he learned, gets all his best lines ready, puts on his best suit and gets to work winning his date.
Hours later, a very shocked Tony Stark is lying in his bed, very naked and very flustered and with no idea how exactly he got there.
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ad1thi · 2 years ago
1000 followers celebration!
Tumblr media
okay so i spent AGES trying to think of what I wanted to do to celebrate for 1000 followers, and i finally figured it out
i haven’t hit 1000 followers yet (im currently at 950 as this post is going up) but this is for when I do hit 1000 followers, i wanted to give yall some time to go through anything so when i do hit 1000 followers you don’t have to wait too long to send smth in
i wanted to appreciate you guys the way i knew how to best - my writing -  so here’s the rules:
you have to be following me
you can only send in asks. i won’t accept comments on this post or dms. only asks
BTW THIS IS OPEN NOW. send in your asks now so that i can have content ready for when i hit 1k. please send in all of your asks NOW so that its easier for me and you get your content as quick as possible
here’s what is up for grabs:
* Four continuations of existing pieces
in order to participate in this, its really simple. head over to my ao3, or, if you can brave it, scroll down my writing tag: and if you find something that you love so much that you want to see me write a sequel (or a prequel) to it, send me an ask. you will have to specify what it is obviously, so if you’re using ao3 please give me the title of the fic (and the chapter number if necessary), and if you’re using tumblr give me the title fic. i’ll choose 4 of the ones i think i can do best, or i like the most (or even what’s most popular) - and write it for you!! 
* Three new fics
in order to participate in this, scroll down my send me a title asks, and if you see a fic idea you like, then let me know who sent the ask and what the title is - and again, I’ll choose the ones I like the most (or are the most popular) and i will write them!!
* Two Moodboards
now im not very good at these, which is why there will be only two - but these are moodboards for YOUR fics. if you have a fic that YOU’VE written that you really like, send me an ask telling me about it, and i will pick two of my favourites and attempt to make a mood-board of them for you to show my appreciation
and finally, drumroll pleaseeeeeeeeee
* One Collaborative Fic
if you have an idea that you really like, but you don’t know how to write it - or maybe you just want to collab on it because its more fun, send me an ask telling me about it and I will reach out to the person who’s idea i like the most and work on a fic with them!!
so obviously i can’t do smth for every single one of you but i do really appreciate all of the support i get on this blog, i really truly do - and i love the community ive built here. everything from this celebration will be tagged #adi hits 1000 if you wanna follow it
and last but not least: tagging mutuals so that this gets some traction:  @omg-just-peachy, @spiderrpcrker, @starkrogerrs, @firebrands, @theavengays, @kimannhart, @wintersoldierland, @bigstarkenergy, @riotfalling, @icarustarks, @lovelyirony, @rocknrollonthat45, @geosaurusrrex, @imposter-human, @littlemissstark, @sleepyoldchild, @spideyjlaw, @starksnack, @talktonytome, @mackiesmcu, @stardustandbucky, @s-horne, @wecollectnightmares, @iloveyou-3000, @van-dyne, @anthonydarling, @shetlandowl, @au-ti, @cleve98, @mildlydiscontent, @talktonytome, @mlmrhodey, @jobros-pleaseinteract, @naferty, @lgbtonystarks, @acastleintheair, @deathsweetqueen​, @trashcanakin​, @monobuu​, @gottalovethatstark​
(i have literally gone through my following and just tagged everyone who’s a mutual so if you didn’t wanna be tagged im so sorry for spamming your activity) 
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saraceaser · 2 years ago
Rules: Post the first line of your wip and tag as many people as words.
The lovely @omg-just-peachy tagged me, so... I’m actually currently working on a couple of WIPs, but the since Peachy was the one to tag me, I’m actually going to post the line from a Wip I may or may not be writing based on an absolutely Adorable Ask/Answer she had ... <3
Tony, at the age of three and two-thirds, learned that he was the one in a billion to not have a Soulmate.
(As this is still Very much just a wip, this might be changed later, but this should say a Lot anyways, lol.)
As for people to tag, uh... @novarain01 @not-close-to-straight @hawkbucks @naferty @tsuki-chibi @tisfan @27dragons @corvixa @...everyone-else-can’t-think-of-off-the-top-of-my-head and @anyone-else-who-wants-to-do-this-y’all-have-been-tagged-by-me-too-;)
(I’m sorry my memory is Awful, so please forgive me if I forgot to tag you/mistagged you, know I loves you and your blogs always. <3)
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wecollectnightmares · 3 years ago
Mom Hela Plot Bunny.
So a bit earlier the lovely @naferty reblog this with the idea in the tags of Hela being Tony's mom and I was ... blue screen. So I ended up writing this little bunny. 
Tumblr media
Hela is Tony Stark's mom. She had him and knowing that Odin would NOT approve; after the birth, she managed to secret him to Midgard using her magic. Hela chooses a home she thought was the safe and loving, and left her son in the arms of Howard and Maria Stark. Thank the Norns for Anna and Edwin Jarvis, or little Tony most likely wouldn’t have survived his first year.
Due to Hela's magic, the Stark’s never remembered the truth about where Tony came from. They thought that they adopted him from a Romanian orphanage. And Howard had no trouble letting Tony know that if he messed up Howard would send him back.
Tumblr media
After the destruction of Asgard Hela escapes, after all, she is the goddess of death for the realm eternal. No purple grape is going to kill her. And she can’t let him head to the one planet in the galaxy that houses her son.
On earth, Tony still can’t understand how he survived Siberia. He’d managed to endure a lot of things that should have killed him in the past but this should have finally done him in. He shouldn't have him leaving that bunker looking over ten years younger and stronger than Rogers himself. Tony’s ends up tells everyone that it was the Extremis virus that saved him, but it wasn’t. He’s really starting to worry about what it could have been...did Howard experiment on him and he can’t remember?
Tumblr media
At this stage, Tony would probably be drowning himself in a bottle, except it turns out that he can’t get drunk any more. This is the one and only time in his life that Tony Stark feels actual pity for Steve Rogers serum enhanced body.
By the time Hela makes her way to Midgard. Tony has learnt as much of the limits of his new body as he can. The new Avengers are at his back and Bucky Barnes is standing at his side. (What can I say Steve screwed up somehow) When mom Hela finds out exactly what has been done to her little boy....someone is going to pay.
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seven-oomen · 3 years ago
Tag game - writing
I was tagged by @virginiawritesforlovers
1. When starting something new, how much do you know about the story before you start writing?
Depends on what it is and what kind of mood I’m in. For my current novel, I’m trying to figure out as much as I possibly can beforehand. Or at least basic plot and character motivations. For most of my fanfics, I write on the fly. 
2. What draws you to your WIP(s)? Why did you choose to write that/those over anything else?
I write the stories that I want to read because they haven’t been written most of the time. In fanfic, I write pretty niche work, so that draws me into the WIPS. Knowing that they are rare or not often done and that I’m the one who has to finish them. In my original fiction... I have more of a problem that I don’t get drawn into my WIPS. Because I can’t share them as I write them and then I don't get the encouragement my muse needs and so I stop at around 35,000 words or so. I’m working to combat this.
3. Favorite writing spot? Why?
My desk under a bright lamp. Because it somehow activates my brain to creativity. Also at the kitchen table, because drinks and snacks are really close by.
4. Share your favorite line of what you’ve written so far!
I don’t think it’ll ever see the light of day otherwise because the story it's in is so cliche ridden and badly written, but this is my favorite piece of interaction between Wyatt and Cristian: 
“Drop it, Wyatt.”
“No, I’m not dropping it. Tell me.”
“Wyatt just fucking drop it and go fuck a fruit bowl.”
Wyatt pouts at him and crosses his arms over one another defensively. “Fine, bloody asshole ya are. You know that?”
“Asshole is my middle name.”
5. If you had to choose one oc to bring to life as an actual person, which one would it be and why?
Hmmm, it’s a bit of a tie between Cristian, the sassy but good-natured demon teenager whose father is Lucifer himself or Kyan, the protagonist of this year's novel. The Army captain who has a bionic leg and fights on the side of the regime that tries to control a disease outbreak that threatens to destroy humanity. Now Kyan’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and his big mouth can get him in trouble. But he has a good heart and he’s basically a gen Z’er in an apocalypse.
6. Are you looking to get published? If so, do you hope to make it a career?
I’d love to be published and make it my career. Writing is honestly my escape and to make the craft that I adore my source of income, that would be a dream come true.
7. What’s something you would read but would never write (or the other way around)? Any reason?
Non-fiction. Fiction is just much more appealing to me because I don’t always have to stick to the facts and can just randomly make stuff up. I feel like that’s something that non-fiction just doesn’t allow.
8. What’s something you are most proud of about your work so far?
That despite all of my struggles with life, I’m still writing. Life still hasn’t beaten me and my dream of becoming an Author is still alive. Also winning Nanowrimo with Darkness within was amazing.
9. Badly describe your WIP(s) in one sentence.
Darkness Within: A group of young adults battles zombies, demons, and other ungodly creatures while trying not to focus on their boners.
10. Why did you want to be a writer?
To bring the joy of stories to others and help them escape their lives just for a little bit. To give them the joy of stories as it was given to me.
This was a blast to do, thank you for tagging me! I’m tagging @larissaloki @naferty @tsuki-chibi @scriptureofashes @crystallized-iron @mother-shipper @ladydarkphoenix-blog
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Sneak Peek-A Dog Named Chance
Hey guy’s, here’s a look at a fic I’ve been working on for a while now. Enjoy!
@not-close-to-straight who inspired me to write about what I love and is one of my faves. Hope you like it! Also @naferty your fics rock!
This looks like the place. Steve thought to himself as he walked through the shelter doors, enjoying the sounds of animals as they began to wake up for the day. Throughout the past few weeks, the soldier had been to several breeders, all who were more interested in the price of there dogs instead of their health conditions(to which Jarvis had immediately had shut down), and instead only tried to stick to adopting an animal. After all, Steve didn't think his boyfriend would appreciate any dog purely based on its price, based on his past issues.
There was a woman waiting at the front desk waiting when he walked further in, greeting him with a friendly smile. She seemed nice enough, and he couldn't help flashing one back in return.
“Hi, I’m Amber. Welcome to Paws & Claws adoption center. How can I help you?” she chirped, brushing a strand of brunette hair behind her ear.
Steve chuckled at her enthusiasm, rubbing the back of his neck nervously, “I was actually interested in adopting a dog for my boyfriend.”
“Ohh!” Amber squealed, clapping her hands together excitedly, “That's adorable! Special occasion?”
“Something like that.”
“A man of few words, I respect that.” the girl grinned, before leading Steve to one of the doors behind her. “I’m assuming Captain America can introduce himself to some of our animals on his own?” she question, eyes shining with mirth.
Steve nodded, and she handed him small bag of treats to give out.
“Don’t be afraid to spend some time with any of the dogs individually, if you want. Every animal here is unique in their own way, even though some had rough starts.”  she informed, opening the door before waving him away, returning to her desk for other customers. 
Steve, after thanking the girl for her help, strolled further into the room. Large kennels lined either side far as he could see, and he grew a little nervous when barks and whines filled his sensitive ears. Never one to back down, the blond began to approach each kennel, dropping them bits of treats as he walked by. Most of the dogs were friendly enough, licking and nipping at the soldiers hands, the older dogs slumbering in their beds.
None seemed like good matches for Tony though, and Steve almost gave up when he began to reach the last few kennels. The last one had a small igloo inside it that seemed empty, until he peered inside, spotting a pair of warm azure eyes warily staring back at his blue. Intrigued, Steve snapped his fingers gently a few times, shaking the leftover treats in his hand as he crouched lower to the ground. He quickly read the tag attached to the kennel door, before glancing back towards the hidden canine.
“Come on out buddy,” he murmured, and he sucked in a startled breath when a fluffy head finally poked itself out, the dog finally coming out of its shelter, “c’mere boy.”
The puppy, Steve realized when he double checked the tag, slowly padded towards the man, and Steve saw how he looked fully. Most of his body was a beautiful mocha brown, with large white paws that seemed too big for him. His muzzle and chest were also white and darker brown framed two gorgeous blue eyes. He was broad shouldered for a puppy, and one of his pointed ears was partially ripped at the top. 
Steve inhaled sharply when he saw the mass of scar tissue covering the animal's chest, it’s pale pink a vivid contrast to its thick fur. The puppy sniffed at the treats in the blond's hand, before deeming the human safe enough to trust as he ate them quickly. Apparently that was all the pup needed before it jumped on the large man, nearly knocking the soldier on his butt as he washed the man's face enthusiastically, whining happily as his long fluffy tail wagged uncontrollably.
Laughing, Steve placed his hand on the pup's head, rubbing him gently behind his perked ears. “Easy buddy, it’s all right.” The pup rolled onto his back, grumbling happily as the soldier rubbed his belly. “Whats a cute thing like you doing in here?”
“He’s a rescue,” Amber’s voice suddenly spoke, causing Steve to jump slightly, the animal distracting him enough so that he didn’t hear the girl walk in, “taken from a place where he was used as a bait dog. Poor baby was really ruffed up when he got here a few weeks ago, chest all torn up. Almost didn’t make it.”
Steve shuddered slightly, patting the pup one more time on its belly, before standing up, brushing the fur off his body. The dog stood up as well, and Steve realized that he just made it up to his knees, showing that he would be large when fully grown. He whined loudly, nudging the soldiers palm with his nose, and Steve knew he wasn’t leaving without him.
Squaring his shoulders, Steve faced the girl standing behind him. “I think i’ve found the one for me.”
Amber simply smiled, eyes twinkling in excitement, before handing the man a leash. “Then follow me, Captain Rogers, and we’ll get you and the little guy on your way.” She paused, looking back at him as he simply carried the large pup. “By the way, what are you gonna name him?”
Steve pressed his face slightly in the dogs thick furred head.
“I think I know just the thing…”
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xissa-chanx · 4 years ago
I'm so upset!!!! I know I'm not the best reviewer (I always kudos) but a lot of times I forget to review or don't know how to correctly convey my feels for the fic and end up not reviewing anything (slowly getting better).
Because of a douch that thinks its okay to be a troll and hatefully criticized good work (not constructive criticism, hateful) a really amazing writer has decided to hold off on writing a really amazing fic.
Pirates Heart by NotEvenCloseToStraight is amazing! Its right up there in my favorite fanfics with Finding Pack by Naferty (and @naferty knows I'm a total fangirl for her writing,so being up with her is saying something!). Its awesome. Tony is adorable with feels all around.
So everyone needs to read this masterpiece and make the time to comment. God knows I'm busy (spiderman thats in my profile pic keeps me super busy)
Tumblr media
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sabrecmcstonyficrecs · 4 years ago
MPREG!Tony Stony fic recs
Hey. Firstly I want to thank you for all recs. Could you recommend me any Mpreg Tony fics?            
Baby, baby, baby, oooohhhhh...okay, well, to be honest, I don’t read a lot of these, but I’ll try to give you some suggestions that you might try.  I’m stealing several of these from @mushroomhobbit​ who is my go-to for all things mpreg!Tony.  Enjoy!
Don’t Mention Tony’s Weight by orphan_account: Tony Stark was hard to deal with. Tony Stark while pregnant? That was a whole other level.
Not Just Yet by Holopeno: “You know,” Steve started, pulling his navy colored coat over his broad shoulders, “the clothes I bought a few months back are still hanging up in the closet.”Tony, who’d awkwardly turned onto his side in their bed, glanced towards his husband, narrowing his eyes and giving a forced sort of laugh at his words. “Steve, please… I love you and all, but you have to admit those clothes are pretty tacky. I’m trying to avoid looking like Mrs. Doubtfire.”
Tony Just Wanted a Cookie by ivycross: Steve hid the cookies, again and Tony is not happy about it, among other things
Sing the Body Electric (series) by @georgygirl-247​: When a well-meaning nutcase from the cosmos determines that Steve and Tony have one of the strongest soul bonds she's ever sensed, she takes it into her own hands to ensure that Steve and Tony are able to have what she believes every soul-bonded couple wishes — and is made — for.Too bad she doesn't tell Steve and Tony about this before she weaves her little magic spell. Now, Steve and Tony are forced to come to terms with the fact that the week Tony spent as a woman was not as harmless an exercise as they'd originally thought.And there's no easy way to fix it.
Symptoms Such As Nausea and Vomiting by valtyr: For Avengers Kink, prompt: "Steve's giving Tony oral sex during Tony's third trimester when Tony's water breaks and he goes into labor." Warning for weird mutant medical stuff.
Baby Bump by Annehiggins: Tony is 7 months pregnant and alone in the Tower with too much time to think. Set in a movie-verse AU where Tony is gay (so no past-Pepper relationship because there is too much else to deal with) and the fact that he's Iron Man is only known by a handful of people. Cap is 31 as he always is in my stories because I think it fits better with Chris Evans' portrayal of him. NOT Thor: Dark World compliant. No spoilers for any movies beyond the general verse vibe.
Not This Omega by Annehiggins: With Stane dead, Tony has to find a mate or lose controlling interest in his company, so it's time to throw an omega ball. Tony has a plan, but doesn't count on the drug in his drink. Now he's stuck with a mate who doesn't seem all that into him. Based on this prompt in the avengerkink meme. Set it a world where no one, not even Pepper, knows Tony is Iron Man and the events of Iron Man 2 never happened. Warning: Attempted noncon (including heat-inducing roofie); Tony being too stubborn to give into usual behaviors of Alpha-Beta-Omega verses including dubcon sex.
Finding Pack by @naferty (WiP): In a world where pack means everything from status to fame to survival and to family, newly pack-less Tony Stark is trying to survive after those he once trusted betrayed him, and starting over by searching for a new pack to take him in, but with his age and status weighing heavily on his shoulders finding someone to take a chance on him might be easier said than done. What pack wanted an old infertile omega in their ranks? Certainly not the famous Avengers pack led by the equally famous Captain.
Just Dance (It’s Gonna Be Okay) by ficbypen: The Avengers get body-swapped for about a month; Tony and Steve maintain their relationship through it.
Moth by Pandax-Pro: Remember in Mighty Avengers when Ultron turns Tony into a girl? Yeah, let's just leave it at that
The Places That Alone I’d Never Find (series) by Tito11: Tony Stark is not the omega you’re looking for. Or rather, he is, and you just don’t know it yet. In which Steve doesn’t always get what he wants, but at least he gets what he needs.
Four More Months by orphan_account: Steve and pregnant!Tony spend a few moments together in bed. AU. Mpreg. Requested. Steve/Tony.
The Other Side of the Door by AnonEhouse: While a few major character deaths are mentioned, they are either off-stage, or in the past, with no details. Other versions of the characters are alive and well in this story. I decided a warning tag would be misleading, but I wanted to give readers a heads up in case even that much would be upsetting.Tony Stark died during the battle for New York, but three months later a Tony Stark from another dimension falls into Steve's arms. Tony desperately needs Steve's help in order to survive long enough for his baby to be born. It's just common decency on Steve's part. Isn't it? The fact that he finds Tony attractive has nothing to do with it. After all, he's not the Steve who Tony married. The Avengers are just... well, you wouldn't turn away a pregnant man who had no place to go, would you?
That Spot of Blue by @everybodyilovedies​: When Tony finds out he's pregnant, he immediately begins working with Bruce to figure out how to terminate it. But when Bruce lets slip to Steve about Tony's condition, things get complicated, quickly. Steve wants Tony to keep the child, but Tony isn't sure if his heart - literally and figuratively - can take it. Meanwhile, a plot is brewing in the background, threatening superhumans and trying to pit them against one another, all in the name of Registration. Is this related to Tony's pregnancy? (Yes.) And if so, should he really keep the child?
Steve...NO! by panna_acida: “Steve slow down before you are going to have an asthma attack.” Tony waved from his position on the couch never moving his eyes away from his tablet, rubbing gently his swollen abdomen with his free hand with a little smile playing on his lips when a little feet pressed against the same hand.
That Awkward Moment by ThatFandomObsesseChick: Five times something awkward happened during Tony's pregnancy and the one time it was perfect.
Not What I Expected by Crematosis: Tony attempts to hide his pregnancy from Steve, worrying that Steve's going to force him on bed rest for the entire 9 months. Maybe hiding wasn't such a good plan.
Beautiful Creature by DeanAfterDark: I like writing pregnant Tony
I’ll Make Them Fit by HarveysHoe: Tony's having a bit of an issue with his jeans.Pregnancy sucks.God, where would he be without Steve-Oh yeah. NOT pregnant.He'll make them fit.
Do I Look Fat?...I Look Fat by HarveysHoe: He was told that pregnancy was a beautiful thing. It's lies. He certainly doesn't feel beautiful. Anything but. Tony feels self conscious of his figure. Steve disagrees. Cute, fluffy Superhusbands.
Morning Talks by Pearl_Unplanned: There were many things that they'd never talked about, children being one of them. A/B/O, no smut.
Just Come Home by Pearl_Unplanned: It had been four months since Tony had last seen his Alpha. It was supposed to be a normal mission, infiltrating A.I.M. But something must've gone wrong, because they'd lost all contact with Steve, the day he was supposed to be back. He was going to tell his Alpha the second that he was home that he was going to be a father.Only, Steve didn't come home.(Or pregnant Omega Tony is scared when his Alpha goes missing. When they do find Steve, four months later, he isn’t alone, and the Rogers-Stark family will never be the same.)
for the feeling that i get when you are gone by allourheroes:  “I think you need a specialist, Mr. Stark.”  Tony rolls his eyes. “What kind?”  The doctor clears his throat. “Maybe an…OB/GYN.”  Tony snorts but the doctor doesn’t crack a smile. “Wait. Are you– you’re serious?”  “Since aliens started falling from the sky, Mr. Stark, there’s not much out of the question.”
Joined ‘verse by RurouniHime:  “Want a blood test,” Steve manages, because on the third night of their Week, he can think more clearly than he’s been able to for days. Tony’s scent is strong in his nostrils, cloying in a strange, sleek way he yearns after like a tune he nearly recognizes. “If you’re getting sick—”  “God.” Tony shifts bodily up into him, clenching around him. “Yes, Mom.”
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naferty · a year ago
Steve goes into a feral state while in captivity. 
Steve is tied up with no way of escaping his binds. His kidnappers are prepared for a supersoldier. They have him immobile almost to the extent he can’t move his fingers in his binds. Steve is stuck there, waiting to learn what his kidnappers want from him. 
He stays in this state for hours with only his mind to entertain himself. 
Then the door of the room opens. People walk in. All alphas. It raises Steve’s hackles. He’s ready for anything. Has been for the past three hours. If these alphas want to torture him for information he’s ready. If they want to study him, poke and prod, he’s ready. Anything they want, he’s ready to fight. 
What he’s not ready for is watching something dragged in along with this group of alphas. They drop a limp body before him. Battered and bruised already. Smelling of fear. The scent he recognizes. It makes his blood boil. His pulse quickens. He begs it not to be true, but the realism is staring him in the face.
They have Tony. They have the one thing Steve could never prepare himself for and he’s absolutely terrified for what they’re going to do. 
Tony’s screams haunt him for weeks. Tony tries to be strong. Hold it in for as long as he can, but even a supersoldier would break under their handling for days. 
It’s Tony’s pleading for help that finally makes Steve snap. After screaming himself hoarse for these bastards to stop and leave his omega alone, his mind finally breaks and he goes into a full range. Feral. Where the adrenaline is almost none stop. His body goes numb. Moves on its own. Steve has no recollection of when he finally broke free of binds specifically made for him, but he does recall the screams of the many alphas in the room. 
He remembers being shot at, but not the pain. He remembers their weak attempts with weapons, all electric and with no effect. He remembers watching some flee for their lives, but none escaped.
He doesn’t remember the faces of the alphas he later learned he killed with his own fangs. What he does remember is biting down on faceless, black shadows that screamed and screamed and struggled under him. He remembers their cries, but they didn’t create words. 
He never let go until the faceless shadows stopped all movement. 
He remembers a brief moment where all went quiet. It terrified him. He remembers trying to call out, but the sounds he created were not human. He remembers searching the room, looking for his mate. Stepping over many faceless shadows until finally, finally, his mate was there. He remembers not understanding why his mate didn’t move. Didn’t make a sound. 
Something in him screamed in agony. His mate remained motionless.
He remembers more faceless shadows coming in. He doesn’t remember how long he remained covering his mate’s body, but he does remember a faint heartbeat that kept him rooted. 
The faceless shadows that appeared behaved differently this time. He remembers creating sounds at them, warning them not to get close. He remembers they listened. Most stayed far away. Others dared to come closer. He wouldn’t have that. 
He made louder sounds. Gave false charges to keep them away. The faceless shadows of this time made more noises than those of before. They were calmer noises. As if talking. 
It didn’t matter to him. They were a threat and so he continued warning them. 
Then one of them shot him. He remembers it felt different this time. This shot didn’t bury itself within his skin like the others. This one stayed over the surface. 
He remembers attacking after that. Remembers the way they scattered and tried to escape. One wasn’t so lucky. He pinned the faceless shadow down. Remembers it screaming as he went to bite, to tear at the flesh. 
He remembers another faceless shadow appear behind him. Remembers how the second shadow held him back. Instead of biting the flesh of the first shadow he had pinned, he bit the flesh of the second, intended for the first.
The second shadow, that to his horror he later learns was Bucky, shoved his flesh arm into Steve’s path while his metal one held him back. Bucky redirecting the attack meant for Sam to himself. If it hadn’t been for Bucky, Sam’s end would’ve been there, attempting to rescue his two teammates but instead getting killed by one. 
It had been Bucky that kept Steve restrained as the sedative strong enough to knock Thor out and tire the Hulk ran through Steve. 
Steve doesn’t remember much after that. 
He remembers waking up to his mates voice. To Tony telling him, “it’s okay. Steve, Honey. Come back to me.” 
He remembers learning he’s been stuck in a feral state for nearly two months. Locked up in a cage meant to hold the Hulk while his mate recovered in the emergency room. He remembers crying into Tony’s arms when he learns what had happened during their captivity. He remembers thanking his best friend for stopping him. Remembers apologizing to both him and Sam for what he had done and nearly had done.
He both doesn’t remember and remembers too much about the events. He’s both thankful for not remembering his hand at ending the many lives of their captors, and horrified of what he’s capable of without any control. 
Most of all, he’s grateful Tony is still with him and begs with all his might to never experience it again. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have had some questions about the OTP Challenge. So I thought I would answer them for everyone. 
1. No you can’t combine prompts. Its a daily challenge so a new challenge for each day. You can skip days if you wish. However you choose to take part means you can still only post that prompt that day. 
2. You can use existing couples. Have a couple you already created, you are welcome to use it. 
3. You can use any fandom you want not just ones I follow. 
4. You can create anything you want. Mood boards, drabbles, full ones shot, social media edits. 
@mycapt-ohcapt-writes @tropicalcap @tilltheendwilliwrite @captain-rogers-beard @bohemian-barbie @mrsrafaelbarba @beccaanne814 @brooklyns-boys @shreddedparchment @all1e23 @after-avenging-hours @angryschnauzer @annathewitch @avengersandco @aurumacadicus @auduna-druitt @bucky-the-thigh-slayer @dwaynepride @red-shirts-always-die4444 @outside-the-government @evs14u @floatingpetals @heli0s-writes @girl-next-door-writes @steves-on-a-plane @allaboardthereadingrailroad @avintagekiss24 @whiskey-cokenfanfic @sapphirescrolls @mrsrafaelbarba @mrsgoodnight @thatesqcrush @madpanda75 @meganlpie @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan​ @thranduilsperkybutt​ @hlkwrites​ @the-stories-in-my-head-95​ @theycallmebecca​ @k-evans-writes​ @shellbilee​ @naferty​ @themusicplayedherlife​ @pinkamour1588​ @sabrecmc​ @captainsbabysitter-blog​ @buckysforeverprincess​ @buckysknifecollection​ @inmylifeilovedthemall​ 
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