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#one day I'll finish something

I’ve rewritten the start of charter twenty for “So my boyfriend might be a mob boss; any advice” three different times. I think I’m finally happy(ish) with it. Got through a big block of the chapter now, hopefully I can finish it Wednesday. This story is so close to being finished. Maybe then I can concentrate on something else writing wise. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on whether you like the story or not), my brain today decided “we should write a sequel!”… Send help.

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I was supposed to get this finished much sooner but sadly things kept getting in the way, I was originally going to have this be more than just lineart and shading but If I tried to do that it would take even longer. I’m also really sorry that this isn’t with your current s/i but I hope you enjoy it anyway, you and V are super cute together!

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