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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Tagged by some ‘mazing mutuals! @akomwtofit @redbeardstef-uk and @liftingweights-and-coffeedates - thank you! 💜

I’ve had covid 😷 But I finally got my negative results back last night, so we are in the all clear! I’ve been off work (obviously) and internet shopping has kept me occupied, my s.o got me this cute dress for an early christmas present, I “tried it on” this morning and have since refused to take it off, i love it so much! 😅

How’s it?

@fatmaninalittlesuit @jacqattacq @livinglikeallia @anabolic4summer @gh-0-st-ly @belovedgoofball @motivate-my-lazy-self - as always, no pressure. 🌼

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Chamomile won November’s end-of-month pin-up poll with 16 points, which featured the audience-suggested theme of Superheroes!  Layla just won out for 2nd place with a meagre 8 votes - everyone wanted Cammie this month but the other votes were all over the place!  Just for fun, this one comes with a little supplementary material for Cammie’s side of it.

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Brigitte Bardot photographed by Leonard de Raemy on the set of “Two weeks in September”, “A coeur joie” directed by Serge Bourguignon in 1967🍀

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