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#sam wilson x black!reader

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Black Reader 

Summary: @tightlikeglue posted this “Prompt: Reader decides to do some deep spring cleaning (during quarantine) and accidentally finds the engagement ring before [mans] proposed” and this happened 💖

Warnings: fluff and stuff… really just fluff lol

Word Count: <900 words

A/N: I hope y’all like this 💖

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about — Y/N Y/L/N and Sam Wilson have been friends since they’re junior year and high school. Now that they’ve graduated high school and both have gotten decent jobs they realize they can’t really afford to live on their own. So now two best friends now share a decent sized two bedroom apartment. Now being within such close quarts with one another they both start to realize they care more about each other more than just friends.

notes — this takes place in an alternate universe, where the avengers don’t exist and they all met before or during college.

pairings — sam wilson x black!reader


Y/N sighed walking into their apartment, putting her keys on the counter. She quickly took off her shoes, sighing of relief as she flexed her toes. Leaning against the counter she took a few deep breaths trying to calm herself from the stressful day she just had.

“Long day, sweetie?” The sound of Sam’s voice caused Y/N to flinch slightly, not noticing he was near when she came in.

“You have no idea, and on top of that Sharon set me up on a blind date with one of her coworkers. And honestly I don’t feel like going.” She complained flopping down next to him on the couch.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise not knowing she was back into the dating pool. “Didn’t you hate the last dude Sharon set you up with?”

“Ugh,” she paused at the memory of the date. “Please don’t remind me, but I don’t want to seem like a bitch. So I guess, I have to go. I’m gonna go get ready and I’ll send you my location just like the last time?” She questioned getting up from the couch.

“Just like the last time.” He smiled.

Sam watched as she made her way to her room. As soon as he heard her bedroom door close, he let out a groan of frustration. Throwing his head back, he ran his hands down his face annoyed at the fact that he hadn’t sat down and told her how he felt yet.

And he hates to say it but Bucky was right. Just because he didn’t tell doesn’t mean she wasn’t going to eventually start dating again. He just hoped he had more time.

coming soon…

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SUMMARY | It’s the second day of the trip, and after a few hours of searching twitter, Sam and Giselle have a conversation. And Steve finally has enough of Gamoras shit and asks Sam what’s her problem.



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SUMMARY | The trip is now in full swing, fresh off the plane ready to party and enjoy the sun. Well, it starts off that way but it wouldn’t be a party without someone getting into an altercation!


WARNINGS | explicit language, drug, and alcohol usage. 

AUTHORS NOTE | This chapter sucks because it’s just a filler and because I realized T'challa didn’t really have a lot of interactions with Giselle and I wanted to build that relationship. So I hope y’all enjoy it!



Giselle shrieked happily getting out of the car Erik had rented at the airport. She looked around the compound that they had rented out for the week and a half vacation the group decided to take.

“You ready for a good time baby girl?” Erik asked, getting their bags from the trunk.

“You know it! And T’Challa already bought the alcohol and food so all we have to do is start cooking. And by the time everyone is here and settled in we’ll be nice and tipsy and the food will be done.”

The two continued to make small talk as they got their bags making their way into the bigger house which is where they were staying. And Erik being Erik decided to make his presence known.

“YEERRR!” And soon followed T’Challa doing the same, making his way to greet the two.

Soon enough Nakia was greeting them as well, talking to the couple Giselle opened up her purse bringing out the itinerary Steve had given her a few days ago. She quickly skimmed through it looking for the room assignments.

“I figured out. the room assignments! I’m gonna set my stuff in my room and then put names on sticky notes and attach them to the doors.Or sound I let them fight it out like wild animals?: She questioned jokingly.

“I vote for them to fight it out.” T’Challa commented

Giselle giggled, grabbing Eriks hand. “Come on, I’ll take you to your room.”

“I thought we were sharing a room?” Upon hearing this T’Challa and Nakia shared a look of knowing before snickering, going back into the kitchen.

Within the next 4 hours everyone had made it to the houses and put their stuff away, going off to do a multitude of things: cooking, drinking and taking naps.

Giselle, Nakia and Val had been in the kitchen making drinks and helping T’Challa and Erik get the food together for their barbecue. The five of them chatted about what they could do tomorrow, when Steve and Sam wales in with their significant others.

Giselle smiled making her way to Steve giving him a quick hug and introducing herself to his girlfriend.

“Hi, I’m Giselle.” The two did a quick exchange of names and getting to know each other before she asked if Steve’s girlfriend -who’s name is Mila- wanted a drink. She added and they made their way into the bar that was in the backyard and Giselle started making drinks.

The two walked around while Giselle introduced Mila to every one, and things got a bit interesting when they got to Erik.

“And this is Eri, my b-“

“Boyfriend right?” Mila interrupted.

“Nah, I’m just the best friend.” Erik stated, smiling. Mila tried to apologize but they both told her it wasn’t necessary and that they got that a lot.

As the night went on, everyone enjoyed themselves. They ate, drank and told stories about events that happened in their life. It was going perfect until Gamora made a slick comment about Giselle and Erik’s instagram spree as of recently.

“Well, I noticed some people have been hanging out more since the last time we all lined up.” This caused Carol to side eye her rolling her eyes, Mila was sitting right next to Carol and noticed Carol’s actions which caused her to laugh.

“Why the fuck is she even taking right now?” Carol mumbled but not soft enough because Erik heard this which caused him to choke on his drink.

As soon as Erik caught his breath, he was ready to respond but Sam beat him to it.

“Mora, does it really matter? Just let it go and enjoy yourself, do you not remember the conversation we had before we left to come here?” He questioned sitting next to her, this caused her to put and take a sip of her drink.

“Oh, so now she knows how to be quiet, I’m honestly shocked!” Manti quipped. This comment caused Val to hit her leg. Giselle rolled her eyes at the two before getting up to get a drink and to get her phone off the charger in the kitchen.

When she saw she had a few texts, one from her mother, an unknown number and one from Sam. A surprised look to over ed face seeing his contact name on her home screen.

“What in the hell?”

“Yo, you good?” Giselle jumped looking up to see T’Challa daring at her worried. She nodded, setting her phone down, going to the fridge to grab a Mike’s, he watched her move around the kitchen, pouring herself a drink.

“I know you hear this a lot, but seriously I’m here if you need me. And let’s be real. I’m the only one here who can help you cope with this constructively.”

Sighing she agreed with him, making her way over to him giving him a hug. “I know, Challa. I know it’s just you were dealing with your own stuff and I didn’t want to bother you.”

“That’s bullshit but I understand just shoot me a text if it ever gets to be too much. Or when you are ready to fight. Because the Giselle I know would never let anyone talk to her that reckless.”

“Okay, okay lay off a little bit. It’s just a weird territory to navigate especially with miss thang here. But do you think I’m getting under their skin with Erik?”

“Hell yeah you are. Steve’s comments and tweets alone should’ve let you know how they feel. Especially ole girl she wasn’t sweating you until this vacation was around the corner. So just sit back, relax and watch the bullshit come and go.”

“Now, you know good and damn well I’m too petty to just watch it come and go.”

“I know but damn a nigga can dream!” She laughed, pushing him away making her way outside to join the group again.


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SUMMARY | Going our with a group of friends is fun. Especially when you have a vacantion together coming up. Until your ex brings his new girlfriend, who he was talking to while you two were still together.


WARNINGS | attempted angst.


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SUMMARY | Going our with a group of friends is fun. Especially when you have a vacantion together coming up. Until your ex brings his new girlfriend, who he was talking to while you two were still together.



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SUMMARY | Love can hurt, it hurts especially when your friends’ group goes on a vacation and your ex brings his new girlfriend along. It might not seem like a big deal because it has been two years, but it hurts the most when it’s your soulmate.


                            TWITTER ACCOUNTS PT. II


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Can He Be My Daddy?

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Black!Chubby!Reader

Warnings: Daddy Kink, General Nastiness, NSFW

Description: Sam finds out about your daddy kink.


Originally posted by samwilsondaily


You and Sam were as close as a healthy couple could be. Y’all worked together at the Avengers Tower, him as an Avenger and you as an on-site chef. He immediately fell for your soul food cooking and sweet (y/e/c) eyes.

Thus, after a year of steady dating, you two moved in together. Now it’s been 3 years of bliss, and you couldn’t be happier. You two shared everything: memories, hopes for the future, dreams, the list goes on and on.

However, there were some things that you just never mentioned. They weren’t bad. You just weren’t sure if he was into it or not; if he wasn’t, you didn’t want to rock the boat.

But oh, how you longed to tell Sam about your daddy kink.

You would love to call Sam ‘daddy’ and let him fully control you during sex. Something about giving up that power to someone else just got you immediately turned on. Don’t get you started on when Sam calls you ‘baby girl.’ Sometimes, if he calls you that a little too much, you fall into subspace and become chill as hell.

The couple occasions that happened you had to pretend you were on some weird medicine. Out of all those in the Avengers Tower, Pepper and Natasha immediately knew what was up, as the Dominants in their relationships. They’d smirk teasingly, and sometimes Nat would pinch your cheeks, pulling you down further in your headspace. However, they always came to check on you in case you ever suffered from a subdrop.

So when you slipped up like you did, that shit threw you for a fucking loop. It accidentally happened at one of the Game Nights you and Sam always had. Y’all were playing Super Smash Bros, and you were losing badly, with only one life left. Sam’s Meta Knight came up behind your Princess Peach, knocking her off the screen with a dramatic whoop!

Sam immediately started doing a dorky victory dance, looking like Childish Gambino in his “This is America” video. He slid in front of you with a grin, wrapping you in a big embrace and swaying back and forth.

He crowed, “Come on, baby girl, you know what they call me in this game. What’s my name, huh?”

You hemmed and hawed, unwilling to admit defeat. Then he placed a kiss on your forehead, turning you into a puddle of sappy goo, and repeated the question again in that sweet, teasing voice.

For some reason, your dumb brain made you whisper, “Daddy.”

You froze in his arms for a brief second, trying to play it off after. “Ha ha, ya know, like a ‘Who’s your daddy?’ thing.” You forced a smile, praying he’d drop this.

You knew he wouldn’t.

He knew he wouldn’t.

So it was no surprise when Sam pulled back from you and tilted your head up, looking at you with those intense chocolate brown eyes.

“So, baby girl, I’m your Daddy, huh?”

He smirked, hands dropping to rub slow circles on your ass. The motion was calming but you still felt embarrassed.

“You weren’t supposed to find out about that kink,” you whispered.

You tried to tug away from him, but before you could blink, you were held aloft in his strong arms.

“Why not? You know I love taking care of you,” He carried you to the bedroom, kicking the door shut behind him.

He went to bed, setting you down on his knee before brushing a stray hair from your face. Sam placed kisses up and down your neck, loving your soft gasps as he nibbled on your brown skin.

“It’s really an honor,” Sam stated, “that you want me to be your daddy. You do want that, right?”

He leaned back, watching you carefully for any last minute doubt. You nodded so fast, you made yourself dizzy. He chuckled, fondly kissing your lips.

“Alrighty then, what do you need from me, baby girl?” He cooed.

You shuddered at the nickname. Your hands tugged at his shirt needily.

“Use your words, princess.”

You whined, “You, daddy, I want you!”

You dragged your nails down his chest, his body shuddering with the sensation. His shirt was yanked off him, flying to the corner of the room in a blink. Your hands fumbled for his belt buckle, but a cool chuckle stopped you in your tracks.

Sam caught your wrists in one hand and held them behind your back. His head tilted slowly, eyes narrowed in thought. He raised your chin, disappointment and amusement warring in his gaze.

His tone was stern as he said, “You’ll have me, lil girl, but good girls don’t rush their Daddies, right?”

Biting your lip, you nodded meekly.

“Good. Now undress and get in position.” He waggled his eyebrows. “I want that ass up in the air, cuz I’m hungry for cake.”

You snorted at his goofy smile before you got up to undress. You stripped slowly, feeling Sam’s gaze heavily on your backside. You bent to pull down your panties, looking over your shoulder at him as you slid them down your legs.

Crack! Sam’s palm bounced against your ass.

You squeaked, jerking straight up. A loud belly laugh escaped him as you pouted.

“Come on, little girl, Daddy’s getting impatient.”

You got into position, shaking your ass once your back was arched. His warm breath grazed your soaked lower lips. You held your breath, waiting for that first sweep of his tongue.

Warm wetness danced between your thighs. With one broad stroke, his tongue swiped from your clit to your waiting entrance. Shudders wracked your body, spine tingling as you felt his hands spread your thighs even wider.

“Yes, daddy, yes,” you gasped.

Sam went back and forth, covering your entire pussy and fupa with easy movements. Loud slurps filled the room as he repeatedly dipped his tongue in and out of your dripping entrance.

A hand reached up to your clit, toying lightly with it as he began to curl his tongue upwards inside you. With a sharp pinch, he had you crying out a litany of yes’s. Warm tears spilled from your eyes at the pain and pleasure swirling together.

He slid one finger into you, making ‘come hither ‘ motions that had you trembling. He started pumping it in and out, setting a steady pace. He slid a second and third finger in easily, giving you a nice stretch. Your body was rocking back onto his fingers unconsciously, gasps leaving you as he replaced his fingers on your clit with his tongue.

“Daddy, daddy, I’m about to cum!” You cried out.

He paused, a desperate whimper escaping your lips as all motion stopped. He lifted his head, slick glistening in his beard and around his mouth as he smiled.

“I don’t know,” he teased. “Do losers get rewards?”

“Daddy, pretty please,” you begged.

“Answer the question, baby girl,” he said. “Do losers get rewards?”

A soft sob left you as you replied, “No, daddy.”

“Alright then,” Sam said, “don’t cum, because I can think of a thousand ways to make you regret it.”

He went back to eating, thinning his tongue and flicking it rapidly across your clit. Your thighs clenched down on his head, a silent plea to keep going. He slid out his fingers, immediately replacing them with his tongue again.

Tears were streaming down your face as your impending climax had you teetering on the edge. You clutched the covers, toes curling as he lightly bit down on your nub.

“Daddy, I can’t hold it anymore,” you sobbed.

He lifted his head, using one hand to rub your clit while the other—still soaked from your juices—traveled up your crack. Sam pressed one finger on your back entrance, holding it there firmly.

“Alright, baby girl,” he cooed, slipping his pinky in, “cum now.”

On command, you fell off the edge. Stars exploded behind your eyes as you convulsed.

“Oh god, daddy!” You shouted.

Elated tears streamed down your face as his finger began to pump in your ass, prolonging the moment of rapture.

The wave rebuilt away as he continued, pulling out a second and third orgasm from your weak body. You eventually had to tap out, smacking the pillow by your head twice.

“You’ve got one more in you, baby girl,” Sam said.

“Nuh uh.” You shook your head. “Daddy, I can’t!”

You tried to squirm away, only for Sam’s other arm to catch you around your middle and drag you back. He laid two heavy slaps to your raised ass.

“Next time you wanna run,” he barked, “I’ll cuff your hands to your feet and put a vibrator in you. For hours.”

He twisted the fingers in your ass around, spreading and tightening them continuously. You keened at the stretch.

“Am I clear, (Y/N)?” Sam said. You nodded quickly. “Now cum, baby girl.”

You catapulted into a wave of bliss, knees shaking with the euphoria flowing through your veins. Sam slid his fingers out slowly, rubbing and placing gentle kisses up and down your back. Sporadic lovebites were placed on your behind. The pain just merged easily with your orgasm.

You came down gently, only to hear a continuous wet slapping sound. You glanced over your shoulder, hearing the telltale sign of your man jacking off. His eyes were glued to your chocolate brown lower lips and wide behind. You reached back, spreading your ass cheeks wide so he could see your gaping holes.

“Go on, daddy,” you purred. “I’ll be your dirty girl too.”

With a grunt, he came, warm cum spattering on your back and landing in between your ass cheeks. A happy sigh left you as good feelings settled in your chest. Your mind was long gone, traveling in the stars as you sunk deep into subspace. The only thing holding you to the bed was your loose grasp on the duvet.

Your eyes were fluttering closed, sleep nearly overtaking you. The box spring creaked, Sam’s feet slapping against the hardwood floor as he went to the bathroom for a warm wet rag.

Seconds ticked by before he came back with the cloth and a bottle of water. He cleaned you up slowly, murmuring praises into your ear with every swipe.

Sam held the bottle of water to your lips, and by force of habit, you took slow drags of the refreshing water. He lifted your plush body up into his arms, sliding into the sheets with you resting on top of him. The lights were dim, the room smelling of sex and your combined perfume and cologne.

“Thank you daddy,” you sighed.

You heard the smile in his voice as he answered, “Of course, baby girl. Now, what other kinks do you have that we need to explore?”


A/N: So I’ve had this in my drafts since May, and I finally got this completed. I wavered between a headcanon and regular story format, but eventually I decided on the standard format. Hope y’all enjoy, and I wish y’all a happy Veterans Day!

Tag List: @marvelmaree @wawakanda-btch @madhatterhelsing @curls-and-crosses @wakanda-inspired @thehomierobbstark @hearteyes-for-killmonger @laketaj24 @storibambino @jayjaydrama @theunsweetenedtruth @mbakusprincess

Sorry if you don’t want to be tagged! Please let me know if you don’t want to be tagged for any Sam Wilson or anything nastiness of this nature


Originally posted by desingyouruniverse

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A/N:Aight so this is my first post ever. It’s a 70s AU with my boy Sam. I hope y’all like it… Feedback would be dope as hell. I’m sweating while posting this lol, y’all can always send requests. And yeah, thanks for reading.

Pairing; 70s AU Sam Wilson x Black!Reader, Bucky Barnes (Mentioned), Steve Rogers (Mentioned)


Words: 1.1k


It was the only bar in all of New York that was playing something calm and soothing rather than the bumping and deafening sound of disco. Not that you hated disco, your friends considered you the disco queen in all honesty; but after the week you had, you needed a more quiet place to collect yourself and your emotions.

“I just don’t know why he would just leave without giving me a reason,” you said, voice quaking and tears threatening to fall, “what did I do?”

“Girl, nothing! You did absolutely nothing wrong! James is just a giant dumbass who doesn’t know what he just lost,” your best friend Joccelin said, trying to lift your spirits.

“Thanks Jay, but still, I can’t help thinking it was my fault. I did so much for that man all for him to just disappear.” you sighed into your third glass of wine of the night.

So much was an absolute understatement; James, your boyfriend of three years, had little to no ambition and was constantly getting fired damn near every other month for -and you quote- ‘no damn reason’, which caused you to work even longer at a job you never wanted in the first place but money was money. Your boss was riding your ass when everyone else in the damn office was sitting there just twiddling their damn thumbs as if they didn’t have a job to attend to. You felt like you were stuck in the middle of a maze with no way out.

“You need to get over his ass, he was no good for you anyway,” Joccelin tried pushing.

“I was with James for three years Jay! Three! How am I gonna get over three years?” You snapped back quietly as to not draw attention to yourself. Joccelin rolled her eyes in exasperation at your dramatic self when something -or rather someone- caught her eye.

“By forgetting about him and thinking about someone else,” she replied, devilish smirk on his face.

“Who the fu-” you had started before Joccelin shushed you and turned your head to Him. There stood the most gorgeous man you had ever seen. He looked to be about six feet, his bright smile absolutely lit up the room, you could see the muscles through his white dress shirt that looked like if he were to flex, the shirt would vaish in an instant -possibly allowing you to see more of his smooth brown skin that looked absolutely delicious under the dim lights of the bar-, sporting navy blue pinstripe pants that looked like they were meant for him and him alone. You caught him stealing a glance your way causing you to whirl back around and face Joccelin.

“Holy shit,” you gasped, eyes wide like you had just seen the face of a god.

“Mhm, now get ya ass up and go say something to him” Joccelin said trying to shoo you away and towards the unnamed man.

“First of all, you sound like someone’s auntie. And second what?! No! What would I even say to him?” you asked scared of even walking over there.

“Hey, that suit looks nice; it’d look even better on my bedroom floor” she replied laughing and clapping her hands at the corny pick up line. You couldn’t fight the smile creeping at your lips.

“You are such a dumbass,” you chuckled.

“But you love my dumbass; now quit stalling and go,” she attempted to shoo you again.

“I still don’t even know what to say!” you whisper-shouted, looking over your shoulder to steal another glance at the attractive male. Almost as if it were fate, he had turned at the exact same moment you had, instantly locking eyes with him; causing butterflies to erupt deep from within your belly. You turned around again quickly to face Joccelin once again.

“I already gave you some pretty good opening a material if I do say so myself,” she shrugged, “shit if we’re lucky I’ll get one of those white boys he’s with.” Following her devilish gaze, you saw the two men you hadn’t even noticed before. Both about the same height as the man you had been eyeing. Both had blue eyes but one with dark brown hair, the other with light brown -almost blonde- hair, both good looking and understanding Jay’s desire to have one of them for the night.

Turning your attention back to your friend,“Girl! Can we worry about me, before you worry about getting your rocks off?”

Glancing back at the men once more before picking up her martini, “Oh, we won’t have to worry about you much longer,”she said before taking a sip.

“And why is that?” you retorted crossing your arms.

“Because here he comes right now,” she said nonchalantly before taking another sip. Your eyes widened like a deer in headlights and before you could turn around to confirm, you hear a man clearing his throat behind you and noticing the evil grin on Jay’s face.

You turned around to see Him, in all his god-like glory.

“Damn baby,” he states, his baritone voice sounding like velvet looking young and down,“your man is lucky as hell to have a girl like you.”

“Oh well I-”

“She don’t have a man,” Joccelin interrupted before you could even start your sentence. She sent a knowing look your way and you turned your attention back to the handsome man.

“Then today must be my lucky day,” he flashed that smile that was absolutely contagious. “Would you like to dance?” He asks reaching his hand out to me. Glancing at Joccelin and noticing her subtle ‘bitch if you don’t say yes’ look back at him and reply with a smile,“I’d love too,” taking his hand in yours. His adorable buck toothed smile grew even more has if that were even possible.

Leading you off to the dancefloor; he stopped right in the middle, your arms around his neck, his hands around your waist. Swaying to the beat, along with the other couples in the bar and started to get to know each other. You had learned his name was Sam, he was from Brooklyn, and that his friends and himself were in the army. He said he was leaving in a few weeks but he would like to spend time with you before he leaves and even more time when he comes back. The conductor of the orchestra had announced they would be playing the final song of the evening, causing a few people to begin leaving the bar. In the middle of the song, Joccelin had told you that she was leaving with both men -much to your surprise- who you had later learned were called ‘Bucky and Steve’.

“You better not hurt my girl here,” Joccelin jokingly threatened, while pointing a finger; you playfully rolled your eyes with a small smile on your lips.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,’ he simply replied with a smile, your smile growing as you looked at him. You both had continued swaying to the song, smiles and looks of longing evident on both of your faces, you had grown slightly sad knowing this exact moment couldn’t last forever and wishing with all your heart it would. As the song was nearing its end, and as if he had sensed your sadness, he stopped your movements and placed a finger under your chin to guide your lips to his in a kiss that made you feel like you were on cloud nine. His lips so soft and gentle, they felt like they were made for yours; and in that moment all your troubles had melted away and to say the least you were very much over what’s-his-name.

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107 with Sam please omg 😍

I hope this is ok. There’s no smut and I tried but it didn’t want to happen lol I hope you like it!

It’s still 18+ though

Prompt: “Your ass is going to be seven different shades of red after that little stunt.”


Arms stretched above your head, the skirt of your dress flipped up showing your bare bottom, curses slipping past your lips every few seconds, is where you found yourself this fine evening. Your day had been going well, everything going according to plan, that was until your slip up.

You honestly hadn’t meant, it was an honest mistake. But you had made it nonetheless, and now you were paying for it.

Sam stood behind you, belt in hand, and a few other implements laid out on the bed next to him. You never knew when or if he was going to switch implements on you, but man you’d give anything for this punishment to be over.

He had started with his hand over your dress, then he worked his way to you bare bottom with his hand, warming you up. And now he was on his third implement, his belt. Your least favorite, and he knew it.

Your tears streamed down your face as his earlier words replayed in your mind, “Your ass is going to be seven different shades of red after that little stunt.”

You had chuckled in response. CHUCKLED. Then added a snarky, ”No one has eve managed to turn my ass red, what makes you think you’ll be able to?“ And now you were paying for your words. He was enjoying this, inflicting this pain and watching you cry. And you loved it, his enjoyment.

You squeaked as he checked in, asking if you needed a break or to stop, but you assured him that you could take it, so he continued. The blow of the belt never landed in the same spot twice and you were sure he had kept up his promise of turning your ass seven different shades of red.

You were in for a long night.

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Bring Your Kid to Work Day

For @afewmarvelousthoughts’s challenge

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Black Wife!Reader

Word Count: 1062

Warnings: None, like, at all, it’s all cute 😁😁

A/N: I’m sooo glad I got this done! I think I tried to write this 3 different times and I finally have something I love. Of course for this challenge I had to write for undercover full course meal Sam Wilson! Anyway hope you all enjoy and thank you @afewmarvelousthoughts for creating the challenge! Love y'all!!!!💖💛💖💛

UNIVERSAL TAGS LIST: @avc212 @beautifulwisdom2001 @iamzion-therealhabesha @cheychey10142 @thottio @jetaimeamore @mixedfandxms @here-for-your-bullshit



“Jaydan Darlene Wilson, you better come get in this bath right now!” You hear your husband Sam yell from the bathroom. 

    "Daddy, I don’t wanna!“ You 4 year old daughter yells from what sounds like a different room. You finish putting on mascara the stand from your vanity to poke you head out the bedroom door.

    "If you don’t you won’t be able to come with us and see Uncle Steve and Uncle Tony… and Uncle Bucky.” Sam says Bucky’s name quieter and more snithe, still slightly bitter from their past encounters, buy still says it knowing his daughters fondness towards him. In no time at all Jaydan went running back toward the bathroom.

    "Okay! Let’s get ready to see my friends.“ You chuckle to yourself, imagining the smile on your daughters face, then turn back into your room to finish getting dressed. 

    About 20 minutes later, Sam stalks into the bedroom, slightly irritated.

    "She insisted on getting dressed by herself.” He wipes the bit of sweat that settled on his forehead. He walks over to you at your vanity as you were pulling your braids into a ponytail.

    "You should be used to her attitude by now.“ You laugh, turning around and reaching up a hand to feel on Sam’s goatee.

    "You can never get used to having a sassy child. You have to stay on your toes.” You just shake your head and get up from your spot straightening out your outfit of shorts and a baseball sleeve tee.

    "I guess you’re right.“ You head to the bedroom door and turn around to look at Sam. "I’m gonna go do her hair.”

    "Have fun. I’ll make breakfast.“ He responds pulling off his shirt.


    You go downstairs after cleaning up the hair supplies you used on Jaydan to the scent of cinnamon rolls. In the kitchen, your daughter was sitting at the island singing about having a cinnamon roll in front of her as Sam poured a small amount of scrambled eggs on her plate. Jaydan was dressed in pink shorts and a white shirt with pink and blue flowers. Her hair was in two thick braids, a ball hair tie around the base of both and a barrette at the end of each of them. Sam was dressed in a simple dri-fit Nike shirt and jeans.

    "Here’s your cinnamon roll and boiled egg because your a weirdo who doesn’t like scrambled eggs.” Sam places your plate in front of you and kisses your forehead. 

    "I’m gonna pretend you didn’t add those extra words.“ You sprinkle salt on on your egg then take a sip of coffee. "You excited, JJ?” You turn to your daughter, wiping some icing from her face.

    "Yeah. Uncle Tony is letting me watch him in his lab. He said he would. And Uncle Steve said he would draw with me and Uncle Bucky said I could do his hair.“ She rambles, taking a sip of orange juice once she’s done.

    "Sounds like your gonna have fun today. Now before we leave we’ll go brush our teeth, okay?” Sam says as he situates himself next to you.

    "Okay, but I can do it by myself this time, Daddy.“ She finishes her orange juice then hurries upstairs.

    "Gotta stay on your toes.” Sam looks at you then takes a quick sip of his coffee, grabs his cinnamon roll and follows his daughter upstairs. You start to clean up the kitchen.


    You all have been at the compound for about 2 hours and though this length of time has been uneventful for you and Sam, who haven’t moved from the couch in the common room and have endlessly been flipping through files, Jaydan has already spent half an hour drawing with Steve, a time in which Steve drew a portrait of JJ and JJ drew a portrait of Steve. The next half hour JJ spent messing with Bucky’s hair, putting half of it up in a ponytail with a hair tie Bucky provided and placing the two barrettes she had on her braids at the front of his hair. Afterwards Bucky made them both sundaes. And for the past hour she has been in Tony’s lab watching him work on his latest project, but now Tony emerges with JJ on his shoulders, sitting her on the counter in the kitchen and then grabs her a juice box from the fridge.

    "Mommy, Daddy, do you guys know nan-uh.“ Jaydan stops and whispers something into Tony’s ear and he whispers something into her ear. She turns back to you two. "Do you guys know nanotechnology?” She turns back to Tony and giggles after asking, then turns to you guys again.

    "Nope. What is nanotechnology?“ Sam asks, closing his file and placing it on the coffee table. You do the same, turning your body so you’re facing the kitchen and place an arm around Sam.

    "Na-notech-nology are machines made with little robots.” She giggles, earning a high five from Tony. Sam turns to look at you.

    "I’d like to remind you that this is your fault.“ Sam says, smirking and raising an eyebrow.

    "And how, Mr. Wilson, is this my fault?” You tilt your head and give him a smirk similar to his.

   "Tony is your friend. Now we’re gonna be hearing her talk about nanotechnology for the next 3 days.“ He flicks a couple of braids in your ponytail.

    "You’re not wrong. But since you want to point fingers,” You remove your arm from Sam’s shoulder and laugh. “You’re on nap detail, since it was your friend who gave her a sundae. And we both know it was not small.”

    "Okay wait-“ Sam straight up. You pick up the file you were working on and lean back into the couch. Sam just gets up from the couch, knowing that he couldn’t win this. "You’re gonna pay for this later.” He whispers, nudging your leg that rested on the coffee table.

    "I can’t wait.“ You smile a wide childish smile then tilt toward your daughter, who was laughing at something Tony was doing. Sam just shakes his and walks over to Jaydan picking her up from the counter.

    "Are you tired?” Sam asks her as he adjusts her on his hip. She shakes her head and you giggle when you hear Sam sigh. “Girl, what happened to your hair?” Sam asks when he enters the hallway, Jaydan’s heavenly laugh coming after.

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A writing idea


Title: Hide & Seek

A/N: This is kind of a modern au and a soulmate au. I thought of this idea for the soulmate au.

Pairing: Sam wilson x Black!reader

Summary: The map and letters on your arm was like a puzzle. One that you couldn’t solve because it was too complicated. Every now and then new letters and numbers appeared on your arm providing you with clues on where to find your soulmate. But everytime you get closer to finding them another roadblock pops up.

A/N Pt. 2: Should I write it?

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Shoot Your Shot


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Pairing: Sam Wilson x Black!Reader

Summary: You meet Sam Wilson during a crazy battle in New York.

Warnings: Minor Character Death, Mentions of blood and gore

A/N: Hey y’all, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted any writing whatsoever. This literally hit me because I finally watched Infinity War, and I wanted to honor my fallen baby daddy (one of them, anyway) Sam Wilson. So here y’all go, a headcanon for him!


— You were walking down the a busy street in Brooklyn, head in the clouds and minding your own business

— Suddenly some people start running ahead of you

— So of course, being the black person you were and knowing to run when you see others run, you booked it down the street.

— At your back you could hear explosions and screams, one cry rising above the rest and causing you to skid to a halt.

— “Mommy!” It was a little baby girl, no older than five. She was shaking her mother frantically, screaming “Get up, mommy, please!”

— Your heart broke as you ran back to the pair, seeing the mother’s chest ripped wide open. She was gasping, trying to push her daughter along. All you could hear was a weak and thready voice saying, “Go on, baby. Go on home like we drilled.”

— You kneeled down across from the baby, talking in a soothing voice, “Hey, sweetheart. Listen, what’s your name?” She sniffled, murmuring “Angie.”

—“Okay, Angie baby, we’re gonna have to go, okay? It’s dangerous out here.” You held out a hand to her, begging her with your eyes to come on (because you knew you weren’t leaving her behind)

— Angie cried, “What about mommy? Is she okay?”

— Your heart shattered a bit more as you shakily replied, “She’s gonna be just fine, sweetie pie. Now come on, let’s get you safe and I’ll come back for her.”

— Finally, after what felt like a lifetime, Angie grabbed your hand and you scooped her up. You heard her mother whisper a grateful “thank you” as you walked briskly away, wiping tears the entire time.

— You glanced back before you turned a street corner, seeing numerous 4-armed beasts swarm the mother’s corpse. One last shriek pierced your ears as they descended and tore her apart.

— You shielded Angie’s eyes, not wanting her to witness the madness. You ran for damn near 3 miles, watching New York fall into chaos as the monsters were unable to be contained.

— Just as you turned onto your block, a beast fell down in front of you. Angie screamed, drawing its beady eyes to y’all.

— You shifted Angie to your right arm, reaching with your left for the gun in your waistband.

— It lept, baring its teeth as it reached for you both. You drew and fired, shooting it three times in the eyes. It fell to your feet, twitching before you shot it one more time.

— You heard a thud behind you, swirling with your gun and Angie tight in your grip. It was a handsome black man, with red goggles covering his eyes and wings coming from a backpack on his back.

— “Cap, I just saw a civvie take down these things with bullets to its eyes. Tell Nat and everyone else their eyes are its weak spots.” He talked into an earpiece, ending the connection with a click.

— “Are you alright, ma’am? Where are you headed?” He shouted to be heard over the sirens and explosions.

— “My apartment is just up the block, I’ve got more ammo there.” You gestured with your chin behind you, lowering the gun as it was clear he wasn’t a threat.

—“I’ll cover you until you get home, it’s no place for civilians to be out right now.” The man smiled, gesturing with an arm for you to go ahead.

— You clutched Angie closer as you heard the chittering of the beasts. Two turned the corner, screeching as they saw their fallen companion.

— They bum rushed you both, the man and you firing simultaneously. Yours hit spot-on, while his shots were touch and go. Finally they were both dead, but you knew you needed to move. More were on the way.

— “Come on, follow me.” You gestured the man along, starting a brisk jog to your building. You heard his footfalls behind you, so you knew you were safe. However, you kept your gun in hand, just in case.

— “What’s your name, gorgeous?” He asked. You looked back sharply, only to laugh quietly at his cheeky smile.

— “I don’t think now is the best time for a meet-n-greet, love.” You smiled briefly, shouting, “On your left!” as another one jumped from a rooftop.

— He barked out, “Two coming in hot behind you!” He shot it four times, the last bullet for good measure as it still tried crawling to y’all. He heard the click of your gun as you released the last bullets into the approaching two.

— He reached into his back pocket, about to hand you a spare gun of his, when he saw you set the girl down and pull out a clip from your purse. You changed them quickly, picking the baby up once you got a bullet in the chamber.

— Y’all walked ahead, shooting creatures left and right until you sighed in relief at the sight of your apartment in Brooklyn. You climbed the stoop steps, setting Angie down briefly to get your key out.

— “My name is Y/N,” you said as you unlocked the door. “Now, before I head inside, what’s yours?”

— He smiled again, gap-tooth on display as he said, “Sam Wilson, AKA the Falcon. Just in case you wanna get any of my merch.”

— “I’ll keep that in mind,” you teased. You felt Angie tug on your hand, so you glanced down to see her bouncing back and forth. Her brown face was scrunched up, tears in the corner of her eyes as she said “I gotta go potty!”

— “Well, that’s my cue,” you said. Sam smiled again, letting his wings unfold from his back as he prepared for takeoff.

— The words burst out from him as he said, “If you and baby girl ever need anything, come by the Avengers Tower. I’ll be there.”

— With a quick wink, you replied, “Even if that thing is a date?” He nodded his head so fast at that, making you giggle as you said, “Good luck with the fight, Mr. Wilson. I’ll see you soon.”

— The door closed behind you, locks clicking in place as you led Angie upstairs to your apartment. You heard Sam fly away, an excited whoop! reaching your ears, and you laughed again before setting about getting Angie fed and comfortable.

— Miles away, Sam dove back into the fray, clips emptying into the beasts with vigour. Sam left a trail of bloodshed behind him as he shot left and right.

— Over the comm, Steve says with a snort, “I can’t believe you got a date in the middle of a battle. Figures it’d make you fight better.”

— As the others laughed, Sam couldn’t say anything but “Shut up, Steve” and smile at the thought of seeing you once more.


E/N: Hope y’all enjoyed! And just an FYI, I have been working on A Punishing Tease back and forth, but I just can’t get one part right 🙄 Thanks again! To be honest, I’m just tagging people who might enjoy this, but please let me know if you’d like to not be tagged.

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Authentic Intelligence (Sam Wilson x POC!F.R.I.D.A.Y!Reader smut)

Summary: F.R.I.D.A.Y becomes personified as a beautiful black woman and has her eyes on Sam. Though it’s weird for him, he reciprocates the attraction.

This wasn’t meant to have smut but I decided last minute

Warnings: Smut, a tiny tiny bit of angst?, first time, 18+

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Tony had been tinkering again. He got sick of having to talk to the ceiling when he needed things done or things planned, so he tried to replicate the Vision incident.

Tony had Bruce’s help to make sure F.R.I.D.A.Y wasn’t so Android like. That she would be more human like him with the science of Dr. Cho. He’d rather just have an in person assistant rather than talking to the AI in the tower.

Bruce and Tony had come back from lunch, still talking about ways to execute personifying F.R.I.D.A.Y along with other science shit.

They had entered the lab when they saw a naked woman standing in the middle of the room looking confused. Her skin was like melted chocolate, glistening and beautiful. Her eyes, big, brown and curious.

“Uuuh, m-ma’am… you’re in my lab… naked… fooor what reason?” Tony questioned.

“You look so different in person. Not exactly what I imagined. Better in fact” the woman uttered.

“Excuse me?”

“You both… I know who you are from voice recognition but seeing you in person… it seems to fit”

“Voice recognition?” Bruce stepped closer to the woman and handed her his lab coat so she could button it up and cover herself.

“You two made me. You call me F.R.I.D.A.Y” she smiled brightly and looked at the two with enthusiasm.

Tony smiled and pumped his fists in the air.

“Oh woooow. Wait until the team hears about this!!”


Tony had gotten F.R.I.D.A.Y some of her own clothes before introducing her to the team.

He had called everyone in the conference room and they were sitting there while Tony stood with the personified AI. She looked at everyone amazed, putting names to faces.

One person caught her eye though, and she knew who he was just by the way he carried himself.

“Tony… who is this?” Steve spoke up for everyone while they had a staring match for a few minutes.

“You are Steve. But I hear you referred as Capsicle a lot” she smiled.

She walked over to him and stuck out her hand for him to shake, which he did warily.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she giggled.

“She sounds familiar” Natasha raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

“Well that’s because I have lived with you guys for years” she spoke as if it was obvious, which it kind of was, in her mind anyway.

“For you guys to be assassins and enhanced beings you don’t catch onto things as fast as I thought you would,”

She learned her sass from Tony and he smirked at her remark.

“I-I’m a little lost” Wanda spoke up.

“You’re just like me” Vision realized.

“You’re… F.R.I.D.A.Y” he gave a small smile.

“WHAT?!” Peter stood and rushed over to her and stared at her in amazement.

“Back up, underoos” Tony pulled him away and stood beside her.

She realized Sam had been staring at her this whole time but not in the same suspicious was everyone else had been.

“Everyone… meet F.R.I.D.A.Y” Bruce proudly announced.

They all had looks of amusement and shock displayed on their faces.

“We worked on a way to make sure she wasn’t like Ultron. And we gave her life without the mind stone. It took almost a year to figure it out but here she is.”

“I suppose I am more of an authentic intelligence now more than an artificial one.” She bashfully smiled at everyone.

“How do we know you won’t go all evil on us, F.R.I.D.A.Y?” Bucky questioned

“I have helped you for years and never steered you wrong Mr. Barnes. Now, I am like you. I somehow have all the organs and functioning parts of a human. It was more of a regenerative cell process that created me. But I’m here to help, not to destroy”

“Also… could I have another name? Other than a day of the week? I’d prefer to pick a real name rather than be an acronym, Tony”

“Hmm,” he shrugged “fair enough”

For the first time since seeing her, Sam spoke up.

“what would you like to be called?”

She thought for a minute and picked a name she thought fit her best.

“How about, Y/N. I feel that name fits me best than what you all called me before this ordeal”

Tony smiled triumphantly.

“Then, Y/N it is”


It had been a little over two months since F.R.I.D.A.Y had become Y/N and she was adjusting well as she had once been a part of the tower. Everyone had grown comfortable with Y/N though it had taken them a while to get used to calling her that. 

She’d created a type of older sibling relationship with Peter and Wanda and Rhodey took it upon himself to become a father figure for the girl, which she greatly appreciated. She had the voice and mindset of an old soul though technically she was in her early twenties but still needed guidance. Steve and Natasha taught her hand-to-hand combat just for the fun of it and she caught on really fast. Y/N and Bucky had shared the same passion over old music and old-fashioned movies while her and Vision related to being made and had a close bond. Y/N and Thor liked to try different mundane foods as they became acclimated to the human life. She had even learned to play hide and seek in the vents with Clint. Tony, Y/N Bruce had the same love for science and tinkering. Though Sam hadn’t really talked to her or formed a relationship, she grew fond of him to a great extent from afar.

Y/N would talk to Steve about what she was feeling towards the man who seemed to keep his distance from her.

“Is… is there something wrong with me? Is there something I have done to upset, Sam?” She sat with Steve at the kitchen island. It was late and Sam had a female friend over who seemed to be enjoying herself which Y/N could hear through her own bedroom walls which is how she found herself here beside Steve.

“Don’t overthink it. He wasn’t too fond of Vision either when he came to be. He’s got to get used to you,” Steve took a sip from his mug and shrugged.

She had sulked a little bit, “It has been two months. I am beginning to think he does not like my presence very much, Steve.”

“What… what do you call that?” She turned to look at him and he wasn’t quite sure what she meant but she answered his question before it could form on his lips.

“When you long for someone but they just seem to look past you. I was just in the ceiling before I became this form, I am not used to these feelings. I am… I am just a piece of technology… a science experiment. I am just artificial..” She moved to leave but Steve stopped her.

“You’re more than what you once were… This,” he pointed to his body, “Isn’t exactly authentic either, I was an experiment as well. It’s what you do with what you become that’s authentic. You’re more than a built in ceiling assistant named F.R.I.D.A.Y. You’ve become your own person and that’s authentic.”

His words had given Y/N the encouragement she needed. As she was about to reply, she heard small feet stomping away and an angry female voice. 

“How dare you call me another woman’s name?!” 

Steve and Y/N had seen her and she was fuming, but there had been no reply. Just the closing of the elevators and Sam walking in with just his boxers. Y/N’s eyes were glued to his arms. They were just so admirable. 

Steve nudged her a little bit before giving her a look and walking away just leaving the two in the dim kitchen.

“What was that about?” She quietly asked him but Sam had turned from his stance at the fridge and looked her in her eyes before looking back into the fridge before picking his late night snack of choice.

“I know you do not like me but-”

“You don’t know anything” Sam deadpanned.

“Well, I had just assumed that by-”

“Well you assumed wrong”

“Please stop cutting me off!” At that point Y/N had enough.

“I know I am not normal. But I believe the feelings I have of liking you are normal but also what is not normal is longing for someone who ignores you and does not share those feelings,” She stared at him and waited for him to reply, but he just stared at her. 

“There is no explanation for my actions honestly. But it just took me by surprise to have seen you in the form of a being and for you to be so beautiful. I had to distance myself to get myself together before I could even approach you”

“So does that mean you do in fact share my feelings of adoration?”

“Yes, Y/N” he smiled at her and she loved to seem him smiled, she loved his gap, the way he had slight dimples.

He loved the way her eyes glistened with tears as she watched an old romance movie or the way she stuffed her cheeks with take out that she had been trying for the first time and liked.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Y/N. The way you wear your afro, the way you carry yourself and damn those chocolatey legs. I could just lie in between them all day” He came around the island and sat down beside her.

“I want to know what it’s like..” Y/N bashfully uttered.

“What you were doing with her before she stormed out of here.” Her gaze had fallen to the granite counter

“I can do that” 

Sam took her hand but she had stopped him before he could take her away.

“Shower first and wash your face.” She frowned a bit 


“You just had another woman in bed. I know it doesn’t really work like that but I want a clean slate”


Y/N had been resting on Sam’s bed before he came back clean from his shower. He had been badgering her, making sure this is exactly what she wanted. He gave her plenty of outs, but she was sure of this. 

She had taken it upon herself to get naked and sit at the edge of his bed waiting. Once he had his door shut and locked, he stalked towards her, pulling her to stand up with him before slowly attaching his lips to her. 

She didn’t quite know what to do but she followed along and felt she caught the hang of it but Sam had made a mental note that it was something she needed to work on but he loved her effort anyway. Y/N had no idea what to do with her hands so she just grabbed onto his arms which flustered her.

Sam moved to lay her down on the bed and crawled up to her to place kisses along her neck and chest. 

He took one of her nipples in his mouth and a surprised sound flew from her lips. The sensation created a warmth within her and she felt herself clench.

“Sam, touch me please,” she had become shy, she didn’t know exactly what she was asking of him but what he did next had answered it.

As he moved his mouth to her other breast he moved his hand down and rubbed her clit causing her to gasp.

These newfound sensations had Y/N feeling like her nerve endings were on fire in the best way possible. She was feeling a warmth run up and down her body which made her feel like she was a bomb, slowly counting down until it was time for her to detonate.

Once Sam felt that she was wet enough he inserted a finger, the action eliciting a small mewl from Y/N. She had took Sam by the chin before crashing her lips onto his. He groaned against her lips before adding another finger. 

Y/N moaned into his mouth as he picked up the speed.

The feeling of him fingering her along with the wet sounds of her pussy had her feeling like she was high. She clenched around his fingers before expressing her concern about the amount of pleasure she was feeling.

“Sam, I don’t know what this feeling is,” throwing her head back and gripping onto his shoulders.

“Just relax, baby. It’s a good thing. Let go.”

She didn’t know he meant by let go but a wave of absolute euphoria washed over all of her senses and she bucked her hips up against his hand to keep the feeling and it lasted her a good while before she fell limp onto his bed.

“oh my goodness. w-what was that?” she was panting. Her body felt like was vibrating.

“Oh, baby I just gave you your first orgasm,” Sam gave her a cocky smile and she sweetly smiled back.

“I want to feel that again,” she sat up and crawled into his lap. He let out a beautiful sound, as she had moved against his dick, that caused Y/N to close her eyes and smirk as if it was her favorite song. 

Sam sat with his back against the headboard and his arms wrapped around Y/N. He gave her a gentle kiss and stared at her as if she was his favorite piece of artwork.

“You’re with me?” In that moment he was hesitant, a love life never really existed for him and he wanted this to be it.

“I’m with you. From here on out” She whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek.

He lifted her up so he could aligned himself with her. He could feel her death grip on his shoulders, she was nervous but she wanted this.

“Relax, babygirl.” he lulled.

Sam slowly moved her down on him, he threw his head back as her walls enveloped him and let her adjust before he completely bottomed out.

Her breathing slowed down as she became more comfortable with something as big as Sam’s dick deep in her.

Once she started moving her hips a little bit Sam hissed and she took that as the right move to make. She moved her hips against him a little harder and the depth he reached had her gasping. 

She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head in the crook of his neck as he gripped her hips and started bouncing her up and down.

“Sam, you feel amazing,” she exasperated.

He held her against him by holding her neck, foreheads touching and staring into the eyes of one another and whispered sweet words in her ear to encourage her.

“You’re doing so well, Y/N. You feel so good wrapped around me. So wet and taking me so well”

“H-oh god” her legs started to shake and Sam took it upon himself to change positions.

He laid her down on her stomach and spread her legs before diving back in and going at a pace that took her breath away. Y/N couldn’t make a sound, every time his hips bucked against her it’s almost like her sounds got lodged in her throat.

“You’re so deep!,” she gripped the sheets as she felt the same warmth building up from before. It felt like Sam was in her stomach. It hurt but felt good in a weird way.

Sam bent down and kissed her shoulders.

“You’re doing so good, baby”

She felt herself moving back against him as she was ready to feel the invigorating rush of another orgasm.

“Let go” Sam whispered and it was almost like her body listened to him.

She raised her hips and backed her ass against him as she called out his name followed with a few exhausted whimpers and panting. Sam pulled out and groaned while biting his lip as he came on her ass. He leaned over to grab a towel to clean them both before pulling her to him and under the covers.

“I do not have any words for that. That was amazing” she whispered.

He kissed her forehead and smiled down at her.

“I’m gonna make this right. It might be backwards but I’m going to make up for the past two months and take you on dates that could have been happened’

“As long as you don’t miss them like Tony does. I am used to rescheduling for him and don’t want that for us”

“You have my word.”



This might have been weird but I liked it and hope you like it too!!

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Baby, I Want to Marry You (Drabble Request)

Request: #4- “I could never leave you I love you too much.”

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Black!Reader

Word Count: 1320

Warnings: Angsty, mention of cheating

Permanent Tags List: @avc212

A/N: So, getting ready for college is stressful and time consuming, so I decided to give you all another long drabble. I hope you guys think it’s as cute as I think it is and I want to thank you all for bearing with me. I love you all so much!💕

Y/F/N= your full name

Requests are OPEN, if you want to be added to the tags list for a certain character, just ask. Masterlist

He was supposed to be back by now. As each minute ticked by you would look at the door, waiting for something, anything, a sign that he was going to come back soon.

   Maybe I went to far this time. You reminisce over the argument. He went on a mission recently without your knowledge, and when he came back you were fuming. You don’t typically get this mad when he goes on missions, but he typically tells you every time, so when he didn’t this time you knew that he had something to hide.

   “Why didn’t you tell me you were going somewhere? I wake up, you weren’t there. All day I was calling and texting, and there was nothing. At some point I didn’t even care where you were and who you were with, because you’re an intelligent man, and you would have answered a call or a text if you were with another woman so I wouldn’t suspect anything. I wanted to make sure you were safe.” Though your voice was calm, no words could explain the rage you felt in your veins. You finished the last dish in the sink and turn around, resting your weight on the counter behind you so your eyes only have to focus on Sam.

   “I’m sorry. I really am. I promise I have nothing to hide, baby. The mission came up as a surprise to all of us and I didn’t want to stress you out.” Sam sat relaxed at the small kitchen table across from the sink. One of his hands traveled up to his head and ran against the waves in his hair, a movement he does when he gets frustrated.

   “So, since you have nothing to hide, how ‘bout I see your phone for a hot minute?” You saunter over to the table and hold your hand out, waiting for the phone to be placed there.

   “Baby, any other day I would in a heartbeat, but I can’t. I actually have to meet Steve for something right now.” He stands and begins to walk toward the door. “I promise when I get back we can continue this and you can go through my phone all you want.” He stops to pull on his shoes, red, white and black Air Maxs.

   “Nah, since you’re decidin’ to walk out on this conversation, just don’t come back.” You cross your arms and raise an eyebrow. Sam just finished pulling on his other shoe, but after your comment he just stands and furrows his brows.

   “Baby, I’m serious. I’m going to meet Steve for something. There’s no other girl I promise, baby.” his face is softer now, beginning for forgiveness.

   “Sure. Okay.” you scoff and roll your eyes, trying to distract yourself from the tears brimming them and threatening to fall. “I’m disappointed in you Sam Wilson.” You turn on your heels and head back to the bedroom where you finally allow yourself to cry after hearing Sam exit the front door.

   You snap out of the memory to hear the front door open and shut.

   “Baby, can you come out here?” Relief floods your body upon the sound of your boyfriend’s voice, but soon the anger returns. You stand from the bed and head to the kitchen, greeted by a sight you weren’t prepared for. The lights in the rest of the apartment were off except for a few dim lamps, so the 2 candles that sat in the middle of the table were the only things illuminating the kitchen. On the table was Chinese take out from the exact same place (and you could’ve sworn the exact same orders) as you guys had on your first date. “Come, sit- wait. Have you been crying?”

   “No I just had something in my eye.” you try to play off your red eyes, but once Sam raises a suspecting eyebrow, you fess up. “Okay, yes I was crying. I was just… scared that you left me. For good.”Sam chuckles and lovingly grabs your head, lowering it so he could kiss the top and get a whiff of the familiar coconut oil scent wafting from your hair.

   “Aw baby, I could never leave you I love you too much. You drive me crazy, but that just makes me love ya more.” He grabs your hand and brings you to the table, pulling out the chair to let you sit. “Now, before we begin eating, I want to talk to you first.” Your heart begins to race, but you take a deep breath and prepare to listen. “I remember the first time I saw you. At the store, in your head wrap with your curls glistening, searching for some vinaigrette. I wanted to ask you to marry me then and there, but in the next aisle when you luckily needed help reaching for a can of soup, a simple ‘Hi’ did the trick. Ever since then, you have been the light of my life. You make me smile, laugh, cry, and of course you know you drive me crazy. You have know idea how much I talk about how wonderful you are when I’m with the team. I’m surprised the don’t just hand me a piece of tape for my mouth when I walk in the building.” he chuckles and smiles at your giggle. “And I know, you hate when I go on missions, but I fight for you. For us. I want a safe future for us and this is the best way.” Tears begin to form in both of your eyes as he continues. “And thank you for being there when I’m not my best. When I have nightmares, when I need to vent. Your always there and I love you for that.” He chuckles again to lighten the mood as he wipes his tears. “I guess with all of the talking that I’m doing I’m just trying to by myself time so I can ask you,” he gets on one knee and pulls a small box from behind his back. “Y/F/N, will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me? Because baby, I’ve known from the moment I saw you that I wanted to marry you.” He opens the box to reveal a small, simple ring.

   The band was thin and the diamond was small, but to you it was the most perfect ring. You smile and nod, no words coming out because if you tried only sobbing would leave your mouth. He takes the ring out of the box and slips it on your finger, then both of you instinctively stand up and hug each other tight, as if either of you could slip away at any moment. He whispers “I love you.” in your ear and your reciprocate the words, staying in the hug.

   “Alright, alright. Let’s not let our food get cold.” Sam laughs and allows you to sit before he does. You both begin to eat, and small talk about the previous mission ensues.

   “Do you have any missions coming up?” you ask prodding the food in front of you with your fork.

   “Actually, yeah. Steve asked me to come to Wakanda. Something about some aliens. Shouldn’t be to bad though probably will be back by next week and then we can plan our wedding and best of all our honeymoon.” he wiggles his eyebrows and takes a bite of food. Boy, you loved this man.

   The night continued as normal, and soon the day Sam had to leave came. After that the days went by as normal, you saw the major headlines about aliens in New York, Dublin, Wakanda, but you thought nothing of it because you knew the Avengers will take care of it. Soon the next week came. You were excited to see Sam. To plan your wedding. To get married to the love of your life. You couldn’t wait.

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Sam Wilson imagine coming soon!!

I know I said Natasha was next but I just came up with a good imagine idea while watching Spider-Man: Homecoming. The idea is that F.R.I.D.A.Y becomes personified kind of like Vision but more in human form.

The scene where Tony had his suit save Peter when he wasn’t really there and then F.R.I.D.A.Y is like “Mr. Stark is no longer available” and flies away is what inspired it in a way.

I’m excited to get started! I’ll probably start it tonight and have it up tomorrow!

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I need help y’all!!

Okay so I’m a fan of twenty one pilots and I want to do an imagine based off their new song Jumpsuit (listen if you’d like, it’d help determine who to do the imagine for). But I need a vote.

Idk if I should do it with Bucky x Reader or Sam x Reader. I feel like it’ll fit Bucky better but I want to write a Sam one.

If you guys choose Bucky I’ll do a fluffy Sam imagine but if you choose Sam I’ll just do it and do a Bucky one another time.

Help please! Thank yoooou

Also if you want to be tagged in stuff all you have to do is ask and I will do so! (Unless you’re under 18 and it’s smut you’re asking to be tagged in)

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