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Y/N: *Taps finger*

Natasha: *Taps finger in response*

Bucky: Stop that.

Y/N: Stop what?

Bucky: You’re talking about me in morse code.

Natasha: Yes, that’s what we’re doing. In our very limited time, we learnt a very outdated, very unnecessary form of communication just so we could talk about you in front of you.


Y/N to Sam: That’s exactly what we did!

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“She’s avoiding me,” Sam sighed. His hand was wrapped firmly around his glass of whiskey, but he couldn’t bring himself to bring it to his lips. He wasn’t the best at being a person who drinks when they’re wallowing. “I get it, I fucked up, but I just need to know if there’s even a relationship to salvage anymore.” 

Steve shook his head. He understood the sensitivity of this situation. Sam was in love with you, whether he admitted that out loud or not. Being away from you to give you space felt like a punishment to him even if he understood why you needed time. Being shot wasn’t exactly a golden moment in anyone’s relationship. There wasn’t much more that he could say to make the situation better. 

“Has she called at all?” 

“No. I’ve tried to call her, but her new assistance gives me a different excuse every day.” 

“Maybe it’s time to-” 

“I can’t let her go, man. Not without some sort of fight.” 

Sam cleared his throat. It was his own way of trying not to cry in front of his best friend and in front of the general public. He may have been going through a crisis, but he didn’t need people think he was getting soft. 

The door to the bar chimed, and he figured it was just another regular coming in until a familiar perfume filled his nose. You reached around his side and grabbed the whiskey from his hand, knocking it all back in one gulp. Seeing you in front of him for the first time in weeks made his heart hammer in his chest. He almost felt like he couldn’t breathe. 

Steve mumbled something about calling Bucky to check on him before making his swift exit. You were quick to take his stool. 

“I think we have a lot to talk about it,” you sighed. “I don’t like the way I’ve been handling it, and I’m sure you haven’t enjoyed the silent treatment either, but I really did need time to clear my head.” 

“And I understood that,” he reassured you. “You can take all the time you need.” 

“I don’t need anymore. I know that I love you and that we need to talk about our problems, not avoid them.” 

“So…let’s talk.”

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Push and Shove

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Sam Wilson x F!Reader

Summary: Sam has a crush on you, a barista who works at a cafe nearby and he really wants to ask you out, but he’s scared. Luckily, Bucky is there to help out.


Originally posted by musette22

“Just go!” Bucky pushes Sam towards the entrance of the cafe, but Sam reels back.

“I don’t-what do I say?!”

“Say that you like her buns!”

“Dude!” Sam looks at his friend and partner incredulously.

Bucky rolls his eyes, “Her cinnamon buns, you dumbass!”

Sam shakes his head, walking the direction they came from, “I can’t do this, man. Let’s just head back.”

Bucky catches him by the arm and swings him around, “Sam, listen to me, you’ve been crushing on Y/N for too long. I’m pretty sure she feels the same, so you have nothing to worry about.”

“Okay. Okay. I got this. I’ve fought in wars, I’ve faced aliens and modern day Nazis. I got this.” He let’s out a deep breath and strolls into the cafe you worked at.

Hearing the jingling of the bell above the door, you looked up, a big grin on your face, “Sam! Hi!” You then looked confused, “You usually don’t come in at this time.”

He gives you a nervous smile when he approaches the counter, “Yeah, well, um, you see I-I just,” he takes a deep breath and looks you right in the eye, “Would you like to go on a date with me?”

Your grin grew as you replied, “I’d love too!” And Sam released the breath he held.

“That’s-That’s good! Great! That’s great! Um, should-we should probably exchange numbers, right?”

You chuckled and pulled out your phone, “Right.” You accepted his phone while you gave him yours, both of you inserting your contact information.

“I looks forward to our date, Sam. Even if it took you months to finally ask me out,” you said with a teasing smile.

He chuckled and gave a shrug, “Better late than never. So I guess I’ll contact you soon?”

“Actually, how about you stay for a bit? It’s kind of slow today and I’d love the company. I’ll even bribe you with your favorite sandwich?” You ask him with a playful bat of your eyes.

Sam nods, “All you had to do was ask, sweetheart.” He watches you nod and head to the kitchen to place his order. He then looks to the window pane where Bucky is not so subtly peering in and looking at him. He gives Bucky a thumbs up and a signal for him to head out.

Bucky grins, giving his friend two thumbs up and a salute before heading back to the Compound.

You come back and call for him to sit at a table beside the counter where you and Sam could easily chat while you work. As you and Sam chat throughout your shift, he can’t help but silently thank Bucky for giving him a little push.

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140: “ I swear my house is haunted. ”

(thank you so much love! means a lot that you like my writing!)

“no, i heard it again! there was a creak in the floor board, and we’re laying in bed!” you whisper yell, sam’s eyes still shut as he listens to you rant. he was still laying down, but you were sitting up and biting your nails. 

“maybe you’re just hearing things because you’re sleep deprived” he mumbled, and you glare at him. he peeked an eye open, smiling softly and closing it again, hand on your thigh, thumb rubbing up and down softly. 

“no, sam, i’m now! i swear, our house is haunted” you lay back down, sam’s hand hand finding your cheek and moving his thumb slowly up and down your cheek. 

“our house is not haunted. who would it be haunted by? it wasn’t build way back then, it’s a relatively new house”

“maybe a ghost thought our house was nice and they wanted to move in and scare us out!” you whisper, sam sighing and kissing you softly. the floors creaked again and you gasped, sitting up. “who..who’s there?”

the door slowly squeaked open itself, and sam started to sit up too. he was confused, ready to fight whatever walked through the door- if he could see it. both of your shoulders relax when you see your toddler sucking her thumb, eyes glossy. sam looked at you, shaking his head. he scooped her up, bringing her into the bed. “such a scary ghost, huh?”

“i thought it was a ghost because i didn’t know she knew how to get out of her crib. now that we know, we need to go shopping for a better one that she won’t crawl out of” the three of you lay back down, covering each other in the blankets. sam’s arms drapes over you and his daughter, kissing you both. 

“alright, we can go. let’s just go to bed, alright?” you nod, yawning. “i love you, ghostbuster” he jokes and you roll your eyes. 

“yeah, whatever. i love you too, birdman” you giggle and now it was his turn to roll his eyes. 

“shh!” your daughter said, making you and sam want to laugh even harder. soon the three of you fell asleep in your bad, feeling happy and protected. 

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“He’s going to sleep the entire ride home,” you laughed and gestured over to Markus, who was building toy boat with Sam. “Between the big breakfast, and running around this place, I guarantee he’ll sleep well.”

Bucky wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close to his side. You saw a flash of hesitation in his eyes, like he wasn’t sure whether or not showing affection was allowed in public, but you were quick to rest your head on his shoulder. After the last few years, you didn’t mind being openly in love with them.

“He seems happy to have all of us,” Bucky observed.

Markus had a huge smile on his face as he ran towards the makeshift river the museum set up to sail the boats. Sam tried his best to catch up, but he was falling behind. Markus was a fast one.

“You think he’ll ever question why he has two dads?”

Bucky shook his head. “Nah. Unless kids start saying something to him, this is his normal. Why would he question it?”

Markus turned around and waved the two of you over. He wanted to show you how far his boat made it, and you smiled softly.

“I think you may be right,” you hummed.

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Y/N: I’m going to get a coffee. Anybody want anything?

Natasha: I’ll have a latte.

Steve: I’ll have a blueberry muffin, with a decaf.

Sam: I’ll have a bagel with a little…

Y/N: You know I was just being polite.

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— first date

  • Characters: Peter Quill, Sam Wilson, Stephen Strange, Vision
  • Warnings: alcohol
  • Requester: anonymous
  • Request: “May I request Marvel preferences (Stephen Strange, Sam Wilson, Peter Quill, Vision) going on your first date with them, please? Thank you very much!”
  • A/N: hope you like it!!! i ended up kinda liking how this one turned out ✨

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a complete link list of every imagine or drabble posted on this blog, separated by fandom and character written for. pls be gentle, these are old and i have grown janbejb.



- - - - - - - - - -

Steve Rogers

Tony Stark

Grant Ward

Peter Parker

Sam Wilson

Bucky Barnes

Pietro Maximoff

Natasha Romanoff

Melinda May



Star Wars

- - - - - - - - - -

Anakin Skywalker

Captain Rex


Star Trek

- - - - - - - - - -

Jim Kirk



- - - - - - - - - -



Hunger Games

- - - - - - - - - -

Gale Hawthorne


the end!

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  • Sam can sense your restlessness almost right away
  • You’re being fussy about everything, you wouldn’t eat all of your breakfast, you’ve been pouting and dragging your feet all morning
  • At first Sam thinks you’re just grumpy because you went to bed later than the usual time but then he notices you clenching your thighs together
  • You’re trying not to touch yourself because you don’t have permission and it makes Sam smile, always such a good girl for him even when you’re needy for his touch
  • It makes sense that this is the reason you’ve been so fussy all day and now he can better take care of you
  • “Baby, why don’t you clean up your stuffies from the floor and then you can come sit in my lap, I’ve got a treat for you when you’re done.”
  • Sam is a smart man, good with his words, even better at giving you an incentive to do some of your chores so you get that reward, his authority so apparent yet never overbearing
  • When you finish and come back you climb into his lap, a little confused when he stops you for a second and places one of your knees between his thighs and the other on the outside of his thigh
  • “Daddy?”
  • “Shh, just relax. I want you to take what you need, baby. You’ve been such a good girl, you get to cum as much as you need.”
  • You nearly whimper when he flexes his thigh, your core rubbing against it, making your hips move on their own accord now
  • It’s exactly what you needed and you don’t hesitate to do as he says, grinding against his thigh while you clutch his shoulders
  • Sam smiles at you, admiring how into it you are, how you desperately grind against him, chasing that friction
  • He kisses your lips and your forehead, his hands on your waist, strong and warm, keeping you right on his thigh
  • “That’s it, show daddy how much you’ve been wanting this. Look at the mess you’re making already, babygirl.”
  • His voice is low and fills up your ears and makes you shiver and hump against him even more erratically, so close, right on that edge
  • Sam chuckles at how you try and stifle your whimpers and gasps, his own grunts cutting through them to remind you that you’re only just getting started today
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Main love interest treats (Y/N) like garbage, yells at her, calls her a bitch, uses another girl to hurt them, actively tries to ruin her life.

Main love interest : I’m sorry baby, i’m sad, i love you, be mine?

(Y/N) : It’s okay baby, i love you, let’s fuck


Me :

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He watched you out of the corner of his eye, wishing you would look over for just a second. A party was the perfect time to impress your crush, so everyone had told him, but Sam was having his doubts. He was too scared to talk to you directly. Even if he was an Avenger, a hero, someone others looked up to, he still felt nowhere near good enough to just go right up to you and start talking. What would he even talk about? So, he did what he could without words, showing off by playing pool. Steve of course knew what was going on, offering to talk to you for him, but Sam refused. If things were going to happen, they were going to happen the way he wanted. Maybe it would take forever, but he was ready. Kinda. He wanted you to notice now, but you were worth the wait.

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He watched him, caught the last of Sam’s end. Horrified, confused, Rhodey had no idea what was going on. He tried to grab on to him, to hold him, see if he could stop it, but by the time he got to Sam, it was too late. He was gone. He wasn’t even sure he was explaining it right when he found you looking for him, calling his name, begging your husband to answer. There weren’t the right words, nothing comforting about what had happened. Neither of you were sure if it was painful, if he was actually dead, but you vowed to get him back. Until then, Rhodey made sure you were looked after. Losing a loved one was always hard, but this was unimaginable. It hit you hard, like a train. All at once you were facing the world alone. If Rhodey could be there, even as a friend, make it all a little easier to face, then that’s what he’d do. For you, and for Sam. When he came back, he’d want to know someone had your back when he wasn’t around… .

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Sam learned early on how to navigate your relationship. One date became two. Two dates became ten. Before either of you even realized, you had been exclusively seeing each other for six months. It was almost as if time just flew by when you were with each other.

You weren’t as shy around him as you used to be when it was one-on-one. Sam made you feel comfortable; he made you realize that you didn’t have to worry about being anyone but yourself when he was in the room. It was something you weren’t one hundred percent used to, but Sam made it easy. Like it was something you always had.

In public, you were still reserved. You didn’t go out of your way to talk with people still. You were always polite and would hold a conversation if the moment called for it, but you didn’t actively seek out extra company.

You found that you enjoyed going out more when it was your group of friends with Sam, Steve, and Bucky. They made it easy for you to check out of conversations if you needed to and never let you feel excluded.

Bucky appreciated having you around because you actually listened to his silly stories and genuinely laughed even when the joke wasn’t funny.

He made sure Sam knew to keep you happy or he’d have something to say about it.

Sam still went all out for dates too. Sometimes they’d be simple dinner dates or going out to see a movie, but when the moment called for him to plan a date, he made sure to wow you. He didn’t want to slack now that he had you; he didn’t want you to feel like he only wooed you in the beginning and planned on giving up now.

That’s not who Sam Wilson was, and he would never become that man.

Not that you were complaining, of course.

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Author’s Note: Thanks for the ask about our handsome frequent flyer. ;)

Sam’s mother is suspicious at first. Since her baby became Captain America, there has been all manner of a woman trying to get to her son. 

When you walk through the door with two pies, she’s curious. Come to find one is her favorite, the other being Sam’s. She softens considerably. 

You brought a hostess gift of her favorite flowers and asked about her clubs and hobbies. She softened her thoughts about you considerably.

At one point, stopping her in the kitchen.  Sam scrubbing the grill to get ready for the brunch style barbecue. Each of you staring out the front window, each with very different thoughts on the beautiful man in front of you. 

“I know there’s been a lot of change around Sam. I just wanted you to know. I only want what’s best for him. So if we could work together to keep him happy in the least. I’d be grateful.” She stared then smiled softly, patting your hand. 

You would do all right.

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