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I mean, I’ve watched it like any telenovela, although I appreciate everything isn’t shoot like Chilean teleseries, with it’s static camera and hella short episodes. Also, they have a lot more drama compared to the Brazilian dramas I’ve seen on TV.

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So like I have to write an entire telenovela episode script (for my spanish class of course) and ya girl has 0 ideas. I thought I should ask tumblr because I need ideas. If y’all could help me out and send some ideas my way it would greatly be appreciated. The more dramatic the better. I know y’all can come up with some dramatic ideas. So send me an ask or something. Thanks!

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I need this in my life so badly and it’s on Netflix!!!


La Reina de Indias y El Conquistador (or as Netlfix simplified it, The Queen and the Conqueror), is about Catalina, an Indian woman who seeks revenge on Pedro de Heredia, a conquistador who many years ago betrayed her.

She is gonna make him fall in love with her as he did to her back then and then she’s gonna make him pay. This is a plot straight out of a Turkish show so gimme!

60 episodes of period bliss…

Plus, this is centered around the foundation of Cartagena and I’ve been there so extra exciting!

Shorter trailer but English subbed:

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