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#this sucks

Oh thanks Tumblr, for making the simple act of checking when something was posted inconvenient by forcing me to scroll a million miles to figure out.

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Does anyone know how to watch movies over video chat? I was supposed to have a date tomorrow but my mom just tested positive for covid (I live at home) so we’re trying to come up with alternatives. Any and all suggestions would be helpful.

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Cora’s challenge isn’t happening.

I had no entries, which is a shame bc I was really excited to see how it would play out, but ah well. I guess we can’t all have what we want.


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Silly Girl (Michael Langdon X Reader)

Summary: He drew you in so easily, If only you could escape…

A/n: uhm I don’t love this I just saw a picture and got inspired. this is probably short too oh well…

WARNINGS: like Michael isn’t boyfriend goals, kidnapping, manipulation, abuse.


The blood dripped down his face and he simply laughed at you trying to escape, You screamed and pleaded hoping someone would hear you.

“You silly girl”

“Michael please! Just let me go” you sobbed running through the halls. You’d been trapped, locked away in some massive basement. Chained to the walls because he “loved” you.

“Oh doll you can’t run away from me you know this”

Your feet ached and so did the many wounds covering your body. All what he considered punishment for you rejecting his affection.

“What do you think your stupid little coven is coming for you?”

There had to be away out, there just had to be. You continued to yell screaming out for help.

“You want to scream? We can scream. Help! Help! No ones gonna hear you, You think I’m stupid. That I wouldn’t soundproof this fucking basement? God you underestimated me”

Suddenly your body was jerked back by your hair, You let out a cry and he turned you around.

“They’re not coming for you. They don’t even miss you I bet. Your powers were useless I’m the only one who would want you after this. You think anyone’s gonna want your cut up little body? Ha think again.”

“Michael please” 

“You’ll grow to love me. I just know you will”

“I hate you. I’ll always hate you I’d rather die than be with you”

His little smile left and his gaze grew cold and he twisted your hair harshly in his hands causing you to gasp.

“maybe you will.”

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This post might come off as spoiled or something—idk but trigger warning I guess?


Every year, something happens on my birthday that just kinda fucks the mood up beyond repair. If I decide to go out with my friends for my birthday, my mom more or less guilt trips me for not staying home all day and spending it with her and my dad, despite the fact that when I do, there’s no celebration. There’s no sort of distinguishing quality to the day that says “hey today is just a tiny bit special” and it usually ends with the same monotonous things we do every other day of the year, effectively turning my birthday into a day that is literally just another day and nothing to take note of.

This year, it’s even fucking worse. Not only was I not able to see my friends because of COVID, and the fact that the ones out of town couldn’t make it this year, but everything I had planned and wanted to do with my family didn’t work out, either. I wasn’t too bothered by it though, because my mom really wasn’t feeling well, and I was more worried about that and I told her over and over that it was okay and that we could celebrate the next day.

Today is the day after my birthday. We have a family joke where my birthday is on the sixth of December rather than the second because one year, when my mom was still able to work, she got so busy with all of her responsibilities that she really did think for a moment that my birthday was on the sixth. Anyway, today, we were planning on cooking what was supposed to be last night’s birthday dinner for a big birthday lunch today.

Then my dad informed me that he had to go help out a friend today. The way it was initially presented to me, because neither of my parents are actually good at explaining anything (despite how much they insist that they are) was that he was essentially just dipping to go fuck off all day instead of celebrating with me like we had all agreed. So yeah, obviously I was a little put off by it. I said “forget the lunch” because at this point, I didn’t see the purpose in making a big stink of it. What’s done is done, and I’m just thankful to be alive and have a roof over my head considering our financial struggles ANY FUCKING WAY.

Well, evidently that was not the correct reaction. So instead of “hey no listen like we’ll still spend time together” and then a better explanation, I’m accused of being angry about yesterday not working out how I wanted despite my reassuring everyone a billion times that it was ACTUALLY FINE AND OKAY. So, here I am, lying in bed, frustrated and feeling like shit, because I didn’t jump for joy and give a thumbs up when I simply was under the wrong impression because of a communication problem.

In short, I’ve had my fill of birthday catastrophes and I think next year I’m going to do my best to skip over it, and hopefully no one will notice. It’s not worth all of this, and I’d rather not feel extra shitty on a day that’s just a marker for the fact that I’m aging anyway.

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