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#town of salem
one-time-i-dreamt10 months ago
I was playing the game Town of Salem and I was the spy. I bugged a member of the mafia and got to see mafia chat. I woke up feeling happy.
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usnatarchives3 months ago
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A section of the Essex County, MA, 1810 census shows residents of Salem in columns marked "Free White Females," "Free White Males," and "Colored People." NARA ID 205601220.
Instagram Post Leads to Recovery of 1810 Census Rolls
Records are reunited after 221 years!
Thanks to an Instagram post, long missing and presumed lost 1810 census records from Massachusetts have been reunited with the larger collection at the National Archives in DC, after a 221-year delay.
It all started in February when Jack Kabrel, archives specialist at the National Archives at Boston, saw this interesting post (below) from the Peabody Essex Museum Library.
Read the full story by Victoria Macchi in National Archives News!
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axxeras2 months ago
i find it INCREDIBLY funny that the mafia "went back to italy" in traitors of salem but the disguiser is still there for some reason
like what happened. did they get left behind. did they leave the mafia. were they forgotten at the airport because at the moment they literally look exactly like the guy that's selling tickets
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strandedinsalema month ago
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Hello, Town of Salem community + Dexter simps
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sexyweedfarma month ago
more ToS art 馃槼
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+ bonus non-shaded version & pixel art version (made with a clip studio asset) 鈫
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Tumblr media
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speaklinses3 months ago
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Tumblr media
town of salem
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illmamnim-thoughts8 months ago
So i just watched the Dream smp Town Of Salem(?) Game
Does that count as a ficlet? I just love Cat-man and Robin
* * *
Robin was an orphan for a long time and from a very young age.
Cat is a blind animal hybrid man, with not even a name of his own.
The townfolk are selfish, they didn't like when people were weak, and never cared for a blind cat or an orphan child.
One day, after another meeting, Robin saw the blind Cat was left alone by the fountain, unable to make his way home. He took the man's hand to guide him, and so they spoke. And a tradition began.
After every town meeting, Robin would find Cat and guide him home, and they'd talk. About the town, about it's people, about the past and the future.
Slowly, they became a family.
Until the murder came.
The people suspected everyone and Robin watched as they took his friend and father figure, to jail. He stood by the window as they pulled the leaver.
That night he didn't go home. He set on the jail floor in the dark, grieving his lost.
In the morning the townfolk found him. The mayor took pity on the boy but the town was never one to let go of someone.
In his grief, they locked him up.
He didn't fight. Helga said it was the best for the town. "The weak can't survive here." She said. "You'll see your friend in hell." Bob added.
Robin looked down at the jail floor as they pulled the leaver.
"Straight to hell."
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swordswoman974 months ago
I鈥檓 of two minds about Traitors in Salem removing the mafia. On one hand I adore the mafia roles but on the other hand I鈥檓 just imagining the lead up just the Godfather getting more and more done, like:
鈥淲ait there鈥檚 a werewolf? There are vampires now? What do you mean there鈥檚 now an entire coven of witches?! How the hell is there a horseman of the apocalypse?!?! You know what, tarnation this flummery! Pack your bags kids we鈥檙e going back to Italy!鈥
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jesterjamz6 months ago
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hey @kabutone i dont know who you are & you probably dont know me but i turned your shitpost into audio (except i dont know how to upload audio to tumblr so i had to upload it to soundcloud i hope this works <3)
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professorabacus2 months ago
Reading comments on ToS videos really makes realize how incomprehensible this game to those don鈥檛 play it
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axxerasa month ago
I like to think about how the plaguebearer is literally a bird. like
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he has feathers. and a tail. and BIRD FEET.
so my questions are 1) who let this literal crow have access to the plague, 2) why is he so humanoid, and 3) HOW DOES A BIRD TURN INTO A HORSEMAN OF THE APOCALYPSE
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strandedinsalema month ago
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I can鈥檛 believe they genuinely named this guy聽鈥榶uan itor鈥 Anyways I changed his name its Luis now Enjoy~
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fantamimea year ago
among us: *becomes popular*
me, whos been playing town of salem every day for the past 5 years straight:
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