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After a year of being together as I recall, we started talking about getting a house, a car or mortocycle, us getting married, our future together but would always assume that it’s part of his joke kaya never ko sineryoso ang ganyang mga topic namin. Yes, we both ended up laughing every time ganyan pinag-uusapan namin. I had heartbreaks before so hirap talaga ako magtiwala at maniwala and he knew that.

Fast forward on 2017, hirap na kaming magcommute everyday lalo na yung shifts namin madaling araw. He have a car but sa layo ng bahay namin at always traffic pa, naaawa na ako sa kanya dahil sa mahal ng gasolina baka wala na siyang maisave sa sweldo niya. So we decided to get a motorcycle. Convenient dahil we will no longer be stuck in the traffic, at hindi gastos sa gasolina. That’s our first investestment together.

In 2018, we started looking for a preselling house and lot. We’re not in a rush so preselling hinahanap namin kasi mas mura din compared sa ready-for-occupancy houses. We found one and started paying the monthly equity. Supposedly, turn over na siya last year but due to pandemic nahinto yung construction ng subdivision. Hopefully, by this year maturn over na siya so I can finally decorate our own house.

Fast forward again to January this year. Since her sister and boyf are planning to get married this year, I was also excited to help them look for a perfect wedding ring. Every time I found one I like, I always let him see it first. Until I found an engagement ring, Tres Marias style, not sure though if that’s the name. I sent it to him sa messenger. Sabi ko, maganda siya diba? Hindi masyadong magarbo yung design. And what he reply in person? Sus, gusto mo din ganyan? Sabay tawa. And I said, yes gusto ko ganitong design. Simple. Eversince we started dating, hindi talaga kami yung pa sweet type couple. Mas sweet pa ata kami kapag nag-aaway tapos bati hahaha.

A day before our monthsary, we talked about where we go on Valentines day. We’re not used to dine out during our monthsaries kasi gastos lang yun so ang plano was to eat lunch at a korean resto after our shift then uwi na. Unexpectedly mukhang hindi na siya makapaghintay, February 10, 2021 when he proposed to me with this ring. Not your typical proposal kasi wala naman yung paluhod-luhod sabay sabi na will you marry me in a romantic setting. Yung amin, nasa bahay lang at kami lang dalawa. At kahit ganun paman, I felt so kilig. Alam mo yun? Who would have expected that this would happen? Hahaha.


Cheers to our more adventures in life. God bless our relationship.

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Let our Cinnamon Cream Centers compliment your morning cup of coffee ❄️☕

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“As he stared at her, he reached around his back and held his own hand, pretending he was holding hers. And at that very moment, she was pretending to be holding his.”

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There’s no one in the world to me who looks less like a teenager than Daisy Ridley. She could play a yummy mummy in an early season of supernatural but she can’t play viola eade even if the character is aged up to like 16.

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