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feel-me-up1006 hours ago
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Its finally feeling like fall.. Wanna get lost in the corn maze with me?
馃尳馃崅馃拫 馃槇
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lutranonyma10 hours ago
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Touch me everywhere
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aeliagioia5 hours ago
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I got Cozy Fall for my Choose Your Own Adventure Theme for @gallacrafts
Ian & Mickey take a fall stroll
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tomochii-chan3 hours ago
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Work Hours
HD version + wallpaper + PSD file will be sent to my patrons at the end of the month. NSFW versions will be up hopefully soon lol.
This took forever and a year lol. I struggled really hard with the perspective that I had to ask my co-worker to help me HAHAH. Then the whole colors and stuff cause I'm not used to working with more warmer colors.. Anyways yeah, based this on Gav's Qixi 4 karma which was drool worthy cause.. suspenders + glasses Gav.. _:(麓嘟`銆 鈭):
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beerbellyblunt4 hours ago
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