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Antlers are associated with power, growth, and resurrection. They serve as a defense and deterrent from predation; when broken, they grow back completely.
Boy (2010) dir. Taika Waititi
#HAPPY TAIKA TUESDAY EVERYBODY#SOOOO UM A FEW THINGS.#second gif stoned haircut scene. the antlers are framed to look very small for boy#like this either represents that the antlers are growing in for him in this scene#as it's a very literal transformation for boy allowing alamein to take him into his own hands per se#and as a result allowing alamein to live the fantasy represented by the crown of antlers#OR.#it is positioning boy as a baby deer#a younger version of alamein essentially#something something mr langston saying boy is a lot like alamein used to be#NEXT#fourth gif alamein is staring DIRECTLY. at the camera#this is the peak of his fantasy he holds all the cards at this point he has Become shogun. he believes he is the protagonist#so he looks directly at the audience watching what he believes to be a story about him#interestingly when boy sits on the throne he is looking up not forward/at camera#AND.#i didn't notice until i was making this that boy sitting on the throne is the last time we see the antlers until#alamein's fantasy is completely destroyed#if we look at it thru protag theory that implies that as the protagonist boy simply taking alamein's role for a minute#even though it ended badly for boy#started the destruction of alamein's fantasy#AND FINALLY#the growth/rebirth symbolism around antlers is very interesting considering the way the antlers are broken#in the last two gifs#and then it immediately cuts to the next morning#and the rest of the film after that is very much themed around new beginnings#especially when you take into account the shot of the finished carving on the chair#that deliberately excludes the antlers from frame#anyway. that's all of it! jesus christ#if you read this far i'm kissing you on the mouth
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Dabi says trans rights pick a new voice and character ya doofus @radfemdabi
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Singles Your Next Relationship Pick a Card ♥
Hellooooo singlesss and fellow hopeless romantics! In this pick a card I will be covering your next significant relationship. I am really excited to do this one so let’s get right to it. 
I will be covering their main personality traits, how they will feel towards you, and how they will perceive you. 
Take what ya resonate with and forget the rest.
☆ Piles listed below in numerical order, Pile 1 (Koi Fish)  // Pile 2 (Sparkly Water, With Cloth) // Pile 3 (Alice, in Flowers)  ☆
Pile 1
Tumblr media
Main personality traits of your person  ☆
Your person could be an Aries or a Scorpio with The Emperor and Judgement here, either way they carry very intense energy within themselves. They are a responsible, go getter who wants to, or may have already built some sort of empire that they feel protective over. A calculated person, they have been betrayed before in life, they may have some trauma they are currently working through with the 10 of swords here. I think the relationship between you guys will help heal those wounds. You may bond over the various things you each have been through, and find comfort in the fact that you have both only become stronger from such situations. Your person is a leader of some kind, or they want to be at least. They like to be the head of the team and to make plans on how things should be executed. You could work with this person, or be working in some sort of group setting when you meet them. Very masculine energy here regardless of their gender, they have a possessive side and can be stubborn, a bit single minded and pessimistic. However, they have been through a lot of hard changes in their life so they are only trying to make the choices that will benefit them and those they care about the most, even if it’s a hard choice. The Lovers popped out a the end, so this could very well be a divinely guided relationship with a soul mate. This person, despite their rough exterior, would be a wonderful person for you to lean on in moments of need, this relationship can provide stability. Could be interested in power play, this person likes to be “on top” or to be the one that is relied upon. 
This doesn’t have to do with their personality, but I am getting that they may have suffered a separation, or a tough choice in general that is going to be very apparent when they come into your life. OR they may appear after YOU have gone through a tough choice or ending in your life. Please take as it resonates! 
How they feel towards you  ☆
This person did not give me much with feelings, but then again, I kind of expected that since they seem not to be the emotional type unless they are darker emotions. But hereeee we go. They feel like you are an opportunity that they manifested, they are grateful. It reminds me of the idea that everything they have gone through has lead them up to this moment, like destiny. I am picking up on some past energy with this person for some of you with the 6 of swords and the 8 of pentacles. It could be that this is an ex for you, if this is the case then there was most definitely separation involved, and they seem to feel like they want to find common waters with you, calmer waters, to resolve any skeletons that may be lingering. They feel that you two have built something together, and they are not ready to lose that.
 NOW if this is not the case and this person is completely new to you, then they will be feeling like you fit well into each others daily routines and habits, I am really picking up on you guys working together, either formally, or just on a project in general together because they feel that you are very hard working, and dedicated. They also feel dedicated to you, you are the piece to their puzzle that they are seeing as worth the effort it would take. You are a new beginning for them, a place to start fresh and either continue building what they have or to start something with you! You two may be interested in starting your own business of sorts! This person likes to talk to you, they see you as intelligent and capable. 
*Side note that this person is probably going to be very touchy, considering we’ve got lots of hands on pentacles cards here. 
How they perceive you  ☆
DREAMY! I see that you will be the more emotional side of this connection, this person loves and respects that about you. You may be a person who likes to daydream, maybe a bit of a procrastinator with the 7 of cups here and the knight of swords, this energy has lots of options and likes to start things but not finish them and can be a bit flighty. This person recognizes some nervous energy in you, they feel that they can balance this out. They could be a rock in your ocean. The way you operate and think is a mystery to them, I think this is because you are a more emotional body who tends to overthink. They can see the scars that you wear very clearly, because it mirrors theirs. You are a person who they perceive as honest, blunt even but you may have trouble making choices. When you meet this person, it becomes clear to them over time that you are avoiding something with the 2 of swords, choosing to not take a side. With the high priestess, they see you as intuitive, feminine, and almost like someone who prefers to observe from afar. Which intrigues this person, as they are more action oriented, and impulsive. 
Channeled messages  ☆
“Your path will always cross mine, we are destined to be” 
“We have lessons to teach each other, please be open to them”
“I want to start a family with you, you make me content”
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Pile 2
Tumblr media
Main personality traits of your person  ☆
Your person likes to celebrate, party even. They are a fiery person, Leo or Sag energy. They are giving off hype dude/chick energy, they will be the light in your life that helps motivate you to move forward. This person is passionate about achieving their goals, they want to celebrate themselves, as well as you. With the 4 of Wands here this relationship could end up in marriage. I am also picking up that you could meet them at a party. This person is carefree, they don’t like to carry a lot of weight around on their shoulders so to speak, so I imagine they would be forgiving as well. They are not afraid to take chances, in fact making risky moves and somehow making them work out seems to be their lifeblood! They can be airheaded, and a bit flighty as well. This person will want to be out and about as much as possible, they like to directly experience life, and learn from it first hand. This person likes to get their hands dirty, once they do buckle down and commit to something (or someone) they are willing to work hard to make their intentions known.  With The Magician and the 8 of Pentacles, this person is abundant, they have all the tools and willpower they need to achieve their goals. They will like to connect with you mentally, so be prepared for a lot of talking! Could be a Gemini as well. This person is a bit impulsive and will make choices just because they seem exciting to them, but overall they are loyal and willing to put in the work to make your guys relationship the best that it can and will be. This person is always moving and is 100% giving big extrovert energy. They will want to take you on all sorts of adventures. I am so sorry because I feel that this whole reading has been that your person likes to move fast! But that is a lot of what they are giving me! Be aware of this incase you feel rushed by them, they are the type of person that gets excited and wants to do things NOW! 
How they feel towards you  ☆
Alright we are starting off strong with The Tower. You are shocking to your person, at the time you come into their life you may knock down something that they believe to be true and have clung to quite tightly. Your person is not expecting this. The tower is also a phallic symbol, and with all of the fiery energy here it seems that your person is VERY passionate about you, and the things that you do. Your person sees you as someone who is imaginative, you may be younger than them with the Page of Cups coming up for you, but not by much since they chose to be represented by a Knight (a step above the page). Something about you is shocking to this person, as we have the tower and the page of cups is usually depicted with a fish coming out of the cup to the pages surprise! They see you as adorable, and they for sure had  a crush on you from the moment they met you. They see you are flirty, someone they like to tease for the reaction. The Ace of Cups tells me that this will most likely be a new person coming in, they will bring a new wave of emotions over you, and you them. You excite this person, make them slow down and feel their emotions. kind of like you’re the water to their fire, but you don’t put them out, you just make their flame less like wildfire, and more of a slow burn that they can feel moving throughout their veins. They chose almost all cup cards, there is a lot of feelings here! It’s like once they meet you, they explode with passion, but more in an emotional way and less in a excited/fiery way? You make them feel like they need to sit and contemplate lol, which is something they are not much used to doing on their own! It feels like you’ve tamed them. They seem to feel that external experiences are the only ones that matter, you show them why our internal world matters too. 
I think for most of you this is going to be a new person that you meet, but for those of you that had someone in mind, it seems there will be a new opening for emotions to pass through and heal. 
How they perceive you  ☆
aWEE with the 2 of Cups your person sees you as an equal, as the yin to their yang, their other half. You may have been through some painful relationships with others in the past that have caused you some trauma, that can cause you to react in ways that do that serve you. You person is pointing this out here, but they are saying that of COURSE they love you anyways and they are wanting to show you what real love is, how you SHOULD have been taken care of. This person perceives you as the most loveable person, and they want to make that very clear to you, because you may struggle to see yourself that way. This person may be at a distance from you originally, in that case they would miss you a lot and want to talk on the phone often. I am feeling that your voice is soothing to them. They are a bit protective and possessive over you, but I think this will go both ways. You may be going through, or have recently gone through an ending or some sort of conflict that did not work out in your favor upon meeting this person. 
Channeled messages  ☆
“Keep moving forward, we will get there one day” 
“You’re overwhelmed, try to have some fun” 
“You’re a great friend”
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Pile 3
Tumblr media
Main personality traits of your person  ☆
With the King of Wands coming out first, your person is giving off masculine energy regardless of their gender. They could be a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sag) and may very well be older in age as they chose to be represented by a king. Your person has matured through life experiences, they know how to make something out of nothing, and seem to have the attitude that nothing can stop them from their path. They are confident and straight forward, this person will be the one to make the first move. Flirty, fun, but almost fatherly in a way? They like to be in charge and to make plans on how to take action. Can have mild control issues, and can be arrogant, as this is the shadow side of the King of Wands. They are intellectual, like to debate with others to see which side of the fence they are sitting on. Your person is charismatic and can be friends with just about anyone! Rarely do they get turned down. They will make choices quickly, and effectively even if that choice presents as the more difficult one, it’s almost at though they would take that as a challenge of sorts. A test of character if you will. Your person has a comfort zone, and they like to push themselves and others out of it, as this brings them joy. They are a physical person, with a high sex drive. Your person is giving with their time and abundance, they like to help others, partly because it helps them feel good about themselves and also because they like to see the kind of affect they can have on others when they do something grandiose for them. (tldr they like to get reactions). Very much a self starter who will be asking for your opinion on their ideas often! May like physical activity, or be the kind of person who goes to the gym! 
How they feel towards you  ☆
Your person is so grateful that they happened to cross paths with you, you are a wish fulfillment for them! They see you as the person they have been asking for their whole life, their literal ideal partner! And they WILL make this known to you. This is a spiritual connection for them, that they may be a bit guarded to at first. Now I know that sounds odd considering you are their wish come true, sometimes people react in a rejection type way when they see something as too good to be true, this seems to be the case here so please do not take it personally. This person is just trying to feel you out. They have been through a lot in their life, they do not want to go through the same situations they have in the past again, not with you. You make this person want to settle down, they went from the King of Wands to the King of Pentacles, so this person is settling into more earthy, slow sensual energy for you instead of the fiery more aggressive energy they tend to give off more often than not. You calm their anxieties. You make them proud, they are proud to call you theirs and to be able to show you off to their friends/family. The Queen of Pentacles came out as well, so they really feel that you two can build something stable and reliable together, you two are peas in a pod. You are wifey/hubby material for to them. You two could have kids together with the 6 of Cups here, but otherwise they feel comfortable with you, almost like you both have had the same childhood experience.
How they perceive you  ☆
Your person perceives you as feminine energy, no matter the gender. You are nurturing, emotionally stable, able to form beautiful connections with others. You are observant of others needs, and you strive to make those needs met without violating your own boundaries of course. They see you as someone who is slow and steady, you take your time with things, and this makes them feel stable and comfortable enough to open up to you, to get more serious with you. They see you as embodying divine feminine energy. They see you as a soul mate. You may have some trouble with anxiety, that this person is bringing forth here, but they will help you find the peace within yourself to feel safe in your own skin. They have a lot of love for you, they want to be a provider and a lover to you. 
Channeled messages  ☆
“I see your pain, you are valid and deserve to heal” 
“Let your “negative” thoughts flow through you so they can be released. Let them speak then let them go” 
“Don’t break my heart” 
PHEW! Thank you so much for reading, if you would like to leave a tip (not required, but appreciated!) that will be linked below, as well as my Etsy shop, and Youtube. Thank you for your support  ♥
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𝑴𝒐𝒐𝒏 𝑺𝒊𝒈𝒏 𝑶𝒃𝒔𝒆𝒓𝒗𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 🌙
(if you're sensitive, get out)
I will never be able to stress my love for aries moons - like their energy is so fiery but not in an overwhelming way - AND THEY ARE SO COOL OMG
Aquarius moon energy is so chaotic omg
People with capricorn moons are NEVER clear about what they want and feel; they act one way and feel something else completely different - and they can't be vocal about their emotions or they'll cry
Aquarius moons' emotions often go against the approval of other people - imo they are the most likely to have feelings for their best friend's bully, or for that one guy that their whole group of friends hates
Virgo moons look like they don't feel their feelings - they DON'T look emotionless, but they look like their emotions are not as intense as emotions should be - they feel like they don't take the time to feel their emotions
GOD! Tell me a more complicated placement than gemini moon... yeah, you can't. These people turn the most simple things into freaking algebra problems, I swear to god
Scorpio moons are THE CLINGIEST out of all moon signs, fr.
And they're very obsessive over their partners and friends too, also they have a tendency to play the victim and be overdramatic
Sagittarius moons are cheaters. Periodt.
If they're not cheaters, they are fboys/fgirls - fr, these people think they're the most attractive on earth, they're so cocky
Taurus moon is one of my favorite placements ever - these people are SO loyal and steady - unlike aries moon people, Taurus moons' feelings don't change - they are the type to have a crush on the same person from 1st grade to the end of high school
Leo moons are so annoying
They're cute but SO annoying - they think they're funny (sometimes they are, but most of the time they take it too far)
Aquarius moon people are SO fun to be around, you'll never be bored if you're with an aquarius moon
Gemini moons are never interested in only one person - they can have one crush that is THE crush for them, but more often than not, they also have other little crushes on other people
I've seen that a lot of times, libra moons fall more in love with the idea of someone other than for the actual person.
Overthinking is gemini moons' favorite hobby.
Pisces moons are so innovative - everything about them feels different
and they always feel kinda sleepy
Cancer moons can be manipulative in very smart ways
Aries moons can make other people feel comfortable to say anything, really - they look like they'll judge you but as you get to know them, you understand that they're so accepting. They just make you open up to them
Tumblr media
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✧ like/reblog if saving
✧ requests are open!
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[Image 1: Guy Fieri et al. looking at the camera. Caption: Next, Len takes a few gulps of our solution.] [Image 2: A man standing in a kitchen preparing food. Caption: Observe the reaction and note down the result in your copybooks.] [Image 3: A woman looking at the camera. Caption: The sulphagne appears to have taken effect almost immediately.] [Image 4: A group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant. Caption: Note Len's clammy brow and cheeks.] [Image 5: A group of people sitting at a table. Caption: The scientist instructs Len to concentrate on the test tube.]
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How Cassian can stand in a room with Nesta and hear how negatively she views herself and hear how she believes that she doesn’t deserve him but still had the audacity to remain silent through it all is beyond me.
I was expecting some kind of declaration at this point or even an awkward (but earnest) speech disproving all the things she said to prove to her how he really sees her. But we got nothing. 
Cannot believe how this book was marketed as a romance/healing book. And the nerve that Cassian was written to acknowledge that he still had an apology and declaration to make but to not show that in their book.
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Well. Now, I’m questioning just how much I should have been paying attention to what Ronaldo’s been saying this whole episode. 
For the hell of it, let’s say Ronaldo isn’t way off base. Because I suppose the Gems could be described as polymorphic sentient rocks. And yes, they can take on any form, by shapeshifting. As we’ve seen just at the beginning of this very episode. But also several times before. So..... just how much foreshadowing is in here?
Someone is/was here to hollow out the Earth? The show’s definitely spent time talking about the Earth before (with the implication that the Gems aren’t from here), like in Space Race or when Lapis was around (”I never believed in this place”). Or even in Serious Steven, very briefly/lightly (though maybe that’s not entirely related). And this hollowing out was part of some grander mission or task related to this great diamond authority or whatever? What? I mean, we’ve also seen diamonds on the show before, not just in this episode, so..... what does that mean? 
Of course, this is working off the assumption that Ronaldo’s not just spouting randomness again. 
Is this somehow related to why the Gems are tasked with protecting humanity? Or whoever left them that task? Are sneople real? Is this just me taking Ronaldo way too seriously? 
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The test for a new Spock should involve one (1) thing: please arch one eyebrow as high as you fucking can.
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not one person who has made a rude ass comment about my appearance is cute. nope. 
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GramEugene?! what are you all talking about?!? i didn’t see anything… Gram talked to Nuch and then it cut to Sean and White in the tent.
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Tumblr media
I just finished rewatching Yuri on Ice, and it brought back some semblance of what serotonin should feel like. Perhaps I’ll render it sometime later 
Tumblr media
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