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How life looks like after finishing uni. Still trying to be creative and productive but also taking things easy. Lots of cold coffee and walks around my area. Hope you are all okay.


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Finally finished with Second Year and restrictions in Spain are getting lower so I took myself (finally!) to the beach. I also started again on a writing project I started in 2012 about The Hunger Games now I have more time to read/write/create.


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It’s Maaaay! Send tumblr memes. I’m finishing my two last assessments for the year which is weird. Currently reading “Turtles all the way down” by John Green and watching Brooklyn 99 with my dog.


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the lovely @bulletnotestudies tag to do a list of 5 things that make me happy! Which is a cute idea, in not specific order: 

1. Getting immersed in a good book, with a warm cup of tea by my side

2. Sunsets, specially the ones during the summer, with all the vibrant colours.

3. Dogs. When you look at then and they start moving their tails is just warms my heart. 

4. Walking around a forest, specially when is raining. I love getting lost in there for hours.

 5. When someone ask me “how are you?”. I struggle to talk about my feelings so when someone takes the advantage it makes me really happy and takes a bit of the weight away. 

I’m tagging 

@honeydewdust @productivebuddy @studyingvetschool @caffeinestudyingg @wikistudy 

Feel free to do it, is a nice idea to spread some positivity! 


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Thank you to @gravitynotes (a new studyblr, go check them out) for tagging me. I’ve never done one of these before, so let’s see how this goes!

Rules: answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers you would like to get to know better.

Name: Steph

Nickname: Stephano, chickpea and many many more which I can’t post here haha

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius?

Height: 5′3 / 5′4 (I’m not too sure)

Languages spoken: English, French and currently learning Italian 

Nationality: British* 

Favourite fruit: Apple I guess

Favourite season: Autumn because I love collecting conkers and the weather is pretty neat

Favourite scent: clothes coming out of the dryer and my mum’s food :))

Favourite colour: mustard, teal, navy, burgundy, fuschia…the list goes on

Favourite animal: horses and bumblebees (planting lavender is bee friendly you guys)

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? TEA OF COURSE I’m a true Brit with true grit for putting the kettle on

Average hours of sleep: 7-8 (5-7 during exam season - I have more bags than Louis Vuitton atm)

Favourite fictional character: Humbert Humbert from Loli- NO WAY. In terms of a true favourite, I have to go with uhhhh like Chaol Westfall from the Throne of Glass series and Gabriel Oak from ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’.

 Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 

Dream Trip: Roadtrip around the West Coast of USA or Italy

Blog Created: March 2017

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erik vc hey i showed u my trauma am i still hot 

for reference , red hair comes from his mother , who was YIKES so , aside from liking black better , he wants to yeet from reminders of his mom but if christine likes his red hair he might stop dyeing it … maybe . 

yes he’s absolutely wearing a turtleneck under a t shirt its erik id expect nothing less .

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back to the last year when i used to clear my desk and lay all my post-it notes and my terribly numerous highlighters along with the subject material only to end up sketching on the desk wood and using my pink highlighter as a lipstick 

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“Yesterday I read your messages, those you sent me when you loved me, and to tell the truth, I could not hold back my tears. I felt you told me you loved me, again, and my heart snapped. Without realizing it I found myself remembering every moment I lived with you, and then I collapsed”

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28. 05. 20.

(my spread from monday)

not gonna lie, i’ve already been slacking off on my independent studying (and i’m less than a week in!). like, i practice my spanish, work out, and that kind of stuff because i like doing those things, but the tasks i dread are kind of ignored.

other people have always been the main source of my motivation, and since i don’t have the pressure from teachers or deadlines with actual consequences anymore, i’ve relied on the pressure of crossing things off my to-do list in order to to look good for tumblr, you know? that pressure is definitely wearing off now that i’ve been on here for a while, and i’m not quite sure how to replace that without finding an accountability partner that i won’t let myself disappoint… i guess i’ll figure it out somehow (or not lol).

today’s focuses:

  • dentist visit
  • join classroom + rsvp google meet
  • set up gmail + read emails + organize folders
  • set up skyward
  • walk the dog
  • shower
  • fold + stow away laundry
  • spanish: weather and seasons
  • math: topic tbd
  • law: contract law unit
  • reading: ___ pages of anna karenina

quarantine count: 76 days

independent studying count: 4 days

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