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Did this tower have to be so damn tall?! And what’s with all the broken- Gordon?!

( Barney runs over to the group, stopping short when he realizes there’s another alternate him, albeit in the HEV. )


Oh, howdy! Didn’t expect to run inta you so quickly!


What are y’all doin’ up here?




We’re lost. Tryin’ ta find the reactor room or whatever it’s called, so y’all can get out faster when Gordon blows up the teleporting-elevator-thing. That thing is gonna set of a monumental portal storm if the citadel blows up completely.


….Alright. Pretty sure it’s on the floor below this one.


Thank you! Your Gordon and Alyx just got on the elevator up, a bit before we got up here. You’d better hurry.


Uh, thanks.

( Barney and Omega’s group split up. How nice. )

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our nights as magic

Title- our nights as magic

Author@taeyeonsb (pieii)

Ship(s)- Han Jisung | Han/Lee Minho | Lee Know

Word Count- 46.3k

Chapters- 4/4

Status- Completed

Rated- General Audiences

Archive Warnings- No Archive Warnings Apply

Additional Tags- Alternate Universe - Non-Famous, Non-Idol AU, Alternate Universe - Witchcraft, Witchcraft, witch jisung cause we deserve it, Lee Minho | Lee Know is Whipped, Han Jisung | Han is a Sweetheart, Lee Minho | Lee Know is a Sweetheart, when i say lino is a sweetheart …… i MEAN it, he is the most precious boy in the UNIVERSE, i mean …. so is sungie, Some angst, literally like one scene, everything else is SO gay u will .. be gay, Gay, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Domestic Fluff, I Wrote This Instead of Sleeping, minhos eyes hold galaxies u heard it here first folks !!, kissin, :], they cute, many vine references because im me, Baking, Cuddling & Snuggling, forehead kissing because im gay and crave tenderness, Pining, just because, also just, lots and lots of love, Friends to Lovers, Best Friends, Stray Kids Sharing A Single Braincell

Summary- Jisung bakes too many cookies, loves his friends more than anything in the world, and does his best to keep the secret that’s as a big a part of him as the chubby cheeks Felix squishes so much.

And then … and then there’s Minho.

He’s just magic himself, really.

(Jisung would know.)

Notes- this is quite possibly the cutest witch au i’ve ever read! it’s pretty light on the angst, and there’s so much fluff and warmth, it felt like a warm cup of honey tea! really, it’s so light-hearted and precious that i found myself smiling pretty much the entire time.

the magic aspect is incorporated very well! also, every chapter has its own recipe and i found that to be very cute and unique (just like the fic)! it doesn’t feel forced; instead, it feels like it’s apart of the story and honestly, apart of jisung in general, and i think that complements his character perfectly!

minho is absolutely adorable in this fic. everyone was, really, and minsung’s relationship progressing was really fun to read, and it felt smoother and easier without explicitly saying it does. they’re cute. everyone is cute. the concept is cute. this fic is cute. the author is cute. cute, cute, cute!

to be honest, i 100% recommend reading this in the hours of the night and/or early morning. the entire vibe just reminds me of quiet peace and introspection even though the humor is really nice and very funny. the kind of vibe that the world is quiet. y’know?

please go leave kudos! i’m kind of surprised at its numbers right now since it’s so good! this is one of the best minsung fics i’ve read, and i hope you share the sentiment!

-admin x

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ALRIGHT now kiddos, let’s bring on the gossip train . you heard me– make this tea RAIN FROM THE HEAVENS !! i know you all got it in ya

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I might be cutting back a bit on replies for a moment…I feel bad neglecting my other blogs


Sorry guys

I thank you all for your continued support! You know who you are ;)

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Would you ever consider writing with a non Ghost/Priest exclusive oc? Especially one that has copious experience?

Umm, I guess it would depend on writing compatibility, and character compatibility because sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration to write. I want everyone to be welcome here, but again it’s hard to write sometimes. PM me if you want further details, or to discuss your character.

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What the fuck has Mercury been doing while I’ve been gone!? He better explain himself 😂

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Who We Write For!

Here are all the groups we write for! All the following information will be on a link in the Masterlist!

Admin Ong: NCT, BTS, Seventeen, MONSTA X, GOT7, Astro, Day6, EXO, BIGBANG, Seven O’Clock, iKON, Block B, 2PM, KNK, Pentagon, A.C.E, BtoB, Teen Top, B.A.P, VIXX, B.I.G, BLACKPINK, SHINee, EXID, Mamamoo, TWICE, JBJ, Xeno-T/Topp Dogg, KARD, SF9, TRCNG, Super Junior, Golden Child, Wanna One, and Weki Meki

Admin Tam: BTS, NCT, EXO, Seventeen, Red Velvet, Pentagon, Topp Dogg/Xeno-T, KNK, G-IDLE, KARD, and SHINee

Admin Embryo: EXO, BTS, NCT, BLACKPINK, BIGBANG, 2NE1, GOT7, SHINee, TWICE, Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, Hyun-a, Seventeen, Wanna One, TVXQ, Jay Park, Mamamoo, BoA, MONSTA X, EXID, I.O.I, and Nine Percent

Admin Wildove: f(x), BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, Sistar, GFriend, TWICE, 2NE1, 4Minute, Mamamoo, BTS, GOT7, EXO, BIGBANG, Block B, VIXX, SHINee, MONSTA X, Super Junior, and Astro


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I know I’m super late I’m so sorry BUT ANYWAYS … HOLY SHIT 4K!

I’m so thankful to have been a part of this blog this family for so long I can’t believe it’s only a year ago since I joined. I can’t believe there’s 4 thousand people out there who actually enjoy the content we work so hard to make. I know I don’t post much and I promise I will work harder to be active it’s just been a crazy senior year. I have to thank all 4 thousand of you and Hella ThiccCCC Eomma and Cuban Bread for being my bestest friends I love you all so so much. HERES TO 4K!

감사합니다- Admin X🖤

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@zhengtin tagged us!! thank you very much ♥ admin x here!! we thought it’d take us much longer to get tagged in something like this but since my twin (admin m) is an admin there, it happened(?) sorry for taking so long to post this but since admin y was in a trip, i wanted to wait until she was here to answer her questions before i posted it

admin x

  • favorite member(s): cai xukun i guess bc i love so many more but i’ll mention some of those below
  • bias wrecker(s): i’m just gonna mention two of them (it took a great effort to choose just two): ling chao and of course fan chengcheng our boy
  • favorite stage: dream!! but i love all of them ok it’s just- it’s just  c h e n g c h e n g  okay
  • favorite singer: obvs my boy ling chao, but also zhangjing, jeffrey and zhou rui
  • favorite rapper: chengcheng and xukun too of course(?)
  • favorite dancer: you guys are gonna say i’m too biased bUT I JUST LOVE XUKUN SO MUCH he has to be everywhere
  • favorite mentor: jackson of course, he was one of the reasons i started watching
  • whose elimination made you the most sad: honestly bangbang’s and yanlei’s i’m still not over the fact that yanlei and jeffrey are apart now. yes i ship yanlei and jeffrey since the second they laid eyes on each other, change my mind EDIT BEFORE I POST I’M DYING WHERE ARE MY YUEHUA BBIES AND YANCHEN AND ZHOU RUI AND AND AND I’M :((((((((((((((((((
  • who would you want to be friends with the most: bu fan is already my best friend, ask admin m @ zhengtin
  • who is #1 friendship goals: tbh at this point every friendship there is #goals
  • who is hubby material: chengcheng_ i mean xukun bc i’m a loyal xukun stan forever, also i’m afraid no one will agree with me but even tho every time i look at ziyi i still see a cani, i know it’s just the look and sometimes i’m like “w o w,,,, a man™” nOT GONNA LIE EVERY MANLY MAN IS HUSBAND MATERIAL TO ME I DON’T NEED MUCH TO BE SATISFIED
  • who would you want to have for a brother: I DON’T KNOW :,((( justin?? zhangjing? omg having zhangjing as a brother would be hilarious
  • how would you react if you saw your bias (in a fansign—if it was on the street pls just leave them in peace or respectfully say something nice if they seem to be in a good mood): i’d just be like :)))))))))))))))))))))) but crying at the same time so :,))))))))))) guys that’s gonna be me if i go to monsta x’s concert. i wouldn’t know what to say LOL but i’d be happier than ever
  • favorite IP moment(s): when they were talking and asked about which actress would they choose if they had to act (gr8 explanations) and zhengting said “fan bingbing” because i live for chengcheng’s reactions LMAO and oBVIOUSLY when yanlei and jeffrey met and when they were eating AND THE GHOST PRANK
  • favorite IP look(s): any chengcheng look where you can see his two cute twin beauty marks on his neck. + ling chao’s chocolate mouth
  • biggest IP mood(s): zhengting walking out of that room with the face mask just to grab a slice of pizza and when they ask him to say a greeting he’s just like “greetings? hAPPY NEW YEAR :)” and he just wants to leave like that and basically that entire moment
  • softest IP moment(s): i don’t remember who it was but when yunyi hurt his eyes and after everyone watched the performance someone told him “your brother was very handsome/cool” and idk i was so soft because :,( i’m happy they comforted him (+ have i mentioned ling chao’s chocolate mouth?)
  • can you dance/sing/rap: i like to think i can sing, i can dance (but not too well LMAO) and i can’t rap at all LOL i try but i can’t
  • who do you look the most like: no one lmao
  • whose personality is most like yours: apparently and according to my twin i’d be similar to yanlei because “he’s dramatic and funny af and everyone loves him and i love you”

admin y

  • favorite member(s): Yanjun
  • bias wrecker(s): obv Chengcheng, Justin, Lu Dinghao, Wenjun,…
  • favorite stage:  does Banana Culture’s audition count? Because it’s so beautiful I wanna cry
  • favorite singer: you zhangjing, obv yanjun💕💞💟💝💗💗💟💖💞💕
  • favorite rapper: chengcheng oBV
  • favorite dancer:  chengcheng, ding zeren, lin chaoze
  • favorite mentor: jackson but i rlly like the others!!! they’re much nicer than in pd101 (admin x: she’s the biggest ahgase ever)
  • whose elimination made you the most sad: qUANZHE :’((((((((( YANLEI BC JEFFREY IS ALONE NOW 💔 all my yuehua babies and many banana culture trainees AND YANCHEN and basically everyone but this ones are the ones who made me the saddest
  • who would you want to be friends with the most: zhangjing definitely
  • who is #1 friendship goals:  bu fan and yue yue, zhangjing and yanjun (i love their interviews, i love those two)
  • who is hubby material: yanjun (admin x: i’m writing this without waiting for her -next to me- to tell me and she agrees bc she didnt say anything)
  • who would you want to have for a brother: ooo hMMMM as a little brother probably justin and as an older brother, bu fan would be fun(?)
  • how would you react if you saw your bias (in a fansign—if it was on the street pls just leave them in peace or respectfully say something nice if they seem to be in a good mood): i’d look at him in the eyes intensely (admin x: she’s just like yanjun omg they’re made to be together)
  • favorite IP moment(s): the ghost prank, the dance competition and does yanlei’s audition count? and that thai trainee whose name i don’t remember rip can someone tell me the one who made everyone start dancing(?)
  • favorite IP look(s): same as admin x whatever chengcheng look where u can see his twin moles, and i love dark-haired yanjun and justin should stop with the weird hairstyles
  • biggest IP mood(s): anything chengcheng does
  • softest IP moment(s): bangbang is the softest thing, bangbang clapping with his sweater paws, when they call their families :(( when jeffrey and yanlei met
  • can you dance/sing/rap: no
  • who do you look the most like: admin x: no one LMAOOO
  • whose personality is most like yours: admin x: a lil bit like justin, but also sassy like zhangjing sometimes and idk who else bc she’s too special | admin y: k thank u
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Admin X just broke Ling Chao's heart that's why he cut his hair, this is all her fault. (icb you went back to Xukun just like that Berry 👀)


—admin x

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"I agree, saying the n word doesn't always make you racist, it makes you ignorant tho" C knew what the N word means. When she said she was bullied by four N she knew exactly what that N word represented. So yes, her laughing at that other girl saying Normani is a N is actually racist. She knew it was malicious.



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Y'all think maybe this is the "karma" everyone was waiting for? If she confirmed those leaks, then unlikely the others were falsified. Or maybe her "karma" is that all of her past and future relationships are PR only. Or maybe that she's starting to get ostracized from wanting to be on social media. All seem like karma to me.

well all I know is karma is a bitch. a slow bitch. but it’ll catch up eventually. 


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craziest thing yall ever did ?

i got a tattoo when I was 14.


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I’m curious what do you guys think of like group threads?

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I'll be that person who asks questions outside the topic...May I ask what Ezarel's theme song is? Seems like there's some problem with the player since it keeps displaying "Youtube Error 150." Thanks for answering :)

Ah, it’s an old ringtone, you can look up you are my sweetest love bunny

-Admin X

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Your birthday is today and we decided to get you a fruity vanilla cupcake with a crackly surprise on top (spoiler alert: it’s pop rocks)! Happy Birthday from all of us over here at the Positivity Blog! You totally deserve to have an amazing day, Johnny! You rock!

The Positivity Admins

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Anniversary x Yifan


Originally posted by fyifan

¤it’s an anniversary that means a lot to you and kris. Like 5 years together or 10 years in a marriage

¤the day begins with you waking up in your bed and kris coming in to the room with breakfast

¤he feeds you

¤ I said H E F E E D S  Y O U

¤later on you guys don’t do a lot. Maybe you watched a film or just went on a walk

¤but the whole fun starts in the evening

¤yifan goes to the store and while he is out you dress in a special lingerie that you know will get him hard AF

¤Kris comes home and you are waiting for him

¤you’re standing in the middle of your living room

¤and Kris is standing with his jaw wide open

¤suddenly he strides next to you

¤picks you up

¤and just takes you to your bedroom

¤tonight he doesn’t tease you

¤he thanks you

¤'wow you are such a good girl/boy for daddy. Let him take care of you’

¤and he does

¤just imagine his big hands grabbing your ass while he pounds in you with so much force you know there will be a dent in the wall

¤next thing you know yifan is under you and your special spot is being ‘abused’ (not literally ofc)by yifan

¤later on you are soooo tired 

¤but yifan is smirking

¤cuz he knows that even if you are tired in a couple of minutes you will be screaming his name over and over again

 - admin x 

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Dear Violet,

It is your birthday which means you (should) get everything you want! You are magnificent, gradient, and an all around cool chick! We all hope you have a wonderful day and get to celebrate it the way you want. Happy Birthday!!


The Positivity Admins

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A classy, sophisticated, cupcake for a classy, sophisticated woman! You are fierce and smart. We hope your birthday lives up to your expectations. Have a wonderful day, Serena! You deserve it!


The Positivity Admins

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Dearest and Lovliest Lily,

It is your birthday and we decided a strawberry shortcake cupcake was the most appropriate choice. We have you enjoy it and we also hope you have an incredible day filled with love and yummy junk food!! Have a great day, sweetheart!


The Positivity Admins

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