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sweetlolli · a day ago
I’m scared that once I reach my goal weight I will continue restricting because it won’t be enough. I’m also scared I’ll go back to eating like normal and gain it all back.
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15kcalinaloadofcum · a day ago
do you really want to disappoint yourself again?
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makemeblush1 · a day ago
I can’t believe you let yourself get this bad…I can’t believe you’ve lost control for fatty foods and drinks, look at you, actually look at yourself, aren’t you embarrassed? Look at those rolls when you sit or bend down, everything’s just hanging out. I thought you wanted to be pretty and thin like those girls you see online, your barley close, is that why you hide? Why you wear those baggy hoodies and sweats, to feel light? You can’t expect yourself to feel light when your body says other wise, when you can fit into a xxs you should feel proud but right now…you should get off your ass and do some fucking workouts, stop going in the kitchen and looking in the fridge, grab water, grab tea, go run, stop going in the place that triggers you, I know you, and I know those hands, I know you don’t have self control, if you did…why would you eat that?
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sweetlolli · 20 hours ago
Me: scared that I’m faking my ed
Also me: hasn’t eaten in days and cries when going over 200 calories
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mynameismixiao · a day ago
tw // sweetspo
keep going, dear. you're making so much progress, don't you want them to ask you, "hey, have you been eating lately?" or ask "what did you do to make yourself skinny as that? I would kill for a body like yours." ? resist the urge, darling. you're going to get there, promise.
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kingrichardthethird · 2 days ago
Always, always, always try to restrict. Anything else is failure. Don’t be weak. Restrict. Always
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c0ntrolbae · 2 days ago
One of my favourite things to do is to go on My body gallery and look at people at my height and goal weight 💀😭
And it’s so motivating knowing that I’ll look like them soon
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