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Liza Sivakova
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Toor’s scenes possess a kind of solemnity or quietude that does not suggest equilibrium so much as tender regard. Toor’s protagonists, obvious stand-ins for the artist himself, at least at an earlier moment in his life, seem held in suspension between two worlds, Old and New, never entirely at home in either. But he also holds them at emotional arm’s length, as if these images were tempered by time, less observations than memories, and they begin to assume the lineaments of archetype, despite their depiction of technology à la mode.
(Many of the pictures have an overall green palette, appropriate, perhaps, for the nocturnal illumination of bars or apartment parties—although more readily suggesting fin de siècle gaslight—but also reminiscent of the discoloured varnish of old paintings hanging for generations in smoke-filled drawing rooms.)
on Salman Toor
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Winter sunset, Ivan Fedorovich Choultsé, 1874-1939.
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Marie-Claire Lefébure (born 1949) - Bisqine quittant le port d'Erquy  |  Bisqine Leaving the Port of Erquy (2001)
An artist’s view of Erquy Inner Breakwater Lighthouse, Erquy, Côtes-d'Armor, Brittany, France - License CC BY 4.0
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Rock Pool
oil on linen
120 x 80 cm
Lawrence Wells
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FKA twigs for Farfetch
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Concrete Composition 23, 2021, 30"H x 40"W x 1.5"D, Acrylic on canvas.
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Crows  Dishcloth, acrylic on dishcloth  (1996)
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Hey, An aspiration of mine is to go into art curating, I just read an answer of yours revealing a bit more about working in museums and I was wondering what you might be able to tell me about this job?
Im currently studying fine art with a contemporary cultural theory course and planning to work abroad in galleries in Berlin next year. But feel like you might be able to give me a little bit more insider knowledge into what the industry is like and whether its worth doing an MA for?
So, in the Museum field if you want to be an art curator, an MA is usually the minimum degree needed to have a career in the field.
You can have a successful career with a BA, BUT it is hard and you need to make up for the lack of an MA with a lot of work experience or bringing something different to the table, like having a strong social media presence,  blogs etc. Point is, if you are planning to be in this field long term, start planning for a Master's degree.
Depending on the institution, an art curator or a curator in general, is a person who oversees the care, and management of a collection and then interprets the collection.
Duties a curator may have are:
·      Oversee the care and display of their collections.
·      Catalog, inventory and write condition reports on objects.
·      Work with donors to acquire new pieces for the collection.
·      Propose new exhibits and install them and take them down.
·      Publish research and work with independent researchers.
·      Write educational materials, exhibit labels, plan programs and give lectures.
·      Train docents, help craft the museums policies and interact with the public, donors and board members.
That’s a lot! And that’s just scratching the surface!
I'm not going to lie to you, this field is highly competitive with many people who are all competing for the same jobs, not many of which come with a good pay or benefits. This field is overworked and underpaid in a lot of circumstances and there is unfortunately a lot of toxicity. Many museum professionals do the job of several people. As a whole the field is working improve, but change doesn’t happen overnight.
I don't say this to discourage you, but to give you a heads up as to what the field is like. Forewarned is forearmed.
Experience is what is really important in this field. No matter what form it takes: You spent a summer leading tours? That’s experience! You interned with the curator? That’s experience! Worked in a gallery as a security guard? Experience!  The more the better, it gives you a lot of different skills that make you flexible and hireable. I think that you having the opportunity to get a lot of experience in Berlin, is fantastic and I think that’ll help you standout to hiring managers.
I also believe it’ll help you get a feel for the field, before jumping into a Master’s program, if that’s what you decide you want to do. I really recommend reading through job postings for art curators on job boards and seeing what these jobs are looking for, to help in your decision making.
I hope you found this helpful and feel free to reach out if you have any more questions. I’m happy to be of service and if anyone else wants to jump in with any advice they have, please do!
Thank you for the question!
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This is one of the last pieces I have available from my 2012 artist residency in Downtown San Diego. Oranges and pinks make a lovely mix. This 24in x 24in is available and looking for a good home. DM me for inquiries. 
You can support my work and help keep my dream alive at CariniArts.com 
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Peaceful Embrace by Briony Marshall, 2015.
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George Tsui draws us into a fantasy where the signs of subterfuge are plain to see, as the artist describes: these pieces “employ a dual technique of painting and sculpture that is traditionally ornate yet abstract in the most modern sense".
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Douglas Harvey (British fl. 1853-72)
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Edward Gennys Fanshawe (1814–1906) - Malaga, Augt 14th 1857 (1857)
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Shells and Head
acrylic on paper
90 x 70 cm
Lawrence Wells
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saudade; 01 I pjm - dks
Tumblr media
Title: Saudade
Pairing: Jimin x Reader / Kyungsoo x Reader
Part of series: Waterlilies and Japanese Bridge
Genre: angst I fluff
Pairing: artcuratort!reader x dancer!jimin, artcurator!reader x laywer!kyungsoo
Word count: 6k
Summary: When engaging into a marriage with your chosen partner, one assumes that the obstacles you have to face come in forms of communication issues, coming to terms with your spouse’s bad habits or money problems. What your parents perhaps never told you is that sometimes they come in a form of a woman coated safely behind the words of your spouse’s lies about yet another quick trip abroad.
Author’s note: unedited chapter , i hope you like it 
Taglist: @ggukkieland, ​@dragonpandas, @honig-und-millch​ @ ofvopemin
Saudade Masterlist
< intro | chapter two >
There were many ways one could spend their Saturday night than standing in the rain waiting for your husband to show up. The cold air bit your cheek as you shot a quick message to Kyungsoo pacing from one foot to another in a lame attempt to warm up. The clock on the square hit 9.30 pm as you locked your phone in a defeating manner. In the back of your mind, you knew your husband is a hard-working man with a large chunk of cases to look over but still a tiny part wished you would become his priority at least during your date nights. Shaking your head, you adjust your scarf and waved for a cab.
Informing the driver of the address of the gallery, you hear the ding of your phone reminding you of an unopened SMS laying in your notifications.
I am so so sorry, new evidence came up from the lab and Dongwook asked for them to be reviewed by tomorrow. I will make it up to you I promise. Love you!
The gallery was locked when you arrived. Turning on the lights, the walls illuminated in a sonic silver colour making your heart swell up with pride as you recall how far the gallery came. It was a freezing December when you got a call from the owner about the position of an art curator. It came off as a shock to you. You had been an art curator assistant after finishing university, but the job didn’t pay well and there was hardly any room for improvement hence why you left it to pursue other matters such as web design.
You had been working as a designer in a respected firm at the time but even though the pay was okay it didn’t offer you the same thrill as art did. When you accepted Sunmi’s offer, the gallery was a bottomless pit. The walls were demolished; the floor rose from all the water that resurfaced due to bad plumbing and let’s not start about the heaters you had to bring to keep yourself warm.
Sunmi explained to you that she inherited the space from her grandfather and wanted to open an art gallery. Looking back the project was doomed to fail but somehow the three of you made it work. You still remember painting the walls, woollen gloves protecting you from the cold, cough irritating your lungs and throat from all the dust you inhaled, and the colour dripping from the brush onto your clothing. It was a mess.
Scanning the room where your newest exhibition will take place you spotted your favourite painting a simple long line drawn on a white canvas. The artist told you it was self-explanatory, but you disagreed wholeheartedly. Everyone had their own interpretation, you for example thought it presented your mental state when your depression acted up. Days and weeks carried the same dull feeling tingling in your chest, the strange ache for you to wake from the routine and fight but the illness was stronger overtaking the small desire. Every day was a never-ending circle.
Dimming the lights, you put your coat over the rack and check the procedure for the opening tomorrow. It was rare for the gallery to have exhibitions on Saturdays, but the artist Kim Jaewook was the painter who brought the biggest revenue therefore you adhered to his wishes.
“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be on your dinner date?”
Looking up from stacks of paper you saw Jinyoung leaning on the wall a briefcase in his arm and a steaming cup of coffee in the other. He looked tired, the paleness of his skin highlighted against the black turtleneck, lack of sleep displaying itself in the form of dark circles under his eyes, ”Shouldn’t I be asking you the same question?”
Pushing himself off the wall he sets the cup on the glass table across from you before plumping his elbows on it, ”Jennie went to visit her parents. Her mother fell ill, and her father can’t provide proper care because of his irregular shifts. She’ll be back tomorrow though.”
You smile softly eyes searching his face for any indication that he was bothered by the distance. Jinyoung shrugs silently as to assure you he was fine. A jawn escapes his lips but he quickly covers it with this hand. His marriage was going through a rough patch, one that you took notice of it when he began speaking less and less about Jennie and working longer hours.
“But really what brings you here so late at night?”
“I had some papers to finish regarding the payment and go over the last details with Mr Kim since Sunmi’s flight was delayed.”
You hum suddenly feeling the weight of today, the endless preparations and calls you had to make.
Jinyoung fetches his coat before turning on his heel towards you. ”Do you need a ride back home?”
“Sure. I reviewed the protocol; I just have to check the paintings once more tomorrow.” You pull yourself up from the bench and warp the warm coat around your shoulders. Jinyoung being the gentleman hold the handle of the door allowing you to exit first.
The car ride was silent, both of you lost in your thoughts. Tension emitted itself from Jinyoung, his jaw clenched. Whenever he caught your stare, he would send you a small smile that never reached his eyes. You hesitated before slowly looking at him. “You know, we’ve been friends for years now. If something is bothering you, you can tell me.”
At this, Jinyoung rose a brow clearly taken by surprise, ”Thank you for the offer albeit weird but thanks.”
He turned the volume of the radio drowning the conversation into jazz music, a sign that whatever he was going through he wanted to keep it to himself. That was enough for you to halt the conversation there, your point was taken across and there was no need to further dig into his private life.
Jinyoung pulled at your apartment, you offer him a smile while unbuckling your seatbelt. ”This is my spot. See you tomorrow.”
Opening your apartment door, you were greeted with darkness, Kyungsoo’s brown shoes resting in the middle of the hallway. Your apartment wasn’t big, but it was warm, and it was yours to call home; a place for you to unwind after a long day. Taking off your coat and storing it in the closet you tiptoe as you hear Kyungsoo’s soft snores. The visit to the gallery didn’t feel long but as the alarm clock flashes half-past one, you couldn’t help but do a double-take.
Kyungsoo laid on the bed when you dipped to your side, his chest heaving up and down, a crescent between his brows prominent from the frown resting on his lips. Your finger slowly traced the shape of his jaw towards his plump lips up to his nose. With a quick peak to his cheek, you turn around only to be pulled to his chest as he whispered a soft, I love you before resting his chin on your shoulder and falling back asleep. Although you are married for three years you still find yourself swooning over him, heart hammering inside your ribs, your cheeks redding.
The next morning you were tangled up all in the sheets your body somehow moving to Kyungsoo’s side of the bed. Gradually you begin to get pulled away from your dream the sunlight waking you up from the slumber. Stretching your arms and limbs, you were greeted with an empty bed. A chuckle caught your attention.
Kyungsoo stood at the door, hair damped from the shower. ”Good morning.”
He leans in placing a chaste kiss on your forehead, his smile widening at your groaning. Rubbing your eyes to adjust to the light you notice Kyungsoo fixing his tie in the mirror.
You paused for a moment before getting out of bed. “When did you come home last night?” you look at the clock to check the time before scowling at Kyungsoo for getting ready so early.
“Around midnight. Lee Dongwook is the bane of my existence but at least now I know why he has a 98 per cent wine rate. I didn’t see him leave his office once yesterday, not even to use the goddamn toilet. Can you imagine that? Holding your pee for 15 hours straight?”
Amused by Kyungsoo’s rant, you stand there laughing. “Well, now we know how to be successful.”
Kyungsoo lets out a sigh before looking at you, desperation clear on his face. “I honestly hope to God that’s not the key to success because I can already tell I am set up for failure. “He says, turning to look at himself once more in the mirror before giving you back his attention, ”I have to get going so I could finish early and arrive at your exhibition on time.”
You giggle at him as he places a kiss on your lips before pulling you closer. You stare at him for a second, he tenderly places his hands on the side of your jaw and leaves small kisses all over your face causing you to squeal in surprise. He finishes his display of affection with a peak on your nose and dashes through the bedroom door.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“Kyungsoo” You yell, biting your bottom lip to stop the giggles threatening to spill.
“Your hair is still wet.”
“For the love of-“ is the last thing you hear followed by a few curses before Kyungsoo slams the doors of the bathroom shut.
Preparing an exhibition was hard both in theory and practice but it was even harder when your boss was Lee Sunmi a person prone to perfectionism in even the smallest details such as the trash can. It had occurred to her, this morning as she stepped into the office, that the can was far too close to the entrance giving the gallery a bad reputation.
As you moved the can for what seemed the fourth time Sunmi exclaimed that it would be better to remove it completely only for her mind to change once Jinyoung pointed out that people need to well throw trash somewhere. Not satisfied with Jinyoung rational explanation, she ushered him to pick up Jaewook to which Jinyoung happily obeyed leaving you with the devil herself.
“Have all of the guests RSVPed?”
You purse your lips,” two guests didn’t, unfortunately, both are Mr Kim’s parents.”
Sunmi’s lips form a flat line, staring at the trash can disapprovingly, ”I had expected that outcome but what’s done is done. They never responded to any of our invites, so it was predictable.”
You sigh. Frankly, you were puzzled why the elderly couple never replied to any of your invites. Shouldn’t they be the first to arrive at their son’s exhibition?
”Maybe they’ll have a change of heart.”
Sunmi hums before clapping joyfully, ”So we everything is ready. Now we wait for Jinyoung to inform me that he picked up Mr Kim. When they get here, we have approximately an hour before the guests start arriving. I have to leave to pick up my dress at the dry cleaning, are you able to handle any early guests?”
You nod much to Sunmi’s delight.
Having guests arrive early than predicted gave you the anxiety of the highest form. Some of Sunmi’s perfectionism rub off on you and the sheer thought of people stumbling over a possible mistake was making you hyperventilate.
As you mingled between people, bowing politely you see Jennie standing by the entrance champagne in her hand. She was engaged in what appeared an enjoyable conversation with a man unknown to you. Dressed in a simple black jumpsuit with her hair braided to the side, she easily stood out in the crowd of people making her presence felt whether she wanted it or not. You often wondered how Jennie and Jinyoung ended up together, being the plain opposite. Jinyoung always loved to be part of the shadows, any kind of attention making him uncomfortable, unlike Jennie who soaked it up.
She caught your stare and nodded politely.
The gallery was already filled with people, photographers from different news sites taking photos of everyone who was someone. Just as you saw Kyungsoo rushing in dressed in his lawyer suit you notice it was almost time for the artist’s speech. Glancing around, Jinyoung and Sunmi were nowhere to be found. At that moment you realise you never saw the two enter the gallery, neither with Jaewook nor the dress. Waving to Kyungsoo to acknowledge his presence you push past people towards your office.
Around the corner you see a fuming Jinyoung pacing back and forward glancing at his watch every now and then. Heaps of sweat dripping from his forehead. Behind him in the darkness, almost not noticeable stood Sunmi talking to a frantic Jaewook trying her best to stop his animated figure from stepping over numerous papers scattered on the floor.
“What happened?” Jinyoung looked up stopping for a second before he rolled his eyes continuing his pacing.
He was pissed, the veins on his neck popped up from all of the rages he was withholding. ”Apparently, he agreed to hold the exhibition under one condition which was not met.”
“And that is?” you ushered Jinyoung to finish.
“His parents coming.”
You stared at him trying to recall such an instance but all you came up with was a blank canvas, “I don’t remember him saying that. I told Sunmi not long ago that they never answered.”
“Well, obviously she thought he would go through with it no matter what,” Jinyoung exhaled tapping his foot nervously, “the whole exhibition depends on his attendance and now we might lose it. Months of preparations, future exhibitions are all thrown down the drain for who? A person who is more difficult than my mother-in-law and you know her Y/N, she the spawn of Satan.”
Wrecking your brain for a solution and you come up with an idea that was either going to save your gallery of a financial catastrophe or be the main cause of it.
“Maybe I should talk to him.” Your attention went back to the artist and your boss, the conversation seemed calmer now but hesitation and disappointment on Jaewook’s face were clear as day.
You inhaled and exhaled before taking the freedom to walk into the office halting the conversation once the two figures became aware of your presence. Sunmi was irritated while Jaewook had all sorts of emotions running through him.
“This better be important Y/N.” She hissed.
“Mr Kim, I have a proposition that might interest you.” You said, ignoring Sunmi’s death stare the one where she was throwing daggers at you mentally (also known as the stare among you and Jinyoung). If one could be dead by glares, you two would be long gone.
Jaewook’s attention fell on you. “How about we hold a small exhibition in your hometown? That way your parents can visit it without having to travel all the way to Seoul. I am sure you would also like to bring the exhibition to its original routs.”
There was a pregnant silence, only the clock could be heard in the background. Jaewook was seemingly grasping your idea, the wheels in his head-turning. Sunmi on the other hand was somewhere between both kissing you and killing you. Another exhibition with him meant losing the small amount of patience she had and let’s not start with the coasts of transporting everything to Busan.
Minutes passed before Jaewook spoke up. ”I am very fond of your idea Mrs Y/N and willing to attend tonight’s exhibition if this idea sees the light of day.”
Sunmi eager to please the artist agrees in a heartbeat. ”We will be having a meeting tomorrow if you wish, to go through all the preparations needed.”
Jaewook satisfied with her answer smiles. “I will see you tomorrow then. Now if you excuse me, I have a speech to give.”
He shoved past the two of you accompanied by a livid Jinyoung towards the centre of the exhibition, all whilst being greeted by people with bows or shoulder taps. There Jinyoung gave him the microphone and before you know it the exhibition started properly.
You sneaked your way past Sunmi who was about to discuss your idea and straight into Kyungoo’s arms. He sneaked them around your waist pecking your cheek. In the corner of your eyes, you saw Jinyoung standing as further away as possible from Jennie, but you averted your gaze promising yourself to stay out of it.
The rest of the night went without a hitch.
Kyungsoo beamed proudly as he put a strand of your hair behind your ear, tipsiness mixed with tiredness noticeable through his slurred words, “Have I ever told you how extraordinary you are Mrs Do Y/N?”
You batt your eyelashes at him innocently before erupting into laughter over your own action, “Yes, but I am still willing to listen to some more praises.”
He kisses the spot where your neck meets your shoulders, a shiver running down your spine. Reddened cheeks and shy, you quickly scan the room in hopes of the intimate moment staying hidden. Taking the glass from him, you put it on the table.
“How many did you drink?”
He shrugs pulling you closer, his breath tickling your neck. A mixture of champagne and his perfume hit you like a wave. Placing his head on your shoulder, he uses the index finger of his free arm pointing at a woman standing not far away. She was talking to a man you saw earlier with Jennie.
“Those are my collages from work, Irene and the famous Dongwook.”, he says” I would love to introduce you to them.”
Before you could discourage him of the idea, he pulled you forwards, his hand gripping yours tightly. You stumbled over your own footing, finding support on his shoulder which in hindsight was a bad idea. Being the lightweight Kyungsoo was, he almost fell over from the sudden weight. Both of you wiggle left to right before a hand catches you stopping you from falling. You look up seeing Sunmi’s husband Namjoon smiling at you, to your right Kyungsoo laughs as Jinyoung holds him.
Namjoon pulls you up, steadying you until you assure him you found your footing. ”Thank you, I think Kyungsoo had one too many.” Namjoon chuckles at your husband’s state.
“It’s fine.” He says taking the empty glass out of your hand. Kyungsoo was standing next to Jinyoung sputtering nonsense, his state slowly seeping into borderline unconsciousness.    
“Could you help Jinyoung put him in the car? I need to finish something.” You ask Namjoon who agrees instantly taking your car keys, gesturing for Jinyoung to follow him. Kyungsoo voices slowly fades, getting lost in the murmur of other voices.
Approaching the woman and man he pointed out as colleagues, you couldn’t help but feel intimated. The aura the two had was one of immediate respect. Sensing another person approaching the two look up at you and bow.
“Irene-nim and Dongwook-nim?” confusion set itself on Irene’s face, her gaze somewhat distant trying to rack her memory of a possible encounter you had but the awkward frown followed by a smile gave away that she came out blank.
“I came to thank you on Kyungoo’s behalf for coming and supporting this event. Unfortunately, he’s fell ill and had to leave earlier than planned. I am hoping you enjoyed it?”. Irene smiles albeit awkwardly her figure stiff, shoulders touching Dongwook’s as he nods several times eyes turning into half-moons. The latter gushes about the exhibition some more before you must excuse yourself.
The cold air nips at your nose as you burry your face further into the scarf cursing at your choice of tonight’s attire. The thin silk dress wavers in the wind exposing your legs causing goosebumps to show, your heels clicking against the pavement on your way towards the parking. Your mind has been in a constant state of a daze since you talked with Jaewook. Trying to brush off the irritating feeling, you take up your pace.
Namjoon’s purple hair stands out in the dark, his distinguishable laugh echoing through the empty lot. Jinyoung just finished his cigarette puffing a cloud of smoke and throwing it on the floor, feet stepping over it several times. Stress radiated from his features as he scrunched his nose, thumb and index finger pinching his lower lip. As much as you thought you were in a daze, he seemed to have it worse. His stare was distant, empty, pain evident in his eyes.
Kyungsoo’s was out of it, head leaning on the window of your car. Soft snores escaping through his plump lips creating mist circles on the window. Throwing your purse on the back seat you warp arms around yourself suddenly becoming shy in front of the two men.
Perhaps a drunk Kyungsoo wasn’t damaging to your stellar reputation, but still a bigger part of you wanted the two of you to appear perfect in front of others. Your therapist described it as a childhood trauma that you never dealt with. A burden is given to you by your parents to fulfil their dreams of an ideal child worthy of bragging about.
“Thank you.” Namjoon smiles and bids you goodbye, rambling about having to find Sunmi before she murders him. Jinyoung follows him waving at you and parallelly cursing you out for tomorrow’s meeting.
Closing the door, your turn your car into reverse and drive away towards your house. Tonight’s event replaying in your head.
The sunshine breaks through the mass of clouds letting you soak up some warmth before you are pulled into the cold walls of Busan’s prestigious gallery. You crane your neck over the car to see Jinyoung leaning against the building talking furiously on his phone before he hisses, mumbling few incoherent words under his breath. He has been stressed ever since the exhibition and it was taking a toll on both his work and his relationship with you and Sunmi. Placing one foot in front of the other you walk over to him touching his shoulder lightly.
“Are you okay?”
Startled by your presence, he instinctively brushes off your hand before he fully realises his action,” Oh Y/N didn’t see you there. Sorry. Yeah, Jaewook will be here shortly. They have already set up the exhibition so there isn’t much work for us.”
Still recovering from his blunder, Jinyoung awkwardly finds purchase on the car’s handle.” A friend of mine is currently staying in Busan. We agreed to hang out a bit before the exhibition. You are invited of course.”
He takes a moment to examine your reaction. You are unable to read his expression, but it doesn’t linger. Following his suit you get into the car, buckling your seatbelt as he types an unknown address and presses the start button.
After a few turns left and right you were already in front of your destination. Café Magnate shines in grey letters against the brown walls. Jinyoung parks the car not far away from the entrance not sparing you a second glance. Walking behind him you feel oddly uncomfortable, positively sure you’ve done nothing to trigger this sort of behaviour towards you. In all the years you’ve known him, Jinyoung has never been this distant, closed off the walls higher than you have ever seen.
“Jinyoung Hyung.”
Your head snaps to the left at the sound of Jinyoung’s name. There stood a man not much younger than yourself dressed in black from head to toe. A bucket hat resting neatly against the brown curls peaking underneath it. Although you couldn’t see his smile from the mask, the doe-like eyes that shone softly under the sunlight gave away the happiness.
“Jungkook.” Jinyoung pulls the man into a brotherly hug, patting his back affectionately. Pulling from his embrace Jungkook takes notice of you timidly standing a few feet away, arms interviewed on your chest.
“Jungkok this is Do Y/N, my friend and co-worker at Saudade gallery.”
You bow not expecting Jungkok to come forward, grabbing your hand to shake it. Taken aback by his unusual greeting style you stumble.
Jinyoung whacks the back of Jungkook’s head, ”Ya she’s older than you, show some respect.”
“Hyung, this is how the younger generations greet each other. You wouldn’t understand it.” Jungkook laughs, nose scrunching up.
He takes his hat off, his hair falling into a perfect mess of curls. Pushing strands of hair behind his ear you take notice of the piercing on his brow and tattoos prettifying his arms. It was a beautiful contradiction, the dark mysterious aura he displayed through clothing and the endearing personality that stood behind it.
“Y/N this is my younger brother Jungkook.” Jinyoung smiles, ruffling his hair again making Jungkook huff in annoyance.
“B-brother?” a stutter comes out unbeknownst to you.
Jungkook chuckles at your confusion pushing Jinyoung’s arm off his shoulder, “Technically half-brother but we like to leave out the half part as to not confuse people further. It’s already shocking when they learn about my existence.”
Jinyoung rolls his eyes punching Jungkook lightly before slowly entering the cafe.
“After you milady.” Jungkook holds the door open for you.
Stepping inside the picturesque café you drink in the beautifully decorated furniture which has high-end designer written over it. Potted plans seated on the marble floor in every corner, minimalistic paintings hanging off the walls and the sunlight emitted from the floor-to-ceiling windows.
Jungkook leads you to the far corner, greeting the staff as he tells them your order. There in the corner away from the praying eyes sits a beautiful man around Jungkook’s age. His platinum hair pulled under the red bean as he huffs a strand that escaped back into its place. Dressed in a simple black oversized sweater the man almost matches Jungkook perfectly. Elegancy hugged his features, a hidden softness on his face as he scrabbles in his notebook. His delicate hands leaf through it, concentrated fully on the content written neatly in cursive.
“Jimin-ssi,” Jungkook whisper pulling the man out of his bubble. Once their gazes are caught Jimin stands up hugging Jungkook and continuing towards Jinyoung. As he came to you, he halts giving you a smile. A contrast to his previous stoic-reading face.
“This is Y/N-ssi, Jinyoung’s friend and co-worker.”
Jimin stretches his hand in a friendly manner, his greeting similar to Jungkook’s only lacking the overbeating amount of enthusiasm. The warmth of his hands sets an electric jolt that sets you apart. Jimin muffles a sorry between his laughs, blaming his woollen sweater for the sudden incident. You dismiss it taking a seat opposite of him.
“Did you order?”
Jungkook nods removing the mask from his face.” I ordered for Hyung and noona.”
“Yah, she’s not your noona.” Jinyoung exhales tiredly making you laugh.
Watching the siblings interact made you miss your own brothers. Sudden guilt crept into you at the thought of Baekhyun and Wooyoung. Ever since you got married and moved out you had no time to check upon them. With the job at the gallery, you rarely had time for yourself let alone arranging meet-ups but seeing Jinyoung and Jungkook now made you reminisce about times when the three of you were children chasing each other in the backyard of your house.
Baekhyung being the oldest loved to tease both of you, Wooyoung getting the shorter end of the stick. As you grew up and changed through the course of your life from children to teenagers and lastly young adults you tended to drift apart, but somehow you always found your way back to each other. Now as adults your time together came to a bare minimum. Still, you cherished the times when you did manage to go out and listen to them rumble about Wooyoung’s new song or crazy fan encounter and Baekhyun’s new trainees.
Sensing your absentmindedness Jungkook speaks up. “Noona, what do you do in the gallery? I know Hyung does math stuff which is quite boring.”
“She’s not your noona!”, Jinyoung stretches over the table flickering Jungkook’s forehead, the younger yelps in pain, “I am an art curator which means I oversee the art. I think I do an okay job with preparing the exhibitions”
“Judging by the newspaper critics I would say you are doing more than okay.” You catch Jimin’s strong stare adorned with a smile, thinking it won’t remain. He crocks his head to the side smirk playing on his lips.
He averts the gaze when the waiter sets down your ordered drinks and suddenly the tension built in your chest realises itself. You were never this shy.
“What do you do Jimin?” you try to mask your sudden shyness with politeness by following Jungkook’s example.
“I’m a dancer at the EQ royal dance academy.”
“Pff- “Jungkook stops midsentence to take a sip of his drink, “more like the youngest ballet professor ever. Did you know he’s the youngest prima ballerina?”
Jimin blushes at Jungkook’s revelation of his success pouting his lips.” It’s premier danseur noble but thank you.”
Jungkook huffs saying something along the lines of Jimin’s meticulous nature to which the latter expose Jungkook of perfectionism that borders satanism. The two bicker back and forward throwing a range of insults before they are laughing loudly.
You glance at Jimin, his eyes turning into half-moon making you gulp. You may be married but you are not immune to the beauty of the man sitting opposite of you. The trio falls into comfortable chitchat leaving space for your thoughts to wonder.
“You guys should come to Jimin’s ballet performance next week.” Jungkook wakes you from your own thoughts.
“What’s it about?”
Jimin shifts into his seat, his eyes holding a glister of adoration. “It’s about a married couple going through a rough patch. To reignite their love, they decide to take a trip around the world. Alone though, an act to rediscover themselves.”
Jungkook munches on his pudding, the spoon mid-air when he speaks. “What was the name again? I remember something with lilies.”
Jimin huff hitting his knees in disappointment, you can imagine how many times he had told Jungkook about the name, but the latter forgot.
“Waterlilies and Jap-”
“nese Bridge. Monet?” You chip in enthusiastically.
Art had been something that intertwined closely with Jimin’s dance, something that pushed his limits to move his dance to higher levels. They don’t say dance is a form of art for nothing.
You feel the burning gaze of his pierce towards you making you want to cover under the sudden attention. “You like Monet?”
“More like love. I remember the day she searched high and low for an opportunity to have him displayed in our gallery. I’ve never seen her happier when they agreed to exhibit his paintings.” Jinyoung revealed your slight obsession with the painter.
It all began when you paid a visit to Monet’s Giverny garden showered in the last rays of sunshine during the late August. Botany was something that piqued your interest during your college years. The garden of your houses was divided into flowerbeds of different heights and colours. You married flowers according to their colours and left them to grow freely. So, it didn’t come off as a surprise to your professor when your graduate thesis was solely based on the different flowers’ species in paintings, the usages of different techniques to paint them and the meanings behind each one of them.
That’s where you’ve fallen in love with Monet and his garden. You’ve gone as far as packing your bags and paying a visit to the site located in France. For research purposes of course. After watching the scene which inspired your favourite painting, Waterlilies and the Japanese Bridge, your fascination and devotion for the painter only grew.
“Claude Monet is one of my favourite painters too. Which one is your favourite painting?”
“I’d have a tough time choosing between the Waterlily pond or The Flowered Garden. Yours?”
“Waterlily pond.”
You lean a bit forward eyes focused on Jimin’s, a glinted spark housing itself in your eyes. “He would visit the garden at least three times a day to study the changing light and record the details in his notebooks. He painted his lily ponds until he died, the compositions growing larger and more abstract.”
Jimin hums, amused by your ranting encouraging you to continue. “In his last series, he ignores the banks and bridge entirely and focuses exclusively on the surface of the water which resulted in several abstract paintings filled with watery colours and light. That was hailed as a new style of abstract art.”
Jimin smiles at you, his curiosity about you growing further which you would have noticed if your nose wasn’t buried deep into your phone search for photos of Monet’s lily ponds.
After he expressed his interest in the painter you felt a small tingle of delight sheering through you at the thought of finding a fellow Monet admirer. Scrolling through the photos of your visit to Monet’s Garden you kept explaining to Jimin the placements and the different flowers that were housed there.
You’ve noticed notice him looking at you more than the phone, but you simply shrugging it off as human nature to pay attention to the people talking, unlike Jungkook who stood aside observing the two of you closely. Shoulders bumping, heads close to one another so Jimin could have a better view of your phone. Your eyes switching between the photo and Jimin’s eyes, oblivious to the tint blush on his cheeks.
Your blathering over Monet took the attention of the table, Jinyoung’s voice being the only remedy for your insane art addiction.
“Well as eventful as this coffee was, we have to get back and prepare for the exhibition.” Jinyoung taps his knees and stands up offering you a hand.
The tender touch of Jimin shoulders and his proximity awakes a rush of embarrassment inside of you forcing you to move to a safer distance, the thumping of your heart stirres a buzz in your ears that silenced their voices. Noticing the change in your behaviour Jimin offers you a small smile, turning towards the siblings.
Jungkook whines while setting his drink on the barren table. “But we just got here Hyung.”
Jinyoung sends him an apologetic smile, “we had forty-five minutes to spare, sorry bud. I’ll be sure to visit you more when you come back to Seoul from your break.”
The younger seemed defeated, throwing himself back onto the couch. Not knowing what came over you, you spoke up causing them to look at you.” The exhibition starts at 7pm, you could come and visit? I am sure you haven’t seen it yet. Afterwards, we could grab a drink if you are up for it?”
What you didn’t know was that Jimin is an occasional guest at exhibitions held at Saudade. Arriving later than the etiquette would allow because he hated the haunting eyes of photographers ready to sell their soul for a glimpse of his best friend Jungkook.
“We were supposed to go back to Seoul after?” Jinyoung shakes his head.
You shrug your shoulders, finishing your drink, “Sunmi won’t mind that we stayed the night. For all she cares we saved ourselves from a big embarrassment, we deserve a break.”
You could see Jinyoung weighting on the idea before he shakes his head again. “We have nowhere to sleep, and I am not keen on paying a large amount of money for a hotel room or drive late at night.”
“Hyung you can stay with Jimin-ah and me.” Jungkook beams at his older brother who seemed to be caught in a crossfire. You could see the internal battle he was having with himself.
Sensing that Jungkook wasn’t backing down, Jinyoung pats his shoulder, “I can’t promise you anything. All I can give you is I’ll think about it. Is that okay? We’ll see each other at the exhibition. I’ll be sure to have an answer by the end of the night.”
Jungkook nods eagerly. You glance at Jimin, his eyes already on you creating another wave of nervousness. It was almost as if he could sense it and did it deliberately to tease you. Nodding in his direction you follow Jinyoung out of the café. Jimin’s stare follows you, something in your gut telling you tonight won’t be the last you see of each other.
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