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I really wish we could be nicer to trauma stories. Just, in a general sense.

People are so hypercritical and often just mean in how they talk about characters who are in this weird transition period of growth. Characters like Yang, Blake, Ozpin, Ren, hell, Whitely. Fuck, Weiss in the first two seasons was just coming out of a super abusive household. Of course she acted like that! And yeah, we as the audience didn’t know that, but people still call her early character whiney and that rubs me the wrong way. We see these characters who are just struggling so much with whatever they’re feeling right then but if they don’t handle it in an uwu soft way, they get demonized. It just seems really unfair.

Let these characters be angry, and pissed off. Let them be scared and hurt and frightened. Let them make mistakes, and over isolate themselves. Let them be human! It makes for better stories, honestly. It makes it more real!

Trauma is messy, and getting through it, getting better is even messier! Sometimes you lash out, sometimes you hurt yourself, sometimes you hurt other people! Sometimes you do all of those things, or none of them. Sometimes it hits you right after the traumatic event, sometimes it doesn’t really start affecting your behavior until years later. It’s complicated and ugly.

I’m not talking about people who criticize the writing or, like, overall story structure. I’m talking about specifically people who make say “x character shouldn’t be upset by this” or “x shouldn’t be angry! They’re being really whiny” when 9 times out of ten 10 they’re dealing with impossible situations and are making human decisions. It just rubs me the wrong way I guess.

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I just want good things for Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie

And by good things, I mean I want Ren to have a Mulan-style hair cut scene where he chops off his braid with his fathers dagger symbolizing that he’s let go of his fears of inadequacy and Failure. And I also just want a Bee’s parallels where either Ren or Nora come and save their significant other ala the Bees vs Adam fight. 

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✨This is what I’m been working on! ✨

I love how it turns out (but the background, I’m still not totally okay with it).

Friendly remainder that I have open commissions for those that are interested, PM if you want :)

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Willful ignorance aside, you can tell that the people complaining about Yang not showing concern over Ruby’s opinion of her have never had an SO. Yang is showing classic “first argument panic” here. Anyone who has ever had a new relationship knows that feeling of panic and “did I just F this up” after the first real argument or disagreement. You don’t get that same concern when you have an argument with a sibling, who you have a strong lifetime bond with.

Will be interesting to see how this resolves, especially since Blake was trying to use Ruby as an excuse to call and check on Yang.

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Cinder: *grunting as she helped move a few boulders* When you said… start a new life… I didnt think you meant like this…

Weiss: *using a glyph to help move some rocks* You’re the one who decided to come to Vale. 

Blake: *slicing through another grimm* And it’s only fair you help rebuild what you destroyed. 

Cinder: Yeah but… all of it?

Weiss: No one said this was going to be easy.

Goodwitch: *walking over to the group* Once you’re finished here, there’s more grimm to get rid of on the western side of the school. A few seem to have made nests here. 

Cinder: Yeah, we’ll take care of it.

Goodwitch: *frowning* Miss Schnee and Miss Belladonna will be more than capable. You though, we will need to have words, Miss Fall.

Cinder: *sighing* Right…

Goodwitch: *walking off* Meet me over by the courtyard when you’re done. 

Cinder: *watching Goodwitch walk off and sitting down* She’s going to kill me…

Blake: Or give you detention for the rest of your life.

Cinder: I dont even go here!

Weiss: Lighten up. It wont be that bad. I’m sure she just needs to make sure of a few things. 

Cinder: Cant be any worse than Ruby…

Blake: Just… give her time. She took things the hardest.


Ruby: *slicing through a few grimm, her strokes starting to get a bit sloppy from anger*

Grimm: *inside Ruby’s head* There you go. Let the hate flow through you. Just imagine what you want to do to Cinder.

Ruby: *slamming the blade of her scythe into a tree* Just shut up already!

Yang: *taking a step back* I think you should take a break.

Ruby: *glaring at Yang* I dont need a break!

Yang: *putting her hands up* Take it easy sis. I’m not sure what’s going on, but… you’ve been getting angry lately. And honestly, it’s starting to affect your fighting.

Ruby: *hesitating for a moment and seeing all the slash marks on rocks and in the ground* R-right…

Yang: Is there anything you want to talk about? This isnt like you.

Ruby: There’s nothing to talk about.

Yang: Are you sure?

Ruby: *grabbing her scythe and walking off* I’m sure. I’m… going to take a walk. Try to clear my head. 

Yang: Alright then, I’ll set up camp and start dinner. Dont take too long.

Ruby: *messing with the bandages on her arm* I wont be.

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(Yes, just had a hard time trying to get things written down for it)

Emerald: *walking deeper into the castle* So, you want to speak to our Goddess?

“Ruby”: *jabbing Blake* Yes, we do. I… know a few things she’d be interested in from this one. 

Blake: *wincing and muttering under her breath* Not that hard…

“Ruby”: So if we could make our way to her a bit faster-

Emerald: Quit your lying and be quiet. I know you’re not Ruby and I know you’re not here for Salem. At least, not yet. 

Blake: *hesitating* …so where are you taking us then?

Emerald: *slowly opening a door and peeking in before ushering Blake and “Ruby” in* We are going to talk privately.

“Ruby”: About what?

Cinder: *walking up behind them* About a mistake I made. 

Blake: *turning around and glaring* Stay away-

Cinder: One, you’re not in a position to do anything. And two- *sighing* -I know where the relics are for you to try to undo what has been done. 

“Ruby”: *leaning over to Blake* Who is she?

Blake: *eyes not leaving Cinder* This is Cinder. The one who killed Ruby. Which begs the question, why help us?

Cinder: I thought what I did would make things better. As you can see, it hasnt. 

Blake: And why should I trust you?

Cinder: *handing over the Crown of Choice* As a peace offering.

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Are y’all kidding me right now? Oh, how dare Yang be so confident in her relationship with Ruby that she doesn’t even need to worry if they’ll be okay after this. Obviously this means she doesn’t care about her at all. Like come on y’all sound ridiculous. Yang is worried about what her gf thinks of her and that’s the relationship that has the most possibility of going wrong in Yang’s eyes. Yang knows she and Ruby are fine and isn’t going to waste the energy worrying about it. And Ruby isn’t worried about their relationship either! She just wants to make sure her sister is physically okay! They still very obviously love each other even though they’re disagreeing right now. Stop trying to find reasons to hate on Yang your clown shoes are already making enough noise.

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