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#but they wont ship to my house before i move out and i dont know how to order stuff to my apt yet so i will wait.
icantspeakspanish · 4 months ago
Being Seijoh‘s queer manager - Headcanons
Tumblr media
Ship: Platonic!Oikawa x Platonic!Reader / Platonic!Iwaizumi x Platonic!Reader / Platonic!Hanamaki x Platonic!Reader / Platonic!Matsukawa x Platonic!Reader
Warnings: actually none. It’s just fluff and maybe the 3rd years flipping of some mean people
A/n: I recently can’t stop thinking about headcanons to that, so enjoy I guess🕳🚶
Coming out to them
Oikawa Tooru
Tumblr media
Okay listen
Oikawa pays SO MUCH attention to his friends
Like, if you’re looking at a person longer than u look at other people, this mf will notice that right then and there
Don’t worry, he wont just point that out
Maybe he‘ll drop some dumb comments like the dumb clown he is, but he wont spill anything
Oikawa is going to be more observing
One day you just hang out with him
and this shithead has a fucking plan
I do not kid you when I‘m telling u he has a whole maSTERPLAN??😀
both of you are on your own phone, you scrolling though Instagram liking memes about ur closeted sexuality and laughing inside, I see you
Then Oikawa plays on purpose one song
„Me and your girlfriend playin' dress up at my house..“
You immediately freeze
🎶👹Don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious👹🎶
You literally try so hard to sent a gaze on Oikawas phone without him noticing
You see in the upper corner of your eye how Oikawa is grinning SO BOLD AT YOU BYE
Brb, just getting a tomato to complain it to your face❤️
Tbh, he wasn’t even sure till you turned red like there ain’t no other choice
You just acted obvious as fU-
Oikawa will deadass laugh at your confused face, but then hug you
„Why didn’t you say anything? I could‘ve get you a significant other so much earlier???“
Slap him pls
After you tell him that you just felt really anxious or something like that, Oikawa will hug you again
He will tell you that he loves you no matter what and that he‘s sure the team will too
Oikawa will absolutely get you like a pride flag to surprise you
He‘s so proud of you and happy you told him🥺
Oikawa will literally look in public out for a partner for u 💀
Put a leash on that piece of crap, or I will
If you’re part of the asexual spectrum, Oikawa will make sure no one is making you uncomfortable and to know your boundaries about jokes, touching, etc.
Will text u things like
Hit him
„If you have to reject this dipshit one more time, I‘ll let Iwaizumi and Kyiotani go WiLD😐“
Love him
„If you wont make a move on them, I will🤨“
Throw him off a bridge
Oikawa is always going to be there for you, ready to let his fangirls flip off everyone who just looks the wrong way at you
He just loves you and wants u to be happy🥺
Iwaizumi Hajime
Tumblr media
Iwa isn’t suspecting anything
Sure, he cares about you, but he doesn’t care about which gender u love
He doesent think that is any of his business, he just wants u to be happy and treaten well and taken care of
Pls I love him
since Iwaizumi wont suspect anything, you’ll have to make the first move into this conversation.
So when you and Iwa walk home after practice it seems like the perfect time
You don’t know how to start, so you sorta just blurt that shit out
„What‘s up?“
„I‘m ____“
Your legs stop moving
You look at him like 👁👄👁
he be having the audacity to stop walking and ask you what’s wrong
„Did you understand what I just said?“
„Yeah, why?“
Y/n.exe stopped working
Iwaizumi.exe crashed too
„What else am I supposed to say?! You’re my friend, I don’t care which gender you having sex with!“
He ain’t good with words I‘m sorry🧑‍🦯
Will ruffle you’re hair and tell you not to worry, he can beat up any gender😩👌
I actually don’t think he‘d ask you questions. He doesen’t want to make you uncomfortable and just googles about it if there’s anything he doesen’t understand. Iwaizumi is actually pretty invested and wants to learn about your sexuality since one of his closest friends just came out to him.
If anyone is being rude to you, Iwaizumi will pop off
If he’s shopping or smth like that and sees something with pride colors / your flag colors, he will buy that and give it to you
Definitely ready to beat up anyone who tries to insult you because of your sexuality
Radiates big protective dad energy and wants to meet your partner before y’all go out
Iwa just wants you to stay safe
10/10 would recommend marriage 💯
Hanamaki Takahiro
Tumblr media
„Are you gay?“
You look pale into his face
„Is that a yes?“
I don‘t even know why, but he would definitely know
Not your sexuality EXACTLY, but he knows you ain’t straight
Makki also uses that as an explanation and tells you you didn’t looked hetero from the start
Excuse you-
He‘s just a natural i guess
You tell him then what your actual sexuality is and Hanamaki is so chill about it
Will smile at you and tell you that he‘s proud of you and maybe apologizing for blurting that shit out of the blue
If someone is making you uncomfortable in anyway, Hanamaki will hunt them down to make them apologize
he will sent you some lgbtq+ memes and capture it with „That reminds me of u“
Matsukawa Issei
Tumblr media
Hear me out
He makes jokes often
and since you (as seijohs manager) hang out with them often, both of you joke often
like y’all have some insiders, you give joking answers to his jokes
so when you and Mattsun went out to get drinks, he was joking as usual
„He/she’d be a great fiancé. dont you think?“
U look in the direction he’s pointing and see a friend group who’s chatting
„Naaah. His/her friend looks hotter“
u actually said that without thinking and as soon as you realize u started to blush and look to him
Matsukawa still looks into that direction.
„you’re right, they got that dumptruck“ BYE
„Matsukawa Issei, I knew youre an ass dude!“
pls y’all are so casual
after that he asks you if you meant that and really are interested in this gender
„wait that’s ___, right?“
you nod a bit surprised because you didn’t expect him to know the name of your sexuality
Matsukawa looks intimidating like Iwaizumi, but he‘d joke around with your date tbh
but if they’re being shitty to you, Matsukawa won’t hesitate to sent them to hell
as long as they won’t hurt you physically, he will make so mean jokes, always pick a fight with them and is SO sarcastic towards them💀
mattsun also made you a playlist with like pride songs
Going to a Pride parade with them!!
Tumblr media
He will absolutely wear a pride flag and be SO proud
he‘ll tries to make some friends for you so you have some people who‘re like you
hes a dumbass, sorry<\3
when you ask Iwaizumi to come with you and the team, he will firstly act annoyed and like he doesen’t want to go but Oikawa drags him anyway dw
if there’s like rainbow ice he will buy it for you what a sugar daddy
Iwaizumi will act annoyed and bored for most of the time, but as soon as you look two seconds away from him and turn back around, this men has rainbow flags on both of his cheeks🥺
someone also gave him a small pride flag and he’s swinging it since then the entire time GOD I‘M SO DOWN FOR SOFT IWAIZUMI PLEASE
some guys talked to him because they thought he’s 💅🏻 and hot and Oikawa let out a scream BAHAHA
Iwa explained himself so politely tho<3
ofc he and matsukawa bought this thing with what you can draw those rainbow flags on your cheeks and they put it on Oikawas, yours, Iwaizumis and their own face
actually they have now rainbowflags all over their body because they think they look cool🧚‍♀️
and they will protect you from creeps <3
remember when I said Mattsun made a playlist for you? Oikawa‘s blasting that shit and dancing to it ofc he danced with you duh
after that day, Hanamaki changed y’all’s gc name to „y/n‘s protection squad“
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aestheticsuwu · 4 months ago
♥️♠️He gets everything He wants , (When He gets me alone) ♠️♥️
Robby Keene x Doug Rickenberger
Mafia Au x Bodyguard Au
Additional ships ; Lawrusso , Samiguel, Binary Boyfriends, Carmanda . Comment if you guys want a Lawrusso moodboard of Mafia Au .
..... ..... ♥️♠️♥️ .... ..... ...
Doug Rickenberger was a bodyguard to the worlds dangerous  mafia's to protect their son , Robby Lawrence .
Johnny Lawrence was one of the top 5 worlds dangerous mafias , they were called The Cobras , Robbys other father was Daniel Larusso now Lawrence , now that they've gotten married .
Daniel was in those top 5 also , with his father italian legacy was robbed from him , Myagi took him in and raised him as one of his own  , Daniel decided to move up their buisness to  California after his father figure , Mr. Myagi had passed over the title to him .
 Skipping forward , years later both Lawrence and LaRusso fell in love and  they had two kids , Sam Lawrence and Robby Lawrence.
Now grown up , the twins needed security , and well Doug needed the job that Hawk had offered . He knew Hawk and Miguel before they were working for the Larusso-Lawrence  and they both knew his situation . 
He was scared of the job but he also needed money to survive .
Almost a year in to the job , he was getting used to the antics of Robby and all the danger that came with the job .
His friends had more time in the buisnness , Miguel worked alongside with Mr.Lawrence himself having his mother worked for Mr.Lawrence as a nurse to the team , and Hawk worked in being the bodyguard of Demetri and in the computer system  .
Hawk was a adrenaline junkie he couldnt stay still in a desk job .
Demetri was a small kid that Daniel took in years ago , now Demetri helped with coding and hacking alongside his boyfriend , Hawk .
You see  he was doing good if he say so himself, they payed him well but the only downside was not knowing when something could go south , oh and not including Robby himself .
He wouldn't say the twins were spoiled and brats , well not to their faces . Sam was less of a trouble , quite the opposite to Robby. 
 The blonde always seem to like getting himself in danger , doings things his father told him not to do , like sleeping with their employees .
 That didnt stop the short blonde , one night the blond himself tried to seduced him because he was simply bored .
" cmon dont you want to have some fun or what , dont tell me your straight "
He was bi but the blonde didnt have to know that . " I am "
Robby only chuckled at his response ,the blonde sits down on his bed and watches how he pulls him closer from pulling at his belt . with a raised eyebrow he questions him .
" I dont think a straight guy would stare at another guy like he wants to devoure hi--
" I get payed to keep my eye on you-- "
" Okay ! Alright you dont have to get mad , i can dress up for you if you want you wont know the difference . "
Robby said wrapping his arm around his shoulders , and when did he get up from the bed that he didnt notice .
God how could he be sexy and cute at the same time , the shorter male had to get on his tippytoes .  He almost kissed him but was reminded he kinda wanted to live .
It was a challenge because there was no denying the Lawrence - LaRussos beauty , but he rather live than die by the hands of Mr. Lawrence himself just for fucking his son .
But Robby took it as a new game to seduce him to get in bed with him , he thought of the pros and cons but the cons outweighed the pros .
 It wasnt like the first time an employee dated who they were working for but then again Miguel was only allowed to be with Sam because Mr. Lawrence thought he was worthy for his little princess  , he didnt think he would think the same for Doug just because his son wanted to fool around .
It gets harrder for him when he starts to see the difference side of the blonde , that deeped down he just wants a little bit of love that he for once doesnt have to share . And who was he to deny his angels heart when hes fallen completly in love with him , he was already willing to give up his life for his safety might as well hand over his heart .
Growing up with a family that loved him was the best thing . He had his parents , his twin sister and his grandpa Myagi . But thing was he had to share and Robby wasnt fond of sharing .
He had to share his papa love with not only his sister but with his dad , and you could ask anyone about his tantrums he would do for getting jealous . He loved his grandpa Myagi,  he helped him not feel bad but helped him understand that he was loved , it was hard for him when his grandpa passed away and for his papa , he never seen his papa cry that much .
He was 7 when papa brought Demetri , Demetri was taller than him and Sam , he was pale and he liked to talk alot . His parents explain that he would be staying with them , small part of him got upset thinking they wouldnt give him love but he soon learns Demetri staying was the best , he had a friend and a brother .
Sam loved Demetri as well , it was like having another brother , sure he didnt stop talking about something his mind couldnt  grasp on but then Demetri and Sam  would explain it to him .
Once he was a teenager all his doubts and isecurities came bigger .
He was short . Even when he was a kid he was short for his age , His dad told him he had gotten that from his papa , it would've have been fine if everyone wasnt taller than him .
His papa had actually told him it was advantage that he learned from grandpa Myagi.
" Nobody expects the power and the strength "
It made him feel better , that is until he was hanging out with some friends and they called him a twink . To say the least he didnt see them anymore and he started to workout .
He loved his family with all his heart but it didnt mean he knew how much they loved him when his doubts start to surface . He wasnt smart like Sam and Demetri who could make plans and arrangment and do computer stuff . He always tried but the words seemed to confuse him .
His papa always told him he didnt have to worry he was still a kid , he would find his calling . It would've have been fine but then Miguel came in and decided to not only take his sister attention but from his dad .
His dad always spoke highly of Miguel , but life decided that it wasnt enough torture . Amanda , Sams godmother started dating Miguels mother , Carmen . Then Sam thought it was the right time to fall in love with Miguel .
Not only he had to hear about miguel but now to have his precense near . He was supposed to be with his dad , teaching him and getting him prepared for the legacy , not Miguel .
So he did what he did best cause trouble to atleast have the attention of his dad even if it was for getting him in trouble . But lately nothing was working , he guessed nothing would suprise him . Until he got an idea , one of the rules of his dad was to never get involve with the employees .
There was alot of candidates but none that stood out from the hundred of people that they had working for them . Might as well give up , fixing his glasses to continue his sunbathing and completely ignoring Sam and Demetri telling him to join them in the pool .
A light caught his attention , trying to find the reflection he finds his bodyguard . It was the nametag that the light was reflecting from the sun , His dad wasnt good at remembering names . 
Rickenberger started a year ago and hasn't decided to quit even if Robby made a living hell .  He gave him a smirk when he catches the eye of the  taller guy . He guess he found his victim .
But the thing was Rickenberger rejected all his advances , he threw innuendos , tried to lure him with his beautiful face , but nothing . He was ready to give up until Papa tells them how their dad was jealous of every guy that came near him .
Ding, Ding ,Ding !!
It was his last approach and if this didnt work he would give up his plan . All day he had to suffer being with a douche that was his so called date . And everytime he would feel Rickenberger eyes on him , he would lean towards the guy more .
It was going bad because the reaction he was hoping for wasn't the one he got . Until the douche crowded him and started touching his ass . He was saying something about fucking him when Rickenberger took him off of Robby .
When taking him home he could see the latter jaw tense and his hands balled up , one more step left .
Sneaking in someones room wasn't that hard, unless you didnt have two parents as criminals . At the end he didnt get fucked but hey he could tell Rickenberger wall was crumbling .
But all his plan is thrown out the window when everynight Robby craves to be in the arms of his bodyguard , Once he gets a taste . He falls in love with the way he touches his body , how he kisses him , the way he holds him close and the way he tells Robby that he loves him .
But what happens when Doug gets in danger to protect Robby , and his parents find out about his relationship with his bodyguard .
" Dad you have to liste- "
" Quiet ! . Im doing this for your own good , just let it go . "
" Your doing this for you , not for me because i need him , for once i dont feel small or angry thinking nobody loves me enough , Because in this house your always talking about Miguel this Miguel that do you ever think how that would make me feel .
And Doug , He makes me feel things that only papa told me what i would feel when i truly love someone just like how he felt about you . I love him dad . "
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jeagerism · 6 months ago
i think im lost again
Tumblr media
+ word count : honestly idek, ill take a guess at maybe nearly 700-800?
+ characters : levi ackerman, armin arlert, mentions of eruri and eremin (armin and levi r not shipped fuck out of here)
+ warnings : season 3 attack on titan spoilers, mentions of death, modern!au, levi is basically a dad without being a dad (does that make him a dilf??), angst i suppose
+ summary : erwin was always good at this, levi thinks. people stuck to him like glue.
+ author's note : this is just a personal modern!au headcanon that i ranted to a friend abt and decided to make it full out
Tumblr media
in modern aus i see eren as looking up to levi, bc he ooks up to him in the manga in some ways, levi cares abt his wellbeing n shit
well armin, since he was chosen to live over erwin, he'd look up to erwin in a modern au
and when erwin dies in that au bc ofc he has to die, armin is still a teenager.
i like to think that they all lived in the same town as kids, and erwin always looked out for armin since he had no one else other than his friends. 
he basically lets armin live with him when he's not with eren, who also has no family and sort of couch surfs between jean and sasha - sasha's dad loves eren for whatever reason so he stays there a lot, and welcomes armin and mikasa with him - and so erwin and armin r close
and levi is always around, so he sees armin a lot, even if he takes care of eren more - he lets eren stay at is house on nights when he feels like hes overstayed his welcome at sasha’s.
but levi still cares abt armin bc he sees how erwin cares abt armin and levi is in love with the blond facebook dad
but erwin died when armin is like 15, so he still needs someone to look out for him
and erwin asks levi to do that, bc he trusts him and knows levi would take care of him just like he had  
anyways, he asks levi to take care of him and levi does
but armin is a 15 yr old who just lost yet another person who cares abt him 
and even tho hes grateful that levi cares for him, he misses erwin so much. 
he acts out bc of it bc hes a kid going through trauma and its what kids do. he starts acting even worse than eren and eren is a fucking demon spawn
armin and eren share a room, even tho levi had two empty rooms so they could have their own, and eren has stuff in the other room but armin doesn’t like the dark so eren stays there with him.
and levi isn’t really good at taking care of kids in the traditional way. 
he wakes them up every weekday for school by telling them he'll kick their ass if he has to take them himself - but he'll still drive them when it rains or its cold  
he doesnt really know how to cook bc erwin always did that, but his notes app is full of recipes erwin always recommended that were easy to follow bc he was always worried that levi always ate too much cold leftovers from days before and noodles
armin knows hot to cook pretty well bc erwin taught him but he enjoys laughing at levi failing at cooking simple shit - he burned water somehow
but levi still tries so its fine
he tries letting armin know hes welcome, and that he can ask for whatever he needs
he'll leave him lunch money on the counter
and when he notices armins jackets getting a little too short around the wrist he drops a new one by his lap when he sits on the couch
he pulls the blanket all the way to his chin if he falls asleep on the couch.
he'll mention he's going to get a haircut when he notices armin's hair getting longer, and says he can go with him if he wants
but armin still acts so off. 
before erwin was gone, armin always acted happy, even though he never had much, and levi feels guilty knowing he cant do what erwin did for him, but he's doing this for erwin, and knows erwin wouldnt have put armin in his care in the first place if he didn’t trust him
i see taking care of armin as the task that keeps levi going, just like how killing zeke is what keeps him alive in the anime.
both promises he makes to erwin and wont give up on until he’s fulfilled it
but one day armin just disappears. he doesnt come back after school with eren like usual. so he and levi try calling him and get nothing. eren offers to go look for him and levi tells him to stay safe n waits back home to see if armin will show up there
and he does like 5 mins after eren leaves. 
and levi feels his chest just deflate with relief. it was cold outside, and armin was out there alone. 
his cheeks and nose r red from being outside for so long
when levi asks where he's been, it comes out harsher than he meant, but its just bc he was worried, and armin rolls his eyes and asks why it matters
levi tells him its bc he's a kid and doesnt get to just disappear without a trace whenever he wants. levi never minded armin doing whatever he wanted - within regulation - but most times he knew eren was with him, or mikasa, someone who would call him if something happened
and armin says “you're not my father.” and starts taking off his jacket and stuff
“yeah, but i am the person who's taking care of your ass.”
and that seems to make armin a little more ticked off than he already was, bc he turns to levi and says, “well i never asked you to do that.”
to which levi replies without thinking, “no but erwin did”
levi and armin never talk abt erwin, ever.
its like an unspoken rule between them. its not that they arent as comfortable with each other - they arent anyways but - they just dont do that, talk abt how they feel abt erwin, and him being gone
armin looks like hes gonna cry before he just says “well i wish it was erwin that was still here instead of you”
and levi is suprised that armin would ever, it hurts a little, and he just nods in agreement and says “me too.”
armin doesnt say anything back to it, he just turns and makes his way to his room, slamming the door behind him
and levi is exhausted. in his head he wonders how erwin had done it - balanced college and a job and a fucking teenager 
but then he remembers that erwin was erwin, and hed always been good at that type of thing
people stuck to him like glue
thats the first night he lets himself admit that he misses him
he feels like he’s failing at the one thing erwin asked of him
when eren shows back up, levi apologizes for not letting him know that armin had came back
but eren just tells him that armin had texted him when he’d arrived - i have a hc that eren and armin were each others first crushes but uhebdbsi
he tells levi that armin had said hed went to the beach
erwin used to take armin to the beach all the time before he died
he’d collect shells with him, and the ones that armin really liked, he’d give them names
he still has one called smith from the last time erwin had taken him to see the ocean
a few weeks go by after that
they never really talked before, but now it seems almost even worse
the silence that they normally exist in feels empty
but everything felt empty without erwin
eren lets levi know where theyre going to be whenever theyre not home, when theyll be home, etc
levi never asked for him to do that, but he does it anyways
levi’s thankful for the near suicidal maniac at that point
even though he always was
he saw a lot of himself in eren, and he sees a lot of himself in armin too
levi and armin never really apologize to each other, but one night when levi’s attempting to cook, armin walks in the kitchen and watches him place things on a pan
“you’re putting them too close together.”
armin steps beside him and tilts his head to the side, as if hes gesturing for levi to move
and he does, letting the younger and taller boy move the prerolled croissants further away from each other on the baking tray
“they never wouldve cooked all the way through like that,” armin tells him
with a scoff, levi mumbles that he sounds like erwin
armin pauses for a second, before sliding the pan in the oven. levi tells him how long the packaging said they went on so that he can set the oven timer
armin sets it for two minutes longer, and levi’s heart aches
erwin did that, too
“i miss him”
it slips out without him meaning for it to
and he thinks he’s ruined armin’s head again, when he’s supposed to be someone this kid can look up to
but he doesnt leave
armin just leans against the oven and nods “me, too”
after that, things arent bad anymore
sure, it takes awhile for them to completely warm up to each other, but they manage
enough that armin sits in on levi’s cooking sessions just to point out what hes doing wrong - something that helps, bc pretty soon levi is learning
he cooks him, armin, and eren an entire meal without burning anything
eren laughs when armin tells him that the man had forgotten to grab an oven mit and had stuck his entire hand in the oven to grab a pan
levi raises his eyebrow when he notices the way armin blushes at eren’s laugh, of all things
and they talk abt erwin more
they have more to say about him that eren, and its just something the two of them share, so they tend to save it for little moments, tiny snippets of things that remind them of the blond
after about a year, things are good
armin asks to have his 17th birthday at the beach, and who would levi be to say no
levi doesnt particularly like the beach, he detests sand, but its for armin, so he’ll do it
its for his kid
him and erwins kid
at the party, he finds a smile coming to his face when he sees armin actually laughing and having fun
kid had been through too much hell at 17, so he deserved to be happy, even if it was only for a few moments
on their way home that evening, eren and armin passed out from a day of swimming and running on the beach - levi made the both of them bring extra towels to save his car seats from salt water and sand
eren’s head is on armin’s shoulder, and the blond’s is resting atop eren’s head
when they get home, the two of them trudge towards their room, but armin turns and holds his closed fist out to levi
with a raised eyebrow, levi holds his hand out and lets armin drop something into his hand, before the boy pivots and continues his shuffle to his and eren’s shared room
levi glances down at the object in his hand
its a shell
armin names it erwin
Tumblr media
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acidulication · 8 months ago
I am just now finding out about your chosen one au and must know more
ok so i decided to copy paste everything i wrote to my friends when talking about it so its gonna be long Oups ... but it's the most complete ill ever be about it !
so this is set in a universe where gods, old and new are very present and usually they have humans serving them, regularly called chosen ones, every century or so. it's considered an honor and every sanctuary and gods have different missions for their chosen ones and it can go from taking care of the temple every week while being allowed to have their own life to go on a mission to erradicate evil. humans usually know that they are destined to be taken in by gods because of marks on their body, specific to the god(s) they'll serve. the mark starts to glow and guide them to where their god is waiting for them once the god decides they want them.
the story is set on an island stuck between two different temples. on the island stands gotham which is a strangely sunny city,  and then you have the deep sea in the bay, and the deep forest north of gotham. if gotham is mysteriously devoid of bad things, its because it's been giving every century a child to the old gods temple in the deep forest. and time is coming, soon, another one will go.
so here you have the wayne family, they mostly have the same backgrounds ? kind of ? cass's parents were mercenaries that went into the deep forest, where no one (haha) in gotham dares going due to fear of breaking the old gods protections, never came back, and left cass on her own in town. bruce adopted her. dick's parents were travelers on a ship that sailed not far from the island and while they did not survive, the gods in the deep see allowed dick to stay alive until he reached the coast. immm not quite sure of what happened to jason's parents yet but uh he's here and alive woo
damian is a bit of a mystery to most people. he was delivered to bruce's doorstep when he was only a few days old. what they dont know is that nine months earlier bruce went into the deep forest himself. 
so added to that is timothy drake. young boy of the drake family, the two parents who dont seem to care for him much. the boy is quiet but full of smiles and affection to give and when jason and cass drag him to the wayne estate after a day out, bruce opens his arms to him. he's a regular at the wayne house and a few days after he turns 11, he stops showing up. bruce's kids cant find him. the drakes dont seem disturbed by their missing son. and bruce knows the drakes by now, know they wouldnt give their affection to someone they knew would disappear, and bruce realises tim is gone, to the old gods in the deep forest. 
so tim, 11, wakes up sweating and his room lit up with a green light that he's never seen before but in dreams and he knows that it's time. he knows that this strange mark spreading across his back, shaped like a dragon, is glowing green. he's being called.
he moves by himself, not thinking, opens the door to his room and the one that leads outside and it's so fitting when he notices that his parents arent even home, that he'd leave without them caring. soon he's reaching the deep forest and for the first time in his life, when looking at the dark depth, he's not scared, and he walks on. 
tim walks and walks and there are eyes looking at him bu the soft green glow reassures him, and he knows where he should walk, and soon he's reaching a temple, strong stone and green plants and a setting sun carved on its floor, and there is a man - a god ? - walking out. and his eyes are glowing green like the mark he knows is glowing in his back, but it feels wrong, and when tim looks around again everything looks so much hostile, 
tim made researches on the deep forest temple, since he knew it was gonna be his future, and he knew that temple was supposed to host old gods who were dying, so why does it feel so wrong ?
tim approaches, despite himself, and waits for the man - god??? - to say anything. there is a hand, wrinkly and uncomfortable and cold, on his cheek, and tim looks up, and he's shivering when the god - he knows hes a god. he knows he is now. - speaks up.
"i am ra's al ghul. you were given to me to serve me. you will obey me in any way i see fit, and you are to never return to your human town." 
tim did make researches before he was taken. he knew that usually the child taken by the deep forest gods could travel to town without punishment. he knew that, with pattern, they were taken early, before they turned fifteen. he knew that he would most likely be lucky, have a mostly free life. he didnt know that a new god in quest of power had taken over, chained some of the old gods inhabiting the temple, killed others, simply for power and magic. he didnt know that he would be chained to a scary and cold temple, with a terrifying and powerful god that could turn him to dust on a whim. 
so thats basically,,, the intro ? the first part ?
so a few months after tim disappeared, it was jasons turn. 
jason, much like tim, had marks on his wrists and arms, long lines following his limbs. they're signs of being of the all caste temple, chosen one for those gods. for the ones in the deep sea. now these humans linked to temple in the sea are a bit different than the kind that tim was supposed to be. the all castes purpose is protection, and while there always is a human chosen for them, they're not always called for their purpose, in fact, no all caste chosen one had been guided to the temple in the deep see in generations.
however, one day, jason woke up, glowing white lines on his arms, told dick that he had to go to the sea, and disappeared for months.
jason doesn't remember going into the sea when he wakes up in the temple, doesnt know how he survived the journey there, but he's there, by the will of the gods, and he's informed of his purpose.
something hover over the island. something bad. it's already there, its root in the islands ground, and it must be killed. that will be jason's purpose. he doesnt know where. he doesnt know when. he knows it will happen.
so they train him. they give him the weapons and magic he will need to defeat the enemy. they want to protect the island and its inhabitant.
several months later, jason leaves again, with new knowledge and strength, and washes up on the beach, and dick finds him, unconscious. he brings him back to the wayne estate, where he tells his tale of sea gods and protection and prophecy where he is the hero.
years pass. its been about nine years since tim disappeared, since jason went to the sea temple for the first time. damian is 16 and damian wants answers from his father. he knows he's from the deep forest. he knows his mother is there. he wants to meet her, he wants to know her. but bruce never talks about her, never says anything about their meeting, like he was commanded not to, and damian decides to go against all beliefs he has grown with and he prepares. he will get in the forest. he will find his mother.
except jason know his little brother and he knows and sees him planning and on the night he leaves, jason is here, not stopping him, but ready to follow him into the forest. he has a feeling. something is there for him too .
so they travel in the forest, they're not really sure how to find damian's mother with how little bruce ever said about her, and they find creatures along the way, some of them recognize damian as one of their kin, which is how they realise damian's mother is either part god or part spirit, and jason as a god's messenger. they do not guide them, but they do not attack them. 
until they walk into a territory they feel they shouldnt have walked into
a small being with wings and claws attacks, telling them to not trespass, it's smaller than jason had been at 14, but it's furious and cold and it strikes right. and when jason finally looks up he's terrified to see that he recognizes the child in front of him. and its wrong, because tim should have been nineteen by now, but he doesnt look older than 15. 
finally the fight draws to a close when jason calls out for tim, a name he musnt have heard a lot, or not recently, not with care and not without an order behind it. tim stops. tim looks. he recognizes the boys in front of them, even if its been nearly ten years. after all they were two of the last humans he ever saw.
"you cant be here. you cant be here if he knows he will kill you and i cant let you die. please you need to go"
im not quite sur how they get tim to follow, or if they get in ra's territory, but they camp in a safe zone with tim, and tim tells them his story
[torture mention, non consensual body modification]
after ra's took him, he tortured him, he experimented on him. after all he was his first ever human tribute, to obey and be controlled at will, a toy for an immortal, and after many games of the new god, he settled on making tim a sentinel for his property, one that will age slowly and wont feel pain, a puppet with no strings but one that is scared of ra's power, enough that it will obey. jason and damian are Angry. something at the back of jason's head tells him that this ra's might have something to do with his own prophecy. 
so after that its more blurry but tim reacts strangely to damian, he's a bit scared of him and he figures out it's bc of his heritage, that he has links to ra's, and he leads them to talia who's half god half spirit and hidden deeper and deeper in the forest, away from her father, and it makes tim leave the territory he's supposed to guard, disobey ras, which makes ra's angy bc tim never disobey, not since the first few times when he was 12/13 and thought he would still get out,,,
so there is a bit of a final showdown w tim talia jason and damian facing ra's, ra's using his hold on tim to hurt him, and talia torn between her father and her son + tim who she's seen grow up from far away and who she feels she should have protected from ra's,, jason eventually has a one on one with ra's and the prophecy does happen and he kills ra's and angry old gods who were chained in the temple wake up and banish ra's soul from this realm.
they heal tim from whatever ra's did to him, with the promise that he will travel to care for the god's temple again, as his duty was supposed to be 
they all get back to gotham, tim still looks 15 but will grow to his real age within a few months, he has many scars and the mark on his back changed for a setting sun like what was carved on the temple's entrance, damian has his Mom, and jason is free from his all caste duty.
the end woooo this is over 2k long rip !! feel free to ask if u got more questions :0 !!
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captkirkland · 11 months ago
so i dont write stuff on tumblr very often cause im embarrassed about my writing but i got a drabble in mind based off of something else i wrote (tw for drowning but he’s fine. its fine) ~
Water pelts the deck of the ship below Arthur's boots, angry as it beats and batters the sails. He can hardly even hear himself over the whistling wind and the sharp, stinging rain, and he knows how loudly he must be yelling to his other crew members. Where even are they..? He's not got a clue, but the storm the ship's sailing through makes the main mast creak and groan with wooden fatigue. 
Every ear-piercing cry threatens its eventual snap. God, where the hell is everyone?! Have they all lost their minds, there's no way anyone's asleep below deck like this! Arthur doesn't think about it any longer than that, he's got to loosen the ropes and lower the sails, which by God is a lot easier said than done. The Captain sloshes through water that's up to his knees, it and the wind both doing their damnedest to push him down. He's soaked to the bone, and colder than ice, but he can't stop. Or rather, he wont. They're nowhere near land, and if this mast--or any other for that matter--breaks everyone on board is promised to the sea and her hunger. It feels like ages before Arthur reaches the mast, grabbing the ropes around both of his hands and his wrists, just so he can pull with all of his might. Bad form, he knows, as the ropes feel like they burn into his skin from their excruciating protests, but that wont keep the man from pulling the sails closed. 
Inching and inching and inching, the ocean soaked sails are so heavy even they object their movement against the angry wind-- this is a job meant for many men, not one. The only thing Arthur's got on his side is the fact that he's a not a simple man. He’s a damned country, and with burning green eyes he yanks the ropes as taut as they can be, twisting them about a hold to keep them there. Steady. There's another though, the foresail needs to be closed too lest the ship just start spinning off course in the storm. Obviously his body screams for him to stop, but the deep mix of emotions in England’s chest push him through it. Those hardly ever make it out of him in the best of ways, and this isn’t exactly an exception either, but that’s beyond the point. He’s got to make it out of this, not just for himself, but for everyone else in the world he needs to see after. The crew can receive a stern talking to later, but this situation is now way beyond that which could be quelled by reason, or even by shouting. All he can do is rely on himself now. Arthur pushes through the water, which smacks and beats at his thighs as the wind pushes at him from what feels like all angles just to keep him from reaching the foremast. But something wraps itself around his leg in the sea that angrily invites itself aboard like its trying to flood the place. Is it a rope? Arthur can’t particularly tell, but he moves to drag his foot out of it with a loud grunt of effort as he trips starboard towards the bowsprit despite the effort. It takes everything he has not to be swept away, grabbing his arms around the mast he’s reached, fingers slipping against the slick wood. If he weren’t smarter, he’d think the ocean wanted him to fail. But he is smarter.. and it still seems that way.
There’s curses as Arthur chokes against the salty water, the howling of the situation much too loud to even hear himself. Maybe that, or he’s gone deaf and the only sound that wants to meet his ears is the voice of God yelling in anger for the misdeeds of himself and others. Who really knows, and who really even bloody cares at this point?! Gritting his teeth, Arthur digs his nails into the ropes around the base of the foremast as he drags himself to his feet, and wraps the coarse sail ropes around his arms again. He heaves out in effort, pulling against the way the waves want to drag him, he’s got to pull back, not to the side. The waters all rushing to the right, but he digs his heels into the small cracks in the flooring beneath him, tugging back… and back.. and back... until finally he’s gone far enough. Upon reaching the next hold, Arthur wraps the rope around it so tight he can feel the muscles in his entire body burn from the effort of it all. Once he’s done, he looks around the ship for what he has to do next, but catches himself blindsided instead. A giant crate caught adrift in the water on the deck comes careening from his left side while he’s looking right, and it smacks directly into him, the momentum of it pushing Arthur over with enough force to drive him in the fearsome strength of the Eddy that’s been forming across the ship this entire time. It pulls him into its current, Arthur for once feeling so much less like a country and so much more like a man who can hardly save himself as it throws him overboard. First there’s nothing but the air and its chill.. and then there’s nothing but water and its even bitterer cold. He can’t breathe. He can’t swim. What the hell kind of pirate can’t swim!? Arthur’s never been able to, and his arms feel so tired and witless against the storming sea. Everything’s dark, salty, and nigh frozen... and he still can’t breathe. Is he choking? Is he dying? Is this what dying genuinely feels like? It’s horrifying. How many times do humans go through this? Once. He’s gone through “death” before in the past, but at least then he always knew he’d open his eyes again. He knew he’d feel his heart beating again. This is so much worse, all he can see is the filtered moonlight through the deepest darkness he’s ever witnessed.. and all of its closing in around him as his hand reaches upwards. And he still can’t breathe. Arthur wakes with a start suddenly, having fallen asleep at his desk again, surrounded in papers and pens that’ve fallen to the ground by now. His breath is so uneven, and he falls over out of his chair, like he should be trying to kick and swipe his hands. It isn’t till he’s on the ground and holding himself that he genuinely realizes he’s simply on the floor in his apartment, the clock ticking softly in the background like nothing happened. God, his throat burns, his wrists sting, and it’s still so hard to breathe. Arthur’s chest heaves as he tries to recall everything that just happened, panic rising in his chest in a manner he can’t help but despise. Its then that the thought races across the front of his mind that thinks he might be having a panic attack or something. This is so stupid! It was just a dream, what on Earth is this happening to him for? His heart feels as if its running laps in his chest, like a frightened rabbit trying to escape a hungry wolf that doesn’t even exist anymore, and hasn’t for hundreds of years at this point. Clammy, sweaty hands find the embroidered seat of a wooden chair as he pushes himself up to his feet against his body’s better judgement, like he’s forcing himself to be fine in the face of his own failings. Well, not just like, he is doing that really.  But then the phone rings, and the loud sound nearly sends England to the ceiling of his own office. “Fucking Christ,” he curses to himself, mumbling the words as he rubs the front of his face before dragging both hands down. Soon, he reaches over the desk for his phone and swipes it up into his hand. With a bit of fumbling from fingers that wont stop shaking, he answers the call. “Hello?” “Oh, Alfred, what is it?” “Hah, of course you’d want something like that.. yes, I can bring it by rather soon.” “Mhm.” “Really, is that so?” “Baffling.” “And how are you beyond that?” “That’s very nice, yes, I’m fine as well. Had a bit of a nap, I’m about to put on the afternoon tea, you really should come by my house soon so I can share a bit.” “Ahh.. of course, deal with that first then.” “Mhm, see you soon, goodbye.” He hangs up the phone, clicking the red button after a try or two, just letting it fall back down to the table with a sigh. At least getting something for Alfred done always takes his mind off of things, he can’t help but think of the American instead. God bless him, he doesn’t even know what he does.
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bakugoubabygirl · 10 months ago
           okay before I start she going to choose one. Don't worry if its not the one you wanted her to choose bc its going to be  a Roller coaster  of emotions and a lot of back and forth for awhile  BC I FUCKING LOVE BOTH  OF THESES BOYS. also  there will be smut soon and it wont be vanilla .  
                                                        YOUR POV
          "Lets go before they find us" I whispered tugging on Bakugou arm.  He didn't say a word and followed me.  " Lets get some food at the stand" I gave him smile. Bakugou followed me he seem kind of moody though more moody then usual .           " Are you going to say yes?" Was he asking about tododroki. I didn't give much thought to that . I like him  a lot but if I was being honest with myself i had feelings for someone else.       " I dont know I like him a lot and i think it would be amazing. But i also think I have feelings for someone else. To be fair they haven't shown no sign of returning this feeling. Maybe I ought to say yes and forget about the other guy like that" I admitted.        " Who is this other guy" He asked. Why was he so damn interested and how can i tell him its him.         "Not telling" I felt my face getting red. Next thing I Knew I was getting pinned against a wall.           " Tell me" He growled. Why was this bothering him so much. If only he knew that telling him would ruin our friend ship . He would never look at me the way I look at him. because I was made to  be the villan.  Bakugou strive to be perfect at everything and I was not perfect.           " Bakugou Its you stupid" Then I broke free from his grasp . I didn't want t o know his reaction or have him mocked me. I hurried and disappear into the crowd.    Still haven't found any thing to eat my tummy started growl. When I heard my name being called out, The next thing I knew someone dragged me off  somewhere quite. I'm so sick of being pulled around today. It was my dad, Honestly I was relived that it  wasn't Bakugou .        " Hey  I know you and how your going to give it all but You need to make sure your head is clear. Ive been studying and your powers  feed off you emotions.  I want to make sure you have a clear head" he said worriedly .  OH god I'm screwed my head is far  from clear.         "  Yeah I'm not focusing on anything right now except for winning" I said and I fake smiled.          " that's Great I Know your going to make me proud. I may be rooting midoryia but Your my number one and I hope you win more." He smiled. Pulled me and for a hug.           " Thank you dad and don't worry Ill cut all there throats open" I laughed.      Then it was time to to go back to the arena.  Time  to face bakugou mental and physical . I think mentally would be harder to do.  Midnight call me and bakugou to fight first.  I try not to think about what had conspire between us earlier. I need to focus to keep my head cleared.              We both step into the ring. Bakugou goes to attack me and I dodge it just in time. Then I Blast one of my purple fire balls at him and he dodge to . This was really upsetting, and I  Take one of my shadow hands out and it wraps around his body. I started to think about how he never loses. He was perfect and every way and would make a fine super hero one day.   something you'll never be  the voice was back again.  
                                                 Bakugou  POV
She had her hand wrapped around me. I  had to escape and then I saw  Her starting to levitate off the ground. Her eyes flash purple there was a gasp from the crowd.  She slam hard into the ground  with the shadow hand. She was Going to kill me.        I jump up and fired another explosion at her this time using more force.  She shield it and then made a big shadowy fist at the ground causing it to erupt . I almost fell but then I caught my balance.  This time I used my full force now that I knew it wouldn't hurt her too bad.       The explosion was so big she couldn't shield it. She was on the ground and lay there for several of seconds.  I walked over her to see if I have won and if she was okay. She started to get back up again and she grabbed a whole of me again.      She grabbed me so tight with the shadow arm I couldn't breath.  My face started to turn purple I was pretty sure I was going to die.  The crowed was screaming to let me go But she wouldn't listen.   " Y/n Please let me go I cant breathe" I try to say but she didn't hear or listen. She wouldn't do this on purpose.  Something was seriously wrong . this was not her. " Y/n Please I love you" at that point I didn't fucking care if the whole crowed thought I was a simp . I love her and I need her to came back. Her eyes turn back to e/c when I said that.    " Bakugou" she gasps and then dropped me. I could barley move I'm pretty sure she won but she just stared at me. Her eyes started to tear up. " I give up" she yelled. Then ran out of the arena . They announced me winner and The nursing girl came to heal up my minor wounds.  I was livid that I won that way. She threw the fight.
                                                                   Y/N POV
     I Brought shame on my dad and my school. I brought shame on myself. The whole world watch it happen too. They watch me turn into a monster. I almost killed bakugou and He never going to want anything to do with me again. I sat outside the stadium on the ground.  I'm no hero I cant even go and face what I done.       I must of sat there for hours and hours. It was finally dark and everyone left. it started  to  pour down rain.   I decided to go back into the arena to pick up my bag and stuff.  It was dark except for a couple security lights. I found my bag when I heard a familiar voice.       " Tch where did you go?" Bakugou asked. Was he still talking to me.        " heard you won congratulation"  I gave him a smile. The air was so cold I could see my own breath. 
                                            BAKUGOU POV 
 " THATS NOT HOW I WANTED TO WIN" he yelled. " YOU GAVE UP THAT FIGHT WAS YOURS"        " I almost killed you .  I was created for one reason and one reason only. The whole now know so to. I let you guys down and I let my dad down. How can I be the princess of peace when I cant even find peace in my own head.  I'm done," I said  tears started to pour out my eyes.        " IF i was the bad guy you would of won. Your powerful and just because its hard your going to pack up then Your not who I thought you were " he scoffed.         " I almost kill you and maybe next time I will. I care about you too much for that to happen" I cried. I started to turn away.  He grabbed my wrist and pulled me agaisnt him.        " I know you wont. You stop because your good and you over came it. we just have to work on it. Please stay if not for yourself then the million you could save with that power.         " I dont know how I stopped myself. All I remeber is blacking out and then waking to see me almost killing youself." I explain.             " I said something to you and then you just snapped out of it" He said nervously .              " Oh well what did you say" I asked.  This could help me find the answer.      " I told you I Love you"  He blushed. This was a side of him I never seen before. I think im falling to. Todoroki was important to me but in the end bakugou been here.  I wasnt sure if I was ready to say it back. I grabbed his face and kiss him. He started kissing back first it was soft but then its starts to get more rough and passionate. He grabbed my ass and pulled me agaisnt him. despite the freezing rain , I felt warm.               He pulled away but remain eye contact with me as he pulled something out of his of his jacket. It was a small box and he handed it to me. " I wanted to give this to you when I ask you out after I won the festival correctly . That didn't go as I plan but I still want to win your heart. please accept this and be my girl. I never done this soft shit and I'm sorry if it not something I'm going to show everyday. Your worth taking my pride down a little I guess" His face was red.       I open it up and it was a sliver bracelet with his name on it and diamonds. It was beautiful and way too much. I had no idea what to say. " Yes Ill be yours" he pulled me into a tight  hug.      " lets go to my place you need to get out of the rain and getting late" he said gently. It almost scared me the way he was being so kind.                                                                      Bakugou POV         We arrived at my place. She look like she was about to past out. Today was a lot on all of us. I didn't really won the sports festival but at least I won the girl. I just got to keep that damn icy hot away from her. I wanted to rip the necklace off of her that he gave her. She mine now.        " Hey you stupid bitch your late" my mom bitch. No good job bakugou or nothing.         " Fuck you too hoe" I said back flipping her off. She was about to really yell, until she saw Y/n  come in after me.             " Hey Y/n nice to see you again. I saw you tonight you should of just kill him and not worry about it' she laugh. The fucking old hag meant as a joke. Y/n face turn white though.  I grabbed her hand and lead her up to my bedroom. She seem like she was still half in a daze.        " Lets get out of these wet clothes. You can wear anything of mine for now." I said awkwardly. I knew we were dating but I didn't know her boundaries . There so much I want to do with her. She needed sleep tonight though. we both did.   she started to strip off in my room.  Oh, she wasn't paying attention to anything really. I couldn't help but to watch in amazement though. She took  off her clothes and strip down till she was naked. I had to use all my self control to not do anything. then she put on one of my T-shirts that looked like a dress on her and then a pair of my boxers.  I strip down to nothing and but my boxers and laid on my bed.     " come here princess" I yawned. She crawled into bed and laid on top of me. She feel asleep instantly but then here phone started going off. I  Pick it up and looks at it.  Deku: hey are you alright. Me and your dad are really worried.    Damn deku fucking worrying about my girl. I didn't want to give her a dad the pro hero a reason to hate me though. Me: yeah I'm fine just staying at a friend house. I'm really sleepy so I'm going to go to bed.   Then there was other messages on the screen so I looked. Todo: hey  Y/n I'm so worried about you. When you see this please answer and I was wondering if we could meet up tomorrow to talk about today and I have something I wanna ask you. I hope your safe and sleeping well beautiful. Oh hell  no. She mine and he going to back the fuck off.  I took a pictures of her sleeping on my chest and I sent it. Me: she mine and she sleeping fine thank you. Back the fuck off  she mine now!!!!!! Todo: I see for now that may be it. I don't give up and I especially wont stop until she mine. You well slip and when you do ill be there for her. Your impulsive and abusive and don't deserve her. Me: You come any where near her your dead I blocked his number from her phone.  I wrapped my arms tight around her and I pass out.    The sun filled the room waking me up. She was still asleep. She was so beautiful and peaceful when she sleep.  Her phone started buzzing causing her to wake.   " Where my phone" she sat up straight looking for it. I handed it to her. The number didn't have a caller id. She scrunch her nose in confusion.     " Hello who is this " she answered.      " Todoroki, are you alright?" I heard him answered.  Great rich boy has more then one phone.     " Yes, what happen to your old phone number?"      " Long story, where are you at?"     " Bakugou house, why whats wrong?" she asked worriedly     " Ill be there In 20" he said and then hung up.  " Do you have anything else I can where by chance?" she asked   " I think you look fine in that Idiot" I snorted grabbing her wait.   " I cant go out like this" she said digging though the bag of mina and kiri clothes that they leave here.      " Your not going anywhere with him and no way in hell wearing that" She hold up a short pink dress of mina. Mina was shorter then Y/n so this dress was gonna not cover anything. She took off my shirt and put on the dress anyways not listening to me at all.    She grabbed my hair brush and tied it back out her face. she look stunning even though she didn't try and its for him.  " I fucking mean it your not going anywhere with him" I yelled.   " Chill out you have to trust me. He one of my friends and I'm yours so don't worry" she said try reassuring me. I almost lost her to him though. He going to try all Kinds of flirty shit. I cant be okay with this but I have too. She will leave if I'm too controlling.   " One hour then come back" I grumbled.  " I have to go home afterwards and talk to my dad" She sigh. She was right even though I wanted some time with her. The door bell ring and I hurried up to open it. IT was half and half baster.   " Leave your hands off of her and no flirty shit or I will Murder you" I screamed and then Y/n push me put of the way. I grabbed her and kiss her so fucking hard in front of him. She push me away and laughed.     " I'm sorry about him" she said. Walking out of the door with him. I kept trying to talk myself out of following them. I decided to invite shitty hair over to distract me.
IM open up to ideas and or request for my one shot books I'm doing. Thank you for read part 7 will be here Thursday at the latest
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hufflebuddie · a year ago
pastel and the punk {a drarry highschool au}:
"hey gays" harry said casually, sitting down at the lunch table all of his friends were at. they always met in the cafeteria before school started so they could discuss who's house they were at after school and what diner to eat at. pansy rolled her eyes at him and waved as did the rest of his friends. around the table sat most of harry's friends: ron, hermione, ginny, luna, and pansy.
ron had on a simple white t-shirt with his signature leather jacket and ripped jeans and a beanie that covered some of his fiery red hair. hermiones outfit never altered and today was no different. she wore a cropped black sweater with a leather skirt and ripped leggings. ginny was leaned onto her girlfriend showing her all of the bracelets that covered her arms today. her fiery red hair showed that she was definitely rons sister. the girl wore a black hoodie and black jeans, but still wore white converse, she claimed it added "necessary contrast". luna, much like her girlfriend, also had multiple bracelets on her arms but also had a ring on almost every finger too. lunas blonde hair was tied into a messy bun and she had on a mint green tank top that said "lover girl". her black ripped jeans and black converse seemed to darken her look though. pansy had her signature black lipstick with a cropped dark green hoodie. she worn distressed black jeans and doc martins to tie it together. harry himself had on a gray t-shirt that said "gay and not okay" with a black denim jacket over it. he wore black ripped jeans and black on black converse.
his group liked black to say the least.
but the only person missing was blaise.
blaise had gone to pick up neville and his friends today. why, harry had no idea, but nonetheless it was a sweet gesture. harry groaned loudly and took rons phone and hermiones book.
"can i help you?" ron mumbled while reaching for his phone.
"you can tell me why the hell you all are so boring and look like someone pissed in your cheerios this morning" harry demanded, shoving rons phone into his pocket and hermiones book into his bag. he grabbed ginnys phone and the girl simply frowned.
"blaise isnt here. which means neville isnt here. which means we have no one to have light hearted conversation with. all we do is talk in fluent sarcasm and flirting" pansy spoke bluntly, shrugging after she stopped.
"and why exactly do we need light hearted conversation?" harry asked, annoyed.
"because if we let you talk itll sound like "oh, draco, my sweet precious dragon. how his grey eyes shine under the lighting of the sun and his porcelain skin is so warm and soft and how his platinum blonde locks curl so delicately. but we're just friends and i dont like him more than platonically, nooo" and everyone is sick of your swooning" ginny laughed. harrys face burned red and before he could retort, blaise arrived.
"are we making fun of harry??" he asked light-heartedly as he sat down and pulled neville into his lap who blushed. "i do love a good teasing sesh before class" he winked. blaise had on some clean white jeans and dark violet converse that matched the crop top he had on.
"blaise! stop being nasty!" draco gasped, sitting down in harrys lap, setting his bag on the floor. harry smiled and wrapped his arms around the blonde. "hi, harebare" he smiled, and spoke gently towards the raven haired. draco had on a soft, yellow sweater on and a flowy white skirt. he had a sunflower crown and yellow converse to match.
"hello, my dragon. have a good morning?" he spoke quietly, attempting to not let the group listen into his conversation with draco. his attempts failed as they all spoke in hushed whispers so they could eavesdrop onto the conversation.
"mhm, blaise payed for my morning hot chocolate and i managed to get in some studying for my chem test on the way here!" he giggled and took a sip of his drink, holding it out to harry who took a sip and smiled.
"you got caramel in it?" he laughed. draco always had quite the sweet tooth. draco blushed softly and nodded, sipping it again.
"MERLIN, DATE ALREADY" pansy shouted at the two. draco choked on his hot chocolate.
"pAnsy?!" draco squealed. the girl shrugged and dodged dracos slap with a laugh.
"as endearing as this is, can i have my phone back??" ron asked, "i was in the middle of a good game of flappy bird"
"HARRY!!" draco shouted across the hall, grabbing the attention of the emerald eyed boy. the lunch bell had just rung and harry was rather hangry but nonetheless he waited for the blonde. "sorry, mrs. sprout held our class back to clean up. can we sit outside today?" he scrambled out as he wrapped himself around harrys arm.
"of course, let's just grab everyone and then we can head out, yeah?" harry spoke, unconsciously pulling his arm closer to him to drag draco closer. the two walked to the cafeteria in comfortable silence and smiled upon seeing their friends at the door talking. "hey, outside today?" harry asked once they were within earshot. everyone nodded and headed outside to sit in the grass. harry sat down and patted his lap, inviting draco to sit, which he gladly took.
"draco? have you ever heard of a chair?? or the grass?? or any possible place to sit that isnt harrys lap?" blaise asked jokingly, his arm slung over nevilles shoulders. draco simply rolled his eyes.
"im not sitting on the ground in a skirt." he pouted.
"im sitting on the ground in a skirt" hermione retorted.
"well, you arent a pretty princess like me!" draco stated proudly. pansy wheezed.
"who gave you that idea?" the black haired girl seemed to be holding back a fit of laughter.
"harry." all hell broke loose.
"NO BLOODY WAY HARRY TOLD YOU THAT" ginny laughed out. hermione and pansy were rolling on the ground laughing, blaise was leaning on neville trying to catch his breathe in between laughs while the boy was giggling, and luna sat calmly a bright grin on her face as she watched her girlfriend smile and laugh.
"he did! and im quoting from chemistry today, "you know, you're the prettiest princess ive ever seen, dray. you've even got a crown! therefore, you've earned the prettiest princess title. princess dray"" draco beamed from harrys lap as the raven haired boy buried his head in his neck and sighed. once the group calmed down, pansy spoke.
"and this is why you two should date. it's like beauty and the beast!! i mean, according to harry you're already a princess. well, i suppose hes not quiet a beast..." pansy spoke thoughtfully with a light-hearted tone.
"pastel and the punk!" neville shouted proudly. everyone let put a soft laugh and nodded with approval.
"does that mean if you kiss him, he'll transform from a punk rock beast to a pastel prince??" ron piped in.
"guess, c'mon, stop writing a fairy tale about us" harry sighed.
"we'll stop shipping you two once you actually admit your undying love for each other" pansy laughed out, taking a bite of her sandwich.
"we dont have an undying love!"
"hi dray" harry spoke softly, wrapping his arms around dracos waist. draco turned away from his locker and wrapped his arms around the raven haired boys neck, burying his face into his chest. "what's got you all flustered now, hm?" harry's voice was gentle as he started to rub dracos back.
"i have something to ask you but im scared and blaise and neville said i should and that itd turn out fine but im still scared" draco stumbled out worriedly. harry paused for a second before carefully lifting dracos head up.
"well, how about you ask me on the way to the diner after school, my pretty prince? we can listen to taylor swift and have the windows rolled down if it makes you feel any better. i promise whatever you tell me wont change anything. now, c'mon, pansy will kill us if we're late" harry softly pulled away from the boy and adjusted his flower crown. draco smiled, less stressed about the whole ordeal and slung his bag over his shoulder. the two were about to walk away before they heard it.
"hey, malfoy! what's a freak like you doing with potter? trying to convert him, are you?" zacharias smith asked cockily, strutting up to the pair. harry whipped around, shoving draco behind his back. "oh, potter, please. you shouldn't be protecting the freak. hes just going to make you gay, like him. we dont need anymore freaks in the building. now move so i can beat the gay out of him- make him a little more normal" harry seemed to snap as he punched zacharias square in the jaw and right in the nose.
"another word out of you, smith, and you can bet every single ounce of money in your bank account that you will be expelled. i know too many people to let homophobic bitches like you go around picking on people weaker than them. now, scram! i dont want another peep from you unless it's an apology" and with that, harry took dracos hand and stormed off.
once they reached harrys car harry leaned against it and pulled draco to his chest, burying his nose into his hair.
"are you okay?" draco mumbled from his position tucked into harrys body. harry lazily nodded and sighed. he silently let go of the blonde and opened the passenger door of his mustang for him. draco got in silently and waited for harry to get in and start driving. once they were on the road, draco plugged his phone the aux, playing some taylor swift. he turned towards harry best he could in his seat and smiled nervously.
"im assuming the news cant be terrible if you're grinning, dray" harry laughed, keeping his focus on the road (be safe kiddos).
"okay well....i really, REALLY like you harry. like more than friends. way more than friends. like, i wanna kiss you so hard my lips are bright red, like you. like, i wanna cuddle you for a really long time and call you mine, like you..i promise it's okay if you dont feel the same! ive just been holding off telling you for a really long time bu-" harry cut draco off by placing a hand on his thigh, leaving the boy flustered.
"i like you a lot too, my dragon. id go as far to say i love you. so, so very much" harry smiled, pulling into the parking lot of the diner and smirking at draco. he leaned over and gave him a sweet kiss. "is this what they mean by opposites attract?"
"ugh, you're too cheesy"
"awe, you love me. be my boyfriend?"
"of course" draco beamed, kissing harry again. maybe pastel and the punk could work out after all.
all was well.
WOW okay this was kinda hard to write but whateva i kinda like it! and i really hope you did too!!
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spaceysp · 9 months ago
Saying random stuff to feed into the hyperfixations; pick one of these statements to rant about because I wanna read :)) if u want,
How skeppy must feel with everyone meeting up cause BaD JUST COME ON ,
Opinions on bad planning to take skeppy to dinner and all that jazz ,
Skeppys newest video on the skep channel where bad and skeppy are surprisingly sweet to eachother (and how lately in general bad has been less angee with him) ,
Literally the whole discount skeppy situation , bad being literally in love,
Ride with U,,,,,hetero,,,,explanation,,,, anywhere?
im literally going to talk about all of these so im sorry but read more at your own risk
one: skeppy, i am so sorry a mf does this to you. but seriously, i can only think of a few reasons (that dont sound entirely made for fanfic) that bad keeps putting off meeting skeppy 
1. (the most unlikely) theyve already met and they keep the bit going so the fans dont find out. i can get that they wouldnt want to tell at first because its their own business, but i seriously doubt they would wait very long to confirm it, because ppl honestly can put a lot of pressure and hype on the meetup (esp with skeppy’s “surprise”) so i think theyd release something just so everyone knew that it finally happened! they didnt lie!
2. bad just doesnt want to meet skeppy (actually nvm this is the most unlikely) 
bad seems to be genuinely excited to meet skeppy, even claiming skeppys the one to keep putting it off, not him (which skeppy immediately disproved but) and saying over and over he wants to meet up with him, but always avoiding actually making plans (every single tweet about the meetup) so its clear he does want to meet skeppy eventually, which makes trying to figure out why he wont even harder
3. its not the right time/ waiting for a specific date
leading up to this, i was thinking that there was a pretty good chance theyd meet up on their anniversary, but that never happened rip. the issue is with this is that they guaranteed they would meet up before the end of the year, and at this point theres only one “event” left, but they still dont seem to have any plans to meet. if bad was waiting for the perfect time to do it, why not just tell skeppy to confirm a meetup date? it would get him (and maybe the fans, if they told them) off his back. another variant of this is that there is a set date, but they havent told the public, but again, skeppy seems to be just as much in the dark about this as everyone else
4. health issues 
bads apparently been feeling pretty under the weather lately, with his arm and kidney stones, its very plausible (and reccomended, imo) that bad doesnt want to travel when hes having these problems. of course, skeppy could visit, but he could either not want to spend their time together sick or the plans they have could also be too straining. i think this is probably one of the most likely atm, go see a doctor bbh im begging you
5. bads nervous
this is also one of the more plausible to me. for whatever reason, bads just anxious about it, whether it wont be the same as talking online, or be super awkward or whatever, he could just keep putting it off for that (its still weird and kinda doesnt make sense but in a more realistic way this time)
i know i totally went off track but this brings me to my point, skeppys kinda just waiting for bads confirmation at this point, so seeing his friends have fun meeting up is probably just lowkey depressing and i could see him using it as more the reason they should meet up. really the only thing he can do in this situation(at least, as far as i can tell) is what he has been doing, annoy bad about it or he take advantage of bads jealousy and meet up with someone else. the other option is to randomly come to his house, but it doesnt seem like skeppy is gonna do that, maybe to respect his boundaries? if he was planning on it i think he wouldve done it by now
this kinda ties into my point in the “reasons why bad wont meet skeppy” thing, that bad seems really excited to meet him yet still wont?? its clear he really values any time spent with skeppy, but he also make sure skeppys having a good time too! that why he never does any actual work with skeppy around (i.e. building statues or gathering materials for such), he knows its boring so instead theyll wander around the server telling stupid stories or punching each other off stairs for 20 minutes. im sure itll be the same irl, he mentioned wanting to meet somewhere like a nature reserve or amusement park, probably to make sure theres never a dull moment or time wasted. dinner seems much more low-key, and i wouldnt be surprised if bad just wanted to have an excuse to try and impress him with a nice totally-platonic date
NUMbeR tHree *airhorns* 
they really do be the best of friends! ive noticed that skeppys def been trying to halt arguments fairly quickly now, saying a lot to appease bad and move on, and while bad seems to like to start fights for fun, hes also been a lot more chill lately, im guessing because hes been oh-so desperately missing skeppy and big s was also in Baby mode (aka if bad disagreed with him hed probably just cry until he got his way((sand))) i think that vid just showed them being a lot more natural and happy to talk (plus bad usually is more argumentative when theyre competing, while in that vid they were either just hanging out or working towards a common goal) 
n u m b e r f o u r 
where to even BEGIN with discount skeppy. well, bad actually first came up this idea a few months ago, in either july or august on an idots smp stream when he crafted an ‘artificial skeppy’ in his snack shack that he could talk to whenever skeppy was gone. as we all know idots smp is now rip, but the idea of replacement skeppys remained, just this time they can talk and also ship skephalo. it actually seemed like more of puffys idea at first when she put on skeppys skin as a joke, which bad didnt like the first few times, but when she brought it up again he actually requested it (missing skeppy brainrot 🤔?) this could be either cuz bad wanted to bait some shippers so gave in or he thought it was a pretty funny bit so went along with it (or he actually missed skeppy that much.. surely not ??) either way i think we can agree puffy is not only a comedic genius but a top tier friend and slight wingman, and getting some good jealous skeppy content out of it is also top tier. in conclusion, love and appreciate discount skeppy, badboyhalo has only skeppy on his brain and his friends have to deal with that, hoes (skeppy) mad even though the whole bit is how much bbh is into him
NUMBER FIVE im really doing all of them
What, can be said, about ride with u. GODDAMN. im not tryna insinuate anything, but if someone told me that song reminded them of me i would have no choice but to marry them immediately. i really really want someone to ask bad what songs remind him of any of his other friends (dream, sapnap, george, ant, puffy, etc.) because there are three options
1. theyre just cool platonic friend songs and bad is just in love with skeppy
2. he cant think of any songs for them and bad is just In Love with skeppy
3. they have equal romantic undertones and bad is just Like That with his friends (even so i bet people would be picking out the most minute differences between the songs that make one more.. You Know than the other) 
i know FOR SURe that if i was in bads position (where even the person who made the lyric video assumed they were gay in love) i wouldve curled into a ball and never made another public appearance again, but he really owned that shit, singing it and making unprompted references to it (”i already have a bonnie” YOU AINT SLICK SIR WTF) 
i just wanna know if skeppys listened to it (i mean, hes surely at least heard of it, i know he wouldve seen it all over his timeline) and what he thonks about it. pls tell us big s do you also feel the love in this chilis tonight (ALSO when is someone gonna ask skeppy what song reminds him of bad. im waiting ((hed probably say something like a faster remix or something equally memey (((unless???)))
ANYWAY SORRY FOR MAKING YOU READ ALL OF THAT HOLY SHIT i dont wanna reread this to check for errors so it might be incoherent but again ty for letting me infodump about this it was super fun im in love with you anon
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seijch · a year ago
4, 6 and 17!
make me work on my wips!!
4. venom drench, a suguru pokemon au
in which you and suguru are partners pitted against each other for a promotion within the organized crime organization known as team rocket, notorious throughout the kanto region for being impossible to take down.
this originally started as the setup for a different pokemon au but it ended up growing a mind of its own so i caved and let it be its own fic NSKJFDSF 
but ive even been thinking of repurposing it for smth thats Not pokemon just bc the actual pokemon presence in this one is SO minimal lmao the snippet i managed to pull out of my ass has pokemon but the rest of the work...not so much
“don’t take it personally,” suguru says, leaning close. you want nothing more than to rip his perfect hair out of his scalp, but his seviper’s coiled around your midsection. “it’s not your fault i wanted it more. really, i should be thanking you.” long fingers brush against your jaw, and you suppress the shiver it sends up your spine. “who knew you could be such a graceful loser?”
you use his proximity as a chance to spit on his face. it works, and his fingers retract to wipe your saliva off his cheek. “maybe not,” he amends. a childish part of you preens at the small victory, a battle won despite the war lost. 
“for the record,” he adds, an afterthought as he walks off, “i did enjoy our time together. but you know how it goes. all good things come to an end, shit like that.” he releases your honchkrow from its ball, and the bird squawks in confusion as he orders it to fly away. “now, if you’ll excuse me, i’ve got a flight to catch.”
suguru leaves, the oranges of the setting sun painting him as some hero off to save the day. you curse, shifting your weight as much as you can to try and escape his seviper’s hold. the only thing you get out of it is a greater loss to blood circulation.
if he was the hero, you must be the villain. there’s no going back to the boss once suguru gets to headquarters with the president in tow. you feel the gears move in your head as the plan changes.
6. heart swap, a sugawara pokemon au
you wouldn’t have guessed it when you first met, but sugawara koushi has done nothing but change your life in ways both big and small.
the parentheses are from the Present...the gimmick for this one is that suga and the reader are just retelling the events of the fic but im still figuring out if i should also use present tense for the non-parentheses parts or past tense since its,, technically The Past
(“you’re sure you don’t need to use the bathroom, right?” you ask. “we’re gonna be here for a while.”
“don’t worry about me,” daichi assures, waving a hand. you and sugawara exchange a glance; at daichi’s side was one of those obnoxiously large water bottles. the thing’s  like a bathroom break waiting to happen, but sugawara just sighs.)
the air smells different in slateport city. it’s less crisp than the colder canalave, but that was to be expected. the scent of saltwater gets carried along the gentle breeze. as you step off the ship, roserade gasps beside you, taking in the new sights and smells. she hums contentedly, taking in the sunlight.
you slip the thick leather gloves on and hold a hand out for her to take. to account for her wonder at all the ships docked in the new environment, you slow your pace down. if your calculations were correct, you had under five days to register for the hoenn contest circuit. 
you create a mental checklist: hotel, contest hall, maybe some food if you or your pokemon were feeling peckish. the hotel was easy enough to spot, a pristine building a stone’s throw from the beach.
(“i still don’t know how you managed to afford the lapis shore hotel,” koushi snorts. “no wonder i had to pick up the check every time we went out.” you shove his shoulder as daichi laughs on the other side of the screen, voice cutting for a second as the connection falters.)
17. paths that will never cross, an oikawa fire emblem: three houses (?) au
oikawa was a winner if you ever saw one, pushing himself to greater heights even in the face of a loss. in hindsight, you suppose you never stood a chance.
this and my other fe3h aus are in an awkward situation where theyre definitely based off of the game but i could just as easily change some aspects and slap the high fantasy label onto them without breaking a sweat
the thing keeping me from staying true to the inspiration and (kinda) universe is that ... im sure the majority of haikyuu fic readers havent played fe3h LMAO i dont want to call it that in fear of people not picking it up because they feel like they wont get the fic bc it has preexisting source material
“i should’ve known you’d come,” you croak, voice echoing off the walls. the war has made you tired. desperate. the crest stone you’ve had grafted on your skin throbs, threatens to consume you.
oikawa looks different. you expected as much; it’s been a long five years for both of you. but the passage of time has not been kind to him. in his eyes, you see nothing but reinforced steel. if the war has made you tired, made your bones ache for peace, it has made him furious. hellbent to stop it, to put your head on a spike once and for all. dimly, you note that his hair looks as good as ever.
“i’m sure you know how this ends.” my, even his voice sounds different. gone is his playful lilt (you mourn its loss, despite yourself), replaced with the authoritative voice you would only hear when he was up against the wire. then again, you suppose each battle could be his last.
when he entered the throne room, threw open the unnecessarily large doors, he knew.
there are only two ways this ends: him bleeding out before you, or your head in his hands as he begins to patch up this wartorn country. 
at the apex of the world, you find yourself fighting a losing battle for the last time.
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ghost-mortems · a year ago
yall season 2 of the hollow was fantastic!! dare i say even better than the first one like holy shit
spoilers below 
I really really have to give props to the hollow team, I mean I knew i would like season 2 bc its the hollow so of course i would, but this really blew my socks off!! like, I had no idea how they would continue from season, but they really delivered
I really enjoyed finding out the kid’s actual dynamics and how they all really knew each other & we got to find out about their personal at-home lives!! It was so cool to see adam and mira’s parents (not to mention mira having two dads!! super rad) i do feel bad however about kai’s relationship with his parents, i know the feeling of having parents who fight all the time so i really feel for him :C maybe there’ll be more development on that in season 3?? (god i hope we get season 3 i need it to survive) 
SPEAKING OF DEVELOPMENT im so glad we got more development for reeve vanessa and skeet!! bc i know they were depicted in the first season as the “bad guys” (i mean not really just the team the viewer didnt want to win) but it was nice to see them as just as they usually are when not on a team. I also really appreciated the redemption that both reeve and vanessa got, especially vanessa who was the typical mean girl who only cared about herself- i had a feeling that she probably wasnt actually like that. I will say however that im so fucking sad that skeet fucking died LIKE BRO.... WHAT..... i mean, maybe somehow he could come back in season 3?? ;-; VANESSA AND REEVE DIDNT EVEN GET TO SEE HIM BEFORE HE DIED THATS WHACK AS FUCK please,,, let them reunite let them see their boy again
I will also say that even tho i do ship kaidam and vanira I am actually kind of glad that nothing romantic happened this season bc they all went through SO MUCH???? like who as time for romance when first ur trying to get out of the game, and then u find out the real u is out of the game- and this being u are rn is just a digital copy, and if the other real players win the game you’ll be erased forever. Like how would u have romantic feelings during a shit storm like that- its good for them to let them all be friends and all lean on each other for support as they get used to their new normal in this digital world and mourn their friend. 
However I do appreciate the small moments that the hollow team gave us! when adam was like “dude im gay” and then kai was v quick to insist that obviously it must be a dream (as if its too good to b true like,, i see u kai) and the kaidam handholding was great, and kai being SO DRAMATIC and pretending to die from a what essentially was a paper cut only to have adam CATCH HIM?? kai was rly like “i dont know how much longer i have” and adam was like “at the rate ur bleeding- decades” with a smile on his face and it was just v flirty imo AND THEN kai was like “oh- heheh” and he got all embarrassed THE WHOLE MOMENT WAS VERY GAY OKAY like look at them do u see the fond-ness on adams face...
Tumblr media
I will also point out tho, that as cute as these scenes were there was some tension regarding the dynamic of adam, kai, and mira as a team- like how reeve was once with adam and mira, but they went different ways due to differences, and they got kai on their team bc “the spot was open”- maybe its the optimist in me but surely there are other reasons they added kai to the team?? and not just that they “needed another player.” I really wished they touched on that more bc kai has a multitude of issues from a seemingly neglectful relationship with his parents and WHATEVER the giant chicken dream means, the last thing this kid needs is thinking his friends only like him bc he was useful to them in some way. How did they meet kai?? Did they hang out aside from gaming? They’ve obviously never been over to his house, so whats the deal?? Again, fingers crossed for development on this in season 3 (and fingers FUCKIN CROSSED for a season 3 at all what would it even b about bc i dont know- i mean i guess i didnt know what season 2 would b either lol welp thats why i dont make the big animation bucks) 
minus that im really just glad that in the end the kids all did get over their differences and stopped hiding things from each other and were friends in the end!! and also they got to go back to their families (sobs except for skeet which btw what does that mean for his digital parents did they cease to exist?? or r they still there and they know their son died in which case GOD thats fucked up pls bring skeet back in season 3 somehow theres gotta be like- a backup copy or something) BUT ALSO its also kind of sad that their world is now just,, stagnant. No new movies, games, books or anything :c HECK THEY WONT EVEN GET TO GROW UP NOW they’ll be that way forever.................. UNLESS WEIRDIE CAN LIKE,,, idk provide updates?? Make the game move in real time?? Make the npcs wicked smart AI’s and have them create new things?? man who even knows i just want them 2 b happy
ANYWAYS GOD I MISSED THIS SHOW I’VE BEEN STARVED OF IT FOR TWO YEARS AND NOW I LIVE AGAIN i missed my kids all so fucking much ;o; i cant wait to draw like,,, 1 million fanart,, maybe more,,, and keep an EAGLE EYE out for announcements about season 3 if it happens- i need 2 know that my kids will b okay in this digital world pls and thank u @ the hollow team and netflix pls keep them safe- i’ve been hurt before but i trust yall
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fredheads · a year ago
riverparents + front bottoms songs
bless going to do ships bc its easier 
halice - LONE STAR 
fredsythe - be nice to me (the whole song is about dysfunctional relationships but there are so many good lines.... “whats it matter anymore if you believe the lies i tell” “i try to show emotion but my eyes dont seem to wet id love to tell you stories but i cant remember how they went” “im turning you on in a dark room right before we both pass out” “you’re a werewolf and im a full moon” “can we talk about this later your voice is driving me insane” ok the whole song)
fremione - wolfman (“i totally get you i was a birdcage and you were meant to fly”) and funny you should ask 
palice - 12 feet deep gives me palice vibes i dont know why... (“you’re all i need but im pretty sure your parents will never see” “maybe college wont work out i can come stay at your house” “be the only kid from high school who is still in love with you”) otherwise hooped earrings which is about supporting your friend whos coming out as a lesbian (”theres not much i can say i never really knew your mom anyway”)
hanelope - lonely eyes (”well i try to tell you jokes but im afraid you’d cry and if you need a little sunshine you could borrow some of mine”) could also be palice...) 
hermary - hooped earrings ( “you’ve got a rash on your neck just below the line where your shirt stops covering and leaves your skin bare [...] its the only thing i remember from when i cut your hair”) 
mckeller - everyone but you (”I fell in love 'Cause no one saw me the way you did And no one's seen me that way since But for a short time that's how I lived”)
hermiram - summer shandy ..... i think. ( “i got them bad boy blues / i feel hypnotized by the way you move and those big brown eyes”)
gladsythe - father but mostly for fps issues (”you were okay okay as a girlfriend but i was just more like his wife”) otherwise motorcycle or lipstick covered magnet 
gladice - the feud could be many parents but i will give it to them (”you were my girl you were my baby......” “he is the sound you want now and im just the noise you dont” ) 
formione - trampoline for the bearding of it all.... (”sometimes when we’re together we’re not together and sometimes i try to fake it but you know me better”)
also every single ship is somehow “im going to get on my knees wont you kick me in the face please” from lipstick covered magnet so they can share. :-) and all the gays can have twin sized mattress but mostly fredsythe
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izzyfandoms · a year ago
Chosen - Chapter Five
(This is a Gender-Swapped Sanders Sides high school au)
SUMMARY: Logan Berry, Dee Ceite, Patricia Foster, Virginia Picani and Regina and Rena Prince are all 16-year-old high school students. They live relatively normal lives, with ordinary lessons and ordinary crushes and ordinary families, until one day a monster shows up and attacks them after class, and everything suddenly changes.
SHIPS: Moxiety, Logince, Dukeceit
WARNINGS: Sympathetic Remus, Sympathetic Deceit, swearing, siblings arguing, sexual implications
GENERAL TAGLIST: @quillfics42 @ajdraws0430 @phantomofthesanderssides @creativity-killed-thekitten @phlying-squirrel @sly-is-my-name-loving-is-my-game
CHOSEN TAGLIST: @coasting-on-a-wave-of-apathy @littlestr @whispers-stuff-in-your-ear
“And then Regina was like ‘what? I don’t have a crush on Logan!’ which is super silly ‘cos they’re so obvious and she’s told me that she likes Lo so many times!” Patricia rambled on.  
“Mmm,” Virginia hummed in agreement; she was painting Patricia’s nails with a pretty, dark purple nail polish. “It is pretty silly.”
It was Sunday, and they were currently at Virge’s house, in her room, sat together on her bed.
“Yeah!” Patricia blew a raspberry.  
Virge tapped her girlfriend’s knee. “Stop moving, you’re gonna mess up your nails.”
“Oh, sorry, honey!” Pat stopped moving. “Anyway, Logan totally likes her back, right? I mean, she’s basically told us. And Dee and Rena, too! They’re super-duper in love, I just wanna take their faces and smush them together until they get married and live happily ever after!”
“As entertaining as that would be,” Virge said, finishing Patricia’s left hand and moved to the right one. “We shouldn’t meddle. Let them deal with their own shit.”
Patricia tutted lightly. “Language.”
“Sorry, sorry,” Virge said. She examined her own nails – pastel blue, painted by Pat earlier – double checking that they hadn’t been damaged, though they were already dry. “You know I’m right, though. You’re always telling me not to interfere, no matter how often I want to tell them. They’ll figure it out on their own.”
Pat sighed. “Yeah, I know.” She then giggled. “Doesn’t mean we can’t still complain, though.”
Virginia hummed in agreement again, and the two sat in comfortable silence for almost a minute, as Virge finished painting Pat’s nails. Once she was done, the pigtailed girl looked over her hands appreciatively.
“Yay! Now my nails are your favourite colour and your nails are mine! It’s perfect!” Patricia giggled, beaming.
Her girlfriend gave her a small smile. “You’re adorable.”
Patricia giggled again, softly, a light blush on her cheeks. She leant forward, careful not to smudge either of their nails, pressing a kiss to the tip of her girlfriend’s nose. Virge waited a few moments, watching her girlfriend adoringly, before she pounced, the shorter girl falling back on the bed, the taller almost on top of her.  
Pat spluttered with laughter as Virginia tickled her sides, the purple-haired girl grinning mischievously as she did so.
“Ah, Virge!” Patricia exclaimed between laughter. “You’re gonna- you're gonna make me mess up my nail polish!”
Virginia finally stopped the onslaught of tickling, pushing herself up so she was hovering over her girlfriend, and shaking her head to get her hair out of her eyes.  
Patricia wrapped her arms around her girlfriend’s neck, pulling her down to kiss her properly and closing her eyes.  
Virge kissed her back eagerly, her hands at her girlfriend’s waist. Pat’s lips were soft, as usual, and tasted vaguely sweet, like strawberries – she switched up the flavour regularly, so it was always a bit of a surprise. Virge’s lips, by contrast, were always slightly chapped, as she tended to chew them when she was especially anxious, but, in Patricia’s opinion, that didn’t make kissing her any less enjoyable.
The two teenagers pulled apart immediately, their heads turning sharply to face the door, which was now open. Virginia’s eleven-year-old sister, Anne, was standing in the doorway, making a grossed-out face. She was wearing one of her sister’s old black-and-grey hoodies, and she had eyeshadow smudged under both eyes – she'd never admit it, but she was absolutely copying her older sister’s style.
“Get out my room!” Virge screeched, turning red. She sat up and grabbed one of her pillows, chucking it at her sister.
Anne dodged the purple projectile and ran off, laughing. “Mom, Virge and Pat are kissing again!”
“Leave them alone, Dear,” Emily half-scolded from across the hallway, though she was still smiling pleasantly. This was honestly the harshest she ever got with her daughters. She walked up to Virginia’s bedroom door and gave the two blushing teens a slightly apologetic smile. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” She teased, shutting the door.
“Mom!” Virge whined, before turning back to her girlfriend. “I’m sorry my sister’s such a brat.”
Patricia poked her shoulder teasingly. “Don’t be mean.”
Virge rolled her eyes, but pressed a reassuring kiss to her girlfriend’s forehead. “I’m not being mean; this is just what it’s like having a sister. Ask Regina or Rena, I’m sure they’d agree.”
Pat pouted a little at that. “I wish I had a sister. You’ve got Anne, and you’ll probably have Dee, too, soon.”
“You can bond with Logan about it, I guess,” Virginia shrugged.
The pigtailed girl gasped, her eyes brightening. “Logan can be my sister, then!” She pulled out her phone, careful not to mes sup her nail . “I’m gonna go tell her, right now.”  
I should’ve muted this chat.
Patricia, you now have my attention.
Your my sister now!!!!!!
Also, what?
We do not share any parental figures; how can we be sisters?
God ofc you use perfect grammar in texts ilysm
What do ‘ofc’ and ‘ilysm’ mean?
it means she wants to fusdjjkfhfjshfkldjfdkshfjdhfdjfhsdkhfksdlfhsdfh
oops guess renas been murdered
Ignore her
Regina probably just tackled her
ur right!!!!!!!!!!!
gina did take my phone!!!!!!!
but I took hers and now im locked in the bathroom!!!!!!!!
i can say whateva i like!!!!!!!
Oh dear
using my admin powers for good
“Virge!” Patricia exclaimed, poking her girlfriend’s shoulder disapprovingly.
“What?” Virginia shrugged. “Do you want to hear everything Rena has to say about what Regina and Logan wanna do with each other?”
Pat wrinkled her nose uncomfortably. “Well, no... but it’s mean to remove them!”
“Fine,” Virge sighed. “But if Rena starts talking about sex, I’m going to remove her again.”
rena if you talk about anything inappropriate from either your phone or reginas im blocking both of you
I finally got my phone back!
And I agree
Pls don’t do that  
what counts as inappropriate tho
anything that would upset pat
“I’m going to fight her.”
“Honey, please don’t.”
Patricia, what was it you were trying to tell me at the start? Your statement about us being sisters was factually (and grammatically) incorrect.
Were the only people on the chat without sisters!!!!! That means we should be sisters now so were not alone!!!!!
*We’re and *we’re.
And that does not make sense.
Besides, Dee doesn’t have any siblings, either.
She and Virge are gonna be sisters soon right!!!!!!!
And youre my sister now sorry I dont make the rules!!!!!
*You’re and *don’t.
You were the one who made this chat. You do, literally, make the rules.
(just go with it)
There was almost a minute of no texting, though everyone appeared to still be online, and Patricia shifted closed to her girlfriend in the interim, practically seating herself in the taller girl’s lap. Finally, Logan started typing again.
I’m going to spam you with heart emojis now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please, don’t.
Okay I won’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate to interrupt
But my mom just got a message from Remy
Apparently, she and her parents are inviting us (and Mr Thomas) and any of our parents who know about the monster shit (her words not mine) to this fancy party at her place next Saturday . We need to dress kinda fancy, like dresses or fancy shirts and trousers, as it’s like tradition or something to hold these parties for each generation of chosen ones
Mom says she can tell any of your parents who don’t know the truth that you’re all at my house
But she also recommends you tell your parents whats actually going on
ew party
ew telling dad the truth about the monsters
I didn’t think you were one to shy away from the truth, Rena. Wouldn’t it be easier to be honest with your father?
normally i wouldnt care
but if dad finds out about all this he could get all protective and shit and try to stop us from fighting monsters and all that other ‘dangerous’ stuff
Ugh, I can’t believe I acc agree with u
Im still tryna figure out how to tell my moms!!!!!!!  
I might ask Miss Emily to help me but idk
she would she loves u
Wait lol pat arent you at virges house rn why r u texting  
Because I love all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Before you speak
Is it appropriate?
then dont
dee can u get ur mom to text my mom the details  
Mine, too, please.
Me and rena will have to ask dad later hes busy rehearsing lines rn
acc hes probs just txting the dude he went out with yesterday lmao
he wont tell us anything bout it and got kinda awkward when we asked bout the guy he went out with
so im assuming they fucked
I hate you so much
Stop saying that
Fight me
One day Im acc going to fight you and it is going to be brutal
i will win
Hey now!!!!!!!
No fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!
“This won’t end well,” Virge said dryly, rolling her eyes.
Patricia hummed quietly in agreement, her brow creased. “I wish they wouldn’t argue so much, it makes me sad.”
Her girlfriend opened her mouth to respond, but she was cut off by the bedroom door opening again. They both turned and watched as Emily stepped inside, giving them a smile.
“Patricia, your moms are here.”
“Oh, okay!” Patricia pocketed her phone and wiggled out of her girlfriend’s lap, jumping up and stretching. She took a step in the direction of the door, before pausing. She glanced up at her girlfriend’s mom with a slightly sheepish look. “Um, do you think at some point you’d be able to help explain the chosen one stuff to my moms? I’d like to tell them, but I’m not sure they’d believe me straight away.”
Emily’s expression softened; she put her hand on Pat’s shoulder supportively. “Of course, dear. In fact, I’m having dinner with Harriet on Wednesday. Would you like me to tell her then?”
“Yes, please! That would be super helpful, thank you!” Patricia beamed. She then turned on her heel, back to her girlfriend, and leant forward to kiss her quickly. “Bye, Honey! I love you so much!”
“Love you, too, Pat,” Virge responded softly, a little embarrassed that her mom was there to witness this, but still smiling slightly.
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oreostars · a year ago
Hi! I was wondering if I could get a ship for Peaky Blinders and Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. I’m tall with long dark brown hair and blue eyes. I’m a teacher. I love music and I like to dance (but only in the privacy of my own kitchen). I have a very small group of friends, but I love them all to death. I’m very caring and I can be really sensitive at times. I love plants and flowers. Baking is my #1 hobby and I love to share what I make with the people I care about. Thank you so much!
my beautiful nonnie you sound like you are a character in mamma mia i love it!
wanna get shipped with someone ask here you can ask as many characters as you want
click here for fandoms list
I ship you with:
Tumblr media
wow john thinks you are so adorable you hurt his heart HOW DARE YOU! i would think you are a teacher to his kids and thats when he first meets you and oh my god you are gorgeous and so bright and kind. usually people that live in small heath are d*cks and mean but you are just kind and sweet and loving. when he sees you with his kids it makes him want to marry you on the spot and like he thinks you are so respectful and teach his kids good qualities and you make them smart like fam he thinks you are the whole package. knows how much you value your friends so he tries key word here tries to make a good impression and keep his gang life out of the picture when he is with your friends. he tries to act like a normal man and he has to like meditate and breathe in and out before meeting your bffs because HE CANNOT WILL NOT AND TRIES NOT TO CURSE in front of your friends he doesnt want them to not like him cuz they mean a lot to you AND he doesnt want them to think poorly of you for picking someone as crazy and gangster as him. when you are baking for him in the kitchen and start to dance and sing not knowing hes around or awake he will be so quiet and he will stand by the doorway and just watch you sing your song and dance so elegantly. he wishes to see this every morning and for the rest of his days. he will then come up either to scare you or behind you calmly and whisper either sexual things or cute things in your ear and kiss you all over because he finds you extraordinarily beautiful. and when he tries your baked goods he moans very embarrassingly to make you bashful then he grabs you and tickles you all over giving you kisses. your plants tho are a bit of an obsession and hes kinda done with them getting all the treatment and love from you like bae you should be paying attention to him not the f*ckin plants. and they are like all over the house and he steps on them sometimes and the kids get to them although you dont get mad john is kinda over them and moves some to the garrison and the club he puts them every where else. 
Tumblr media
ok like i said you fit perfectly in this movie! so you know how he loves to dance and sing and harry is the whole package? well when he finds you dancing in the kitchen or dancing secretly he will bring you out to dance in public and it will legit be like a whole dance number of waterloo again. to see the twinkle in your eyes and your body close to his makes him be so thankful to have you in his arms. harry thinks he doesnt deserve you and always thinks youre gonna go for another man. he thinks you are such a doll and just the limelight of his life. to see you good with children makes him think of having children with you in the future and he is always asking your input on what do you think about the future where do you see yourself. harry is a beautiful worry wart ok! your friends ok love him and love when he performs for them like he’ll sing to them and dance for them and try to hard for them to like him bc he thinks if your important friends dont then you wont want to be with him. he is so careful and so cute towards you like he is always afraid he will mess up. but every time he comes to see you or visits you or your friends he always buys you your favorite plant or flower. to see you light up when you see it and take such good care of something of mother nature it makes him know in his heart that you are the one for him. and harry always tries out your baking like if youre trying a new recipe harry will always be the first one to try cuz either you make him but more times he really wants to and is excited cuz he thinks you could never go wrong with baking. 
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junietuesday · a year ago
I'm going to write a Be More Chill fic and I was wondering what some things are that I should include for Michael being Filipino? Like common Filipino things, parts of the language he might use, and especially what to avoid doing? Thanks!
note: i’m full filipino, while michael is mixed, so if any mixed filipinos have anything to add, feel welcome! im gonna start with the “donts” bc getting salty kickstarts my brain. formatted for readability
don’t make him call his mom “ina”. we don’t use that. that’s a word for like, essays (and the national anthem apparently according to my dad). “nanay” (for tagalog speakers) is a more casual word, and shortening that to something like “nay” is even better
dont make him fluent in tagalog. most of the filipinos raised in america i know can’t speak it at all, only understand it, and the ones who do know it had to consciously learn it as a foreign language. you can have other people speak to him in it, but likely he’ll be replying in english
there are some words we use tagalog in though! usually it’s words english doesn’t have a one-word exact translation for, which deserves its whole own post tbh so i wont go into that here. oh and yes there are proper tagalog conjugation rules but who cares about those, just use english conjugation
i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again: rice. rice is a staple in like, every filipino meal. plain white rice btw, maybe garlic if you wanna get fancy. a rice cooker is a must-have in any filipino household. you can eat any meal with rice if youre not a coward. oh “ulam” is the word for stuff you eat with rice and “papak” is to eat something that you’d normally eat with rice without rice, two more tagalog words we do use. we eat w spoons and forks (including meat, we cut the meat with the side of the spoon). and you can look up filipino dishes for bonus points but 1) we also just eat stuff like chicken or whatever with rice, you dont need to do a crazy amount of research and 2) we eat all kinds of food, not just filipino of course, which don’t have rice. dont worry if this point intimidates you its not as important
superstitions are a nice touch, bc filipinos are very superstitious people. we eat noodles on birthdays and on new year’s bc they symbolize long life, and we jump up and down on new year’s to make ourselves grow taller, and we leave coins on windowsills to invite riches, and we spin our plate around if someone leaves the house during a meal or else it’s bad luck, and we can’t sleep with wet hair or we’ll go blind. that kind of thing
OH IMPORTANT: we call older sisters/cousins “Ate” and older brothers/cousins “Kuya”, usually the oldest is called the honorific alone while the rest have a nickname attached. it’s not seen as overly formal or anything, tbh it feels weird to be called my name by my younger siblings. basically the only time you wouldn’t do it is if you felt uncomfortable being overtly filipino around someone. the word for aunt is “tita”, uncle “tito”, grandma “lola”, and grandpa “lolo”, used the same as they are in english. you also use honorifics for friends of your parents (sadly i dont know of any nonbinary options)
more for oc making but filipino names tend to be an english first name paired with a spanish last name. there’s a long history there (you can even look up a list of the last names spain permitted filipinos to have) but yeah this formula is pretty sound. oh and you know namesmushes we use for ships? yeah filipinos sometimes give namesmushes of them and their partner to their kid as legitimate names. i have multiple aunts named this way. (also not a namesmush but my dad seriously considered naming me “bambina” until my mom shot him down so uh take that how you will)
OH ALSO IMPORTANT: filipinos have this thing called blessing, a way for showing respect to elders. basically, the older person holds out their hand, palm-down, and you take it and put it to your forehead. idk where it came from but it’s not an old-fashioned tradition, well it is but we still do it a lot so
that’s all i can think of for now, here you go! you can also go to my “#filipino” tag for more, such as insight into shitpost worthy filipino culture
edit: i didn’t prioritize well originally so i moved a few bullet points down here bc they’re less important but kinda just. things i want to see in filipino characters fjdgdjfhdg
parents. pointing at things. with their lips. it’s a thing and i do not know why. either you know exactly what theyre talking about or youre totally bewildered. no in-between
in the philippines, christmas starts on september 1 and goes to like, halfway through january, so often even if we don’t actually celebrate christmas that long, many jokes are made. idk i just want to see more filipinos making christmas jokes
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overwatchshotz · a year ago
Mccree x F!reader 1
~☆my first sorta song fic but not really, So reader is known as "Song bird" in the deadlock gang and Jesse's lover, takes place when he is recruited into Blackwatch☆~
Song is Desire by the assassins.
Mccree found himself in his usual spot in the deadlock bar on route 66. He had a long day, lady boss Ashe was having her usual fits about a job gone wrong and how this was a close call, whatever, he stopped listening after a while. He needed a breather, space, a moment to put himself back together. A few drinks always helped. He sat in a corner table, with acouple of open bottles, he was planning on drinking them all and after going back to his little apartment for a good snooze.
But he had to hear Her sing first. Yes in the deadlock crew there was one person he could listen to for hours. She went by the name Song Bird, known for her free spirit and lovely song voice, he never understood why she wasn't famous, away from this hell hole they called home. He could see her making a real name for herself, but she just smile and say she didnt want to sing for no body else but her family, which was the deadlock gang.
"Hey Song Bird, sing for us!" A random member said from the bar as she came down the stairs. "Hold on to your horses Johnny" she chuckled as her eyes caught Jesse's looking at her. She gave a wink in his direction as she made her way to the little stage they made for her. Song bird waited for her band to get ready, taking a deep breath as the band started to play.
"Anything you want, whatever's on your mind
I will seek out any treasure to satisfy your pleasure, baby
But don't ask for any guarantees
Standing on the edge, is what attracted me
The damage that we do, belongs to me and you, baby"
Jesse was immediately drawn into her voice, like he always was. It was no secret he had a thing for the girl. Who wouldn't? She was beautiful and had hips that could sway any mans wallet out their pockets.
"So don't love me, and don't lie
Don't let me see that look in your eyes
You promised from the start
We'd both keep love apart from desire"
In this life, you couldnt afford love, no happy endings, outside of the deadlock gang you were nothing, Ashe made sure of that when she recruited anyone into her screwed up family. Song bird knew this, so did Jesse, which was why their feelings for eachother were so hidden. It was playful smiles and winks but underneath was two people who wanted more, they wanted the world to know they were more than Ashe's puppets.
"I don't wanna talk about tomorrow
What we have today is all I'm ready for
It's a complicated game
But it's the reason that we came together
Cause if I took the stars out of the sky
A galaxy to give you to somehow testify
Would change us, rearrange us forever?"
Her eyes were on him, He was willing to throw all his cards in for a chance to become more than a secret but she was scared. She wasnt hesitant to get on Ashe's bad side, especially since Song bird knew about Jesse's "talks" with a certain Commander. He wanted to take her away from all of this, they could start a new life away from the deadlocks, away from Ashe. Jesse had promised, swore to her that this Reyes guy could protect them both.
"So don't love me, and don't lie
Don't let me see that look in your eyes
I promised from the start
I'd keep my love apart from desire"
Jesse watched as his lady love sing with all her passion, this song was everything opposite of how they felt for eachother, they tried that, and it failed. He was so tired of sneaking around. Reyes told him to have an answer by tomorrow night, if Jesse couldnt convince her to come with him, she would be going down with the rest of the gang and the only song she'll sing would be the jail house blues. He didnt want that for her, he didnt want his song bird to be trapped in a cage for the rest of her life.
"This is not about love, this is not about love
This is all about, all about my desire!"
Song bird closed her eyes as she sang the last part, a decision in her mind already.
"This is not about love, this is not about love
This is all about, all about my desire
My desire
Oh yeah my desire
Oh my desire!"
The song ended as she did a silly curtsey as the rest of the bar shouted and cheered for her. "Thank yall so much, I'll be back in a few minutes, need some water." She said as she hopped down from the stage and walked over to Jesse's table, someone putting the jukebox on while she was away.
"May I sit with you?" She asked him. A smirk was on his face as he dipped his hat a little "I would never say no to you." His charming voice always had her heart skipping beats. She took a seat next to him. "So I thought about what you said." She said low enough for him to hear. "And? What will it be?" He asked, his hand sneaking under the table and holding hers.
"If this Commander guy really means what he says, then I'll go with you. I'm just...really scared Jesse..." she was honest. "Dont be, I'm with you Y/N" he used her real name, she smiled as her eyes watered a little bit, no one calls her by her real name anymore and hearing it from him just brought so many emotions. "So when do we go?" She asked.
"I'm supposed to meet our friend tomorrow night, come with me, travel light he said." Jesse said looking around to see if anyone was paying attention to them, he lifted her hand and kissed it quickly. "I'll see you then." He said getting up and heading out, leaving her to watch him go. She sighed "A new life..." it didnt sound real to her.
Jesse waited for her at the back of the gas station. She was a little late, which worried him. Commander Reyes was to be there any moment, and if she wasn't there by the time he was, Jesse would be forced to leave her behind. He didnt want that at all. "Psst Jesse..." someone called to him, he turned around to see Song bird behind the trash bin. He chuckled "What are you doing?" "Making sure I wasn't followed..." she pouted not liking to be laughed at. She looked so cute looking around griping onto her back pack as she stepped out of her hiding spot.
"Come here darlin..." he said, she walked to him and he cupped her face. "Reyes should be here so-" Jesse was cut off by a car honk. The two looked and saw an overwatch vehicle, Song bird was immediately nervous and his behind Jesse. "Come on you two we have to get moving before the squad moves in." A man Song bird assumed was the commander said. "The squad moves in?" She asked herself. It did bother her that Jesse sold the deadlock gang out for their freedom, they would be branded as rats for the rest of their lives but Jesse didn't care, as long as she was safe, call him mickey mouse for all he cares.
They got into the car, in the back seat, she held Jesse's hand tightly as Reyes pulled away from the gas station and the opposite direction of the deadlock hideout, Song bird looked back and saw the very silent drop ships flying toward what she used to call home.
"So your name is Y/N correct?" Reyes asked from the front seat. She looked at him. "Yes sir." "Call me Gabriel, I'm Jesse's new boss, you did a good thing, dont let anyone tell you different." He said probably reading her mind. "We are starting a new life." Jesse said, kissing her cheek. Y/N nodded and leaned her head on his shoulder. "So what am I going to do?" She asked. "Strike Commander Morrison will be taking you under his wing." Reyes said. "I wont be with Jesse?" She asked. "Work wise no, but I set you two up in the same living space so you'll be with your cowboy." Gabe looked in the rearview mirror at her, she looked so relieved. He chuckled.
Y/N looked at Jesse and pressed a kiss to his lips, Jesse leaned in for more, and soon they were kissing in the back seat making Gabe clear his throat "Please no baby making in the company car...or infront of me most importantly..." Y/N blushed and chuckled while Jesse rolled his eyes pressing one more kiss to her lips. "I hope our living quarters can handle us." Jesse said making the Commander shake his head and Y/N more red. Jesse was going to take advantage of this new freedom to make his song bird sing in a whole new way.
Yeah sorry if this is bleh, I'm not as confident in my writing as I used to be. But hope you enjoyed. As always the gif doesnt belong to me.
Tumblr media
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swampgallows · a year ago
i just had a dream where i was trying so hard to hold onto the details beucase i was gonna laugh w my friends about how i technically dreamed about p//atrick se tiz because in my dream there was the Monster anime playing (hich i know nothing about and have never seen a single still of) and it was about like dead people trying to move on from their lives and ended up having to join a ghost ship of pirates to pass on. my dad had fallen asleep on the couch and it was on my the remote was missing so the tv was just tuned to whatever, and my mom was trying to buy a new remote. so i had come into the den and saw the tv already on with my sleeping dad on the couch and was like wtf is this anime? but that i heard a character say a line and it sounded like seitz so i was, in the dream, thinking “haha when i wake up i will have to tell my friends i technically did dream about him” haha. but i was still in the dream, so i saw myself trying to write down everything i remember from the dream (there was a song and everything, i was writing down lyrics the best i could) and it corresponded to some post i saw ontumblr (in my dream)..... so basically in my dream, i thought i had a dream about a post on tumblr that led to the dream i was having (in my dream) and started writing down details of it on the reblog. but i started to make my own post and wanted to save it as a draft and all this other shit because i knewi didnt wanna piut a bunch of incomprehensible shit on someone else’s post. i was typing fast because i knew i was running out of time before i woke up. and then in the dream i realized i was writing only IN the dream and not in real life, so i was clinging very hard to what i remembered and was trying to get myself to physcially open my laptop and start ACTUALLY typing. but irl i am still asleep and dreaming, unknown to dream me.
the dream continues somehow i forget where i go into th ebathroom of my current house (but a twisted dream version, as dreams are wont to do) where it was kind of combined with the bathroom in my old house. the toilet was full of black sludge  and had rubbery loops near the lid, the whole thing looked really greasy, like there was motor oil in it. i flushed the toilet in the dream thinking “oh nobodys done this in a while i guess” and the bowl started looking cleaner, but then it dumped out the back tank  straight into the tub. so i was liek hold on a fucking second why is this toilet raised, why is it falling back into the tub, and i pull the shower curtain (this is where it became my old house) back and the tub was FULL of black dirty water and sludge and a bunch of weird shit dumped in it. i go to the drain to see if it’s plugged or what, there’s like a crumpled up screen? in the tub like it’s being washed, i pick it up and kinda swish the water around and there’s a HUGE like 2 foot dead spider at the bottom (it looked like the silhouette of a corpse of one of those spiky WoW spiders so wtf) so i was like even further WHATTTT the fuck. and then i realize the curtain tiself is like covered in and tangled up with all kinds of filth and weird spiders and bugs and shit like craneflies and water striders and all the other kinds of gangly bugs that i fucking hate. one of them looked like a cranefly but had a fat yellow striped abdomen like a wasp. leaving the bathroom it bceoms my current house/hallway, im shoving the curtain and bug covered shit draped over the door into the bathroom to close it up, im scared of stuff clinging to me but i get into my room and think ‘i just have to write down what i remember...fuck ki dont remember anything now, i’ll just have to tell my friends this instead. fuck i lost the whole song, i lost the whole memory of the deram and everything, this fucking sucks, now i have to fix the bathroom and find out wtf happened’. 
irl i wake up and see a hallucination spider running across my ceiling over my head before it disappears.
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Tumblr media
Strange occurrences (requested)
its the first day back to school and Ben, Claire and Tim is walking home after a boring first day of school as the summer sun is still brightly shining down at them scorching the sidewalk and them Ben look over at Claire and sighs ''that can't be're probably just sleep deprived because its hot as hell...'' Claire pouts and looks over at him ''No! i promise, i saw some strange lights in the sky! it was real!'' She nods seriously as their other friend Tim laughs with them as they walk home from school on this hot august day ''So you saw some bright lights in the sky and just assumed it was an UFO? it could have been a plane or something'' Claire pouts ''yeah but it didnt look like one and it looked like it was standing still...but i dont know...i'm not saying it was an ufo i'm just saying it was crazy'' Ben nods ''maybe it was an ufo, that would be kinda cool tho'' Tim nods ''Yeah, wonder what they would have looked like...'' They all nod and agree as they start imagining what they would have looked like ''But it was probably just something else'' Claire nods seriously Ben wipes some sweat from his forehead and looks up at the sky Ben then sighs and takes a sip from his bottle of soda ''Damn it's hot...i cant like...focus and i'm all tired from waking up early and going to school again...'' Tim and Claire agrees with him as they keep on chatting about their day and telling stories of the summer vacation they had ''so were home the whole summer Ben?'' Ben nods at her '' mom was sick then my sister got sick and when they got better they just stayed at home since mom bought a pool so...i guess that was good enough'' Claire looks over at him ''but i thought...Tina was kinda rich isnt she ?'' Ben just shrugs ''she has money but like...i dont know what she spends it on, other than food and stuff, she does buy expensive outfits a lot but...she dont really travel much'' 'oh yeah...speaking of outfits...'' Tim chimes in ''Who you gonna invite for the winter ball Claire?'' Ben blushes gently as he hear Tim asking about it so nonchalantly Claire just shrugs '' i am not sure yet...and its in like 5 not stressing about it right now'' ''Fair enough ''Tim says and looks over at Ben ''You going to ask her out Ben ? dont you got a crush on Claire?'' Ben looks over at him blushing but looking angry ''i dont have a crush on Claire...'' Tim just laughs ''no of course not, im sorry'' he grins as Claire is giggling ''Maybe ill ask ben or he will ask me, who knows, its still summer and why are we talking about this now?'' ''just messing with Ben'' Tim laughs as Ben reaches his home ''Ah that went fast, take care guys'' Ben says goodbye to them and find his sister Catherine dripping water in the kitchen getting some soda ''oh, hey little bro, how was school?'' Ben shrugs ''went swimming in the pool again?'' Catherine nods and smiles ''Yeah me and mom are chilling in the pool since its so hot and all'' Ben nods slowly and head out to the pool where he finds tina chilling on a lounge chair with a glass of cold white wine ''Hey dear how are you ?'' ''I'm good thanks mom'' Ben looks over at her ''inst that a bit early?'' Tina just laughs gently and sips her wine ''Not really, its a nice summer day and i still got my vacation so i'm all good, buuuuuuutttt, did you ask Claire out for the winter ball ?'' ''What the ? its august...'' ''oh ? well you should, time pass and suddenly she might get asked out by someone else'' Tina giggles as Catherine walks out ''Maybe its the outfit that's the issue, remember the time you bought him a prom dress ?'' Tina giggles and nods ''Yeah, that was fun, to bad you didnt wear it'' they both giggle as Ben sighs '' would i ever wear it ? and you even bought it in XS that's to small even for you!'' Tina pouts ''i could probably fit in it'' Ben just sighs and heads back inside and goes and get some food from the kitchen, luckily they had made some food that was still warm so Ben eats some food as Tina and Catherine walks inside ''Hey dear, our pool isnt cold enough so we are going to the beach together can you stay home and make sure nothing happens ?'' Ben sighs ''Nothing is gonna happen, cant you just say you want me to stay home ?'' ''You want to stay home ? Great! See you soon then'' they both smile and head out as Ben is left alone in the house as usual ''they always go out together and make fun of me...but screw them! ill ask out Claire tomorrow and prove it to them im not some coward!'' Ben keeps on eating his food as he imagines himself and Claire at the winter prom together The fake snow on the ground...the slow romantic music being played...them holding hands, Claire in her beautiful prom dress and Ben in his awesome suit looking amazing ''Yeah...'' Ben smiles gently to himself as he imagine them dancing to a song that ends with them embracing a kiss together as the song ends, they look into each other eyes and finally their lips touch making the whole dance magical...a winter miracle Ben smiles to himself still closing his eyes as some of the food on the fork falls down on his lap waking him up from his daydream ''oh..damn...'' Ben sighs Ben finishes up his food and puts the tray away in the washer and heads upstairs But high above him, further than he can see a strange looking portal opens up ''Universal jump complete!, successfully arrived at destination!'' a strange robotic voice is heard inside the strange capsule that slowly exits from the portal, inside the capsule the robotic AI keeps on talking ''planet confirmed to be earth, now scanning for Host'' a screen inside the ship lights up as it scans the people of earth til it lands on Ben ''Host found, Begin mission'' The capsule flies towards earth and its destination as the ones inside looks on at the screen and drives the capsule looking aircraft towards its destination After a refreshing shower i grab a towel and start drying myself with it and walk over to my room to find some clothes, i look in my underwear and pick up some boxers as i turn to the mirror and notice something behind me, i quickly turn around and looks at it, it looks like some kinda drone...but not like any i've seen before, i freak out and throw the towel at it ''Dammit! stop doing shit like that!'' i yell at it thinking its the neighbors fooling around again since i know he has a drone looks much more...detailed and different than last time i saw it, i keep looking at it still feeling freaked out as its just flying there in mid-air i slowly walk over and look at it and gently poke it as i feel the metal again my skin i walk over to the window to look if someone is messing with me but i cant see anyone which...makes sense considering if it was some prank why would they just stand on the outside, i walk back and look at the drone and notice that it doesn't seem to have a camera at all for some strange reason it then lights up slowly and look at me as i close the curtains ''Target found: scanned target is identified as Ben, race, human, skin: Caucasian'' ''What the...'' i stand there looking at it in a gentle state of shock ''how does it know my name ? and target ?'' ''Releasing life form for current how'' it says in the same robotic tone as it opens up and inside the drone some weird looking slime is pulsating inside it, its wriggling and jiggling inside the drone looking almost lifelike the symbiote parasite from the spiderman universe i take a gentle closer look at it as i'm taken back as it jumps out of the drone and lands on my hand in an instant i freak out and wiggle my arms trying to get it of but it sticks to my arm like well...slime, i then try to use my other arm to push it but as i do the slime grabs onto my other arm as well leaving both my arms and hands stuck inside the slimey substance and i can feel it crawling up my skin ''What the hell is this!'' i scream shocked and afraid as i keep waving my arms trying to get it off me ''Get off me! get off me!!!'' i yell to no avail as it keeps on creeping up ''this is insane, what is this thing!'' i wiggle my arms even more as some of the slime does fall of but slowly just creeps onto my legs instead ''What the hell is this thing!'' i scream loudly as i keep trying to get it of me the slime on my legs starts to slowly creep up my legs and covering my stomach as the one on my arms does the same thing, slowly covering my entire body from the neck down to my feet i try to move but for some reason i can barely move my feet, its like the slime is restricting my movements as well making it hard to walk my arms feels the same as i can barely hold them out as i just lose the feeling in my arms and they just hang down as i feel the slime pulsating around me ''i cant move...someone! help!'' i yell out but no one hears my call for help the drone then starts ''speaking'' again in the same robotic voice ''Target is requesting explanation of situation, contacting headquarters for permission....waiting....waiting...waiting'' ''Headquarters ? what is going on...'' i say feeling pretty weak it goes on like that for a bit til it stops repeating the same words and says something else ''Affirmative, can respond, Target named Ben is covered in the living substance slowly entering the pores in his human body rewriting the DNA and body structure of host'' ''What ? altering my body ?`what ? who sent you! '' i manage to say as i look at it ''The artificial slime is created in a lab by us to rewrite human DNA and body structure once in contact with host, it wont release its grip til alteration is complete'' ''Yeah...i heard that but...'' ''Human host is asking questions which makes no sense based on the situation, repeating what was just told'' it repeats what it just said again ''Who sent you!'' i yell out at it ''Information about that is classified'' ''Well fine! but if i change i demand to know i cant just move on without knowing that!'' ''Error, Error, when host takes over it will control the current body, you will have nothing to say former host based on previous experience will be a passenger in the new body yet still capable of feeling the same human emotions the new form will experience'' ''What ?'' i say feeling taken back by that answer feeling a sense of dread coursing trough my body as my eyes widen '' cant do this...i have a life...i can't!'' ''irrelevant! irrelevant, proceeding to next phase in 10 seconds...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2....1...transformation starting now'' i stare in horror at the drone as my right arm lifts up by itself and the slime is slowly creeping into my body, slowly changing my arm as it does, my skin turns a gentle brown color it also grows longer, a gold bracelet forms around my wrist and my fingernails turns longer and a coat of red nail polish is slowly applied to my fingers but to my horror i can now feel my arm again, it feels lighter and smoother for some reason as i try to move my right hand it feels like its moving on its own but its not over yet as the same happens to my left arm, slowly changing as well and growing longer to fit the size of the right arm, they look pretty much the same except the bracelet on this arm is pink instead i look at my arms as they are moving around outside of my control and fixing on the bracelet as i notice they are...much darker in skin tone than my own white skin ''W-Wait ? are you turning me into...a woman ? a black woman ?'' ''Affirmative, that is the current command of the slime's procedure yes, Current end goal is a female human'' Before i could react the slime that was covering my legs seeped into my skin changing my skin tone, growing longer and smoother going up to my thighs as i can feel them getting more wider in the leg area, as my feet starts moving on their own, one leg rises up as a coat of red nail polish is slowly applied to an a pair of gold high heels slowly forms around them, it then puts the foot back down and lifts up the other as the same happens to that with the nail polish and the shoes it then put the other foot down as i stand there in high heels, i can feel it around my feet feels strange, although i can feel my arms and legs i cant move them... yet i struggle to keep my balance for a second but the slime keeps my balance fine it's a strange sensation i can't really describe as i look down at my legs  with horror, the slime is still covering my stomach up to my neck as well... the slime slowly seeps into my skin around my waist and lower regions as i can feel my waist slimming in on itself and my stomach getting flatter as i struggle a bit to breathe as it happens ''Current status is 45% complete, will keep on reporting'' the drone says as i look over at it and can feel something strange inside me i struggle to breathe as i feel something between my legs, first i can feel an intense pain in my lower stomach like someone just hit me in the nether regions for a bit til i feel my manhood slowly shrinking and going into my body, i feel a slight tingle and i feel a gentle sense of dizziness then fades away almost as soon as it hit me then i feel it, my whole body is tingling and i feel a gentle warmth inside me as i can feel something between my legs, a wet..feeling and some panties forming down there i start to freak out as i know whats going on, my manhood is gone replaced with...the womanhood of this body....the feeling of the panties against my skin but as i try to react i can just feel more happening across my butt grows bigger and rounder making it plump and nice i try to force myself to move my arms but nothing works as the slime on my shoulders seeps into my skin reshaping my shoulders to match my current bodily form and arms lastly the last slime on my body seeps into the skin around my chest, it feels like i was punched in the chest as i can feel some sort of pain i want to move my arms and push down on the afflicted area but i cant move my arms...i look down as i see my chest starting to balloon out growing bigger and rounder...a pair of breasts slowly being formed on my chest ''Current target has changed 100% from the neck down'' the robot says as i'm to busy looking down at them i keep on looking down as something strange happens, some fabric slowly spreads across my breasts forming a colorful floral looking bra and the rest of my body a similarly colored shaped dress spreads across my body the dress seems to fit my body pretty good and the bra seems to help with holding my breasts in place....who'd have guessed but the soft fabric feels nice against my skin i try to force myself to move to no avail since my body moves on its own and turns to look at the mirror looking back at me i see that from the neck down i am a total woman...nothing of my former male body is left... it then start to pose in front of the mirror as if to mock me for some reason... ''Target fully female from the neck down for now, moving onto facial reconfiguration soon, Sending commands to the slime life form, Free will, personality changes, its own memories and emotions and skills, so we are sending signals so it will be given free will based on what is transmitted'' ''.......Transmission received, giving commands and personalia to host'' ''Name: Laura'' ''Age: 26'' ''Date of birth: 15/6/1992'' ''Race: Native Hawaiian'' ''Occupation: Manicurist'' ''Hobbies: Fashion, Beauty, fitness, exercise, Traveling, Swimming'' ''Likes: Friends, social gatherings, drinks, warm weather, more will be added as life form goes on'' ''Dislikes: mean people, sodas, humidity, rain, more will be added as life form goes on'' ''But wait no no no...i...i have a life...dreams...ambitions...i was going to ask my crush out even! you can't do this to me!!!'' ''Irrelevant'' the drone says Them drone floats above my head as i struggle to move my body as usual and drops something some of the slime on my head as it slowly seeps down my face and neck i struggle to breath as i can feel it covering my mouth and nose and my neck starts to feel tight ''I...what...stop it! Someone help!!'' i manage to yell out as some of the slime drips down my throat ''Noooooooooo!!!!'' i yell All i can see trough my eyes are the weird colored slime blocking my sight as something weird happens, it feels like my face is becoming smoother and smoother, i start to lose my vision as if my eyes are disappearing and so is my mouth, nose and ears even my hair... i see nothing...i hear nothing...i want to scream...but i have no mouth...nothing... Ben falls into a state of unconsciousness as his face now just resembles a blob with no features as the slime slowly seeps into the pores trough his skin In this state of unconsciousness the effect of the slime is slowly doing its work on Ben's face Starting with the neck is slowly removes Ben's Adam's apple as it shrinks more and more and fades away Ben's face slowly starts to morph into something resembling a human face as the eyes return back so does the ears, mouth, nose, mouth and such, his eyes the slowly start to grow into resembling something befitting of a human face, a human female face if we shall be specific here Ben's hair turns long and black with some gentle curves to them as they roll down below his bra Ben blinks a few times as he something snaps inside him as the head starts to move unwillingly and turns to look at the Reflection in the mirror yet again the face is fully feminine with even make-up having been applied to it by the slime those dark brown eyes perfectly fitting the rest of his newly formed appearance ''This looks much better than i would have expected'' The voice says admiring her looks in the mirror ''i would go so far as to say it looks...Divine'' it giggles to itself   I try so speak or say something but nothing comes out, i feel a sense of dread and shock as my whole body is now moving without me controlling it rather someone else...but i can feel what she is feeling and she is feeling...happiness... this...person is controlling me... The person or...Laura as i guess her name is poses in front of the mirror making kissing faces and doing twirls as she looks around the room ''Transformation 100% complete, current host has fully taken over previous owners body'' I wanted to scream something to the drone but nothing came out... ''Thank you, i assume you will take care of the rest from here yeah ?'' Laura says looking at the drone ''This cant be happening! why wont my voice come out! what is even going on! i still dont understand!'' i scream as loud as i can but no one hears me... ''As for the final act, i will organize your memories and send you to a place more suited for you but you will not remember being created'' the drone says ''i will probably forget all about you, inside me but...dont worry, you will experience everything i feel, see, and do'' she winks at her reflection the mirror at...herself but more ''We are going to have so much fun together!'' Laura squeals as the drone flies towards her and starts blinking some lights faster and faster our vision goes black and once again i feel nothing, it is as if i am drifting trough an endless void of nothing... i dont know what's going on...i will be sent away...trapped in this...strange room, i feel afraid...shocked and unsure about my future even or if i even have one now i will be trapped here forever...or...til she...dies and what happens then...and i feel what...she feels...will i feel her happiness ? it felt like i did before...will i feel her other emotions ? her sadness ?...and...her love ? urges...taste what she eats...what...i didnt want to think about it I finally see eyes open up and my body stretches as it wakes up in a large bed I yawn and gently sit up in my bed and look around, it looks like a pretty standard bedroom, a bed, windows...a laptop on a desk and a drawer full of clothes my legs move on their own as i gently get out of the bed and stretches, it walks over to the window and as i look outside i see clear blue skies, palm tress and large open sand beaches the window is open so a gentle breeze flows inside as my hair gently sways ''Looks like another beautiful day!'' the voice says as she goes to the bathroom and fixes up her hair, weirdly i am still wearing the outfit and the make-up on my face looks...intact Laura smiles to herself in the mirror and keeps on brushing her hair after she is done she start to  wash her hands as she walks out of the bathroom and into her kitchen and grabs some milk and some breakfast and starts to eat i hate milk...but as she lifts up and it goes down my feels weird...i hate it tastes okay for some reason.. even her food tastes good... Laura finishes her food and puts them in the dishwasher and takes another sip of the milk and heads over to the door She grabs a white purse and looks inside, inside the purse there is some lipstick...a wallet, some condoms and some other miscellaneous items ''Condoms ? what...'' i say to myself as she grabs the door handle and steps outside into the warm summer weather ''im..trapped here forever...aren't i ? how am i ever going to survive all this i have no choice but to find out i guess''
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[me? Thinking about a gf fairytales au instead of being productive? More likely than u think!!! think buT BETTER and w/o the real world dimension hopping part. under the cut bc i just copy/pasted my tags from forever ago to put them in one place
mabel and dipper are hansel and gretal
paz is sleeping beauty 
bill is maleficient 
if we’re gonna get disney about it wendy as merida 
i LOVE the idea of tambry as rapunzel??? 
mabel can also be like...eric from the little mermaid 
so mermando can be ariel 
bill is also rumplestilskin 
stan can be the huntsman (idk from which story cause theres a fEW BUT)
ford is the sorcerer from fanstasia 
ford is teaching dipper magic....and instead of a true love’s kiss that’s how he wakes paz (maybe?)
the northwests made a deal w bill like in the most famous version of rumplestilskin but instead of wanting paz for himself he just wanted to steal her body at 16
so when they lose the deal they ask for help from ford and ford’s like “yo i can maybe change the deal??? a little bit???” so instead of bill taking her over when he goes to she falls asleep ​
so dipper wasnt supposed to wake her up but he found her and fords notes and he and mabel went on an adventure
bill is all the villains 
so stan has to leave mabel and dipper in the woods (idk y it wasnt for long the twins are just impatient) so stan disappears and the twins are like “lETS EXPLORE THE WOODS”
they come across some creepy old house w a lot of spiderwebs (can u guess the villain yet?)
an older woman comes out and is like “why are you guys lost in the forest?”
mabel points to the glitter trail “we’re not lost”
dipper looks behind them ‘mabel!!! where’s all the glitter?!”
so they lose the trail 
meanwhile stan is losing his fucking mind
he follows the stray glitter but it’s blown all over
so the old lady offers for them to stay the night bc its getting late
dipper is SUPER sus but he plays it cool surprisingly
mabel is So In!
long short...stan eventually saves them from darlene’s trap
usually shes just a maneater but look
when u live in the woods u do what u can
so stan hauls them back to their cottage
dipper knew there was weird shit out there but he wants MORE
he starts going through his great-uncle’s journals (*cue the dipper squee*)
he reads about bill and his deal w paz’s parents
he’s like....’maybe we should rescue her?’
ford wont tell him why they cant
so dipper and mabel sneak out
they steal the grunkles’ boat
mabel falls over board???
dipper tries like HELL to save her
but then he sees mermando save her
gideon (who had long-loved mabel from afar) finds out
he visits the merman to trick him
all mabel remembers is his voice
so YES mermando trades his voice for legs just like the movie
sue me okay w his distinct accent it makes sense!!!
so the twins get sidetracked bc mermando shows up out of nowhere
they dock on a small island for a pit stop and thats when ‘kiss the girl’ happens
they dont kiss so they move on
they dock on another stretch of land the next day
the twins have only heard about him from their grunkles so mabel hears his voice and goes *heart eyes*
mermando is Distressed
dipper is Focused on getting to this sleeping princess
mabel makes fun of him for liking her
at one point dipper catches him w/o the amulet that makes him sound like mermando
and he tells mabel and its kinda like “the hand that rocks the mabel” or whatever the ep was called
it takes dipper and mermando being threatened (and gideons voice slipping) for her to catch on and she breaks up w him
dipper wants to throw him overboard
they just leave him on the next inhabited island they find
mermando got his kiss but decides to go back to the ocean anyway
he promises to write
mabel is Sad
the twins come across a land near the one paz is on and decide to stop for food and to stretch their legs and other hygiene things
they find out there’s some archery thing going on and mabel is like ’ooooh can we try?!’
turns out its for neighboring kingdoms’ princes to win a princess
mabel and dipper think this is RIDICULOUS so they crash it
mabel steps up to shoot and everyone’s like ‘wHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?’
then dipper steps up beside her. neither of them have shot a bow before
they shoot at the same time. mabel’s like thisclose to the bullseye. dippers too far right
but wendy is like ‘ACTUALLY ILL SHOOT FOR MYSELF THANKS’ and splits like three arrows down the middle w her accuracy
she looks at mabel and dipper and is like ‘u dudes look fun! ive never seen u before who are u???’
and they’re like ‘WELL!’ and launch into detail about their adventure w overlapping voices and sound affects and VAST description
anyways. i cant decide how old people are rn okay 
so wendy is like “hey dad??? im going on an adventure w these guys!” and her dad is like “unusual but u DID just win ur own hand. so ill allow it”
“YES! can i take soos too?!” 
sO THEYRE OFF AGAIN!!! lemme tell u the ship is filling faST!!!
they get to paz’s land. and the first thing they find is a girl in a tower with long purple hair.
everyone is pretty much just making ‘wtf’ faces for like....ten minutes.
finally wendy calls up the tower like “YO! WHATS W ALL THE HAIR?!”
tambry leans out the window w a bored expression and goes “its mine. im tambry. who r u?”
they introduce themselves and are like “u wanna come on our adventure?”
and he knows where the princess is!!!
”oh yeah. her. shes also in a tower. its got a door but its guarded by gnomes.”
then robbie climbs tambrys hair pecks her cheek and ducks in the tower
they decide to head for the tower robbie directed them to. but they have to pass the castle. Northwest Castle
robbie warned them about the northwests. said that the princess was one and before she disappeared she was the snottiest brat hed ever met
so they became friends despite the fact that he plays music for a living (and not very well either)
her parents told her of the spell when she was twelve
so robbie’s like “they are not nice people and neither was she??? most of the townsfolk are glad shes asleep tbh”
but dammit! dipper came here for an adventure!!! he wasnt going to stop just bc the princess wasnt what he expected!
so they continue on!
mabel is like “maybe she doesnt KNOW how to be nice!”
and soos is just excited to be there!
and wendy is just...u kno...chill
they start to get close to the castle and they feel like they’re being watched
and then soos notices the PEACOCKS!
they assume theyre spies for the king and queen. which is half true?
they can also warn bill if someone is near pacifica
oh damn imagine that
being stuck asleep w a DREAM DEMON in ur head
sorry for the accidental psychological torture paz
i think to make up for risking her life as a baby ther parents were like “we’re just gonna spoil u rotten and PRETEND u do no wrong eVERYTHING IS FINE”
so dipper is reading the journal and he FINALLY gets to the true loves kiss part of the deal
and he looks around at the party like “oh shit true love what do we do???”
mabel suggests he at least try and everyone agrees that yeah okay thats the back up plan
but dipper wants to use a SPELL!!!
so the king and queen see him w the journal and remember ford having the same one
so everyone is brought to the king and queen
theyre like “pRINCESS GWENDOLYN?!”
bc this is MY STORY and if i wanna give wendy a more princess-y name thEN I WILL
i say as i continue to refer to mason as DIPPER!!!
wendys like “yes that is me the princess” and then everyone else introduces themselves...w dipper introducing himself as mason bc it just sounds more fairytale-y
soos is jesus (hey zeus! not jee sus)
soos is like....wendys bff/personal servant but mostly bff
so they explain their adventure to the northwests as quickly as possible
preston is no patient man and he’s is like “tbh its probably important she be here for her 18th bday soooo??? as long as she wakes up by next year why not???”
but only bc dipper was like “i wANNA USE MAGIC I DONT WANNA KISS HER THATS PLAN B!!!”
plus u kno...even if he DOES whats the guarantee itll work???
the guarantee is me being a filthy shipper tHATS WHAT!!!
so they continue to the tower!
there is probably a sidequest thingy with giffany bc i liked that episode
also soos needs more screentime im sorry
also theres a manotaur/multi-bear sidequest i just thought of bc i like THAT episode!!!
is this gf, a fairytale, sk.yrim, or a d.n.d campaign now??? WHO KNOWS!!! ITS NOT ME!!!
first they offer safe passage in exchange for mabel as their queen
after thats declined theyre like “or the redhead. well take her!”
this is also declined
finally jeff tells them to attack
at first the party tries to fight them off and they do okay
finally mabel just pulls out her trusty crosSbow (aka “GRAPPLING HOOK!”) and they just make a tightrope to the window above the door
wendy goes first and NAILS it
then everyone else follows
soos almost falls and gets left to the gnomes but everyone helps him balance and they all make it through the window
coincidentally. the window leads to the princess’s room
oh well. anyways.
everyone is looking around the room and like...taking it all in
dipper takes a moment...then walks over to the princess
he isnt sure if waking her will also wake the demon
crossover even more w my old paciphera au??? idk probably not
so dipper tries the spells he narrowed it down to
none of them work
all his friends have returned to the princess’s room and mabel is like “u gotta kiss her brobro!”
so dipper...poor poor dipper...just leans forward and kisses her
paz pretty much snaps her eyes open when dipper is a half inch from her face while he’s pulling back 
and even tho she was forewarned she wasnt expecting DIPPER so she SCREAMS
dippers ears are ringing
she shuts her eyes and stills her breathing and sits up.
so once shes a little more calm they explain the whole adventure to her
paz feels a little honored they came all this way just for her
also since True Love beats everything bill is like.....back in his home dimension. also paz has been fighting him for like....over a year.
so paz is like....ready to Go. u kno. just wants to go HOME.
they get pazs shit together and exit the tower through the door
she says goodbye to the gnomes. all by name.
“oh yeah mom and dad made them my personal guard when i was like...eight. theyve been prepping for this my whole life. they’ll meet me back at the castle.” so then she starts telling them about herself and her last like 
two years of being asleep w a DREAM DEMON
“sometimes i got the weirdest nightmares??? and they never ended. but when i woke up i couldnt remember anything specific.”
she and dipper talk away from the group. he tells her about how hes her true love and everything “okay well. we’ll have to lie to my parents and say it was a spell. bc they will NOT approve of us being true loves and if they hurt you...”
“then they hurt *you* too!” dipper finishes (idk maybe a combo w a soulmate au thing?)
meanwhile mabel is like...whining about boy problems??? and wendy is like “this is y boys r dumb.”
soos is like...wandering off. I WANNA INCORPORATE MELODY BUT WHO SHOULD SHE BE?!
paz and dipper start like....arguing about how to deal w her parents
apparently they actually ARENT that nice. if she doesnt marry a prince they’ll give her over to bill completely...or something idk
SO theyre nearing the castle!!!
theyve written theyre grunkles okay no worries. also mermando.
thats y mabels complaing about boys.
mermando and that manatee wife of his!!!
paz is not exactly ready to face her parents so she convinces the party (roll for charisma) to go the long way
which is actually just circles
we run back in to melody and soos and the party is like ‘wHOOPS WE DIDNT EVEN NOTICE GLAD U DIDNT GET EATEN BY A SPIDER LADY!
maybe melody is like....a fairy???
something light and ‘childish’ bc thatd fit her personality
soos is like “ive BEEN here. u dudes have been going in circles.” and everyone glares at paz.
“im sorry!!! i just dont want to go back!!!”
“ur dad made us promise to have u back for ur 18th bday.” says dipper while he tries to stay mad at his future wife
idk why paz and dips are being better at being soulmates here okay i was like....sleep-drunk when i first wrote this
so the party has a choice to make.
take paz back home where she wont be able to be w her TL (which in some cases has probably led to death) OR!!!
sneak her out and take her home w them?!
wendys probably gotta go back to her own kingdom tho.
and soos wants to stay w melody
so anyways
mabel and dipper decide to help her sneak out
luckily she knows all the blindspots
it takes longer but they finally make it back to their ship
they say theyre goodbyes to soos and melody and paz wishes them well in her kingdom. she promises to return when shes ready to rule
they load the ship and sail to wendys kingdom next
they stay a few days to recuperate
paz has trouble sleeping bc when she does the nightmares come back.
cue a kat.niss/pee.ta thing where paz sleeps next to dips bc it keeps the nightmares away
wendy has to explain why soos isnt w them to her dad who kinda shrugs it off?
“u proved u can protect urself.” or something.
after like.....a whole fucking year the twins are heading home.
paz and dipper sleep together on the ship too bc its just fucking easier
paz is nervous to meet the grunks
she and dipper arent its def more like soulmate au
where theyre AWARE theyre supposed to be together but they dont even rly know if they WANT to be together.
paz is p much “i dont rly wanna be w anyone else. ill let u kno if that changes.” and dips is like “tbh same.”
mabel is already planning a big royal wedding.
iDK Y BUT I WANT THEM TO FIND OUT THEYVE BEEN ROYALTY ALL THIS TIME??? probably just bc i LOVE that trope!!! but theyre not so its whateves.
so they FINALLY get home. mabel has been writing letters this whole time. to mermanso. to soos and melody. to wendy.
shes the captain of the dip.ifica ship and shes gotta keep her crewmembers in the know!!!
the twins also wrote to the grunks the whole time so!!!! no worries!!!
paz tries writing to her parents...but she can never find the right words.
meeting the grunks isnt as bad as she thought???
stan loves her off the bat. partially bc shes rich and bc she doesnt take shit
ford is pleased to meet the girl he saved and shes v v thankful to him for saving her life as best he could.
it takes her like a YEAR to write the letter.
she promises her parents she’ll return. AFTER shes married.
at this point she and dipper ARE together. they figured all theyre confusion out and are just living the good life!
mabel and wendy are doing the long distance thing. shes still friends w mermando.
robbie and tambry found paz and they write back and forth.
everything is as happily ever after as it can get.
and then dipper proposes despite knowing what it means.
*end credits roll. an epic theme song starts playing*
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eldritchpuppets · a year ago
I adore these assholes (Strider Headcanons 1/7 ish){Canon Bro Strider}
💉 Let me make this clear.
💌 Canon Bro strider is an abusive piece of shit.
💉 I’m aware of this
💌 I’m not going to defend him. im not going to refuse to believe that that is canon.
💉 But i like him.hes one of the characters i got attached to before i knew his personality. before i processed what it really was.
💌  if your going to tell me that its wrong to like him,or ship myself with him. go ahead. just be god damn civil and dont pull out any crap like death threats or say i ignore Dave’s trauma. i dont. i feel bad for him. hell i empathize with him,on some level. i understand that abuse is fucking horrible and fucks you up so badly once you realized it happened.
💉 Just let me Have my boys. They help me stay alive.
With that said,head canon start.
📹Bro is still not a healthy person,emotionally,mentally or physically
❣️Hes still abusive to Dave,Just not to the same extent.
📹That’s actually who i meet him through.(more on that in Dave’s HC’s,later)
❣️i know hes horrible. i dont think i can ‘save him’ or ‘fix him’ because that kinda stuff just doesn't happen.
📹But i do think i can help him. Its not everything,but i think he can be toned down.
❣️ I walk Dave home from school every day,until he invites me in.
📹 After that i get to know Bro,through small conversations while Dave is busy.
❣️ sometimes i clean while i talk,the place is a mess,and dangerous. 
📹 sometimes i cook while i help Dave study,he sits on the counter,working while i make some real food.something other than ramen. 
❣️obviously,i make bro some too. he seems to like it,
📹 eventually he does warm up to me,to the point of letting me in when i invite myself over,while Dave’s at school.
❣️ more cleaning,more cooking,more small conversations with the guardian. 
📹 slowly he lets some things slide. his dad vanished when Dave was 4-5ish,leaving him with the kid. He has a fairly normal real name,but he doesn't like it much. he doesn't like cinnamon,but he likes cinnamon rolls.He tends to forget things. hes punched a few walls quite a few times. Hes allergic to shell fish and peanut butter.
❣️ he knows he has anger issues,but he doesn't grasp that what hes doing to Dave is abuse. abuse is beating your kid because your mad at them,and so they hurt,right? throwing him out of your way when your stressed or pulling his hair a little to hard when he just wont listen is just being rough. 
📹 I don't let it slip that I know. I just talk about copeing mechanisms,I talk about my past,and how I got through it. I suggest he trys some for his anger issues.
❣️ He gets better. Its slow at first. But I notice. I notice when he starts wearing rubber bands and the bruises on his knuckles fade. I note when the house starts staying cleaner and you can tell he's not stressing out as much. I notice when Dave starts to go up stairs like a normal person, instead of bolting up them as fast as he can.
📹 Eventually he's good enough that I sit him down,and talk to him. I tell him everything I knew,and he listens. He agrees to get help,if I stay around. As long as I don't abandon him.
❣️I find it silly that he even thinks I would dream of it. I'd slowly grown into being good friends with him,why would I let that go?
📹 Eventually I move in,to help cook and clean. To see Dave more,he always needs help with his homework.
❣️Bros the one who asks me out,in his own tsundere way. He just hands me a paper that has a time and a place.
📹When I show up he's surprised. I just tell him he took long enough to ask me out.
❣️ Hes a lot more affectionate than you would guess. he loves to shower me in kisses and affection and uses pet names and honestly hes very lovey.
📹 mostly in private though.
❣️ in public on the other hand.
📹 he isnt,,,rude or cold. he just isn’t as affectionate. and when he is it leans more on the end of possessive things,rather than childish affection.
❣️ lots of hickeys.
📹 Bro is protective,to the point of it being controlling and bordering on yandere territory.
❣️ it isn’t his fault,its impulsive.
📹 He can get to the point where he wants to check my phone every night. And know where I am constantly. He's scared of me leaveing.
❣️ but he tries to be chill.
📹he tags me in a ton of memes
❣️we make forts. And have tickle fights.
📹he can bake really well!! I just end up eating most his cake batter.
❣️He loves me so much.
📹And I love him.
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