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#dick grayson fanfic
butwhyduh · 18 days ago
For me it was the fashion catastrophy of the 90s batboy clothing called shirts of Tim and Dick ✨
They are true fashion disasters. And I have more thoughts on the batboys clothes so here are headcanons you never asked for.
Their workout clothing:
He wears what’s comfortable while doing a workout that has a ton of weight lifting followed by a couple of miles of cardio that finishes in some light acrobatics to stay flexible. Spars with partner in whatever style he’s fancying and shooting practice multiple times a week. He gets hot easily so sleeveless and shorts or plain sweatpants are pretty normal. Colors are usually darker but he might show up in a Wonder Woman shirt. On the rare chance he hit a normal gym rather than his own equipment, Jason is completely oblivious to how hot people think he is. Does not realize he’s putting on a full gun show.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He’s going to wear pretty colors and stuff that lets him stretch so he’s a big fan of short shorts and leggings. Often shirtless or in the tightest tank tops known to man. His workout is a heavy flexibility circuit he’s done forever followed by a couple mile run or weight lifting. Spars or shooting accuracy on alternating days. Will take a class if it looks fun. Like pole dancing. Sometimes teaches classes. Knows people think he’s hot but it’s no big deal. Everyone is hot at the gym! (no we aren’t!- Tim)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dresses like a track team after a 3 day track meet. Often has leggings under regular shorts but funny enough wears a hoodie without a shirt half the time. Black or grey like everything else he wears. He usually starts out with a couple mile run, some weight lifting, and sparing hopefully everyday. Weapon accuracy every couple days. Gets talked into aerobics classes with Dick sometimes. Is deeply confused when people think he looks hot at the gym because he’s all sweaty and stinky and his face is all red.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Either works out looking like a middle aged father of 4 or the biggest thirst trap in grey sweatpants. He has the most ridiculously planned workout of all time with certain things on certain days. Cardio, weightlifting, flexibility, shooting, sparring, and mediation all are part of his workouts. He’s anti-partner workouts unless you enjoy joining him to spar and then leave. Will stop for a romp if you join him but will go right back to his workout afterwards. “Of course working out is sexually arousing due to increased blood flow and pheromone secretion.” STFU Bruce
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Do y’all think he went thru this phase?
Tumblr media
Or just straight to this?
Tumblr media
This little shit tried to follow his father’s workout and threw up 8 times the first time. So he instead follows Dick’s workout because Damian rationalizes it was made for a child fighting someone larger than them. So it’s absolutely hilarious to Dick that this child that threw his best friend off the roof for hugging him is the same one that will join Dick’s classes and is wonderful at aerial silks. Dick thinks every time that Damian is perfect size to be thrown in the air. Also adds practicing with a blade and spars with Bruce, Tim, or Dick often.
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bvckysmanbun · 3 years ago
The Way
Dick Grayson x Fem!Reader x Wally West (smut)
Request: Hello! Could I get a smut with Nightwing and KF please? Maybe they walk into her apartment when she's playing with herself and they join in? Plus dirty talking please? tysm if you do this!! (if you don't do Kid flash then Jason please!)
Ask and you shall receive. Inspired by “The Way” by Kehlani ft. Chance the Rapper. Comments/feedback highly appreciated! I hope you all enjoy! (;
Tags: @boostrgolds, @jaybirdxarsenal, @theshortegg, @perforabuntsaggittis, @an-all-write-life, @jaytemis-tbh, @l-horizon11, @frida-marie
Word Count: 2.7k
It was the way Dick’s black suit hugged his body and molded against each and every curve of his muscles. The way his hair brushed against his eyebrows and the way he always had a knowing smirk on his face. It was the way he would carry [Y/n] after she had been injured and the way the gloves that touched her exposed arms made goosebumps crawl up her arms and spine.
 It was the few times he stood in front of her in the Nightwing suit without a mask. Those blue eyes made her clench her thighs together. [Y/n] gasped at the how sensitive her skin had become as she ran her fingertips up her thighs.
 Her fingers traced her inner thighs and she gasped again. Her mind flashed to Dick again. His eyes would be intense and darkened if he was ever to lift his head from the in between of her thighs, she just knew it. His strong arms would be wrapped around her thighs. He’d probably run his nose against her sensitive skin to purposely tease her.
 [Y/n] closed her eyes as she pulled her sleep shorts down and her hand ran over her soaked panties. He’d laugh and giggle against her as she moaned and cried out, she just knew it. It would be the Robin laughs that would echo as he disappeared, disappeared back into the in between of her thighs.
 [Y/n] continued to rub herself through her panties, her thoughts flashed from what he would look like and how he would feel. She couldn’t accurately imagine what his length would have looked like or felt like, but she knew that it would be large; long and thick, fulfilling. She hummed to herself, her hips bucked forward.
 [Y/n] let a finger slip into her panties and gasped at how aroused she was. Her eyes opened, seeing not blue eyes in her fantasy, but green; Wally’s green eyes. She licked her lips and closed her eyes again as she decided to slide her panties off as well. Once she kicked them off the bed, she pressed two fingers on her sensitive bud and began to rub herself.
 As her hips bucked and her legs quivered, her mind went straight to the thought of the way Wally looked in his yellow and red Kid Flash suit. With that suit, she could see everything; his well-define muscles, those green eyes, that perfect jawline, those well-toned biceps and legs. The way Wally was so sweet but firm when the time called for it.
 Her fingers moved from her clit, to her entrance. The way Wally would make his body vibrate through material, maybe he could make his fingers vibrate or even his…[Y/n] almost cried out as her fingers entered her entrance, her thumb on her clit; she called out the names of the boys who had her undone, the thoughts of those boys. Her body arched as she pumped her fingers in and out. If it was Wally whose fingers were in her, she knew she’d come undone in seconds and for multiple times.
 The faster her fingers pumped in and out, the louder her cries became. She flipped herself over and her rare was in the air as her legs spread wider. Her face was buried in the pillow and blankets, but even those could not drown out the sound of her cries. The coil in her stomach was getting ready to snap until she heard the door open and her cries became screams, her body falling limp onto the bed.
 “Oh…W-we can come back at a different time,” Wally’s voice echoed. [Y/n]’s head snapped up and she looked her shoulder. Not only was Wally standing there, but so was Dick. Wally looked nervous and tried not to stare while Dick…Dick stared with a smug smile, his arms crossed over his chest.
 [Y/n] turned around, not bothered with the fact that she was exposed. A sultry smile came across her face as she sat up on her knees, her shirt fell and partially covered her. “Yes, boys?” Wally’s eyes raked over her body and stopped at her lips when her fingers found their way into her mouth. Wally felt his face heat up and coughed, but his eyes never left the sight of her fingers between her lips.
 “We heard noises and just came to check in on you,” Dick smirked. [Y/n] giggled as her eyes roamed up his body. When her eyes landed on his face, she realized that he had no mask on and it was those beautiful blues that were probably undressing her. Her eyes shifted to Wally and she noticed a bulge in his pants. She grinned and stood on her knees.
 “Good that you came, I do need some help with something,” [Y/n] murmured as they stepped closer to her bed.
 “Yeah, with what?” Wally breathed out. [Y/n] slowly raked her top set of teeth over her bottom lip and gestured over him closer with the finger that was in her mouth earlier. Wally was in front of [Y/n] and she placed her hand on his neck. She leaned forward, and her eyes bore into his.
 “I’ve been having these thoughts…” she whispered against his lips. Wally’s hand found its way to her waist and his eyes were half-lidded. Wally hummed for her to continue. “And I don’t think I can rid these thoughts without the help from you two…” her gaze turned to Dick and he was already kneeling on the bed.
 Dick’s hand ran over her thigh. [Y/n] purred and turned her attention back to Wally. Her lips ghosted over his once again until Dick’s hand rubbed over her inner thigh, his fingers snuck closer to her heated core. A small moan left her lips and Wally captured her lips in a heated kiss. Dick grinned and pressed his lips to her neck, his finger flicked against her clit.
 She gasped against Wally’s mouth and he used the moment to slip his tongue in. Their open mouths molded perfectly, their tongues fought each other for dominance. Dick laughed against her neck and she felt herself grow wetter. Dick felt it, too. He sucked at her pulse point with a throaty hum.
 Dick waited for her moans to increase in volume before pulling away from the spot and gave it a lick. “And what are some of these thoughts?” he murmured as he pressed kisses up her neck. She pulled away from Wally’s mouth, only for him to attach himself to the other side of her neck.
 Dick’s fingers moved from her clit and stroked her slick folds, his smile grew as he felt how aroused she was. “Well?”
 “Tell us, babygirl,” Wally murmured as his hand made its way under her shirt and over her stomach, slowly caressing its way to her breasts. “Tell us what you were thinking about when you were fucking yourself and crying out our names.”
 [Y/n]’s breath hitched, and a soft moan left her body. “I thought about Dick devouring me while Wally’s dick fucks my throat,” she moaned out as nip was rolled between Wally’s fingers. Her eyes watched as Wally’s other hand pulled her shirt off and Dick pushed her down by her midriff. The moment her head hit the pillow, she felt Dick’s lips trail up her inner thighs and got closer to her core.
 [Y/n]’s body lurched upward, she moaned loudly as Dick’s lips enclosed around her clit. “What else did you think about, babygirl? Those couldn’t have been the only thoughts you had while you fucked yourself?” [Y/n] looked over at Wally with half-lidded and licked her lips when she saw that his fingers were working the button of his pants.
 As his pants slid down Wally’s legs, another moan left [Y/n]. The sight of Wally’s toned legs and the dick print through his underwear mixed with the sensation of Dick’s mouth sucking on her clit while his fingers teased her entrance, made her feel things she wasn’t sure she could keep feeling.
 “Answer Wally when he talks to you,” Dick murmured against her pussy as his fingers slipped into her entrance. A gasp came from her lips. “Answer.”
 “Wally’s vibrating fingers pumping in and out of me! His thick cock pumping in and out of my pussy! I want to know if his cock could vibrate while he fucks me senseless!” [Y/n] gasped out. Dick smiled and pulled his fingers out; a long lick stroked up her folds and he could taste what they were doing to her. She was wet for them. “I just want the both of you to fuck me senseless,” she cried out when Dick’s tongue made its way into her pussy.
 Dick’s eyes watched [Y/n]’s, her heart clenched as she saw the dark intensity of his eyes. She looked over Wally who freed himself from the restraint of his underwear, his hand stroked his member. Without thinking, her tongue ran over her lips and Wally grinned as he got closer to her face. Her hand wrapped around his thick cock and she moaned just from the feel; it was what she expected, but she wanted to know what it felt like inside of her.
 The moment Wally’s cock entered her mouth, Dick giggled against her pussy and her hips jerked forward. Dick pulled away. “Wally, I have an idea. Pull out of her mouth.” [Y/n] whined when Wally jerked his cock out of her mouth; she also gasped when all of a sudden, she sat up and felt Dick’s hands wrapped around her thighs.
 “You’re going to suck Wally off while you fuck my face, babygirl.” [Y/n]’s mouth was opened slightly until she felt Dick’s hand slap her ass. “Did you hear me?”
 “Yes!” [Y/n] gasped. Dick’s tongue returned to her pussy and Wally positioned himself on the bed where she’d be able to take his cock back in her mouth. She stroked him again and before taking him into her mouth. Wally groaned, and his hand went to the back of her head. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock before she inched him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Wally’s hips bucked into her mouth and another groan escaped his mouth.
 “Oh, fuck, babygirl. Keep doing that,” he groaned as he took the role of controlling her movement on his cock. Wally groaned louder as his hand held her head in place and his hips bucked in and out of her mouth. “Dick, wait until you put your cock in her pretty little mouth.”
 Dick’s hands tightened against her thighs and he hummed against her pussy. [Y/n] hummed around Wally’s cock and his head flew back. [Y/n] pressed herself closer to Dick’s face and ground herself against his face. Dick’s hums and giggles sent vibrations into her, her eyes rolled back as the coil in her stomach tightened. Dick’s nose pressed into her clit and he devoured her; his tongue altered from her pussy and her slick folds. [Y/n] ground faster until she felt a snap and her eyes closed as she moaned loudly around Wally.
 As she rode out her high, [Y/n]’s head bobbed on Wally’s cock and she hollowed her cheeks, his cock hit the back of her throat. He fucked her throat until he released with a breathless gasp. “Fuck, babygirl. That pretty little mouth knows how to milk cocks, huh?” Wally pulled out his cock and [Y/n] moaned as she fell limp against Dick.
 “Wally, you need to taste this pretty pussy,” Dick laughed and bit a small spot on the inside of her thighs. “You think her pussy can milk cock the way her mouth does?” [Y/n] panted as she looked over them. A smug smile graced her face.
 “Why don’t you find out?” Wally and Dick smirked at her. Wally stroked himself as he placed himself between her legs. “Wait.” Wally looked at her with a quirked eyebrow. [Y/n] bit her lip in amusement. She grabbed Dick’s wrist and laid him down. She crawled over on her knees and held her rare up. She looked at Wally over her shoulder and grinned. “What are you waiting for, Flash?” Wally’s eyes flashed over hunger and he grinned.
 Wally ran the tip of his cock between her folds and occasionally brushed against her clit. [Y/n] moaned as she enclosed her mouth around Dick. Wally grinned at the sound and inserted himself fully, skin met skin. She tried to move her hips against him, but Wally’s hands stopped her. “Oh no, babygirl. I get to decide how we’re going to fuck. Understood?” [Y/n] stayed silent as her tongue swirled around Dick’s member. She gasped at the sting to her left cheek. “Understood?”
 “She hummed yes,” Dick groaned as his fingers entangled themselves in her hair. [Y/n]’s head bobbed up and down on Dick’s member, slowly making her way all the way down. She hummed again, and Dick’s head flew back against the headboard. [Y/n] felt herself drip over the control she had over Dick Grayson. The moment just the head of Dick’s cock hit her throat, he took over control. His hand controlled the speed and the depth in which her mouth took his cook.  
  Wally reached over and grinned against her shoulder as his fingers rubbed over her clit. “You said something feeling my vibrating fingers and cock, you dirty girl?” [Y/n] hummed. Wally’s hips began to move, his cock moving in and out of her. “Mm, Dick said your pussy tasted great, but let’s see how great it can take a cock, baby girl,” Wally murmured. As his fingers rubbed against her clit while his hips kept hitting the sweet spot in her, his fingers sped up; they vibrated against her clit and she gasped. The widening of her mouth gave Dick more access and he groaned as he chased his release.
 “Come on, babygirl, show me why Wally praised that pretty little mouth.” [Y/n] took Dick in fully, her hands stroked the exposed member as she bobbed her head fast, cheeks hollowed out and within seconds, Dick’s release filled her mouth. Dick groaned, and his head hit the headboard again. He watched through half-lidded eyes as [Y/n]’s mouth moved off him and the face she made because Wally was pounding into her from behind, rubbing her clit with vibrating fingers. Dick’s eyes followed the trail of his spunk that dripped from the corner of her mouth and down her chin.
 “Fuck,” [Y/n] cried out, her eyes squeezed shut as the coil in her stomach tightened again. A sheen layer of sweat covered her body. Wally’s cock was hitting her sweet spot at amazing speed, a little faster than any other man would have. His fingers rubbed her slow, never losing their vibration. She felt herself clenching around him and every time he slammed into her, her hips moved back to meet him halfway.
 “Fuck, [Y/n]. Don’t come yet. I want to watch you come undone a special way,” Wally growled as he chased after his own high. [Y/n] cried out when she felt Wally fill her up. He quickly pulled himself out, one hand held [Y/n] up by the waist and the hand that was rubbing her clit moved to her entrance. They never stopped vibrating as they pumped in and out, his fingers curled to hit her sweet spot. The room filled with the lewd sounds of [Y/n]’s arousal, her moans and cries, pants that came from both Wally and Dick as they watched her come undone.
 [Y/n]’s body shook as she screamed out to them, her body fell limp on Dick and Wally watched, her juiced coated his fingers and ran down her legs. He groaned at the sight as he pulled his fingers out and licked them; his groan turned into a moan.
 “Fuck, Dick. You were right about that pretty pussy. You okay, [Y/n]?” Wally whispered as he got up to grab wash cloth and went into the bathroom.
 “Hey, you okay?” Dick asked gently as he pushed her hair back to look at her face. Wally returned and cleaned [Y/n] carefully. [Y/n] murmured and Dick asked her to speak up as he continued to stroke her hair.
 “I said give me time to get over the shock that Wally just fucked while vibrating his fingers and I want both of you in the shower,” she whispered, her lust-filled eyes connected with Dick’s. He chuckled and looked at Wally.
 “She wants another round.”
 Wally smiled and looked at the way she was laying on Dick, her eyes closed. “Babygirl gets whatever she wants from now on.” [Y/n] smiled before she felt a blanket thrown over her and herself slip into a dream world. A dream world that would become reality for when it was time to shower. 
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peeterparkr · a year ago
Not smut but potentially one with Dick where him and the reader are keeping their relationship a secret and she stays over at his (😉) and in the morning they’re off to brunch with friends so try and enter the place at different times etc to not give it away that they came together and they think they’re safe until one of the gang says “hey! Isn’t that Dicks sweatshirt y/n?” And she gets all red and flustered - lol idk but that would be hella cute!
oh but there’ll be smut bc I combined it with this one, this is filth with some angst and then some fluff and it’s a rollercoaster
Tumblr media
warnings: smut, swearing, 18+
word count: like 2,5k 
Tumblr media
Love can be too complicated. Relationships are complicated. Dick Grayson was complicated. So much so that you preferred to keep it a secret.
Easier than having to explain to the world that in reality the feelings you had always had for him were never negative, they had always been awe and sometimes a little contempt, but you supposed that it was given to the fact that Dick was someone you thought you couldn’t have.
You hated that he was so perfect. It was a compliment to hate him, now you knew. He was always there with his perfect eyes that could kill you with just one look. That smile that could manipulate you. Make a fool out of you. 
We are talking about Dick Grayson, who really has got a bunch of problems, with the lack of love he had when growing up and the big abandonment issues, thanks, Batman. Always wanting to be alone.
Neither of you wanted to explain to the world that your whole act of hating the other was nothing more than a façade for the crush you both had towards the other and how much it frustrated that you couldn’t have the other. The nerves you would get whenever you saw him, all flustered, maybe that was why it was easier to insult him so that he would let you believe that you hated him and make you believe that you were not deeply in love with him.
How did you both reach that conclusion? How did you both realize that you were both desperately in love with each other? Being alone, what that can be. One thing led to another and as the big drama queens you both were, you’d both searched for the other in a stormy night just to end up making out with your clothes on the floor.
But you needed to keep that a secret, mostly because neither of you could understand how you could be so fond of someone who’d constantly make you lose your temper. Because you’re so alike, stubborn and incredibly bossy. 
Add to all of that, it’s Dick Grayson who we are talking about. He loves to make a big deal out of everything. But of course that’s only because he cares enough. Too much sometimes for your own convenience. 
There were still a lot of things you despised about him. Like whenever he would always be wrong, even when he is right. Or the way he’d make you smile even if you had basically ended an argument. 
The fact that at the end of the day, he was still a sweetheart.
But you had to hide it. Because you loved him. And who in this world understands love? You didn’t want anyone trying to explain it to you. You liked to figure it out on your own.
Besides hiding made it way much more interesting. It was a challenge. Even spiced things up in the relationship. You still hated him, to everyone else. And he still hated you. And sometimes you knew you both did hate each other, not pretending. So annoyed by each other’s presence because you’re both so equal yet so different. 
And you were very good at hiding it. Even when you couldn’t quite keep your hands to yourself. You’d manage to keep up the hating relationship to a certain level where they wouldn’t even think you’d ever be in the same room alone.
Sometimes the arguments would go a bit too far, but you’d end up apologizing and making it up in bed.
Just like you probably were going to, now. Rachel was there, watching you both make an argument about how stupid having brunch and inviting Jason Todd, whom you were pushing to get into the group. He was a nice addition.
Rachel was sitting with her feet up on the couch, as she was watching some videos on her phone, ignoring you both. However, truth to be told, you had almost forgotten that Rachel was there and it had kind of turned into a real fight. 
“I don’t want anything to do with Bruce Wayne, and Jason—Jason still has everything to do with him!” Dick yelled. 
You closed your eyes, “Oh my God, Dick, you’re not— this is what all of this is about?” 
Dick rolled his eyes. “No, but I… I don’t even know why we’re having this conversation. This is stupid–I…I am going home. Fuck Batman.”
You knew why this was happening, he saw himself in Jason Todd, he saw it too badly. But he saw a lot of things he never had had with Bruce and that bothered him, and that made Dick despise him even more. 
And you were home, and you were supposed to stay at home. Sleepover with young Rachel, you guys loved those, they meant fun nights.
You watched Dick storm off and slam the door. You wondered if it was part of the act or if he really meant it. Dick didn’t know Rachel knew. You knew she knew.
You squeezed your eyes shut. 
“You guys really hate each other don’t you?” Rachel asked you, she was going to stay the night. 
“You’ve no idea.” 
“But he didn’t mind about the brunch.”
You shrugged. “Thought he didn’t. But now he’s angry we are all spending it together like a big happy family.”
“Go, fix it, I’ll start the movie and you can come back later.” 
Rachel, you knew, was probably very aware of the real situation, not because you’d told her but you couldn’t possibly lie to her, but she hid it from everyone else, knowing  damn well you’d been hiding it for a reason.But you had never adressed it, and she had never asked about it. Maybe she didn’t know. You both were very convincing when it came to making everyone believe you hated each other. 
So you did as she said, you followed after him to his car. You hopped in.
“I’m leaving.”
“I know,” you said. “You can start driving, I’m coming with you.” Dick stared at you. You pointed at the road.
He clenched his jaw but started the car.
“Go to Wayne Manor,” you ordered.
“Batcave, more specifically,” you added. He stared at you. You smirked, running your hand through his thgh, and you could easily see a bulge forming in his pants. “Fuck Batman, right?”
He started driving as fast as he could and you let your fingers walk down his leg. 
“I’m not in the mood,” he snarled, but you looked down at the growing length.
“Seems like you are, though,” you pointed out, and you chuckled, leaning over to peck his cheek. He cleared his throat. But drove fast enough, you’d tease him, running your fingers through his arm, to his chest and to his leg, nowhere close, but enough to get him flustered. 
The Batcave, it gave you such a challenge. It was incredibly hot, to think you were sneaking there. As soon as he hit the brakes, he turned to you and unbuttoned your blouse, as he jumped over you, kissing your lips and trailing his way down to your neck, you moaned closing your eyes. The way he kissed you was always a new experience. 
“Wait– Dick,” you managed to say as he was already grinding against you, his hands pressing your breasts. He was sucking on your collarbone as you let out a soft gasp. “Want to piss off Batman more?” 
His eyes, filled with fire turned to you, as he just shot an eyebrow up. 
“Let’s go to the Batmobile,” and there’s a sound in your voice that made you sound even more into it than you actually were. If we were honest, you feared getting caught but, of course, it would make it a thousand per cent even more interesting. 
And in no time, he picked you up and opened up the doors to it, setting you down. It’s smaller than Dick’s but it doesn’t matter, because with no further ado, Dick pulled down your underwear and he’s set between your tighs. He kept kissing you and his fingers pinched your breasts, you could feel his hot breath as he pulled the seat down, making it easier for both of you. The reducted space pulled you even closer. Your legs were snaking around him as he kissed from the space between your breasts to your stomach. You looked up and took off his shirt, clawing your nails into his back as you pulled him down to your lips.  His own hands were caressing your legs, his fingers toying with you. 
Your lips were focused on his neck now, trailing wet kisses over it, and your hands were going down to knead his ass, as he was grinding into you, causing friction to your core, as the bulge on his pants kept growing.
“Oh my god,” you moaned, as you were unbuckling his belt with desperation. You were in such an ecstasy as you accidentally hit a button. The car announced ‘error’ but you were too busy as his cock had popped out. His fingers grazed over your wetness as his tip teased your clit. He loved teasing you. 
“Dickie, I–” 
“Say it,” he ordered. 
“I need you, now,” you pleaded and he finally thrust into you. He started panting as he started to move inside, finding a slow soothing rhythm. A smug smirk upon his face as you’re moaning his name. He was cursing profanities and then yelling your name. You see the car windows blurring up, as you try to keep yourself comfortable. Your hand found the window but you pulled it back down, leaving a mark of your fingers all over it. 
He was fast and his fingers are all over you, edging you close each time he drew circles on your clit. And he loved seeing your face as you’re at your bliss, and he began slowing down his pace as his own back was arching. But he started to thrust even deeper, as your toes start to curl. You came first, but that was the cue he needed for his own high.his hot breath deep on your neck. He yelled your name in pleasure and then found your neck with his lips, peppering kisses all over it, just as he pulled out from you. Your chest was pounding as you watched him.
“I love you, y/n,” he whispered, causing a  short laugh from you, catching your breath. 
“For what? For helping you break the rules?” You grinned looking up at him, and he kissed your lips again. 
“Making everything fun,” he laughed. “Did… did… you push any buttons?” 
You turned to look at the board, embarrassed. “Maybe, a thing or two.” 
And both of you heard footsteps.“Shit, shit, shit,” Dick pulled up his pants and buttoned your shirt back on, you both quickly ran out of the car and you hid on Dick’s backseat, as he tried to make himself presentable, but the sweat and his panting were not easy to hide.
It was Alfred. “Master didn’t know you were coming.”
Dick cleared his throat. “I was—“ he ran a hand through his hair. “I was just—going to check on some information regarding the—uh, case with Mikron O’Jeneus.”
Alfred stared at Dick’s car where you were holding your breath, praying to all known deities that he wouldn’t catch you.
“Alright ” Alfred nodded. “Whenever you get the chance, please send my regards to Miss Y/N, you and her seem to be close lately.”
Dick blushed and gulped. “We are—working together on the case, that’s all,” He assured him.
Alfred nodded. “Alright, master Grayson.” 
When Alfred was gone, you both laughed in the car. He went to his place where round two happened, nothing wild, it was simpler and more romantic. Dick had managed to now make it more soothing, apologizing for his bitching attitude and smiling each time he kissed you. And that was the sweetheart you knew, it was fun, the vigilante and the dark Dick but then turning him into the beautiful thing he was. You loved him for both, both ‘Dicks’ were fun, and you knew you needed his lips, and you knew he meant it every time he said he loved you, because each time it was different and like hearing it for the first time. 
And the morning had consisted of him peppering you with new kisses, he’d invent one each morning. It was a routine, making each kiss special each time you woke up by his side. As he managed to take your breath away with that smile that was reserved only for you. And you were lucky because he truly never smiled the way he did to you. And you were sure that nobody truly saw hi the way you did, as the blinds would let in the light so the sunlight bathed him and only him. 
He had pecked all over your face, tickling you as he did. “You’re an idiot,” you stated, which was your way of telling him you loved him. 
“I know,” he grinned, that was the way he said it back. 
And he agreed to the brunch, at the end. But you both had to be careful, so when you arrived he dropped you a block away from it, the price you had to pay for wanting to keep your relationship private. He walked into the place first, and you found a place beside Kori. 
You grinned as you said hello to everyone, and then you turned stiff when your eyes landed on Dick. “Grayson.” 
“Y/L/N,” He didn’t even look up. 
Jason Todd watched you both, “Please act decent,” he pleaded. “Don’t fight here.” 
“Yeah, yeah, you guys are so annoying,” Gar pointed out. 
Dick rolled his eyes. “We are adults, at least I’ll act like one, don’t worry.” 
You flipped him off, rolling your eyes, as you stole from Kori’s mimosa, taking a sip. 
“That’s mine,” she complained but ignored. 
Rachel stared at you. “Hey, y/n, why didn’t you come back home last night?” She asked. 
You almost spat your drink. “I did! You didn’t hear me and I woke up early for a run,” you lied. 
“Are you sure?” Kori pushed. “Because Alfred told me he saw you and Dick at the manor.” 
Dick laughed, nervously.  “Why would I be with her at the manor?”
“I dunno,” Kori smirked. “Same reason as to why she’s wearing your sweatshirt?” 
Both you and Dick froze.You stared down at your clothes, and you were indeed wearing a sweatshirt of his. 
“Busted,” all of them said. 
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catxsnow · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
warming up
let’s have a baby
take the bullet 
please [18+]
fifth try is the charm
under the mask
cute suit
Tumblr media
old wounds - part two 
truth be told
the best damn parents 
ww III
falling fast
circus freak
deserved relaxation [18+]
blinded training
Tumblr media
no more
sleepless sanctuary
where’s your suit? 
truth be told
same fate
easier this way
imperfect mornings
flirting gets you nowhere
writer’s block [18+]
lost in yesterday
afternoon reading [18+]
Tumblr media
nighttime studies 
hanging up the cowl
jealous much? 
coffee break? [18+]
you not him
elevator mishap
after hours [completed series, 18+]
obviously unobvious
Tumblr media
puppy love
pretty eyes
nightmare secrets
admit it
draw me
protect you
mother doesn’t know best
dreaming of you
broken roses
Tumblr media
replaced - part two 
prom dates
hidden naps
ivy’s command
baring the burden
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homeispeople · 2 years ago
The Jacket
Requested by @vix360
“Maybe one that the reader and Nightwing are on the team and they're secretly dating each other. One day they show up and the reader is wearing Dick's black and blue jacket and the team gets suspicious,the two able to convince the others,but later then Dick's accidentaly ends up letting out that the reader is his girlfriend?”
This was a super cute idea and I loved writing it ♥ :
“Um, (Y/N), are you wearing Dick’s jacket?” Artemis asked suspiciously.
“Wh-what? Oh, uh, ye- yes?” you replied, mentally cursing yourself for wearing this today. It was his favourite jacket. It was greyish black in colour with blue details on it. After spending last night with Dick, you had borrowed it in the morning before heading out because it was freezing. 
“Interesting... Grayson letting someone wear his jacket.” Kaldur chimed in.
As if on cue, Dick entered the headquarters. 
“Speak of the devil...” Wally grinned.
“What’s up?” Dick asked quizzically. 
“Oh nothing, bird boy.. except we’re wondering how did you lend her your jacket. You’re so possessive about it. You didn’t even let Wally borrow it.” Artemis smirked.
You shared a look with Dick, waiting for him to say something.
“Really? A secret mission? I can’t believe they bought that!” you exclaimed to Dick later when you both were alone in his room. You two had somehow convinced the team that you were wearing the jacket for a mission. You were still doubtful if they believed it. 
“I panicked, okay?” he said, grabbing your waist. He touched his forehead to yours. “(Y/N), don’t you think we should tell them about us? It has been going on for a while. They are bound to find out some way or another.” he asked. “Hmmm, soon. Forget about them for now.” you said softly and moved closer to his face. He closed the distance by kissing you slowly, “I would love to go on but we have to get ready for Megan’s dinner party.” he said, pulling away in disappointment. You nodded. “Don’t look so sad, lover boy. I’m sure we can find a way to sneak out early.” you smiled.
You both reached the party at different times so as to not raise any suspicion. You entered the party and spotted Dick, you were walking towards him when Roy cornered you, he got extremely close to you and tipped your chin, (Y/N), aren’t you looking gorgeous tonight.” he flirted. You could see Dick give an irritated look from the corner of your eye. He got up and walked towards you two. He separated Roy’s hand from your chin and stood next to grabbing your waist. “Hands off my girl.” he told Roy.  
“HA! We knew it! Which is why I asked Roy to flirt with (Y/N).It’s not everyday that Dick gives his jacket to someone.” Wally said joyfully, fist bumping Roy who looked very amused.  
“Looks like his jacket isn’t the only thing he is possessive about.” Artemis joked and started chuckling causing you and Dick to blush. 
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peeterparkr · a year ago
How about Dick and reader used to date but Dick broke it off because she deserved better or some BS! Titans don’t know and they’re all drinking and playing never have I ever to get Dick drunk by saying “never have I been in the bay cave” or “never have I driven the batmobile” but reader keeps drinking too then they say “never have I waltzed” and both dick and reader drink and she admits dick taught her and they have to dance to prove it and it’s angsty/cute as they’re clearly in love still!!!
warnings: drinking, swearing
word count: 2.3k 
Still Burning. Dick Grayson x Reader
Tumblr media
Nobody can really answer how to heal a broken heart. Had you known, you wouldn’t be trapped in such a mess. But you chose to hide it. That’s the best one does sometimes. Where do they go? Our feelings, the broken hearts? They remain there, silently making you remember and stabbing with memories that will make you hold on forever.
Dick was one of those stories you liked to keep to yourself. He did, too. Sometimes it’s difficult to admit it. Maybe it was for the best. But sometimes, you liked to remember that smile, which you barely saw anymore.
It was difficult. But it was for the best.
It truly was. Especially because both of you had decided to, for sometime, keep away from each other. You had your reasons. He said he had become too much like someone he once admired. He said you deserved better, but did you?
You were both made out of the same piece, but carved with a different sight. But it hurt to know that you were only someone he would ignore, that he wouldn’t talk about anymore. And it hurt to think that you could still taste his lips on the tip of your tongue. And it would’ve been easier to move on had he not searched for you to help him. Donna had warned you he’d come. Dawn, too. Everyone warned you he’d come back. But he didn’t come they way you expected him to.
And he eventually did come and ask for help, because that’s what you were supposed to do, always. Help each other. Because that’s who you were first and foremost. Friends who helped each other. Even after all the fights. Even after he broke your heart. He didn’t come to fix your broken heart.
Dick said his biggest talent involved leaving. You said it was coming up with bullshit to leave.
But you still remembered your teenage years, escaping together and rushing everywhere. Lifting your hands up in the air while he blasted your favorite music. You remembered your first kiss and the way he had blushed after it. You remembered the fights and the good times. But you also remembered how he broke up with you on your 21st birthday, breaking your heart as you were left with a dozen roses on your hands but a million tears coming from your eyes.
But there you were now, with a beer on your hand, as you had your legs crossed. You needed time to relax, you barely did that anymore. It was always helping out someone, or taking someone down. But Dick and you barely talked about the past. You used to work with each other, that was the statement.
You stared at him, he was relaxed. You hadn’t done this in a while, just sit down and have a beer. Kory brought up a tequila bottle, too. The younger ones were too busy eating flaming hot Cheetos.
“You guys are boring,” commented Jason Todd, watching as you were sipping from your beer. You listened to the faint music playing on the background.
“Are we?” Kory asked. The music sounded glitched.
“Very,” Gar agreed. “You just drink.”
You let out a soft laugh. “Adults do that, we just have enough trouble already that we just… drink it.”
“No need to make stupid excuses like when we were young, no beer pong, no card games,” Dick continued. “Just…drinking.”
“Hm,” Rachel laughed before taking a bite of her waffle. “I think we should play never have I ever.”
You laughed, “haven’t played that one in a while.”
Dick frowned. “Those games end up on trying to get only someone in particular drunk.”
To which Jason smirked, he poured a glass of soda for him, Rachel and Gar. Rachel and Gar joined you at the table.
Jason brought shot glasses for Dick, Kory and you. Kory and you gave each other a glance.
“No, not doing this.” Dick rolled his eyes.
“Oh come on, Dick, relax a little,” Kory chuckled, “don’t you remember doing this kind of stuff in your teenage years? Stupid games?”
You stared at him, remembering all the times you used to have that kind of fun.
“Didn’t you have any fun?” Pushed Jason. “Is that why you’re always so grumpy?”
“I had fun,” Dick cleared his throat, quickly glancing at you.
You chuckled. “Fine, fill it up.”
Jason poured the three of you tequila, and then changed the song, a familiar guitar sounded. Let it Rock by The Rolling Stones started playing.
“Fine, Let’s start with something…. Rach? You wanna start?” Jason suggested.
Rachel chuckled, and rolled her eyes. “Never…”she gave it a thought. “Never have I ever eaten dog or cat food.”
“Am I supposed to—do something if I have?” Gar asked. He drank from his soda.
“Oh my god!” You laughed. “Why am I not surprised?”
Gar laughed. “Well, well, it’s my turn now… never have I ever… met Batman.”
“Oh, come on,” Dick rolled his eyes.
“Bottoms up, Grayson,” Jason said as he took a sip and Dick drank from his shot. You took a sip as well.
“You’ve met Batman?” Asked Kory.
You winked. “Yeah, we were on a first name basis and everything,” you chuckled, Dick looked away. “But yeah. I once worked with Batman.”
“Worked?” Jason blinked. “With?”
You took a sip from your beer. “Oh sorry, you felt special?”
Jason nodded. “Well I kind of did.”
Dick rolled his eyes. “Keep up with it.”
Maybe you were meant to be just as damaged as Dick was, but you had decided to move on. You never wanted to be bossed around.
“Never have I ever…” Kory started. “Driven the batmobile.”
Jason laughed as he shook his head. “He never let me.”
Dick took another shot, you took another one, too.
Rach raised her eyebrow at you. “What?”
You just winked at her.
“No, wait I wanna know why!” Jason laughed.
“Oh—“you laughed. Dick turned red. “I—well, you know, Gotham had —this thing, and Batman—or maybe it was—This other thing and when it happened I—I drove it.”
You were such a bad liar. But they didn’t push it. And you only stared at Dick, who took a deep breath.
You were taken back to that one time. Where Dick let you drive it, you were sitting on his lap and you remembered how fast it went, only seeing the lights passing through. You remembered screaming with pure joy and excitement and adrenaline. You remembered how you felt his hands on yours while you were crossing Gotham city, and how your stomach was filled with butterflies, and how his head was on your shoulder. And maybe this exact song was playing, or something familiar to it, because piano was trembling in your ears.
“Never have I ever… been in the bat cave,” laughed Gar.
Jason laughed. “I’m so glad this is Dr. Pepper.”
Dick scoffed and took another shot. “Ha ha.” He rolled his eyes.
You took a shot, too. How many times hadn’t you sneaked on to the Batcave, and done stupid childish stuff. Like playing 80’s music and dancing to it. ‘I think we’re alone now’ was one you remembered the most. It was fun. Neither of you were good dancers but it was worth it.
And they said some others.
And you continued. It seemed to be innocent enough. Start me up was now playing in the background.
The game was a constant throwing at everyone, making sure Dick was getting completely wasted. Problem was, some, if not most of them dragged you with them as well, you had spent so much time with him.
And you were both wasted, and your giggling had started. He had loosened up, too, and somehow you both ended up with your feet on the couch, trying to avoid
“Ah, come on, come on,” Dick pushed. “Can we stop making fun of my life?”
“Mr. Millionaire, we are soooorry Master Grayson,” Kory mocked, slightly drunk herself. You laughed, watching Dick. You hadn’t been this close since your breakup.
But you knew you were still smitten with him, he could tell,you guessed. He still knew you, perfectly. And he knew that even the way he was holding his cold beer had you thinking. How cruel was it that you had to avoid even staring at him when he once loved you.
“Never have I ever—waltzed,” Gar smirked, the music had finally stopped.
Dick chuckled. “Fuck off, man,” he rolled his eyes, before taking a sip.
You looked down at your drink and then took a sip.
“You’ve waltzed?” Kory laughed. “What have you been hiding from us? I didn’t know you had that many things in common with Grayson?”
Maybe it was the alcohol speaking for itself but you stared at Dick. “Yeah, he—he,” you shrugged. “He actually taught me how to waltz.”
Dick took a deep breath, running his hand through his face.
“He did?” Rach questioned.
You shrugged. “Yeah, he’s a great dancer.”
“Show us, I don’t quite believe it,” sassed Kory.
Dick rolled his eyes. “I think we’ve had enough.” He stood up, nervously. It seemed like every time you had both had a shot, he was getting more and more nervous, like someone was stabbing him each time with more memories. But you didn’t understand why he was angry, he was the one who blew things off. 
You shook your head. “You’ll have to take my word for it.” 
“I really don’t believe it,” Rach pushed. 
You shrugged. “I wouldn’t either.” 
“C’mon, show us!” Kory pushed. 
“Yes, what could you lose? I want to see the amazing Richard Grayson waltzing, and I want to see how great a teacher he was,“said Garfield. 
Dick blushed slightly. “No, it’s alright,” Dick grinned. “Let’s… let’s see if they can learn a thing or two.” 
You shook your head. “You don’t have to do this.”
Dick smiled at you, standing up. “No, no, you know they won’t shut up if we don’t do it,” he was drunk, you could tell by his raspy voice as he offered you a hand. You laughed, shaking your head but he pleaded again. “Please?” 
“Fine,” you gave him your hand as he helped you stand up. 
Dick watched them. “It’s not that complicated to waltz,” Dick explained. “Not really,” he continued as he placed himself in front of you. “The lady places herself slightly to the left of the leading gentleman,” he informed as he moved just a bit to your  right. You stared at his eyes and then at his lips, you saw him gulp. “Six basic steps, and… you’re good.” 
“Should we bring in a candle?” you chuckled. And he grinned. 
“Ah, yes, yes,” Dick laughed. “Bring in a candle, that’s a good idea since we’re both wasted.” 
You sighed. “But it wouldn’t matter if you’re with…” 
“The perfect partner,” He finished your sentence,  a faint smile forming. “Yeah.”
“What’s that about?” Questioned Kory. 
“Well, you see… They use a… a candle, it’s the true test, one has to be as swift, and perfect and so delicate and so smooth, but the candle flame will not be extinguished in the hand of the leading partner,” he explained. 
“Let’s bring in a candle!” Jason ordered. “Let’s put them to the test.”
Kory laughed to herself. “You’re joking, right?” 
But Jason had brought in a candle already, they lit it up and Dick picked it up. He placed it within your hands and he took a deep breath. 
“We might… um we might need some music,” he asked, while not taking his eyes off of yours. “Waltz number two by Dmitri Shostakovich,” said Dick and Rachel played it on the stereo. 
His hand was finally placed on your back, and you gently posed yours on his shoulder as soon as the first notes started to play. You felt like all the alcohol had been sucked out of your body. But he smoothly started to dance around the room. You knew they were staring as he kept leading you as you danced, and it felt like the old times. But it felt like you were both trying to prove something to each other, as if you were both dancing away from the memories or as if you both were trying to hide from everyone else. As if you were both accusing each other with the dance, having a conversation each time you stepped, he was trying to apologize and you were trying to beg him to come just slightly closer. His eyes were fierce and dark and he wouldn’t take them off you, but you would turn away sometimes.
And the world was spinning around you, and the flame had not extinguished, it had remained firing. And you felt like burning but it wasn’t the candle, it was another type of flame growing in within. And your heart had started to spin. And you had forgotten you weren’t at the manor anymore, and you weren’t wearing that red dress you’d worn that time. But you’d forgotten it, you were back there where there was a constant smile on his face and where you didn’t even worry about everyone else noticing that tinge of redness on your cheeks. Because it was mutual. 
The song stopped abruptly and you saw the candle. 
It was still burning. 
You then saw him, as you hadn’t seen him in years. He stepped back still holding the candle and you got your hands off of him. 
Everyone stayed quiet, as you awkwardly stepped back. 
“Oh, look the… the candle is still burning,” Gar commented as to distract everyone from the clear elephant in the room. 
You smiled at Dick. 
He blushed. “Yeah, it still is.” 
part two
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psychovigilantewrites · 2 years ago
Saturday Drabbles
Jason Todd/Reader
Jason, Not Him
She Asked Me To
Say My Name
Stay Away
Don’t Call Me That Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3
Pseudo-Incest Smut:
 Baby Bird 
 Website of Iniquity 
 Working Out A Sweat
 Put Your Helmet On
Still Blushing 
Happy Birthday
Jason’s Lessons
White Christmas
Baby Bird - Rewrite 
This dude is so annoying
Something Longer: 
Jason’s dick
Red Who?
Chapter 1 - Bath Salts 
Chapter 2 - Like A Tarantino Film 
Chapter 3 - A Need For Waterproof Makeup
Chapter 4 - Saved Contacts 
Chapter 5 - The Metro Line
Chapter 6 - Safe Haven
Chapter 7 - Queasy
Chapter 8 - Absence
Chapter 9 - 5 Things
Chapter 10 - Crunch
Chapter 11 - Fireworks/Gunpowder
Chapter 12 - The Dark King
Chapter 13 - Alone Again
Chapter 14 - A Different Point of View
Dick Grayson/Reader
Pseudo-Incest Smut:
I Need You
Say My Name
She Asked Me To
Metro Encounters
Tim Drake/Reader
Metro Encounters
Red Robin Yum
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lola-imagines · 3 years ago
“Why so jealous?” Dick Grayson x Reader (SMUT)
Tumblr media
hEY! Here I am with a new short story with our Dickbird, that was my first attempt for a smut. I hope y’all like it. For the anon who requested: I’m sorry If I took to long to post this story but I hope you enjoy it any way :’D
a/n: you can find the prompt list on my masterlist
You entered in your shared apartament, pushing the door behind you when he held it before it locks itself, you yelled
–What the hell do you want Dick? –We have to talk Y/N. –Then talk –You're the who has to say something. Like an apology for flirting with that guy
You were angry at him. You and Dick have been dating for three years, you two got engaged only two months ago, you knew he was officer Grayson by day and Nightwing by night. His double life never bothered you. Once in a week you two would go out for a date night but lately he was so busy that he never had time to do this, he was working in a case with Bruce, who gave him this nigth off so you two could enjoy yourself a bit. You and Dick went to the movies, the night was great until he got jealous because a random guy came to you to ask some informations and started flirting with you, Dick almosted beated the guy, but you helded him.
–Now I was the one who was flirting? You almost attacked the guy just because he talked to me. I don't understand, why are you so jealous? You know I love you and you know I only want you in my life
You said heading straight to your bahtroom, he followed you, but you were so distracted that you didn't realized. He reached out and gripped your wrists, placing your hands flated on the counter, he put your hands next to each other, holding them with only one hand, while the other moved your hair to the side, he started kissing your neck and whispered in your ears
–Then forgive me. I was only taking care of what's mine –I still didn't forgive you –I will make you 
He said, turning you around, he pulled your body against his, kissing you with urgency, biting his lower lip lightly. You let out a low moan and Dick smiled, bringing his hands up to the hem of your t-shirt, pulling it out somewhere. He began to suck your neck down to your lap. You were sure it would leave some marks, but you'd care about it later. Dick quickly removed your bra, giving it the same fate of the shirt and soon began to massage your left breast while sucked the right breast, you moaned reluctantly, did not want to surrender so easily to the caresses of your fiancé, because you were still "angry" about him for what happened. Dick took off his own shirt and then the pants you were wearing. He was about to take off yours panties, but you stopped him. He let out the air, discrediting you that you were doing this, then he grabbed you by the arm, pushing you into the shower. He took off his pants and went into the shower with you, cornering you. He kissed you once more, holding your bodies close, making your back hit the cold tile. he pulled the side of your panties and ended up tearing it. You took your hand up to the bar of his underwear, pulling it down and he finished pulling it out. Dick brought his hands up to your thighs, you wrapped them around his waist automatically. He lifted you up a little, and penetrated you, causing you to come down hard on his member. You moaned loudly at the unexpected invasion and Dick smiled. You wrapped your arms around his neck, trying to brace yourself, and he held it on your waist with one hand to help you up and down more easily. He looked into your eyes as he smiled.
–It seems your anger has passed uh?
He asked. He was out of breath and his hair was stucked to his face thanks to the sweat. For you he was amazing. Dick came over and kissed you, trying to deepen the kiss but you did not let. He snorted in frustration and bit your shoulder making you let out a loud moan, again he tried to kiss you and you did not let again, he looked pissed at you and without stop the moves from up and down he pressed you even more against the tile and you felt the cold water fall on you. You opened your mouth with fright, that's what Dick wanted to, he kissed you deeply, his tongue dancing with yours as he thrusted faster and harder. You separated for lack of air, getting connected by a slight spit of saliva before Dick breaks it and attacking your neck with bites and hickeys, occasionally licking the spot. With a stronger thrust you exploded in his member as he released his seed insinde you as well. He rested his head on your shoulder, trying to catch his breath and you did the same while stroking his hair. He lifted you up out of inside you and placed you on the floor, still holding on to your waist.
–Let's rest, huh? –Dick? –Hm? –I think I can't walk to bed
You said, looking away at a any point, your legs were a little sore and you thought you were still standing just because Dick was holding you. He laughed and then bent down a little, passing one of the arms behind your knees and lifted you up bridal style . He walked with you on his lap to the bedroom and then laid you down in bed, lying next to you and covering your bodies with the sheet. He started to caress your back, and you his hair, after minutes of a comfortable silence, you spoke
–You know, I think you should be jealous more often if it ever ends like this.
He smiled and you did the same.
–I think so
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peeterparkr · a year ago
Omg I can’t wait for the Dick stuff! If you feel like writing more then could you maybe please do one where the reader is having nightmares and Dick is walking past her room and can hear her so he checks in on her and comforts her and she asks him to stay and stuff?
I don’t understand how this came out of that buuuuut I liked it! I hope you enjoy it too! It’s kind of enemies to lovers??? How??? Idk
pairing: dick grayson x superhero!telepath!reader
word count: 2k? I think
warnings: swearing, fluff, enemies to lovers ish
Maybe--Dick Grayson
Tumblr media
You hadn’t been sleeping well lately. They had noticed. Raven had said it first, “you look tired”. You had been. Very tired. Gar said it next, “you haven’t been sleeping, have you?” You hadn’t. Then it was Kory, “what’s keeping you awake?” Nightmares. But you didn’t tell her.
You’d say something about your bed, or staying up late watching a movie. Stupid reasons, really.
You didn’t understand why they came. At first, you blamed your coffee. Then you blamed the lights. Then you thought it was the food. Then you blamed the movies. But really, it was reality. It was Dick Grayson.
Being a hero. That’s what made it all so difficult. Maybe that. Because being a hero made you always being at risk. And there was something about risk that involved losing very important people to you. Especially Dick, not that you’d tell him.
You’d grown fond of him, even if sometimes you didn’t like to admit it. You even liked him, and feelings had been involved. That made it so much more difficult. Why would you fall for someone like him?
He was distant to you. Only to you. He’d constantly make you aware that he liked everyone in the group but you. Then why did him? He didn’t even ask about your lack of sleep, didn’t even seem to care about it.
But you knew he cared about you, in his own way. His own pathetic way of showing it. Like every time he’d ask if you were okay after a fight. You always were. Or every time he’d leave a plate for you if he made breakfast. The way he’d silently, even if he always said it wasn’t him, cover you with a blanket if you ever fell asleep on the couch.
He’d saved you once, from the Joker. Terrible experience that had been, from when you were younger. Both of you being Batman’s puppets as he liked to say. Batman’s bait.
Maybe that’s why he didn’t like you, because he was reminded of the days he was with Bruce.
But he cared about everyone. That’s the thing. And you knew that whatever he did for you didn’t mean a thing because that’s who Dick Grayson was, a good person. Someone who cared. Silently, but cared.
Even if sometimes he said he was a monster, you saw past it. Because he wanted to make the world a better place, and sure, maybe some times he’d go on wrong means, but he didn’t rely on them, he grew out of them.
Being honest, you found him attractive, too. The way he’d transform that frown into a mocking smirk, or the way he laughed. And you’d be lying if you ever said you didn’t like his stupid smile. Or you’d be lying if you said you didn’t get stupid innocent and childish butterflies every time he looked at you. Heck, you even enjoyed arguing with him. Because, deep down you believed he liked it, too.
And each night you’d dream of losing him and each night you’d wake up panting, because what in this world would you do without Dick Grayson? You never liked the thought of losing him but lately it was bothering you more than usual. Maybe it was because you wanted him to know.
But he knew. You knew he knew. Either that, or he thought you hated him, too. Because you talked to everyone but him, and if you ever crossed word with him it’d be only to make him angry. Great way to flirt, y/n.
Raven had pointed it out, once. “You like him, don’t you?” And you couldn’t lie to her, but you had. “Aren’t adults supposed to have it less complicated than us?”
Gar noticed it, next. “Can you guys get a room?” He was less subtle.
Kory had seen it, but she’d stayed quiet and only smirked.
Seemed that everyone, even Dick, knew about it. And you were flustered. Because, how in this world could someone like Dick fucking Grayson make you lose control?
But each night, ever since you had both gone alone back to Gotham, the nightmares had come back.And you’d have him always in your arms, gone. That was the nightmare. With nothing you could do about it. He was gone, in your arms, because you hadn’t been able to save him. And it came back to the day with the Joker, when it could’ve been either of you. And he could’ve not made it. And it made you feel guilty. And more people would appear Psimon, H.I.V.E. and some others said they’d take him away.
All of them. All of them who’d ever tried to hurt Dick.
And you’d waken up again, panting. Because there he was once again, with life sucked out of his eyes. Each time they got worse. Darker. Filthier.
“Y/N?” Someone knocked.
And you covered yourself with your blankets. “Ye-yeah?”
“Are you okay?” The voice asked, it was Dick. “Can I come in?”
“Yes.” Because you needed to make sure he was alright. And he walked in, with a blue t-shirt and sweatpants. Safe.
He had a glass of water. He cared. You sat up turning up the light on your nightstand.
“I’m sorry, did I wake you from your beauty nap?” You asked.
“Yeah, you’ve been screaming,” he said, inviting himself to sit on your bed beside you, offering you the glass. “You’ve been doing that for a few nights, might as well check on you if I want to get a good rest.”
“I—yeah, I’m sorry.” You took a sip of water.
“You’ve been this way since Gotham,” he pointed out.
You shrugged. “It’s got that effect on me.”
He nodded. “Yeah, me too.” He cleared his throat. “But—I hope you do realize when I go to bed I don’t make anything move.”
“Hm, you shouldn’t brag about that when you’re around any ladies,” you laughed.
He closed his eyes, hiding out a laugh, blushing. “You’re an idiot. I was trying to—“
“Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve—I’ve been having certain nightmares,” you admitted.
You sighed and looked away. “In most of them you’re dead,” you cleared your throat. Leaning against the wall.
He nodded. “And I’d think that’s your biggest dream.”
You scoffed, dryly. “I’d think so, too,” you watched him. “But—they’re about that day, with—the Joker, or some variation out of it, and you know, I was never scared of him. I—really.”
“You never seem scared,” he pointed out, as he slowly opened up his arms, you then cuddled against his chest.
“Me? I’m always scared, there’s always a risk of losing, you know? And—but what I don’t understand, is... I keep having these nightmares and...”
“Maybe you’re scared you’re not the one killing me,” he shrugged, rubbing yourself back as you felt his heartbeat. “I know you’d love that.”
“No,” you looked at him. “Not really, because who’s take care of us?”
“You know what I mean,” you pushed. “I don’t hate you, Dick.”
He smiled. “I know.”
“But—I also do, you know?” You asked him and he chuckled.
“I know.”
You stayed silent as you stayed cuddled.
“Do you want to talk about it—?” He cleared his throat. “the nightmares?”
“Not really, I’m a grownup I shouldn’t be—I shouldn’t have to deal with this anymore.”
“I have them too, it doesn’t make you any less stronger,” he pointed out. “And I’m afraid of losing you, too.”
“Are you, now?” You smirked.
“Yeah, but maybe I’m just saying this because you haven’t let me slept this whole week,” he laughed.
You rolled your eyes, and nudged him. He smiled, looking down at you.
“We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?” He asked you. “From children fighting beside our hero—“
“To heroes fighting beside children,” you chuckled. “Yeah. Long way.”
He looked at your eyes, then at your lips.
“I don’t hate you,” Dick whispered.
“I know,” it was tour turn to say it, now. And he took it as an invitation to lean over. And it felt different. And you realized it. Maybe you knew, too. Maybe you also knew his heart skipped every time you looked at each other.
And as he was kissing you, his had landed on your waist and pulled you close to him, his hand running through your hair and your own hands exploring his chest. But you pulled away, nervously, as if you were a teenager who had just kissed her junior high crush.
He cleared his throat letting you go. “I’m—I will uh,” he sat up nervously. “You—you can go back to sleep, hope you—uh, don’t get those nightmares anymore.”
He stood up, clumsily.
“Yep?” He turned to you.
“Would you mind staying in case I get more?” You pleaded. “So you can kiss me until I forget about them?”
He smirked as he leaned over to kiss you again. “In that case I hope you get many more.”
this sucked Pt. 2
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outoftheframework · 2 years ago
Things that have 100% happened on patrol
Cass slipped and fell but no one dares to even think of it again
Tim spends six hours crafting a perfect battle plan just for everyone to freestyle it .02 seconds into the mission
Damian carries a box a free kittens the entire night
“Their mother is absent so I have taken her place as protector.”
It takes four (4) batkids to help someone change a tire
Jason will not stop laughing at them later
The kids regularly swing by the windows of the Gotham Children’s Hospital
The kids join a pickup basketball game
Steph obliterates everyone (no mercy)
Someone screams “I’m moving to Metropolis!” at least twice a night
Tim hails a taxi to chase a criminal
Dick live-tweets the entire night
Alfred forces Damian to wear a huge jacket on a snowy night
Tim brings his violin and provides an ongoing soundtrack
Duke and Bruce sigh exasperatedly at least ten times a night
(requests open for any type of post!)
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cipheress-to-k-pop · 2 months ago
Hi, I absolutely adore your writing and it’s quite inspiring and making my imagination go WEEWOO!
Could I request something for YJ With Dick? So like a headcanon or one shot (which ever you prefer queen) where the reader is quite reserved, snarky and can get angry real fast. They have feelings for Rob and they are especially snarky to him to hide their feelings, but they eventually start to open up more and during the events of episode 24 (you know, the one at haly’s circus), they open up to him and they confess? And he does the same?
Flower Language
Pairing: Dick Grayson as Robin x Reader
Warnings: Blood and injuries and plant death.
Word Count: 3.8k words
A/N: This is kind of my take on the Hanahaki disease, kind of. This was so much fun to write honestly, I didn't realize I like all this floral stuff so much. It also reminded me of another 'True Love's Kiss' trope I wrote for Dick Grayson as well. Also I changed the episode this was based on because I’ve already done something based on the episode with Haly’s circus @hanbedumbaf I really really really hope you enjoy it! Sorry it was so late, I finished it a month back but it was in my queue.
Tumblr media
Adrenaline was a common feeling to you. A little too familiar. The life of a superhero puts you in peril more times than you would like but it was the only life you had known. You knew the familiar feeling of sweat forming on your skin and your heart pounding so loudly that you could hear it in every step you took.
However, when you heard the pounding, it was because there was a supervillain, usually hairy, chasing after you and determined to get your head on a stake.
Although, feeling your heart jump to your throat was becoming more familiar whenever you were around a certain someone. Robin annoyed you to no end, whenever he was around you couldn't help your face from growing warm and your lips from tingling to form a permanent smile on your face.
Having a crush was irritating, you couldn't think or even function without thinking of him. It was frankly humiliating, you were always so gung-ho about being bold and to the point and yet whenever you were around Boy Wonder, you couldn't help but bend your personality to something you felt like would appeal to him more.
Sometimes, you couldn't even stand yourself.
And so, as a pathetic act of rebellion, and maybe as a clear-cut sign that you had no idea how to handle emotions or anything similar to it, every time your heart got just a little soft, your tongue got a whole lot sharper. Probably not the best way to win a boy’s heart. But you weren't here for a romance story.
It was also a true sign that you had no idea how to flirt, thinking that borderline insulting witty banter was the way to go. Or perhaps it was a way of controlling your emotions, since being bitter and snarky was the thing that came easiest to you.
You seriously needed better tactics.
It was also your oblivious mistake thinking that Robin only saw what you wanted him to see. He was raised to be a detective, of course he was more observant than that. Papa (or let's be real, Alfred) didn't raise no fool.
You made the mistake of thinking Robin saw you as strong and independent and bold, just as the rest of them did. But he saw much more than that.
Robin was distressed by the number of crying faces around him, the kids were inconsolable which was understandable because of just how many things went wrong in the past couple of hours. To be quite frank, Robin was a couple seconds away from having a fit himself.
"Shh, little one," He heard distantly and his neck practically snapped. You were crouching in front of the few who were crying, with a small nurturing smile. It was the first time he had seen you out of uniform, usually referring to you as Antheia, named after the goddess of flowers, but this wasn't she.
"I know you're scared, my flowers, but I promise, we will find your parents." You soothed, gently wiping away their tears. They still looked up at you apprehensively and with uncertainty.
"I'll show you a magic trick." You began, grinning as the kids began to smile back at you. You pulled a seed out of your pocket and held it between closed hands, using a bit of your powers and felt it grow in your palms. When you revealed what you were holding, they collectively gasped.
A bud of a flower now rested in your hand. You smiled at their innocent eyes and held it to them, "Now I'm going to need your help for the next part. Everyone has to blow on the flower."
They nodded eagerly, crawling around you and on the count of three, everyone followed your instructions. And low and behold, the bud bloomed into a beautiful blossom right between your fingers.
One of the girls clamoured into your lap to hold the flower herself and you chuckled, wrapping your arms tightly around her, "You know what this flower means?"
They shook their heads, "It means faith, and hope. If you have faith and hope in us, then you'll get something beautiful in return."
For once, they look contemplatively and you chuckled, feeling pride at the fact that you managed to sow some wisdom in their minds. The girl that had been sitting in your lap turned in your grasp, with the flower in her hand and then reached up to tuck it behind your ear.
"For me?" She nodded happily and you smiled widely, kissing her cheek, "Thank you, petal."
Satisfied that you were able to calm them down, you gently placed the girl back on the floor before moving away from the group. Just as you were about to join the others, you ran into Robin. You didn't know he had just seen the whole thing.
Pulling the flower from behind your ear, you handed it to him, "You know in some cultures, this flower means to pick up the slack and stop looking like a confused chicken." You snapped.
Business as usual.
Robin looked back to the flower you had slipped into his hands, you had said it meant faith and hope, and you had given it to him. He looked back up to see you shuffling away from him quickly, a blush on your face. He smiled.
You were more nurturing and kinder than you let on, it was like it was programmed into your personality and yet you never showed it when you knew they were watching. That wasn't the only part of yourself that you were hesitant to show them.
And the more Robin observed you, the more he realized that you used flower language to depict a lot of your emotions. It was a silent way of letting them out, without having to tell other people what's really in your heart.
You thought you were sly about it, but nothing went under Robin's radar.
Everyone was watching a movie on the flat screen in the rec room. You hadn't realized you were so tired, the movie was boring, something that M'Gann had picked and you hadn't slept the night before, busy patrolling your city.
Your eyelids began to droop before you could even understand what was going on, your head lolling as you drifted in and out of consciousness.
Robin hadn't realized that he was napping through the movie until he felt a weight on his shoulder. He nearly jumped awake and glanced to his side to see you sound asleep, breathing gently. He nearly chuckled, was this what you looked like when you weren't scowling at everybody?
His heart skipped a beat, god, were you beautiful. The smell of flowers vaguely hit his nose and he noticed the red gardenia plant growing steadily in the corner of the room.
'Red Gardenias means a secret love,' Robin recalled from a book he had read, 'It's a secret way for someone to say I love you.'
He glanced back at you still sleeping peacefully, face completely relaxed and briefly wondered if your powers were taking the lead on your emotions and making gardenias grow around the cave. Or were you dreaming about something?
Something in his heart grew, here you were sleeping against his shoulder, making symbols of a secret love grow around the room. This had to be a sign of something, right?
Before he could contemplate it any further, you squirmed and then began to stir. Your eyes fluttered open, hazily taking in your surroundings before they landed on the boy beside you and widened in size, skin darkening with a blush.
"Why the fuck didn't you wake me up?" You snapped and turned on your heel to stomp out of the room without even waiting for a response from him. The others who noticed the way he was just staring at the place you were in surprise. You always do such a 180 when you're around him and conscious.
"Wow, sunshine's crabby in the morning." Wally commented from beside him. When he didn't get any response, he looked over to see Robin with a silly smile on his face.
Dick couldn't stop himself from grinning. The gardenias were still blooming.
"Antheia, do you think you will be able to stop the plants from growing any further?" Batman turned to face you, only to find you staring at him with a hazy, blank expression.
"Antheia?" Robin called but you didn't even flinch, your eyes were locked onto the holo-computer, seeing the thick vines that were twisting and turning. Their call was overwhelming, you could feel them grow even beneath your feet. It was like a siren was blearing through your head.
You couldn't tell what they were trying to say, it was like they were muffled. It was confused and lost, following Ivy and it was happy listening to her. And yet, it was feeling pain, the Justice League was busy pruning her as we speak. It was scared, crying out for someone to help them and you felt obligated to help. Your mind was getting heavy, throbbing with an oncoming migraine.
"(Y/N)!" Your eyes snapped open and focused onto the boy in front of you. Everyone was staring at you in concern and you blinked, suddenly not able to remember what the hell was going on. You were just trying to focus on something other than the screams and cries of the plant.
"......What?" You asked a little dumbly, noticing the concern on Robin's face. The plants were still crying. You couldn't get the painful sound of their screams out of your mind. You felt like curling up into a ball and crying.
"Batman asked if you would be able to stop the plants?"
"Oh, um, no." You answered in a distracted way that made his face pinch with worry. His hands were still grasping your shoulders tightly, keeping his face in close proximity to yours. You didn't even realize, too out of it to even notice.
Robin on the other hand felt his cheeks get uncomfortably hot the more you stared at him with those innocent, beautiful eyes of yours. If Batman hadn't been breathing down his neck, he was sure he would've kissed you in the moment.
Unfortunately for him, his dad always knew how to ruin the moment. And he would continue to for the rest of his life. Until death do them part. Even after the two of you grow up and live together, the Batman would find some way to interrupt your fun.
"The mission."
Oh. Right.
"Robin!" You screamed when one of Ivy's plants wrapped around his neck and slammed him against the trees. They didn't let up curling tighter around his throat. Fear struck you as he began choking from breath and you knew you had to do something.
Suddenly murderous intent took over you and you glared at Ivy who returned it with a smug smirk of her own. Oh, how you'd rip that smirk off her face.
"Okay Ivy, you wanna play? Let's play." You ground out, slamming your hands against the vine around Robin's neck and it began disintegrating beneath your fingers. He fell to the ground, gasping for breath and you tuned out the sound of the plant crying as it died beside him.
Ivy heard it just as loudly as you had, she screamed and more plants lunged towards the both of you.
"Go help the others! I'm about to snap this twig." You spat at Robin, using your powers to kill the roots as it reached you. It was working slowly, your powers weak to the pain of the plants around you. Even as every cell of your body told you not to, you clenched your fingers into fists and watched as the creeper feel to the marsh, dead.
You engaged in battle with Ivy. Plants were screaming for mercy all around you but you couldn't stop for even a second. Life around you was trembling but you had to keep fighting the villain in front of you because if you hesitated for even a second, many more would die.
Thorns scratched your skin, drawing blood and curled around Ivy, sinking barbs into her skin.
"Face it girlie! You're never going to overpower me!"
"Oh, I'm not trying to overpower you, just distract you long enough for Robin to get rid of the control system." You replied, just as smug as she had been at the start of the fight. Now you got to see her face melt into one of panic just as Robin jumped over her head and to your side with a grin identical to yours.
"Cover your ears!" He sang, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and ducking, covering your body with his own. You were grateful for it; you weren't sure you could even keep your body upright at the moment.
Then you heard the explosion and your heart stopped. Every single fibre of your body burned red hot fire as you heard screams and cries around you. Bile was crawling up your throat and your breathing got thin. They were sobbing a heart-broken wail and your eyes misted at the mere sound.
Without realizing it, you were gripping onto Robin's hand, brows furrowed together. The sound of the explosion cleared, the Injustice League was captured and he pulled you up to stand with the others.
It was silent for a moment. You had won.
And then the consequences of your actions hit you.
Everyone's necks snapped towards you when you let out a heart-wrenching sob. Robin, who was standing right next to you caught you just in time before your body hit the ground. Pain exploded in your chest as you began wailing against him.
"(Y/N)? (Y/N)! What's wrong?!" He panicked but you didn't respond, crying into his chest as you gripped his cape in an iron fist. Everything hurt and all you could feel was sorrow and guilt.
The other heroes crowded around you but your eyes were screwed shut, tears making your eyes sting. Robin held onto you tightly, pulling your body against his as you continued to cry.
"What's happening?" Artemis murmured, looking around to see the environment change before her eyes. Everyone else followed her lead to see how leaves began rotting, then the trees. The smell was pungent. Thorns and weeds were crawling up the dying trees, pulling them into the swamp.
"(Y/N) please, what's wrong?" Robin whispered in your ear but you couldn't hear him. The sounds of plants screaming and wailing was echoing through your mind. How they begged you to save them. How they begged you to stop.
And then it got hard to breathe, your chest constricted and you were wheezing. Robin had to watch in horror when petals and blood poured from your mouth. You were choking, throwing up and sobbing in his arms, and he was unable to do anything to help you.
"Flash get her to the Batcave." Batman said gruffly, he was shocked and worried for you but didn't say anything, not wanting to scare his son more, "Sending you the coordinates now."
"Alfred prepare the med-bay."
Dick watched with a sinking heart as he handed you into Flash's arms. It took him a few seconds for his mind to stop whirring, he was still kneeling in the swampy marsh when the team huddled around him.
"It's gonna be okay." Wally murmured, wrapping an arm around his shaking body.
"We just have to hope for the best."
When the others had gotten back to the Cave, you had just been moved there, after being looked over by Alfred. He joined you in the med-bay, wanting to keep an eye on you. But as of yet, you still had to wake up.
Dick wasn't supposed to be listening to the adult’s conversation, but he couldn't help himself, he had to know if you were going to be okay.
"The situation is undeterminable, sir. But as of now, the flowers that are clogging her respiratory system keep growing. If we don't find a cure for this, it's inevitable that she will suffocate and pass."
His heart stopped. Die? You couldn't die, not when he still had so many things to tell you. For so long, he hadn't told you of his feelings, wanting to keep the relationship between the two of you professional. But now more than anything, he wished he had said something.
There were so many things he didn't get to do with you yet. You had yet to give him a bouquet on your first date. He wanted to lay in bed with you, smelling fresh flowers as you told him what different plants symbolized. He had yet to see moments where you can't control your powers and make plants grow around the cave.
He hadn't even given you a flower yet.
"Rob listen, I did some research on this 'disease'." Wally said, falling into step with him, "It's called the Hanahaki disease."
"That's fiction Wal—"
"But that's the best we've got right now." Came his curt reply and Dick's heart clenched.
"Hanahaki disease is a fictional sickness that only occurs when someone is suffering from unrequited love. The victim will cough up flower petals that symbolize their love. This disease is only cured when the victim's feelings are romantically returned." Wally read off his phone before turning to Dick with a smile.
He raised a brow, "What?"
"You have to kiss (Y/N)!"
"Yep! You have to return her unrequired love!"
"Wally that's ridiculous, kissing someone doesn't cute anything."
"Well, it's the only thing we have. And for (Y/N), we need to try anything." He said, pushing him towards the med-bay. His voice was tight and tense, like he was holding onto his as his last hope and Dick prayed that it would work when the door of your room came into his sight.
You were asleep and if he hadn't known any better, he would've thought you were healthy. Wally closed the door behind him, leaving Dick alone with you. The only sound in was the beeping from your heart monitor and your light wheezing. It was getting harder to breathe.
Dick inched his way closer to you, watching as your eyelashes fluttered gently in your sleep. Leaning over the bed you were lying in; he pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead before moving his head in line with yours.
"God, please let this work." He whispered and your bottom lip was caught between his. It was feather-light but yet, electricity was buzzing through his veins and fireworks went off in his mind.
For a minute, nothing happened and his heart clenched in his chest before he kissed you a little harder. This had to work because they didn't have any other lead. Dick felt you exhale feebly against him and he almost gave up hope.
But then you took a deep breath, stealing the breath from his lungs and he pulled away quickly to see your eyelids fluttering open. The colour was returning to your cheeks and your eyes were sparkling up at him. You smiled gently and he blinked away tears of relief. Thank goodness.
'His eyes are blue' You thought, staring deeply into them. They were beautiful, alluring. You didn't know why but just looking into his eyes was addicting. Was this what it felt like to be so deep in love? That even his eyes were enough to captivate you?
"I'm so glad you're awake." He muttered, cupping your cheeks firmly and planting another kiss on your lips. You giggled lightly, heart overjoyed to find the boy you had been in love with for so long had returned your feelings and you responded to the kiss eagerly, placing your palms over his hands and leaning into him.
With your regaining strength, you felt a flower materialize in your hands. The stem between your fingers brought you comfort just as the scent of the flower brought you back life.
When Dick pulled away, you delicately slipped it into his hands and he turned his attention to it, blue eyes softening when he recognized this particular flower in his hands.
"It's an Aster." You whispered quietly, lips brushing against his and he chuckled. It was the only flower you thought of when he came to your mind, "Get it?"
Dick turned his eyes away from the blossom and looked at you again. Your heart jumped, noticing just how much love he held in them. Eyes you could swim in, overflowing with love for you. Suddenly you were overwhelmed, feeling adoration and attraction. You needed to be closer to him, even though he was pressed against you.
Your fingers curled into his collar and pulled him closer to you, slanting your lips over his in an open-mouthed kiss. Dick gasped against your lips, startled for no longer than a second before sinking against you and wrapping an arm around your waist to pull you closer.
Your lips moved gently against his, the blushing flower trapped between both your bodies. The smell of fresh flowers clouded Dick's mind with everything that was you. Your hair, your smile, your lips. If you kept kissing him like that, he was certain he'd forget his own name.
And then you pulled away and Dick noted that you were as beautiful as a fresh flower. Your skin was glowing with life and your tired eyes were twinkling. You smiled sleepily at him, eyes closing shut and he lowered you back to the bed. Immediately, you slipped back into slumber, exhausted from the day's events.
He watched for a couple seconds, making sure you were able to breathe without any problems before realizing he should tell the others that you were okay.
He slipped out of the room quietly, stealing a final glance of you sleeping peacefully in the bed and a huge smile grew on his face, "She's awake."
It was only then he noticed just how colourful the room had gotten in the few minutes he was with you.
The walls were covered with vines and roses of different colours, camelias and carnations of different shades. It littered the room, not leaving a single inch of the wall untouched and scattered petals all over the floor like confetti.
Different creepers hung from the ceiling, dusting all the superheroes with sparkling pollen and colourful petals. Not to mention there were stems crawling up the Justice League members, flowers hugging their ankles lovingly.
Batman looked a lot less intimidating with petals in his cape and a rose stuck behind his ear. Robin blushed at the sight of everyone giving him knowing smiles.
"We noticed."
Aster: This flower became a symbol of love when in Greek mythology it was placed on the altars for the gods. So now, when you send a bouquet featuring this vibrant bloom, the message of "Take Care Of Yourself For Me" is implied. It conveys deep emotional love and affection for someone.
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peeterparkr · a year ago
burnt|dick grayson.
So here’s the highly requested part two for Still Burning. There will be part three. 
summary: dick and you used to date, but there are still feelings for each other 
part two
pairing: dick grayson x titan!reader
warnings: angsty, fluffy, swearing
word count: 3k
special thanks to @ymeradonnadx​ for helping me out with this. love you girl
read part one here
wanna be tagged on my dick grayson fics? 
Tumblr media
It’s funny how fire works. It spreads. It gives light, but it is never seen as something remotely good. It leaves ashes. And you were walking through them, trying to find the reason as to why someone a) had lit up a fire and b) had it put it out as quick. 
There can be lights that can be sparkled, but sometimes we prefer darkness over any kind of burning fire. It makes sense, to avoid it. In a certain way. 
Dick liked to avoid you, at least. And he had left just after making you feel everything with that stupid dance. And you felt like you were back at 17, nobody understood what had gotten into you. 
A dance. 
He blamed alcohol. You blamed him. 
But he had left. And this wasn’t the first time he’d left, it seemed to you any time you were getting remotely close to each other he’d turn and back away and leave, like when he had on your 21st birthday. 
And it stung like a memory you’d never forget. And it hurt, to think that maybe he felt the same way you did, but he did nothing but push you away. 
Every single day he’d keep pushing you, and pushing and pushing you away over and over again. With small things, like in the mornings where you’d try to say hello and he’d turn cold. How he talked to everyone in the room but you and how any time your eyes landed on him he’d turn stiff. 
You had talked one time. And you knew he wasn’t feeling well either. He had woken up at 3 am and he’d gone to the roof, but you were there, too. You loved being at the roof, staring at the stars. 
“Can’t sleep, huh?” He asked, he had two beers. Maybe he had known you were there, too. 
You shrugged as you took a sip of the beer. “Never been good at that.” 
He chuckled. “Yeah, I remember,” but he turned stiff. “Light sleepers, both of us.” 
“Yeah,” you turned to him. “What about you?” 
“A lot on my mind,” he admitted. “It’s just like I’m 22 again.” 
You shrugged. “Yet it comes to you again, the choice.” 
“Does it?” 
“I know my answer,” you shrugged. 
He sighed. “It wouldn’t work.” 
“What wouldn’t work? Talking about it?” You frowned. 
“Well, do you want to?” 
“I guess I miss the good things, you know? I miss Donna,” you admitted. 
“We were a good team, weren’t we?” He asked. 
“Yes, we’re not that good when we’re apart,” you chuckled. 
“Donna said she felt out sometimes,” Dick said. 
You grinned. “I mean, we were very annoying.” 
He chuckled. “We weren’t, we were...adorable,” he grinned. 
“From the moment we met, I mean, we were always in a rush and we enjoyed the silence,” you grinned. 
“We did, didn’t we? Always sneaking everywhere…” 
You smiled. “I’ve kept it a secret, too.” 
“You have?” 
“Yeah, no one deserves to know we’ve got the world record in loving each other,” you grinned and he blushed. 
“I remember everything,” he declared. “Our first kiss.” 
You took a sip. “You stole the batmobile that night.” 
He laughed. “I can’t believe I asked if I could kiss you, so proper.” 
You nudged him. “Those are pretty cheap, you know,” you gushed. 
“What? Kisses?” 
You winked at him. “Wouldn’t kill you to shut me up with one of those once in a while.” 
He smirked as he laughed. “You’d love that, wouldn’t you? I thought you were going to do it while we were dancing.” 
“Me? Please, only because you were begging me to do so.” 
“Would it be such a sin?” He laughed. 
You shrugged. “I mean, I felt young again, happy but I can’t really see the good things because then I remember everything that happened afterwards.” 
You bit your lip. “I can’t let you hurt me again, Dick Grayson, when you broke my heart,” you scoffed. “Boy, you really got me.” 
He looked down. 
“It was days and days of crying, staring at the ceiling, wanting to find a reason why, I remember just not… Being clear, days were grey, and for me to say that about Gotham,” you chuckled dryly. “I was drowning.” 
He gulped. 
“No, I’m serious, I was such a mess, days were senseless, nights didn’t come and when they did, I couldn’t even go to sleep. No sun, no… nothing. What had I done wrong?” 
Dick bit his lip. “I’m really sorry.” 
“I got over you, don’t worry, Donna was there for me, every day,” you chuckled. “I’m at my best right now, ain’t it?” 
Dick looked down at his beer. “At least one of us did.” 
You coughed, nervously. “Well, why did you break up with me, then?” 
“I was protecting you,” he said. “Still am,” he admitted. “Did you listen to what you just told me?” 
“But I never said you hurt me before that-” 
“I… I realized stuff, alright?” 
You scoffed. “Fine you want to be dramatic and edgy and shit? Alright, go on  up that bullshit, but you know damn well that we were alright until you decided we weren’t. That whole you deserve better bullshit? C’mon Dick, you broke up with me for a reason and until I figure out what exactly-” You stood up. “We can’t really talk about anything.” 
“I had a reason.” 
“Really, what was it?” 
“Does it matter now?” He sighed. “We moved on.” 
“Did we, really?” You questioned him. You sighed. “Look, I can’t… I can’t really have this conversation right now, not when I-” 
“When you what?” 
“What happened that night?” You pushed. “What happened when we danced?” 
Dick gulped. “I… well, I don’t know we were drunk.” 
“Keep telling that to yourself, Richard, maybe you’ll end up believing it.” 
You hadn’t talked since. 
And somehow, it made you want him more, because it seemed challenging but it was tiring knowing that it was one sided. How could you ever still be in love with him when he clearly didn’t want anything to do anymore? 
But really, in this situation, Dick couldn’t be avoiding you. 
You had been...Patrolling. It calmed you, in a way. It was a thing you’d gotten from Gotham, you guessed, in such a mess there was nothing more but to join it and find calm on it. 
You liked watching from the rooftops, now far from Gotham. No city was as chaotic. But it seemed that wherever you and the Titans stepped in, trouble was found. 
You had heard it, and you were walking through the remains of a battle that had gone through your eyes. Who would burn a department store? 
You walked through the mannequins, as Dick followed behind you. You knew he’d be here too, you both had that annoying habit of listening to the police operation. Both of you could rely on it, detectives. 
“There’s no sense in burning the place down,” he commented. “Not the way it was done.”
“Spark a fire and leave? I’d heard that before, I’m not surprised,” you sassed as you stared at the ripped clothes on the floor. 
“So you think it’s normal?” 
“Probably some stupid teenagers, drunk, and having fun. Look at it, there’s no sense of greed or corruption, no violence, it’s a crime for sure…” 
“But not a passionate crime, yes, I…” Dick nodded. 
“There are no patterns, nothing, it seemed like some kids were only trying to spark a fire for fun,” you sentenced. “Always a fire.” 
Dick nodded. “I’ll get the reports made and then,” he gulped. “We’ll...Yeah.” 
He knew you loved speaking in between the lines.
And he was gone again. 
And he had been. And it got grudgier, somehow. He’d avoid you more and more, avoid the rooms you were in, pretend to not listen whenever you spoke. Dick was trying too hard to put out the spark he had caused in you. 
You’d find yourself trying to not wrap your head around it. Because he was getting colder, how can someone light a fire and be so cold. 
And you didn’t want to understand why he was acting that way, you didn’t even try to push it. You just ignored it, because this was him. This was him being the big dick he was, that’s who he is. 
But you knew he couldn’t help but be adorable. 
The city was in ruins, however, lights were out and you had to use candles, all around your place. But it was fine, you loved the candlelight, and you loved darkness. Maybe you’d learned that from Dick, to love the night. 
There were a lot of things you’d got from Dick. You’d be lying if you said he hadn’t marked your life. It showed, from the way you dressed to the way you’d patrol all nights. Dick was a part of you. 
Too bad he didn’t want to be part of it anymore. And the Titans had noticed, but they hadn’t really asked about it. 
Until Kory did. 
“How long will you both keep acting like children?” She asked, joining you in the kitchen, you had some candles lighting up the room, but you remained in your darkness. 
“What?” You faked ignorance. 
“Look, I am not really aware of your situation with him, but you ain’t fooling nobody, clearly there was something there and if you two were adults you’d talk it out and not do that shit.” 
“It’s complicated,” you admitted. “With Richard, honestly, everything is complicated.” 
“You think?” 
“Dick isn’t someone who stays, you know,” you said. “Dick likes danger, and he likes challenges.” 
Kory raised her eyebrow at you. “So what? You guys clearly have the hots for each other, hook up once and that’s it.” 
You looked away. “That would make it more difficult.” 
“So are there feelings involved?” 
You wrinkled your face. “A long time ago, maybe. Maybe there is just a slight spark there still.” 
“I’d know that it takes only a spark to cause a fire,” Kory scoffed. 
“I— Dick,” you sighed. “It was a mistake. It was one when we were young and it’s a mistake now.” 
“You love him, don’t you?” 
“Sometimes we fall in love with the wrong people,” you sighed, looking down. “You can think you’re in love and then you realize, you’re only in pain.” 
Kory was watching you, analyzing what you were trying to say. 
“It sounds stupid, honestly,” you shrugged. “Him and I? He’s… pun intended kind of a dick sometimes, and I’m— I am crazy, ain’t I?” 
Kory chuckled dryly. “Aren’t we all?” 
“But with us, it was always a problem, either me giving too much or him not giving at all,” you bit your lip. “We were always so immature, and we ran out of excuses, you know?” 
“What went wrong?” 
“I don’t know,” you conceded. “I’d love to know. It was all so… spontaneous. Dick likes to take control and with us—neither of us could take control.He blamed Gotham, Batman, and he even blamed me, saying it was for the best.”
“He said that?” 
“I guess we're both so immature when it comes to each other.” 
“Yeah, no shit.” 
“I don’t know if we were in love, or something worse,” you sighed. “Whatever it was, we were meant to fall apart.”
“Do you miss him?” 
You took a deep breath. “I guess, a bit,” you confessed. “I can only wonder if he ever thinks about me and just like me, can’t get the thought out of his head, that not even a cold shower will soothe him, even if it’s—senseless you know? Even if he claimed our relationship was the biggest mistake, I want to know that it was the one mistake he doesn’t regret.” 
Kory stared at you with a side smile, she sighed. “Girl. I truly don’t know what to tell you.” 
“Everything’s been said before.” 
She shrugged. “I know only that you should cut the bullshit and go for it.” 
You scoffed. 
“I know something about him, he likes to take care of people,” Kory admitted. “He is always protecting you the most.”
“But that is bullshit, he said he broke up with me because he wanted to protect me,” you explained. “Where did that lead us?” 
“Tell him then, to cut the bullshit, he clearly has feelings for you.”
A door was opened and you heard a laugh coming from Rachel, probably. Dick, Gar and Rach had been out. Probably another way of Dick to avoid you. Kory just stared at you as they joined you in the kitchen. 
Dick didn’t even give you a glance. 
“Did they figure out what happened?” Asked Kory. 
“Teenagers were playing,” Dick explained. “Y/N—“he coughed.”she was right.” 
You watched him as he had turned around. “What happened, then?” 
“They were playing with candles.” 
You nodded. “Told you, accident, not a crime.” 
Dick didn’t even look at you. 
“Yeah, could’ve happened to anybody,” Rachel said, as she opened a bag of chips, Gar ran over to pop some into his mouth. “Even to us, like right now that we don’t have any lights, or that day you both were messing around with the candle and dancing.” 
You and Dick gave each other a glance. 
“What was that about huh?” Gar questioned. “I’ve never seen you that close, you guys even seemed like friends.” 
“Dick is friends with nobody,” you chuckled, playing it as cool as possible, but you felt like your stomach was burning up. “But—We used to be some sort of friends, weren’t we, Dickie?” 
He gulped. “Yeah.” 
“What happened? You barely talk now….” Rach pointed out. 
“And that’s a great way to put them on the spot, Rach, Gar, come on, let’s leave so they can talk it out, figure it out and then when they’re done I’m sure y/n will pay us the favor by telling us everything,” Kory said as she stood up, ushering Gar and Rachel to leave with her. Dick closed his eyes. “We’re leaving,” Kory announced. “You have the whole house to yourselves!” 
You chuckled, sightly. Just as he was about to leave the room as well, you called him out. “You can’t keep running from it, you know, Grayson, I’m not like all the other parts of your past.” 
He stopped by the doorframe. “I know that.” 
“Are we supposed to talk about it, though?” You asked as he turned around, finally seeing you. 
“About what? Explaining it  to them? I truly don’t want to change the dynamic here, it’s better if they don’t know,” Dick said. “For the sake of the group.” 
“They don’t have to know, you’re right. But don’t I deserve to know?” You asked, you blew a candle off and picked up the other one, standing up walking over to him. “Do you expect me to act normal when we clearly—still… have unresolved business here?”
He took a deep breath, walking away. “It’s in the past.” 
“Maybe, Grayson, maybe,” you crossed your arms. “But I… You can’t...You can’t keep hiding because you feel like you’re going to hurt others.” 
“Look what happened just as we… As the dance thing happened, you haven’t slept, I haven’t slept, it’s for our own sake.” Dick explained, heading to his room. 
“Oh my god, Dick, no, no, you can’t, I feel like I’m 21 again,” you finally raised your voice, stressed. “Do you see it? Don’t you see it?” 
“Get yourself on my shoes, you walk into my house give me a dozen roses, and then you left! You broke up with me! And… You had me wondering, what did I do wrong? I stayed up days, nights, gosh, Grayson, I couldn’t…And I was such a fool! Waiting for you to come back with another dozen roses to take me back.  I didn’t understand it, but you know what I do, now! It’s you! You are the problem!” 
Dick just watched you. “I was too dangerous-” 
“And so am I, we’re both… I’m not proud of things I’ve done, but that’s why we worked, and then you turned into this, whoever you are now!” 
Dick frowned. “And why are you still here?” 
“Because you brought me back to you, Dick, don’t you see it?” You sighed. “You asked me to come with you for a reason, and I came back to you for that same reason.” 
“Dick, you left me there with a broken heart and excuses that you didn’t even understand!” You pushed. “And now you keep ignoring me-” 
And he did what you’d ask him before, he shut you up with a kiss. And it felt like the old times, and suddenly you forgot that you’d stay up each night wondering if he’d come back, you forgot how you’d stay still until the night would fall down on you. And all those lonely days had been erased. 
Because god, how long had you wanted this. And as he pushed you against the wall, and as he ran his hand through your hair, you almost let the candle fall down, but you pulled away. You saw his eyes eating you with lust as he was catching his breath. You blew the candle off as he kissed your neck, peppering you with kisses to your sweet spot on your collarbone. His fingers were tangling with your hair.
And he was coming closer, and closer. And everything was dark, but Dick and you know how to move in the darkness. And even if the candle wasn’t burning, you knew you both were. But, somehow, even if it felt right, burning down the ashes seems wrong. 
But you didn’t care, you needed to feel the sweat running down your body and you needed his lips covering you with tattoos. But there’s a part of you that wanted Dick to feel the way you’ve felt before. 
“Meet me in the bedroom, I’ll be there in five,” you whispered in his ear, and he leaves, eagerly. But you didn’t join him in the bedroom, you left the house, knowing damn well you’d get burnt if you play with fire.
read part one here
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Invisible Alternate Ending
Author: @wordsfromthesol​ Pairing: Damian Wayne x Twin!Reader Summary:  Your decision to not become a vigilante made you invisible to your family. You finally broke down and called Diana for some advice. Warnings: Language Word Count: 738 A/N: I got this request before I wrote part 2, but I just didn’t see the story playing out that way. I felt like Bruce respects/is kinda terrified of Diana. So he would at least try. But I still wanted to write something for this, because I like the idea. Anyways…you can take it as an alternate ending to Invisible, or a whole new story. Up to the reader!
Tumblr media
It had been years since you had seen or spoken to your family…if you can even call them that. Once you went off to college you had no reason to keep in contact with them, what was the point? They didn’t even keep in contact with you when you lived underneath the same roof as them. Though, you supposed Damian did try, for the first few months anyways. But that too fizzled out. In the end you were okay with it, you had gone and made your own family. You wouldn’t have given them a second thought except you’d gone and fallen in love with one of the supers. Much to your chagrin, Jon had insisted on inviting them.
“Y/N, they are going to find out. Isn’t it better to just invite them now?”
“Not really…they lost the right to be part of my life a long time ago.”
“But you know my family is close with them. It’s going to come up.”
“Whatever.” You waved off the notion, tired of arguing on the matter. “But you’re fielding any calls from them. I don’t need to deal with their misplaced anger.”
“Alright fine.”
“Besides, you know Damian will be just as mad at you. You’re his best friend.”
“I mean…he knows I’m dating you?” You raised an eyebrow, as his statement seemed more like a question.
“Does he?”
“He has to. I’m sure I’ve told him.” Jon said with slightly more confidence before he turned and left the room, though he was still unsure.
"WHAT THE FUCK?" Damian stormed into the cave holding a card.
"Geez, Dames, you okay?" Dick questioned his younger brother as he spun around from the computer desk to see what had angered  Damian."
"I think my demeanor already answered your asinine question."
"Okay…what's wrong then?" Damian flung the invitation towards Dick just as the question slipped from his lips.  "Oh, Y/N's getting married. To Jon." Dick's brows furrowed as he assessed the situation. "You didn't know."
"No. Neither of them bothered to inform me of the situation." Damian huffed out as he crossed his arms and collapsed into a nearby chair.
"Well when did you last talk to Y/N?"
"Is that important?"
"Kinda, yeah. Why would you expect her to tell you?" Dick tried to reason with his brother. Though Dick realized he had no right to know, he was still hurt that he was finding out this way.
"We are family." Damian spat out.
"You know as well as I that Y/N hasn't thought of us as family in a long time."
"Irrelevant of her feelings, we are."
"Maybe you should just try calling her."
Damian narrowed his eyes before rolling them and storming back upstairs.
A few days had passed since the invitations went out and you were dreading the inevitable phone call from your family. You had this looming feeling that they would call when Jon was away. You were right. Looking at the buzzing phone at your side, Damian's image glared up at you. Taunting you. You knew even if you didn't answer, they would find a way, so you finally answered.
"This is Y/N."
"Of course it is." You heard your brother's retort echo through your mind, but refused to speak again. "Is it true?" Damian's voice finally rang out again.
"No Damian. Jon and I sent a bunch of wedding invitations to our friends and family as a prank."
The line went dead. The usually irritating noise actually brought a sense of relief. Maybe that's all and you wouldn't have to explain any further…your thoughts came out too quickly. As Damian's face flashed across your screen yet again. You sighed as you clicked the green phone in the corner.
"Was there something else?" You mumbled through the speaker.
"Why didn't I know?"
"Why didn't you call?"
"That is not the same."
"How is it not? If you cared about me, then you would call me, and then you would know that I've been engaged to Jon for six months."
"Six months."
"Yep. He proposed on my…our birthday." The line was silent. Finally you spoke out again, "Look go talk to Jon about this. You're his friend. If I were marrying anyone else, you wouldn't have been invited at all." Before the words could even process in Damian's mind, you hung up the phone. Ignoring the call when his face flashed across your screen yet again.
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Come Back Home
Pairing: Dick Grayson (DC Titans) x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of death and miscarriage
Word Count: 4.5K
Summary: Years after the two of you broke up, Dick Grayson comes back to your life. But he doesn’t know you’ve been hiding a secret all this time.
A/N: @imcarolinashannon​ and I were talking about angst fics so I decided to write this. I probably might do a second part so if you want to be tagged in that then just send me a message or something
Tumblr media
Dick lounged comfortably in Donna’s living room. She promised to meet up with him but unfortunately, she was running late. Dick had no trouble letting himself in and laying down on her couch, waiting for her to get home.
He heard the door open and opted to stay silent, wanting to see her reaction when she realized he had broken in. Technically he hadn’t really broken in but used the key that she hid underneath the doormat.
He silently waited for Donna to come to the living room, feeling childish but at the same time anticipating it.
That wasn’t Donna’s voice.
“Don? You here? The door was left open…”
Dick stiffened. That voice. He’s heard that voice before.
“Don? I—” Your voiced cut off suddenly, whatever was in your hands slipped and fell to the ground. You barely even realized, just hearing a faint thump in the back of your head as the plastic bag hit the floor.
It had been so long.
Dick Grayson hadn’t changed one bit since the last time you had seen him. You on the other hand, looked like age had caught up with you, but in Dick’s eyes you looked as beautiful as the day he last saw you.
That day flashed vividly in his head. You looking beautiful and holding him close to your heart. The ache he felt that day. He couldn’t bear to say anything and break your heart. He couldn’t break your heart again. Saying goodbye to you while you were asleep. Leaving a note on the nightstand.
And then leaving without a second look back.
He never let himself rethink his decision. When he got drunk, he’d shed silent tears when he thought about you, but he’d never let himself call you up. When he got your letters, he’d keep them by his nightstand, but he’d never let himself read it. He feared he’d listen to you and come back.
He didn’t deserve to have you in his life again.
Looking at you again after all these years. He wondered if he made the right decision. He wondered if he should’ve just given into his selfishness. But beyond everything, the void in his heart was made that much more apparent to him when he noticed the way you were looking at him. It was guarded, but at the same time emotional.
It was like you felt something, but you didn’t want to show him.
It was like that for a few seconds, where you were just stuck staring at each other, frozen in time. Neither of you dared to move a muscle. It was calm, too calm. And the two of you were afraid that it would start a storm.
So just as quickly as you came, you backtracked and ran away.
“(Y/N) wait—!” Dick started, moving for you before he could stop himself. He couldn’t let you slip through his fingers. He just needed a few more minutes. A few more minutes to look at you and realize what he gave up. A few more minutes.
But you were already booking it down the hallway when he made it to the door. It was then he found the strength to stop himself. He had to. He couldn’t ask for you to wait. You probably waited a lot already. He couldn’t ask you to wait anymore.
So, he let you slip through his fingers again.
But this time it was him who had to watch you walk away.
And it was only then he realized how much it hurt to be left behind.
When the Titans split up you were the only one who remained in San Francisco. Waiting. Just waiting for someone to return. Anyone.
Everything happened so quickly. Garth was taken from you, as well as Jericho, and everything just changed in the span of a night. The family that you had built had broken and no one seemed to have the energy to put back the pieces together.
You remember the same monotonous days, the days where you couldn’t feel anything, when you just woke up to go back to sleep and slept to pretend that none of this ever happened. It was suffocating and exhausting, but you had no way to pull yourself out into the light.
You remember holding onto your fiancé a little tighter that night, your body shaking even though you weren’t cold. You remember sleeping a little heavier that night, as if your body couldn’t bear to wake up to this existence anymore. You remember feeling cold and empty.
You remember waking up to find the space next to you on the bed empty and you immediately knew what had happened. Dick had taken off. You had known it was coming, for a while now, but you couldn’t seem to believe it.
For a while you just stared at the note he left behind with an emotionless gaze. This week had been hell enough, what was another punch? At least things couldn’t get worse.
For a while you just held the note loosely between your fingers, not bothering to move from your bed. You knew you were supposed to be feeling sad, but your heart couldn’t afford it. You couldn’t feel anything anymore.
So, you just stood up from bed, moving unsteadily to the kitchen, not being able to process anything. You just went to the fridge and got yourself a glass of milk before going back to the couch and turning on the television. It was playing but you weren’t watching it.
The sorrow of losing your best friends and your fiancé didn’t hit you until a few days later. You ran out of milk and were looking for something else to drink. Opening the fridge reserved for alcohol, you grabbed whatever touched your fingers first.
An orange soda.
Then your gaze moved to the diamond ring sitting snugly on your finger. The bottle slipped through your fingers, falling onto the ground along with your body. You held yourself as you cried, screamed for someone to come back. For someone to save you through this loneliness.
You cried for what seemed like forever, until you felt dry and then you cried some more. You couldn’t even bring yourself to get off the floor, letting the sticky orange soda soak into your pants and the glass shards of the broken bottle sink into your legs.
Crying felt like the only thing you were capable of. You weren’t able to do anything else, even consoling yourself was far from your mind. All you could do was mourn the death of your friend and the death of your friendships.
Your breath left your body, your stomach churned painfully and your heart clenched in your chest. You couldn’t stand the thought of saying goodbye. You just couldn’t do what the others had and leave your family in the past. You couldn’t bring yourself to.
So, you waited, for someone to return, for anyone to return. You waited and waited, until it had been engrained into your behaviour, until it had been the first thing you thought about in the morning and the last thing you thought about at night. You waited.
You knew the day would come when this void in your heart would be filled.
If you had just waited.
But you eventually gave up the hope of them coming back, you gave it all up. You figured they would never come back home. That they found new homes. That they forgot about you. At this point you wondered if even one of your family members would return.
Nothing could have prepared you for Donna’s phone call one day. She told you that she was back in town and wanted to see you again. Something told you it was too good to be true. Something else told you to give into your pride and bail on her like she did so many years ago.
But against your better judgement, you still agreed to meet with her.
You weren’t expecting to come face to face with the man who left you behind so many years ago. However unhealthy it may have been, you never let yourself think about how you were really feeling when this devastation hit you.
You never tried to identify your feelings.
Rather, you tried to distract yourself and move forward. And it had worked. Until you made eye contact with Dick and had to wonder whether you should break down, get angry and scream or just be happy and relieved to see him again.
It was something you couldn’t handle. You couldn’t even begin to think about it. You couldn’t.
So, you didn’t have to think twice when your legs stumbled back and sprinted out of Donna’s apartment and out of the building.
Only when you were safely back home did you stop running, ignoring the calls from Donna for the rest of the day and instead drowning your sorrows in orange soda, trying to forget this ever happened.
Donna eventually managed to track you down to your apartment where you were just laying around your couch. While you were feeling overwhelmed to invite her into your home you were also excited to just sit down and talk with her again.
“Hey, (Y/N),” Donna smiled, pulling you in for a hug, “It’s been so long. Nice place you have here.” She commented, taking off her coat as you shut the door behind her.
“Oh, it’ just your run of the mill, one-bedroom apartment.” You said absentmindedly, “You can look around if you want.”
Donna did exactly that, moving to the passageway and then towards the one bedroom. The door was closed and she wondered if she was allowed to enter. You did say that you could look around so it wouldn’t do any harm.
“Hey, um, the door is locked.” She called out to you and there was an awkward beat of silence before you answered.
“Yeah, I, um, I keep the old suit and weapons there. Don’t want anybody to get in there, you know?”
Oh. Well, that made sense.
“Why don’t you come here and we can have a cup of tea of something.”
“So, what have you been up to?” You asked, getting a cup of tea ready for her. It had been a while since you had anyone in your place so you weren’t even sure where the second tea cup was.
“(Y/N), as much as I would love for this to just be a visit, I’m sorry but there’s something important that I have to tell you.”
Donna told you all about how Dick had reinstated the Titans and was actually in the city right now. You had already known that and made a conscious decision to stay far away from them. You had waited and waited and waited for them to return but when you finally moved on, they decide to show up again?
She told you about how each of the original Titans members were being targeted by an assassin, reasons and identity unknown and that she was here to bring you to the base for your protection.
“Listen, Donna, I hung up that suit a long time ago. If you guys are getting targeted then it’s probably because you started to get back into this life again. I’m fine and I haven’t been involved in it for a long time.” You told her.
“Yeah, (Y/N), I know but we all just think it would be safer—”
“Donna, I told you, I’ve moved on. I’m just an elementary school teacher now. No one is out to get me.”
A shot rang out through the apartment and your windows shattered.
The butt of the bullet shined from its hole in your wooden floors. It was a warning shot. And when you turned you saw the silhouette of a man on the roof of the apartment complex next to your building. He hid well and you couldn’t really make out any features.
The man held the gun up to eye level again and you jumped grabbing Donna’s arm and running towards the closet in the hallway before throwing it open and handing her a gun as shots rang out one after the other.
“I thought you said you kept all your superhero stuff in the other room?” She asked, seeing your costume hung in all it’s glory along with a number of weapons and gadgets.
“Is that really important now?!” You shouted, trying to pocket as many weapons as you could and then ran out into the hallway and past the staircase to the other side of the building
“What? (Y/N) what are we doing? The exit is over there!” She shouted, following you through the halls and she heard you click the safety off your gun before shooting at a lock and kicking the door open.
She ran behind you through an empty apartment and then through the window, scaling down the fire escape before making a break for it.
“So, you’re telling me I know have a target painted on my back because the rest of you couldn’t stop playing dress up?” You asked with a furious bite to your voice. The rest of the members held their head down, trying to avoid your gaze.
You were always the mother of the group, looking after people and making sure everyone was okay. But everybody knew when you were angry, there was nothing topping you from ripping them to shreds. The only thing they could do was try their hardest not to agitate you.
Even though none of them were scared of you and they probably could be equally matched with you in a fight. They would probably ever win, because you haven’t been out in the field for a year. But there was just something about your fiery gaze and your sharp voice that made their hearts quicken and them lower their heads in shame.
“(Y/N),” Dawn began with a placating voice, trying to put out your anger, “I know your mad but—”
“Mad?! I’m furious! What the hell were you imbeciles thinking?! Oh, let me guess, absolutely nothing!”
Usually when you were this angry, the team would send Dick your way, knowing that you could never stay angry with him for long. Even though years have passed and your relationship was now broken, it seemed like their strategies were still ingrained into their minds.
“(Y/N), look we just—” Dick began, moving towards you gently so he could hold you but you snapped at him, glaring at him so harshly that he actually took a few steps back and sat back into his seat.
“Oh, shut up, daddy issues! I don’t even wanna start with you!”
Hank immediately stood up then, getting annoyed with you constantly yelling at him. He was a grown man, why should he have to hear you shout at him like he was a little kid?
“Look, (Y/N), none of us—”
“Sit! The fuck! Down!”
No one could appreciate how funny Hank looked, slinking back to his seat like a kicked puppy.
“I seem to recall all of you saying that you wanted to leave this life behind! And now because none of you could actually give it up, my apartment is trashed, all my stuff probably has bullet holes and now I’m stuck here with no clothes, no stuff and all of you!”
“I could lend you some clothes if you like.” Donna said meekly from beside Dick, trying to lighten the atmosphere.
“Oh, well all of my problems are solved! Thank you so much!”
“I can’t believe this.” You murmured with a quiet voice and the rest recognized that you were finished with yelling. To be quite honest it was just a lot to process. You thought you had left these monsters in the past. It felt like they were trying to pull you back in by your ankles.
“I’m sorry.” Dick spoke up quietly and you sighed, seeing how ashamed he looked. He probably felt horrible, and that didn’t excuse him, but you couldn’t bear to keep yelling when you knew they felt apologetic towards you.
Maybe that’s why you were always being taken advantage of.
“Not like we can do anything about it now.” You said quietly, not making eye contact with either of them and instead just turning around and walking out of the mission room, briefly passing Rachel as you made your way to the kitchen.
You needed a shot.
Rachel stepped into the room once you left with a dazed look, clutching her arm that brushed against you as you walked out. It didn’t go unnoticed by the others.
“Rachel? Is everything okay?”
“I—” You started but then stopped herself, not quite understanding what she was feeling, “Yeah, I’m fine.”
You were formally introduced to the rest of the team by the end of the day. Dick watched with a gentle smile as you made witty banter with Jason and told Gar how adorable he was as he blushed.
“Hi, I’m Rachel.”
“Hey, Rachel, I’m (Y/N), it’s nice to meet you.” You smiled and held out your hand for her to shake. As soon as her skin came into contact with yours a gasp l4eft her lips.
Behind her closed eyelids she saw bits and pieces of your memories. She saw you writing letters. Even though you weren’t speaking she could hear what you were writing in her head. It was just bits and pieces of you writing letters but she could feel all the emotions that you felt as you wrote it down.
‘Hey love, it’s (Y/N), I love you, please come home.’
‘Dick it’s been weeks, please come home. There’s been something I’ve been meaning to tell you, and I was hoping I could do it in person but I can’t. Dick, I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant with your child so I need you to come home. Please.’
You sent an ultrasound along with the letter and behind it in your handwriting was ‘Please, come home, our baby needs you.’
‘Dick, I want to fly out to Detroit and see you but my Doctor says it isn’t safe for me to fly. I’m about 3 months along and I just heard his heartbeat today. I’m so scared of doing this alone, Dick. I can’t do this alone. Please come home. I need you.’
‘I don’t know if you’re even reading my letters, Dick, but I’m going to keep sending them. If it’s the only way I can talk to you then I’m going to keep sending them. I’m craving a lot of sweets, so if you decide to come home all you need to do is bring back a s’more or something to get me to forgive you, okay? I’ll forgive you, I promise, just please come back home.’
‘I found out the sex of the baby today. It’s gonna be a boy. Dick, we’re gonna have a son and I don’t think I can raise him without you. Please come back home, let’s raise our son together. Please just even call me, or even just sending me a letter back is enough. Something. Anything, Dick, please.’
‘He’s starting to kick more often now, he’s really very active. He loves it when we watch your favourite movie. I don’t know why but I can feel it when we watch it together. He feels happy. Come back home and you can feel his kicks yourself. You don’t know how amazing that feels until it happens. I talk to him a lot; I tell him about you and I know he probably doesn’t understand but It feels like he does. I’m so scared to do this alone, Dick, I don’t think I can. Would you please come home now?’
‘I’ve been getting these things called Braxton Hick’s contractions. They were scary and new but apparently nothing to worry about. That’s what the doctor’s say but I can’t help but get scared, you know? It was absolutely heart-breaking to have to get myself to the hospital. I have friends, but let’s face it, none of them can actually take on the burden of having a child. And I couldn’t ask them to. I still love you, Dick. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Our son, he feels so familiar, like there was a piece of you left behind. I’m starting to lose hope of you coming back, but I’m still going to keep writing letters because our son needs his father.’
Scenes flashes one after another and her head began spinning with images and she felt dizzy. Eventually her head cleared up and her eyes focused on your staring at her with concerned eyes.
“Rachel, is everything okay?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah I’m fine.”
“Are you sure, you blanked out for a second there.”
Yeah, Yeah I’m fine.”
You seemed to buy her explanation and left the room along with the boys when they offered to show you around. Rachel still stood in the middle of the kitchen, seemingly frozen.
Dick walked up to her, putting a hand on her shoulder and that seemed to pull her out of her trance but she still seemed pretty shaken up.
“Hey, is everything okay?”
“She sent you letters, didn’t she?”
His brows furrowed as he scanned her face. There was something about it that he couldn’t pin-point, that he couldn’t read. It didn’t surprise him that she knew that you had written letters to him but what surprised him was that she asked about it. Usually, she never did.
“Yeah, she did.”
“You never read them, did you?” She asked again, meekly, breaking eye contact with him. She sounded disappointed and hurt but he couldn’t understand why. Maybe if he just explained the situation to her, she would understand.
“No, I never did.” He was going to tell her why. He was going to explain himself. But just as the moment came, Rachel started pulling herself away, moving towards her bedroom like she was lost.
“You should have.”
After his conversation with Rachel, Dick wondered what could have been in those letters that made her so shaken up. That made her distance herself from him for the next few days. It was heart-breaking to watch her pull away from him whenever he wanted to talk.
The longer Rachel distanced herself from him, the longer he wondered what exactly was in those letters. Rachel seemed to think that he should have read those letters, but what could’ve been in there that was so terrible?
Obviously, you were well and you looked like you had completely turned your life around, so what could it have been that Rachel thought he should find out about even after all these years?
The curiosity was enough to make him find those letters but not enough to give him the courage to read them. But he still needed to, he absolutely had to, so he opened the first letter you ever sent him.
Around an hour later, all the letters were opened and scattered around his bed. Nothing was going through his head. He didn’t even here you when you called him for dinner from the kitchen.
“Dick? Dinner’s ready. What are you….?” It was then you noticed the opened letters sitting on his bed, “What is this?”
“The letters you sent me.” He told you, his voice cracking and your breath caught. Your first emotion was to run away, to run far away but at the same time it felt like your feet were bolted to the floor. Dick looked up at you and you vaguely noticed the tears in his eyes.
For the first time, it felt like he finally understood how much leaving you had hurt him. He finally realized that he did more harm than good by leaving you. That he was missing out on his life’s greatest dream by leaving you. That while he was missing you, were begging him to come back.
“We have a son…” He started and you flinched, taking a sharp breath but not moving from your place in the doorway with your arms wrapped around your waist to protect yourself from what was going to come.
“I—I can’t believe this.” He spoke again and you bit your lip. Was he going to scream? Shout? Was he going to tell you that you should’ve aborted it? He stood up, albeit on shaky legs but still made his way towards you, keeping a few feet of distance between you.
You were scared of how he would react. You were worried about what he would say.
“I want to meet—”
“You can’t.” You said firmly, clenching your jaw hard as your nails dug into your palms. This was possibly the worst thing he could’ve said.
“Look I know that I shouldn’t have left. I realize that now. It was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my entire life and I’m sorry. But he’s my son too, please let me—”
“I lost it.” You murmured, not being able to meet his eyes and instead just lowered your eyes, “I lost our son.”
Just like that, Dick Grayson’s world began to crumble before his eyes.
“I woke up one night, in a pool of blood,” You spoke, screwing your eyes shut as you tried to fight the onslaught of tears. Dick immediately pulled you into a hug and you didn’t fight it, instead you fisted his shirt in your hands to keep you in this world and keep you from reliving that day.
 “I called the ambulance and even though they got me to the hospital and did first aid, he was already gone when I got there.” You cried into his neck and his arms were tight around your shaking form, but he was shedding silent tears into your hair.
“It wasn’t your fault.” He said, voice cracking with guilt and a sob broke through you.
“That’s what everyone else said. But—I just—Can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if I had just been more careful. If I had taken care of myself more. If I had tried harder. We would still have our baby boy.”
“It wasn’t your fault.” He said once more, firmly this time, that you almost began to believe him.
“I was his mother. I was supposed to protect him. I failed.”
“I was his father. I was supposed to protect the both of you. I’m sorry I failed you.” He wanted to tell you that he loved you. The words were just on the tip of his tongue. But he couldn’t bring himself to. He couldn’t say it. He didn’t deserve to love you. And he didn’t deserve to tell you.
“I’m sorry (Y/N).” He said again before he broke down and the two of you fell to the floor, crying in each other’s arms.
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He gets Drunk (Batboys + Bruce)
Tumblr media
Bruce Wayne:
You had never seen Bruce so drunk, Clark, Oliver and him were taking back drinks like they were nothing at this charity gala. You watched as the group of men turned into slurring and stumbling hot messes. You, Lois and Felicity started calling it a night when Oliver and Bruce started debating on who has the bigger fortune. You and felicity grabbed your respective billionaires as they were debating on who has the better car. 
“One word Oliver.” Bruce’s voice was strict and low as you all entered the empty parking lot “Batmobile.” Clark burst into a fit of laughter as he was telling Oliver he could never top that one. 
“Okay, okay, time to get you to your room Bruce. Now get in the car before you blow your secret identity.” You scolded him as you opened the passenger door to the luxurious sports car. “In.” Your eyes narrowed giving a look that could scare anyone, and it did, Oliver was so scared he was making his way to sit in the passenger seat. “Not you.” You sighed putting up your hand to stop him. “Bruce, now.” Bruce said goodbye to Clark and Oliver and you said goodbye to the girls as you both went into the car. You looked over at your husband who had his head back in the passenger seat, he looked like he was going to fall asleep any second. “You look like you had fun Bruce.” You smiled at him, grabbing his hand in yours as you were driving back to the hotel the two of you were staying at.
“It’s Mr. Wayne.” He said coldly snatching his hand from you. You gave him a baffled look for a moment before looking back on the road. What the hell did he just say to you? You brushed it off deciding maybe he’s just drunk and didn’t mean it. He avoided eye contact with you the entire car ride, his arms were crossed as he leaned as far away from you as possible, almost as if you had the plague or something. You pulled up to the valet and you and Bruce hot out of the car. You went to go help your wobbly husband but he pulled his arm away from you and insisted he was fine. The two of you walked to your hotel suite but somehow only you made it to the bedroom. You sighed getting fed up with your husbands cold attitude so you decided to slip off your dress and put on the sexy red lingerie that hugged all your curves ever so beautifully. You had packed it especially for tonight, a night with the two of you together and free from parenting and vigilante duty. He couldn’t possibly be able to ignore you in this little number. 
You walked out to the living area of the suite to find your husband on the couch. He turned to look at you and gave you a cold glare before getting up to walk away from you. You huffed angrily as you walked up to him, grabbing his shoulder and forcing him to turn around. “What the hell is up with you Bruce? What did I do to you?” Tears welled up in your eyes, what could it be? “Was it about the car earlier? You know I wasn’t actually upset-” 
“No, no.” His voice cut through your panicked rambling, his eyes landing on you almost demanding his attention. His face was stiff and serious, his lips pressed in a firm line. “Listen, you are a very stunning woman. But I am married and there is not a woman alive I would choose over my wife." A giggle slipped past your lips as you realized how hammered Bruce was. He really didn’t realize you were his wife. Bruce gave you a stern look as you continued to giggle. “This isn’t a laughing matter. My wife is a fiery woman and if she knew you have been making advances on me all night, well it wouldn’t be pretty.” That made you laugh a little bit more. Once you finally composed yourself you smiled softly at him.
“I’m so sorry Mr. Wayne, you’re wife is a very lucky woman.” you walked back to the bedroom where you tucked yourself in. You needed to text Alfred and tell him how drunk Bruce is, he’ll get such a kick out of this. Just as you unlocked your phone Bruce walked back in the room. “Bruce? what are you doing in here?” You asked wondering why he followed you in the bedroom.
“Its very drafty out there.” He said pulling off the spare blanket and pillow of the bed throwing them on the floor. He kneeled down on the ground as he started to lay on the floor he looked at you with a warning glance. “I’m going to sleep down here so don’t try anything, okay?” He then placed his head on the pillow and pulled the blanket up over himself. 
“Yes of course.” You snapped a picture of him to send to Alfred as proof but turned your attention back to Bruce when he started talking.
“You know my wife isn’t the lucky one.” he faced the other direction but his husky voice filled the whole room. “I’m the lucky one to have her.” Your heart fluttered as you heard those words, a smile stretched widely along your whole face. “She’s like my anchor if I didn’t have her I’d be lost. I’d do anything for her you know, I love that woman more than she will ever know.” His eyes closed and you could hear his quiet snores fill the room.
“Trust me Mr. Wayne she knows.” You tucked yourself in an erased the image before placing your phone down for the night falling soundly asleep thinking about how funny it will be in the morning when you tell him why he is sleeping on the floor. 
Tumblr media
Dick Grayson:
You had heard from the rest of the young justice team that Dick had been a party animal in his college years, but you just hadn’t believed that Richard Responsibility Grayson could ever let loose or go wild. That was until you decided to throw Artemis a 21st birthday party at your apartment. Of course everyone was having fun and letting loose but Wally and Dick were really going at it like it was a competition, taking shots and chugging drinks left and right.
“Dick, maybe you should slow down.”  Has come out of your mouth more times tonight than anything else that night. The party was coming to an end now and  you couldn’t find Dick or Wally anywhere. So as people were leaving you decided to search for your boyfriend. You checked the bedroom, closets, the living room, kitchen, the balcony, then finally you made it to the bathroom, where you finally found both men passed out. Dick was hanging out of the bathtub with empty beer cans surrounding him and Wally was just passed out on the floor. 
“Dick!.” You said shaking him awake. He looked at you and then his surroundings very confused. 
“H-hey wait thi-is isn’t my bed.” He sat up making a ruckus with the cans waking up Wally in the process. 
“No it isn’t.” You helped him get out of the tub since he was so wobbly. “Why don’t we get you in there okay?” 
“Babe was Megan surprised?” He asked making you look at him like he had ten heads.
“Dick the party was for Artemis and it wasn’t even a surprise party.” You told him as he leaned on you barely able to walk, he stumbled as the two of you stepped out of the bathroom but you managed to catch him. “Oh god you are so white girl wasted, I miss Richard Responsible Grayson.”
“Hey! I-I am n-not white girl wasted-d.” He tried to tell you but his slurring only proved your point. “I-I’m totally fine, look I’ll go say happy birthday to Bruce r-right now.” He unwrapped himself from you stumbling along the walls until he reached a black lampshade that kinda looks like batman if your incredibly wasted. You watched amused as Dick wrapped his arm around it. “Geez Bruce you never-r take a br-reak do yo-u? Anywas man, h-happy thanksgiv-ing. I love ya ma-man.” He patted the lampshade knocking it over before stumbling back to you, falling into your arms as he tightly embraced you. “Babe this is th-the b-best Christmas ever. I lov-ve you so mu-ch.” 
You truly had no idea what to even say to him right now, he was so out of it. He could barely walk and had no idea what was going on around him. You just smiled at him putting you arm around him and continued to the bedroom. “I love you too Dick.” You said as you opened the door. “Now why don’t you lay down while I clean up.” You said helping him lay down but fell down yourself when his hand pulled you down. 
“Forget the m-mess Alfred will-l do it. C-come cuddle with m-me instead.” He said as he placed your hand into his hair and his head on your chest trapping your body under his weight. 
“But Dick he isn’t your butler anymore.” You told him laughing a tiny bit, but stopping as you saw his eyes start to well up with tears. 
“Oh man th-this is the wor-st-st Birthday ev-ver.” He said wiping his the tears that fell from his eyes. You kissed his forehead and wiped his tears away. 
“Its okay honey. Why don’t we just cuddle okay?” You said trying to cheer him up. It sure worked because his smile grew and eyes lit up and he held you close to him. A chuckle from you broke the silence and Dick looked up at you curiously. 
“What he asked, his tired eyes full of curiosity. 
“Oh nothing, I just remembered we don't have any Tylenol.” You told him thinking about how badly he will need it tomorrow. 
Tumblr media
Jason Todd: 
“Hey honey, sorry I’m late I wanted to surprise you with a cake from that little bakery around the corner but they were so busy so it took so long to get the cake frosted and I- What are you doing?” You walked into your shared apartment to see Jason sitting on the kitchen floor with a lit cigarette in his mouth and a cup of scotch in his hand. You sighed putting his birthday cake on the table and picking up the empty bottle off the floor next to him and putting it on the kitchen table as well. Jason still didn’t say anything or acknowledge your presence so you sat next to him taking his free hand in yours and leaning your head on his shoulder. “Jaybird, what are you doing?” You asked as you played with his hand. 
“Drinking, smoking, drinking and smoking at the same time.” He replied dully, you could smell the alcohol on his breath from where you were sitting. You watched as he took another drag of his cigarette and then another sip of his scotch, not even wincing as it burned his throat. Your hand reached for his cup, gently taking it out of his hand. Then held it in front of his mouth cueing him to drop his cigarette into it which he did, putting it out. 
“I think you’ve had enough to drink Jay, plus this is a smoke free apartment.” You said getting up and placing the glass down on the kitchen table and grabbing the beautifully frosted white cake you had just gotten with ‘Happy Birthday Jason’ written out perfectly across it. “Plus I really want you to see the cake I got you, it’s your favorite.”
“Is it a marbled cake with white buttercream frosting?” Jason asked you, still seated on the kitchen floor. You smiled as nodded as you sat down next to him holding cake next to him. “Ha, I remember on my 13th birthday Alfred woke me up and told me I was late for breakfast. When I got down to the kitchen Bruce was there with this cake for me, a white buttercream frosted marble cake. I didn’t know what to do, I was never use to getting cakes on my birthday, but Alfred lit a candle and Bruce told me to make a wish. I never wised on a candle in my life before then, I thought good things don’t happen to kids like me. But in that moment when Alfred and Bruce were watching me, with smiles on their faces I made a wish. I wished that I could have that forever.” His voice cracked and you could see the tears in his eyes. You placed the cake down next to him and wrapped your arms around his side. 
You knew he was most definitely drunk at the moment and was finally letting his feelings flow freely, so you just held him and let him continue as your hand rubbed calming circles into his back. You knew his strained relationship with Bruce was tearing him up inside even though he would never admit it. “I’m sorry Jay. I know you must really miss Bruce, It’s okay to be upset.” Jason laughed making you look up at him .
“Upset? Why would I be upset? Sure we had our good times but he stopped caring about me the second I died. He replaced me, he let the joker go to Arkham for my death. He’s hated me since I got back. He didn’t even call to say happy birthday.” He slammed his fist down to what was meant to be the ground but was unfortunately the cake you had gotten him. A little pang of hurt hit your heart over the cake but it truly wasn’t about that, you were more focused on the hurting young man in front of you. You grabbed his arm comfortingly taking his fist out of the cake and using your free hand to make him look at you.
“He was like a father to you Jason. You have every right to be upset about how things are now, but don’ t say he didn’t care about you. He went on a downwards spiral when you died, your death destroyed him. He didn’t replace you when you died Tim found him. He broke every bone in the Jokers body and had to stop himself from killing him. And he doesn’t hate you Jay, he hates what you do. Jay I think Bruce somewhere under his male pride cares about you just like you care about him.” Jason listened as you talked to him, laughing at your last sentence.
“Yeah right.” He stood up stumbling a bit as he made his way to the sink. And washing the cake off his hand. “I’m sorry about the cake, I guess I have a way of ruining my birthdays.” He apologized as he was drying his hand. You gave him a small smile. 
“It’s okay Jay, why don't you sit down and I’ll get you some water okay?” He nodded and took a seat at the table, you got him a glass of water and handed it to him. “Plus its not all ruined, at least we’re together.” You said as you took a seat in his lap wrapping your arms around his neck giving him a soft kiss, the taste of scotch still on his breath. “Happy birthday Jaybird.” Jason gave you a small smile as he wrapped his arm around you. 
“Thank you doll.” Jason said leaning up to kiss you again but this time getting interrupted by someone knocking on the door. “Do we have to get it?” Jason said mere inches away from your lips. You giggled pecking his lips before easily slipping of his drunken grasp and making your way to the door. Upon opening the door you saw a man dressed in a uniform to a restaurant you couldn’t even name. 
“Delivery for Jason Todd.” You looked at the white box and card in hand. You looked back at Jason who was at the kitchen table trying to drink the glass of water but completely missed his mouth, spilling it all over himself. 
“I can take it.” You said deciding having Jason come get it in his state was probably not the best decision. You signed for it and took the box from the man saying thank you before shutting the door. “Jaybird someone sent you something.” You said placing the box in front of him, taking his half empty cup of water away from him before he spills it again.
Jason looked at you a little confused before opening the box revealing a gorgeous white frosted cake that read ‘Happy Birthday Jason’ across it in blue frosting. “When did you ordered another one?” Jason asked confused but you raised your hands up in defense
“Wasn’t me.” You walked up behind him peeking over his shoulder as he struggled to open the card. Once opened you read the card and smiled ‘Happy birthday Jason. Make a wish. -B.W.’ You looked over at Jason to see a tear slipping from his eye you couldn’t help but ask aloud in disbelief “Are you crying?” Jason immediately wiped his eyes 
“What? No? I just have like dust or something in my eye.” He said denying his emotions, you giggled kissing the top of his head. Who knew getting Jason drunk would get him so in touch with his emotions. 
“Of course not.” You grabbed a single candle from the drawer and stuck it in the cake, lighting it with a lighter you found in there as well and began singing happy birthday to him, your voice filling the empty apartment, his arm looping around your waist happily. Once you finished singing Jason blew out the candle. “What did you wish for?” You asked cutting him a slice of cake placing it in front of him.
“To have this forever.” He answered smiling at you, he then pulled you into his lap and kissed you. “Now where were we?”
Tumblr media
Tim Drake: 
“I love you” Tim told you for what felt like the millionth time tonight, as you two walked into the kitchen at mount justice, you two were jut getting back from a night out with the young justice team and a lot of them retired off to bed for the night. Except for you and Tim, he was completely trashed and you wanted to get him some coffee to try and sober him up. 
“I love you too Tim.” You said kissing him, his soft lips taste like the cheap beer he’s been drinking all night. He smiled happily wrapping his arms around you and placed his head on yours as he kissed the top of your head. 
“No (Y/N), like I love you, love you” He said not making much sense.
“Timmy what does that even mean?” You asked looking up at him, pulling away from the hug so you can see his face. Tim eyes were lost in a drunken haze but the softness in his face and the goofy smile he wore told you he was as happy as he could be. He lovingly pulled you closer to his chest again as he let out a small chuckled. 
“Your so silly (Y/N). It means that I love you so so so much. Like more than anything I could think of.” Tim stumbled a little bit so you decided to have him take a seat in the empty room. You told him you loved him so so much again and then began making him a coffee. “I love the way you make my coffee too.” His voice caught your attention and you saw how sleepy he looked   with his head rested on the counter and his eyes just resting shut as he smiled. “I love the way you laugh, and I love how you smile so wide when your excited. I love how I can always count on you to brighten up my day. I love how you laugh at my jokes even when they aren’t funny. I like love you love you. I can’t imagine my life without you. If I didn’t have you it would be like I’m missing a piece of me.” Your heart soared as you listened to him, happy tears glazed over your eyes as you smiled at him. You placed his coffee down in front of him and cupped his face in your hand. his tired eyes opened and he gave you a soft smile. You slowly brought your lips to his and gave him a soft kiss.
 “Well then I love you love you too.” his smile grew as he gave you another peck before pulling away and taking a sip of his coffee. Just then you heard a snort from the corner of the room. You didn’t need to turn around to know who it was. 
Damian came into frame right behind Tim. He patted his shoulder as he told him “Who knew that some cheap beer would turn Drake softer than a marshmallow.” Tim swatted his hand away and looked at you with big puppy dog eyes.
“I’m not a marshmallow! Right (Y/N)?” You looked at Tim as you realized Damian had a point, but you weren't going to tell him of course. Why would you? He would be so crushed in his current state. 
“No baby, you’re not a marshmallow.” You promised him as you gave a warning look to Damian who huffed before walking away. “Come on Timmy let’s go to bed.” You said helping him up by supporting him with an arm around his side. He nodded and followed you, upon making it to your room he plopped down on the bed as his eyes felt heavy. You slid in next to him and placed your head on his chest listening to the steady beat of his heart. 
“Have I told you that I love you?” Tim’s raspy and tired voice broke the silence making you smile against his chest. 
“I think you mentioned it once or twice.”
Tumblr media
Damian Wayne:
“You didn’t!” You yelled at Jason hitting his arm.
“He totally did!” Tim said laughing leaving Dick who just walked in very confused.
“Oh god, who did what? What’s broken? Does Bruce know? Should I leave now before it gets blamed on me?” Dick said panicking, looking around for anything out of place at the manor.
“Relax Dickie boy, Bruce is out of town with the league.” Jason said walking over to Dick and putting his arm around him. “I just decided to pull a little prank on our baby brother that's all.” he said nonchalantly. 
“You got my boyfriend shitfaced! That's not a very nice prank Jason! Especially not on date night.” You said scolding him. 
“What Damian is drunk?” Dick said as he started looking around the manor for him. “Where is he? Is he okay? Jason your so dead for this.” 
“He’s fine I gave him a deck of cards he’s in the kitchen building a fort with them.” Tim said making Dick change directions to the kitchen. 
“Okay someone tell me how this happened.” Dick said standing outside the door to the kitchen. 
“Okay so I had some Coke and Captain Morgan and you know how the demon spawn is, rude, demeaning, hateful, the literal devil at times. Anyways he was going on about how drinking soda is probably the reason all my brain cells are gone and how he will never drink soda-” 
“Well that's not the reason all your brain cells are gone but go on.” Dick interrupted him not wanting to miss the opportunity to tease his younger brother. 
“Anyways, I told him that the reason he doesn’t drink soda is because he is such a baby and can’t handle the taste of it. So he told me he wasn’t a baby and downed my drink, and of course he made a face because of the Captain Morgan so I told him I was right and then he demanded more to prove to me I was wrong. Long story short he’s had about six Cokes with Captain Morgan in them. Oh and for the record, I didn’t know it was your date night.” Jason said matter of fact and then opened the door to the kitchen to reveal your boyfriend standing on the kitchen table with a huge house of cards next to him and six empty boxes of cards on the floor.
“Holy shit.” Tim said catching Damian’s attention. Damian’s once concentrated face was warm and happy as he spotted you. 
“Beloved!” He stepped down off the table and ran over to you, picking you up in a hug and kissing you on the cheek. “Oh date night! I almost forgot! Let me just finish this house of cards, I just need to find the last card and then we can go.” He said looking around for the card that you couldn't help but notice was stuck on his forehead. You couldn’t really wrap your head around what was happening. Damian was clearly drunk, running around and showing affection so openly, a literal ace of diamonds stuck to his forehead, but he somehow managed to build the Eiffel Tower in cards. 
“Uh I think I found it Dami.” You said pulling it off his head and handing it to him, making the smile on his face grow like a child on Christmas.
“Thank you my love.” He said kissing you. “Tim do you want to help me put it up?” He asked his older brother who was clearly shocked that he called him by his first name and wanted to include him in something. Tim reluctantly nodded helping his younger brother. You looked back at Dick and Jason who were also shocked by what the saw. 
“Oh no I don't like this I want the devil back.” Jason said and Dick was so speechless he just nodded, until his eyes got bright when an idea came to his head. Tim and Damian got down from the table and began walking back over to you but Damian came to a halt when Dick ran over and hugged him. Everyone’s jaw dropped upon seeing Damian actually hug him back. 
“Okay this is too freaky.” You said walking up to them and pulling them apart. “Come on Dami, lets get you to bed and I’ll put on some movies while I make you a coffee.” You said dragging him behind you as he looked at you lovingly. 
“Anything you want beloved.” He followed you all the way up to his room, and hopped into his bed waiting for you to put the movie on. After you put on something for him you were on your way out of the room until Damian stooped you. “Beloved wait.” You turned back to him and sat next to him on the bed.
“Yes Dami?” You asked. Damian grabbed your hand in his and  began fiddling with your fingers. 
“Well it was nothing important but I just wanted to tell you I love you and you look beautiful tonight and I’m very sorry I forgot about date night.” His eyes were full of a mix of emotions but you just smiled and kissed him gently, reassuring him that it was okay. 
“It’s okay Dami, don’t worry about it, I’ll be back up in a minute okay? Then we can watch the movie together and cuddle for a bit okay?” You said tucking him in under the blanket. You got up to go back down to the kitchen but halted again when you heard Damian. 
“Oh and Beloved?” he asked you looked at him with a questioning look “Would you mind taking a picture of my card tower? You know how Jason is, he doesn’t have enough brain cells in his head to not knock it over.” You let out a giggle at his comment before nodding. 
“Of course Dami.” 
Author’s Note: pls tell me which one was your favorite, they’re all so different and I actually am so happy with how this came out and love them all. 
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outoftheframework · 2 years ago
the batfamily on vine
The batfam on vine
account name: realbrucewayne, followers: 565k
- Bruce’s kids started this account in his name
- Often the vines are the kids dressed up like Bruce saying increasingly ridiculous things
      -“What the FUCK does Wayne Enterprises actually do? Well, I’m not so sure. Welcome to my TED talk.”
      -“I like my women like I like my coffee: name-brand and tasteless.”
            -Steph did that one and couldn’t get through it without laughing
- The most popular post on the account is when they actually got Bruce to say “I don’t know, we have butlers for that.” when they asked him how to make boxed mac and cheese.
Account name: timmyd’s, followers: 738k
- Run by and solely starring Tim Drake
- He was created five (5) separate viral memes
      -He turned down an invitation to appear on Ellen to discuss them
            - (he did talk to Dr. Phil, though)
- Uses his classical training in both violin and piano to make Seth Everman-like posts
Account name: batbratz, followers: 2.7 million
- Babs created an encrypted account for them so they can post safely while on patrol and not risk revealing their locations
- Many shitposts from very long, slow nights in Gotham
      -Nightwing recreating the iconic Ron Stoppable scene where he shoots his grapple and it rips off his pants
      -They all try to harmonize in increasingly higher pitched singing voices, leading to Damian screaming at the top of his lungs and waking all the bats up
      -Tim pretending to push Jason off a building, only to catch him before he falls
            -Jason immediately whips around and throws Tim off the ledge
      -This post is immediately followed up by a stealthy shot of Batman screaming that the “stupid little video app is banned from now on”
            -They post six more vines that night
- They often do their best villain impressions
      -Steph has a KILLER Penguin laugh
Account name: dinewithalfred, followers: 213k
- Dick introduced Alfred to vine and made him an account
- He doesn’t fully understand it still but he starts gaining popularity quickly
- He makes posts about his classic recipes
- People beg him to make a YouTube channel for full recipes
Account name: gotham_girls
- Featuring Babs, Cass, Kate, and Steph (and is mostly run by her)
      -(and sometimes Selina)
- Lots of roasting the boys
      -“And here we have a dirty sock in the middle of the goddamn kitchen because why the hell not-“
      -Steph tries impersonating Damian but ends up sending a katana through the wall
- Parody makeup tutorials and Cass is always the model
      -“Batman nightlife look”
            -It’s literally just black eye shadow caked around Cass’ eyes
      -“Bruce Wayne look for any time of day”
            -Barbara draws angry eyebrows onto Cass
Thanks for the request 🌈 this was a fun one
Requests open for DC, Marvel, and the Umbrella Academy (TV) :)
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