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#dc titans x reader
cipheress-to-k-pop · 10 days ago
DIY Nerf Gun
Jason Todd x Reader (Drabble)
A/N: idk where this idea came from don't ask
Tumblr media
"You loaded my guns with tampons?!" Jason hissed, incredulously as if he couldn't believe it himself and you blushed, unable to hide your giggles even though he was glaring at you.
"Well, my sister came over and we wanted to play with nerf guns but we're both broke so I thought I'd DIY them." You explained, shrugging but you still found the situation hilarious. You could only imagine the look on Dick's face when you told him.
"I was caught in a stand-off with a gun-man!! Want to know what happened when I shot him with a tampon?"
The look of amusement was wiped off your face, "Did he hurt you?"
"No! He started laughing so hard I knocked him unconscious before he could aim!"
You grinned, "Problem solved!"
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forloveandweasley · a year ago
tongue-tied 🦋 dick grayson
⤷ ❝ 𝒘𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝔭 𝔯 𝔦 𝔫 𝔠 𝔢 𝔰 𝔰?
𝒄𝒂𝒕 𝒈𝒐𝒕 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒕𝒐𝒏𝒈𝒖𝒆? ❞
warnings: smut, dirty talk, daddy!kink
↳ 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | request here ↲
Tumblr media
It was an understatement to say Dick Grayson had stolen Y/N's heart. He wasn't the ideal man Jason would've imagined for his best friend. Kind of because of the age gap and kind of because of the fact he had a strained relationship with his brother. After a couple months, Jason warmed up to the fact that Dick had feelings for his best friend and pulled down his guard. Y/N looked at Dick like he put the stars in the sky. Her eyes practically held comical hearts and turned a pinker as she longingly dazed over the man she loved. The way he made her feel.
The soft coral pinks and tangerine tints that once painted the Blüdhaven sky with fluffy clouds fade away to welcome in the deep blue and purple sky that accompanied dazzling silver crystal stars. Y/N's back snuggled into the white duvet covers of her ensemble that pressed against the wall with the large semi-fogged window as she faced the beautiful man above her. His hair was damp from the rain, his nose and rosy cheeks silken in the reflection of stars and city lights. Calloused hands traced over his curves as he kissed sensually slow at her collarbones, making sure to leave wine-colored love bites on her body. She mewled as he reached around unclasped the back of her white lacy bra. "I need you," he whispered breathlessly as he latched his lips onto her perky nipple. "Dick, please," she begged as her center continued to pulse with need. "Please? What do you want, angel?" He asked with a smirk on his face, taking the band of her white g-string and snapping it against her hip. She gasped, arching her back in surprise which let Dick grip her ass in his large hands, slapping her right cheek hard. "On your knees, face the window,". Y/N laid with her chest on the bed, her ass high in the air. Dick moaned, on his knees, side on to Y/N. He gently took her hair in his hand closest to her head, wrapping it around his hand. He gave it a small tug, Y/N releasing a moan from her throat. She gasped as she felt a sudden sting on her right ass cheek. Dick smoothed his hand over where he smacked and then lifted his hand, only to bring it down again so hard. Y/N let out an arousing gasp as Dick reached 15. "You like that, sweetheart?" He asked before slapping down number 16, "you like when I'm rough with you?". Y/N nodded, squeaking quietly as Dick wrapped his arm over her chest and hoisted her up onto his lap. Y/N's felt her juices drip from her center as Dick's engorged member pressed against her back, wondering when his boxers came off. She could feel how long and thick he was, moaning as she pressed back into his chest. Dick's forefinger and middle finger spread apart the lips of Y/N's pussy. "Oh, darling," he purred in her ear, "you're so wet already,". Y/N squealed when Dick suddenly slapped her clit. "Naughty fucking girl," he growled and gave it another slap, "you must be punished, gorgeous,". "Please, daddy," she whimpered. Dick groaned as his hand came up to cup Y/N's throat. "Say that again," he growled. "Please daddy, please punish me,". Dick wasted no time in shoving three fingers into her. She gasped, gripping his muscly thighs as he continued to thrust his fingers into her at a fast pace, using his other hand that was once in her throat to run circles on her clit. In a matter of seconds, Y/N could feel her self reaching her first climax. Her walls begin to contract around his fingers, breathe rapidly. She gushed all over his hand as he slowly pulled his fingers out. Dick's fingers glistened in Y/N's cum as she turned to face him. "Taste yourself, sweetheart," he said huskily as held his hand up to her lips. She felt sparks in her center as she felt Dick's cock against her stomach. She opened her mouth, sucking on Dick's fingers before letting them leave her plump cherry lips with a pop. He chuckled lowly as she looked up at him with bruised lips and doe eyes. He pushed her down on the bed, fluffing the pillows behind her before sinking down to her core again. Y/N's clit was still swollen and throbbing, pulsing with sensitivity from her first orgasm. His tongue was warm as he gave a long lick up her pussy. She sucked in a breath, arching her back as his lips continued to move against her labia, his tongue flicking the sensitive bud of her clit. His mouth was ruthless, absolutely devouring her sweet juices and her core. Y/N's felt her knees go weak as she felt her second orgasm come over her. "Oh my god," she gasped as she gushed all over Dick's mouth. He continued to lap her sweet nectar up, sucking even harder on her clit. "Come on baby, I know you can give me another," he cooed before bringing his attention back to her clit. Y/N let out a long string of moans, whimpers, and groans, gripping the sheets in her hands. Her legs were shaking, hips bucking as she came yet again in Dick's mouth. Dick licked up her juices, chuckling as she panted heavily. He sat back on his knees, admiring the way her body glistened with the sweat produced from her intense, body shaking orgasms. He reached to her love bite covered breast, pinching both nipples before giving them a slap. She needly grabbed his shoulders, pulling him down to place a bruising yet passionate kiss on his lips. Fire and ecstasy pulsate through Y/N's vein as she lusted intensely for the man on top of her. "You're so beautiful, princess," he whispered between kisses, "all mine,". "All yours, Dick," she said breathlessly. "Fuck," he hissed, rubbing the tip of his swollen cock on her pussy lips, "I love you so fucking much,". Y/N sucked in a harsh breath as she nodded. Dick easily slid into her, still as she caught her breath, readjusting to his size as she hadn't felt him for the 5 weeks he was on an undercover mission in France. "Dick please," "What is it, baby?" His striking blue eyes stared deeply into Y/N's, causing her to lose her breath and ability to find words. "What, princess?" He smirked, "Cat got your tongue?". She whimpered as he took her nipple in between his fingers, twisting tightly. She gasped. "What is it you want, sweetheart?" "Please, Dick," She cried, "please, please, fuck me hard, I need you,". "As you wish,". With that, he slammed into her, causing her to scream. It didn't take long before Dick began to pick up a rough rhythm, hitting her deep every time. She whined, knots in her stomach becoming tight. He wasn't sure whether it was because of the difference in age, experience or lifestyles but Dick could last a lot longer than Y/N could. This usually meant he could make her come twice before he finished. It was only minutes before Y/N came first all over him. She knew he wouldn't stop and continued to let out staggered whines as he continued to thrust into her. Her arms wrapped around his broad shoulders, the heat at the bottom of her stomach a burning pit. Dick felt close, letting out a string of strangled grunts. Y/N screamed into his shoulder in pleasure. "I'm gonna cum," she whimpered as she listened to the slapping of skin. "Me too, baby, me too," Dick groaned as he stilled, his seed spirting out in hot jets of cum. Y/N's face was wet from tears as Dick rolled off her, trying to catch his breath. Y/N would spasm occasionally as she tried to come done from her overstimulation. Dick did this often. It let Y/N begging in tears but she absolutely adored the way Dick could make her feel so good. Dick used the discarded towel next to the bed to clean them up. Y/N hissed as Dick touched her pussy lips with the towel, so sensitive to the touch. "Sorry baby," he apologized as she snuggled into him, wiping tears off her face. She hummed, eyes closed and giving him a lazily smile. "It's okay,". He chuckled as she rolled into him, face smooshed into his chest. "I love you, sweetheart,". "I love you, Dick Grayson,".
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cipheress-to-k-pop · a month ago
Sweet Treats
Pairing: Dick Grayson as Nightwing x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of death
Word Count: 3.5K
Summary: Dick Grayson teaches you that it's okay to love someone else in your life.
A/N: Ya'll I'm all about being strict with yourself and everything but just for today if you want an extra cookie then you take the damn cookie. Maybe you can work twice as hard tomorrow or you can do one extra task on your to-do list. But if you want the extra cookie, then don't hold yourself back.
Tumblr media
You loved working at a bakery. The thing about a bakery is that it wasn't the same as one of those capitalist coffee houses where people wanted their morning cup of joe before they had to run to work. No, a bakery meant people would visit the quaint little store where people would sit down and enjoy their coffee and muffin leisurely before leaving.
It was calm and quiet, even during rush hours. So, you didn't find it surprising at all when people sat down to finish their work. Students came here to study. Office workers came here to look over their numbers. Readers came here to bury their noses in their book of that week.
And as of most recently, police officers came here to look through their cases. Well, a police officer.
Dick Grayson had got to be the sweetest thing you have ever laid your eyes on. And you lived in a damn bakery. He always came on Thursdays, spending nearly an hour to go through case reports while he ate. The same every week, a chocolate eclair and a cup of milk tea. He came by so often that you began preparing his order beforehand for him.
You liked to think it was because he was a loyal regular so you wanted to show appreciation but your co-worker knew it was because you wanted as much time possible to stare at his gorgeous face. She couldn't blame you however, his face was so perfect she felt her retinas burn a little every time she looked straight at him.
Since the day you expressed the slightest interest in Dick Grayson, she had been pushing you to ask him out. You merely entertained her, laughing along whenever she made a joke about how the two of you would look good together and that you've been single for too long. But both of you knew you couldn't do anything to change that.
Just like you hadn't for about 3 years now.
And you assumed it would continue to stay that way.
But Dick Grayson. Wow. Not only was he the most gorgeous person you've ever laid your eyes on, he was also always so well-mannered, polite and cheery. He remembered your name, always asked you about your day. And perhaps the most important part; the man knew how to tip well.
But even then, no matter how smitten you were with him, you wanted it to remain just that. Unrequited and unreturned. Admiration from afar. Never in your life had you wanted it to turn into something more than that. The short reason was because you were afraid.
The long reason was that you still weren't over your boyfriend. You suppose 3 years was more than enough time to move on from somebody but you could only assume that was if you part ways willingly.
He was it for you, your soulmate, your everything. And all it took was one minute to rip him away from you. If he had left the house a minute later, if he had entered the bank a minute later, if the ambulance had gotten there a minute faster, maybe he'd still be there with you.
That's why it was difficult to get over him. He was your soulmate, your other half, you were sure of it. How could you even love someone else knowing that they weren't your soulmate? How would someone else love you if they knew that you could never love them as much as you could?
It was inconceivable, not to mention selfish. You'd never be able to live with yourself knowing that you were keeping someone from meeting their true soulmate and yet not being able to give them the love that someone else could have given them.
Your best friend thought otherwise. She didn't believe in the concepts of soulmates, that there was only one person on the face of the planet who could be your other half. However sometimes you felt that she only thought that way to make you feel less guilty.
Besides, it's not like Dick ever tried to make any advances on you either. So really you were worrying for nothing.
"Why haven't you asked him out yet?" Gwen teased, leaning on the counter beside you where you were unabashedly staring at Dick Grayson. Man was built like a model; you couldn't help it.
"Because if he rejects me, we lose a customer and hence profit." You answered nonchalantly, not even bothering to look her in the eye. So, you didn't see the way she rolled them so high the could've gone to the back of her head.
"He orders one drink and one pastry every week, I think we'll survive." She mentioned, getting back behind the register as someone came in. They were teenage girls who were apparently attracted by the sight of Dick sitting by the window, judging by the way they giggled cutely amongst each other and stared at him. They ordered 6 bubble teas and a bunch of mini cakes.
You turned towards Gwen with a smirk, "Will we? He's practically a light up sign that says come inside! Buy things and stare at me some more! I get even prettier if you're eating one of the apple strudels!"
You didn't notice the way his lips turned up in a little smile at your words but Gwen sure did. Because of course she did. You wrote off everything he did because there was absolutely no way Dick would like you or show any interest in you but Gwen knew that he lingered by the counter when you were the one taking his order.
She knew he gave you a softer smile and even noticed the way his eyes would follow you around the cafe while you set orders in front of other customers and rearranged the flowers on different tables.
Oh, she knew. And she knew just how to get you two crazy kids together.
The cafe was busy. So busy that your hair was a mess but you didn't have free hands to rearrange it and make it look slightly presentable even though you were taking orders from other customers while also trying to keep an ear open for the oven. These were the days that you regret not hiring any part-timers to help you during rush hours.
But then you'd have to actually pay them which you didn't like either.
During the rush, the last person who expected to walk through the doors was Dick Grayson. You knew he usually came during quiet hours to work on cases. And since practically every table was occupied, you were sure he would need to talk his order to go.
"Hey, the regular?" You asked, smiling gently behind the register and he returned it before shaking his head, "No, 6 black coffees, please. Everyone on the team needed one if we're going to finish all the paperwork today."
"Pulling an all-nighter?" You asked, punching in the order on the screen and he nodded, "Feel free to stop by for anything else, will that be all?"
He nodded again and you grinned, handing him his receipt and credit card. You were slightly disappointed due to the short-lived interaction but quickly waved him away so you could attend to the next customer.
The woman smiled coyly, letting her eyes follow him, "I'll have whatever he's having."
You smiled politely, "Six black coffees coming right up."
Oh, the look on her face was as bitter as the coffee she was about to receive when she sauntered over to Dick only to be promptly shut down. You felt kind of bad for her and made it a point in your head to offer her more cream and sugar than usual to make her rejection a little easier to swallow.
And now was your favourite part.
Gwen set the cardboard box containing his order on the counter and you smirked evilly before calling out, "Dick!"
Everyone's head spun and you couldn't help laughing when you noticed the way his face turned a light pink. He gave you a playful smirk, "Thanks for that."
"My pleasure."
"I'll see you on Friday."
"Don't work yourself too hard Grayson."
Even when the door chimed behind him, the smile was still stuck on your face. The shop was in utter chaos but you were remaining ever the chipper, politely dealing with customers and feeling energized for the first time today.
"So, when's the date?" Gwen asked, coming out of the kitchen with the cooled cakes that she began to place in the display. She clearly noticed the way you were grinning just because of one measly minute of interaction with the blue-eyed beauty.
"I didn't ask him out."
"Well, lucky for you, I did."
You raised a brow, turning to find her staring at you with a smirk, "What?"
"I wrote your number on his cup."
You had every intention to politely turn down Dick if he ended up calling you but as the sun began to set, you began to feel disappointed and maybe even a little offended that he hadn't called yet. I mean, you had a legitimate reason for thinking of turning him down but what reason did he have?
Tons. If you actually sat down and thought about it, which you did, he had tons. He could already be in a committed relationship. He could be busy; he did say he was going to spend an all-nighter. He might not have seen your number on the cup. He could have thought that the number belonged to Gwen. He could be gay.
And of course, he could be uninterested.
But you preferred to think about the former reasons.
It wasn't until you were closing down the cafe, you heard your phone ring from the pocket of your apron that was haphazardly strewn across one of the tables.
Gwen 'oooohed' from the kitchen where she was stuck cleaning the ovens because she gave your number to people without consent. Ever the soldier, she accepted her punishment with a solemn nod.
You rolled your eyes at her and pulled out your phone, heart beating a tiny bit faster when you realized it was an unrecognized number.
"Why hello."
You cringed. That wasn't Dick's voice.
"Who is this?"
"I was about to ask the same question," Came the smug reply, "I wanted to know the name of the pretty girl who wrote her number on my coffee cup."
You gritted your teeth, feeling your cheeks heat up in embarrassment and glared at the kitchen door, hoping the oven door would close in on that bitch.
"How do you know I'm pretty?"
"I can tell from your voice, sweetheart."
"Okay then, nice talking with you. Goodbye."
"Wait! You gave me your number, but you won't tell me your name?"
This was one of the most hilarious and embarrassing moments you've ever been in. You were sure looking back you would find this absolutely hilarious but at the moment there was nothing you wanted more than to melt into a puddle on the floor that Gwen would have to clean up.
Stupid Gwen.
"Well, you see, that actually wasn't meant for you." You explained, meekly, wondering just who the hell this guy was. For all you knew, he fished out the cup from the trash after Dick threw it away.
"Oh, well Grayson, you were right, it was for you. Damn, I owe Kev 5 bucks." Came from the other side of the phone and you nearly dropped your phone from shock and for a split second you wanted to just hang up and pretend that you lost your phone.
But instead, you just bit your lip to keep anything stupid from leaving your mouth and waited for the shuffling on the other line to end before Dick finally spoke, "Um, sorry about that, the other guys didn't believe me when I said the number was for me."
You didn't reply fast enough, you were trying to think of something to say that was witty but cute at the same time but your mind was coming up blank, "Um, it was for me, right?"
"How are you so sure that I'm the one who wrote it though?" That was a genuine question, the number could have easily been Gwen's.
"I'm assuming it was since you're the one who picked up the phone." Dumb question. It was a dumb question.
"It's totally fine if you say no, but do you possibly want to get a cup of coffee sometime?"
"I work at a coffee shop, Dick." Came your curt answer and the place exploded into laughter, making you assume the phone was still on speaker and you blushed.
"Right, then maybe for dinner? Please?"
Oh, he's so cute. And he's on speaker phone, you wouldn't want to embarrass him in front of his colleagues. Also, one meal wouldn't hurt. And you really hated to say no.
You nodded before realizing he couldn't see you, "Sure. I'd love to."
"Great! Just text me what time you get off work."
You nodded again, "Alright, bye."
You turned back to Gwen, who was standing in the doorway with a smirk on her face and scowled at how triumphant she looked, "Well I hope you're happy with yourself, now I have to go and shave my legs."
"Oof finally, maybe next time we cuddle I won't get carpet burn."
You sent her a glare that was so foul she actually stopped in her place. She recognized your mom-death-stare anywhere and you could see that she suddenly began rethinking her decision. Which she should, you had half a mind to call up her own mother and tattle.
"I mean, it's just one date. I'm sure you'll be okay. Besides, Dick is a nice guy and you've had a crush on him for way too long."
You didn't say anything, just choosing to stare at her. You knew Gwen and you knew the way she'd cripple under your stare. You weren't mad at her, she was right, you had been crushing on Dick ever since he stepped into the cafe. But you also knew the more you stared at her, the more chance you had of getting her to clean the cappuccino machine this month.
"And I know you miss him but I think this is what he would've wanted for you, to be happy even if he wasn't in your life."
Now the conversation was headed towards an unwanted place. This was usually where you got closed off and she knew that well. Just like she expected, you broke eye contact with her and went to grab a rag to wipe down tables.
"I know you still go to the bus stop."
The bus stop. Your boyfriend had walked you to the bus stop on your first date. Coincidentally, it began drizzling at the same time and the way the sunlight had hit it just perfectly, a rainbow was visible right above you. It was truly magical and at the time the two of you had joked around about how it was a sign from above.
You had long since moved and stopped using that bus stop. But still, some days when you especially missed him, you would go back and sit quietly, staring up at the sky and waiting for a sign from above.
It was quiet for a few minutes, with the two of you just wiping down tables before you spoke up quietly, "How do I know if I'm ready?"
Gwen hummed contemplatively, like she was actually thinking about your question instead of just telling you what you wanted to hear, "I guess you won't know until you try. It's just one date with the guy, you don't have to be committed to each other. Besides, it's Dick, he's not some narrow-minded guy that's only looking for sex."
That comforted you a tiny bit. She was right, Dick was kind and gentlemanly. He'd understand if you said you weren't ready. That realization gave you confidence and you were more that eager to have a fun night.
Shaving your legs was so worth it for this man. To someone who couldn't relate it might seem like a stupid way to gauge a date but to a person who invested in razors and post shaving products, it was a sure-fire way to tell if someone had a good time.
Dick was a perfect 10 no matter which way you looked at him. Beautiful, that was obvious. Kind to the wait staff, always a plus. Funny and interesting, there wasn't a single beat of awkward silence throughout the date. And more than anything, he was the first man to make your heart flutter in a long time.
He was so different compared to your last boyfriend, you couldn't put your finger on it, but their energies were different. That was possibly a good thing.
When dinner was done with, you both walked back to the parking lot where he began laughing when you expressed just how excited you were to get back into his porche.
"I mean, you're cute and all but your car is a 10." You joked around and immediately felt relieved because he seemed to understand that it was merely a joke. Taken in the wrong context you could tell how that might seem like a red flag.
The two of you rode back to your apartment in a comfortable silence when Dick brought up the topic of a second date. You bit your lip guiltily; you had a great time but it was difficult to suddenly open your heart to someone new. Especially when you spent the last few years denying it.
"Okay this is gonna be a little heavy for a first date but," You began, stealing glances at him from the corner of your eye. He was watching the road diligently but had his body turned slightly towards you which made you comfortable, "I was in a very serious relationship with someone a couple years ago. We were supposed to get married."
He didn't tense up in the way you were expecting him to, in fact he just kept listening to you obediently, "He passed away. And I feel kinda guilty every time I date someone else, you know? Because he was just the one for me, so how can I be dating someone else?"
It was quiet for a second and you wondered if you had scared him off. You sunk into the leather seats a little bit, hoping the ride to your house would be short but it didn't seem like it since you had gone quiet far out of the city for your date.
"I understand."
You sat up, "You do?"
Dick nodded, sparing you a smile, "I've experienced loss too so I know what you might be feeling."
He nodded again, "Well, my parents passed away when I was a boy. And then my brother." You didn't say you were sorry; you had long learned that it didn't make anyone feel better.
"I got adopted soon after and after my brother passed, my dad adopted another son. And in the start, it felt like I was trying to replace my parents, to replace Jason."
You nodded, "Finally, someone who gets it."
"Oh, I get it, don't worry. I used to feel guilty every time I'd hang out with my brother Tim or when I'd think of Bruce as my dad."
"Did you ever stop feeling like that?"
"Eventually, when I learnt that you don't have to stop loving someone to open your heart to someone new. Love doesn't work that way, it's infinite. I love Bruce as my father, doesn't mean I love my parents any less. And I think everyone deserves the chance to love someone."
His words gave you something to think about and you spent the next couple of minutes just pondering over it. Should you go on a second date with him? You wanted to, but something inside you just couldn't agree to it. It could've been fear, it could've been something else. But you couldn't let go of it long enough to just take the plunge.
A rainbow soared through the night sky.
"Nyan cat?" You blurted out before you could even make sense of what you were saying and Dick burst into laughter beside you.
"Unfortunately, no, just looks like someone's pride flag got loose."
You blinked a couple times just to make sure you weren't seeing things but the more you looked at it, the clearer it got. It was an unmistakable rainbow that was fluttering in the night sky.
Just the sign you needed.
Turning back to Dick with a soft smile, you gingerly rested one of your hands on his. He turned to look at you, blue eyes filled with mirth and comfort and rejuvenation. This was your chance. It was like a breath of fresh air, a new adventure. And sure, you were scared, but it was a good kind.
"I'd love to go on a second date with you, Dick."
The smile you got in response was the key you needed to open your heart right up.
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Baby Bird
Author: Nat / @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69
Requested: Yes – Anonymous X2
Tagging: @thisismysecrethappyplace @phoenix-fire-fangirl @itsgirl17321
Fandom: Titans
Relationship: Married; Dick Grayson x Pregnant!Reader
Summary: Every time the Reader tries to tell Dick that she’s pregnant, they’re interrupted. The truth finally comes out after a small confrontation.
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: None.
Tumblr media
You knew Dick for a long time. You knew him as Robin and you married him while the two of you were still in Gotham and when he told you that he wanted to leave Gotham behind and start a new life away from Batman and his darkness, you couldn’t say no, so you moved with your husband to Detroit.
The two of you weren’t in Detroit long when Rachel Roth came along and sent both your lives in to chaos. Dick wanted you to stay home and let him deal with Rachel; but, you had spent a large portion of your life on the side lines and you weren’t going to continue like that. After all, you were staring a new life by moving to Detroit, and, well, Dick couldn’t exactly argue with you.
So, you and Dick set off to find Rachel. You certainly weren’t expecting finding Rachel to turn into finding reuniting with Dawn, Hank and Donna, and meeting Gar, Kory and Jason. But, c’est la vie, you kept saying. It’s life.
With all the drama with Rachel and her father, the constant attacks and such, it completely slipped your mind that you were late. It didn’t click that your period was nearly a month late until you and Dick were on a grocery run and you passed the tampons aisle.
“Oh shit.” You whispered to yourself and pulled out your phone. You were nearly a month late. You were never that late. Ever.
You quickly made your way down to the pregnancy tests and got three different brands. You took them as soon as you got home and every single one came back positive.
“Fuck.” You whispered.
It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have a baby with Dick. You loved Dick with all your heart and you would love to start a family with him. It was just bad timing because of all the drama going on with Rachel.
You knew that Dick loved Rachel and would do anything for her and he was so stressed about everything going on, so you decided to keep the baby a secret. You figured you’d just wait a week or two for things to settle down a bit so that you could tell Dick; but, things didn’t settle, they got worse.
Before you knew it, you were in your second trimester and Dick still didn’t know about the baby. You tried to tell him a few times in the last week; but every time you were interrupted.
The first time you tried to tell him, Kory knocked on the door to talk about the latest plan.
The second time you tried to tell him, Gar interrupted, wanting to know what was happening for dinner.
The third time you tried to tell him, you both heard Rachel scream followed by a crash. Both of you ran to her, believing that she was being attacked, but it was just a spider.
You were getting frustrated and emotional, which wasn’t a good mix. Entering your second trimester, your emotions were all out of whack. One second you could be happy, then you were sad, then you were angry. You were a mess.
And Dick was stressed and over tired with everything happening with Rachel which led to him being grumpy.
You knewthat he wasn’t grumpy at you or anything, just that he was over tired. But your emotions were all over the place, so when Dick raised his voice at you just a little bit. You couldn’t help the rage that flashed in your eyes and you promptly told Dick to fuck off before walking off to your room and slamming the door.
“What the fuck?” Dick asked himself, surprised and very confused. You never did anything like that.
Dick quickly walked over to your room and knocked on the door. “Babe? What’s wrong?”
“Go away.” You told him weakly. As soon as you slammed the door, tears started to roll and you cursed the mood swings that came with pregnancy.
“I’m not going anywhere. I know you’re crying, just let me in and let’s talk about it. I’m sorry for raising my voice.” Dick said softly.
You wiped your eyes and opened the door. Dick stepped in and closed the door behind him before pulling you into a hug. “Talk to me, (Y/N).”
“I have to tell you something.” You whispered against his chest.
Dick nodded. “Okay.”
You pulled back from the hug and walked over to your purse where you kept all the used pregnancy tests. You didn’t want to throw them out because you didn’t want Dick to find them. You grabbed one of them and walked over to him and handed it to him, not able to verbally tell him you were pregnant.
Dick’s eyes widened in realization of what he was holding. “Holy shit…”
You nodded. “I think I’m about thirteen weeks.”
“Holy shit.” Dick repeated.
You nodded. “I tried to tell you a few times but we kept getting interrupted. I’m sorry I told you to fuck off, my emotions have been… all over. Stupid mood swings…”
Dick placed the test on the nearby dressed and pulled you into a hug. “That’s incredible!”
You giggled a little, your sour mood leaving.
Dick kissed the top of your head. “I mean, it’s shit timing, but it’s amazing!”
You wrapped your arms around his waist and nodded against him. “I’m so glad you’re happy. I was scared…”
Dick pulled back from you and gave you a smile. “Scared? Of what? That I wouldn’t want to have a cute little baby with my beautiful wife that I love so much?”
You shrugged. “It’s stupid, I know. I still was though…”
Dick leaned forwards to press a kiss to your lips before pulling back. “Well, you don’t have to be because I am so happy about this, okay?”
You nodded, a smile crawling up your own lips. “Okay, Dickie. I love you.”
Dick’s smile widened and he pulled you back into a tight hug. “I love you, too, Princess.”
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The Easiest Thing ❄✨
Jason Todd X Reader
Request: If you’re down for another, what about “pretending to be your boyfriend is the easiest thing i’ve ever had to do.” (trope prompt list) with my boy Jason Todd? Thank you! ✨
Note: I’m always down for Jason Todd 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ll confess, I’ve been trying really hard to get this one right and yet, i still don’t feel sure about it. Regardless, i hope you think it’s ok.
Warnings: None 🥀
The multi-coloured fairy lights draped around the Christmas tree flushed your skin in soft pinks, golds and warm reds. There was a line of glitter across one of your cheeks and a dusting of flour splayed on your forehead. You were asleep, eyes closed and mouth pursed in soft breaths. Jason’s chest hurt at the sight of you. He wanted to hold you there in his arms forever, to never let you go. His heart thrummed in his chest as you slept peacefully in his arms.
It had been a long, tedious day. But it had also been one full of tenderness and family that left him yearning to see his own. You’d warned him that morning, while you stood on the steps of your family’s porch, hair flaked with fallen snow and eyes bright in excitement; that your family had good intentions, but spending time with them could be draining. He’d brushed it off then, how hard could it be to engage in some mundane family bonding activities when he fought off criminals for a living?
The answer? Almost as hard. He hadn’t anticipated the love and attention that he would be showered in at all. Your parents and siblings, grandparents and cousins even, were all good people who loved you dearly. He could see the joy in their eyes when you stepped through the threshold, the way your mum lit up brighter than the Christmas tree and your dad pulled both of you in for a hug that warmed him more than the blaze in the fireplace could.
At first he couldn’t understand how you would ever think of such a loving family as a task to be handled but as the day wore on, he began to see it. There were little things that clearly chipped away at you. The fact that none of them knew who you really were was the pinnacle of it; not as a person, nor as a hero. Your brother babied you and your cousins teased you mercilessly. They did not see you as the intelligent, brilliant and badass person he knew, they saw you as a kid and they treated you as such.
It dawned on him that all the death and the pain you had seen wearing a mask was the cause of your affliction. You were torn up inside: you were not the child that they had nurtured so carefully under a watchful gaze anymore. You were battle-worn and bruised and just a smidge broken.
He understood that, because at times he’d felt the same way. It was almost as if you thought you didn’t deserve their love, and that made his whole body hollow out in sorrow for you. Because he, like your family, was just trying to love you.
Initially, when you’d came bustling into his apartment, sopping wet from the November rains and talking faster than Wally when he was excited, Jason had been a little blindsided. But it was that adoration for you that he’d tucked away so deeply in his heart that formulated his decision.
“I did a stupid thing.”
“Where are the bodies?” he’d said, his copy of The Iliad hung loosely in his fingers.
“No, not that kind of stupid,” you huffed, tugging off your wet coat, “I was on the phone with my mom right? And she asked me who I was bringing home for Christmas Eve and I was gonna say Roy. But then–” You spun on your heel and sucked in a large breath, “I remembered that my parents already met Roy and they didn’t like him. So I started to panic and then she got all worried and there was this photo. Of us.” You turned back towards him, wobbling as you peeled off your socks. “It was on my coffee table. You know the one we took on my birthday last year? And I just blurted your name out.”
“No, that’s not all. I started to panic again and I was hyperventilating so I didn’t hear what she was asking me and I…kinda, sorta…told her that you were my boyfriend.” You threw your wet socks onto the pile with your coat. You looked like you had bitten into something sour, your face scrunched up in regret. It was endearing, the way you could be so adorable without even trying. He longed to smooth away the wrinkle of worry that formed between your eyebrows.
“What time do we have to be there?”
You startled, mouth hanging open as you processed his response. “You’re not mad?”
“Nah. You kidding? Free food and I get to see all your embarrassing baby photos? I’m in.”
“So you’re totally cool with pretending to be my boyfriend for a day?” The worry lines intensified, surprise mingled with anxiety in your body, dripping from your words like the rain that ran down his living room windows in rivulets.
You had always managed to tug at his heartstrings in a way that needled him to try and be better, just for you. There was a certain magic that had clung to you all day and seeing you surrounded by love and light made it easy for him to fall into the warmth of it. The rouse you’d been carrying out was so close to reality that he had allowed himself to pretend it was all real. You fell into an easy back and forth with him that mirrored the gentle rocking of a real relationship.
In the moments where he helped you stir together ingredients in large mixing bowls with your mother and your sister-in-law, surrounded by the smell of baking cookies and laughter that had been warmed by wine, he was just a boy who loved you. As he leaned over the bonnet of your father’s car with you tucked into his side, murmuring as you surveyed the engine, it felt real.
There was no pretence. When you turned to him with laughter shaking your whole body, cackling as he lost another game of hide and seek to your nieces, he could not bring himself to behave like it was all fake. It was like a vivid, lucid dream that he never wanted to wake up from.
Before you’d dozed off in his arms, your father had pressed a glass of bourbon into his hand and he was sure that he was about to get the inevitable “what are your intentions with my child talk”. He braced himself for it, the gall to profess his feelings for you resting right on his tongue. Instead, he’d gotten a few whispered words of concern for your well being, a plea for him to take care of you for as long as he could.
“I’ll always protect (Y/N). Always.”
“No,” he’d said with a dismissive shake of his head, “(Y/N) doesn’t need protection, just a reminder not to carry the weight of the world around all the time.”
He agreed and insisted that he would be there for you no matter what. Because he would be. Even if you hated him. You’d bustled out of the kitchen a little after that, looking worn down. Most of your family had gone home and the rush of Christmas eve preparations and mild celebration had calmed down like the embers of a dying fire. Jason could tell that you were frayed at the edges by it all, like a towel that had been used too many times.
You accepted the glass of bourbon from his hands without fuss and slid into his lap like it wasn’t something you’d never done before. Like you belonged there, pressed into him in a cushy armchair, trusting him enough to hold you. Being vulnerable enough to accept him into your family’s home, into your life. Maybe sometime in the future, into your heart. The thought sat like a weight in his chest, not heavy. Just enough pressure to flood him with awareness and excitement.
When you’d woken up with a jolt, somewhere close to eleven and whispered to him that you were ready to leave suddenly, the weight on his chest, the excitement, turned to ash. It disappeared and floated off in the wind because he was no longer your boyfriend. When the clock hit midnight, the spell would be up, he’d go back to being Jason Todd: the Red Hood, your friend and ally. Nothing more.
He compartmentalized the sting of hurt quickly because it was a pain he’d grown used too and allowed himself to melt a little into the warm goodbyes that your parents gave him. They hugged him like he wasn’t a boy they just met, but like he was family and somehow that made the sting burn in his chest, pain spreading tenfold.
Much of the same, you paused on the front porch once more, like you had done that morning and surveyed the whole structure with an intense gaze. You flicked your eyes back to him and repeated the process, scrutinizing him with flat features that left him worried. He opened his mouth to ask, and then before he could get a word out, you were in his arms with your hands clasped firmly around his neck.
“I’m sorry if today was too much,” you breathed. He could feel your heart thudding against him, even through the thick winter coats you both wore. “My whole family can be so clingy and I know you’re not used to it and I’m so sorry if you were uncomfortable. I’m sorry I even put you in this position in the first place.”
You lowered your gaze, your head tucked under his chin. It was flecked with snow again, this time the fall was quicker than it had been in the morning. “Look at me,” he tilted your head up so that he could stare into your eyes. “Pretending to be your boyfriend,” he shrugged, “It was the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do.”
The snow began to flutter down a bit faster then. It gleamed like bits of fallen stardust on the ground and he leaned in and kissed you surrounded by specks of frozen galaxies.
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cipheress-to-k-pop · 7 days ago
Dick Grayson x Reader (Drabble)
A/N: Unedited and I kinda freaked myself out while writing this. It's not scary but I'm a coward.
Tumblr media
Dick froze when he saw a black sihlouette move at the end of the ballroom. He only caught a glance of her in between people but it was just as he had been told, an alluring woman in a white dress, with a gold and white masquerade mask to match.
He was on his feet instantly, weaving through the throngs of people in the hall towards where he saw her last. It was like she had disappeared into smoke just as he reached and he looked around a little cluelessly before the smell of fresh plums filled his senses.
He turned his head and against the light of the moon, he saw her sihlouette again. Smooth skin and long, silky hair that seemed to bounce with life moved in the shadows and he moved towards it, exiting the ballroom and moving to the hallways.
The hallways of the building were old and gave an antique feeling, the architecture from way before he was born and the smell of old wood and something earthy was not enough to cover the smell of plums.
Dick stalked through the straight hall, turning the corner and heading towards where she had probably just moved. The smell got even stronger.
She was called Phantom; some call her an urban legend but some swear on their life they had seen her before. She appeared during socialite events, though never seen on the invite list. The woman, wearing a mask even though it wasn't a masquerade, would meet the host and entice him.
She was described as having ordinary features but there was something that pulled them to her, a magnetic attraction one would call it. They would spend the night together but she would never be seen by him again and they would say the same to the police when they reported her as a thief.
What had she stolen? Well it was different each time.
She was never dressed the same, one had said she was wearing a deep navy, hair styled back in a way that made her seem regal. Another had remembered the woman in a seductive red dress, with a slit cut high to reveal the length of her smooth leg and a tempting neckline. Mysterious black, with lace gloves that made her seem unapproachable. A light lavender ball gown that fell around her, giving her an air of innocence. A silk emerald that revealed her curves while also remaining classy.
But they all remembered that she had the sultry scent of plums.
Even though they described her well, no one else at the ball seemed to recall seeing a woman in a mask, leaving with the host of the event. No one else had seen her.
Dick tried not to let the shadows get to him as he ventured deeper through the halls. The smell of plums got stronger as he entered a room to find the woman facing the crackling fireplace. When she turned, her mask was in her hand and revealed her face to him. She was nothing out of the ordinary, he agreed, but there was something enticing about her.
The sheer sleeves of her dress looked like clouds hugging your arms and he felt his head get unclear the more he looked at her. A beautiful dress that delicately framed her body caught his attention next before he moved his eyes back to her face.
Gentle eyes that stared at him with a glimmer and lips stained a natural pink. She was the picture of elegance but he felt his mouth water with need. The smell of plums was still in the room, but this time warmer and less present, like the heat of steam. He could feel himself getting drunk off the scent.
"Who are you?" He asked, despite his nerves lighting on fire.
"I should be asking you the same, afterall you followed me in here." Her voice was smooth as honey, just as enticing as the rest of her.
"Are you phantom?"
She chuckled, the sound revertebrating around the room and his toes curled, "That's the name given to me by someone else. But I suppose you could call me that."
"You—" His head was getting murky, "I'm here to arrest you."
She smiled at him and even though he knew her intent was to patronize and tease, her smile still looked innocent. It gave him butterflies, "Whatever for?"
"For robbing multiple people."
"Who's to say that they didn't deserve what came to them?" She purred, walking up to him and placing a hand on his chest. He felt even dizzier. What was going on?
"Doesn't matter. I'm going to arrest you."
"Even though they're wrong and I was just making things right?"
"Even then," He spoke, taking a deep breath and the smell of plums almost made him faint, "Justice can't be tainted."
She smiled at him once again, pulling away and everything ceased; the dizziness, the smell, the cloudiness. It all stopped and all was left was her standing in the centre of the room and the sound of the crackling fire.
"Go to the garden. You'll find what you need there."
Yet another thing he couldn't quite understand, Dick turned on his heel and walked out, not bothering to ask another question as he left the room before he realized that he needed to take her into custody and stepped back in.
The only thing left was the sound of the crackling fire and the faint smell of plums.
He'd go down to the garden, like she told him and buried underneath the plum tree, he'd find her body. Her white dress was dirtied with mud and blood, her hair thatched and matted, her body bruised and decayed but he'd recognize her anyway.
She had been killed and buried here years ago, by the very men that reported her.
Her phantom was all that was left, roaming the halls of the men that had killed her, the smell of plums trailing her everywhere.
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forthemultiverse · 3 years ago
Super-powered Kisses - Damian Wayne x Reader
The only way for scars to disappear is if your soulmate kisses them - Headcanons 
- You arrived on earth from another planet and crashed straight into Gotham
- It was hard enough adjusting to earth when you were a teenager, but it wasn’t helpful that the first other kid you met was Damian Wayne as Robin.
- Bruce let you stay with him (because he impulsively takes children in)
- You didn’t end up joining the vigilante game, but you were starting to develop some weird superpowers. 
- It was a superman situation in a way, being on earth was giving you superpowers and some of them were really strange. 
- Damian was being his usual anti-social self when you first started living in the manor, and he didn’t really want to befriend you. 
- You tried being nice to him and getting him to like you, but when you didn’t even understand earth culture, how were you supposed to understand earth friendships. 
- You were lucky that your race looked really like humans, your eye colour was pink - but that was the only visible difference. 
- After a few months of learning about how to fit in, Bruce thought it would be a good idea to send you to school with Damian so you could make some friends.
- Damian didn’t really acknowledge you at school, so you had been forced to find your own social group.
- Unknown to you, he did always have your back. He just did it from afar. 
- Someone makes a rude comment about you, they’d have to deal with him. 
- He may not like you very much (he hadn’t really tried to like you), but he wasn’t one to stand by if others were being mean.
- He wasn’t fond of you. 
- Definitely not.
- It wasn’t like you were a super positive ball of light energy that lit up every room he was in. 
- One night, he returned from patrol early, covered in cuts and bruises.
- Bruce had made him go back so he didn’t end up too hurt. 
- You passed his room and heard him cursing himself whilst trying to find a clean shirt.
- “You need any help?” you pushed the door open slightly.
- For most people, he would have yelled that they should’ve knocked, but he was too annoyed at his father to yell at you.
- “I’m fine.”
- You could see him wincing as he moved so forced him to sit down whilst you cleaned the cuts and stitched them up for him.
- When you were done, you could still see him wincing, so thought you’d try something you’d seen in some show on TV. 
- You kissed one of the cuts on his arm, and the cut started to disappear.
- You assumed this was some part of the new powers you were gaining. 
- Damian knew what it really meant but wasn’t sure what he should do. 
- You went to try again but he pulled away.
- “I promise I’m feeling better.”
- After that night, he started trying harder to make you like him. Or at least, he wasn’t pulling away from you anymore. 
- He always walked you to your locker in the morning, save you a seat with him at lunch, and wait at the gates so you could walk to Alfred together.
- The first few times, there was a silence between you, but eventually, Damian got up the courage to start asking questions. 
- “What lessons are you enjoying?”
- “I really like art.”
- “Art?” Damian felt his heart jump a little bit.
- He loved art. He was good at art. He could impress you with art. 
- “Yeah, I’m not very good though,”
- “Do you have art today?”
- “Before Lunch,” you nodded.
- “I have it after lunch, I’ll bring lunch to the art room and we could talk in there!” 
- You were good at sketching landscapes and Damian offered to help you with drawing people.
- You accepted and soon both of you ate lunch in the art room every other Tuesday.
- “What’s your favourite colour?” he asked when you were walking to the car 
- “Green or Red…Or Gold!” you had to think about it for a long time. “You?”
- You were so happy that Damian was finally trying with you. 
- “You are going to love Christmas,” he said with an amused smile.
- You did love your first Christmas.
- Damian didn’t.
- For some reason, Bruce and Selina had decided to do a group Christmas Lunch with Clark, Lois, and Jon.
- All of Damian’s brothers had been doing their own thing and Alfred didn’t like the idea of only feeding four people.
- Sure, his brothers each popped in for a quick hello (except Jason…) But none of them could stay for lunch.
- Damian hated how quickly you and Jon bonded. 
- He cursed himself slightly, maybe you and he would have bonded that quickly if he hadn’t brushed you off.
- He spent the entire lunch quietly glaring at Jon 
- Jon demanded a reason when they next went on a job together. 
- “She’s really nice! Why can’t I talk to her!”
- “She’s my soulmate!” Damian growled
- That had been the first time he’d said it out loud.
- “Really?” Jon’s mouth dropped. “But she’s so sunshiney and happy! Are you sure?”
- Damian brought Jon over to the mansion after the mission and asked you to help patch him up. 
- “Jon’s superhuman so doesn’t need healing.” he answered when you asked if Jon needed any help.
- Jon couldn’t believe it when he saw the cut fade out of existence.
- Damian never let you use the power on anything but his arms, no matter how painful the cuts on his chest were.
- “You need to tell her.”
- Damian knew Jon was right.
- But every attempt he’d made so far had ended in a misunderstanding or they hadn’t had time to finish the conversation. 
- The closest he’d ever gotten to telling you was in one of the lunchtime art sessions. 
- You had been humming a song whilst sketching him, the light shining in your eyes perfectly. 
- He was a moth that couldn’t keep himself away from the flame. 
- He was supposed to be finishing off his art homework but had accidentally started sketching you. 
- The words had gotten caught in his throat and then the bell had rung. You had been forced to go to your next lesson before he could start his sentence. 
- All of your friends thought Damian had feelings for you, but you weren’t so sure.
- He was really hard to read.
- You knew he was nicer to you, but you thought that might have been out of obligation.
- Bruce might’ve given him a lecture about trying to be nice to you. 
- You knew you had definitely grown to like him in a romantic way, but you also weren’t sure how that dynamic would work at the Manor - especially if Damian didn’t like you back.
- Damian wasn’t even the one to tell you about the soulmate thing in the end. 
- One patrol, in which Damian had been sent home early, you’d been patching him up in the cave for the first time. 
- You’d kissed his shoulder and the cut had started to disappear when Bruce arrived back.
- He’d been a little suspicious when Damian had been quite happy to go home early. 
- “You didn’t tell me that (Y/N) was your soulmate, Damian.” Bruce took the mask down and spoke casually.
- “What?” Your head shot up.
- Your friends had all mentioned soulmates to you, but you’d never thought to ask how you knew someone was your soulmate.
- “That’s because I was planning on telling her first, father.” Damian glared at his dad.
- “Oh…” Bruce awkwardly backed out of the cave so Damian could explain everything to you.  
So I’ve become obsessed with Soulmate AU’s over the past few days so sorry everyone, I’m going to be posting a lot of them over the next few weeks. lmao. Sorry. - Scarlett xx
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peeterparkr · a year ago
Not smut but potentially one with Dick where him and the reader are keeping their relationship a secret and she stays over at his (😉) and in the morning they’re off to brunch with friends so try and enter the place at different times etc to not give it away that they came together and they think they’re safe until one of the gang says “hey! Isn’t that Dicks sweatshirt y/n?” And she gets all red and flustered - lol idk but that would be hella cute!
oh but there’ll be smut bc I combined it with this one, this is filth with some angst and then some fluff and it’s a rollercoaster
Tumblr media
warnings: smut, swearing, 18+
word count: like 2,5k 
Tumblr media
Love can be too complicated. Relationships are complicated. Dick Grayson was complicated. So much so that you preferred to keep it a secret.
Easier than having to explain to the world that in reality the feelings you had always had for him were never negative, they had always been awe and sometimes a little contempt, but you supposed that it was given to the fact that Dick was someone you thought you couldn’t have.
You hated that he was so perfect. It was a compliment to hate him, now you knew. He was always there with his perfect eyes that could kill you with just one look. That smile that could manipulate you. Make a fool out of you. 
We are talking about Dick Grayson, who really has got a bunch of problems, with the lack of love he had when growing up and the big abandonment issues, thanks, Batman. Always wanting to be alone.
Neither of you wanted to explain to the world that your whole act of hating the other was nothing more than a façade for the crush you both had towards the other and how much it frustrated that you couldn’t have the other. The nerves you would get whenever you saw him, all flustered, maybe that was why it was easier to insult him so that he would let you believe that you hated him and make you believe that you were not deeply in love with him.
How did you both reach that conclusion? How did you both realize that you were both desperately in love with each other? Being alone, what that can be. One thing led to another and as the big drama queens you both were, you’d both searched for the other in a stormy night just to end up making out with your clothes on the floor.
But you needed to keep that a secret, mostly because neither of you could understand how you could be so fond of someone who’d constantly make you lose your temper. Because you’re so alike, stubborn and incredibly bossy. 
Add to all of that, it’s Dick Grayson who we are talking about. He loves to make a big deal out of everything. But of course that’s only because he cares enough. Too much sometimes for your own convenience. 
There were still a lot of things you despised about him. Like whenever he would always be wrong, even when he is right. Or the way he’d make you smile even if you had basically ended an argument. 
The fact that at the end of the day, he was still a sweetheart.
But you had to hide it. Because you loved him. And who in this world understands love? You didn’t want anyone trying to explain it to you. You liked to figure it out on your own.
Besides hiding made it way much more interesting. It was a challenge. Even spiced things up in the relationship. You still hated him, to everyone else. And he still hated you. And sometimes you knew you both did hate each other, not pretending. So annoyed by each other’s presence because you’re both so equal yet so different. 
And you were very good at hiding it. Even when you couldn’t quite keep your hands to yourself. You’d manage to keep up the hating relationship to a certain level where they wouldn’t even think you’d ever be in the same room alone.
Sometimes the arguments would go a bit too far, but you’d end up apologizing and making it up in bed.
Just like you probably were going to, now. Rachel was there, watching you both make an argument about how stupid having brunch and inviting Jason Todd, whom you were pushing to get into the group. He was a nice addition.
Rachel was sitting with her feet up on the couch, as she was watching some videos on her phone, ignoring you both. However, truth to be told, you had almost forgotten that Rachel was there and it had kind of turned into a real fight. 
“I don’t want anything to do with Bruce Wayne, and Jason—Jason still has everything to do with him!” Dick yelled. 
You closed your eyes, “Oh my God, Dick, you’re not— this is what all of this is about?” 
Dick rolled his eyes. “No, but I… I don’t even know why we’re having this conversation. This is stupid–I…I am going home. Fuck Batman.”
You knew why this was happening, he saw himself in Jason Todd, he saw it too badly. But he saw a lot of things he never had had with Bruce and that bothered him, and that made Dick despise him even more. 
And you were home, and you were supposed to stay at home. Sleepover with young Rachel, you guys loved those, they meant fun nights.
You watched Dick storm off and slam the door. You wondered if it was part of the act or if he really meant it. Dick didn’t know Rachel knew. You knew she knew.
You squeezed your eyes shut. 
“You guys really hate each other don’t you?” Rachel asked you, she was going to stay the night. 
“You’ve no idea.” 
“But he didn’t mind about the brunch.”
You shrugged. “Thought he didn’t. But now he’s angry we are all spending it together like a big happy family.”
“Go, fix it, I’ll start the movie and you can come back later.” 
Rachel, you knew, was probably very aware of the real situation, not because you’d told her but you couldn’t possibly lie to her, but she hid it from everyone else, knowing  damn well you’d been hiding it for a reason.But you had never adressed it, and she had never asked about it. Maybe she didn’t know. You both were very convincing when it came to making everyone believe you hated each other. 
So you did as she said, you followed after him to his car. You hopped in.
“I’m leaving.”
“I know,” you said. “You can start driving, I’m coming with you.” Dick stared at you. You pointed at the road.
He clenched his jaw but started the car.
“Go to Wayne Manor,” you ordered.
“Batcave, more specifically,” you added. He stared at you. You smirked, running your hand through his thgh, and you could easily see a bulge forming in his pants. “Fuck Batman, right?”
He started driving as fast as he could and you let your fingers walk down his leg. 
“I’m not in the mood,” he snarled, but you looked down at the growing length.
“Seems like you are, though,” you pointed out, and you chuckled, leaning over to peck his cheek. He cleared his throat. But drove fast enough, you’d tease him, running your fingers through his arm, to his chest and to his leg, nowhere close, but enough to get him flustered. 
The Batcave, it gave you such a challenge. It was incredibly hot, to think you were sneaking there. As soon as he hit the brakes, he turned to you and unbuttoned your blouse, as he jumped over you, kissing your lips and trailing his way down to your neck, you moaned closing your eyes. The way he kissed you was always a new experience. 
“Wait– Dick,” you managed to say as he was already grinding against you, his hands pressing your breasts. He was sucking on your collarbone as you let out a soft gasp. “Want to piss off Batman more?” 
His eyes, filled with fire turned to you, as he just shot an eyebrow up. 
“Let’s go to the Batmobile,” and there’s a sound in your voice that made you sound even more into it than you actually were. If we were honest, you feared getting caught but, of course, it would make it a thousand per cent even more interesting. 
And in no time, he picked you up and opened up the doors to it, setting you down. It’s smaller than Dick’s but it doesn’t matter, because with no further ado, Dick pulled down your underwear and he’s set between your tighs. He kept kissing you and his fingers pinched your breasts, you could feel his hot breath as he pulled the seat down, making it easier for both of you. The reducted space pulled you even closer. Your legs were snaking around him as he kissed from the space between your breasts to your stomach. You looked up and took off his shirt, clawing your nails into his back as you pulled him down to your lips.  His own hands were caressing your legs, his fingers toying with you. 
Your lips were focused on his neck now, trailing wet kisses over it, and your hands were going down to knead his ass, as he was grinding into you, causing friction to your core, as the bulge on his pants kept growing.
“Oh my god,” you moaned, as you were unbuckling his belt with desperation. You were in such an ecstasy as you accidentally hit a button. The car announced ‘error’ but you were too busy as his cock had popped out. His fingers grazed over your wetness as his tip teased your clit. He loved teasing you. 
“Dickie, I–” 
“Say it,” he ordered. 
“I need you, now,” you pleaded and he finally thrust into you. He started panting as he started to move inside, finding a slow soothing rhythm. A smug smirk upon his face as you’re moaning his name. He was cursing profanities and then yelling your name. You see the car windows blurring up, as you try to keep yourself comfortable. Your hand found the window but you pulled it back down, leaving a mark of your fingers all over it. 
He was fast and his fingers are all over you, edging you close each time he drew circles on your clit. And he loved seeing your face as you’re at your bliss, and he began slowing down his pace as his own back was arching. But he started to thrust even deeper, as your toes start to curl. You came first, but that was the cue he needed for his own high.his hot breath deep on your neck. He yelled your name in pleasure and then found your neck with his lips, peppering kisses all over it, just as he pulled out from you. Your chest was pounding as you watched him.
“I love you, y/n,” he whispered, causing a  short laugh from you, catching your breath. 
“For what? For helping you break the rules?” You grinned looking up at him, and he kissed your lips again. 
“Making everything fun,” he laughed. “Did… did… you push any buttons?” 
You turned to look at the board, embarrassed. “Maybe, a thing or two.” 
And both of you heard footsteps.“Shit, shit, shit,” Dick pulled up his pants and buttoned your shirt back on, you both quickly ran out of the car and you hid on Dick’s backseat, as he tried to make himself presentable, but the sweat and his panting were not easy to hide.
It was Alfred. “Master didn’t know you were coming.”
Dick cleared his throat. “I was—“ he ran a hand through his hair. “I was just—going to check on some information regarding the—uh, case with Mikron O’Jeneus.”
Alfred stared at Dick’s car where you were holding your breath, praying to all known deities that he wouldn’t catch you.
“Alright ” Alfred nodded. “Whenever you get the chance, please send my regards to Miss Y/N, you and her seem to be close lately.”
Dick blushed and gulped. “We are—working together on the case, that’s all,” He assured him.
Alfred nodded. “Alright, master Grayson.” 
When Alfred was gone, you both laughed in the car. He went to his place where round two happened, nothing wild, it was simpler and more romantic. Dick had managed to now make it more soothing, apologizing for his bitching attitude and smiling each time he kissed you. And that was the sweetheart you knew, it was fun, the vigilante and the dark Dick but then turning him into the beautiful thing he was. You loved him for both, both ‘Dicks’ were fun, and you knew you needed his lips, and you knew he meant it every time he said he loved you, because each time it was different and like hearing it for the first time. 
And the morning had consisted of him peppering you with new kisses, he’d invent one each morning. It was a routine, making each kiss special each time you woke up by his side. As he managed to take your breath away with that smile that was reserved only for you. And you were lucky because he truly never smiled the way he did to you. And you were sure that nobody truly saw hi the way you did, as the blinds would let in the light so the sunlight bathed him and only him. 
He had pecked all over your face, tickling you as he did. “You’re an idiot,” you stated, which was your way of telling him you loved him. 
“I know,” he grinned, that was the way he said it back. 
And he agreed to the brunch, at the end. But you both had to be careful, so when you arrived he dropped you a block away from it, the price you had to pay for wanting to keep your relationship private. He walked into the place first, and you found a place beside Kori. 
You grinned as you said hello to everyone, and then you turned stiff when your eyes landed on Dick. “Grayson.” 
“Y/L/N,” He didn’t even look up. 
Jason Todd watched you both, “Please act decent,” he pleaded. “Don’t fight here.” 
“Yeah, yeah, you guys are so annoying,” Gar pointed out. 
Dick rolled his eyes. “We are adults, at least I’ll act like one, don’t worry.” 
You flipped him off, rolling your eyes, as you stole from Kori’s mimosa, taking a sip. 
“That’s mine,” she complained but ignored. 
Rachel stared at you. “Hey, y/n, why didn’t you come back home last night?” She asked. 
You almost spat your drink. “I did! You didn’t hear me and I woke up early for a run,” you lied. 
“Are you sure?” Kori pushed. “Because Alfred told me he saw you and Dick at the manor.” 
Dick laughed, nervously.  “Why would I be with her at the manor?”
“I dunno,” Kori smirked. “Same reason as to why she’s wearing your sweatshirt?” 
Both you and Dick froze.You stared down at your clothes, and you were indeed wearing a sweatshirt of his. 
“Busted,” all of them said. 
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trashmagines · 2 years ago
Things Nobody Asked For Vol. 3: Dating Jason Todd Headcanons
TrAshy Says: I’m glad y’all love Titans Jay as much as I do.
Before you’re a couple: Jason is nothing like any other person you’ve met. You’re not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.
He takes an immediate interest in you.
And when he’s interested, he’s interested. 
“You should let me buy you a drink sometime.”
“You aren’t even old enough to buy yourself a drink.”
Shows off for you but like, subtly.
Beats up the cop that tries to give you a ticket for illegally parking.
You just think you were lucky that day.
Uses cheesy pick-up lines because you can never keep a straight face when he does.
“Baby, do you have a map? I got lost in your eyes.”
“You’re corny.”
Casually tells you that he’s Robin.
“Yeah I work with Batman.”
“What do you mean you ‘work with Batman’?”
Shows you the suit so you know it’s real.
Geeks out about how cool it is. You listen to every word.
You actually find yourself falling for him.
“I’ll take you up on that drink now.”
When you’re together:  Jason is the dictionary definition of sinnamon roll.
Stares at you like he’s seeing for the first time.
“You’re just so damn beautiful.”
Will still flirt with other people out of habit but drowns you in reassurance. That habit dies off the longer he’s with you.
Likes to cook for you.
Not the best cook, though.
“Is it hot in here or is it just you, babe?”
“Jason, the kitchen is on fire.”
Calls you any nickname he can think of, cute or otherwise.
Likes it when you wear his clothes.
Likes it when you wear his clothes after some fun in the sheets.
“Round two?”
“Pretty sure we’re on like round four.”
You’re not complaining.
You went as Robin for Halloween and his heart almost stopped.
Likes to spend the day with you even if he’s exhausted.
“You need sleep.”
“I need you.”
He makes you feel special. 
Feeling insecure? Not on Jason’s watch. 
Has an alphabetized list of reasons why he loves you.
“Reasons under letter D, number one. Dat ass.”
“You’re an idiot.”
On the rare occasion he has a night off, he sleeps with you.
The poster couple of unconditional love.
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gangrenados · a year ago
Softness and Jason
Tumblr media
•Jason hadn't had much affection in his life, so when you show him some he gets shy and gets red
•but boy he does loves when you show him some affection
•He craves it, it's like a painkiller
•Jason loves forehead kisses it makes him smile like an idiot and put him in a good mood all day
•Cuddle seasons when he had a fight Dick. Jason will talk about how much he wants to go out and do some vigilante stuff, but because of Dick it gets kind of hard to do so
•You will kiss his temple and run your fingers through his hair hoping it will calm him down
•Jason gives you affection to you too, but the first times it felt wired, he needed to get used to it and after a while it was as normal as breathing
•Jason is a bear hugger. When he gives you one he tends to hug you hard just to annoy you .
•Likes to hold hands but if someone in the team point it out he would get a little embarrassed, not because of you of course, but because the facade of the thought Jason is gone
•Call him by a cute nickname and he will giggle like a schoolgirl
Tag list
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mor3tti · 2 years ago
Boy Wonder & The Young Goddess  -Chapter One-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dick Grayson (titans) x Reader
(Dick Grayson GIF not mine)
My first story ever to be posted on tumblr! This character is a whole shamble, I’ve taken heavy inspiration from She-Ra (binge watched the new netflix series) and also Captain Marvel because who doesn’t like a powerful woman? This first chapter doesn’t have much interaction between Dick and y/n but it’s all about the slow burn right? Send me an ask if you have any questions/suggestions or improvements! 
This will be a series! So stay tuned for more chapters to come!
The plot: When Y/N gets a sign from the gods to go after a troubled girl, she stumbles upon and reconnects with a dear friend from her past. 
Warnings: none
Dick was sitting at the dining table, brooding over a stale cup of coffee Rachel made him about twenty minutes ago. She was sat on the couch a couple meters away from him, flicking through the channels on the tv, Gar next to her trying to snatch the remote out of her hands. Kory was in one of the other rooms, ‘resting’ but Dick knew she was avoiding him. They had been staying in one of Bruce's apartments for nearly a week now after Jason let them in. His hands gripped tighter to the cup from thinking about Jason. The ‘new Robin’ his replacement. Replacement? Labelling him as if he wasn’t good enough. He didn’t survive all the hate from Bruce just to be replaced. He had to become someone else.
“Gar what the hell?” Rachel’s voice broke him out of his thoughts. He looked to where they were and on the ground sat the remote, broken. “I’ll try to fix it, for you.” He stumbled out, trying to make it up to Rachel. She just huffed and sat further down into the couch as he scrambled up the pieces. Dick got up and paced around the room. There had to be something they could do to protect Rachel before anything else happens to her. They couldn’t just relax here. Rachel and Gar kept bickering to each other before she ended it. “Look now it’s just on the weather channel which is so useful to us. Now we can’t even check the news to see if any more strange occurrences coming after me have been seen!” This shut Gar up but she immediately felt bad. She knew he was just trying to help but everything weighed down on her causing her to snap. Dick strolled over to them, leaning on the couch.
He watched the man on the tv pointing around the map at each city. Their town was shown to have sunny weather with only partial clouds. He looked out the windows quickly to check but had to double take what he saw. He slid open the door to the balcony and stepped out to hear thunder striking in the distance. “What the hell is this?” It was all rolling towards them quickly. “Sorry if Rachel and I were being too loud…” Gar said as he came up behind Dick, seeing the sky shift as well. The lightning was striking hard and fast. It came nearly every few seconds, lighting up the sky through the heavy clouds. Dick stared at them, paying close attention to them. Something was off. “Hey Dick isn’t lightning meant to be uhh, white?” That was it. He looked at it again and instead of cool, white stripes the sky was filled with golden strips of flickering light. Even the thunder sounded different. It was more of a drum-like rhythm than random bursts of sound.
“Is something wrong? Should I get Rachel?” Gar had immediately set into protective mode but it was unnecessary. “No, but someone is coming.” He went back into the lounge room with Rachel still sitting on the couch, feeling a bit uncomfortable. He stood there looking out the window, scratching his cheek out of anxiousness. There was only one answer to who was coming. “They’re not here to hurt you Rachel.” He looked over to her to at least try and calm her. “I’ve known them since we were kids. We grew up together, she was another side kick per say.”
“She huh?” Kory decided to step in. “It’s not like that, it shouldn’t even matter to you anyway.” Dick muttered, not having any patience to argue with her.
“She’s coming- well already here, for a reason. She never does anything out of spite or vengeance.” He looked back over to Rachel then to Gar and finally Kory. He turned around and walked up to the glass, seeing that the lightning had already come closer to them. He hadn’t seen you since you were both about seventeen. He was still Robin and you were still only Y/N. He was still under Bruce’s control then but your time with Dick had been spent trying to pull him from that leash he held over him. You were always a sign of hope, of light.
“All I know is that she’s here to help.”
Whoever they were fighting, they were definitely winning. You could see his cape flying around, blood dripping off it. Inconsistent flames were getting thrown about, nearly singeing everyone on the spot. A young girl cowered, clenching her fists while backed up into a car, trying her best to stay away from it all. A tiger leapt over the same car, frightening the poor girl even more. Although it sounded like a tiger and moved like a tiger, there was something off about it. In the limited amount of moonlight the animal shone green. The flamethrower seemed to run out of puff as she stomped her boots into the bitumen, charring it slightly. He was on the ground now, getting pummelled into by multiple men. “Just get up already.” You huffed out, knowing that deep inside him he had the power to rise and keep fighting.
They kept kicking, thrusting their feet into him, no mercy shown. His head rolled to the side, even though you were squatted on the rooftop of a building out of their sight, you could tell that he was begging anyone for help. You sniffed in some of the smoggy air and looked around, making sure there was no one else that had to be involved in all of this. You pushed yourself up from the harsh squat you sat in, walking away from the buildings edge. The gravel broke underneath you. You came to a stop about ten meters from where you were previously and craned your neck to look up at the sombre night sky above. The stars twinkled, egging you on, pushing you to help him. You ran your fingers over the sheath of the blade, rubbing the jewel embedded into the handle.
You cleared your throat, feeling the need for a drink after this battle. You inhaled a deep breath that filled the entirety of your lungs before letting out the oath. “To those before me, who let me breathe, who made me live. To those in front of me who I bring safety and salvation to. To myself, the bearer of power and caller of gods…” Your fingers started lighting up, running up the veins in your arms up through your heart. Golden light shone through your eyes, feeling the power rain down into you. Your boots, now turning into armour, ruffled up the gravel giving you some grip. You pumped yourself up with a few quick breaths and then took off, leaping into the air above the fight below. “I call upon Bia! Lend me your strength and you will live on!” You shouted, feeling the cold night air ripping past you. You glided through the air, every fibre of your body now changing. Your helmet formed Bia’s wings either side of your head as your now ever growing hair flew behind you like a cape of golden silk. Your simple mortal clothes now turning into the battle armour made by those who created Diana. Before your eyes your wristband morphed itself into a gilded shield. As you landed the ground cracked, splitting away from you. As you looked up, the men still beating Dick now turned their attention to you. Every cell of your body was now beaming with the utmost energy. Your eyes, now glowing as powerful as the sword in your hands. This distraction gave the fiery pink haired woman a chance to drag Dick away. The first attacker only got one footstep in before you launched yourself his way, bluntly knocking his face with the shield directly into the ground. An orb of energy warned you of the attacker coming from behind as you swung your leg around, breaking his jaw with all your might. Your morals were never to kill, only burden them with injuries much worse.
As a gunshot went off, you sprung at the bullet blocking it from killing the purple haired girl behind you. You took it into your chest, dissolving it. Before he could shoot again, you had already sliced his handgun down the middle with your sword, leaving him with a useless weapon and now a concussion. In the distance you could see his last attacker fleeing. You focussed in, hearing his necklaces rattling as he ran sloppily. You dropped your sword beside you as well as the shield and took off your helmet, unleashing your hair. Your sight zoomed into him, giving you the perfect shot. You thought you might as well have some fun so you threw your helmet straight at his back. The wings charging at him like an angered bull. His broken bones made his body cower to the ground, finishing off your job here.
Everyone was crowded around Dick, the purple haired girl shaking him, begging him to wake up. You cautiously stepped over to them, squatting down next to them all. You placed your palm onto his chest, above his heart. You could feel their stares cutting into your body but you had to focus on him. You closed your eyes and let yourself drift off to let their power guide you. Your fingertips tapped softly against his chest piece, trying to figure out who to call upon. Your mouth fell agape, their name whispering it’s way off your tongue. “Achelois, she who washes away pain, heal him through me.” A beam of glimmering light shone down from the sky above us all entering into you.
“No what the hell is this!” You heard the woman shriek. “Get your hands off of him, guys?! Anyone?” She looked around at everyone but they were too distracted by the light surrounding them. She raised her hands up at you but she was too late. Dick started coughing up blood into your chest. His grands grasped onto your shoulder plates as he pulled himself up from the ground.
The pink haired girl was still in disbelief as Dick carried on coughing into your chest, trying to catch his breath. “You haven’t done that in a while.” He choked out as he let out a blood covered smile. You patted him on the shoulder, showing the same welcome-back to him. You nodded to the tiger that was now a boy (you had to figure out how that worked) so he could come pick up Dick. The young girl rushed to his side, helping balance the weight of the muscular boy wonder. You turned with them and started walking back to a beat up van that you guessed was theirs. You could hear everyone’s footsteps except for one pair. You peaked over your shoulder, seeing her once again raising her hands. “Don’t you guys get it? She’s just some random girl who showed up and we don’t even know what she’s done to him! For all we know he could be slowly dying instead of healing!” A heavy protective tone coming from her.
Everyone turned around, the two teens struggling to turn Dick around with them. Her eyes started glowing green and her skin a bright orange, you guess she still had some left in the tank. Dick sighed, “Don’t try it Kory, it won’t work on he-“ before he could finish his sentence she shot out pure flames from her hands.
Dick was right, it wouldn’t work. Although it looked like you were getting burnt to a crisp, your cells were absorbing the heat energy she was emitting. The longer she carried on, the more energy you absorbed. You turned your head, looking back at Dick, your entire body looking as if you were the sun itself shining with all this energy. By the look on your face he could tell you were over her theatrics. “KORY STOP! IT ISN'T WORKING!” He yelled at her, his chest heaving from being both beaten to a pulp and being frustrated at her.
So then she decided to stop. She cowered over, exhausted from her attempt to hurt you. “What are you?” She panted out. She slowly walked towards you, patting your arm feeling for any heat. You reached your arm out to her but she cowered away. “I’m not going to hurt you… do you want all that” You motioned to where the fire was “back in you?” She was confused but nodded anyway. You set your hand onto her arm and let yourself go. Instantly the heat and energy streamed from you back to her. Her eyes fired back up into the bright green and her hands sparked out by her side. She shook her head the same way someone would if they had a brain freeze and then turned her attention back to you whispering out a quick “Thank you.”
Dick was still weak but he was slowly healing. You instructed Kory to drive you all back to wherever they were staying, which Rachel said wasn’t even their place. The tiger boy sat in the front seat with Dick being sprawled across both you and Rachel. You formed back into your usual clothes before you got into the car but threw the sword in the boot alongside Dick’s top half of his costume. We had to strip him down to properly heal him. Kory was not happy about that. Your back was up against the door with your legs sprawled out along the seat, Dick was laying against your chest, softly sleeping as he passed out from all his injuries.
You spoke quietly to Rachel, trying not to distract the two in the front. “In order to heal him” You looked down at him, he looked so quiet but so broken. “we need to work together.” She looked at her hands and shook her head, tears coming to her eyes. “I’ll just hurt him, I might even kill him…” She looked at you for some comfort so you reached out for her hand, entwining your fingers with hers. “I promise you, we will not hurt him. I can feel that you’re scared of your powers, your darkness.” Her eyes dropped into her lap. “But you don’t have to let it control you, it is a part of you and you can use it for good.” You egged her on with hopeful eyes. She squeezed your hand, telling you to go on. “Now you’ll feel my light go into you and your...darkness go into me” she yanked her hand away “it won’t hurt me, again we will balance each other out. It’s for him Rachel.” You rubbed his chest feeling his heartbeat steady. Kory’s stares didn’t go unnoticed, there must be something going on between them.
Slowly Rachel gave you her hand and you started. You taught her to look deeply inside herself and she explained the last time she healed someone it was traumatic for her. The poor girl had been through so much, too much. This reminded you of Dick when he was younger.
Her dark purple hair started to glow a bright lavender as yours crept into a dark grey. She was giggling, telling you she felt warm all over. Your body on the other hand felt uncomfortable, as if it was dying, but you would never tell her. Together you each put one of your hands on him and let your powers flow into him. He started wriggling around in your chest, showing you two that it was working. You laughed under your breath because even Dick’s hair started glowing as well. His eyes opened to all of you glowing together in the back seat causing him to sit up from your chest. He peeled off his mask and looked back at you.
“You’re here now?” He questioned. You nodded silently staring into his dark eyes. You didn’t know what to do next but he quickly pulled you into a tight hug. You were surprised from it but softened into it, letting his arms surround you. It felt so comfortable, so familiar. When you came out of the hug you looked over to Rachel awkwardly sitting there but her face softened. “You were the one who caused the lightning. The ‘gold glowing light’ as Gar described it.” You looked over to Dick and he was gleaming at you, he must have gone through so much before you got here.
“Yeah, that was me.” You chuckled out. “Sorry for the extravaganza of an entrance.” She giggled and looked out the window at the stars and then back to you. “They glow brighter when you’re around.” She smirked.
“A lot of things glow when she’s around.” Dick replied.
You could tell he meant himself as his smile grew that bit more. Together you all quieted down in the back seat, settling in for the ride. You placed your head against the window getting ready to sleep. Your eyes shut, but then an elbow nudged into you softly. You opened one of your eyes to see Dick looking down at you and then at his shoulder. You smiled and shook your head at him, he became giddy like a child. You leant in to his face and whispered “I’m not sleeping on you...especially when you smell like that.” You chirped, seeing the offended look rise on his face. This earned you a cold shoulder as he rested his head back on the seat, settling to sleep like that. You went back to your position on the window and nuzzled into it. He peeked at you one last time. Memories flashed from when Alfred would drive you home, both of you sleeping in the back seat.
Your position never changed, your face pressed up against the window with your elbow on the arm rest. He still found it to be quite uncomfortable and also quite adorable.
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