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christofurrwood · 10 months ago
I would really appreciate it if y'all check out my story! ❤️
Synopsis: After being invested in an online story, Beck finds herself disappointed with the author's tragic ending. As a writer herself, she aims to confront the anonymous author online, only to find the story's main character, Prince Martin Fitzpatrick, right in front of her doorstep. To her surprise, the prince knows about Beck because she is the main character of his favorite book.
How will the prince adapt to this new life in the town of Westwood while figuring out how to go back to his own world? And how will Beck help the prince find his way back home without falling in love with the guy she thought only lived in her imagination?
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four-am-fanfiction · 3 months ago
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a very low effort meme to demonstrate the entirety of my thought process throughout this show
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beckyblah · 5 months ago
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Fellas is it gay to feel horrified when your rival says he doesn’t think about you?
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therainbowfishy · a month ago
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piningpebbles · 5 months ago
seeing how Hitting on 16 is formatted on ao3:
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taytei · 5 months ago
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stumbled on a Rise of the Guardians Au fic (by @h0neyd3w-tea) where Tommy is a minor spirit of Sunlight 
and i had this idea that his hair always looked like a ray of sunlight was hitting it, no matter the lighting
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cinefairy · 3 months ago
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ຯ  🌴    !   ׂ⁠  want to glow up and look unrecognisable for the summer? this post has been designed perfectly just for you 𑁍 
this post has been divided into 3 parts.
SAY BYE BYE to the old you, you are no longer the things you call yourself. you’re not ugly, stupid, lazy etc. you will no longer look up at that mirror and tear your beautiful self apart, that’s all in the past.
we’re going to stop those habits completely they do nothing but bring us back and withhold us from our true power, we are so much more than the hurtful words we call ourselves :)
optional, but you can write down all the bad habits you want to get rid of, and make a promise to yourself that you will put an end to those self-destructive habits.
✧ — again you do not have to, some habits are a difficult process. you can make a promise to yourself that you won’t let those habits bring you down and you will continue thriving no matter what
self concept is the foundation of everything. its how you view yourself and how you view friendships, relationships, life..etcetera!
changing your self concept doesn’t have to be challenging and difficult it is so easy and simple
here’s an example
if you think that you are unlucky, ugly, stupid and that no one will ever love you those thoughts will reflect in your 3D. you will find yourself in circumstances because of your thoughts.
you can change all of that in a millisecond by deciding that you have the best self concept in the world, you are more kinder to yourself and start practicing being kind to yourself
instead of tearing yourself apart you start telling yourself “i am going to be kind to myself today, i find that my features perfectly suit my face”
if you want to be beautiful you have to change your inner thoughts. it all starts with mindset first, never the other way around.
self concept affirmations ➜ here
okay so you’ve done your detox, you’ve stopped entertaining those habits and you’ve finally recognised your worth and got your self concept back on track…its time to rewrite your story.
so who do you want to be? don’t be afraid and i actually recommend that you go extra as much as you can. want a totally new face? THATS TOTALLY EASY. want to have tiny ass waist? THAT IS SOO EASY TO MANIFEST. want the best pinterest summer ever? THATS SO ATTAINABLE!
write down or take a mental note of your goals <3 tick them off as you go!
okay so this is my favourite part, you are going to APPLY everything you know about the law, everything you know about how to create your dream life and JUST DO IT. you’re going to take that leap of faith and watch the results blossom right in front of your face, you’re going to be so proud of yourself this summer for persisting and seeing yourself become an unrecognisable queen.
so on that mental or physical note you’ve created you’re going to become that person..EVERYDAY! you’re going to think and feel and embody that person that you want to be. you’re going to compliment yourself in the mirror, you’re going to think beautiful thoughts, you’re going to get lost in conversations with yourself about how amazing you are. you’re going to dance and twirl in your beautiful summer dresses about how you have the best self concept and the best body..best EVERYTHING!
if i wanted to be a top A student who can balance a social life and studying amazingly i would have thoughts like..
“look how amazing i can balance a social life”
“why am i so amazing at everything i do?? its crazy how i have the most amazing friends and still have time to study and achieve my goals”
𝐓𝐎 𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐙𝐄 . . .  ۫ ִ ׂ☀️ ◟♡ ˒ ⊹ ݁ ִ  ۫
get rid of self-destructive habits
change your self concept
rewrite your life! who do you want to be?
can’t wait to see all your glowups, love you..MWAH!
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penguinramen · 17 days ago
pov: you are c!dream
Tumblr media
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mondaylore · 2 months ago
sometimes i’m like booooo i hate the dsmp then i remember stuff like. ctommy waking up at sea every day in exile. clara the astronaut. cniki and cwilbur still having the diamonds they gave each other at the beginning of their friendship, even after everything. cjack mourning ctommys death even when he felt such resentment for him in life. a lily of the valley. some pink tulips. an allium. cslime addressing ctommy as tommyinnit from… a bunch of places. tommyinnit from nowhere in particular. cjack moving away, and wishing the whole time cniki would appear out of the blue to bring him back home. ctubbo and the deadman switch. ./hug. the snow that fell when cquackity and cslime first met, and the snow that fell when cslime asked cquackity if revenge was ever worth it when the world is so full of violence that doesn’t end. how ceret has never stopped trying to atone for betraying his friends. henry dying when ctommy and cranboo were trying to be so gentle with him. michael. ctommys house constantly changing but always being repaired, and always remaining. the bench always remaining. finding sam nook on the roof of the hotel. cwilbur crying because cranboo was kind to him. ctommy listening to music in the rain after cwilbur and cquackity fought over him. paradise. logstedshire. how ctubbo followed ctommy around silently when he was revived. ctommy singing to the crops to help them grow. how cniki started baking again. ctubbo playing the ukulele as he sat by the crater of lmanberg, and crying when cwilbur tried to apologise to him. how in exile ctommy just wanted to see the big christmas tree in the main land. cgeorge’s dreams where everything is okay, until it isnt. ctommy taking the blame for cranboo. cranboo writing to ctommy in exile. ctechno giving himself up to save his horse. cwilbur lying to cphil in his letters. ctommys birthday party. solitaire. 13 years in a train station. two compasses. history repeating itself. how lonely it is to move on. and how quiet it is. and i’m like nvm yeah i get it now
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cata-strophes · a month ago
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there'll be happiness after you, but there was happiness because of you
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christofurrwood · 5 months ago
New chapter update! Hope you could give my story a chance. :)
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certified-flowerchild · a year ago
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Levity. A moment to breathe.
Rip to Dream but if I was stuck in a prison cell with an exciteable pigman I would simply laugh at his jokes.
((also I just think that after 6 months of inhumane imprisonment Dream's gotta practice being in conversations that don't involve threats of bodily harm xdfsdgr))
Bonus doodles:
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blushydior · 2 months ago
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⌗ 𝐚 𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 ‧₊⊹
Tumblr media
to manifest your desires, you must embody it, right? to claim it as yours. therefore,
it’s already here. it’s already yours.
your desired reality is here.
you are which you desire.
so literally why repeat the old story? like it honestly doesn’t makes sense why you wouldn’t leave the “past in the past” ???
♡ˎˊ˗ here’s an example to help you get out of the victim mindset:
you want to be the best version of yourself with your desires right? whether it be insane intelligence, confidence, desired face & body, being the happiest you’ve ever been…
so think of the old story as a toxic friend.
old story = toxic friend
the act of repeating the old story = toxic friend is pulling at your arm.
meeting new & better friends = new assumptions/living your dream life
you want to be your best self BUT the ACT of repeating the old story is equivalent to this friend literally PULLINGGG at your arm, not wanting you to be friends with those who are better for you (aka living in your new assumptions, your dream life)
a true friend would want the best for you, right? exactly! you know what’s best for you, you know what to do! so let THEM go. LET THE OLD STORY GO. AND GO TO THOSE NEW AND BETTER FRIENDS!!! they are literally standing there, waiting for you to claim them, to run to them!!
☆ all possibilities exist the moment you claim it’s yours. what are you waiting for?!
Tumblr media
❝ don’t be afraid, for courage is necessary. ❞
Tumblr media
this toxic friend (old story) does NOTHING to benefit you the more you stay with them (the more you repeat the old story). staying with them will only set you up for repeating an old cycle you so badly want to get out of.
you’re seriously gonna let this “friend” hold you back from living your best life ??? couldn’t be me. i’m bigger than this toxic friend AND YOU ARE TOO! i know i could do better. AND YOU CAN TOO!
“be still and know that I AM GOD.”
but THE BIG THING IS, all of us have been there. leaving a toxic person behind hasn’t always been easy right? this is where persistence comes in.
the more you pull your arm back from their grip, the more the strength of it’s grip on you will decrease.
let me say that in a law of assumption way: the more you persist in your new assumptions, the less your old beliefs will have a hold on you.
☆ what you focus on grows. they will get weaker and you will get stronger.
☆ you will be the lion and your old assumptions will be grasshoppers.
☆ you assumptions are plants. your awareness is the water, sun, and whole source of nutrition. so, ask yourself which assumptions you want to grow? the old or new story?
Tumblr media
“just as a branch withers and dies if the sap of the vine ceases to flow towards it, so do things and qualities pass away if you take your attention from them; because your attention is the sap of life which sustains the expression of your life.” — n.g, your faith is your fortune
“as we revalue ourselves and begin to feel ourselves to be the giant, a center of power, we automatically change our relationship to the giants, deducting these former monsters to their true place, making them appear to be the helpless grasshoppers.” — n.g, at your command
“you are not going to die to anything by your former limitations but they are going to die as you move away from them, for they live only in your consciousness. in this deep or expanded consciousness you will find yourself to be a power that you had never dreamt of before.”
Tumblr media
☆ soon enough, your new assumptions + affirmations will make you feel so much better that you won’t even THINK or BE PHASED by the mention of the old story.
☆ your desired self exists because of persistence!
** AND LOOK! do you ever get reminded of all the good times you had with that toxic person? and you find yourself missing them a little? **
☆ thinking these thoughts & missing them is the same as having negative thoughts slip into your mind sometimes; it’s totally normal!
so this is what you would say to yourself:
“i do miss them but i’m glad i left them in the past because i know they weren’t good for me. i wouldn’t have gotten to where i’m at if it wasn’t for my courage.”
whenever the old story comes up, just flip it and remind yourself:
“that is the old story. the old me. i did the best i could at that time but i am a new person now. (insert self concept affirmations here)”
sometimes you have to get sick of your own dealings, you know? like if not now, then when??? choose NOW.
“do not be a Lot’s wife who looks back and becomes salted (Genesis 19) or preserved in the dead past. Be a Lot who does not look back but who keeps his vision focused upon the promised land, the things desired.”
Tumblr media
i typed this out at 1am so i hope this post makes sense! and that i helped you gain courage whether it be manifesting or actually dealing with toxic people ㅋ⫬ㅋ⫬
- yours truly ૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა ♡
p.s - you can do it! i believe in you! (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ
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catilinas · 7 months ago
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obsessed w this typo actually
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hivemindscape · a month ago
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i hate to say it, your lowest point was so much like mine
i thought you wouldn't understand turns out you're the only one who can
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thedreamgirljournal · 2 months ago
step 1: breathe honey. take your mind off of your worries for a while, do something you like, whether it’s baking, going for a walk, watching tv. breathe and distract yourself until you feel calm.
step 2: take the day off. this will be your you day, your self care day. take a bath, drink some hot tea and read a good book. feed your mind and try to not worry about anything else.
step 3: remind yourself that you are the god of your reality. you and only you decide and control what goes on in your reality. this is your world. things happen, they do. but you have always had, always have and will always have the power to change whatever you don’t like about your reality.
step 4: think of what you want, and know it’s yours. try to not overcomplicate it. it’s just that easy. try to imagine your desire wanting to be yours. it’s your desire that wants you, not the other way around. this mindset should help you put yourself, and not anything or anyone else, on the pedestal.
step 5: keep manifesting everything you want knowing that what you want is yours from the beginning. that’s all the information you need. what you desire is yours. don’t stress it too much, don’t overcomplicate it, don’t overthink it even. what you desire is yours.
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moonandnightss · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
— Mary Oliver, Entering the Kingdom
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cinefairy · 5 months ago
this is gonna be a long-ish ass post, so grab a snack, here is the whole rundown of law of assumption. im gonna be telling you how to manifest, quotes, success stories and limiting beliefs + how to get rid of them and more. ive made a similar post but since then ive gotten new followers and more people have joined the community.
⋆ ☾ : what is law of assumption?
law of assumption in simple definition is: WHATEVER YOU ASSUME, YOU WILL HAVE IN YOUR REALITY. for example if you were assuming into your reality that you own a million dollar house, BY LAW that million dollar house is yours! you will have it in your reality in no-time.
⋆ ☾ : if it’s that easy then why do people fail?
first of all you cannot “fail” in law of assumption, there is never failure in law of assumption. the law cannot fail you. people simply don’t get their desires for many reasons which i will go through.
this is a common mistake and i see it all the time, you are NOT WAITING FOR YOUR DESIRES, your desires are yours. once you assume creation is finished and your desire is yours, thats it. its done. start maintaining the state of wish fulfilled.
state of wish fulfilled isn’t being happy or excitement its the fulfilment and acceptance that your manifestation is yours, its a natural feeling.
“your assumption to be effective, cannot be a single isolated act, it must be a maintained attitude of wish fulfilled” — Neville Goddard
you cannot serve two masters at once, to successfully manifest you must kill the old beliefs you’ve had, you must get rid of the limiting beliefs you’ve entertained. for example if you’re manifesting a new desired appearance you can’t keep persisting in the assumption that you’re ugly and start tearing yourself apart, you must persist in the assumption that you HAVE your desired appearance.
if right now you’re currently seeing things that you’re unhappy with DARE TO ASSUME THE BEST LIFE YOU WANT. any circumstance you are in you can get it out of the way, time is not an obstacle. nothing is when you’re a god, assume big and beautiful because there is nothing you cant have.
i understand majority of us are in undesirable circumstances so i do have a post if you’re struggling here
THIS IS WRONG! you do not have to lift a finger to get what you want, you can stay in the comfort of your bed and home to get your dream life, the only thing you have to do is get out of the comfort zone of a victim mindset. methods, yes they’re helpful but are they necessary? no. you do not have to do the void, SATs, scripting, 5x55 or 3x33 or lullaby method to get what you want. you just need yourself and your mind.
as i mentioned before, you cannot fail. so GO ALL IN, start taking that leap of faith, nothing bad will happen, start believing in yourself and start having faith within yourself because trust me YOU CAN. you can do it.
majority of people have this longing fear that they’re wasting their time but it WILL WORK and its NOT A WASTE OF TIME. the biggest risk is sitting there idly by not doing anything and staying in the same position when know all this power you have!
self concept is something everyone will benefit from no matter what, take it from me. when i focused on my self concept i got better treatment from other people, people treated me with respect, i treated myself with respect, toxicity out of my life, fortune and luck everywhere i go.
our concept of ourselves revolves around our manifestations; if you always thought of yourselves as ugly, a loser, stupid you don’t have that self respect for yourself and you dont feel worthy enough. look at rihanna, rihanna treats herself highly and so does everyone else around her. why? because she has a high concept of herself SHE KNOWS she deserves to be treated with the upmost respect and she reflects that.
⋆ ☾ : so it’s really that easy?
YES! it really is that easy, a lot of people don’t think its easy because of the way they VIEW it. some people view law of assumption as a job or a chore when it really isnt. we assume everyday without even realising it, when we see food that looks gross to us we assume that it most-likely tastes like absolute garbage and because we assumed so..IT IS!
that girl in your school who you think is a snobby little privileged bully? if you changed their assumption on them and replaced it with new beliefs and maintained those new beliefs they would change.
⋆ ☾ : limiting beliefs and how to overcome them
limiting beliefs are normal and is completely common to have but its what we do with our limiting beliefs and how to overcome them so we can do so truly fo so much with our potential that we have.
common limiting beliefs
1. manifesting physical appearances take longer
that couldn’t be any further from the truth, manifesting physical appearances can happen instantly like any single manifestation out there however “unrealistic” it may sound.
2. it takes takes weeks to reprogram your subconscious mind
who made this UP?? it really does depend on yourself, reprogramming your subconscious isnt a MUST, you just have to change beliefs, do not force yourself. again, it can take instantly.
3. you need to affirm for a long period of time
no, you absolutely dont. you can affirm for a second you can affirm for a couple of minutes do not go overboard and create these limiting beliefs yourself. stop putting limitations on your true powers, your subconscious is your higher god self and it absorbs everything.
4. “Impressing the subconscious mind”
DO NOT EVER THINK FOR ONE SECOND YOU HAVE TO “IMPRESS” YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. your subconscious is yourself, why are you impressing yourself. your subconscious is not something out of you it is within you. you do not have to impress a thing- and a lot of people say you have to with even increases the limiting belief that you have to say tons of affirmations for the desire to “fully sink in and manifest”. that’s completely wrong.
and can i just say, you have the full responsibility of the life you choose to make. nobody else you do not have to follow the life other people have set up for you, go your own way. and also, there is no one higher above dictating whether you get your desires or not. YOU dictate and decide your desires, nobody else.
⋆ ☾ : how to manifest
in the most simplest way i am going to tell you how to exactly manifest, this time with no methods with not even lifting a finger how to manifest anything you want in life.
want that car? assume it. want to be a celebrity? assume it. want to date a celebrity? assume it. want to have your dream desired appearance? assume it is DONE. thats it, thats actually it.
If you assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact — Neville GODDARD.
Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. — Neville GODDARD
Your opinion on yourself is your most important viewpoint, you are infinitely greater than you think you are — Neville GODDARD
now i want you to imagine your dream self, how do they look? how do they dress? how do they talk? how do they smell? are they smart? poise? beautiful? how do people react when they see your dream person walk into a room? now. that dream person you just imagined, is YOU. its not a dream. stop thinking that something you want is a far distant imagination that you will never reach, its not. its anything but.
have the same thoughts as you would if all assumptions were true. for example, if i was manifesting becoming an oscar-winning actress who works with best actors and actresses in the business i would be having thoughts such as…
“I am the best winning actress ever”
“I never fail at acting, I always bring my A game”
“i always work with the best people on earth, and i am so grateful for that”
“I really am that BITCH.”
see? i would embody mentally the person i want to become, and assume in it’s fullest.
this is also what you call LIVING IN THE END, living in the end is what you call THINKING FROM and not THINKING OF. you are thinking from the perspective of your manifestation already being materialised.
a motivation letter from me. . . ♡
trust me when i say you can do it, you can manifest having whatever you want in life and let nobody tell you any different. thats all their silly limiting beliefs that they’re telling you, you don’t have to believe them. start believing in the imagination. start trusting yourself because you are the operant power who holds everything together. you’re amazing, smart, beautiful in your own unique way, you’re YOU. you are so unique and you’re made up of all these beautiful thoughts and you’ll soon use those thoughts to manifest everything you could ever wish for you. now, if it ever gets too tough for you. thats okay :) no need to panic or feel any threat. you can get through it. how many situations have you been in that you felt it was the end of the world? and look at you you’re still here thriving. one day you’re gonna finally be able to wake up and realise the world you’ve created around you and say “i’ve made it”
success stories here
• apartment manifestation
• penthouse manifestation
• desired face manifestation
• self concept manifestation
• multiple success stories here
• desired chin manifestation
• iphone 11 manifestation
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itsravenbitch · 2 months ago
my void success story💞🦋
(1st void story)
it’s 7:30 pm right now and i got into the void last night and i’ve been processing everything ALL DAYY… chilleeee it’s overwhelmingly exciting!
so in this post i’ll tell y’all HOW i got into the void and WHAT i manifested. but yall the way i woke up is my favoritee thing ever🥰
***long post ahead***
nowww how did i get into the void
i got in at night but anytime works as y’all know
1. i did a meditation [for the 1st time] a little bit before going to bed just because .. that shits super relaxing 10/10 recommend
2. anyway i set an alarm for 5 hours cause i read it somewhere that when you do, you get sleep paralysis so mmhm that’s what i did
3. i went to sleep with the intention of the void being easy to get into and yeah. it was a cool lil 5 hours.
4. thennnn my loud ass alexa alarm went off i told her to shut up and i just lied there.. they key is when the alarm goes off you don’t open your eyes and don’t move too much. this will get your body into SP. then your mind is awake and your body is dead asleep.
*in case it wasn’t obvious already make sure you’re not falling asleep again after waking up*
6. igh so boom… here we are now in SP . at this point i just repeated a few void affirmations. and i started getting THEE floating feeling, i was elevating the WHOLE time til i stopped.. then i got this falling feeling. i literally fell all the way from where i was and then i slowed down. right after i felt this shift .. AND BOOM BITCH I WAS IN THE VOIDD!!!! it was pitch black and the rest of the other stuff you experience when you’re in the void . moving on .
all i said was “gimme the life i’ve been deserving of” and i was out that ho. 🏎
tbh i wasn’t even scared cause i was ready for any of the symptoms .
so now what you probably wanna know. what did i manifesttt ???
so overall, i basically got my dream life so here’s kinda what that looks like
🦋my physical appearance: i got my desired face and body, as well as going from itty bitty 5’2 to big mf heavy stepper 5’8 mmmhmm. i reduced my titties and shii 😂 i had really ugly finger nails but they look really well kept now: and my toenails. they look like girl toes now. my skinnnn.. i can’t stop touching it.. it’s so soft 😌
🦋a lil boo thang or whatever: ooouu i’m not gon say teww much butttt.. yall i’m allll about black love so y’all already knoww… darkskin, muscular, gives THE best hugs ANDDD he’s from brooklyn, ny. and he got the accent and his voice is deep and a lil 🤏🏽 raspy ughhh ifykyk
🦋 tesla model y and my driver’s license: so i’m 17 and i didn’t get my license at 16 like most do. i actually didn’t even go to drivers ed fr. but that all changed of courseee. and to go with it i got a tesla. i got a black exterior , white interior , model y . i got in the car and knew exactly what to do lmao i was mind blown and overwhelmed with excitement.
🦋 my parents allowing me and my sisters to smoke: ok, i would like to start with the fact that my parents are african ok? and ifykyk! so me and my older sister like to smoke a lil weed and obviously my parent weren’t cool w that but they are now and it’s so weirddd.. like me and her go to the backyard and smoke and they just ignore it.. my dad yell at the fact that we smoke in MY SISTERS car tho and i’m like bro it NOT YOUR CARRR. he need to relax, he need some weed fr.
🦋desired friend group: i live in a predominantly white area and please don’t get me wrong but i just feel like i connect with my sistas better. but again where i live limits that so y’all already know wtf i did. i manifested 3 close friends and they really make my life so much better 💞
🦋moneyyy ofc: nothing much to say but i definitely won’t be worrying about money
🦋a fun life: i go out w friends , my bf takes me on fancy dates , i have a car now, so i take my little sister shopping and i love spoiling her . school is so easy so i don’t worry about it, my days are productive but fun, i have a great social life. and i’m traveling next weeekk.
🦋school goes by fast: even though i have late arrival bc ima senior i be tryna gtfo
🦋i got a cat: vivi is my munchkin kitten she’s so so tiny and i love her but i swear she love my man more than she love me bro.. ion know i might have to get on her ass.
🦋instant manifestation forever and perfect self concept: i would say my sc before the void was decent but now it’s perfect and that was the goal. and my manifestations are instant. seconds…
that about wraps this post right tf up. uhh like i said i’ve been adjusting to my new life , experiencing new things , just enjoying my life with no job , all the money i need and my only priority being school .
if y’all want the story about how i woke up from the void lemme know and i might make a post on it .
have a great morning , afternoon , evening , or night
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restnowyourhardshipisover · 5 months ago
Shout out to Dream’s willingness to just go along with bits his fellow creators make up for the Dream SMP. He and Techno finish their dramatic confrontation and Techno follows him and commentates him building a dirt house, while Dream is clearly still listening to stream and playing off what Techno says. Fundy and Tubbo run up to Dream and declare that he’s possessed by demons and he’s like “sure” and lets them blow him up and do improv rituals and stuff. Freaking Enderwalk apparently started because Ranboo messaged Dream mid-stream like “hey come play the ominous voice in my head.” And Dream did it, then they worked together on making it a recurring thing.
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