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Gone pt 2
A/N: I loved writing this so much! It probably will need another part but that's up to you guys <3
pairing: Bruno Madrigal x fem!reader
Warnings: Angst
Taglist: @staygoldsquatchling02
You can find Part 1 here!
Tumblr media
When you had found out you were pregnant you had tried to keep quiet about it. With Bruno's disappearance still aching, you had hoped to keep the news for a later time. But as fate would have it, the news broke. Little Dolores could hear you speak to someone, and once you said Mija, along with the morning sickness, the little ten years out figured it out and ran to tell Pepa.
Even though it had been five years, you were still getting used to Dolores being able to hear everything. Pepa, then ran to Julieta and then to you. Each of them knew what it was like to have children, and the news was wonderful! But the two sisters had their family, had their husbands to help them through the aches and pains.
And though you did have your own family, and the Madrigals...it wasn't the same without Bruno. Regardless if it was a way for you to cope, the hormones and such, you allowed yourself to believe that your husband had been out there somewhere. You believed that he would come back. So that you could tell him. But you hadn't realized how wrong you were.
Soon enough the word of your pregnancy spread through the house, and the family was more than thrilled. A new child for the family. And despite the circumstances, they knew it was good for you too. To take your mind off everything and to focus on your baby. You started to think of names and prepare clothes and such.
What you hadn’t known was that Bruno was listening through the walls. Watching through the crack in the wall in the dining room, watching you deal with his loss. It broke his heart to know you were carrying his child. To know you were dealing with this on your own.
He wanted nothing more than to break out of the walls of Casita, and hold you and his baby close. But he couldn't. He couldn't expose the vision he saw, and it had been a month at that point. How would he even begin to explain? How angry, heartbroken you would be. He loved you...you and your baby. But in order to protect you both, he needed to remain hidden, away.
With a broken heart, he would watch and listen from the cracks as your stomach began to grow with his own little baby. He still couldn't believe it. He cried many nights with the weight of guilt on his chest from doing this to you both. To his familia. But it had to be done. He hoped one day when he would eventually return, that you would understand that at least.
And you tried to. At night laying in your own room that Casita provided just for you so you didn't have to return to Bruno's old room. Bruno's spot next to you had lost the smell of him, and you never felt more alone. You began to imagine what it must have been like for Alma when she raised the triplets on her own.
But despite it, you tried to think of reasons why Bruno could have left. Maybe you had done something? Said something? Did you miss a sign? Bruno seemed perfectly fine when you had last seen him. You were at a loss. Shaking your head, you placed your hand on your stomach. You had to focus on your baby now, not someone who didn't care enough to leave a note before disappearing.
And as the months grew, the excitement of having a new baby around did as well. You had ensured Julieta as your baby's Godparent in case anything was to happen to you. It wasn't likely, but just in case. She was more than thrilled to, and little Mirabel was excited to have another cousin as well.
Alma was happy you stayed around after Bruno had left. She had worried that you would return to your family home afterward, but after you reassure her you would be staying she held you close. You were always too good. Sometimes you saw differently on topics, but she adored you all the same. You were perfect. And hoped you would make Bruno perfect too.
As your due date grew near, you were larger than when Pepa and Julieta were pregnant, but perhaps it was just a good sign of a healthy baby. She helped you set up the nursery in your small room. It was just a simple room, similar to the one you had at your own family home. The dresser was filled with baby clothes, and you were ready.
You had casita, the whole Madrigal family AND your own family in town. You weren't alone. So why did it feel like you still were? It had been nine months and after searching for weeks there was no sign of him anywhere. Had he left the Encanto? Was he alright? Was he still alive? You had no answers. Sometimes you still had dreams about him. About your family coming back together.
One night your dream was interrupted by the worst pain you had felt in your entire life, causing you to let out a small scream as you woke up out of your sleep. Panting you sat up slightly, dampness had come from your legs. A thought from the back of your head rang, They're here, the baby's coming.
You tried to get up but more pain washed through you causing you to lay back down. Little did you know Dolores heard you and ran to get her mother and Tia Julieta. They had been getting ready for this moment and had been ready for days knowing you could go into labor at any moment.
They came into your room to soothe you before getting everything you needed. Wet cloths, water, even getting Alma to help as well. The night changed as everyone was then up and awake, your cries filled casita.
As it neared time to push for your baby, you shook your head. Tears streamed down your face as you sobbed from the emotions and the pain, "No! I cannot do this without Bruno, I can't.." you whimpered, just wanting nothing more than for him to be there. And Bruno wanted nothing more as well.
Much like the rest of the house, he was woken up by your cries. His heart clenched as tears weld up. Bruno wanted to rush into your room, to leave these stupid walls behind. He wanted to give you his hand to squeeze while you were in agony, to tell you how proud he was of you. How well you were doing. To kiss your forehead. To reassure you, to tell you that it would all be worth it in the end. "Forgive me, amor..." he mumbled as he sniffled, placing his head against the wall of your room, listening as you cried in pain.
Pepa huffed at the mention of her brother, but Julieta gave her a look before gently pushing your hair off your sweaty forehead. "Y/N, I know. I want him to be here too. And you know if he knew about this if he heard he would be here in a moment. Bruno loves you so much. So you need to do this, so when he comes back he can meet his baby, hm?" she said softly.
In your state you trusted her more than anyone, nodding quickly.
Do it for Bruno. Do it for your baby.
"Good. Now, you have to start pushing, alright?" Julieta instructed as Pepa and Alma held your hand and dabbed your forehead with a wet cloth.
Then you did. It was the most excruciating pain you had ever felt in your life, but then there was a relief and a loud cry. You panted and fell back against the bed, exhausted. Pepa took the baby, cleaning it up and such before showing you with a smile. "A beautiful boy, what is his name?" she asked.
You cried again at the sight of him. He had your hair already, a little peach fuzz. And Bruno's beautiful eyes. "Pedro," you said in a shaky tone, and Alma looked to you in surprise but you could see the love in her eyes. And you knew the sentiment in the name, how much it meant to the triplets as well as their mother. It meant so much to her, and you knew that. It was a name you and Bruno had agreed on a while ago. If at any point you had children, and you had a boy, it would be after Bruno's father. "After his Abuelo...Bruno agreed on-"
Before you could finish you let out another scream of pain. Julieta looked in confusion, checking you before looking up to you. "Y/N, you need to push again. There is another.." you couldn't question it as you just pushed until a second baby cry filled your room.
Panting heavily, your eyes drooped in exhaustion. You were prepared for one baby, but not another. After Pepa handed Pedro to Alma, she cleaned up the second baby, before showing you. "A girl,"
You smiled as the baby girl looked just like you. Your hair again, and your eyes. "Carina. My beloved..." you decided on the spot with a nod, "Carina Alma Madrigal." you finalized before you fell asleep to rest and recover, while the family got to making another crib for the second baby.
In the morning, the announcement of your two children made it to the town and your parents came to visit. Yes, Bruno left you heartbroken, but you had two angels now that needed you.
Bruno watched from the walls, the cracks in the wood as he look at the sight of his twins. Tears fell from his eyes as he saw how beautiful they were. How Carina looked so much like you, how Pedro looked like a perfect mix of you both. Slowly he fell to his knees, forehead pressed against the inside of the wall. If only things had been different, maybe he would have been able to stand there with you. With your family, and your little miracles.
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help i feel like camilo would know all the fnaf lore, can you do a hc where he explains to the reader all about it?
absolutely . when i say 'bad requests' this is not one of them
Tumblr media
"and so, circus baby is like, back to normal even though she just, like, ate that kid," camilo spoke, gesturing wildly with his hands. he sat on the bed of his room while you were seated on the floor, leaning against the frame.
you were only half-listening as your partner went into excruciating detail over some video game franchise's lore. he had been preaching about the storyline for well over half an hour now, without stopping. you were surprised he hadn't passed out by now.
"but the kid she totally ko'd was actually that guy from earlier's daughter." seriously. he'd been talking nonstop for a while- was he okay?
you glanced away from the book you were absentmindedly skimming and looked behind you to where he was sitting on the bed. his eyes were fixed in the air as he continued his speech, talking with not only his words but his hands.
you returned your gaze to your book with a sigh, which went unnoticed by your partner. he was too immersed in his own explanation to notice much else.
you couldn't help but smile. while you didn't care much for the lore, it was still cute to see him so excited.
Tumblr media
this is a joke. plz check out my masterlist and send me headcannons , i promise im actually a good writer
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Imagine going to Camilo’s house for dinner because all the Madrigals want to meet you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and Camilo knew one another from school. You were in the same class and although you hadn’t really spent much time together you knew of one another. You knew Camilo because he was part of the most famous family in Colombia, not to mention his reputation as a hilarious prankster which made him well known throughout the school. Camilo knew of you because he’d had a crush on you for years. You were the only person he got nervous around and his confidence dried up whenever you looked at him with those piercingly beautiful eyes. So when the two of you were paired together on a school project Camilo was both ecstatic and nervous.
You worked on the project during school hours, spending much time together which Camilo greatly enjoyed. When it became clear you wouldn’t finish it in school hours he suggested you go to his house after school. You agreed, not going to pass up a chance to see the incredible Madrigal house and together you made your way there. Camilo said most of his family should be out which was a good thing so you’d have the place to yourself. True to form, nobody was around when you arrived and so Camilo gave you a grand tour and then you finally settled down to work.
That evening
Camilo stumbled into the dining room utterly exhausted from the day’s events. He loved being around you but he found himself concentrating on what you were saying so much it hurt his head. When you left he felt like he’d been in a blissful daze and it took him a while for him to get his bearings. His eagle-eyed family noticed this of course and Isabela frowned as he sat down next to her “why are you walking like that?”. “Nothing i’m just tired”. “Aww tough day at school?” Luisa asked and Camilo went to agree when Dolores spoke up “that’s not what I heard...”. “Ow that means she heard some gossip! What did you hear?” Madrigal cried excitedly. “Well, Mrs Diaz’s daughter told me she saw you coming home with a girl. Apparently you brought her inside casita and everything. She didn’t leave for hours” Dolores smirked doing that typical “oh” of hers before everyone erupted into a barrage of questions. “You know you aren’t allowed to bring guests home without telling us!” his mother cried “and unsupervised” his father added. “Wait was it a date?” Isabela asked as Madrigal cried “who was she?”. “No it wasn’t a date and you don’t know her!”. “I’m in the same year as you” Madrigal cried and she looked to Dolores who would know the answer to all her questions. “It certainly sounds like a date and her name’s y/n” Dolores replied simply. “Y/n L/n!” Madrigal cried and Camilo winced. Now they had a name they’d be like bloodhounds. “Wait l/n? I think I went to school with her sister, they’re a really lovely family” Luisa commented and finally Abuela Madrigal got everyone’s attention. “Everyone stop talking! Now Camilo, who is this girl and why did you bring her over here without telling us?”. “She’s just a girl from my school Abuela” Camilo looked down managing not to blush, very aware everyone was watching him. "It wasn’t a big deal, We had a school project and she came over to finish it. That’s all!". 
His Abuela didn’t agree. 
“It is a big deal! We are the Madrigals, there are things we have to do, ways we have to present ourselves to guests. You know I like to welcome everyone who steps into this house, it keeps the family reputation". Camilo nodded "I do and you did...in a way". A smirk filled Madrigal’s face "you didn’t". "Did what?' his father and Abuela said at the same time. Camilo smirked, egged on by Madrigal "I shapeshifted into you Abuela and welcomed her into the house. She liked it a lot so don't worry I was the perfect host". "You what!" Abuela cried and Madrigal, Isabela and even Luisa smirked. "Tell me you're lying". "He’s not" Dolores chimed in "his heart always speeds up when he’s lying...like when he said it wasn’t a date”. Camilo glared at her but gave his Abuela and parents a winning smile "it was just a joke and y/n found it funny believe me". "I don’t care we have traditions and they must be upheld so you will invite this girl back and we will do things properly". Camilo went to argue when his mother shot him a look and he groaned in defeat “yes Abuela”. Isabela smirked and leant in "remember how you acted when I had Mariano visiting? Payback time".
The next day
At the earliest opportunity Camilo was ordered out of the house by his Abuela to track you down and invite you back for dinner. He relented, realising there was no way of getting out of this and walked with Luisa who he hoped would help track you down. She was a good few heads taller than him and towered over him in the square. "Do you see her?" he asked and she paused “me? I have no idea what she looks like". "Well she has brown hair" he started. "Ow that narrows it down" Luisa commented and he rolled his eyes "let me finish! She has light brown hair, she’s about Madirgal’s skin tone and my height. She usually wears blue or something purple or green...". Luisa groaned "none of this is helping". "Okay just pick me up!" Camilo sighed. "Do what?" Luisa asked and he groaned "don’t make me say it again". Lusia lifted him easily onto her shoulder and he got a good look at the market. "See her?" Luisa called and he frowned “give me a sec". He inspected the crowd and every laugh or bright colour made him pause. Finally he saw you, not too far away from them with a vendor. "There she is!" Camilo cried, just a little too loudly as you looked up and saw him. Camilo immediately blushed and waved awkwardly. You waved back and Camilo was pretty red. "Are you blushing?" Luisa asked as she put him on the floor. "No!" He cried "I'm just warm from all of this, I'm gonna go talk to her" and he rushed over to you.
"Y/n!" he said and you turned around startled before smiling "hey Camilo, everything okay? I saw you over there with Luisa, did you lose someone?". "Erm yeah Antonio...". "Ow no that's awful, he’s your little brother right?". Camilo nodded "yeah but...it’ll be fine". "Fine?" you asked confused why he wasn’t scared that his baby brother was missing and Camilo backtracked. "I mean when we find him...want to help me look?". You nodded "of course" and hurried to help him.
The two of you wandered all over town to look for his little brother that was back at home but you never complained. Not even when you’d been all over town, into the woods and back in the square. Camilo was trying to work out a way to ask you to come to dinner but he kept getting distracted by you. You were just so interesting and intelligent. You knew so much about so many things and he kept getting amazed by your knowledge until finally he ran out of time.
You’d been all over town and no Antonio so you’d ended up back at the square where you’d been an hour ago. You sighed as you scanned the market and didn’t see Antonio. “Maybe we should go tell your parents or get the police? If he’s been gone this long it must be serious”. Camilo panicked and just said the first thing that came to him “yeah okay...ow wait there’s Luisa! She’s with Antonio so everything must be fine”. "Really? Where?” you asked cranking to see her but Camilo grabbed your arm "y/n I need your help with something...well something else". That got your attention "what is it?". "Well see my Abuela really likes having guests and she was upset I invited you over when she wasn't home so she wants me to invite you back so she can play hostess". "Play hostess, what does that involve?" you asked. "Well she’ll greet you at the door and there would be a meal but other than that it’d be just like last time...if you had any other homework you wanted to do? Or we don’t have to do homework, We could just hang out or whatever, we could...draw?" he said his brain completely failing to think of a task teenagers would do for fun. "Are you a good artist?” you asked smiling and he shook his head "nope, i have no idea why i suggested that". You laughed loudly and Camilo was sure you were laughing at him until you shot him a smile "well I think it sounds great, I'd love to come back". "Really?" Camilo asked "that's great! How’s tomorrow night?". You nodded "tomorrow works for me! I'll meet you at yours" and you walked away. Camilo stared after you in a daze until you disappeared from sight. Then he reflected on how things had gone and nodded to himself “I nailed that” he said to himself grinning smugly.
The day of the dinner
Despite Camilo’s good news Abuela Madrigal was angry he’d given her so little time to prepare. "I mean barely 24 hours to plan a dinner party" she said as she set the table with the best plates. "Well I kept telling you that you didn’t have to do this" he pointed out. "Of course we have to, now go wait by the door she'll be here soon" his Abuela cried. "Who?" Antonio asked and Isabela smirked "Camilo’s girlfriend". "Y/n is not my girlfriend!” he cried. "Yeah but you want her to be" Dolores chimed in and Madrigal nodded "big time, he’s always staring at her in school". "Where do you all keep coming from!" he cried and rushed from the room.
Camilo stepped out onto the porch and enjoyed the fresh air, it helped calm the blush on his cheeks. He had no idea how he was going to get through this evening but he didn’t have much time to figure it out as you appeared down the path. “Camilo!” you called and he smiled widely “hey y/n!”. He rushed down to meet you and paused as he saw how beautiful you looked. He couldn’t tell if you’d put in extra effort or not because to him you always looked this good. He led you up to the house and gave you what he thought was a pep talk. “So don’t worry if you forget names and just tell me if they’re being too annoying...maybe we need a help signal if they’re getting too much, how about you twirl your hair three times and sneeze as our escape signal?”. You laughed “don’t worry Camilo i’m sure it’ll be fine, your family all seem nice”. “Sure...” Camilo said and he opened the front door where one person was stood waiting. Antonio. You smiled “so you must be the little run away”. Antonio frowned and Camilo nodded for him to agree. You introduced yourself and told Antonio his toy Leopard was very pretty. “I have a real one too!” he cried and you jumped as an actual Leopard appeared. Camilo could’ve kicked himself, he definitely should’ve told you about that but you reacted well. “They’re gorgeous” you smiled and Antonio beamed.
You stepped closer to the leopard and Antonio turned to Camilo. "Is this your girlfriend Camilo?" he asked in a whisper. The only problem was Antonio hadn't mastered whispers yet so he just said it in a husky voice meaning you very much heard it. "Antonio! Why don’t you go find mami?" Camilo said pushing him away and when he turned around his family had swarmed. "It’s so nice to meet you y/n, Camilo has told us so much about you" Isabela said in a sickeningly sweet voice. "He has?” you asked blushing and Madrigal nodded "he just doesn’t shut up about you" and Dolores nodded "trust me I'd know". You blushed even more and Camilo had finally managed to push them back when his Abuela and parents appeared. "Ahh so this is the young woman I've heard so much about" his Abuela said. Camilo face planted, his family were going to make you think he was a stalker or something. You hadn't run away yet though, instead you turned and smiled at his Abuela and parents. You introduced yourself and thanked them for inviting you to dinner. You complimented casita and asked if there was anything you could do to help with dinner. Camilo knew by their reaction they liked you instantly. As you walked into the dining room you complimented his mother’s dress and she was beaming, sun filling the dining room. "Dinner will be a few moments so sit and relax” his Abuela said and you looked around unsure where to sit. Camilo realised you were looking for him and felt quite special. He rushed forwards and showed the seat marked out for you next to him. You sat down next to each other and he smiled "I feel like I should apologise already". You chuckled "you don’t need to, your family are nice. Very welcoming". Camilo raised his eyebrow “that's one way to put it. Thank you for putting up with all this". You shook your head and went to tell Camilo it was fine when his cousins interrupted. "So y/n you go to school with Camilo?” Luisa asked. You nodded "yep, have done since we were five". Isabela leant forwards "what's he like in class? Class clown I'm guessing since he’s obviously not the class brains". The others laughed and Camilo glared but you didn’t laugh. "Well yes but in a good way. He always makes the day more fun and he’s the most popular person at school because he’s so funny". Camilo sat there smiling proudly as Isabela’s plan failed and Luisa nodded "so y/n any idea what you’d like to go when you graduate?". "Geez Luisa you're becoming more and more like Abuela" Camilo commented and you laughed but placed a hand on his arm "it's fine, I don’t mind" before turning back to Luisa "I'd love to be a dancer". "A dancer?" Camilo’s mother Pepa asked returning to the room and you nodded "I love dance and basically anything related to music so i’d like to pursue something along those lines". All the adults rejoined and his Abuela heard "ahh so can you play any instruments?". Camilo snorted "she can play just about anything, y/n is a great musician". You smiled at that and Camilo noticed his family all shooting him looks and blushed. "Well you'll definitely have to play something for us after dinner then" his Abuela suggested and you nodded "I'd love to".
The night was a huge success. You were your usual charming self through dinner and didn’t get overwhelmed by his huge family once. You joked around with his sister and cousins. You were polite and sweet to his Abuela and so naturally brilliant with his parents. You played the piano as requested and it was beautiful. Camilo was transfixed just like the rest of the family and you even inspired the youngest member. At the end of your song Antoni came forwards and told you he wanted to learn to play like you. You offered to teach him a little and his family was practically gushing over the way you handled Antonio. You lifted him onto the bench with you and showed him how to play some chords. When he got through the sequence without making any mistakes he beamed at all his family who all grinned back in return. It was safe to say his family all loved you and he could only imagine how much they’d encourage him to date you as if it was up to him. You said he was popular but everyone liked you because you were just so nice. You treated everyone with kindness but were no pushover and were extremely intelligent. Camilo was pushing his luck with you, gifts and all, no matter how much he liked you, which was something his family didn’t seem to get.
When the night was over Camilo led you outside and his family all gave you heartfelt goodbyes and asked you to come again. When you finally reached the front door Camilo sighed happily feeling the fresh air. You stood beside him and looked up at the night sky, as if surprised how much time had passed. "So..." Camilo said glancing at you awkwardly. He knew at the end of dates was when you typically asked for another one but he was still trying to work up the courage to do that. He, Camilo, who had never been nervous in his life. He remembered his own door ceremony he’d actually made jokes as he walked down the carpet and made his Abuela laugh in a very undignified way. But now he was more nervous than he’d ever been staring at you. 
"Yes?” you asked as Camilo had just stopped talking and trailed off into silence.  Camilo hurried to continue "i erm...well i...was wondering I'd you'd maybe like to do something like this again?". "Come over for dinner?'” you asked and he shook his head. It was now or never and Madrigals were brave, so Camilo went for it. "No, well we can if you want but I meant more the two of us...alone". You smiled "like a date?". Camilo went bright red and he struggled to form words. "I...well...yes" he finally managed "if you’d want to of course". "I'd like to go on a date with you Camilo" you replied and he froze "you would? Really?". You nodded smiling "yep, you're the most interesting and funniest boy I’ve ever met. You have a way of making everyone feel safe and comfortable around you and that’s one reason I was so happy we got put together for our project...I’d love to spend more time with you". Camilo felt like he was floating to get such glowing praise from you and he stammered like an idiot before he saw you noticed his reaction and were blushing lightly. "Well then erm...I'll come up with some ideas of what we can do and tell you them at school". You nodded "sounds great" and looked at him. Camilo stared back at you and supposed this would be the time one of the people on a date would lean forward and kiss the other. However Camilo had used up all his bravery asking you for a second date, he didn’t have any more courage in him...but the casita did!  
The house pushed Camilo up and forward and it did the same to you. Camilo couldn’t really stop himself but he wouldn’t have wanted to anyway. The house had the bravery to do what he didn’t and he kissed you. Your eyes widened in shock at first but then you smiled and closed them enjoying the kiss.
Camilo walked back inside practically strutting and composed himself before entering the kitchen. Everyone paused the second he entered and he sighed "okay so what did you think?'. "She’s lovely mi amor" his mother gushed and his father nodded "such a lovely young girl". "I’ve always liked her" Madrigal added and Luisa nodded "very nice girl". "She’s really nice, can you ask her to come back and teach me again?" Antonio asked. "I have to admit she was perfect. Still no idea why she’s interested in you..." Isabela said. Finally his Abuela nodded "I agree with everyone, she is a lovely girl Camilo...". There was a pause and Camilo nodded "I agree...". "So?" his mother asked and he paused "so what?". "Are you two together?" his father asked and he blushed. "They are!" Isabela cried noticing his reaction and Camilo tried to deny it but Dolores smirked "he asked her out on an official date just now and she said yes". They all exploded in excitement and Camilo told them they were being crazy and excused himself from the room.
Despite his words he was secretly as overjoyed as his family and as he went up to his room he patted the house “thanks casita, you did good”.
I love Dolores and Camilo’s sibling relationship so much! The few moments we got in the movie were so funny and I need more Disney! I bet Camilo was such a handful of a little brother and Dolores would be such a funny big sister because she literally hears everything you say or do! 
Not to mention they killed their verses in we don’t talk about Bruno. I just need more of these chaotic siblings and I need it now!
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bellathechildbitch · 2 days ago
hello! can you please do all the madrigal x reader(platonic) reader being luisa bestie and all the madrigal loving her as their own, can you please focus on reader and julieta having mother and daughter relationship?
Tumblr media
💐You and Luisa have been friends since you were children.. So of course you're going to meet the wonderful family Madrigal.
💐Luisa showed you around to each of her family members. Amazed of their power but also the way they acted around you. You barely even met the family and they already acted like you were apart of their family.
💐Years would go on and you're friendship with the Madrigals gree stronger.
Isabella always did your hair for you whenever you came over and if you refuse her treatment all hell will rise! Jk.. you cannot escape her. Wether you say yes or no she will do your hair. But I'm not going to lie Luisa kinda gets jealous of Isa hogging you away from her.! After all you were her best friend first!
"Y/N! Stay still!!" Screeched Isabella as she nearly had you in a head lock "You didn't properly brush your hair again did you!?" She growled
Luisa would chime in as she grabbed one of your arms as she tried to pull you away from Isabella "Let her go sis! they promised to hang out with me today! You can braid their hair later!" She grunted.
You would whine as you tried to get out of her grasp. "waah! Let me go! Julieta please get your daughters off of me!" You begged
A sigh escaped Julietas lips as she looked over at the both of you "Aye.. mija you're going to break them! Put (Y/n) down at once.." she said calmly
The two would look at their mother as they sighed letting you go as you scrambled twords Julieta "Oh thank you senora.." you said dramatically
"Oh dear it's nothing.. hm come with me to the kitchen if you don't mind..~" she said softly as she left. You would trail behind her.
As you entered the kitchen you leaned against the counters. Julieta began to cook as usual, humming a small tune she would look over at you
"Goodness.. Isabella and Luisa really messed up your clothes.." she sighed as she would walk over to you gently cressing out your outfit as she also dusted it off
You would groan "Julieta.. please I am no child.." you whined
She would laugh as she cupped your cheeks "Oh but you are a child to me! It's as if you were my own little baby" She chirped as she placed smooches all over your face.
This type of motherly behavior wasn't unusual to you, Julieta always acted like a mother twords you ever since you were little. And she always saw you as her daughter...
You never complained about it because you enjoyed being treated like a helpless little kid sometimes.
"Waaah! Mami please!-" you laughed as you tried to push her away as you paused for a moment.. what .. did you just call her?
Julieta would also stop as she looked at you.. somewhat shocked
"I-... I'm sorry... I didn't mean too.." you said as you would try to move away from her but Julieta would stop you
She would be tearing up a bit as you seemed a bit confused "...Julieta?" You said softly. Before you could say anything else she would pull you into a bone crushing hug "(Y/N) I never thought I'd hear that from you..! Aren't you adorable you seem me as your mother!!" She dramatically said
You still a bit confused slowly hugged her back "W-well of course.. you always treat me like I'm your own child.. but I went to far didn't I?"
Julieta would laugh as she let you go "No don't ever say that! She playfully scolded
"I don't mind if you call me that.. it makes me happy that you see me as someone so important.." she said softly
Smiling at her you would nod "Very well mami.. what's for lunch hmm?"
Julieta would roll her eyes "I should of known that you would of asked that.." she huffed as she went back to cooking. "it's a surprise for my one and only (y/n).." she teased
💐From that day you two began to be really close. Even Agustín treats you as if you were his own child.. BASICALLY THE ENTIRE HOUSE OF MADRIGAL THINK OF YOU AS THEIR FAMILY MEMBER.. BROO YOURE LUCKYY
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sarahp-stan · 2 days ago
what pepa and julieta madrigal would do when you come home tired and stressed
Tumblr media
a/n: this is a self-indulgent fic because I’ve been feeling a bit down and stressed plus why not include the two women from encanto that i can’t stop thinking about?
please don’t repost my works anywhere! my fics stay here on tumblr and tumblr only!
immediately seeing your mood as you enter the house
massages your shoulders a bit and mutters words of worry and love
the two of you lay on the shared bed or on the couch and just cuddle while talking about each other’s day
sometimes you lay your head on her lap as she plays with your hair and massage your scalp
sometimes you just need to have fun and move so occasionally you two dance it out
rain usually follows but the two of you don’t care because the rain just makes the moment more enjoyable
she would be busy making food for the family while you walk in
it’s not until she turns around and notices your exhausted expression that she will quickly whip up some your favorite dishes
she then orders you to sit and as you eat hungrily, she continues to cook while stealing glances at you sometimes
when you were done eating, julieta takes your hand and guides you to lean on the counter with her
the two of you intertwine your fingers together as she takes one of her hands, slighting urging your head to lean on her shoulder
you take her offer and you end up telling her about your day as julieta finishes up the dinner, occasionally letting you taste the food
taglist: @notmanagingmymischief @winters-witch-bitch @paulawand @nyx-aira @taylorsmakingfuckingmacandcheese @lilian-maximoff
let me know if you want to be added and if to only a specific fandom then let me know :)
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wolfofwritingstreet · 8 hours ago
I don’t know if anyone has done anything like this before but after going on a Pixar movie binge I started thinking about how would the Madrigal’s react to meeting a sea monster person (from the movie Luca). Like imagine them meeting the reader and at first the Madrigal’s think that they are just a foreigner but later realizing that they aren’t human. However the reader just wants to explore and learn about different human cultures and ends up befriending the Madrigal’s. Hope that makes sense!
From sea to land
Prompt: How they react to finding out you have a gift of your own.
Tone: Cute + easy read
Warnings: None
Word Count: 0.7k
A/N: Welcome to the penultimate Encanto request, my first head canon for the characters. I hope this satisfies your request anon, and if you do want to request please check my Master list for what fandoms are open; any closed fandom requests will be deleted!
Ok, I know three requests were meant to come out today but I am a tired gal and so pick the path of two. I'm excited for the future where I venture now into Euphoria, Marauders and more current fandoms. Thank you to all who vote, and sleep well all 182 of you <3
Tumblr media
You have wondered into a place they call Encanto, and on your meeting you befriend each of the Madrigal's. This is how some of them react when you tell them about your own gift, and how you mean no harm...
Tumblr media
Would shape shift too many times to count when he first gets sight of your true form.
When you explain things to him he goes from 100 to 0 very quickly in chillness.
Calls you shifting buddies as you can both transform into different skins, when you try and explain to him the difference he ignores you and plugs his ears.
He will sit and explain everything to you that you want to find out about human culture.
If you take a particular liking to a specific item he will keep buying it and giving them to you.
Likes to shape shift into your original form, and is convinced if he trains his gift he will be able to breathe underwater as well.
Note this does not work and he almost drowns.
Makes one too many fish puns for you to stay sane.
Means well but sometimes you have to go swimming just to escape his constant happiness and energy.
Does not get the message and tries to join you, until you stay underwater for so long he gives up and lies on the banks.
Very accepting all the time.
Tumblr media
No surprise but when you finally admit to her your secret, she doesn’t even seem phased.
When you ask her why she says she’s known for weeks, she overheard you whispering to yourself about it but didn’t want to bring it up before you did.
You hug her when she says this instead of saying something out loud, knowing that Dolores would appreciate the gesture more.
Instead of Dolores showing you things, you decide to show her the true silence which comes from under the water.
When you first take her down, she flinches because of the loudness of the water though you assure her that’s not what you mean.
It takes a minute of persuading but soon she gets into the water with you, trusting that this will be worth it.
Holding her arms and with an encouraging smile she allows you to drag her down under the water.
You’ve never seen her so relaxed, and you create a bubble for her to breathe so she can stay for longer.
You stay under the water in perfect silence until your skin is so wrinkled it hurts to poke.
The two of you roll onto the bank with large smiles.
She thanks you for the peace and quiet, and you thank her for not telling anyone your secret till you were ready.
Tumblr media
You confide in Mirabel with your secret because you thought she could understand how it felt to be isolated from others, and that she wouldn’t judge you.
You weren’t wrong, and when you told her the two of you stayed up all night sharing secrets and feelings that revolved around your identity’s.
She would encourage you to embrace your own culture whilst sharing hers, and you would encourage her to stop trying to impress her abuela.
When she was feeling low about her lack of a gift you would stay with her and listen, or you would take her into the town so she could teach you about the things she loves.
When you ask her to go with you to the water she gets her mum to make you a picnic, and the two of you would take day trips to the river.
Often uses your name to one up her older sister Isabel, you find it more amusing than anything else.
Never tries to make you feel like the odd one out as she knows what that feels like.
The two of you are good for each other, and learn to communicate without words when one of you feels out of place.
Mirabel likes to draw your original form, and even made a stitched toy of a mini you which she keeps in her room.
Main master-list –> Here
Misc master-list –> Here
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missvifdor · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stephanie Beatriz is the voice of Mirabel and she is also the actress of Rosa Diaz in B99.
Now imagine if Mirabel would have become a copy of Rosa Diaz and enlisted in the police after running away from Encanto (With Bruno) when she had had enough of the treatment she had suffered for years from the members of his family and especially Abuela.
While running away, she had always wanted to feel useful so she joined the police when she was old enough to do so and having collided with the harshness of the outside world of Encanto, she learned to toughen up to survive outside the lost paradise that came to life through Abuelo's sacrifice. And Bruno would also be very proud of his niece but also sad that she had to learn to become like this in the functions of her job.
It remains to be seen whether the rest of her family and especially Julieta and Augustin will react to the transformation of their daughter who was always so sweet and playful.
In any case, one thing is certain, Mirabel won't take crap from anyone, especially not from Isabella or Abuela, if she finally returns to Encanto after a few years (She wouldn't have the patience to settle family problems either, but she will do her best if it concerns at least Antonio or even Luisa).
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peppermint-joys · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
I said what I said.
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pjwritingblog · 25 days ago
Prompt: Bruno peeks into your future, not because he has a crush on you or anything! Just because...y'know...he wants to know if you ever get a significant other
a/n: i'm pretty sure i saw another post with this same concept, not trying to steal any ideas! just having fun :) also do they eat paletas in colombia? i have no idea.
Bruno Madrigal did not have a crush on Y/N. He didn't! He was a grown man goddamnit, he didn't get crushes on every pretty person who treated him with anything better than contempt.
Which, y'know, maybe you were the first pretty person(other than his beautiful nieces and nephews, of course) who treated him with something better than contempt, but that was beside the point.
His family joked about his sugar addiction. How almost every afternoon like clockwork, he tried to convince someone to go down to the bakery with him. And sure, the shortbread cookies melted on your tongue like magic, and the cakes so rich you almost couldn't eat more than a bite, the paletas the single most perfect thing you could wish for on a hot day, but that wasn't why Bruno spent a small fortune there.
It was for you. He just...liked seeing you. Every day. It was very normal and not at all creepy.
Bruno didn't want to be creepy. His reputation had improved somewhat since he returned from his, ahem, 'extended vacation' but he didn't want to make you uncomfortable, especially at your job. Surely, after all, the whole town was already in love with you(not that Bruno was in love with you!), who could resist your unorthodox beauty? Your freckled smile? Your loud, boisterous laughter?
That's what he would do. He would simply find out who you were going to end up with. He'd take a quick little glimpse into your future, just enough to determine who the lucky winner of your affections was, and then he could let his heart be shattered and move on help the two of you fall in love! What a matchmaker he was to his friend.
In his new vision cave, he hastily set everything up, wanting to know already, and as the sand began to swirl in sparks of emerald, his heart started pounding. There you were, walking in the park hand-in-hand, sharing a meal, passed out together on a couch...Each vision of you and a shadowy figure made Bruno's heart splinter. He wanted you to be happy, he really, really did, this was normal, this was fine....he focused harder and the shadow finally started to take shape.
That...couldn't be right.
He had to have done something wrong.
Because as the image sharpened, the vague shape, the one that you were gazing at adoringly, brushing the hair out of their eyes and giving them a slow, soft kiss....was him.
And he looked...happy. The bags under his eyes were less oppressive, his clothes didn't hang off a skeletal frame, but mostly he seemed to just glow, with warmth and love and joy.
He stopped the vision, dusting the sand off his body. He ran his hand through his hair, took a deep breath, and bolted down the stairs to find his family.
"Does anyone want to go to the bakery?"
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lunairk · 19 days ago
How I imagine it would be like to be with each member of the Madrigal family
A/N: I mean come on, you gotta admit everyone in this family has some mental health issue, more or less Paring: Madrigal family x gender neutral reader ——————————————————————————————————
Tumblr media
Abuela Alma Madrigal
· She is going to be very protective of you. She once lost her husband and there is no way she can stand losing you
· Pepa, Bruno and Julieta are going to like you very much
· After all they are still happy for their mother if she can find happiness
· People in town will respect you like they respect her.
· You see her children more than just their gifts, and comforts them when they are occasionally scared of disappointing their mother
· Comforts her when she had nightmares about her past or the nightmares of losing magic
· You will tell her and her children that with magic or not they are amazing people
· Sometimes you will doubt about her obsession with the magic, but you still respect what she insists on
· I imagine her to be overprotective sometimes, maybe even slight manipulation (I don’t think she will be aware of it, and she meant well, but it’s still manipulation you know)
Tumblr media
Pepa Madrigal
· Pepa’s magic bless the town for their crops, so you accompany her to visit the down constantly
· I think it’s a really cool gift because when you really want to go out, she can make sure it’s a beautiful day so your mood won’t be ruined by the weather
· Or then you feel like dancing in the rain she can also arrange that. You would hold on to Pepa and dance in a not windy rain for a very long time. Pepa loves dancing as well
· Pepa really aren’t keen about playing mud in the rain, but when you are goofy and get yourself into a mess, she could pretend to scold you. But she would laugh as well seeing you as a muddy but happy mess
· I don’t know if Encanto has winter, but everybody loves playing with snow. I don’t think Pepa is the type to get herself into a mess, but Camilo and Antonio definitely are
· She would stand aside to watch you and her kids play until you drag her down as well.
· Help her with family stuffs like managing the house, talking to the villages and recording their requests.
· I believe the crops are like Pepa’s kids as well. She cares for them too much
· You gotta remind her when the rain is drowning the crops or the sun is roasting them dry though, because Pepa’s mood gets really drastic sometimes
· I think she is very emotional, with emotion shift and anxiety. (You can tell that from the slight black under her eyes) You need to be patient with her and be there for her when she loses control
· Hugs are Pepa’s favourite, especially ones from behind
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal
· You kinda have to take care of him, because he is a mess, inside and outside
· Rats are controversial animal, really, so it took you a while to accept them and love them as much as Bruno does
· Pat the sand, salt, and sugar off his shoulder. It becomes a habit of yours
· Accompany him when he’s out in town. He like when you hold his hand. He would squeeze your hand slightly and smile
· You remind him for a while to walk with a straight posture, with confidence (The body language is amazing in the film. You can tell so must of his personality from the way he stands)
· Mommy issue, definitely
· He need your constant reassurance and comfort
· I imagine him to have a difficulty of rejecting people. He told what he saw in his visions to the town people because he thought they deserved to know
· However I think at some point during the time he left the Madrigal family, he understood that ignorance is a bless
· I don’t think all the things he saw in the future vision would be bad things like “fish dying”, “Going bald”. I think it’s just bad things are easier to remember. There must have been good visions about some town people that Bruno told them about
· In the end foreseeing future is still too much to take, so Bruno plan on using it less after he’s back in the family. Even if he does do the ritual, I think he’d keep the outcome to himself, unless it's really serious
· But that doesn’t mean people wouldn’t want to know about their future. I think once in a while someone would come to Bruno to ask if he would look into their future
· Bruno would reject them nicely I believe. If those people couldn’t take his rejection, you would reject them in a much tougher way.
· Bruno feels comfortable around you. I think he will decorate the bottom of his room (the towel cave) into a lovely living place
· He couldn’t bare to let you climb the stairs to the top of the towel. Too tiring
· I think he’s sisters will spoil you
Tumblr media
Julieta Madrigal
· Lovely woman, angel
· Great cook undoubtedly. You love to cook with her and let her teach you about cooking or baking
· Help her storing the food so she will be prepared to cure the wounded town people
· Keep an eye on Camilo to stop him from eating to many food
· Julieta has a very kind heart that she cared for many people, so you repay her kindness to care for her way more
· You are very active to buy all the food ingredients she needs for her. It even excites you at the thought that she can almost magically turn those separate food ingredients into delicious dishes
· Julieta praises and encourages you a lot when you cook or bake. I feel like you have a lot of little kisses when she’s baking. It’s common you got flour handprints on your face or cloth
· I do think she has a weak personality though, too soft. Too unassertive, like, she doesn’t have a voice or mind of her own. (It’s pretty obvious in the original film, she didn’t do much under the power of her mother)
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
· She’s really comfortable in front of you. She doesn’t have to be graceful or elegant
· I imagine Isabela’s gift of growing plants requires knowledge as well, so one of your greatest joy is to find some new flowers she has never known before
· It gets her excited and really happy that there’s a new type of beautiful flower she can make with her gift
· Her room is not really friendly to people with pollen allergy though (I have pollen allergy myself so, that’s what I imagined lol)
· Isabela loves to make vines stretching all the way outside the house, so you two can lie on there to watch the stars together
· Love swinging, and takes you with her too
· You let her style you, with flower or bold colours
· I think she needs you to just lie quietly with her sometimes. You don’t have to talk to her or comfort her, just accompany her peacefully. She’s not insecure, she’s just very tired sometimes
· After the reconstruction of the Madrigal family, I believe she tends to let out some tempers on you, because she won’t suppress her emotions to be a lovely girl in front of anyone anymore
· So when she is angry, impatient, frustrated, or any negative emotions, she would be better at expressing them than before
· In that case, you will have to learn to live with that side of Isabela as well. Personally I think it’s a great thing, because it makes her imperfectly perfect
Tumblr media
Luisa Madrigal
· She is strong, infinitely strong I think
· I imagine her to treat you like a delicate doll at first, then you assured her she could never hurt you
· Bear hugs. You love hugging her because she gives the best hugs
· I just feel like Luisa is very busy everyday. There are many things and places, which you can’t really help her with, needs her help
· So in many cases you will follow her around the town and chat with her. She loves your accompany a lot
· In some days you insists she take a break, you would take her to the riverside. You rest your feet in the water and just enjoy the moment
· Or you and Luisa will try to catch some swimming fishes, then you will roast them next to the river and eat with Luisa
· Luisa would love to watch sunrise, because it is the most peaceful time of a day (real early). You would love to watch sunrise with her but it’s too tough to wake up in the early morning, so she would carry you up the tallest mountain around encanto while you take a nap on her shoulder
· I believe Luisa is similar to Isabela. They are afraid of disappointing people, so she’s just really tired sometimes. You would just stay by her side and massage her muscles for her while telling her some jokes to make her laugh and relieve her stress
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
· Before the redemption of the Madrigal family, Mirabel and you tends to hang out in town a lot. You rarely hang out in Casita
· I think Mirabel has already done a really good job in coordinating her mental status in a family like that, but it’s just simply ‘coordinating’. She’s just trying to make herself positive and hide the negative thoughts under the carpet, but someday it will still come out at her worst moment
· Sometimes she just remember how much staying in Casita suffocates so she like to hang out outside the house at some less crowded places
· You assure her she is the most special person in Madrigal, because although she does not have a gift, it also means she is not defined by her gift and she has endless possibilities
· It is what Mirabel tells herself, but it is also really helpful to hear somebody else telling her that
· After the root of the her suffocation is solved, Mirabel has no problem taking you in Casita and hang out with her family
· She trusts you very much, telling you about Bruno before she tells anyone
· Her mother packs you two with a lot of food when you are hanging out. Her siblings and cousins love you a lot
· I think if you are with Mirabel you will be the kind of strong but also really soft type of person
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
· Dolores is the very extrovert type, and smart I feel like
· She’s really active and outgoing, basically because she knows everything so she gotta tell someone or she’s gonna explode herself
· She tells you everything because she trusts you. Gossiping about people around in town
· Good thing is if you two are sneaking around, she can prevent you two from getting caught from miles away
· Dolores tells you about Bruno, since everyone sees his name as a taboo. She hears him all the time, and you take her words seriously too
· Camilo managed to get to you the first few times he take form as his sister, but never again. You can look through him
· I think Dolores love dancing too. She likes dancing with you on tiles because she likes the sound of clicking
· She lets you brush her hair too
· I imagine her favourite is cheek and forehead kisses. It’s just because those are really cute
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
· He likes to make you laugh and he is really good at it. You can’t stop giggling when you are with him
· I imagine if you are with him, you are either a prankster like him or someone to keep him not too out of line
· I think Camilo likes to play with you inside Casita. Gotta admit this house is so fun to live in
· He probably play hide and seek with you and cheat by shapeshifting into somebody else
· He definitely loves his gift, although I doubt how his gift can “help the town” though…… It’s much more to his own personal entertainment
· Camilo would definitely shapeshift into anyone who hurt you or bullied you and then do something silly to make them look bad
· Although he can really fool around, I think it is also a lot of fun when he tells you some horror story (he would probably tell Bruno to you as a horror story too though……)
· As a drama queen, Camilo can act out a horror story so well. In the middle of the night in a blanket fortress, he’s gonna get a flash light and start his performance for you
· When the effect of the horror story really got to you, he would definitely wrap his arms around you and comforts you, (also subtly proud of himself)
· I believe he likes wrapping his arms around you. Not exactly like a hug but just to keep you close. I mean he’s 15, the age that boys are going to slowly get taller than girls, so he likes to have you in his arms
Tumblr media
Antonio Madrigal
· Talking to animals is just so cute. There’s always animals around him when you are with him
· Sometimes even when you are not with him, he sent animals to take his letters and gifts to you, or his aunt’s cooking
· He’d let you ride the leopard with him
· I think he’d translate for his animals and say something like “Christin thinks you are really beautiful”
· And a lot of sweet things like this that got you blushing
· Okay, so since this is a Disney movie, I’m going to say that his animals might make a garland to gift to you
· Mirabel would absolutely adore you
· Hang around a lot in his jungle kingdom
· Yeah that’s pretty much all I can imagine for Antonio
A/N: I love the Madrigal family :D. Anyway, please tell me if you find any spelling or grammer mistakes. English is not my first language, so it would really help
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anxiousnerdwritings · 18 days ago
What about yandad Bruno who left his child in his family hands while he's hiding in the caste walls?( Mother unknown?) And what if the village is on edge when Bruno child is in sight ?( We don't talk about Bruno child, No No~ oh oh~)
Yandere Bruno Madrigal Headcanons (Platonic)
Tumblr media
Bruno never wanted to leave you, that was the last thing he ever thought he would have to do but in his eyes it was for the best. So, he left. He left for Mirabel, for the family, but most importantly he left for you. He didn’t want you to have to grow up with the stigma of having him as your father. But that’s what would happen anyway.
He couldn’t actually bring himself to leave the family, especially not you. He loved his family after all and he loved you the most. So, he stayed in the walls; living, watching, wishing. He didn’t want to miss a second of seeing his child grow up and be their own person. He just wished he could have been right by your side all the way through. He knew your mother would be watching over you, just as he was. As much as he missed and wanted nothing more than to hold his child in his arms again, Bruno believed that this is what needed to be done. He just prayed that he was still making the right decision.
Bruno would secretly love to see some of his traits in his child. Whether it be them being overly superstitious, or having interest in acting, or maybe even a liking of rats. It would really show just how much they were like him. You were his, through and through.
It would really hurt him to know that the villagers treated you differently all because you’re his child. Even if you didn’t share a similar gift to his own, it would sadden him that the people would still throw you into the same category as him. He would blame himself entirely for everything, regretting ever leaving you all the more. But he would be so unbelievably proud of his child for baring with and not letting all the whispers and avoidance of the rest of the villagers get to them. Even if he did witness how truly affected they were when alone in the comfort of their own room. Seeing his child breakdown would shatter his entire being.
He would send his rats to comfort his child when they’re sad or upset. Or even just to check up on and keep an eye on you. They would come baring little gifts that Bruno had found or made himself. It was his own way of being able to interact with you and showing that he was still around. If anyone were to really upset you or hurt you in anyway then they would be getting a visit from some very angry rats and maybe, possibly, Hernando.
As tempted as he is to use his gift to know whether he and his child would ever finally be reunited, Bruno is too scared at what he’ll see. He doesn’t think he’d be able to handle the outcome, whether good or bad. Instead he would take to drawing little pictures of him and his child reuniting or him, his child, and the rest of the family all together. He’d rather have those then to know the truth.
It wouldn’t be all that surprising if Alma, Julieta and Pepa were very protective of you due to you being the last thing they have of Bruno. As much as they don’t like talking about him that doesn’t mean they ever lost their love for him and you just remind them so much of their Brunito. They weren’t going to lose you either. No matter what.
Julieta would be the one most likely to talk to you about Bruno, if you were ever wanting to know about your father and or your mother. She would be more inclined to take you in as her own in Bruno’s stead. She’d make sure you were well taken care of and that you felt wanted and loved. She feared you losing your way in the family too and that was the last thing she wanted. Julieta didn’t want to lose anyone else, not now, not ever.
Maybe Dolores takes up a close attachment for his child. She knows full well how affected they are by the way the other villagers act towards or around them, she can hear everything after all. Besides, she also knows that Bruno is still very much with them, staying as close as he can given his circumstances. Given her knowledge of everything going on, Dolores would want to help them as much as she can without giving anything away. They’re family and nothing would change that, not even them being Bruno’s child. When the rats aren’t there to comfort you, then Dolores will. That’s what family’s for, right?
When he is finally brought back into the family the first thing Bruno wants to do is apologize to you. He’s so sorry for abandoning you, for leaving you to deal with his stigma all by yourself. He hopes you can forgive him. He hopes you and he can start again, together, as father and child.
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onlybeeewrites · a day ago
Home again (Pt. 3 of Gone series)
A/N: This was so much fun to write! Also, I would love to write for more of the Madrigal family so make sure to send in some more different requests besides Bruno! Hope ya'll enjoyed this series, I loved it<3
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x Fem!reader
Warning: angsty but with a happy ending
Find Part 1 here and Part 2 here
Tumblr media
Raising children was difficult. You knew this. But raising two children whose father was Bruno Madrigal, was much more difficult than you pictured. Of course, you imagined they were a mix of you both. But no. both Carina and Pedro were carbon copies of their father. So the look in their eyes, and their mischievous laughter as they got older. They were just like him.
And a part of you hated it. That you had two little reminders of him running around hurt a part of you. Now, it wasn't that you hated your children. You loved them more than anything in this world. There truly was nothing that you wouldn't do for them, to protect them. But you longed for your husband to be there, to see and raise them. It was a missing piece, that you were trying to fill, but nothing seemed to fit properly like he did.
As the years went on, the two little rascals grew up. The more time spent the more their personalities grew. The twins were best friends, truly attached at the hip. Pedro was just like his father, rather why at first. While Carina was incredibly outgoing. She was bold, adventurous, and fearless. You weren't sure where she had gotten that from at all.
But Pedro would get comfortable as long as his sister was there to coax him out of his shell. Around your family, they loved their cousins. Making noise and up to no good.
Years and years continued as you watched your babies grow. But inside the walls of Casita, so did Bruno.
He watched every day his two children grow more and more into themselves. Discovering who they were and their personalities. Bruno would agree that his son was just like him. But looking at the two of them, they were just like you.
Pedro was kind, considerate. Always wanted to make everyone smile and laugh. He would do small things. Like gift his Abuela little arts and crafts things he made or made little friendship bracelets with Mirabel. And he had your smile. Your beautiful smile. Bruno was glad that such a feature was passed down to his son.
And Carina. His sweet Carina. What a little spitfire she was. She was fierce and never shied once for telling anyone what she truly thought. It was just like you. She had your personality, even if you didn't see it, or recognized it. And she had your eyes. The same ones that shinned at him when he said some stupid joke.
And you. Oh, you. His wife. Who deserved so much better than what he was doing to you. He watched you juggle taking care of the twins, chores, cooking, laundry, cleaning, everything. And at the end of the day, once the kids were down, you would sit alone. Exhausted. He knew you were too stubborn to send the kids to your parents. And even with his family's help, you were exhausted. All the time.
He wanted to do nothing more than to climb out of the walls and give you the true break you deserve. Maybe one day he would be able to, but for now, he would just have to continue to mumble apologies on the other side of the wall.
Five years then passed.
It was the twin's birthday and you had been getting them ready for their gift ceremony. Alma was eager, but everyone was tense, including the townspeople. The last gift ceremony...didn't turn out so well. And Alma was eager to see if it was the end of the miracle or just some....mistake. But you told your kids, the moment they were born: Gifts do not define people.
You had told that to Bruno so many times, and even over the last few years, you've told that to Mirabel as well. You knew Alma put too much pressure on the need for a Gift, prioritizing it as well. It always put unnecessary pressure on the kids, so you always made sure that gift or no gift, it didn't change anything.
Carina rolled her eyes dramatically as she nodded, "I know, Mama! Are you almost done?" she was clearly eager. Her green dress fit her well, as you finished putting her curls up into a braid. Pedro had a green dress shirt on, and tan dress pants. To represent their father's side.
You chuckled as you nodded, "Yes, amor. Just finishing." you hummed before looking at them both, letting out a sigh. "You both look perfect. I am so proud of you," you say as you pull them both in for a kiss of the forehead.
"Mama? Do you think Papa is proud of us too?" Pedro asked in a more quiet voice than his sister's. And his question brought tears to your eyes as you nodded immediately.
"Si. I told you, your Papa is always proud of you. I know if he could be here tonight he would be in a heartbeat." you reassure, as you gently push his messy mop of curls out of his face. "So let's go make your papa proud hm?" you ask before leaving the room and going downstairs.
You stood on your own next to Alma, as your twins walked through the crowd. Past the townspeople, and passed your family up to their doors.
First, Pedro went first. Placing his hands on the candle, glancing at you nervously. Only after a reassuring nod from you, he turn to his door placing his hand on the doorknob. It took a moment, before the door glowed with his name, along with showing his gift. Alma let out a small breath of relief, along with a bright proud smile.
On the door, of course, it was him but also what looked like a happy and sad face. Pedro looked at the door confused before looking at you, seeing the tears in your eyes. "Oh, no...Mama don't cry!" he said as he reached and held your hand. Almost instantly you felt a rush of happiness run through you. He could manipulate emotions.
"Sorry, baby. I'm just so excited," she said, as everyone watched in awe at his new gift.
Then it was Carina's turn. After the same speech, she placed her hands on the candle before touching her doorknob, right next to her brother's room. Soon, her name and image showed up along with her hands up, almost like Bruno's. But there were flames coming out of her hands.
She raised an eyebrow before holding out her palm, her eyes widening as a small controlled flame came from it. Oh boy, that will be fun when she has tantrums. You thought to yourself.
Alma smiled proudly, "We have our new gifts!" she announced as everyone cheered. You knelt down and held both children in your arms. "I love you both so much,"
Bruno could hear it all happening. The cheer for his kids. He should be there. He should be there...
Another five years passed, and Casita had crumbled to the ground. The last effort got everyone out. You held your now ten-year-olds in your arms, checking them over and over to make sure that they were alright.
"We're okay, Mama," Pedro said, placing a hand on you to try and calm you down but he couldn't. Their gifts were gone. "I know." you said with a sigh before looking up, "Mirabel's missing?" you had asked Julieta, "Come Mijo, Mija, let's look for your Prima," you instruct before you all rush to find the missing Madrigal.
Little did you know that she had been found, along with your husband. And as they returned, he was truly the last thing you had expected to see. Bruno finally met your eyes after ten, very long years.
Neither of you knew what to say, but you just ran to him sobbing. Your arms wrapped around his waist tightly as you cried in his chest. You had tried to convince yourself he was alive. But after so many years you had thought he was gone. So to have him alive, in your arms, actually here...it was almost too much for you to take.
Bruno sighed as he finally had you in his arms again. He held you tightly as he kissed your head, rubbing your back softly. "I know...I know, amor. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I will explain everything. I will make it up to you and the kids. Mirabel told me...I promise. I love you," he reassured in a nervous ramble as you sniffled and nodded in his chest.
Pulling back slightly, you wiped your eyes as you cupped his face. "You have so much time to make up. Especially for our kids. If you left, I know it was for a good reason. Just don't ever leave me again okay?" You believed him. You trusted him. You always had, and even after all these years that never faltered. You were too good.
Bruno smiled and nodded, "Pinky promise."
"Mama?" Carina asked as she and Pedro slowly approached the two of you. Bruno suddenly got incredibly nervous. What his they didn't like him? Hated him for being gone?
You just smiled and pulled away. "Niños, this is your father. Bruno. He finally made his way home," you said in a slightly teasing tone. But your kids saw the look in your eye before looking to their father. Carina and Pedro shared a look before the two raced over to hug him tightly.
"Mama said you would come back. We knew it," Carina said as the two hugged him. Bruno stood there awkwardly before he embraced his children for the first time. He never wanted to let go. You did such a good job raising them so far, but now you wouldn't have to do it on your own.
"I promise. I am never going anywhere again," he reassured before Pedro pulled back, "Papa, what's moving in your shirt?" he asked in confusion before the little rat popped out of his poncho, causing the kids to look at the little creature in awe.
"Oh, this is uh, Hernando."
You laughed and shook your head as your kids marveled at the rat your husband had. They were his kids alright. And seeing them all together filled that void in you. That spot that left that night with Bruno. Your heart swelled seeing your family finally together. It may have taken a while to get there, but Bruno was finally home again. And you could not be more grateful.
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mitzimania · 5 days ago
I imagine Camilo mirroring his parents’ relationship with his s/o. Like I believe he would definitely fall for somebody whose personality is kind of short-tempered and unpredictable. Like father, like son lmaoo. Love your blog <33
YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SLAY ANON!!!!! ur mind>>> im not too sure if i did this req justice but there was an attempt LMAO
Tumblr media
it was nearly your last straw. watching kids was fun sometimes, sure, but right now? you were just irritated. currently, you were looking after a herd of 6-year-olds in the town square so their parents could have a few moments of peace.
it had started off nice, sure, but after a few hours, you had gotten sick and tired of their nonstop chatter. there were about 8 kids and each one of them was trying to get you to do one thing or another- you weren't sure how much longer you could put up with it.
you could feel your eyes twitch and your heartbeat pick up, and you were milliseconds away from snapping when a warm hand slipped onto your shoulder and a familiar voice drew the childrens' attention.
"hey, guys! i think tía julieta has lunch ready for you all in her stall, just down there! go get something!"
the kids scrambled away to harass the poor woman, leaving you and your partner camilo alone in the plaza. an exhausted breath escaped your mouth and camilo laughed and gently bumped against your shoulders.
"everything good, y/n?" you shot him a glare to which made him grin further. "you need to stop agreeing to watch the kids for so long- we all know they're a little too annoying for you."
"trust me," you scoffed, "you are far more annoying than any of them." despite your words, you shuffled closer to where he stood and leaned your head on his shoulder, grasping his hand.
your partner feigned an offended gasp, dramatically placing his free hand over his chest. "oh, y/n, you hurt me!"
with a laugh, you buried your face into his sleeve as the two of you watched the wild 6-year-olds sit down on the floor to eat their food, chatting with each other energetically.
little did you and camilo know, his parents had just walked into town to speak with julieta, seeing the whole scene. félix and pepa looked on in pride as two rainbows graced the sky.
"cami's partner reminds me of me," pepa sighed dreamily. félix laughed and nodded, joy glistening in his eyes. he was so unspeakably proud to see his oldest boy so happy and in love- he was glad it was with you.
Tumblr media
this is so slay queen
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thequeendesi · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Title: Kiss
Alt Title: Mrs. Hernandez’s Fence
Warning: uhhh…. None? Female reader
Rating: solid G
Disclaimer: I don’t own you or the encanto franchise. Just the writing.
Pairing: Luisa Madrigal x Reader
Luisa chin rested in her hand as she watched the (hair colored) girl talk with a group of peers. Luisa sighed, getting up from the table she was sitting at.
“Lu? Everything alright?” Mirabel asked, noticing her sister’s demeanor. If she was Tia Pepa, Encanto’d be in the middle of a snow storm.
“Mm?” Luisa looked over to Mirabel. “Yes…”
“Lu, we’ve talked about this. It is alright to communicate your emotions when faced with an issue you’re upset with.” Mirabel placed her hand on her older sister’s shoulder.
“I wish I could get (Y/N)’s attention.” Luisa sighed. “Have you tried going over to her?” Mirabel asked, looking over to (Y/N).
(Y/N) laughed, pushing one of her friends in the shoulder. Dolores’d know what was being said. “Was that my name?” Luisa asked, watching her lips.
“Possibly, why don’t you approach her?” Mirabel asked.
Luisa bit her knuckle. “Mm… can you go with me? Just ask her if she’d mind helping us with chores? And then maybe make an excuse… and go on when I’m less nervous?”
Mirabel gave her sister a kind smile. “I can do that.”
Mirabel tapped (Y/N) on the shoulder making the girl turn around. “Hey Mirabel!” She looked over to Luisa. “Hi Luisa.” She smiled softly at the buff woman.
“Would you mind giving me and Luisa a helping hand?” Mirabel asked. “Sure, what do you need?” (Y/N) asked, the group of peers disappearing.
“Painting Mrs. Hernandez’s fence, you know how she’s been after Mr. Hernandez passed, I figured it’d be a nice thing to do.” Luisa said quickly. “Aw, Luisa. Your heart is so beautiful.”
Luisa coughed. “I’ll get the paint.” She stated, walking away hurriedly, silently swearing at herself.
“What’s that Abuela?” Mirabel asked over her shoulder, making (Y/N) and Luisa silently look towards the younger Madrigal.
“I’m comin’!” Mirabel said, waving to Luisa and the girl, running off.
“So, Luisa…” you dipped the paint brush into the paint. “Mm?” Luisa asked, paying attention to the strokes she made onto the fence.
“What’s on your mind?” (Y/N) asked, looking at the fence as she painted.
“What? What makes you think I have something on my mind? I thought I looked pretty thoughtless.” Luisa rambled, making the shorter girl laugh softly.
“Huh…?” Luisa looked at her.
“Sorry, I don’t mean to laugh.” (Y/N) sighs, placing the paintbrush in the can. “Have you ever kissed anyone?” She asked, picking at her nail getting the dried paint off.
“W-wha…” Luisa cleared her throat. “Have… have you?”
“If me answering first gets you to, then no.” She looked over at Luisa. “Oh.” Luisa looked to (Y/N). “No… I haven’t… kissed anyone that is.”
“Oh.” (Y/N) nodded, looking over to the muscular woman.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make this awkward. I was just… curious. My friends were teasing me earlier.”
“Teasing you?” Luisa asked, straightening her posture.
“Yea. I told them I never had my first kiss, and they were sure you had.” (Y/N) explained.
“Why was I brought up?” Luisa asked, looking over to her. “Because of my crush on you.”
“You have a crush… on me?” Luisa’s heart could’ve beat out of her chest by now.
“Yea… I’m sorry… I’m not even sure if you’re into me like that. I put you on the spot.” (Y/N) cleared her throat, the wall of rejection began pressing against her, making her heart race, paying close attention, she began picking at her cuticles.
“No! No! I like you!” Luisa dropped the paintbrush and held (Y/N)‘s face in her hands. “(Y/N) I…” Luisa took a deep breath, pressing her lips against the girls.
(Y/N) froze slightly making Luisa pull away. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean too… I…” (Y/N) closed her eyes, cutting Luisa off as she moved forward to press her lips against Luisa’s. Her hands rested on Luisa’s hands.
Slowly, they both pulled away. “Thank you…” Luisa said softly, placing her forehead on (Y/N)’s.
“Thank you?”
“For liking me…” Luisa took a deep breath. “Can… Can we be… in a relationship? I want you to be my girlfriend. I wanna bring you to dinner… I want to be able to call you Mi Vida o-or Princesa, o-or-“
“Luisa.” (Y/N)’s voice cut the blabbing woman off. “Yes.” She answered, laughing a little.
“Yes. I want to be your girlfriend. But only if you’re my girlfriend in return.”
“I’d be anything you’d want me to be.”
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eatplastiic · 16 days ago
dance with me, mi amor!
Pairing: camilo madrigal x fem!reader
Summary: y/n and camilo have been oblivious to each other's obvious crushes for far too long. until one day, they use rain as their own matchmaker
a/n: i just watched encanto and have been obsessed. i jusy wanted to write something short and i choose camilo because i love him so so much so enjoy!
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Tumblr media
it seemed the sky was suspiciously bright today, y/n noted. pepa was never in such a good mood for entire day, and with the big gathering in the casita tonight, it was sure it will not stay like this until the end.
abuela decided to organise a huge welcoming of the people in the new casita, for she wanted to share the miracle with everyone. after everything that has happened, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for everybody to connect more with each other.
y/n walked down the street towards the house she was awaited in by 2 small children, a boy and a girl and their parents.
"y/n thank you so much!" the woman said frantically shaking the girls hand.
"no problem, i'm happy to help" she answered, smiling to the children
the little girl got on her tippy toes, reaching towards y/n with her fingers "you're the señorita who's always with camilo madrigal!"
y/n laughed sincerely, indeed she is.
"we have to go" said the man, taking his wife by the hand and opening the door for them to leave "listen to señorita y/n, kids!"
spending the day at somebody else's house taking care of children was not something she was planning on doing, but she found herself not hating it. viviana was a small girl who liked to tease her brother. y/n noticed she was quite a bookworm since she made her read two books out loud.
lorenzo was a year older boy who liked to run. he really, really liked to run which made y/n curse him a few times under her breath.
"let's go on a walk!" said lorenzo, taking y/n by the hand.
"sure" the girl was already tired but it seemed a better option than staying in.
the trio made their way through the crowded streets, lorenzo already running through the people in play.
"well hello, mi vida" y/n turned around only to be met with her identical twin.
"hi, camilo" she said already laughing
"what happened chiquita, you look tired"
"been running around all day behind these two" she said motioning on the siblings holding her hand only to realise lorenzo is missing. "dios mio, cuando lo alcanzo..."
camilo stiffened a laugh "it seems you're not that good of a babysitter"
"shut up"
"luckily you have the best friend ever who will gladly help, you're welcome"
viviana seemed more excited than y/n, tightening the grip on her hand.
the boy easily shifted into viviana's look alike and went to look for the boy.
a few moments later camilo was walking towards the girls with lorenzo holding his hand. y/n rushed to them, making sure the child was alright and then finally hugging her best friend. unfortunatly, just a best friend.
they hugged tigtly, y/n taking in the intoxicating smell of his hair that ruffled under her palm. he squeezed her closer by her waist, closing his eyes in hopes she never lets go.
they both felt like happily dying in the moment, in each other's arms.
pulling away, y/n stopped to look at camilo's face so close to hers. his eyes faled to remain in place, trailling down to her lips and back to her eyes. the girl wanted to do something more, anything, but alas, it was not in her nature.
"will i see you tonight in mi casa?" camilo regained himself
"yes, you will"
"then i will see you soon, cariña" he said, kissing her hand and storming off.
the night was easpecially glowing, the moon and the stars shinning a little brighter. "ay, mi vida, come in" camilo's face lit up as he saw the girl knock on the door.
"camilo!" pepa came rushing towards the two of them "oh! y/n how wonderful to see you again"
"mami? you wanted something?"
"no, no, i will leave you two alone, i'm just looking for tu papá"
hours have passed, joy filling the casita. camilo ans y/n have spent the whole time together, not noticing the secret giggles and curious gazes of madrigal family.
"i should probably get going" she said, looking at the time
camilo's face frowned "what? no, you just got here."
unable to change her mind, the loverboy decided to walk his beloved home. he has always loved his mother to death, but dios mio how he loved her in that excact moment.
as an ending to perfectly sunny day, pepa had become sad and upset, causing the rain to fall. camilo mischeviously smiled, looking at the girl who was frowing from the thought of going home now.
music played from the outside and an idea creeped up to the back of camilo's mind.
the boy stepped out, walking under the rain drops and turning on his heel. y/n laughed "what are you doing, idiota"
"me gusta" he said, laughing from ear to ear
the girl burst out laughing "i need to go home!"
"dance with me, mi amor!" he exclaimed, holding out his hand for her to take
"i must be out of my mind" she said, following him in the middle of the street
camilo pulled her closer "that makes the two of us, mi vida!"
they swung around to the faint sound of the music from casita, getting soaked underneath the open sky. already wet to their skin, camilo gripped her waist, wishing they could be even more close.
the dance wasn't perfect - they stepped on each others feet a couple of times, almost slipped a few and it was messy. but it was just the way it had to be.
"mi amor, we are terrible dancers" camilo whispered
"and i wouldn't have it any other way"
camilo didn't know what it was but he felt invincible. with her in his arms, it seemed he could conquer the world.
taking her head in his hand, camilo didn't think twice before pressing his lips onto hers. rain fell down their heads as they kissed deeply and passionately, pulling apart after hearing a few cheers from the people from the inside.
"i wanted to do this for so long, princesa..."
"i started to think you never will"
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zafirosreverie · 19 days ago
If raindrops were kisses (Pepa x Reader)
Tumblr media
a/n: this is inspired by what my grandfather used to tell me about the rain <3 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You smiled when you heard the unmistakable sound of rain-laden clouds. You loved the rain!! However, when you leaned out the window, Mr. Sun greeted you, radiant and warm. There was not a single cloud in sight.
Your smile only widened.
If there were no clouds but you could hear the storm, there was only one answer: your girlfriend was nearby.
You blushed at the thought of that word. You had only been dating for a few weeks, but the thought of Pepa Madrigal made your pulse race and your cheeks redden. The red-haired woman was a force of nature, literally, and it was inevitable for you to gravitate towards her.
You quickly put on your shoes and left your house, ready to find her. By this time of day, she should have finished her tasks in the village, so you wouldn't interrupt anything (Alma Madrigal could be quite scary, thank you).
"Hi Julieta" you greeted the older triplet "have you seen Pepa?"
"Hi Y/N" she smiled at you "I think I saw her heading to the grasslands"
You ran as fast as your legs would allow you, with a big grin from ear to ear. Your mother always said that you were too cheerful for your own good, but hey! enjoying life wasn't bad, right? It wasn't your fault that you enjoyed the little things, like pretty rocks or freshly cut fruit, or raindrops.
However, your smile fell a bit when you found the redhead sitting hugging her knees against her chest and a black cloud above her. It wasn't raining yet, but it seemed only a matter of seconds.
"Pepa?" You approached her carefully.
You didn't want to scare her, but whatever was bothering her had left her in a very nervous state. You barely managed to blink when lightning struck a rock behind her. Her green eyes looked at you in surprise and it hurt your heart to see how she quickly tried to force a smile on her freckled face.
"Y/N! Hi" she giggled "w-what are you doing here? How long have you-"
"I just got here" you smiled at her "Your sister told me that she saw you walk over here so I thought I'd come and keep you company"
"Thanks, but you didn't have to"
"But I want" you insisted, sitting down next to her "Unless you really want me to go" you added a little late.
"No, no, no...you are perfect"
You sat in silence for a couple of minutes. The redhead never relaxed, and you couldn't stop looking at the black cloud that was getting bigger and bigger. You wondered when the first drop would fall.
"Hard day?" you asked carefully
Pepa looked at you surprised, questioning with her eyes how you could have known. It wasn't until thunder sounded above her head that she remembered that her emotions were on display for everyone, all the time. But she couldn't let them win, especially not with you by her side.
Look, if she was perfectly honest, she cared about you, a lot. You were the first person who tried to get close to her and her siblings simply because you wanted to be their friend. You never tried to get any of the triplets to show off their powers. You never asked Bruno to see your future, you never demanded that Julieta cook something for you soon to heal a scratch, you never tried to force her to change the weather.
You understood that of the three, only Julieta was able to control her gift at her will, while Bruno and herself were dependent on the vagaries of the future and emotions respectively.
And still, you stayed. You stayed with them, with her. You never expected anything more than friendship. And then the four of you had grown up and she found herself wanting more than that. Fortunately, her siblings were with her, supporting her as she took the courage to ask you out.
And in the short time you had been dating, you had become an important part of her life, even more than before. You were still friends with her siblings, but now you were a little more hers. And she didn't want to push you away.
Sure, you've seen her make it rain many times, but they were just little drizzles that she could quickly quell. But this? She had a terrible day and whatever came out of that cloud, it wouldn't be just a couple of drops. She knew that as soon as you saw the real disaster that her powers were, you would leave.
Like everyone else.
"Pepa?" you said, pulling the young woman out of her thoughts.
"I'm sorry" she whispered "clear skies, clear skies"
You frowned. You knew that mantra and, although you respected her methods, you had always hated it. It was terribly obvious that it was a way of suppressing her emotions.
"You know you don't have to hold back, right?" you said, taking her hand "not with me"
She looked at you in surprise, but she shook her head. You had no idea what you were talking about, of course she had to hold back, especially with you. She couldn't let you be scared of her powers...of her.
"You must leave"
"excuse me?" You blinked confused "why?"
"You have to go now, Y/N" she repeated "I won't be able to control it for long"
"Then don't do it. I'm not going anywhere."
"Y/N. Please" she begged "this is not like what you have seen me do. It will be a real downpour"
"I don’t mind"
"No, seriously, I don't mind" you smiled "I love the rain, I love your powers and I love you. Just let it out"
The redhead didn't miss the little confession you made. You had never told her that you loved her, and definitely, no one had ever told her that they loved her powers.
"Are you sure?" she asked cautiously
Pepa looked at you for a few more seconds before the drops began to fall. It was nothing more than a small drizzle at first, nothing you hadn't seen before, but when you squeezed her hand, urging her to unleash her emotions, the rain grew stronger and icy.
Still, it wasn't until she felt your arms around her that she realized you really weren't going to leave. And then the tears finally came out of her eyes and the sky cried with her.
The water seeped through your clothes and soaked you, the cold soaked your bones and you were sure you would end up with snot the next day, but it was worth it. Completely.
You didn’t know how long you had been there, with Pepa crying in your chest and the cold rain soaking you completely. It was definitely at least an hour. But from the fact that the rain was falling softer and softer, you knew that the woman had calmed down a bit.
"Better?" you smiled when your girlfriend broke up
She just nodded, unable to look at your face yet. She knew she had made a scene, the place was a mess, there were puddles of mud everywhere, and you, oh god, you were completely wet, either from the rain or from her tears.
And still, the cold couldn’t fight against the warmth of your smile.
"I don't understand" she murmured after a few moments
"After all this...why do you keep smiling at me?...why are you still here?"
"I told you that I wasn’t going anywhere" you said "Besides, I also told you that I love the rain" you shrugged
"But you are soaked"
"I know! Isn't it great?" you laughed
Pepa looked at you as if another head had grown out of you. Why weren't you yelling at her? Why weren't you telling her to grow up and control herself?
"Hey, if that makes you feel better, do you want me to tell you why I love the rain?" you asked, seeing the confusion and struggle in her green eyes.
She nodded and you took her hand again.
"When I was little, Dad used to say that the raindrops were kisses from heaven sent to us by those who are no longer here. Being in the rain makes me feel that all of them, even the ones I didn't know, are kissing me"
The redhead considered it for a moment. It was a beautiful way of interpreting the rain, and it made her feel a little better.
"And this" you pointed between the two of you "is even more special, because this rain is yours, so technically, it's your kisses"
"W-what?" Pepa blushed.
"So, Miss Madrigal, what a make-out session you just gave me" you winked at her, laughing when she moaned and buried her face in your neck.
She knew you weren't going to leave her alone with this, but she was thankful you didn't leave, and if that's how you chose to see it, she couldn't wait for the next session. Hopefully, they would be real kisses.
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hopepunk-fanfics · 22 days ago
Bruno & Mirabel Madrigal with a S/O who has Ferrokinesis (Metal Manipulation)
Tumblr media
~~~ 0 - 0 ~~~
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal
Sooooo the Madrigals found you in a lake
Mirabel screamed and the family came running, only to find a weird human-shaped metal figure lying on a lakebed. There were no defining features to it, but it was undoubtedly human-shaped.
Luisa struggled to get the metal helm off, though with her incredible strength she was the only one who could, and everyone was half expecting it to be a weird art installation or statue
So imagine their surprise when she pulls off the helmet to reveal a girl inside
The Madrigals immediately took you home, panicked out of their minds. You were very weak and covered in metal, they realized that you probably washed up after being nearly drowned. There was no way you could swim with a metal suit around you, but luckily, you were breathing. They took it upon themselves to nurse you back to health as best they could.
It took 3 days for you to wake up. Luisa had only managed to pull some more small chunks of the metal off, since she didn't want to hurt you.
It was Bruno’s turn to watch you when you finally woke up. He had been very quiet and worried about the whole thing, but really who could blame him? He heard a groan and turned sharply, amazed to see you crunching the metal up with one hand and tossing it off you. Your clothes were still very wet underneath and you were covered in scratches, but you seemed very much alive.
Well, and very beautiful, but he tried not to think about it.
“A-Are you alright?” He asked, watching you rip the last bits of metal off.
You were so disoriented that you hadn’t really noticed him, but once you did you realized where you were and what had happened. Antonio had been quietly watching the whole thing and ran to tell the others that the “mystery lady” was awake.
“Where am I?”
“Don’t freak out! You were half-drowned in a lake and we took you home to get you better! My-My name is Bruno, what is yours??”
You looked at him curiously, telling him your name was (Y/N)
He began rambling on and on about how they found you, trying to assure you that they weren’t weird and that you could leave anytime you wanted. The poor man seemed a bit hysterical, though you figured that if you found a girl with metal powers half-drowned in a lake you would be too.
It was then that the rest of the family arrived to meet you. Julieta had prepared you a wonderful meal, while the children bombarded you with questions. How did you get here, how did you end up in the lake, can you really control metal? Stuff like that.
They eventually realized that some of your scratches had gotten infected and your ribs were bruised from the crushed metal plates, so they let you stay with them, at least until you got better.
Your relationship was more of a slow burn. You couldn't move much due to your bruises, so he offered to show you some of the Telenovelas he’d be working on
A couple years back you had a pet rat of your own, so you knew what they could eat. When Bruno saw you feeding his rats little cherry tomatoes he couldn’t help but fall a little harder
The family began to notice how much Bruno liked you. He was very protective over you, despite knowing you could snap him in half like a glowstick. He’s seen you fight after you got better, and your powers both amaze and scare him
But scare him in a good way, haha
You still wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to him for taking care of you, so you awkwardly ran up and handed him something before running back to your room.
Once he unwrapped it from the tissues it was swaddled in, he found a metal rose with a corded stem and metallic rose-gold petals
His family couldn’t help but laugh at watching him flush BRIGHT red
After that, Camilo basically blackmailed his poor Tio to ask you out, threatening to shapeshift into him and do it himself. That earned him a good smack on the head from Dolores, even if everyone agreed it needed to happen
They were honestly a little exhausted of seeing you two dance around each other for so long
On your first date, you gave him a necklace with green eye pendants, hourglasses and hearts on it. He was very flustered and kept trying to pay you back, even after you said it wouldn’t be necessary
And the rest, as they say, is history!
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
She first met you when she was out on the town and she recognized some of the neighbors who worked in construction. It was only then that she spotted you and realized she hadn’t seen you around before.
Instantly she got very excited, because there weren’t many visitors in Encanto. Maribel knew everybody in town, so to see a fresh face was very intriguing!! In an instant, she was right in front of you, face very close to yours, asking who you were.
Your relationship is very very sweet. She loves it when you tell her about the world outside Encanto, about your own family and the funny stories you have from back home. Whenever she’s down on herself because she doesn’t have a gift, or because Abuela said something rude, she comes to you. You’re her safe space outside of home.
She didn’t find out about your powers until she caught a glimpse of your “training session”. Dolores was very unnerved one night because it sounded like a fight was going on, and the sound of creaking and crashing metal kept bothering her.
The entire family went to check because there were never any fights in Encanto.
But when they got there, all they saw was a figure clad entirely in a makeshift metal suit. Their head was covered so they couldn’t tell who it was. The figure was flinging knives and chains at targets without even touching them and the entire family was floored.
At that point, Mirabel fell out of the bushes and tumbled down the hill to where the metal-man was training, much to the worry of her family.
But, when they heard her name echo from inside the metal helmet, which was then pulled off to reveal your face, everyone was even more surprised.
Mirabel thought your powers were so damn cool.
Even before she found out about your powers, she already knew you made jewelry. You had made her a stunning necklace decorated with all sorts of charms based off her skirt. She constantly thanked you, and very rarely took it off. She even asked you to make a matching one for yourself!
She constantly asks to see what you can do, always wanting to know more.
Your relationship is full of warm kisses, necklaces and confiding in one another. She’ll patch up your scratches and burns from working with metal, and in return you make her the most stunning things.
Metal roses, jewelry, earrings, anything she wants really. It takes you like 15 minutes tops to make anything with your powers, so it’s really no sweat off you back
But she still treats it like you’ve labored for hours over these, haha
Because she loves you :)
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wolfofwritingstreet · 21 days ago
A good enough date
Prompt: Isabela wants the date to be perfect, but fate doesn’t seem to want that. Lucky for her, the reader never seems to care.
Tone: Cute fluff 
Warnings: None 
Word count: 1,383
A/N: Happy last day of 2021! I know this technically isn’t on my master-list, but I thought it was cute and wanted to write it so... I did. Requests are open, and I will be working my way through them as quick as I can. Thank you for all the love so far, not even a week in and this side writing hustle is busy busy. Keep it up. 
Tumblr media
“Mirabel! Did you take mi vestido?” Isabel screamed from the top floor, her whole room had been bombed with different clothes as she frantically searched for a specific dress. The one you had said was your favorite.
“Which one?” Mirabel called back, equally as disgruntled at her sister who had been storming around the house in a panic all day.
“The one! You know the one. Where is it?”
“No, Isa. I don’t know where the unknown dress is.”
“Camilo, stall y/n. Where is my bracelet?” Isabel rounded on her younger cousin, the scowl on her face enough to make the boy keep his mouth shut and scurry along to stall you.
You would have told Isabel to calm down, and relax. You were there for her after all, not the dress or a perfect date which Isa strived for it to be every single time. The first time she got so nervous a flower sprung up in front of you, giving you a black eye for two weeks.
You fixed your hair in a mirror hung up on one of the small stalls, ducking behind it when you got sight of Isabel’s old boyfriend. That was a conversation you’d work up to, especially since you and Isa weren’t official, and neither were him and Dolores. So, you’d duck and run, duck and-
“Are you hiding from someone.” Mariano stood above you, staring down with those confused puppy dog eyes. You rose, feeling your body warm with humiliation at being caught crouching on the floor.
“Me? Hiding? No, nope. I was just checking the floor, the pavings. Very clean and… nice?” You stared at the floor with the same level of confusion as the young man opposite you, slowly coming to a stand.
“Have you still not had a conversation with him?” With him? Wait a minute.
“Camilo! I’m going to whoop your arse. Go back to normal.” The young man smirked, morphing back into the familiar body of the shape shifting Madrigal.
“Sorry, y/n.” You grunted, shoving past him so you could carry on walking towards Casita.
“Wait, wait. Slow down, I injured my foot this morning.” You twisted your neck to face him, observing his obvious and somewhat dramatic limp the boy was sporting.
“Injured it, how?” Suspicion, was a human right when Camilo Madrigal was involved.
“Tripped, Casita. You know how they get.” You glanced to the large colourful house at the top of the hill, before offering your shoulder to Camilo so he could rest his weight on you. Lucky for you the boy was scrawny, and didn’t weigh you down so much so you would need to call for Luisa. “Thanks, y/n.”
“Don’t sweat it, today’s a good day.”
“Because of your date?”
“Don’t be nosey, that’s Dora’s job.” Camilo shook his curls in annoyance, digging his heels into the ground to slow you down as much as he could without you noticing his little stunt. But, you were persistent in getting to your destination and so doubled your efforts without wondering why things had got heavier. In no time, you were at Casita’s door which opened to welcome you inside.
“Ma’am.” You greeted Pepa, who was battling a milky cloud above her head.
“Ah, call me Pepa. Pe-Pa. Camilo why are you walking funny?”
“He hurt his foot.” Pepa’s eyebrows rose, and the cloud turned to a sooty grey.
“Camilo Madrigal, why do you lie to Isabela’s nice girlfriend?” Camilo gave a sheepish smile, standing up straight and walking without a limp to help his mother, in the hopes he could lighten the cloud again. The two walked off, leaving you alone in the entrance of the house.
“Not her girlfriend, yet… I’ll just wait here then.” You crossed your arms, trying to locate anybody in the house. The last time you’d barged into Isabela’s room early, you were threatened to be strung up by one of her flower vines. So, you shook your head when Casita tried to push you forward with a tile to the stairs.
“No, Casita. You know what Isa is like.”
“Isa, girlfriend!” You jumped, having not noticed Mirabel above you.
“Is she ready?” Mirabel shrugged at your question, not bothering to come downstairs as Isabel often whisked you outside as quick as possible. 
“I thought Camilo was stalling her?!” A voice shouted back, and your lips quirked at the voice of the girl who was keeping you hanging for your date. Soon enough, Isabela appeared at the top of the stairs wearing a deep purple dress with splatters of every colour, it had been decorated with matching every colour flowers that also crowned dark silky hair. This specific dress was your favourite one, as it was the most imperfectly chaotic thing you could find in her whole room.
“Finally, thought I was being stood up.” You teased, brushing a flower that was shot at you away. Isabela approached, gliding smoothly across the house and stopping in front of you with a nervous smile.
“Hi.” The front door opened before you could touch it, and you dragged her into the street with a laugh. “Relax, Isa. You look stressed.”
“I’m not stressed, and I look wonderful.”
“You can look both.” She frowned, waving her bare wrist in your face, the source of her nervousness.
“I couldn’t find the bracelet you gave me. It’s lost forever.”
“And?” It wasn’t that big of a deal, the bracelet was quick to make and it wasn’t your best work.
“And? The outfit would have been perfect, but now I have no bracelet.” You took her wrist gently, kissing the inside of it.
“We can make more, I still have supplies. Plus, things tend to disappear and turn up again in your house I remember” Isabela froze, taking a moment to contemplate the idea that must sound preposterous in her own head.
“I suppose, we could miss it. The outfit still looks good, right?” You hummed in confirmation, squinting against the sun to scout out some food from one of the stalls. “At least it’s still sunny.” A crack of thunder sounded, and a dark clouds filled the sky as if the world wanted to juxtapose anything Isabela said. “I hate my family. If any of my cousins have caused Pepa to make a storm, I’m going to- Oh I’m going to… What are you doing?”
Isabela had stopped threatening her family, to watch you dance around in the pouring rain.
“Without music.”
“Listen to the rain.” She hid her smile with a groan of irritation, growing a small palm tree that she could hold above her as an umbrella.
“Does nothing phase you?’
“Nope.” You popped the P, gently easing the makeshift umbrella from Isabela’s hand. She let you take it with narrowed eyes, and throw it to the floor; the rain pelted onto her head, sealing dark strands of hair down her face. “Dance with me.”
“I’m not dancing in the rain, this day was meant to be perfect.” You took her other hand, swaying side to side.
“Isa, what did we say about that word?” She blew a strand from her mouth, the drops dripping from her long eyelashes.
“I’m not a kid.”
“Isa…” She stomped her foot, like a little kid. Giving into your pout with a sigh, the girl was nothing but a softy.
“Things don’t need to be perfect for them to be perfect.”
“And?” You prompted, as she started to sway with you to a quicker pace as the rain hit harder.
“Social perfection is impossible.”
“But?” You let her spin you around, as she tried to think of the final thing.
“There was nothing else, I memorised it.” You wrapped your arms around her neck, pulling her closer so your noses brushed. “My dress is getting ruined.”
“It adds to the look. Let’s go see if we can nick a soggy bun from a stall.”
“Excuse me? You never told me the final thing, and I know I didn’t forget because I haven’t failed a single test in my life.” You laughed, cupping her face with one hand, the other plucking a flower with irregular petals from her hair and tucking it behind your own ear.
“You will always be good enough for me.”
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nixthewolf · a month ago
Imagine anxious!Luisa Madrigal x Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Luisa never took real breaks, overworking herself everyday. It was the only way for to show her worth and her role in the Family Madrigal. A lot of people rely on her, physically and emotionally. But they sometime forget that she’s only 19 and that having strengh doesn’t mean being able to handle emotions by herself.
And you understood that, and so did her family after rebuilding Casita. But it wasn’t that easy for Luisa to accept that she didn’t had to be the strong one anymore. In her mind it meant that she was worthless. If she wasn’t the strong one in her family, who was she ?
You and Luisa had been dating for some time now, so you easly see when she’s not ok. She never truly talked about her feelings to you. Well, she obviously tells you she loves all the time, but it’s never about her feelings.
And yet today it changed. Maybe it was due to your insistence, or maybe she just had enough, and she couldn’t bear keeping her emotions inside.
So she confessed.
“I-I was always the rock of the family, y’know ? Everyone was counting on me, and loved me because I was the strong one and I could help them... But if I’m not the “strong girl” and that my strengh is not as needed as before maybe... nobody needs me. I’m just worthless. I don’t even have a role in my own family !”
You were stunned. You knew something was wrong, but you didn’t expected her to be so hurt. It really pained you. She was crying, and yet you haven’t spoke up yet.
“Even to you, she sobs. I may not be enough for you anymor-”
“Don’t be silly Lu’ !”
You hugged her as tight as you could. And she did the same with you (not squishing you, of course)
“I’ll love you even without your strengh, ‘cause you are so much more than that ! you exclaimed and looked in her eyes. You’re a loving person, with a stubborn attitude, and you care so much about your family.”
She nods and smiles with teary eyes. You smile back. You rest your forehead against her, and close your eyes. Unlike her who’s still watching you. Luisa then lean onto you, and kisses you with sadness and love.
There still is work to do to help Luisa and her self-love. But you are more than ready to help her.
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pjwritingblog · 26 days ago
Hello! I'm a fan of bruno and if its ok to request. A bruno x reader .... Lets say its set after the movie and the reader is new to town shes curious about the madrigals especially bruno but the only thing she knows about him is camilo's part of the song 😂 shes low key scared but very curious and when she gets to know him she fell head over heels! Thank you! Id probably come back for more xD
a/n: oh no it ended up really long (and yes please send me alllll the requests!)
~several years ago~
"C'mon Camilo! Tell me another story! A really scary one!"
"Alright, alright!" Camilo feigned annoyance but you could see his smile. He was entertaining your nephew for a while so you could actually get some work done. "I'll tell you the story of....my tio Bruno!" with a swish of his ruana he began his tale of a seven-foot tall man with an army of rats, preying on your fears and reveling in misery. You found yourself idling, listening to the story with morbid curiosity.
You had heard whispers about Bruno, now and then. The first time someone had mentioned him shortly after you moved here, you tried to ask who he was, but you were dismissed with a harsh "we don't talk about Bruno!". When you asked your sister, she explained, the third child of Alma Madrigal had disappeared years ago and nobody knew why. She refused to elaborate, only saying good riddance.
"That's not...really true, is it?" You asked Camilo
"Of course it is." He winked at you, and you didn't know if he was lying or not, but you hoped this Bruno stayed gone.
~present day~
"Excuse me?" You heard someone call from the other room. You gave it a moment, but not hearing your sister greet the customer, you set down your shuttle and stepped into the shop.
"Hello!' You called as you passed through, and a vaguely familiar man turned to face you. He was pale, with deep purple bags under his eyes. His hair was a mass of salt-and-pepper curls, and he wore a threadbare ruana and sandals that looked to be repaired hastily with yarn. He had a sadness about him you couldn't place, though he was smiling politely.
"Hi." You maintained awkward eye contact for a few moments before he seemed to remember what was happening. "I need some new clothes."
"Yes," I can see that, you resisted the urge to say. You didn't want to judge. "Would you like me to take measurements for a custom piece, or just browse our selection?" You gestured to the finished garments hanging on the walls. Without saying anything, he started thumbing through the racks. What a strange man.
"So, are you new in town? Or just your wife usually does the shopping?" You asked, studying the man. He seemed a bit short, but you weren't sure if he truly was, or if it was just the hunched sort of way he stood.
"No! Um. Well, I grew up here, um, well I was away for a while and now I'm back." The simple question seemed to be stressing him out.
"Well...welcome back." You smiled at him.
"Thanks." He met your eyes again. They were a greenish-goldish sort of hazel. "You own this place?"
"No, my sister does. Not sure where she slipped off too, actually. I moved here a few years back, when our folks passed."
"Oh. I'm so sorry to hear that." You'd heard that plenty of times in your life, but he really seemed to mean it.
"Thanks. It's okay, it brought me here, to this beautiful place. We're so lucky to be here!" You looked out the front of the store, towards the hills and forest that surrounded you.
"Right. Well...I think I'm all set." He placed a stack on the counter, a few shirts and a pair of pants.
You rang him up, and as you handed him his bag, your fingers touched. You swear for a second, his eyes seemed to change. He turned to go, and you found yourself blurting out "My brother-in-law is a shoemaker, next door. Tell him I sent you, he'll take care of you."
You had imagined this would lead to him asking your name, and you could ask his in turn. But instead he just said great, thanks and left, leaving you feeling curious.
You peppered your sister with questions about the mysterious man, but she couldn't tell you anything. "You mean to tell me as the only weaver in a village of 200 people, there's somehow someone you don't know?!"
"I'm bad with faces, you know that!"
"What's this about?" Your brother-in-law stepped in the room, taking off his hat and giving your sister a kiss.
"Did a short pale guy come in for some shoes today?"
"Yeah, Bruno? He mentioned you."
"Bruno?" You and your sister said simultaneously. "You don't mean Bruno Bruno?"
"Bruno Madrigal? Yeah, definitely him. Why?"
"No! But he's-..." You cut yourself off, feeling silly.
"What?" He probed
"...Scary?" You admitted sheepishly. "I may have also been under the impression he was, ehm, seven feet tall?"
Your brother-in-law burst out laughing. "Who told you that?"
"In one of his stories? Y/n, you can't actually believe what he says in those."
"So he's not actually....evil?" You felt like a silly little kid asking, but you were having trouble reconciling the tiny man you had seen today with the whispers of a malicious rat king.
"No, no."
"Amor, he is. Remember what he told us!" Your sisters voice was icy.
"It wasn't his fault!"
"He had no right-"
"Mi vida it's been years-"
You stood between the two of them, hands up. "Someone tell me what you're talking about!"
Your sister sighed. "Elena." Her first pregnancy. A miscarriage. "He found us. Sought us out the night before we planned to announce we were expecting. Warned us...that she..." Her eyes misted over and you and your brother-in-law held her tight. "He only tells vicious things."
You weren't sure how to feel. More than anything, you wanted to know Bruno's side of the story. So when Bruno's new shoes were ready, you asked your brother-in-law if you could deliver them.
As you walked towards the newly-rebuild Casa Madrigal, you realized you had seen Bruno, several times, when you had helped with the rebuilding, though never up close. A gentle sort of man, but goofy. He was good with spackle, and liked to make sure everyone was drinking enough water.
"Hi!" Mirabel Madrigal greeted you as the door magically swung open to let you in. "What can I help you with?"
"I'm here to make a delivery, for Bruno?" You held up the shoebox.
"Oh thank goodness! It's a miracle those sandals haven't fallen to bits already. He's out in the sun garden, just through there!" She led you toward an archway on the south side of the house, where colorful cacti bloomed around a large clearing.
In the center sat Bruno, his back to you. He looked to be saying something, shoulders animated as looked towards the ground. Was he doing it now? Having one of those...visions? As you got closer though, you heard a small squeak.
"That's right Coco, very good! Now spin, spin spin! Hold on Arequipe, you're nex--Hi!" He quickly stuffed something into his shirt. "Hi."
"Who were you talking to?"
"You were talking to yourself?"
"So you were talking to somebody."
"Look, its...a lot of people think it's gross."
"Try me." You sat down next to him, handing him his shoebox.
"Okay fine, might as well keep the village wierdo reputation...This is Coconut." He pulled a small rat from his collar. "And this is Arequipe." He pulled out another. You watched them sniff the air, moving around in Bruno's hands, curious but not seeming to be afraid.
"It's nice to meet you both." You gently patted the tops of their heads. "My dad fostered baby squirrels. I think that out-weirds you."
Bruno was grinning, holding them out to you. "You can hold 'em if you want." You scooped up their tiny squirming bodies and they quickly started exploring, Coco running up your arm and around your neck, while Arequipe enjoyed getting lost in the bunched-up folds of your skirt. "They like you."
"They're such little sweeties. I miss having a pet."
"Well, there's a dozen more where these two came from. Feel free to come visit whenever."
"That's a lot of rats!"
"Meh." He shrugged and you giggled.
The routine was simple. On your off mornings, you would go to Casa Madrigal and play with the rats in the sun garden. Bruno would serve you coffee and snacks, help you tell the rats apart and learn their names, tell you little stories, and make you laugh. Every so often, you would catch him zoning out as you spoke, eyes getting a faint glow as he gazed straight forward. He would excuse himself, but urge you to stay as long as you wanted to. And a few times, you'd turned up just to be told by Mirabel that he had a bad migraine, and wasn't up for company.
Days you didn't come to see him, he visited you in the evenings. He would bring you sweets from the bakery and just watch you work on the loom, he said it was relaxing to just watch the threads weaving back and forth, patterns steadily coming to life while you told him about your day.
Things went on this way for weeks before you finally asked. He explained as best he could how his gift worked. Sometimes people would ask him to look in their futures; though he warned them over and over that he had no control over what he showed them, and that they were probably better off not knowing, they still asked.
Sometimes though, the visions came unbidden. The only times he ever shared those were when he truly thought it would help, that steps might be taken to fix, or that the damage could be somehow mitigated.
"Your boyfriends here!" Your brother-in-law teased as he spotted Bruno coming up the road. Your sister snickered as you rolled your eyes.
He had apologized to her, months ago. He only warned her so that she had the option of not telling everyone, if she wanted to mourn more privately. That was all. She forgave him, with a teary-eyed embrace.
Though you tried to brush off the comment, you found yourself blushing. Of course you had developed feelings for your soft-hearted, misunderstood black sheep, but you wouldn't ruin things by saying so. Things were just friendly....ish. He would hold your hand, sometimes, while you walked. You had once dozed off together in the sun garden, when you woke your whole body felt aglow with the warm sunshine and Brunos heartbeat next to yours. Sometimes you felt him watching you, and when you turned to face him, the look in his eyes could only be described as 'adoring'.
"Hi. Walk?"
"That sounds nice." As you wandered down the alley and around the corner, he took your hand. It was sweaty. You ended up by a bench surrounded by enormous jasmine bushes, their luscious fragrance perfuming the air.
"So. Um. I'd like to show you something." Bruno looked nervous. But also a little...hopeful? Excited?
"I...had a vision. Today. About you." He was blushing now. "And it was a good one! And I," he swallowed, "Well, you know I don't tend to show people but um, well, just look." He reached into his bag, withdrawing a slab of emerald-green glass. He handed it to you, and it felt cool in your hands. Studying the image, you realized why he was so nervous.
It was the two of you.
Staring at one another with such love and adoration you felt yourself immediately blush.
A ring glinted on your finger.
There were about six rats in the background.
"I didn't want to mess things up." Brunos voice pulled you back to reality. "I didn't think....I never thought I could ever be worthy of someone like you. I wasn't going to say anything, ever probably. But then, um," he gestured to the tablet. "Haven't had a wrong one yet. So. I figured maybe...you could actually-"
"I think you're incredible." You blurted out. "Um. Pretty amazing, honestly. You're sweet, and kind, and you've got such a big heart, and you make me laugh, and...I love you, Bruno."
He looked stunned and overjoyed. He hugged you tightly, so tightly, like he was afraid to let go. "Can I kiss you?" He whispered in your ear.
"I'd like that." You whispered back.
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