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Future looks great (Pepa x Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
Warning: NSFW-ish? There’s nothing explicit, but just to be safe
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"If you want to burn me alive you could just throw me in the fire. It would be faster" you joked
Pepa jumped a little at your voice and blinked rapidly. Did you catch her?! Did you know what kind of thoughts she was having?! But then she saw you fan yourself with your hand and then she understood that you meant the hot environment that her powers were creating.
"I'm sorry" she said quickly, trying to calm down.
"Baby, it's ok, I was just kidding" you said, giving her a kiss on the cheek "you know I love all your climates"
Pepa didn't say anything, but the room got even hotter. You see, she loved you too, very much, and she had always been happy with the relationship you had. She took care of you like the most valuable treasure and you never asked her to control herself. You lived each and every one of her emotions with her.
And she could never thank you for so much. She didn't need more and it wouldn't be fair to ask you for something else after everything you gave her. But the thing was, she really wanted more. In the last few months, a deep desire had grown in her. You were beautiful, okay? And one day you had put on that pretty sundress that came down to mid-thigh. And suddenly, your sweet kisses felt so little, holding your hand was no longer enough for her. She needed more, she needed you whole.
Pepa had been struggling with her perverted thoughts of you, but you made it too hard for her! From the way you looked at her, the innocent way you whispered in her ear, the way your chest rose and fell and your breasts called out to her. All of you were a growing temptation and she couldn't for her life work up the courage to tell you.
What if you got mad? What if you weren't ready yet? She didn't want to pressure you or force you to do something you didn't want to do. So she just suffered in silence while you did all those things that drove her crazy.
Bruno jumped as thunder rumbled behind him and a hand grabbed his shirt. Her sister looked upset and he wasn't sure what to do, Julieta wasn't home so he couldn't hide behind her.
"I need a vision" Pepa said hastily, already dragging her brother up the stairs.
The redhead didn't give him a chance to protest as she practically threw him into his room. She knew she was being unfair to her brother, and she would make it up to him later (preferably before Julieta found out), but she needed to know.
"Ok, ok. What are we looking for?" Bruno asked once they both sat in his cave
"Y/N" Pepa answered, nervously fiddling with her braid "I need to know which...direction our relationship is going"
"Why? Did you fight?" he asked carefully
The thunder that sounded above her heads made them both jump and Pepa had to take several breaths to calm down. Her brother only saw her worried, not knowing what to do.
"I'm sorry, Brunito" she said "I didn't want to be so hard on you, it's not fair. It's just that..."
The youngest of the triplets could see that her sister was struggling with her words, so he gently took her hand.
"I-it's fine. You don't have to tell me" he assured her "Let's see what happens"
Pepa smiled at him gratefully and made a mental note to pay him later. She really had the best siblings in the world. She watched in fascination as her brother went through this strange ritual before sitting down across from her again.
Bruno took a deep breath and took his sister's hands, then his eyes glowed with a neon green light. He searched and searched in the veil of the future, until he found a familiar face. It was you.
"I see her!" He said "she's...she's happy! And she's with you!"
Pepa watched as the images formed in a whirlwind around her. She saw just what her brother had said: she saw you, beautiful and smiling as always. You seemed to be in your room, sitting on your bed.
Then, she saw herself, moving closer to you as you wrapped your arms around her waist, pulling her closer to you. For some reason, the Pepa of the future seemed nervous. But you smiled at her, trailing kisses down her neck.
Pepa couldn't help but blush and from the way her vision was beginning to waver, she knew that Bruno was uncomfortable. But it wasn't until she saw herself start to unzip your dress and you pull up her skirt that she stopped seeing.
Sand fell around the siblings as the eldest jumped to her feet, snatching the prophecy from her brother's hands. Her cheeks were red hot and for a few seconds she didn't know what to say. The image on the plate was quite suggestive.
"You didn’t see anything!" she told her brother "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"
Bruno didn't have time to respond before a reddish whirlwind swept past him, knocking him hard to the ground. That was going to leave a mark.
Pepa looked at the emerald plaque on her bed. She still didn't know how to feel about it. She was relieved, now that she knew her deepest desires would be fulfilled. But with fear, for precisely the same reason.
What if you didn't like her? What if she made some mistake while you guys were in bed? What if she wet everything with her rain and ruined something in your room and you got mad at her?! She should have let Bruno see more?
No, definitely not. There was no way she would let her brother see you naked! But now she would have to suffer while she waited for the vision to be fulfilled.
The redhead paled when Julieta's voice was heard from downstairs. She had completely forgotten poor Bruno!! And look, she loved her brother and she would always defend him from everything, but she also knew that there was no person more terrifying than her older sister when someone hurt Brunito.
"Mieeeeeeeercoles" Pepa whispered.
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can we get some (???soft???)Yandere Pepa hc, in which the Reader understands that Pepa loves her in an unhealthy way, but still stays with her and always talks about how her fears are unfounded, that she won't leave her and in general, a lot of fluff? 🐀🐀
Probably not exactly what you wanted but I tried my best-
Yandere Pepa with understanding Reader:
Tumblr media
You understood Pepa had an unhealthy attachment with you, and despite it, you couldn't help but still love her no matter what.
But that meant you wanted to try and help her with it, it hurt you to see her like this.
So, you'll force her to sit down, and have a much-needed talk about it.
She was nervous and scared for that talk. She didn't know exactly what it would be about, what if you wanted to break up? That made her start to drizzle.
She was a bit surprised when you grabbed her hands and started to calmly rub her knuckles. It calmed her down a bit, as you started out with 'Mi amor'.
You took in a deep breath and gave her the gentlest smile you could before bringing up the subject.
You brought up some of her actions, and how she is around you. You said how it wasn't healthy for the both of you, and you wanted to help her get better.
Pepa didn't understand at first, until you started to explain how she didn't exactly love you anymore, she was obsessed with you and that wasn't a good type of love. It was harmful to everyone if it wasn't dealt with.
And while it did break your heart, you suggested a small break until she was completely better. No matter how much you wanted to be right by her side, You were causing her to be like this.
You felt your heart break once she said she was fine being sick if it was with you.
You cupped her face into your hands as you gave her a small kiss, telling her it was going to be ok and they could be together once again once she got better for you, her family, and most importantly herself.
After a few more hours of talking, she finally agreed to it if it made you happy.
It took a while as you happily watched Pepa recover with her family from afar as she slowly made her way over her obsession. Dolores told you everything about it, Poor girl was so worried over her mother.
And once she was fully better, you kept your promise and the two of you got back on with your relationship.
You made sure to remind her how proud you were of her.
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Y/n: Come to dinner tonight. I can’t cook, but I’ll bring plenty of free wine. Pepa: Marry me.
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hey hey hey
i was thinking of doing a taglist... so if anyone wants to be added to my: encanto and/or miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children taglist, drop me an ask and i’ll add you!
i only write for canonically female characters 
also, if you want to drop a request for either of these fandoms, or even another fandom, feel free to send one!
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somethinginthethunder · 2 days ago
im gonn go to bed but send me headcanon requests to wake up to pls!!
(there are a few i haven't gotten to yet, so if yours hasn't been answered then that's why!)
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hopepunk-fanfics · 21 days ago
The Madrigals going on a Cryptid Hunt with their s/o
Julieta: Brings snacks! Not taking it too seriously but is perfectly content to humor you. If you actually find the Cryptid, that’s when she gets nervous and will drag your butt right out of there.
Agustin: Is taking everything way too seriously. You can tell he’s trying to remain calm for your sake, but his hands are so clammy that you can tell he’s shitting bricks. If you find the Cryptid, he screams like a little girl.
Pepa: Accidentally makes it rain for the entire time because she’s nervous. Covers the entire area with fog because of her powers which just makes it worse. Jumps at any loud noises and accidentally electrocutes the Cryptid. Then she drags you out of there.
Felix: Not taking it too seriously but is also a little protective. Insists that nothing’s going to happen but is still clinging to you “in case something does”. If you find the Cryptid, he’ll get scared shitless. He'll only stick around if you decide to investigate further because he doesn't want to leave you alone.
Bruno: Is walking a fine line between pretending he’s on Buzzfeed Unsolved and jumping at literally every noise. This boy is sweating. If you find the Cryptid, he clings to you and is basically frozen in place, poor guy. Probably passes out too.
Isabela: She honestly doesn’t really care, but she’ll still be protective of you. Isabela is the one who’s calming everyone down and saying that there’s nothing here, so when you find the Cryptid she shrieks and starts throwing cacti at it. Refuses to admit she’s scared afterwards.
Luisa: She’s so protective and is getting very into it. Keeps insisting that she’s not scared at all. When you find the Cryptid she’ll straight up punch it from nerves and knock it out cold. And while you’re investigating it, she’s trying to get you to leave. She’ll throw you over her shoulder and get you out of there if she has to.
Mirabel: She’s totally on-board. You two are the ones leading the hunt, and you’re holding hands the whole time to ease your nerves. If you find the Cryptid she screams with a big smile on your face because on one hand you found it, but on the other hand she’s terrified. You are the two who investigate further haha
Dolores: Will absolutely use her hearing to help you out. Gets this scared look on her face when she starts to hear things and squeaks a lot. If you find the Cryptid, she squeaks really loud and goes to run behind something, probably you
Camilo: Also totally on-board. He’s making jokes to hide his nervousness, and he just kinda stares in disbelief if you actually find the Cryptid. Ends up screaming, shifting into like 12 different people and throwing you over his shoulder to leg it out of there.
Antonio: Really into it and surprisingly chill about the whole thing. Wants to see if he can talk to the Cryptid. He ends up having a lovely conversation with it and invites it over for dinner sometime before waving goodbye lol
Overly protective: Felix, Isabela, Luisa
Scaredy Cat: Augustin, Pepa, Bruno
Totally into it: Mirabel, Camilo, Antonio
Overly prepared: Julieta, Dolores
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yoursweetdenial · 20 days ago
Pepa, pointing to the wall: What color is this?
Bruno: Gray.
Julieta: Grey.
Pepa, turning to Y/N: Now tell them what color you think it is.
Y/N: Dark white.
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squeamishdionysus · 27 days ago
Can I please ask for some headcanons for Bruno with a female reader who has dimples and thinks his powers are the coolest thing EVER
Bruno x female reader with dimples and a strong fascination with his power coming right up!
Tumblr media
Okay, so for this scenario, I'd like to think that you're just a bit younger than Bruno, most likely still in you forties, and you've only just moved to Encanto about 3 years before the movie.
You immediately captivated by the Madrigals, as anyone would be and probably was if they lived in Encanto. It was just like one of the many fantasy books you had read growing up, and it really brought out your inner child to say the least.
You were the local baker, and you had to make several deliveries to the Madrigal house for certain celebrations, as poor Julieta couldn't be left to handle all the cooking on her own. You quickly befriended her and Pepa over a shared love of cooking, and by happenstance, you began to bond with the rest of the Madrigal family.
You, of course, became friends with Felix and Agustin, as any friend of their wives was a friend of theirs.
You were considered to be a "cool aunt" figure to the older girls, giving them helpful advice and letting them borrow whatever they needed from you, as long as they promised to keep out of trouble.
You listened to Dolores as she went on about her crush on a young man in town, and helped Luisa relax when she overworked herself too much.
You gave Isabel hair tips and let her vent to you whenever she needed somebody to talk do who didn't see her as "Senorita Perfecta."
With the younger kids, you'd hype up Camilo's acting skills and shape-shifting, often sitting through the one-man shows he would frequently put on. You noticed fairly quickly that the boy was very drawn to Shakespeare.
You didn't judge Mirabel or see her as less impressive than the rest of her family, but rather, you praised her for her astounding sewing skills, and even taught her how to crochet from time to time.
And little Antonio, sweet baby Antonio... well, when Pepa needed a break to collect herself or just a night to spend with Felix, you took the burden off of Dolores's shoulders and offered to watch him yourself, growing quite attached to the young boy.
Soon, you were practically living in the Madrigal house, and yet, for the three years you had been close with the family, you never heard anything about the black sheep of the family... Bruno Madrigal.
Yes, of course you knew of him; Pepa mentioned him when discussing her wedding day with Felix, and Abuela Madrigal had told you that for your own safety, you were not to go into Bruno's tower. You never really asked for more details on Bruno, a. Because it was a touchy subject in the Casita and b. He was never really brought up enough for you to really sit and wonder about it.
However, when you finally did meet him in helping the Madrigals rebuild their Casita, that excitement and wonder came back immediately.
I mean, you knew about his gift, but just like the general consensus of "Oh, he could see the future." You were just as clueless as Mirabel, as you had no idea the visions were actually physical tablets or that he had his own VISION CAVE?!
Despite your excitement, though, you tried really hard not to act like you were only interested in his power, because you weren't. You were curious as to what he was like and what his relationships with the other Madrigals were and just exactly what he was up to over the last decade.
You'd be lining if you didn't think he was cute too but that's beyond the point.
Everyday when you came over to the Madrigal Casita, you would always take some time to talk to Bruno, with the excuse of "Oh, I had extra hand pies and I thought you deserved to try some of baking yourself!"
He talked about his interests in theater and his rats and what his life was like before he disappeared. You talked about your time in Encanto and your baking and your love of romance novels and plays.
And well. Of course you fell for him.
And Bruno couldn't help but fall for you, too.
Okay, so this would definitely sound creepy out of context, but Bruno really first saw you the first time you visited the Madrigal house. He grew to accept you like the rest of the Madrigal family, even if you never directly interacted with him, and slowly got to know you through overhearing your conversations with the rest of the family.
He loved the way you were able to comfort Pepa during her mood swings, and just how helpful you were with Julieta when she had too much on her plate (teehee pun).
He loved the way you interact with his older nieces, supporting them in a way he wished he had been when he was their age.
And he just thought your encouragement and love for the littler ones was just so sweet and admirable.
And, well, he really, really liked you.
Once he caught Dolores in the kitchen in the middle of the night, delivering him some tea, and he managed to ask if you were married, to which Dolores shrugged, and said "she's never mentioned a husband."
"Hmm... by the way this is uh... the rats speaking... still."
He came to find out when he finally left the walls of his house that you were in fact very much so single, and he was over the moon.
The more and more active he became in the Encanto community again, the more and more time he spent with you.
You'd two frequently go for walks together, either through Encanto or just outside of the mountain range.
He'll start coming to your bakery, too, and you'll even let him taste test the batter before you bake it.
Eventually, the two of you are inseparable, and even though you aren't official, many of the people around town just assume you're a couple.
It leads to some awkward moments, but neither you nor Bruno seems really bothered when people make the mistake.
It's when you finally have to guts to ask about his power that you two make it official.
After months of wanting to ask about his power and tip-toeing carefully around the subject as best you could, finally managed to ask how his gift worked.
He, of course, groaned, explaining it hesitantly, but as soon as you asked him to demonstrate, he quickly made all of the troubles that came with having a gift like his apparent.
"-and look, why would I even want to murder a goldfish!? what would I gain from killing a-"
"Bruno! Calm down... I'm not going to judge you because of your power. I know who you are, and I know that you and your gift are two separate things. I won't judge you because of your gift."
Bruno looked down to the ground and gave a heavy sigh, slowly blinking as he thought it over. Finally, after a long while of silent deliberation, he gave you a soft smile and stood up.
"Alright then. I'll show you."
And so, off the two of you went to his room, which, in comparison to the old Casita, was much more lively and had a lot less stairs. Once you arrived in his vision gave, he set everything up that he needed to and sat with you in a circle of sand.
You swore when he started his gift, you could barely turn away from his glowing green eyes. They were mesmerizing, and you would've asked for a vision anyways if it only meant you could see his eyes.
Around you, the sand showed a vision of you, traveling through the world. Your past. Then it showed you arriving in Encanto, meeting all of the Madrigals until you finally stopped at Bruno. The image of you froze, staring at Bruno until she reached out to embrace him, with Bruno hesitantly returning it.
And with that, the vision ended and the cave echoed with your high-pitch squeal.
Bruno smiled brightly as you gave such an excited reaction, admittedly a little flustered due to what the vision showed, but overall more focused on your reaction.
And when he saw how wide your smile was and how cute your dimples were when you did, he didn't even care anymore.
With a quick flash, you embraced Bruno, pulling him close to your chest and smiling, holding him tight.
"That was so cool, Bruno, thank you for showing me! It was even more impressive than I thought."
You pulled away for a moment, and looked into his big, now brown eyes. You blushed slightly.
"And about what I saw in the vision-"
"No, no, I get it! It's weird that I may like you a bit and it's even weirder that a vision showed it, but please don't think you have to-"
You interrupted him with a kiss on the cheek, cupping his face gently as you softly asked,
"Would you like to have dinner together?"
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unabashednightmarepizza · 29 days ago
Hi!! I had this this idea and I'd love to know what you can make with it hahah 👉👈
So about Camilo, we all know that he's still discovering who he is and all
but imagine if one day when he's just feeling so down that he asks the reader why they like him and that he doesn't even know who he is and why they like him
(or like maybe it would take a while for him to open up about these things)
And after the reader comforts him, they promise to be there with him every step of the way as he gets to know himself more
I hope this request is alright! Thank you and have a wonderful week!!
A/N: To everyone who might be feeling like this, all of you are valid and above all, you are all humans with emotions. Negatice comments will of course have an affect but with your loved ones( and if you don't I'm always here.) and believing in yourselves, you will conquer it all😊😊
Tumblr media
《No Matter What, I'll Be There...》
Pairings: Camilo Madrigal( He/They) x Fem!Reader
TW: Breaking Down, insecurities, self-deprecating thoughts, shouting
A/N: That's just pure fluff, though I shed a little tear in the end, I hope it will help those who feel like they don't matter! And if I used any Spanish words wrong, please tell me so that I can fix it! And just in case, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!
Word Count: 2910 words
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Mirabel! Come on, we need to go to that one market you suggested!"
At your declare outside of the Casita, Mirabel who was busy stocking some of her Mamà's food which she specifically prepared for you two to eat, started to rush out of the house while still trying to put on her shoes and almost fell twice. Seeing that she was having some problems while carrying the basket, herself and her shoes, you went to her and took the basket kindly from her and held her arm gently to help her gaining her balance again.
She looked at you sweetly and after finally coming to her senses, she took your arm between hers and started to swing it back and forth.
"Thanks for the help (Y/N)! I'm sorry I wasnt outside at the time I promised but me and Dolares were just looking for Camilo and we couldn't find him and he was just there a few minutes ago and I-"
"Mirabel, Mirabel! That's okay really. It wasn't even a big delay and you started to ramble again."
You chuckled at her embarrased face and nudged her with your elbow. But when you re-run what Mirabel just said again, you couldn't help but be worried about your lover. It wasn't uncommon for him to disappear just like that, probably planning another prank for someone, but even if so, they would always tell you since the last time he didn't, he fell into a river and spent one week sick on his bed while listening to his Mamà scold him worriedly and you bringing soups and making him eat it forcefuly.
Then, the good memories started to flood in your mind. The amount of pranks you two had done, the amount of times his Ma caught you sneaking in to see her dear son and watched with gleeful eyes... The times where he took you to everywhere and anywhere around Encanto, your dates with him where you two just layed down side by side, looking at the stars or the clouds and then you being bored and getting on top of him to count the freckles on his face and look at his eyes... You remembered the happy times you used to have with him, the big smile on his face but... They didn't smile that much, or at least you thought they didn't.
What was the last time he spent more than a few minutes with you?
You must have been silent more than you thought you were because the soft grip of Mirabel's hand on your arm shifted to lay on top of your back to rub it comfortably and when you shook your head harshly, you saw the kind eyes of the girl that was your best friend.
You just waved your hand to ease her and tell her that you were fine, took her hand and started to walk down the path to markets with the mission in your head to learn what happened to your lovely partner and what to do to make him happy again, you quickened your steps to catch up with Mirabel.
Not knowing that a pair of eyes were watching you go sadly...
"Why are you like this..?"
"Why can't you be normal..."
"Why do you hurt people around you..."
"When they did nothing wrong?"
Camilo who was busy looking at his reflection and questioning himself as always. That seemed like the only thing they had been doing nowadays the most. He was just looking at his reflection, pinching and grabbing his skin, looking at all the... imperfections. The tears started to fall without him knowing but even if he did, he didn't have the power to stop them.
He slid down to sit beside his bed and looked at the mirror blankly and pulled his legs towards him. He was always known as the cheerful one in the family, always changing into people to set pranks for people or help them in any ways with their jobs with his... treasure, the finest jewel that couldn't even be found in the treasures of the richest men.
" Mi tesoro..."
As soon as the thought of you crossed his mind, he squeezed the locket which held the photo of you both smiling like idiots at each other. The smile you wore was almost blinding to him, the most beautiful and graceful girl of the town just agreed to be his friend and later his lover when everybody else was running after them. He could still remember that day: the first day he introduced you to the family. The day that proved to him that you were the one for him and he was the one for you...
Camilo continued to cry and sniffle softly for a long time while still clutching the locket tightly, looking at the mirror while the words of others and his own's still ran through his head:
"Do I really have to be someone else to make people happy? Can I not just be me..?"
While Mirabel was buying what the Casita needed, you were wandering through the aisles to keep your mind off of what was bothering you. You knew that Camilo was still trying to understand who he really is and all that since "that was normal for teenagers to get to know themselves at that time" and that it was stressing him out more than he showed around so you wanted to make something nice for him so that he would ease his mind. So, with that plan on your mind, you started to shop for jewelry and clothes. You made small talk here and there with the owners, happy that they were so kind to you. But when you turned back to meet with your best friend, you saw a group of teenagers whispering to each other and pointing at you.
"Did you know that she was dating a... I don't even know how to call it!"
"Her? Like 'the most wife material' girl of the town?"
"I heard that he wasn't acting like a boy. Like wearing jewels and such y'know?"
"Does he even deserve her? She needs a real man!"
"Like who? You?"
At your venomous words, all of the boys and girls looked at you like a scared cat. The fire burning in your eyes made it clear that either they ran away, or they got beaten.
And they chose the first option, making you glare at their backs. Now it was clear... They heard what others talked about them. Made them insecure of their happy relationship. Made him guilty for simply who they wanted to be...
They were gonna pay...for making your sunshine fade to black.
"Mirabel! I believe I know what's wrong with Camilo!"
You hurriedly collected all you have bought and ran to her, already preparing a list to make him feel appreciated.
Tumblr media
>Step 1: Compliment and show them you care
When you saw Casita and it happily waved you with its windows, you making the same in return. You saw Antonio and Pepa in front of the house chatting happily and went to them. As soon as Pepa saw you, whole place erupted in sunshines and a little rainbow appeared above her head.
"Mi Nuera! Welcome back!"
"Hello... Mamí!"
Even though calling her mom, as much as it was a bit uncomfortable at the beginning since you didn't think she wanted to be called like that by you, was a little strange( considering the woman looked way young...) it made you feel... accepted.
"Big sis, big sis! What did you buy today!!"
You smiled widely at Antonio's question and brough the plushie you bought for him. Trying to get that one from the seller was a hard work since you literally had to play a game with a kid to win that toy but seeing the happy glint in his eyes made it worth so much.
He hugged you thightly and ran inside to show it to his sister and animal friends, leaving you and Pepa alone. When you turned your face to her and saw the look she was giving you, you understood it: the face that begged you to bring his cheerful son back. She also knew something was wrong, she was his mother of course she knew!
When a little gray cloud started to appear, you went to her and held her arm softly, reassuring that you have everything in control.
The dinner time came and when you saw Camilo coming down, the grin you gave him was such a cute sight that Pepa held her chest lovingly with heart eyes meanwhile Isabela and Mirabel was chuckling. You immediately went to him and grabbed his hand, kissing his cheek, you went to your side of the table and before sitting down you held his chair for him, making him cock an eyebrow at you. You just wiggled at where you were standing, pushing the chair towards the table.
"What? Can I not be nice for my lover?"
"Yeah... but..."
"No buts! Now come on, let's eat together!"
And Dolares almost went deaf because of how hard her sibling's heart was beating, as she said later.
Tumblr media
>Step 2: Appreciate and show them that they are a priority
If there was one thing you adored about Camilo, it was their curls. You loved how fluffy it was, the way it falls on his forehead even if you brushed it aside.
Currently, Camilo was laying on you inside of his room comfortably, kissing your neck time to time and tickling your sides to get a giggle out of you.
"Hey, what made you so energetic hmm?
You sighed while relaxing back on the bed even more with him snuggling you even more. You tried to wiggle but it was in no vail. Camilo started to pout at you and jabbed your cheek with his finger.
"Is my love too much for you~? Mi Amor, you're breaking my fragile heart!"
You snortted at his antics and hugged him to yourself, turning him over so that you were on top of him to kiss him easily. He looked at you with so much love and adoration in their eyes and you couldn't help but wonder how he has so much love to give but nonetheless, you returned the sweet gesture and smooched his cheek. He grinned sheepishly at you but in just a second, his mouth formed an "o" which meant that he hesitated to say what's in his mind but gave up. You weren't having that though.
"Amor, is there something you'd like to say?"
In return, he rised on his hands and rested his back against the wall. You sat in front of him cross-legged and tilted your head to the side with a little smile, waiting for him to talk when he was ready.
"I-uhm... I was thinking... whatever, it's not important."
You knitted your eyebrows together after hearing him dismiss his thoughts... again. So you sighed and looked at the town that became your home. People were still walking around and the orange and red hues of fhe sun made Encanto look even more magical than it already was. Taking your far away look and sigh as a bad thing, Camilo was about to talk again but you turned to him, took his cheek inside your palm and kissed their nose. The flabbergasted look on his cute face made you giggle and while you were fixing his shirt, you suddenly lifted your head and looked at his eyes.
" Don't hesitate to talk to me, Mi Sol. I always care what you need to say. We are together in this so... wanna tell me what you wanted to say?"
And just like that, with 4 sentences and 1 nickname, he spilled everything to you. How he wanted to meet your family, then playing with the kids of the town and everything he wanted to do with an excited grin.
And all you could do was smile like an idiot at your lover and sigh dreamily.
Like an idiot in love...
Tumblr media
>Step 3: Don't give up easily on them
While showing him that you cared for them was not an easy job, you didn't expect the things to go down in absolutely every possible way.
And arguing with your lover was definetly not on your list.
"Camilo, dear, please calm down. You will have a panick attack if you-"
"I'm not a baby, I don't need you to tell me what to do!!"
At his loud and ringing voice, you flinched a bit. Not because you were afraid, but more because your ears rang quite a lot. I can't imagine how Dolares feels right now...
You were also trying to calm him down since you two started to argue almost in front of the Casita and you were certain that everyone else could hear you both.
But that was the time when he finally bursted, all of this becoming too much for him to hold in.
Angry tears were falling down his beautiful sunburnt skin, and he was wiping them harshly, not wanting to be seen weak since he already was to you. At least, that was what he thought.
"Why are you even with me!? Are you pitying me, or maybe you just don't know how to break up, right? That must be the reason! Everybody else could be so much better for you and here I am... an absolute trash-!"
" Camilo Madrigal!"
When you shouted his name loudly, he finally seemed like he came to his senses. He looked around almost dumbly and he turned to you with wide eyes.
Seeing the worried look on your face even though he just screamed at you made him fall to his knees and cry out all of his pain.
Witnessing the love of your life break in front of you made you also cry silently and you took a run towards him, to hug him as tight as you could and never let go of him.
When you got close to him, you fell on your knees too and took him between your arms delicately, as if he was a delicate flower.
"W-why..? Why are you still here? How do you know you love... me? When I don't even know myself...? When I broke my p-promise to cherish you..?"
You shushed him gently and rubbed his back slowly in a comforting manner, caressing his curls and twirling them between your fingers.
"I’m not angry at you, Mi alma. Because I know you. The one who helps everyone, the one that brightens my day, the one I'm willing to sneak out my home for, the one who makes silly jokes to me to make me laugh..."
"It's okay to not know who you are for now. I'll always be there and never leave you alone. You are my everything and I promise when you find yourself, I'll be right beside you, holding your hand in mine tightly..."
Yeah, safe to say, it was a very tearful day for everyone.
For Pepa and Felix, hearing their child in so much pain...
For Dolares, hearing her sibling beg to his lover to stay with him...
For Antonio, knowing his sibling just needs someone to be there...
For the rest of the family, realizing that even the most cheerful ones can break...
And for you, who was willing to do anything to get your bright lover back... even if it meant waiting and trying for many years...
You promised to be there no matter what, after all.
Tumblr media
>Step 4: Be Proud of Them
And it had been a good amount of months since Camilo told everyone how they felt. And the family was supportive of course, how could they not be? Family always sticks together after all!
And right now, you were styling Camilo's hair back in a low ponytail, a part of their hair falling in front of their face. When you finished it, you hummed in victory and grabbed the mirror beside you and handed it to them. He kissed the inside of your wrist before taking the mirror, making you blush.
He looked at the image in front of him for several minutes and just when you thought he didn't like it, he turned back and tackled you to the ground while laughing like a little child.
"I love it! You should be a hairdresser y'know? Gotta show everyone how an amazing girlfriend I have!"
"Wait! We need to get a picture together like that to remember later in life! Like the first step of your adventure of finding who you trully are!"
They nodded their head immediately and ran inside to take the camera and came back seconds later. Before you could find a perfect position, Pepa came and took rhe camera from Camilo, saying that she will do it.
Without any objection, he gave the camera to his mother and took your hands in his, looking at your eyes with amazement and so much love.
And the only thing Pepa could do was taking the photo while having slight tears in her eyes, seeing the look on her child's face, seeing what was spoken between each lover and knowing that they finally found the right one for themselves.
His eyes are beautiful.
Her hair is flawless.
Their personality is amazing.
Her laugh brightens up my day.
We are in this... together.
And I'm proud of them... always.
Tumblr media
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bellathechildbitch · 13 days ago
pepa madrigal x wife reader, where the reader gets hurt when casita was breaking down and after that pepa and the kids end up getting clingy and scared of something bad happening to reader again
😭 damn
Tumblr media
The day that Casita lost her magic was a living hell.. for both you and your family...
Mirabel was trying to get the candle while Casita was falling apart, you first made sure your children and wife got out safely. But you couldn't just leave your niece behind.. As you were escorting Pepa handing her to Camilo you would take a moment to look at your family before dashing back into the collapsing Castia.
Pepa would turn around to expect you behind her but when she saw that you were gone a dark cloud hovered over her head "(Y/n)..? (Y/N)! NO STOP COME BACK YOU'LL GET HURT!" Cried Pepa as she tried to run after you but Camilo held her back "No! mami please you cannot go in there..! You'll get hurt as well.."
Pepa would resist as she would slowly fall to the ground, crying as rain would begin to pour. Pepa can only wish that you and Mirabel make it out before the structure collapses on you two.
As you ran through the Casita you chased after Mirabel "Mirabel! It isn't worth it please! " she would ignore you as she would snatch the candle from the window it sat on. Making it down you would grab Mirabels hand and you would be running to the exit, Castia slowly began to come down you threw Mirabel to the exit as you were left inside a pillar would fall onto your foot as it held you down. Crying out in pain you tried to remove the pillar from your foot but you didn't have much strength.
Looking around you would cover your face waiting for the impact of the house to come down onto you, but whatever magic that was still left Casita would cover you with the last of the furniture that was left behind as the house would slowly lose all of its magic as the house finally came crumbling down
Everything from then was a blur you passed out from the impact you didn't feel any pain.. but there was a loud ringing in your ears and a bright light hitting your face. You woke up with Pepa hovering above you, frantically looking at you as she would be crying "Mi amor! Oh goodness you're alright!" She sobbed into your chest
Groaning quietly you would look around you were surrounded in the rubble of what once used to be a fun a lovely home.. now nothing but lifeless fragments of that home..
You sighed as you leaned your head back "Don't cry mi princesa.. I'm fine.. "
Camilo would gently rest your head on his lap as he sighed "Oh hush mama.. you were nearly crushed ... Tia Julieta is making something for that foot of yours.. Luisa managed to get the pillar off of your foot.. everything will be alright.." he said softly.
You would look up at him and smiled "Thank you for comforting your Madre.. I know it was a scary situation.. you were very brave.." Camilo would stay silent as he teared up a bit as he nodded "Of course mama.."
Soon in came Dolores and Antonio both of them looked shocked to see you in such a terrifying state. Both of them came up to you gently kneeling down beside you.
Dolores would frown "Mama.. don't ever do that again..please I think we were going to lose you.." she said as she took one of your hands. You would sigh as you nodded "Don't worry mi vida.. I can assure you I won't be.. going anywhere.. ' which made Dolores giggle quietly
Antonio wouldn't say anything as he would lay his head against your stomach tightly holding onto your dress skirt afraid if he let go you'd he gone.
Pepa would continue to sob against your chest but soon calmed down "Mi amor I thought I lost you..! What would I do with myself if something bad happened! " She whined
You would slowly reach out to her as you cupped her cheek "Don't cry princesa..I'm still here.. don't cry.. " you reassured as she would nod sniffing up her tears as she calmed down
Soon Julieta would heal you right up but you still felt weak and sluggish from what just happened. but overall you were fine
A few weeks passed and the new Casita was built.. everything was great expect the fact that..your family kept hovering above you..
They were usually clingy.. but now? Oh boy you barley get time to yourself without one of your children sitting beside you examining your evey move.
It's not just you're children.. also your lovely wife as well..
You managed to sneak out of the Casita without anyone noticing. Hiding under a tree as you finally got to read the book you were trying to catch up on. Sighing in relief you would open it, as you began to read you felt a certain tug at your skirt, looking down you found Antonio he would be looking up at you as he frowned.
You sighed as you set the book down for a moment "What is it my little Toñito.. "you said softly
He would scoot closer to you as he rested his head against you staying silent.
"Lemme guess.. mami is freaking out because I'm not at the Casita huh..?" You asked as you wrapped your arm around your son. He'd give you a slight nod "Shes worried something bad will happen to you.. we all are.." he said quietly as he nuzzled into your side.
Frowning a bit you would shake your head "Oh goodness.. Antonio.. what happened that day was an accident.. yes I was hurt.. but look at me now! I can run up to the tallest peak and back down to the encanto within a minute!" You teased as he would let out a quiet laugh
"No you can't! That's impossible!" He teased back
"oh yeah? Wanna bet on that mister..!" You said as he you would tickle his side. Antonio would jerk forward as he let out a high squeal bursting out in laughter as he tried to push you away "Mama! Stop it!" He whined
You would chuckle as you stopped "But seriously Toñito.. mama will be fine.. nothing will take me away from you and our family.. I will live up to a hundred years~" his eyes would lighten up "R-really!?" He said as he seemed surprised
Nodding you would smile down at him "Of course.. I mean I am apart of the great family Madrigal.. so who knows what lies in the future for me.."
Antonio stayed quiet as he hugged you tightly. You returned the hug as you would grab your book "At this point I think mama will never have time to herself anymore.." you teased as you got up, Antonio would do the same as he rolled his eyes playfully
"I'm sure one day.. but for now.. let's go before your mami starts panicking.. " you said as you grabbed a hold of his hand "Yea.. she almost started a tornado in the Casita when she found out you were gone.."
"Oh boy.. that means I'm in big trouble .." you whined. The little boy would laugh "Yup! " He said cheerfully as you two began to walk back to the Casita.
As you made it back to Pepa's room, there stood Dolores and Camilo comforting their mother as she seemed to be on the verge of a panic attack. You frowned a bit, you hated to see your wife in such a distressed state..
"Pepa I'm home~" you called out as Antonio would laugh as he would sit down on his mother's bed watching the incoming action.
Pepa would spring out of her seat and into your arms as she would be shaking a bit "W-where have you been! I was worried sick I nearly caused a hurricane!" She barked as she pulled away from you.
You would rub the back of your neck seeming a bit ashamed "Calm down princesa.. I went to spend some time by myself .. because every five seconds one of you guys starts to hover over my shoulder.. " you said calmly
Pepa would be surprised as she blushed a bit from embarrassment. So did Camilo and Dolores
"Look I know that day was scary.. you almost lost me.. but mi amores.. I'm fine.. I can assure you nothing like that will happen again.. Mama is fine and she will always be fine... Don't think that I'll disappear at any second.." you said softly
Your family would stay quiet. Pepa would be fiddling with her hair as she sighed "We are just..scared.. Scared that we will lose you again.." your wife said as she looked up at you. With tears in her eyes.
You dramatically gasped as you clutched your chest "Ah! Mi amor.. how could you think of something like that.. "you said as you gently pulled her into a hug "you will never lose me.. I am not that easy to get rid of.. ain't that right Antonio?"
"Right! She said shes gonna live up to a hundred years!" Antonio would chime in as the others laughed. Pepa would hug you tightly as she grumbled a bit "we were a bit clingy weren't we..?"
You would shrug "Ehh.. just a little bit.." you said dramatically as Pepa rolled her eyes. Looking at your two eldest children they still seemed uneased
"Hey you two.. I'll be alright.. it's fine to be clingy.. and it's fine to worry.. I don't mind.. but I am fine.. as long as I have all of you I will be alright..!"
Camilo would smile a bit as he came over to the both of you and joined in the hugging. Dolores seemed hesitant as she looked at you, frowning a bit "You promise..?" She said quietly
You smiled "I promise.. not get over here before I go over there and get you my self!"
Dolores would smile a bit as she rushed over to you guys and hugged you tightly as well.
Antonio anxiously waited for you to call him into the family hug. You dramatically whipped your head over to your youngest son "Get over here my little Toñito!" You cheered as he sprang up from his spot on the bed and joined in with his family.
"Aw my lovely familia ..!" You cheered and you enjoyed the embrace. From that day forward .. yes they are still clingy.. but not as bad as they were.. and everything ended up well for both ends of the family 😌
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dumbrequesttaker · 11 days ago
hello, if you have the time and have some space left for another request, can you write the adult ladies with a reader who acts like a knight in shining armor, charming, romeo type? but they're actually very clumsy and dorky? like they'll boast that they've saved a damsel from a monster but in reality they just took a spider out of their grandma's house? sorry if it's too specific haha. well have a great day!
Summary: "I'll protect you!" " Querida its just a moth..." *faceplants trying to catch it*
Warnings: Mild injury mention
Pepa: -She finds it adorable that you try really hard to protect her, even if it's just a singular bee (Unless you're allergic then pick like a dragonfly or something bitey)
-You literally punched the bee for her, took her hand, and ran because it was "coming back with a VENGENCE". At least that's what you told her after she stopped laughing so hard.
- You're retelling the story later with a bit more... drama and she's just watching you with a dopey smile and a vibrant rainbow over her head.
-You're such a dork-- but you're her dork. "You were very valeroso, Mi vida, I don't know what I would have done without you~"
-"Get a super painful stingy sting, that's what!~"
-Everyone knows you're being a little dramatic with your storytelling but you look so damn proud of yourself
-Oh please, There was a puddle after a rainstorm and you very politely stop her but instead of telling her to walk around it or put something over it you pick her up!
-Cue you struggling to balance her while trudging through the puddle like an idiot as she insists "Y/N please- I'll be alright..!" while laughing and blushing
-You trip and both of you land in the mud. For a second you thought she would be upset until she bursts into beautiful laughter and kisses your cheek "I told you, now look at you~"
-Julieta wiping mud from your face with a clean part of her dress "You're not hurt? Good"
- You both return to Casita a mess! Mirabel brings you both a towel as regale the tale of the "Ginormous" mud puddle that they barely made it out of
-A dog was barking nearby your favorite picnicking spot, Dolores covered her ears and urged you two to leave to somewhere quieter... You however ran off towards where the sound was coming from
-The barking stopped... she wonders what you did
-You stole the dog from its owner's backyard and brought it to Dolores. It's a huge dog compared to you! It is fluffy with a friendly face, following you closely "I have conquered the beast, milady~"
-She can't believe you stole a dog! But they're so, so sweet, laying on her lap as you sit next to her with pride
-"Thank you, Mi amor, but-... they're looking for him now" -"Shhh, we saved them from backyard jail"
-The person knew someone took their dog because you left a hole in their fence!
-Dolores is moron-sexual, attracted to idiots.... you're her idiot
-She is the only one who used to be irritated by it, she has had suitors playing Romeo for her, her whole life... she saw you as the same- until she realized you aren't just doing it for her -You saved your grandmother from a horrible, hairy beast! Aka she watched you clumsily carry the spider in a cup outside "I've taken care of that beast for you Abuela! no worries!" you jog back to her and trip...Isa realizes this isn't to impress, it's just you..!
- the way you told the story later made her crack a smile, talking about how huge the spider was and how you calmly chose to spare it
-She playfully rolls her eyes at you when you "Guide her around town so she doesn't get lost" ... you've both lived here your whole lives-
-"If you wanted to hold my hand you could have just asked, Romeo~"
-Confidently deny! "Then where are we?" she lead you into the woods because you weren't paying attention
-"Uh--- P-Plant..!" What a dork... "Yeah... we're at plants, Mi Vida.." Luisa: -"Don't take another step!" You scare the life out of her as she's carrying some boxes "W-What, what's wrong??" -You heroically jog over and pick up a few dolls some children had left "You could have tripped, cariño!"
-She is honestly relieved its nothing serious, just you looking out for her
-Shes most amused when you try to help her carry things, she has literal super strength but you're like "I'll help you Mi amor!" and carry one box compared to her ten... she'll even slow down for you so you can carry them together
-At dinner, you are proud to say you helped Luisa with her chores today- Luisa pipes in "They carried so many~"
-Luisas approval and happiness are your lifeblood... even when you get hurt she always reminds you you're the best helper
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · 5 days ago
Pepa, singing: i don't know about you, but i'm feeling 22~
Camilo: but máma, you're 50–
Y/N: *shoves an arepa down Camilo's throat* 50 minus 28!
Dolores, from her room: i thought Y/N hated math?
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zafirosreverie · 13 days ago
The sun in your hair (Pepa x reader)
Tumblr media
a/n: I feel like Pepa is ooc here, but I did my best. Hope you like it!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
You turned around to see Pepa running to you, with a huge cloud above her head. You felt your heart racing and your cheeks getting red, but you forced a smile on your face. She was your best friend! And she seemed like she needed you at the moment. You had to keep your feelings for yourself and focus.
“Hey!” you said, blinking when she threw herself into your arms “whoa…what’s wrong?” 
The redhead just shook her head and hide her face into your neck. You were shorter than her so she had to crouch down a little, but none of you minded. You felt her shaking and sniffing, trying to get comfort from your scent.
“One of those days, uh?” you asked softly, rubbing circles in her back.
Pepa just nodded and squeezed you tighter. You could see some people staring at you, and your blush deepened when some of them smirked and others started to throw silent kisses at you. Little shits. 
Look, you weren’t stupid, you knew everyone in the Encanto knew about your not-so-subtle crush on Pepa Madrigal. They all loved to tease you about it, making suggestive faces when you and the redhead would walk together, or making bets on when would you confess. Hell, even Alma and Félix, Pepa’s goddamn mother and husband, teased you about it! 
Félix was a good friend and you thought he would be mad about you crushing on his wife, but the man really was a blessing to the world and told you that he saw how much you cared about Pepa, being one of the few people able to calm her down. He said he was fine with it and even offered to help you confess. You couldn’t look at him for a week after that. 
And Alma wasn’t any better. It was a huge surprise when the matriarch had approach you to ask you about your intentions with her daughter. She was trying to be a better mother (better late than never, right?) and had noticed the way her middle child seemed to look out for you more and more, finding comfort in your mere presence. She wanted Pepa to be happy (so did Félix and the rest of the family) and that started a war between the whole Madrigal clan and the entire town. 
Everyone wanted you to tell Pepa how you felt and would come up with the weirdest plans you’ve ever heard! Camilo even tried to shapeshift into you to confess to her, but Dolores convinced him it would be wrong and weird. You’d thank her if she didn’t threaten you to tell everyone your secrets. Little rascals, all of them!
“And that’s what happened” Pepa said, snapping you out of your thoughts.
Oh no. You hadn’t paid attention. Damn it!
“I-” you started but she stopped you by grabbing you by the shoulders.
“Do you think my hair is that weird?” she asked, almost begging you to differ.
You blinked “What? of course not! You have beautiful hair!” 
“Then why isn’t it dark like my siblings and parents?!”
Oh, so THAT’S what this was about. You knew exactly who’d put this question in her precious head and already made plans to break some bones. You’d tell Julieta too, so they wouldn’t have a chance to heal with her food. But first things first.
“Pepa, you have the sun in your hair” you said, making her look at you confused “your mother and siblings can be the stars, but you’re the sun. And there can only be one. You have a fire within you that could never be quenched” 
The redhead thought about it for a moment before she sniffed and gave you a tentative smile. You always knew how to make her feel better. She hugged you again, the cloud above you disappearing. 
You decided to act as if you didn’t hear the “awwws” coming from the people around you.
“Oh! Hola Y/N!" Julieta smiled when you and Pepa entered the house
“Hola Juli, cómo estás?” you smiled back
“Fine thanks. You?”
“they’re with Tía Pepa. I’m sure they’re amazing” Mirabel smirked, winking at you
You coughed and felt your cheeks burning once again. Thankfully, Pepa only laughed, not really getting the meaning behind her niece’s words. You better get out of there before the rest of the family joined the youngest.
“Yeah, well, I just wanted to accompany her to be sure she was fine, but I better go now” you said quickly, turning to leave
“Oh, aren’t you gonna stay for dinner?” Julieta asked with a knowing smile on her face.
“That would be lovely” Pepa smiled, looking expectant at you.
“What would be lovely?” 
You all turned to see Alma. She smiled when she saw you, your arm still wrapped into Pepa’s. Damn.
“Y/N was saying they’d love to have dinner with us, mamá” Julieta said before you could react 
“I didn’t-”
“Oh, wonderful! It’ll be nice to have all the family together” the matriarch said
“I’m honored, Mrs. Madrigal, but I’m not a Madrigal” you whispered
“Yet, my dear” Alma said and winked. 
You saw Mirabel and Julieta trying to hold back their laughs while Pepa, bless her heart, only smiled at you and dragged you to the kitchen with her.
“Traitor” you whispered to Julieta when you walked past her.
Pepa watched in silence as her family kept acting weird. All the dinner was full of jokes that only they seemed to get, and they all kept telling you things that made you uncomfortable. What the hell was wrong with them? All she wanted to do was to have a nice dinner with her family and her best friend. Was it too much to ask for?
She felt a little bad when the dinner ended and you practically ran away. She didn’t want you to be scared of her family. She actually wanted you to stay! Because she needed you and nothing would make her happier than have you around all day!
It was a normal feeling for best friends…right?
It was not. 
Julieta had told her that maybe, she felt something for you, something deeper than just friends' love. The redhead thought it was a joke, but Julieta would never tease her like this. Bruno, Félix, even her own children (especially Camilo) would, but not Julieta. Never Julieta. Which meant that she was serious about it.
And the more she thought about it, the more scared she was. Because it was true! She didn’t think she’d love someone else after Félix, but he told her it was fine! But what if you didn’t feel the same? What if you didn’t like her like that? What if she loses your friendship? And why was everyone laughing about it? As if it was a silly thing to think. It was not silly, was it?
She knew that voice. The redhead turned to see you trying to get close to her. When did the tornado appear?! She didn’t even notice her family trying to keep things from falling and breaking.
“Hey, it’s ok” you spoke again, making her focus on you “Just look at me”
She did as you ask and locked eyes with you. It was easy for her to lost in your eyes, and now she knew why. You smiled as the wind around you started to calm. You didn’t know what happened but after all the teasing you had to endure last night, you couldn’t help but smile when you heard Camilo cursing when a jar broke on his foot. 
“There. We’re fine” you said
“i’m sorry” Pepa sighed “I just-”
“There’s no need to apologize” you interrupt her “you know I’m always here for you”
Pepa smiled and looked down. You frowned when a cloud appeared above her head, meaning she wasn’t fully fine. You were about to ask when you felt something warm and soft in your lips. It took you a moment to realize it was hers. Pepa didn’t know what was she doing or if it was the right choice, but you always told her to embrace her emotions, to not bottle anything up. You always made her feel safe. So, for once in her life, she did what her feelings told her. 
A small rainbow replaced the cloud when you returned the kiss and wrapped your arms around her. 
The sun doesn’t need words for you to feel its warmth.
You flinched and felt your cheeks burning when you and Pepa walked outside just to find the whole town there, with banners and screaming their congratulations. You looked at Camilo and Dolores.
At least they had the decency to look guilty.
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julietasdroopyeyes · 14 days ago
Pepa dating someone who is shy
I decided to do something for my Pepa enthusiasts
@pepa-brainrot thought of you!
Tumblr media
She think it’s adorable how easily you blush at everything, it was one of things that drew her to you when you met
Drags you out to mingle with the family and shows you off to them telling them about how wonderful you are
Holds your hand all the time to let you know that you’re never alone and she’s right there for you
She’s the only one who knows you can dance and sing really well because you’re too nervous to share with anyone else
Being protective of you when her siblings and her mother are wary at how quiet and introverted you are
“Please give them a chance, they’re very gentle! They’re more scared of you than you are of them!”
“Pepa this is your spouse, not a spider”
Following Pepa around like a little duckling because you’re too nervous to be somewhere by yourself
“Come on Amor, I promise everyone is excited to see you” *struggling to drag you inside the casita*
Doesn’t mind spending time inside with you if it means you’re comfortable and able to enjoy the day together
She usually always makes the first move, but is pleasantly surprised whenever you decide to be a bit more bold
Always asking if you’re okay with something before doing it even if it’s something as simple as going out together
She’s very caring and thoughtful! Just wants to see you happy!!
She’s always proud of you when she sees you making an effort to socialize with new people
Comes home one day shocked to see you sitting with her family getting to know them even if it means just politely nodding, it’s the first time you’ve done so without her
She cannot stop kissing you and praising you after that, it really meant a lot to her
You’re not afraid of her thunder or storm clouds in fact she’s learned that you found it soothing whenever you’re especially anxious
Fèlix always making you feel comfortable, and welcome. He’s protective of you and doesn’t let anyone walk over you
She loves the sound of your voice and wishes you would share it with everyone else, but never pressures you to speak
Catches you bonding with Dolores and learning sign language because it’s a form of communication that is comfortable for you both
Antonio surrounding you with kittens or cute fluffy animals because they always help him feel better, and so the two of you bond over that
Camilo being the one person who can get you to laugh no matter what
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lilian-maximoff · 23 days ago
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somethinginthethunder · 4 days ago
Platonic! Pepa and reader just spending time together (optional: reader is crushing on/dating Camilo)
``platonic!reader with pepa``
notes: ohohohohoho i love this prompt sm
warnings: none!
-for context on your family, your parents were usually away on business trips (they'd send money to support you ofc), leaving you with your grandmother most of the time.
-it wasn't that you didn't love them. you surely did, but you didn't feel incredibly connected with them as much as you would eventually with pepa.
-let's say you're only crushing on camilo when you first start to hang around pepa
-she was having a particularly bad day one evening, evident by the dark thunder + rainclouds in the sky
-you spotted her sitting by the fields as you were on your way to go check on the crops
-when you spotted her you gently set down your things and took a seat next to her.
-she was busy uselessly wiping her arm across her face to get rid of the tears mixing in with the rain
-when she spotted you there soaking wet from her weather she'd immediately apologize, saying something along the lines of, "ay, i'm so sorry about your clothes! forgive me, it's just been a bit of a struggle today..."
-after so many years of being scolded by her mother about her bad weather you could imagine her surprise when you simply shrug and say, "sometimes the earth needs rain just as much as it needs sun."
-your words would probably confuse her. she had never thought of it like that before.
-"i'm saying it's okay to feel sad! besides, i like the rain."
-after processing your words she'd probably laugh, her rain slowly getting lighter and the thunder ceasing to exist.
-"you know, you remind me of my son in a way," she'd say.
-oh boy, little did she know you've had a massive crush on camilo. you didn't let her figure it out, of course, but secretly you had always admired his charming ways. from afar.
-from then on, though, she'd always enjoy your company
-you'd regularly stop by and help her with her chores, whether it be helping to clean up whatever was dirty or helping her fold her laundry
-she'd think you're a delight to have around, with the both of you having fun conversations and stories on the daily.
-she'd basically take on being your parental figure while your parents were gone
-the townsfolk eventually realized that you were the one to call if her family wasn't around to help her though a mood drop
-usually it'd either end up with you comforting her and helping her through her troubles or trying to calm her down and lead her back home so she could get some rest
-either way she loves you a lot!! whenever someone mentions your name she just thinks of you fondly
-being close to her meant you'd regularly interact with her eldest son and surprise surprise, the two of you got together!!
-when she found out she was over the moon
-"finally, i can call you my daughter!"
-"mami! we're not even married!"
-"ay, not yet!"
-if she ever caught the two of you doing anything romantic or just plain cute she'd probably put her hand on her heart and think about how much you two reminded her of her and felix.
-all in all would be happy to call you a part of her family and can guarantee she loves you vv much :)
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hopepunk-fanfics · 10 days ago
The Madrigal Triplets Stimming!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Julieta rubs her hands together
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pepa rubs her hair and taps her foot
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And Bruno rubs his arm (and also knocks on wood and such)
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yoursweetdenial · 13 days ago
Y/N: So don't panic but one of us is possessed by an owl....
Pepa: ....
Dolores: .....
Antonio: ......
Camilo: ..Who?
Y/N: That's the thing we don't-
*Everyone stares at Camilo*
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squeamishdionysus · 24 days ago
Could you write some fluffy HCs about A relationship between the Reader, Pepa and Felix, where they are all involved romantically?
Felix and Pepa Madrigal x Reader
Notes: I'm so excited to write this because I love both Felix and Pepa so much, and I actually got more than one request for this, so I'm happy to finally get to it. Please keep in mind that I've never been in a polyamorous relationship or really have a lot of understanding of how one would work other than setting boundaries, and that I'm just trying my best.
Tumblr media
So, these two are very much so in love with each other, and I don't think it'd be a stretch to say that that love would definitely extend to a third partner.
You are Pepa's rock and the light of Felix's life, much like they are to each other.
You are one of the few people who is capable of calming Pepa down with just a whisper or a touch, and you make sure to extend that same calming touch to Felix because, well, he can have his stressful moments to.
Being with Pepa Madrigal of all people puts a lot of expectations on Felix's shoulder, and sometimes, you and Pepa just need to remind him that he's enough.
You all three seem to have one big flirting contest going on whenever you're together, trying to see who can break first and just melt into the other two's arms.
Pepa is usually the one to break, but whenever she can manage to put you or Felix in that position, she is never prouder of herself.
Pepa is definitely the defender of your polycule; if anybody says anything negative about either of you, they had better pray one of you stops her before she strikes them down herself.
She's a fierce woman, and she has not been doing chores and favors for the entire town nearly her entire life to let other people push her, or her loved ones, around.
Felix is most likely the most romantic out of the three of you, as he's usually the one to plan most of the dates and just generally the most forward.
He will go out dancing with you two, he will make you all dinner. He will even set up an elaborate picnic in which he serenades you both with a guitar.
And, of course, you and Pepa are just swooning.
You act more as the rock between the two of them. You are usually the responsible and grounded one, calming Pepa down the easiest and letting Felix know when he's going just a bit overboard.
When they come over to your home, you're usually the one cooking, cleaning and caring for them, especially if they're stressed.
Somedays, however, they'll surprise you with a treat, coming over instead to take care of you!
Pepa will make sure your comfortable and feel loved, bringing you blankets, tea, treats, and all of the hugs and kisses anyone could want.
Felix takes care of the more practical things, cleaning around the house, watering your plants and making sure everything organized just the way you like it. The man has an eye for detail.
And then, whenever whoever is working that day is done, you can bet that everyone piles together to cuddle, taking the time to just enjoy each other's company while you can.
Eventually, Pepa introduces you to her family, and it goes... surprisingly well!
Alma finds your relationship a little unorthodox, but doesn't fail to notice how much more confident and skilled in her gift Pepa has become ever since she met you and Felix.
Julieta just loves the two of you; she sees the caring sides of both of you in her own partner, Agustin, and gushes over the three of you all of the time.
Bruno is a little awkward at first, but it doesn't take too long for him to break out of that shell. You and Felix are just the right amount of dramatic and calm for him to slowly let out his theater kid-ness in front of you both.
You all have dinner afterwards, and after a few more instances of this happening, you all make a decision that will forever change your lives...
You all talk, and soon, you and Felix both get Alma's blessing to marry Pepa, and to say you're all overjoyed is an understatement.
Felix is dancing and whooping around, hugging and kissing you all over as you do the same to Pepa. You're both so giddy with joy about getting to marry the woman of your dreams, and the feeling just sky rockets once you get your parents' blrsding as well.
You all are so happy, and that bliss lives on even to the day you all get married.
Yes, Pepi gets anxious and misinterprets Bruno a few times, leading to a huge hurricane, but you and Felix are too excited to marry such an amazing woman to even care about it.
Soon, you and Felix move into the Casita and spend every day at the Madrigal home, taking care of the house and Pepa while she and her siblings go out and help the town.
It sounds like you'd both hate it, but you love it, not only because you love your partner, but because you love helping people, especially people like the amazing Madrigals.
You all eat every meal together with the rest of the family, and at the end of the day, when you're all wiped out and tired, you all clamber into bed and just hold each other until everyone falls asleep.
For a while, it's perfect.
And then, you and Felix find out Pepa is pregnant.
To say you were both excited would be an understatement; you were both ecstatic.
Felix had to hold you because you stared crying you were so happy.
You all had talked about wanting kids and together, and now, it was finally happening.
The rest of the family was also just overjoyed when you told them, and what made it so funny was Julieta, who had become a newlywed two months ago, was also planning to announce her pregnancy at the same dinner.
You can imagine how thrilled Alma was that day.
Anyways, you and Felix soon prepare as much as you can for the baby, making sure Pepa was alright and stayed healthy, and baby proofing the Casita so that there wouldn't be any accidents.
The Casita itself revamped the old nursery to prepare it for the new babies.
When she gets into her third trimester, you and Felix begin to pamper her to no end as it's hard for her to do work and she's facing the full brunt of pregnancy.
The weather has become super weird due to Pepa suffering mood swings, and with Julieta also out of commission, it's up to you, Felix and Agustin to take care of most of the cooking.
You all love it though, because you love your wives so much and the fact that you're doing this because you're all going to have children is incredible.
Eventually, Pepa does give birth to little angel Dolores, who you and Felix fall for immediately.
The three of you all take care of her together, watching over her during the day, taking shifts to put her to sleep at night and being there for all of her personal milestones.
What's so sweet, too, is whenever you all are too tired or just need a break, Bruno is always willing to step in to watch over his baby nieces, and they both never seem to cry around him. It's honestly impressive.
It isn't long before you're all planning her first gift ceremony and you're just bawling your eyes out because your baby is so grown up.
And you all know, that no matter what gift Dolores gets, it's going to be incredible, because you all love her, and each other, so much.
Let me know if y'all want a part two!
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areal-paigeturner · 23 days ago
Dancing Through Life
Tumblr media
Part One: Déjame Ser Tu Lluvia
Tumblr media
pairing: Pepa Madrigal x fem!reader
summary: there was an old field where the teens of the Encanto hung out, in a collective attempt to get out of chores. On one afternoon, Pepa’s magic gets out of control and instead of running like the others, you stay to dance in the rain, beginning a friendship with the Madrigal triplets.
theme: fluff (and a tiny bit of angst)
notes: she/hers pronouns for Pepa and Reader, both are 19 yrs old
warnings: a little bit of bullying
word count: 2329
Tumblr media
“Mamá, the last of the fruit had been washed and put back in the cellar. ¿Puedo ir a los campos, ahora?”
“Si, Mija, just please make sure you are back for dinner,” your mother called from where she was crouched behind the book stand your familia ran in the town market.
“Gracias, Mamá!” You said, hand already grabbing for the book bag you had stashed earlier, in case the opportunity to go and read in the fields arose.
Humming quietly to yourself, you make your way through the village streets to the field behind the school building, which had become a popular hang out spot for the village teens who had finished their chores, or been let out of classes. As usual, you avoided the larger clumps of girls sitting in rings in the flower-strewn grass and the groups of guys playing ball and opted to sit alone under the single tree that grew at the edge of the field.
Smoothing your hands over your pale pink skirt, you pull the book out of your bag and open it to the page you had left of on last time. Soon, you were completely lost in the story, the sounds of the laughing guys playing ball fading into the background. 
“Hey, Julieta, why don’t you come over here bonita, and leave your freak siblings to do something else?” 
You’re pulled from your reading reverie by a nearby shout from one of the older boys who previously playing ball. You look up, and are surprised to see all three of the Madrigal triplets standing on the road that leads into the field. The three magic teens are usually so busy helping around the Encanto that they rarely have time to hang around the fields with the others. As you watch, a small cloud forms over the redhead Pepa’s head as her color arises in her cheeks at the boy’s comment about her and her brother. Julieta turns to say something to her sister, but the boy and a few of his friends interrupt her, sauntering over to the trio away from your spot under the tree. 
You can’t hear what they are saying as the boys join the group on the road, but judging by the way Pepa’s cloud darkened and she pulled her brother Bruno behind her, the boys were not letting up on their insults. 
You watched quietly, never one for confrontation. You knew first hand what it was like to be harassed by those same boys, who often taunted you about your shyness. You didn’t know the Madrigal triplets very well, only having said hi to Julieta a couple of times when she was healing people in the plaza marketplace. She seemed nice enough, but you had never once interacted with either of her siblings. 
“Hey, stop!” Another yell from the group on the path makes you jolt, and you look up to see the lead boy from earlier with his hand on Julieta’s arm, trying to pull her away from her siblings. You can’t see his face, but you can imagine the smirk on his face as he turns to Pepa and Bruno and pushes Bruno, the one who had yelled, away while his friend grabs Bruno’s ruana, causing the youngest triplet to fall to the ground. 
“That’s it!” Pepa yelled, and suddenly the cloud overhead began to grow. It rumbled with loud claps of thunder. The guy with his arm on Julieta finally pulled back and yelled, “Freak!” before leading his group of bullies running back down the road into the town. 
Julieta leans down to help her brother up off the floor, while Pepa’s shoulders are beginning to rise and fall. You tuck you book away in your bag just before the cloud covering the field opens up and rain pours over the remaining teens. 
The girls picking flowers, who had been ignoring the standoff until now, all screamed, picked up their skirts and ran, some covering their heads, trying to shield the flowers they had woven into their braids. 
You stood, not making any real effort to avoid the raindrops splashing onto your hair. You had always loved the rain. One of your favorite pastimes was walking through the fields surrounding the Encanto while it rained, free to be yourself for once, with nobody around to make you feel insecure about yourself. You could run and twirl around with your feet bare in the grass, without a care in the world. You had always loved dancing, but you were always too shy to join any of the many dance troops in town. The rain gave you an opportunity to let go and just...dance. 
A jolt of lightning brings you back to the present, and you realize that the only reason you are not soaked through just yet is the tree sheltering you from the worst of the weather. Sensing a chance, you let the strap of your bag slip off your shoulder and toss it to the base of the tree, your shoes quickly following it. 
Laughing lightly, you bunched your skirt up in both hands and stepped into the rainstorm. Tipping you head back to let the rain splash onto your face, you twirl around, pulling the ribbon from your braid and letting it go, stopping for only a second to watch it dance away into the wind. Shaking your head to let your hair fall free of the braid, you lift your arms and spin, humming your favorite classic piece your papa used to play on the piano when you were little. You spin in time to the humming, picking up your skirt in one hand and pretending to curtsy to an imaginary partner. Giggling as you place your hand on the imaginary partners shoulder, you begin to waltz around the field, being twirled and dipped, until finally, your invisible partner spins you out of its arms and you twirl away, eyes closed. 
You are so wrapped up in your dancing that you don’t even realize you’re heading straight towards the trio still standing by the road. Suddenly, you’re jolted back into reality as you crash into another form, and send the two of you stumbling to the ground. 
“Pepa!” comes the shocked voice of Bruno Madrigal as you and Pepa come rolling to a stop from where you had collided with the middle triplet. You land on top of her and immediately, your face goes bright red. You scramble to get off of her and then tentatively reach a shaking hand out to help the redhead up. 
“I...I....I’m s....so s....sorry!” you stuttered out, starting to shake even harder as Pepa makes no move, seeming to be in shock. You feel the other two Madrigals come up behind you and Julieta’s voice is soft when she asks if you’re okay. Pepa still makes no move to get up off the ground, chest rising and falling heavily. You nod quickly to Julieta, struggling not to flinch as she reaches out to pull a strand of grass out of your tangle of hair. 
“Again, lo siento! I d…didn’t mean a…any h…arm,” you couldn’t quite make yourself meet any of the triplets eyes. “I’ll go n…now….” you trail off, as you turn to head back to your bag and shoes.
  You lurch to a stop when you feel a hand slip into yours. Turning back, you see Pepa had finally sat up and had grabbed your hand to stop you leaving. She was staring at you so intently that your face flushes again and you have to break eye contact. 
   “Were...were you dancing?” Pepa says, voice tinged with disbelief. 
   “O...oh, you s...saw that?” you stuttered, embarrassment seeping through you as you realize that the triplets had probably seen your whole dancing in the rain session. 
   “It was really good,” Bruno pipes up from behind his sister, and Julieta nods in agreement. You blush even more, your cheeks burning from the attention. The four of you fall into an awkward silence, Pepa still holding onto your hand, you staring at the floor, furiously twisting a strand of your hair between the fingers on your free hand.
  “Why haven’t we seen you in any of the dance performances in the plaza, Y/N?” Julieta asks, clearly trying to alleviate the tension in the air. You jump a bit, surprised she remembered your name. 
  “O..Oh, I don’t really dance for other people,” you say, “I prefer to do it in private. When no one can see you, they can’t judge you.” 
  “Is that why you were dancing in the rain?” Pepa asks, her eyes going wide in understanding. You nod and Pepa smiles, finally letting go of your hand to get to her feet. She brushed a few bits of dirt off of her golden skirt, causing you to apologize for ruining her skirt. She laughs, a bright clear sound that sends a jolt through your body as she straightens her hair. Smiling, she looks back up at you, holding out her hand as if to shake it.
   “I’m Pepa, and these are my siblings, Bruno and Julieta, who you seem to have already met,” she says, playfully nudging her sisters shoulder with her own. You can’t help but smile, Pepa’s spirit is so contagious. Bruno waves at you and Julieta just smiles. 
   “I’m Y/N,” you say, placing your hand in Pepa’s and trying to ignore the shivers the action sent up your arm. A surprised laugh spills from your lips as Pepa spins you around and lets the sky over the field open up again, the rain quickly soaking your hair as you allow yourself to be lead in another waltz. This time though, there is a very real person dancing with you and another pair, Bruno and Julieta, swinging around behind you. 
  The rest of the afternoon is spent running through Pepa’s rainstorm and getting to know the three Madrigals in between dances. You dance with all three of the triplets, but it’s you and Pepa who dance the most, laughing as the wind whips through your hair and skirts. When the sun starts to disappear behind the tallest mountain surrounding the Encanto, you start up from where the four of you have been laying in the grass under the tree you had begun the afternoon sitting under. You were laying in between Pepa and Julieta, with Bruno on Julieta’s other side. You had been talking for a while now, about little things. Bruno and Pepa regaled you with stories of their Casita and you told them about working in your mother’s shop. 
   “I should get going,” you say, pulling your hair over one shoulder and running your hands over it again again, “my mamá will want be back for dinner.” 
   The trio of Madrigals agree that they should be getting home as well and you stand, reaching to help Pepa up and dusting your skirt off. The four of you walk in silence down the road to the central plaza, where you come to a stop and turn towards your new friends. 
   “Thanks for not l...laughing at my dancing,” you say, playing with your hair once again. 
   Pepa laughs and grabs your hand to swing you around. 
   “Nothing to laugh at,” Bruno smiles, watching his sister. 
   You smile shyly, still not used to the positive attention. Julieta gives you a one armed hug as a way of goodbye, adding that she would love to see you more in the plaza market. You agree that you’ll stop by more often, and she smiles, before turning to walk up the road towards La Casa Madrigal. Bruno turns back to you and holds his hand out awkwardly. You laugh, and slap it, making him jump back and Pepa laugh loudly, the temperature warming up a little as she teases her brother. He smiles and follows Julieta up the road. 
  Pepa and you stare at each other for a little while, before she grins cheekily,
  “I had fun dancing in the rain with a beautiful girl today,” she says and laughs loudly as you duck you head and your hands go automatically to you hair. She reaches into a hidden pocket in her skirt and pulls out a familiar looking pink ribbon. Your hair ribbon, which you released into the storm earlier. She pulls you into a real hug and says, “I’m glad to have met you, Y/N.” 
   You bring your arms up to rest them on her back and squeeze before you both step back. When you hold you hand out for your ribbon, Pepa pulls her hand back before tucking it back into her pocket. 
  “I think I’ll keep your ribbon for now. Plus, you’re gorgeous with your hair down,” she says, knowing you’ll get flustered again. She brushes a strand of hair back from your face and your eyes come up to meet her green ones. 
  “I hope I can be your rain any time you want to dance,” she whispers, serious for what seems the first time this afternoon. You feel your face heating up to match the red blush dusting over the middle Madrigal’s cheeks. 
  “I’d like that,” you say, bringing you hand up to rest over hers. 
   The temperature goes up a few degrees and a brilliant rainbow explodes over your heads, as Pepa’s face breaks into a huge grin. She pulls you into a quick, tight hug and then spins you around one more time, promising to see you again soon, and then skips her way up the path after her siblings. 
   You watch her for a little while as she makes her way towards the house and then, as if she can sense you watching, she spins around with you ribbon in hand and waves. You smile and wave back, before turning down the road towards your own house, marveling on the afternoon you had spent with the Madrigal triplets. 
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