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I need to clean the aida from one of my cross stitches, I recentered it in the wooden hoop it was hung up in because it was off centre, then I sewed up the edges and hot glued fabric to the back to make it look fancy... then afterwards I noticed a ring of dust from where the hoop had been previously before I recentered it. I don't want to take the whole bloody thing apart again, does anyone know any tricks for cleaning aida that can be done while it's still in the hoop??
We regularly use Shout for project stains, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. So, if the void has any suggestions?
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an introspective evening with declan at the barns 
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depressed teenagers
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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things (part eleven)
Or, Namjoon falls back in love with his ex (and his boyfriends do too)
Ot7 x reader (slow burn, roommates au, fluff, you have a feast :D , it is time for fluff)
A/n: taglist closed
Soon, everyone was back to full health.
Overall, the sick period only lasted about four days, the first day starting that morning where you all discovered everyone was sick. Jin recovered quicker, having hidden most of his sickness anyways and only needed to be taken care of for two days. Taehyung recovered the day after Jin, on the third day, but was still too weak to walk around too much, the sickness having given him fatigue after all the other symptoms went away. Yoongi and Jimin recovered last, the fourth day, Jimin miraculously feeling better after having thrown up one last time and Yoongi waking up after a deep fever induced sleep, refreshed and almost healthier than before.
"Maybe it's because you actually slept for once," Hoseok had joked while you all talked about it in the kitchen, preparing that feast Jin was so insistent on. It was that fifth day now, everyone fully recovered and going back into their usual routines. You had spent yesterday shopping for all the things Jin wanted at this special dinner, an affair that included you and Hoseok trying to keep Jungkook from putting the whole store in the cart while Namjoon made sure everyone was fine at home, it being easier to watch the four people alone now that they were mostly in their right mind again.
Jin had been up since eight this morning, staying in the kitchen to supervise you cooking, first breakfast than starting on the feast, and Yoongi came down at eleven, looking much better with the color returned to his cheeks. Jimin and Taehyung were still upstairs, but you could hear their footsteps, they would be down soon. You had their breakfast on the table, ready to be reheated and eaten when they wanted it.
Namjoon had barred Jin from cooking so soon after being sick, wanting him to rest rather than go back to being up on his feet immediately, so Jungkook and Hoseok were helping you out in the kitchen, Jin sitting at the counter and directing you on what to do next from his seat.
It was around one in the afternoon now, and as you chopped carrots to put in a stew, Taehyung and Jimin's footsteps came thudding down the stairs, Taehyung greeting you with a full body cuddle as you stood at the cutting board, pressing you against the counter with the weight of his tired form.
"Sleepy." He groaned, voice raspy as he leaned his head into your hair. He took a long sniff of your hair and you tried not to laugh. "Your hair smells nice." Taehyung mumbled, wrapping his arms over your shoulders, seeming to fall asleep on his feet.
"Taehyung, I have to cook," you said, good natured despite having an overgrown teddy bear clinging to you. Walking him backwards to a stool by Jin at the kitchen island, you went back to chopping.
"You promised me cuddles." He whined until Jin flicked his arm. "Ow!"
"Don't be a brat, she's busy cooking." Jin scolded.
"And you'll get your cuddles when I'm not in the middle of cooking." You replied, taking the cutting board full of carrots and sliding them into the stew pot.
Hoseok watched you move around comfortably, standing next to Jungkook at the stove as he held out a spoonful of stew for you to try. Jungkook had tied his hair back to keep out of his face and then tied yours so a little tuft was sticking up like a palm tree. Jin had burst out laughing it at when he first came downstairs, you pretending nothing was amiss only making him laugh harder.
Hoseok's not quite sure what happened after he left for work when you were taking care of all the sick people, but you seemed visibly happier, more at ease in the house and around them. You didn't shy away from touches or jump at conversation being made with you. You had an easy smile on your face and it made Hoseok happy.
"Good morning," Jimin had said trailing into the room a little later, smiling at everyone, even you, albeit a bit smaller, and you smiled back.
That was definitely new. Him and Namjoon shared a confused glance and he just shrugged. They hadn't gotten a chance to talk with everyone about what happened while they were at work, or how you and Jungkook fared taking care of everyone in the house.
But seeing the amiable air at the table a couple hours later when the dinner was finished and there were plates covering the table from end to end, and the way you and Jimin actually spoke to each other and not just ignored the others existence had to be a good sign.
"I'm not washing the dishes after this." Jungkook said, leaning back in his chair with his empty, dirty plates laid out in front of him.
"You never wash the dishes anyways." Taehyung laughed, looking just as full and happy as everyone else at the table. Then his attention caught onto something across the table by you. "Woah, is that your phone?" He asked, bewildered at the sight.
You glanced down at the phone by your side. You had taken it out of your pocket when you sat, it pressing uncomfortably against you. He was probably referring to the cracks all over the screen though.
"Oh, yeah. I dropped it a day or two ago when I was running around, it just shattered." You glanced at it, moving another bit of pork belly into your mouth. "It still works, though."
Jimin raised a judging eyebrow. "It looks like it'll slice your finger open if you used it."
"And it's like six years old," Jungkook judged, looking at the faded coloring on some spots.
"Yeah, no, you need a new one." Jin decided, shaking his head in disapproval. He was sitting on your left, scooping more food onto your plate everytime you looked away.
"I'll take you!" Jungkook raised his hand excitedly. "My dad made most of the technology in the stores so I get an automatic discount. And I can tell you what's best to buy."
"I need new headphones, so I'll come too." Taehyung said, and Jimin nodded, also agreeing silently.
You protested, a phone was a big buy, you had to save up for months to buy the one you had now. "I can't just make you buy me a new phone--"
"You're not making us do anything." Taehyung shot back, waving his fork around. "We offered to buy you something."
"You can just pay us back later, right?" Hoseok smirked, using your own words against you. You searched for a moment trying to find something to say and came up empty, giving in with a huff.
"I don't like how you're ganging up on me." You pouted, seeing there was no way out of this.
"We just want you to have nice things." Jin defended sweetly, moving a hair behind your ear. You looked up at him, his face kind and you knew that they really did just want the best for you.
You sighed in defeat. "Okay, a phone. But just a phone."
"Of course." Jin promised, hand over his heart to show his earnestness.
Yoongi winked at you across the table, a knowing smirk on his face. It wasn't going to be just a phone, was it?
You were right.
As soon as you stepped into the tech store, Jungkook geeked out, running from shelf to shelf and showing you all the cool new features and mechanisms in the cameras and the accessory products, talking your ear off as you tried to keep up.
You could see Jimin and Taehyung in the back picking out phone charms, holding them out for each other to see and laughing. Taehyung glanced at you and waved you over when you made eye contact.
"Oh, we should get you some charms!" Jungkook also noticed and dragged you over there too, dunking his hand unto the charm basket and pulling up a bunch.
"I wanted to show you this." Taehyung murmured into your ear and pressed a charm into your hand. It was a smooth plastic bunny, pink and see through like a crystal.
"It's so pretty!" You said in awe, as if he had lowered the sun directly into your hands. You held it, watching the light refract through it and cast pink shadows on the ground.
"Ooh! There's a purple one!" Jungkook pulled one out, holding it up to watch the overhead lights shine through it.
"And a green one. And a blue one." Jimin held up two more in his hands, smile a bit more reserved now that he was talking to you. "Now we can all match."
Jin came over from where he was previously at the register, handing you a bag full of stuff. "Alright, we can go now." You dug through the bag finding a cell phone box for one of the newest models and a ton of cell phone accessories. Chargers, headphones, cases, everything you could ever possibly need.
"Jin! This is way more than just a phone!" You cried, just thinking about how much it all cost. You pulled a charger out of the bag. "I already have one of these."
"You have wires and duct tape." Taehyung corrected. "You needed a new one."
"And I added you to our cell phone plan. Apparently, you only had like, 90 minutes of data a week before. How is that even possible?" Jin commented, incredulously.
"And this model is one of the best! It's not the newest, but it has the best storage, camera capabilities, and it has a more user friendly interface!" Jungkook said, holding up the phone box almost proudly. "We could take so many cool pictures with this, I know this super scenic park, we should go together after you program this!"
You nodded in agreement, Taehyung latching onto your back. "Can I come? We can do a picnic!" He pleaded, chin settling on top of your head.
"Sure, why not?" You shrugged, his arms around your sides bouncing with the movement. You turned to Jimin who hadn't said anything, looking at a display of phone cases in the wall. "Did you wanna come too?" You asked cautiously, trying to extend an olive branch of sorts.
"Oh, I'm leaving for a fashion shoot in a couple days. I'll be back next week." He explained, trying to keep his tone light, but you saw the downturn of his lips as he said that. He was obviously disappointed.
"We can wait til you get back." You suggested and he seemed surprised that you offered to wait, staring at you in disbelief.
"Umm," he averted his eyes to a display in another section of the store. "Okay. That would be nice, actually." He said with that same controlled tone. Jimin looked back at you and gave you a small smile, and you returned it, happy that you could make comfortable conversation and that he seemed to be actually trying to make good on his promise to be nice to you.
"Cute, but can we head home now? Namjoon keeps asking me about how much I care about the vase we keep in our sitting room and I think he might have broken it." Jin turned his phone around, showing you the messages that kept pouring in and led you all out to the car.
Jungkook and Taehyung squeezed into the backseat with you, showing you how to put the charms on your phone and get started on personalization. Taehyung had taken your phone out of your hands when it came to adding contacts, snapping a picture of himself and putting his number in, Jungkook and Jimin and Jin doing the same, Jimin snapping a picture of Jin driving since his hands were full. You watched their excitement, feeling slightly out of place.
Ever since the sickness had passed, you had been a bit lost. You felt so useful when you could do something to help them all recover, and for once, your presence in this house didn't feel like a hindrance. You knew it probably wasn't, that they actually liked talking with you, but they must want their own space back, right? Jimin apologized, but did he really want to be around you? You were entertaining in the meantime, but once they really got know you would they be as willing to keep you around? Now here they were, buying you things that they wouldn't need to if you had a job of your own. You needed to make sure you had a secure plan B in case, either to be able to repay them, or to keep yourself safe if they got bored with you and dumped you out on the street, metaphorically or literally. You couldn't be dependent on anyone but yourself, you had learned.
Jungkook bumped his shoulder with yours, pushing you out of your thoughts. "Hey," he said, his smile had a concerned edge to it. "You good? The car stopped moving."
You came back down to reality, the car had stopped in front of the house, idling in the driveway. You hurriedly unbuckled your seat belt, starting to get out.
"Actually, Y/nie," Taehyung closed his hand around your wrist, stopping you. You turned back to look at him, seeing Jimin taking the keys from Jin in the front out of the corner of your eye. "If you wanna come with, we're going to pick up some things before Jimin leaves for his trip." He offered, a hopeful look in his warm brown eyes.
You looked between him and Jimin who had settled in the front, getting himself ready to drive. "It'll be fun." Jimin sent a small smile at you, hooking up his phone to the speaker system. Slowly nodding your agreement, you looked back to Jungkook. He seemed to get the message and started to close the door, saying excitedly, "When you get back, we can finish setting up your phone," before walking into the house with Jin.
Once the doors were closed and the car was moving, Taehyung bounced with eagerness next to you, jostling the backseat's cushion. "I'm so glad you're coming, me and Jiminie always have so much fun. You like fashion, right?"
"Yeah, I do." You responded, tamely, trying not to sound too excited. It was one of your favorite things, but it's not as if that was apparent, your plain white tee and ill fitting jeans not supporting your statement. Compared to Taehyung and Jimin's matching sweater outfits, with Taehyung wearing a warm tan turtleneck and black pants and Jimin wearing a black turtleneck and tan pants, they looked trendy and coordinated, and you looked as if you had rolled in a bargain bin.
Taehyung didn't seem to mind though, already excited to have you coming with them. Now that Jimin was getting used to you, the three of you could do all sorts of things together! "Then it'll be even better! We can all help Jimin pick outfits to wear." He suggested happily and you agreed, his enthusiasm wearing off on you.
You made your way to the mall again, Jimin's smooth driving and light humming making for a relaxing ride as you readied your nerves for what could be the most awkward mall trip ever. You looked out the window as the car turned into the plaza, bad memories of the time you were here with Yoongi and Hoseok popping up. Hopefully no one would be yelling this time, you wished, hopping out off the seat and staring up at the now menacing building. Taehyung noticed your hesitancy and squeezed your hand, prior elation dulling in his concern. "You good?" He murmured low, moving in front of you so all you could see was his concerned face.
You took the moment to breathe as he shielded you, schooling your expression as best you could, making sure no displeasure was showing on your face before you smiled up at him. "Yup. So, what do we do first?" You asked, glancing around the strip.
Jimin hummed, surveying the stores around you. "First..." he spun in a circle absentmindedly, but the motion still came out elegantly. Everything he did was so poised, and you could see people start to stare again, the two people by your side looking put together and professional. You suddenly felt like you were wearing a potato sack. "There." He settled on a store, pointing to a small elegant looking store front with the sign in fancy cursive script. The store had low lighting and elegant decals throughout the whole place, you noted as you entered, and lots of fancy looking clothes on mannequins posed like high fashion models. Jimin and Taehyung blended right into the mix of people, moving around with familiarity while you trailed after them, unsure.
While walking around, you noticed that Taehyung and Jimin seemed to gravitate around each other, looping around the store but always going back to each other, laughing and smiling when they were around each other. They pushed into each other's personal space almost instinctively, like they knew the exact limits of the other, where to stop and pull back and where they could push forward. You remembered them with the other boys, clingy and touchy and flirty, and realized now that that might just be how they were.
"Doesn't this look perfect?" Jimin asked, pulling a couple things off the rack, and positioning them over his body so you could imagine them on him. "I could wear this to the airport, don't you think?"
He was talking to you, you realized, only to you, seeing Taehyung moving away across the store, and you nodded quickly, trying to seem less caught off guard at him addressing you directly. "Yeah, it looks cool." You saw a jacket out the corner of your eye, grabbing it. "This would go with it too, it's good to bring a jacket in case you get cold."
He took the offered jacket, assessing it with the other items he had pulled out. The olive green bomber jacket you handed him and the white top and black baggy jeans he picked out. Good on its own, but he would definitely make it look better just by wearing it, you were sure of it. His head tilted, a satisfied look coming to his face as he hummed. "Maybe you do have some fashion sense." He said, giving you a teasing smile.
"Look at this dress I found!" Taehyung came barreling back over, popping the bubble of the small moment. He was holding a white off the shoulder dress, flowy and frilly with a corset-like midsection, lace flowers and leaves woven all over. It was the kind of dress you'd see online, on supermodels, perfect and fairy like and dreamy and expensive.
Taehyung pushed the dress into your hands, "Isn't it pretty? I think this is your size." He looked you up and down, analyzing your measurements seemingly in your head. You checked the label, surprisingly it was your exact size.
You shook your head. "No, no, I--" you held it out away from you before you could hope for it too much, feeling like you were dirtying it just by holding it. "I don't even have the money for it. I can't take it." You told Taehyung, more convincing yourself rather than him.
"You're with us, don't worry about it." Taehyung reassured warmly, but you shook your head again. The last thing you wanted to do was make them feel like they had to care of you. You had clothes that were... fine. You'd be fine without it.
You turned away, not even looking them in the eyes. "I don't wanna make you buy anything--"
"You're not making us do anything, don't worry so much." Jimin said, an echo of the conversation this morning. He turned to you, and after a moment of hesitating, placed a hand on your shoulder to pull your focus. "Listen, Y/n, you can get whatever you want, it's fine. Besides, you'll need something to wear to that picnic when I get back, right?" He asked, tone coaxing and light.
"If you won't pick stuff out for yourself, I will." Jimin declared with a playfully commanding air. He took the dress out of your hands. "Starting with this."
He moved towards the register determinedly and you were left there, floundering. How exactly do you say no to people who have probably never heard the word in their lives? Taehyung was already looking through racks again, pulling out another hanger with a preppy, puff sleeved blouse. "Look at this! You have to get this one too!"
"I'm not getting anything. This costs half of what I used to make in a week, I don't have that kind of money on me now." You protested weakly, pleas weakened by their determination.
Taehyung turned, handing you the shirt anyways. "We have that kind of money, though, and what better to spend it on than you?" He asked rhetorically, but you could definitely think of a list. "Besides, you could just pay us back right?" He winked, and you got the feeling that these men would never actually accept any payment you guys to give them. Before you could respond, Jimin was back already, handing you a dainty bag with the dress inside. "You really didn't have to do this. I'll be fine without it--"
"Calm down. It's not a big deal. Is it so hard to believe that maybe we just want to buy you stuff?" Jimin rolled his eyes, but his voice was soft. He wasn't mocking you, just exasperated with how little you seem to think you deserved. Bare minimum living was a treatment no human deserved, even Jimin could agree to that.
You turned around in a huff, not wanting to hear it, going back to mindlessly looking through the rack. "Coming from you, yes." You scoffed.
Jimin narrowed his eyes and began to say something but glanced at Taehyung who was looking back and forth between you two, confused and concerned, and drew himself back, pasting a smile on his face. "Tae, don't you think those boots over there would look great on her?"
Taehyung nodded excitedly, forgetting the momentary tension and walking over to the shoe display with all the excitement of a puppy at playtime. Jimin turned back to you, suddenly serious again. "Y/n, listen, I... have said some things to you in the past. Things about money that I shouldn't have brought up. And I want you to know that you aren't a charity case or some burden on us that we're trying to get rid of. I just... I've never..." Brows furrowed, he seemed to get frustrated and looked away, gathering his words while looking at everything but you. Taking a deep breath in and out, he tried a different approach, walking up next to you, joining you in mindlessly looking through the racks. "You're their friend. And maybe at some point, we'll be friends. So, today, if you want anything, just let us know, okay?" He stated simply, bumping shoulders with you.
You bit your lip looking at him out of the corner of your eyes through your lashes, hesitant to fully face him. "Are you sure? It's not too much?"
"Of course not. You just point and it's yours." He smiled, warm and... friendly. This is what being a friend is like, right? He wondered in his mind.
Taehyung came back, a pair of boots and another pair of white platform heels with silky ribbons meant to tie around your legs. "I got the boots, and these match your dress!"
You laughed, finding it absurd that they thought you should wear a fancy dress and platform heels to a picnic. "You guys really can't expect me to wear that dress to a picnic."
"Why not?" Taehyung whined. "You'll look great, and Jungkook is going to be taking pictures."
"He always posts his pictures to Instagram. He has a whole photography account." Jimin chimed in. You shook your head in defiance.
"I don't do pictures. I just won't be in them." You stated, confident that you could avoid being in the pictures.
They side eyed each other for a moment, passing a long glance between the two of them. "Suuuure." They said dubiously in unison, letting the moment pass and going back to shopping.
The store was relatively empty, making it quicker to look through all the clothes. You kept an eye out for things you liked, but mostly you walked alongside Jimin, giving him your opinion on certain clothes he picked up. At first, when you would come up with a good outfit together, he would smile wide and start talking to you excitedly, then seem to catch himself, clearing his throat and calming down a little. But after a while, after Taehyung came over, done looking around by himself, he was more openly talkative and playful. He would play peekaboo with you through the tall racks of clothing and dared you to try on some frankly horrific pieces of clothing. You didn't expect to have so much fun but after watching Taehyung and Jimin go into their fifth laughing fit in ten minutes, you realized that you were happy you came along, joining them in laughter easily.
They brought out the best in each other, you thought. Jimin was much more playful with Taehyung around, it was easy to understand why they called themselves soulmates.
They were also a handful.
They seemed to like getting a rise out of you, once Taehyung started messing with you, Jimin joined immediately, the two getting closer than necessary. Draping a necklace around your neck and murmuring into your ear about how pretty it looks on you, or running their hands over the fabric of whatever you tried on a little too deliberately to be casual. You did your best to block it out but couldn't help the warmth rising to your face that you hoped they didn't notice.
"Ooh, what about this one?" Jimin pulled out a sparkly bikini with more holes than fabric, shaking it around and giggling. He walked over to you, positioning it on the front of your body to imagine how it would look, turning you towards the mirrors on the wall.
"That's way too revealing," you laughed. There were strings holding it all together, little flaps of fabric that would cover your important parts but left a lot of skin exposed. "It looks cold."
Taehyung walked over in fake seriousness, pretending to look at it with a critical eye. "I don't know, I think it would compliment your body shape." He poked your side, making you jump. He took the bathing suit from Jimin inspecting it, "But I'm not entirely where these strings go..." he snickered.
"You know, you're always wearing baggy stuff." Jimin agreed. "You should show off a little, don't you think?" He walked his fingers from your hip up to the curve of your waist, a teasing smile on his face.
"I definitely think you should." Taehyung added, pressing closer to your back. You started to feel a little caged in, them forming a bubble around you heat emanating with them so close.
You took a big step away, rolling your eyes playfully. "You guys tease too much." You walked away from them, snatching away the bathing suit and putting it back on the rack. Taehyung could see the redness to your cheeks though, the way you avoided eye contact. You were shy, obviously, and he couldn't lie watching you squirm was fun.
The amused look on Jimin's face told Taehyung that he thought so too, the other man lived to tease and flirt, it was second nature for him, and even if you two had a rocky start this way the best way for him to get comfortable and learn where your boundaries are. Taehyung just needed a way to get the two of you to talk with each other more.
And you were still nervous about buying things, Taehyung noticed, always coming up to them asking 'can I have this?' Or 'is this too expensive?' with wide unsure eyes, like you expected their hospitality to suddenly stop. You would reach out cautiously to pick up something, blinking curiously at them. One thing was for sure, whether you knew it or not, you had mastered the puppy dog face, lashes fluttering and a small pout as you looked up to them. He'd crumble to any request you made when you looked at him like that.
And the way you smiled when they said yes was heartwarming, too. You'd just barely keep yourself from running into the dressing room to try it on in an attempt to hide your excitement, and come out, doing a spin with that excited little look on your face, and Taehyung clapped loudly every time. Jimin rolled his eyes at the exaggerated response, but Taehyung could tell he thought you were adorable too by the little smile that curled at the edge of his lips.
"Well," Jimin said finally after about two and half hours. "I think that's all for now." His clothes hung over his arm to take to the register. Your hands were free because Taehyung had insisted on carrying everything for you. He looked at you, thinking, then said, "You should come shopping with us more often. This was... fun."
Smiling, you nodded. "It was. Thank you so much for inviting me."
Taehyung looked between the two of you smiling at each other and his heart swelled with warmth. Moving into line, you all stood in place next to each other. The line was pretty short, the lady at the cash register quickly taking a scanning gun and pointing it at the tags on the clothes, removing the security alarms and waving people off.
"I'll go ahead and check us out, you two go bring the car around and I'll just hop in with the bags and we can take off." Taehyung said, pulling out his wallet as you two moved further up in line.
"Are you sure you can carry it all on your own?" You asked, reluctant to leave him alone. He beamed at your kindness, taking the clothes from Jimin.
"It's no problem. Go ahead," he nodded towards the exit and Jimin walked towards it without hesitation, so you followed him.
You walked toward the exit with him, silent as the air was a bit awkward between you two. Jimin seemed to be in a good mood still, humming as you walked along.
"Do you sing?" You questioned timidly.
He glanced over at you, an eyebrow raised. "Umm, sometimes. Why?"
You shrugged, saying casually, "Your voice sounds pretty," A faint pinkness came to his cheeks at that, but you pressed on, continuing. "And I know Yoongi and Namjoon do music stuff, I was wondering if you were involved in that, too."
He scratched the back of his neck shyly. "Well, I know Yoongi's used my voice on a couple songs, but it's not something I do. I mostly dance. Dance was my first love." He answered, tone getting dreamy. The look on his face was filled with adoration, probably thinking about dance. "It's why me and Hobi get along so well. We bonded over dance." He grinned.
"That's incredible. I wish I could see you dance. I know Hobi's amazing, but I haven't seen you yet."
Smiling wide, he replied, "My dancing is an art form. You'll definitely be impressed--"
"Eek!" You squealed, feeling raindrops fall on your head. You stepped back under the cover of the store's awning, not even realizing you had already reached the exit. Rain splashed against the floor outside, water falling from the sky slightly more intense than a drizzle. You gasped, face breaking into a smile. "It's raining!" You shouted, running back into the downpour.
"Don't run into it!" Jimin shrieked after you, watching you twirl around in the rain in apprehension.
You giggled, arms outstretched as you spun around. "But it feels so nice!" You pleaded, feeling the raindrops roll over you. It really was perfect, the sun was still shining behind the small cloud of rain, casting hazy rays of gold and illuminating the sky. The wind blew nice and warm, the rain giving coolness to your skin. "Join me!" You called, watching him still idling at the entrance.
"These clothes are dry-clean only!" He called back, trying not to crack a smile. It was ridiculous, really, what dummy would dance in the rain? But of course, the answer to that was you. You were, Jimin thought to himself, watching the way smile on your face, eyes closed and head tilted back like a scene out of a movie, nothing like he had ever encountered.
You stopped, turning to him, swaying a little from your dizziness. "Who cares? Didn't you say you wanted to show me your moves?"
"The rainy sidewalk outside of the mall isn't my usual stage."
"A world-famous dancer can perform anywhere."
He rolled his eyes, scoffing and stepping towards you. "Oh please. I bet you don't even know how to waltz."
"Au contraire," You countered. "I actually do." You did an overexaggerated bow and held a hand out, which he grabbed and used to pull you towards him.
"I'll be the judge of that." He pulled you close, wrapping an arm around your waist, and led you through a waltz, the two of you swaying in time with some inaudible music. You even started humming, some harmonic melody that reminded Jimin of Swan Lake, eyes closed again as you trusted Jimin to lead you, feet intertwining and waving around each other intuitively. Jimin looked at the sweet smile on your face the complete bliss radiating from you being contagious. He watched a drop of rain roll down the curve of your cheek and realized he was smiling wide, too.
The two of you swirled around on the sidewalk, giggling and laughing as you twirled into a large puddle, getting water all over your legs and in your shoes. "Ugh, that's so gross." Jimin groaned, taking a step and hearing the squelch in his shoes and you cackled at the look on his face.
"Oh, wait," you remembered suddenly. "Didn't Taehyung want us to bring the car around?" Jimin blinked, his face clearing with recognition and you laughed. "Come on!" You pulled him by his hand, running to where you remembered the car was parked.
"Why are we running?!" Jimin yelled over the sound of your feet splashing in puddles and rain landing around you.
"Live a little!" You called back over your shoulder.
Stopping by the car, you both paused to catch your breath. You looked at each other, smiles growing on your faces, hands still clasped in each other's.
"You're such a dork." Jimin chuckled breathlessly.
"You had fun, don't lie." You teased, moving to the other side of the car. You hopped in the passenger seat then cringed at the uncomfortable feeling of your wet clothes touching the seat. "Sorry, we're getting your car all wet now."
"Don't worry about it." He replied, staring the car and driving it all the way to the entrance. Taehyung was there now, phone in hand, then looked up when he heard the engine pull up. He hopped in the back, pulling in the bags with him then took in both of your appearances.
"Was it raining badly when you two came out?"
"Not that badly. We just took a while getting to the car." Jimin explained, shouting a secretive smile at you.
Taehyung watched the exchange, figuring that wasn't all that happened, but left it alone. He was overjoyed that you seemed to be more comfortable now though, you two making light conversation over the music on the radio.
When you got home, Jin opened the door for you and immediately stared fishing over your soaked appearances. "What hairbrush to you? Get inside, quickly you have to warm up."
"It's not cold." You insisted, but Jin had already disappeared, moving into the other room to get a towel. He came back going toward Jimin and the shorter man laughed.
"Jin, we're fine. I'll go upstairs and clean myself up, I need to get started on packing." He pecked Jin on the lips and went upstairs, Taehyung following.
Jin turned to you, eyebrow raised. "He's in a good mood." He said with a tone of surprise. "He usually hates the rain." He added, moving towards you instead.
"Really? Why?" You asked as he wrapped the towel around your shoulders, drying off your arms. "It's so fun!" You cheered.
A warm smile melted onto his face at your happy expression. "I dunno, Yoongi doesn't either, they're cats or something." He rubbed at your cheek with the towel, squishing it and making you giggle. "I guess they're just not as fun as you, cupcake."
You smiled softly, tilting your head towards the ground shyly and he continued gently patting you dry. "Did you have fun?" He murmured lowly, and you looked up realizing how close you were, the warmth from his body warming up the coolness the water was leaving on your skin. You nodded and he stepped back, pleased. "Good," he responded. "Go change into something warm and dry and put your new stuff away."
You put away your things quickly and easily, filling a couple more drawers in your dresser. Thinking of what to do next, you walked around for a while. You were sure Jungkook was playing games somewhere upstairs, or waiting to help you finish setting up your phone, but you decided to head to the reading nook, wanting a bit of time to yourself and to explore the books stocked in there.
After a few hours just reading and sitting on the soft rocking chair, you heard a knock at the door. Namjoon was there, smiling at the sight of you in his favorite chair.
"Hey," he said, stepping closer to you. "Mind if I talk to you for a bit?" After seeing the wary look on your face as you slowly closed your book, he rushed to clarify. "It's nothing bad, don't worry."
He settled in a chair next to you. "I just wanted to thank you again for helping out. You don't understand how great it is to have you here."
Your lips curved into a smile as well and you looked away bashfully. "It's nothing really, it would be weird if I could've helped and didn't. Especially since you've all been so kind, letting me stay here. I want to repay you for that."
Namjoon went to shake his head, about to tell you that no, you would never have to repay them, if anything all this was him repaying you, trying to right a past wrong, but an idea came into his head instead.
"You know," he started carefully, trying not to give away any excitement. "If you wanted to repay me, you could keep me company today? There's a new bookstore that opened up and it looks pretty cool. I was going to go get more books, maybe donate some later. You wanna check it out with me?" He finished his question, searching your face for any signs of you wanting to join him.
Your eyes lit up in interest. Bingo. "That sounds awesome! I'd love to."
"We could walk there, if you don't mind walking. I looked it up, it's not far." He mentioned and you nodded, getting up quickly.
"I'll have to get dressed. I'll meet you by the front door?" You asked and he nodded, heading over to the door after grabbing his stuff and waiting for you. He bounced on his toes impatiently, keys jingling in his hand. He was eager to spend more time with you, feeling pushed aside by all the excitement of everyone else in your life. Namjoon didn't think of himself as the most captivating man and he personally knew all his boyfriends were incredible and mesmerizing, he couldn't compare alongside them. But spending some time with you outside the house would guarantee him the time to talk with you like he used to, over your favorite thing: books.
You came trodding down the stairs in overalls a bit too large for you, the straps falling down your arms over your pink sweater. You had a wide smile on your face, calling out excitedly to him. "Let's go!"
As you walked down the street, you chattered excitedly about what you had been reading lately, Namjoon joining in with what he thought about it. He grabbed your hand, pulling you closer to his side as you turned onto a busier street, holding you near in the bustle of people. He tried to ignore the perfect way your warm hand fit in his, telling himself it was purely so you could stay together and not get separated. On the other hand, you were hardly paying attention to it at all, so caught up in the description of the book you had been that you had been surprised when you stopped at the door of the bookstore.
"Here we are," Namjoon announced, pushing the door open and watching your expression closely, the joy and wonder slowly lighting your eyes as you stepped in. The chimes attached to the door played a melodic sound, the afternoon light hazing through the stained-glass windows at the front of the store. There were warm colored light bulbs hanging over the space, half cafe and tables and half shelves and beanbags. "It's still pretty new, so it's not as crowded yet. And if you want to read while eating you have to buy the book first. You know, for sanitary reasons."
In a daze, you drifted over to the bookshelves, you quickly examining every book on the shelf and Namjoon picking up every one you found interesting. You didn't have to say it, he could see the sparkle in your eyes when you found a book you thought was particularly intriguing, had seen that same look countless times before in the low light of your phone flashlight when the two of you were supposed to be asleep.
Eventually, you turned to him, probably going to say something about the place and stopped short noticing Namjoon holding a stack of books. "Namjoon," you said warningly, and his smile only grew.
Innocently, he responded, "Yes?"
"Why do you have all those books?" You narrowed your eyes at him, daring him to explain, but you already knew what he was going to say.
"So I can buy them for you." He stated simply, as if it just made sense, like he just had to buy these books for you.
"No, Namjoon, that's too many, they're like 18 dollars each!" You reached out for them exasperatedly to put them back and he ducked away, holding them up above his head so you wouldn't be able to reach them.
"What's the point of going to a bookstore if you don't buy books? Besides, I needed some new ones for the house anyways." He reasoned, making excuses.
You let out a big sigh and reached into your pocket. "Luckily, I brought some cash with me this time. How much are all those?" You looked up from counting the money you had pulled out, Namjoon having already walked towards the register and started paying for the books.
You stomped over. "Namjoon!"
"What? I said I wanted these for the house. I can't make you pay for them."
You looked at his face as he leaned against the counter, his stupid, smug face and huffed. "Fine. But I'm paying for lunch."
"Aren't those your savings?" He asked, concern leaking into his expression.
"Maybe." You responded cryptically, but the answer was obvious.
"Don't, I'll pay. You save that for an emergency, okay?" Namjoon said, handing you the bag of books and moving you towards the opposite side to order at the Cafe.
"I can't just keep being dependent on you guys." You looked up at him, as defiant and stubborn as ever and he smiled in spite of himself. You really were just like he remembered.
"It's called accepting help. We help you, and then if you want, you can help us. Think of this as your reward for taking care of everyone while I had to work, hmm?"
"I thought my company was your reward?"
"No, your company is you thanking me for staying at the house. These books are me thanking you for helping out." Namjoon stepped up to the counter, ordering for the both of you, somehow getting exactly what you were craving right then. It should've surprised you that he still knew your favorite food but somehow it didn't. He was just thoughtful like that, you reasoned with yourself.
He turned around tray of food in hand, turning to the cafe tables. "You can just seat yourself anywhere there's room."
You watched him for a moment, moving ahead of you confidently. Everything he said since you got here started to loop in your head and as you sat down in front of the spot he chose, you couldn't hide your smile.
"You know," you started, eyeing him with a knowing self-assurance. "You said you wanted to check this place out. But you've already been here before, haven't you?"
"What makes you say that?" Convincing to someone else maybe, but you knew him better. His hands shook slightly and his voice was a bit deeper, him forcing it to be calm.
"Just admit it!" You laughed. "If you already knew what this place was like, why did you pretend like you've never been?"
"I dunno, I thought it'd be fun." He pushed around some noodles in his bowl, taking a bite of the add-ins first, like he always did, wanting to leave the broth and noodles for last. He looked up at you from underneath his eyelashes, head still tilted down towards their bowl. "We always did adventure together before."
"We did." You agreed simply.
For no reason at all, your smiles both grew staring into each other's eyes and you decided to start eating your food.
It wasn't that you were trying to stare, it's just that there was a lot to look at. Namjoon was a large person, always had been, broad shouldered and tall, and loud and bright too. But now he had filled out where he was slender before, arms chiseled and thighs thick. His domineering presence and almost tangible confidence was enough to fill the room. He was definitely different from when you were kids. Everything about him now, the way he sat with his legs casually spread apart, the way he stood straight and tall, the way he just took up space even in the corner of a room, everything about the way he carried himself made it impossible not to pay attention to him.
"You're staring." He singsonged, flicking a piece of carrot at you with a smirk. You flicked it back and rolled your eyes.
"So what did happen while I was away? I just came home and you and Jimin are friends now?" He asked, taking a sip of the drink he ordered while you spoke.
You tilted your head, considering a better way to phrase it. "Trying to be, yeah. He apologized--"
Namjoon choked on his drink. "He what? Jimin never apologizes first. I thought he'd stay cold until you left honestly."
"Yeah, Jungkook said something to him, it made him apologize, I guess." You shrugged.
"Mm, Jungkook's always had a way of getting through to people when he sets his mind to it. So, how was helping him out?"
You told him everything. From the morning to the night, about each day, how Jin would talk your ear off, how Yoongi snored loud enough for you to hear it down the hall, how Taehyung was absolutely delirious the whole time and you now owe him a ridiculous amount of cuddles, and the lead up to Jimin apologizing.
He chuckled as he listened, the light through the window making him seem like he was glowing, the special time of day where light seemed like liquid gold, lacing golden strands through his hair.
After a long pause when you had finished, silence interjected with eating and sips of your drinks, he said, "You remember that day, when we went on that trip to the beach?"
"And you tripped over that rock and slid down that hill? Yeah, I remember."
He laughed, loud and sudden, remembering it all at once. "Yes, but no. I mean, when we were looking up at those stars and talking about--"
"Our future plans?" You finished with a nostalgic smile, and he nodded, his own smile matching yours.
"Yeah. Did you ever think we'd be back here again?" He said, leaning forward towards you slightly, almost unnoticeable if you hadn't been watching him so close.
"I never thought you'd talk to me again." You admitted quietly.
This seemed to surprise him, brows crinkling in confusion. "Why wouldn't I?"
"You didn't seem to want anything to do with me before."
"Oh no, I..." He stopped, seeming to think about how to phrase it. "I won't make excuses. I was avoiding you, because, in a way, I wanted to avoid feeling guilty."
His brows furrowed as he began to look ashamed. "I had been so horrible before. I was arrogant and rude, and I want you to know that I did care for you. Us being together wasn't a fluke. At least I don't think so."
"I..." Your voice shook, thick and heavy with emotion and you realized you were crying as your vision blurred.
"Shit," he hissed, getting up and rushing over to your side of the table, kneeling next to your seat. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry. All I seem to be doing lately is apologizing." He loked up at you earnestly. "But I really can't apologize enough."
"No, no, it's okay, I'm... I'm happy." You smiled at him, shaking your head. You picked up his hand, holding it close in both of yours. "Thank you, I just thought that maybe... I also cared about you. A lot. And I'm sorry I pushed you away." You let out a wet laugh, and Namjoon moved a napkin below your eyes. "Especially since I ended up accepting your help anyways."
"It's fine. We're here now." His brilliant smile returned, warm like the afternoon sun, and you couldn't resist smiling even wider, both of you there like grinning fools for longer than necessary.
"And we're fixing old mistakes." You sighed, cheeks dry as Namjoon pulled back and you let his hand go slowly. "I seem to be crying a lot lately." You commented sarcastically.
Namjoon's smile took on a softer, dreamier edge as he said, "I'll do my best to break that pattern."
"We should head home, right?" You sighed as he stood.
"We can stay a little longer. You haven't creased your books yet."
"Oh my god, there's nothing wrong with dog-earring the pages!" You groaned, the years old argument you two had coming back.
"It's defacing property!" He argued playfully.
"It's my property!" You argued back, tucking the bag close to your chest.
"I thought you didn't want me to buy you those." He commented smugly.
"But you did, so they're mine!" You crossed your arms dramatically and he laughed, sitting back down, and you two talked over books and memories.
Later that night, when you were finally home, lying in bed with one of the books you just couldn't put down, you heard a knock at your door. You sat up a bit, seeing Jin peek his head in. He was biting back a smile and his hands were held behind his back as he entered, sitting on the edge of your bed.
"Hey, getting ready for bed?" He asked.
You nodded, sitting up fully. "Is there something you wanted to talk about?"
"Oh, no, I just have another gift for you," He revealed what he was hiding behind his back, a laptop box. He handed it to you excitedly, watching you gasp and open it. "I just figured, since you have a new phone, it'd be nice if you had a laptop of your own to use, especially when you want to start working, so I ordered this for you. Of course, you can totally just use it for leisure, I can give you the passwords to the streaming services we have and you can--"
You cut off his rambling with a big hug, pushing yourself forward to wrap your arms around him. "Thank you, Jin, thank you so much. Ever since I've been here you've just been trying to take care of me and--"
He heard your voice start to wobble and shushed you, soothing you and patting your back. "No more tears, okay lovebug? It only makes sense that I'd take care of you. You're my favorite, remember?" He joked with a conspiratorial wink, getting up. "Enjoy your new things, you deserve them. Good night."
"Night, Jin." You said, taking your new laptop and charger out the box. Something all my own, you thought to yourself. You spent the night familiarizing yourself with the laptop, heart warm from Jin's thoughtfulness.
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Gay People.
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you would turn your magic against me?
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ooh baby it's a double upload
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This is what I do in class
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this movie does such a god job at depicting all the pressures we get from our mothers and the pressure they get from their mothers, the pressure from our relatives, the small talk about our weight, the questioning looks, the huge differences between tradition and modernity, the fork we reach where we love our parents but at the same time want to experience things for ourselves . this. this is so good. 
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hi fiend!! 😳❕ hope ur doing good!!!! i was wondering if you ended up reading Les Financiers and if you did… what ur thoughts abt it were 👉👈
OH!!!! I DID!!!!!!!!!!
i made a comic of one of my favorite scenes from it jkdeghfdkjkhgf
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i love this brand of hinatsuki i really do................
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING IT!!!!!!!!! if you are into kurobokuaka, then this is the fic FOR YOU
mind the tags kiddos
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going through abandoned wips and found this angwy lil man
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this is entirely what my sketchbook looks like 
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Part 1
I made more of this silly au
They have great communication skills (they are still pinning idiots)
T: I want to keep it. I'm not going to force you to be a part of it's life... Only if you want to
B: ok, but I do want to be part of the kids life. We can co-parent and I'll go to the doctor visits too.... Only if you want me too
T: R-really?!
B: Pinky promise
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“It feels like a thousand gloves”
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You both misunderstand me
I call Bloom's outfit horrible because it's ugly
I call Musa's outfit horrible because it's completely out of character
These are two very different sins, and one matters way more to me
Bloom's outfit hurts my eyes, but it at least looks like a progression from her season 3 look. A bad and ugly progression, but I can tolerate this
Musa's s4 outfit ripped what was left of Musa's gender nonconformity and tomboy style out of her hands and then kicked her real personality into a ditch as she was replaced with Bloom lite after raiding Stella's middle school closet
If Musa dresses like in s1-3 It would have been revealed 2 seconds afterward that she was forced into the outfit, but these are her normal clothes in s4
I'm not even saying the outfit isn't cute, on any other character that would literally be my favorite outfit it looks so cute to me, it's just not something that s1-3 Musa would ever wear
Musa's fashion was always super casual compare to her friends! Her outfit for the formal dance in season 1 was a modified kimono with pants!! Might I even mention that her pant legs were so long that they could have hidden sneakers under them? Because she was definitely wearing sneakers under that outfit. Her back-to-school outfit has jeans when everyone else was dressed up. When she went to the dance with Aisha, she where's an outfit that requires tights or leggings under it. Her concert outfit was a jersey, cargo vest, baggy jeans, and a beanie!!!
For fun, let's take a look at all the times she doesn't wear anything on her legs in s1-3. S1, dance casual, her skirt looks like it was made to exercise and run in. Flirting with Riven. S2, cute red Cheongsam with fucking knee-high boots. It was the first big party since they started dating, she wore that outfit to get Riven's attention. S3, Eraklyon Formals. She is in high society for the first time in her life, I don't think she could get away with pants here. The only reason other outfit without pants is something that Stella got her designers to make with no input from the girls themselves, so why even mention it.
Is this a joke?? Is someone laughing at me??? Am I going insane over a cartoon for children?? Yes to all of the above.
FIVE of Musa's s4 outfits are heels, four of which are pump heels. Do you know how many times Musa wears straight-up heels in s1-3? Twice. Neither we're pumps, and both she wore for partying.
If demonia boot's we're popular when Winx was coming out in s1-3 Musa would of worn them. S4 Musa would literally never wear platforms. She dresses like a completely different character!!
Musa's original style was somewhere between e-girl and grunge, at most Musa's s4 style can be described as alt prep. And it's more prep than alt most of the time!!!! Musa was the alternative girl of the Winx!! And they made her dress like everyone but her!! Electric chair!!!
Musa's season 4 outfit is an abomination on God and I want a handwritten formal apology from whoever decided to steal what was left of my girl's personality and turn her into THIS.
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uhhh thinking about fate & doom & inevitability & narrative loops & time loops. (text is deathless by catherynne m valente)
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" Do your best, Akane-kun.."
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