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#followers art request

(modified from this post!)

send me a pairing & a number, and i will draw the two smooching (romantically or platonically; please see tags). 

  1. a shy kiss.
  2. a forehead kiss.
  3. a cheek kiss.
  4. a neck kiss.
  5. a hand kiss.
  6. a dying kiss.
  7. a bleeding / bloody kiss.
  8. an assertive kiss.
  9. a nonchalant / casual kiss.
  10. a blown kiss.
  11. a sad / crying kiss.
  12. a quick kiss.
  13. a happy kiss.
  14. a teasing / sensual kiss.
  15. a clumsy kiss
  16. a kiss of your choosing! ( requested by the sender! )

UPDATE: requests are now CLOSED! apologies in advance if i don’t get to yours… there are too many for me to do all of them 😭

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Since I’ve discovered that I really like drawing dresses (and especially the Ineffable Partners in dresses), I think I’ll do something with that to celebrate 50 followers. As such… does anyone have any dress/suit/fashion requests?

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!!!Thank you all so much for 130 followers!!!

I’m honestly blown away by the support you’ve all shown me, and I’m so honoured that 130 of you liked my content enough to follow me and my chaotic blog! In celebration of this milestone, I’m opening up requests for Irondad writing and art prompts, so if you’d like something written/drawn for you just drop it in my asks and I’ll see what I can do!

Irondad Requests: OPEN

Thank you again for all your kind words and support, and I hope you have an awesome day!


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