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He looks so good wanna give him a 10
But that's not possible, so i give him the opportunity to eat my ass <3
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Kimetsu no Yaiba  ✰  Season 2  PV
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happy birthday nezuko!
feel free to use these as an icon, please credit me
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─ 𖥻 𝖣𝖾𝗆𝗈𝗇 𝖲𝗅𝖺𝗒𝖾𝗋.
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pls like or reblog if you save.♡︎
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Made a chart of my Tanjiro harem ships :)
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demon slayer
headcannons of you being apart of the main gang!
a/n: tried to make it a little vague so there’s no spoilers!!
tw/cw: a tiny bit of cussing
Tumblr media
•Get ready to never be bored again!!
•Or ever catch a break again.
•Between Zenitsu’s constant fearful screams and Inosuke’s loudmouth, you’re not sure which caused your ears to bleed first.
•Being apart of this group means that you’re incredibly tight with each demon slayer involved.
•So you have everyone’s trust!
•You knew you had Inosuke’s trust when he started to gift you random forest items like acorns and pinecones! He also offers to “chisel” your sword to be just like his.
“With this, you’ll never lose to a demon again! Have you ever seen me lose to a demon, (Name)?” He huffed proudly, the puffs escaping through his blue-eyed boar mask.
“Well, no, bu—”
“Exactly! Now, let’s get started!”
•Just keep attempting to refuse, you’ll get through to him eventually—
•Inosuke doesn’t have his mask off often at all, but when he does have it off, tell him that he looks as beautiful as his mother did.
•You may not know what she really looked like, but when his eyes widen in shock and he feels that little giddy feeling, you’ll know. It’s on his face.
•He won’t say that he’s grateful, no. In fact, he’ll probably just grumble something about a “stomach butterfly spell” that you casted on him.
•he’s happy :)
•Often challenges you to spar!
•If you accept, he’s elated! Already has his swords out and ready to cut you up!! Respectfully, of course!
•Refuse? Well he’s just gonna keep asking anyways, so there’s no real way to get out of it lMAO—
•Tell him he’s super impressive! Inosuke’ll be super happy and, sure, you’ll have to listen to him boast about himself for the next few hours, but hey! You’ve boosted his ego and made him feel giddy!
•Share some of your food from him because honestly hE’S GOING TO STEAL IT ANYWAYS, JUST GIVE IN.
•It’ll feel better if you just give it up, trust me 💀
•Pretend to be his subordinate for just a little bit 😭 he’ll even proudly exclaim how strong his second-in-command is!
•Inosuke tends to stand ominously in front of dark doorways and slowly dislocate all of his joints, and it fucking horrifies you.
•You don’t know why he does this, nor if it’s even really him.
•All you know is that you’re scared shitless—
•(Eventually you ask Zenitsu to check it out for you to which he then gives you this incredulous look and yells out: “ARE YOU CRAZY?!” and gets Tanjiro to check it out for the both of you 😐)
•(This is how you guys figure out Inosuke sleep walks.)
•You knew you had Zenitsu’s trust when he started to cling onto you and beg you to accompany him before he had to go on a mission. . .
•Sure, he’ll probably do this anyways, but when it becomes more frequent it means that he thinks you’re strong enough to protect him!
•That being said, you’re also now Zenitsu’s proclaimed human shield!
•Yeah, good luck with that.
•If you’re a girl, he casually slips in marriage proposals in the oddest of situations.
•“A-Ah, (Name), I don’t know if I’ll make it. . . Maybe if you marry me, I’ll live—”
•“Look, (Name)! The cherry blossoms are in full bloom! This must be a premonition from the gods for our marriage.”
•then 🪦, zenitsu.
•Please remember to encourage Zenitsu! He has a terrible tendency to run away from things he doesn’t want to do or thinks are too dangerous for him to handle.
•Just tell him he’s doing great and to keep it up! He’ll just get super flattered and say: “Oh, wow! Thanks, (Name), I know you guys can’t do anything without me anyways~”
•Whatever toots his horn, y’know?
•Just train or fight side-by-side with him. Knowing that someone has his back and will push with him is both grounding and encouraging to the lightning-struck boy.
•Zenitsu gets really emotional when he thinks about his Gramps, so when he starts to talk about how he misses to ex-Hashira, try and comfort him </3
•If you’re a scaredy cat like Zenitsu, then you both make extremely elaborate escape plans to dip out when you guys are scared 😐
•You knew you had Tanjiro’s trust when he gave you Nezuko’s box to hold!
•We know Nezuko is incredibly important to Tanjiro, so for him to leave her in your protection means that he trusts you immensely.
•Tanjiro praises you! A lot!! And if you like head pats, then he gives you a lot too!!
•Tanjiro has a tendency to push himself past his limits and get an incredible ton of injuries after every fight with a demon, especially with upper Kizuki.
•You can alleviate the stress and injuries by fighting alongside Tanjiro! If you back him up when he starts to get tired and needs time to recover, he appreciates it more than you’ll ever know.
•If you tell Tanjiro that he’s amazing, then he’s flushed for a second before shooting a compliment back at you.
• “Aw, thanks, (Name)! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your incredible talents though, eheh. . .”
•Shoot one right back at him and you guys will be stuck in a continuous exchange of your admiration for each other.
•This happens often.
•Please keep an eye out for this kid, he spends so much time looking out for everyone else and never gives himself that kind of proper attention :( He’s so selfless, you have to take care of him yourself—
•Does dumb things with you when you feel sad. Like having eating contests, seeing who can cut the biggest rock, seeing who can split the ocean on some moses shit 🥶, generally stuff that’ll help take your mind off of whatever’s making you sad.
•You knew you had Nezuko’s trust when she started to just follow you around in her small form <3 Just trotted behind you while you did whatever.
•She also comes to your aid in battle if she knows Tanjiro’s alright by himself.
•She likes to play simple games with you due to being reduced to a childlike state because of the whole demon thing.
•Handclap games, cards, or kickball! She might get a little too excited and kick the ball hard enough to take your head off.
•nezuko please :,)
•Obviously she’s really sorry when she does this and just opts to relax with you instead.
•Nap with her! She only needs to sleep when she needs to recover energy from regenerating, so other than that she just sleeps cause she likes too. That or to pass the time.
•If you agree to nap with her for a little bit, she becomes ecstatic and cuddles you enough to the point where you can’t move! So even if you wanted to change your mind, you can’t leave—
•Nezuko can’t really talk with a muzzle (duh) so she usually just whines and growls to communicate with you.
•You’re totally sure she purred once.
•Convince them all to have a nightly meditation session!
•Nezuko can’t stay still for too long and will probably wonder off, but if she sits in your lap to keep her still, she’ll stay there.
•Inosuke only stays and meditates with you guys because you have to make it sound like a challenge.
• “Hey, Inosuke, we’re about to mediate and see who can reach zen the fastest!”
•Zenitsu tends to mumble during it because he thinks of it as a cleanse and let’s out all his inner thoughts. (This includes random ear-piercing screams that startles everyone.)
•Tanjiro sits in front of you and meditates when you’re by yourselves. He says it helps you guys connect better, and it kind of does.
•After all, you don’t need to talk to bond.
•(He always apologizes if he sneezes or something and breaks concentration.)
•Tanjiro, when he comes back from certain missions, brings back gifts! If he the place he went to had things that reminded him of the gang, he bought it and brought it back.
•This causes a ripple effect in your group and everyone starts to do it occasionally.
•some less than others lMAO
•Inosuke’s always excited to get gifts and he’s super loud about it.
• “What is it, (Gamabunko, [Your Name mispronounced], Sleeping Dork)? Huh? Huh?! IS IT A SNAKE?? A DEMON?! YOU BROUGHT ME A DEMON?! I’LLFIGHTITRIGHTNOWWATCHME—”
•Zenitsu’s reaction is more subtle, but he’s always a little surprised when he gets a gift. He doesn’t know, but it always feels really nice and appreciates whatever he gets. (He’s a little shy about it.)
•Tanjiro is always pleasantly surprised when you get him something, though he’ll insist that you didn’t need to get him anything. He appreciates whatever you got him regardless.
•Nezuko nuzzles into you for the next thirty minutes as a thank you :) She does little growls to express her thanks.
•Tanjiro tends to get you trinkets that relate to your personality. He gives you things like candles, a gun, jewelry, books, and more! It’s actually a variety of things. If Tanjiro thinks you’ll like it, he buys it!
•Can you sing? Good! Can’t? Good luck.
•Nezuko will “ask” you to sing for her. Asking being her just tugging on your (color, patterned insert) kimono and giving you puppy dog eyes.
•When you start singing her lullabies (because you’re going to give in eventually 😭), she plops down next to you, closes her eyes, and leans on you.
•Chances are Inosuke will sit down and listen with the she-demon.
•It reminds him of how his mother used to sing to him, so he finds it soothing regardless if your voice is scratchy or cracks.
•Inosuke falls asleep on you most of the time, so now you’re flanked on both sides—
•Zenitsu may walk in and once he sees Nezuko out of her box, then he’s by her side in milliseconds. You’re debating on if he used a lightning breathing technique to get there so fast.
•The blond boy also falls asleep because of the lullaby and from holding Nezuko comfortably in his arms.
•Tanjiro usually shows up last and is the most tired, so when he sees you guys all laying down on each other, he doesn’t pass up the opportunity.
•Tell him to rest his head on your lap instead since the other kids are trapping your sides (your arms lost feeling a little bit ago).
•Tanjiro’ll request you to sing a song that was from his childhood and before he slips into dreamland, he compliments your sing sleepily. Then, he’s out.
•He used to do this with his siblings, so it feels nice to do it again.
•Congrats! Now you can’t move :) but now you have a bunch of sleepy demon slayers + demon sleeping on top of you.
•When you guys are all asleep in that cuddle pile, Shinobu checks in on you all.
•To say she thinks it’s cute is an understatement.
•In conclusion, no day is ever boring with these guys!
•They all care for you and go out of their way to fight and/or protect you in battle.
•Even after everything (vague for those of you that haven’t finished the manga :)) your bond with them stays as strong as it’s ever been (maybe even stronger) and you guys are even boisterous friends as old quacks.
•You care for them too <3
Tumblr media
a/n: wooo! brain rot again!! 😭 sorry for any mistakes, y’all
thanks for reading!
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Those who regretted their own actions. I would never trample over them. Because demons were once human, too. - Kamado Tanjiro
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Me whenever maskless inosuke come on screen:💥📸📸💥📸💥📸💥
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last repost of these guys
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Hashibara Inosuke or Bakugou Katsuki → requested by @kanao 
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“Tengen is weak”
There will be spoilers for the Entertainment District, or otherwise known as the Red Light District, Arc in the Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba manga.
Normally, I don’t do this. But I wanted to talk about this because...why not?
This is going to be a little rant(?) about Tengen and how some people say that he is weak because he needed help from Tanjiro in order to defeat Upper Moon 6. 
People also say that he needed help from Zenitsu and Inosuke in order to defeat Daki. 
The reason I’m not putting Daki and Gyu as Upper Moon 6 together is because Muzan reveals (after the events of the Red Light/Entertainment Distric arc) that Gyutaro was the true holder of the rank Upper Moon 6. The siblings did not share the rank. At least, in my opinion. I guess it depends on how you interpret Muzan’s words.
-Chapter 98: This is a picture from the official translation in Volume 12.
Tumblr media
So, let me clarify. People are saying that Tengen is a bad/weak Hashira because he needed help from others in order to defeat an Upper Moon. Yes, he did need help, but there’s a good reason for it. I would also like to mention that every other Hashira that has encountered an Upper Moon (before Tengen’s fight with UM6) has died. From what we know, Kanae (the late Flower Hashira) and Kyojuro (the late Flame Hashira) both encountered and fought Upper Moons. Kyojuro fought UM3 (Akaza) and Kanae fought UM2 (Douma). They both died as a result. In all honesty, Tengen is lucky that he survived the fight with UM6. 
Upon arriving at the Red Light/Entertainment District, he knew that something was going on. After receiving more information (and Zenitsu going missing), he realized that the situation was very serious and that this was the work of a very strong demon, most likely a member of the Twelve Kizuki. Eventually, Tanjiro is face-to-face with Daki and battles with her. Even Nezuko steps in at one point until Tanjiro restrains her (because she was losing control of herself). Later, Tengen fights Daki himself. 
He believes that he has to fight just one demon, who is claiming to be UM6. He doubts that she is though, and says she is “too weak” to be an Upper Moon. I don’t entirely know if he actually didn’t believe that she was an Upper Moon, or if he was just trying to hurt her pride and insult her. 
(Honestly, I think he did truly doubt that she was an Upper Moon. Since it was so easy for him to cut her head off.)
-Chapter 85: This is the unofficial translation, so take this with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, I do not currently own Volume 10, where this scene takes place. Once I get it, I’ll revise this section.
Tumblr media
After cutting off her head, Gyutaro appears. Tengen now realizes that there are two demons that he needs to defeat, all while keeping everyone else safe.
He also realizes that Gyutaro is stronger than Daki, and decides to take him on. At one point, he is poisoned by Gyutaro’s Blood Demon Art. So now, he’s dealing with two demons while also slowly dying from poison. Obviously, he was struggling a little bit. Tanjiro steps in, and helps him with Gyutaro. Even one of Tengen’s wives, Hina, helps as well. Zenitsu and Inosuke decide to handle Daki.
Both of the siblings prove to be very difficult, and the poison is making things harder for Tanjiro and Tengen. At one point, there’s a huge blast. Once the dust clears, Tanjiro is unsure if they defeated Gyutaro. He also sees Tengen, a distance away, lying on the ground. His hand has been cut off and he’s bleeding heavily. The poison is also making their conditions worse.
Eventually, both Daki and Gyutaro are defeated and Tengen is basically on the brink of death. But, Nezuko heals him with her Blood Demon Art and he retires from being a Pillar/the Sound Hashira. 
So, let’s see. Tengen “defeats” Daki, then he has to deal with both Daki and Gyutaro, then he gets poisoned and is slowly dying, and then his hand is cut off. Of course, the fight was a struggle for him. I would also like to reiterate that, from what we know, two Hashiras previously fought with Upper Rank demons and died. Tengen just being alive after his fight is an achievement in of itself.  
So no, Tengen is not weak and he is not a bad Hashira. Upper Ranks are supposed to be difficult to defeat, even for a Pillar/Hashira. Not to mention, Tengen and his wives were Shinobis before they became demon slayers. He has plenty of fighting experience. In fact, his previous experience as a Shinobi is why he was able to survive, and continue fighting after, being poisoned.  
He did struggle, but not because he is a weak Hashira.
There were many factors of this fight that made it difficult for him and, let’s not forget, that Gyutaro was an incredibly skilled fighter as well. 
I was never good at conclusions, so I’ll just say this.
Uzui Tengen is not a bad Hashira, and he certainly isn't weak. 
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Stfu I'm thinking about them
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boar boy 🐗
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