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John William Godward (1861-1922) - Clelia

Oil on canvas. Painted in 1913.

20 x 15.9 inches, 50.8 x 43 cm. Estimate: £150,000-200,000.

To be sold Christie’s, London, 10 Dec 2020.

Recently discovered, this work will be included in any forthcoming editions of the catalogue raisonné. The name Clelia is derived from the Latin Cloelia, meaning illustrious or famous. In Roman legend Cloelia was taken hostage by Etruscan invaders, but managed to escape by swimming across the Tiber.

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John William Godward (1861-1922)
“In the Grove of the Temple of Isis” (1915)
Oil on canvas
Currently in a private collection

Isis was originally a deity central to the mythology of ancient Egypt, the daughter of Geb the god of the earth, and Nut the goddess of the sky, but was later adopted by the Romans during their expansion. Isis was identified with fertility and re-birth thus her temples and shrines were sacred to femininity.

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The Favourite (1901). John William Godward (English, 1861-1922). Oil on canvas.

Godward was shown by the art dealer Thomas McLean, who championed and produced prints of his work. McLean’s support contributed a great deal to Godward’s growing popularity—and resultantly gave the artist enough financial security to relocate to the Chelsea neighborhood of London, and acquire a lease on a nearby studio that he filled with numerous marble statues and antiques, creating a milieu quite similar to the Greco-Roman settings found throughout his oeuvre.

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“It’s all just a place to lose it”. (2020). [Digital Collage].

GODWARD, John William. “Il Dolce Far Niente”. (1893). [Oil on canvas].

BEARD, Tom. “'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ photoshoot”. (2015). [Photograph].

WELCH, Florence. “'Midnight (ft. Florence Welch) - Cosmo (Felix White) lyrics”. (2013). [Illustration].

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