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KnB VDay Challenge 2020

Yeah I know… so super early to this, lol 😂😂😂


Thank you all so much for running this event! I had the time of my life writing these prompts!!

Series link here

Fic 1: seventy percent cocoa (and a hundred percent love) (RikoMomo)

Fic 2: Of Shirts and Hot Girlfriends (AyaKane, aka Izuki-neesan x Koganei-neesan)

Fic 3: and she’s the most beautiful thing you ever saw (MasAlex/Araki x Alex)

Fic 4: turn me into a sap, will you? (AoKaga)

Fic 5: your hands on my hips (my kiss on your lips) (MidoKise)

Fic 6: The Boy Who Loved The Moon (IzuHyuu)

Fic 7: Woes of a Matchmaker (MuraAka)

Have fun reading, and if you enjoyed please leave me a comment, I will love you forever!

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OMG I can’t believe I’ve already finished with this event and I am so happy to be able to participate in this event. Pardon the late post, I am in deep with The Untamed Fandom, I am quite distracted and it actually takes me quite a while to decide on which pairing I am going to use. For this, I’ve decided to use the LDR theme just because I certainly know how it feels to be in this type of relationship. Been there, done that and never again lol But this one comes with a happy ending. So without further ado, here’s the last installment. This event isn’t possible with @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby, many thanks to you guys <3

Day 6 Prompt: Free (MuraMido side AoKi Future Fic, College Students AU)

Title: Valentines’ Promise

Summary: College students Midorima and Kise ponder about their long-distance relationship with their respective partners, the struggles of being in a long-distance relationship. 


Also on Ao3

Shintaro stirs from his sleep induced self. The sun rays are peeking through his window as his alarm clock starts to ring. Slowly, he tries to sit up and snooze the alarm, grabs his glasses with his right hand as well as putting it back on his face, also with his right hand. He removes his nightcap and stretches his arms for a bit before standing up and unveils the curtains. It is a nice and sunny day but Shintaro can’t help but feel that this is gonna be a good day for Cancers. Carefully, he goes downstairs and fixes himself some breakfast. 

He is living alone in a condominium now for two years after he has graduated high school. Ever since he is a child, he always knows that he has wanted to be a doctor although he has to give up playing basketball. During his last year in high school, he has been offered to go pro to America. However, his father is against it and tells him that he should go to medical school instead of playing on the big stage. He has been heartbroken by that time. The other members of the Generation of Miracles get an offer too. Aomine and Akashi are currently in America playing on the big stage as well as Murasakibara. In Kise’s case, he has decided not to go because it is his lifetime dream to be a pilot so he has persuaded it instead. 

Keep reading

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Super late with all the #knbvdaychallenge2020 posts, but I’ll be back soon to appreciate everyone’s content and post the days I’ve missed!

Thank you to all the amazing people who organised it (@theuglycrybaby and @vanilla-daydreams), and all the super talented people who created content for it! It’s been such a great exp since coming into the fandom so late 😭

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was so so so much fun🥺 i enjoyed everything and all of the prompts/artworks posted was incredible! looking forward to another event like this.

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Hey, hey, hey! Well this is the last one, I had a wonderful time doing this so thank @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby for organising this. For the free day I have to go back to Akafuri because I absolutely love them, but also because this is something I wanted to write for Akafuri day in Novembre but most probably I would not be able to do it (sorry in advance) so at least I wrote this XD.

The Rakuzan castle was illuminated by thousands of lights, the halls were full of garlands and even the royal guards were celebrating. The entrance had not stopped receiving important personalities since that morning. The first ones were prince Kise Ryouta and his personal guard Kasamatsu Yukio in the name of the Kingdom of Kaijou. Midorima Shintarou was quickly to follow representing Shutoku with his court led by his trusted advisor Takao Kazunari. Empress Momoi Satsuki of Touou arrived a few hours before the ball and dragged her fiancé Aomine Daiki to get ready for it. Yosen was the last one to make an appearance if only because their prince Murasakibara Atsushi overslept even after all the attempts of his husband Himuro Tatsuya to wake him up. But with his attendance all the kingdoms of the Teiko alliance were finally reunited after so many years of fights and quarrels. Everything thanks to the help of the foreign kingdom of Seirin who had been invited as special guests to the ball. King Hyuuga and Queen Riku could not attend but they had sent prince Kagami Taiga and his court to the ball in their name.

In any other occasion, Akashi Seijuurou would be more than happy to see his cousin Kuroko Tetsuya again especially after he ran away from Rakuzan and ended up getting into a relationship with the young Seirin prince. But not this dreaded day. Because of all these people, all the celebrations were for him. In three months, he will be 18 and therefore as the heir of the biggest empire he needed to find a partner before the coronation. Traditions in Rakuzan were too important to be taken lightly so unless he found a person to marry, he would never touch the crown. However, thanks to his deceased mother he was free to choose the person he desired, something his father loathed because according to him his marriage would be a great chance to ally with any of the kingdoms. Akashi did not know how to explain to his father that none of the princes was exactly available as they were all in a relationship. So here he was, preparing himself for the three months celebrations that were supposed to be held on his honour.

“You are too stiff, Sei-chan,” mussed Mibuchi Reo while he tried to fix his cape.

“I just don’t see the point of parading myself among strangers who are only after my throne.”

“Come on,” Mibuchi patted him on the shoulder. “Be there a few minutes with Kuroko and the rest and then sneak out to the library, I will leave it open for you to hide.”

Akashi could not help but smile at the kindness his friend was offering him. Even though she was not the head librarian of the Rakuzan castle, Mibuchi always had the keys of the place which Akashi suspected was because she stole them from Mayuzumi. But as real the head librarian had never complained about it, he never mentioned it. He let Mibuchi fuss over his hair a bit more deciding that he should try to stay the whole night and leave the library as a last option.

After two hours, Akashi excused himself and slipped away from the ball. The whole party had been exhausting but at least his friends tried to keep most of the guests away taking turns to speak with him. But Akashi could not help but feel a bit bad that he was taking them from such a wonderful night. So, after a while he decided the library was going to the best option. The moment he entered the room he felt the peace of the place invade him. Leaving his crown and cape on Mayuzumi’s desk he started to walk slowly by the bookshelves. When he found a book interesting enough, he approached the light that he thought belonged to the head librarian. However, his surprise was huge when instead of white hair he found a brunet boy completely focused on his reading. A bit puzzled, Akashi studied his face sensing some familiarity on his features. Before his brain could specify of what did he know this man, the brunet noticed his presence.

“Oh! I’m sorry,” apologised with a bright smile. “I thought I was the only one who was going to ditch the party.”

“I’m afraid you’re not,” answered Akashi still not knowing why this stranger was smiling. “May I know what are you doing here?”

“Well, I don’t see the point in the whole ball thing,” shrugged the boy. “And Kuroko always talks about how big the Rakuzan library is so of course I had to come to check it,” he suddenly seemed to notice something. “Wait, am I allowed to be here? I assure you I didn’t want to trespass or anything.”

“Do not worry, the library is open to everyone who could ever need it, although Kuroko usually praised Seirin library” apart from mentioning Kuroko the boy was wearing white, red and black so it was not that hard to guess he was from Seirin.

“He does?” he blushed a bit. “It’s a bit small but I guess we have a lot of knowledge to offer.”

“You study Seirin’s folklore?”

“I’m actually the head library of the castle,” he offered a hand. “Furihata Kouki.”

“Oh, you’re the one who found out about the mystic art of the Zone.”

“N-n-n-no,” Akashi did not know why watching Furihata blush was so funny. “I just pointed out a few legends to Kagami and Kuroko, they did the rest.”

“It was a force to be recognised,” he took a seat next to Furihata. “We also tried to master it but I’m afraid we still have much research to do.”

“You are a librarian too?”

Akashi then realised that even with his hair and eyes, Furihata had not noticed who he was. Deep down he knew he should answer with the truth, but his conversation with Furihata was the nicest one he had that day. The boy also seemed to be well versed in the folklore of his country which was a subject of deep interest to him but that he will not probably discuss with a potential enemy. Rakuzan and Seirin had a peace alliance but no one knew when the tables could turn. So, if he confessed his identity to Furihata the most probable outcome was that the boy decided to stop speaking with him about the secrets of his homeland. Also, there was something in this boy that made Akashi want to know more about him which might be difficult if his status became an issue.

“Yes,” answered after a moment. If Furihata found it strange he did not mention it. “I’m learning under Mayuzumi’s guidance. My name is… Mibuchi Seijuurou.”

“Nice to meet a fellow colleague.”

The prince smiled to himself while he took his hand feeling the warmth of his skin. This looked like the promising beginning of a nice friendship. As long as Furihata did not discover who he truly was he could get to know him better. Nothing could go wrong.


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© myndless88 2020

Please DO NOT edit, reupload, or repost anywhere without my consent.  I’d really appreciate it.

Goodness, I hope I’m not too late in posting these!  

I decided to participate in the KuroBas Valentine’s Day Event 2020!  I wanted to do a piece for each of my favorite ships from the show, so I had to hustle a bit.  But, they still seemed to turn out nice!  It was my first time drawing any of them too.  I only did two days:

Day 2 -  Pillow / Are you wearing my shirt? (AkaFuri)   

  • I went with the pillow part of the prompt.  As you can see, there are quite a few pillows on the bed as well as a plush!  And yes, Akashi is making kissy faces at Furihata to try and lighten the mood.  However, it just makes Furihata go from a nervous wreck to a blushing nervous wreck.  

Day 7 - Free day (AoKise and KagaKuro)  

  • AoKise’s piece has more detail since I started that on first.  Initially, I was just going to do one for AoKise and be done with the event, but then I decided to add two more (hence why they aren’t shaded).  Anyway, Kise was called by Aomine who wanted to speak with him at the park.  Aomine is quite nervous with giving Kise his Valentine’s gift–a heart-shaped basketball.  I’ll leave it to your imagination whether it contains chocolate or is just a decoration (as you can’t really play basketball with it).
  • KagaKuro’s was the last one I did.  I was initially going to add more to the background, but I was getting tired, and I’m not very good at backgrounds to begin with.  Kagami is licking his lips in anticipation for the vanilla shake Kuroko offered…but not from the cup…  

I really enjoyed participating in this event even if I was late with the entries.  I hope you all enjoy!

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they’re not you.


– Day 7 of KNB Valentine’s Week hosted by @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby

A/N: Aaa this is the last day of the challenge. I hope everyone had fun with this cuz I know I definitely did. On a slightly different note…


I know I gave you a gift already but here’s another one cuz why not hehe. ~Lily

Summary: You and Kise were the best of friends, but you had a secret crush on him for the longest time. However, with so many of his fans around him on Valentine’s Day, you start to get even more discouraged…


Your alarm clock just had to be broken today, the day you had a test during the first period no less. 

You quickly grabbed your bag and ran out the door. 

What’s even worse was that you burned a hole in your uniform too. 

Dammit, mom’s gonna kill me.

Groaning, you hurriedly made your way to the train station and thanked the heavens when you saw the train hadn’t left yet. 

You boarded and moved to the back of the train, where there weren’t as many people. The train doors closed behind you and you shivered slightly. 

You reached into your bag for your jacket but didn’t find it there. Then you remembered that you left them in your room this morning when you hurried out.

You groaned inwardly. 

Guess today’s gonna be a bad day for me. Should’ve expected it. I never have much luck on Valentine’s Day anyway.

You looked out of one of the train windows and couldn’t help but smile. The view may not be beautiful to everyone but it was to you. It was a view that just filled you with a calming sense of nostalgia.

Even today, with everything going wrong so far, it still somehow managed to calm you down, to some extent at least. 

“You’re always being such a worrywart y/n-chi”

His words suddenly came to mind. 

Just like the view from the train window, he’s one of the few things, or rather people, that could actually get you to smile and relax. 

It’s not that you weren’t a relaxed person. It’s just that a lot of the people you were with, your friends and classmates at school, somehow brought out a tenser side to you. 

That all changed when you met with Kise Ryouta though. Since the moment you two first talked, something just clicked. The two of you became really close and stuck together through thick and thin. He was what you deemed a really good friend, a best friend even. 

Suddenly, your phone started ringing. You picked it up and to no surprise was greeted by Kise’s panicked voice.

“Y/n-chiii, where are you? Assembly just finished and class is about to start. Sensei also seems like he’s in a bad mood today. You better hurryyy.”

“Oh great… sorry Ryouta. My alarm clock broke and my uniform got burned and ughh I’m not really having the best start for today. But I’m on the train to school and I think I can make it in like 10 minutes max.”

“Ok. Just hurry though, I don’t wanna have to do this test myself.”

“Ryouta, you’re gonna have to do it on your own anyway.”

“I know,” he whined. “It’s just that I feel more confident when you’re around.”

Your heart swooned at this. Yes, yes, here you were in the classic “in love with best friend but can’t tell him for fear of losing him” situation.

“Oh crap. Class started. Gotta go. Hurry. Please. Byeee.”

“Right. Almost the—”

He suddenly hung up on you. You understood though. Your first class teacher was pretty strict and is almost always in a bad mood.

A few seconds later, you felt the train slow to a stop. You sighed in relief as you realized this was your stop. Quickly gathering your things, you made a beeline for the exit and ran the rest of the way to school.


“How’d you think you did?” Kise asked you after class ended. 

You had made it with just enough time to quickly finish the test. you didn’t have time to double-check the answers but at least you were able to complete it. 

“I think I did good enough. I mean I did study a lot last night and the test wasn’t that bad so I guess it should be fine. How about you?”

“Well I have a great tutor so I’m sure I did good too,” he replied, winking at you.

A small blush crept up to your face. 

Arghh, why’d he have to be all flirty and cute all the time?

As you were trying to calm yourself, a girl you’ve seen a few times before walked up to you and Kise. Completely ignoring you, she told Kise to come with her as she had “something important” she wanted to discuss with him.

You rolled your eyes. 

Kise looked at you as if asking for permission. You told him it’s fine and to go with her. 

“I’ll wait for you in class,” you said with a forced smile.

It was the same every year. Valentine’s Day just seems to give everyone ten times more confidence. 

It honestly scares you a bit though. Even though Kise kept saying there wasn’t anyone he really liked, you kept worrying that maybe, one day, someone would come and steal his heart. 

What’s even worse is that you were the main reason Kise was so popular.

It had started around middle school when puberty began to change Kise. At the time you were into photography and had also noticed how he had become much more attractive.

Knowing he was a naturally photogenic person and wouldn’t mind helping you out, you asked him to model a few pics for you. You posted them on social media and he immediately became a big hit. He told you he had fun doing it with you so you guys continued. Until of course, a professional agency scouted him. You two have still stayed close friends through it all though.

You’d always find it funny how much of a cliche the situation you were in was. 

Girl meets boy. Girl helps boy become successful model. Boy becomes popular with the ladies. Boy meets another girl and falls for her. Girl is left heartbroken as she’s had feelings for him this entire time.

At this point, you’ve kinda accepted it already. You did want to tell him how you really felt, but you valued your friendship with him way more. So that’s why you just enjoyed whatever time you had with Kise. That in itself was already more than enough to you.You took a seat in the classroom and took out your materials, waiting for Kise.

You tried not to think about what was going on between him and that girl because, despite everything, you still can’t help but get jealous. It’s only natural but it’s a hell of an annoying feeling and you knew it would only get worse if you fixated too much on it. 

Kise finally came to class a second before the bell rang. He held a small heart-shaped box in his hands. You glared at it but tried your best to hide your jealousy. 

Fortunately, Kise didn’t notice anything off and quickly came to sit beside you. 


The rest of the day went by the same as every other Valentine’s. Kise would receive gift after gift and have to deal with all his fangirls and even some fanboys.

Today though, there seemed to be an extra amount of people giving him gifts, which you didn’t think was possible.

Because everyone was always crowding around him, you decided to leave him for now. You felt kinda bad for him but there wasn’t exactly much you could do. Besides, you’d probably make things worse for him by being there. 

When school ended, you waited at the train station for Kise. You remembered he said there wasn’t any basketball practice today and you were hoping the two of you could go home together. You had sent him a text telling him you’d wait for him here. 

After waiting almost an hour though, you just about gave up and was about to board the next train when you heard a voice calling out to you.

“Y/n-chii! Wait!” 

You turned and saw him running up to you. He had a few chocolates, roses, and even a teddy bear in his arms. He came to stop in front of you, panting.

“I’m sorry for making you wait,” he said sounding sincere.

You tried to give him a sympathetic smile. “Well, I’m assuming you were probably cornered by those love-crazed people again so don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault anyway,” you said more bitterly than intended.

Kise fell silent. 

“Y/n? Are you ok?”

“Yeah, sorry. I’m just not really having a good day that’s all”

“Oh ok…”

Not knowing what to say you both stayed quiet.

You looked at the sign by the train tracks. There were 3 minutes left until the next train arrived. Kise gestured to an empty bench and the two of you moved to take a seat.

“Y/n,” Kise said softly. “There’s something I want you to know ok?”

You looked at him in slight confusion.

He cleared his throat and continued, “I may get presents and gifts from all those ‘love-crazed people’ as you put it. But none of them matter to me.”

At this, your confusion grew. What’s he trying to say?

“None of them matter, because, well because they’re not you.”

He looked at you, golden eyes shining.

It took you a second to process what he had just said, but when you did, you blushed heavily and quickly looked away.

He laughed, “Don’t be so shy y/n-chi. I thought you already knew anyway.”

“Knew what?” you asked trying to feign innocence.

“Knew that I like you of course,” he said with a suave smile.

“Oh,” your brain seemed to have short-circuited after hearing his words.

“Umm I like you too…” you mumbled lamely.

He smiled widely at you and you blushed back.

“Well if we both like each other I think it’s only right that I ask,” he said before standing up and extending a hand to you.

“Y/n L/n, will you be my valentine?”

You shyly nodded and took his hand, “Of course.”

The train arrived and he pulled you up, putting an arm around you as the two of you boarded the train. 

Needless to say, what had started off as a bad day ended up being one of the best days you’ve had in quite a long while.

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Day 1: Chocolates/I don’t remember having these many hickeys. But I don’t mind. -MuraHimu

Summary: Atsushi is at lost on how to make Muro-chin happy this coming Valentines’ Day until a certain baked good catches his attention.

Day 2: Pillow/Are you wearing my shirt? -MuraMido

Summary: For Midorima’s lucky item on the 14th, only Murasakibara can help him.

Day 3: Flowers/You’re beautiful, you know that? -MidoTaka

Summary: Shin-chan is being very difficult these past few days and Takao is getting frustrated.

Day 4: Love Song/I wish you were here. -NijiAka

Summary: Akashi has finally realized that greater things come to those who wait.

Day 5: Kiss/Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day. -AoKi

Summary: Having a sweet but a psycho boyfriend is exactly what Kise Ryouta signs up for.

Day 6: Stars/I’m flattered, you’re jealous. -KagaKuro

Summary: Kuroko doesn’t know whether to get pissed or be happy when Kagami-kun finally has the balls to ask him for a date with a catch, of course. 

Day 7: Free day - MuraMido side AoKi

Summary: College students Midorima and Kise ponder about their long-distance relationship with their respective partners, the struggles of being in a long-distance relationship. 

Yasss finally done! O(≧∇≦)O

edited as of 02.21.20


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I am sorry for posting late just because I am quite distracted and I can’t seem to finish this fic lol. But without further ado, I present to you the fan fave pairing, KagaKuro <3

Many thanks to @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby for the prompt ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Originally posted by atsu-san

Day 6 Prompt: Stars/I’m flattered, you’re jealous. (KagaKuro side MuraHimu)

Title: Valentines’ Wish

Summary: Kuroko doesn’t know whether to get pissed or be happy when Kagami-kun finally has the balls to ask him for a date with a catch, of course. 

Rating: T for cursing

Also on Ao3

The sky is glowing hues of red and orange as the sun is beautifully setting off and Tetsuya, of all his sixteen years of existence, has never felt so content. He might not show is on his facade but he knows his feelings better than anyone. Well, maybe, except for Kagami-kun. After all, he is his shadow and he is his light. 

The truth is, they have been going out for more than two months after they play Yosen in the quarter-finals. For the most part, they don’t actually make it obvious that they are together, save for those few friends that actually know. In the Seirin team, only Furihata-kun knows because he accidentally walks in on them in the locker room after practice when Kagami-kun is about to kiss him on the lips. He feels a little bit guilty because the poor guy couldn’t look at them in the eyes for two weeks straight. When asked if they’re together, Tetsuya just gives him his usual poker face but he neither deny nor admit. But it is so evidently obvious though.

Keep reading

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Thanks again to @theuglycrybaby​ and @vanilla-daydreams​ for coming up with this challenge!

Day 5: Kiss/Your lips are so soft, I can kiss them all day

Sakurai x Reader


As much as you adore Ryo, there are just some things you can’t stand as his girlfriend. The first and foremost being: Aomine. 

The three of you have been in the same class for a couple years now (call it luck or coincidence). And now that things have evolved between you and Ryo, Aomine does not make it easy for the both of you. 

Even months before your confession to Ryo (because the boy couldn’t do it without apologising a billion times first), Aomine would lock the two of you in the gym when you both left last. Or make sure Ryo had a towel, before splashing water on you at the water fountain. 

Your confession itself, had been orchestrated by Aomine. He’d texted you that he was on the roof when you were supposed to get him for practice, and you’d gone up there to find him absent. Except for Sakurai. 

Then Ryo had gone all red in the face and stammered an apology, and before you knew what was happening, you’d blurted out your feelings. And he’d returned them, thankfully. 

In a way, you had Aomine to thank for a lot of things. But really, you wish he’d just stop

Especially now. Aomine has been teasing you and Ryo for not kissing yet when you’ve been dating for months now. And with your first Valentine’s coming up, it’s almost a deadline. But you don’t want it to be, and you know Ryo doesn’t either. 

Two weeks before, you’d caught Aomine sneaking one of his magazines into Ryo’s bag at the end of the day. The week after, the blue-haired boy had pushed the two of you close whenever either of you even made the slightest of eye contact. 

Ryo’s apologies were starting to sound strained even to your ears. But he never faltered, and it’s one of the things you love about him––even if you wished he’d stand up for himself a little more sometimes. It’s a kind of strength, you’d realised early on. He’s always had the biggest heart and the greatest sense of empathy. As a boyfriend, he’s always put himself in your shoes and considered things from your angle before you yourself even have. You can’t help that rush of warmth flooding your chest just thinking of him. 

It takes him a while to get used to the idea that his own desires are important too, but he does eventually (finally). A few days before Valentine’s, he’s walking you home when it happens. 

The trees are starting to bud now at the end of winter, and you feel the beginnings of spring when he smiles at you. His eyes are a warm caramel in the setting sun, and he’s held your hand for a half hour now without apologising. It’s lovely, and you wish you could take a picture of this moment to keep forever. 

It’s even lovelier when he leans in, and closes the distance between you two. You almost expect him to pull back and apologise the next second, but his eyelashes flutter against his cheeks and you’re closing your eyes too. His lips are soft and shy against yours, but you feel the smile curving them and it makes you braver. 

You lean in and his breath catches on your lips. The action pulls him back, and he stares at you with wide eyes and flushed cheeks. You expect him to apologise, but he doesn’t. Instead, he smiles, and kisses you. Again. And again. 

Since then, he sneaks them as often as he can, including at practice when you’re there. You’re not so sure you’re both being sneaky enough anymore, since you think you see Imayoshi’s smirk and Aomine’s thumbs ups sometimes behind your back. It’s embarrassing. 

“Ryo,” you call out to his figure in the empty gym after practice on Valentine’s. 

He turns around, exhausted from practice, but the light in his eyes at your voice fills you with warmth. Everyone has left, and he’s stayed to pick up the balls (again), so you help him. 

You toss a ball to him and he catches it with ease. 

“You didn’t have to wait for me,” he says, his tone soft. 

“I wanted to,” you answer before he can apologise. He looks up at that with a smile that melts your insides.

Once you jog to him with the last ball, you grab his hand just as he drops it into the metal cart. 

“I actually had something I wanted to talk to you about––nothing serious!” You cut yourself off at his crestfallen expression. “Don’t look like that!”

The line that was appearing above his eyebrows evaporates. 

“Um,” you look at your feet as blood rushes to your face. 

He just waits, and you sense the warmth in his concerned gaze on you. 

“It’s about… the kissing. I think Imayoshi and Aomine know about––” 

You’re cut off as warm lips meet your own, and you feel his hands resting on your hips pulling you closer. It’s a pleasant surprise, and you don’t stop him until you realise this was the exact point you were trying to make; that anyone at any time could walk in at any moment and––


It’s a low voice you’re both all too familiar with. You break apart at lightning speed, but he’s holding you at arms’ length with his hands still on your hips. He realises a split second after and releases you completely. But it’s too late.

Oh,” Aomine’s voice echoes in the empty gymnasium. 

You want a hole to open up below you and just swallow you up so you can die. You’re too embarrassed to even look in your classmate’s direction at the moment, and you almost want to throw a ball at the blue-haired boy when he only says: “Don’t worry. Carry on. See you two in class tomorrow. Or not.” 

As soon as the doors close behind him, you look up at Ryo. His face looks as red as yours feels. 

“I-I’m so sorry!” He grabs your hands, his eyes earnest. “I should’ve been listening! I-it’s just your lips are so soft, I can kiss them all day.”

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During her life, Momoi Satsuki had always felt she was a supporting character in the life of her friends. It all started when Aomine and she started to attend Teiko. The afternoons spent together decreased but not to the point she truly noticed what was happening, after all she was also making new friends and discovering to live away from her childhood friend. Then, Aomine decided to join the basketball club and of course Akashi soon noticed the girl who usually waited for him had a wonderful talent for data analysis. Because of the boys being the ones who played, a lot of people ignored the role Momoi had played as manager of the Generation of Miracles. Only a few people recognized that the said Generation would have been just a normal team without her presence. Kuroko, Akashi, Riko and even her later team of Touou never forgot who the real genius was. And with time, when all the scars were almost healed, Momoi could almost feel how that wave of recognition spread throughout all her friends. The first time Murasakibara congratulated her for all her work she almost cried. All of them had their own way to apologise and praise her after everything she had done.

Except for Aomine.

Because that stupid ganguro never said anything to her when everyone agreed he was the one who owned the most to Momoi. And strangely, she was fine with it. Aomine had never been a man of words so Momoi leant from a young age to decipher his meaning by his actions. Like waiting for her with an umbrella on a rainy day, going shopping with her even when he hates it, and asking her to play against him in the court close to home. But still, it would be nice if she could at least take some praise from the blue boy. Which she did not expect to receive in the form of jealousy.

“You’re jealous,” she laughed. “I’m flattered.”

“I’m talking seriously, Satsuki!” frowned Aomine. “You can’t trust her.”

“She has only asked me to help her team, Dai-chan.”

“You can’t help the female basketball club,” he insisted. “You help us.”

“That doesn’t mean I can’t help them too,” she answered moving her hair. “I think playing with girls will actually be nice.”

“Wait!” Aomine stepped forward, letting his arm hug her from behind in a delicate gesture. “I… I’m sorry… I know you want to but…”


“Damn it, Satsuki, are you really going to make me say it?” Momoi looked up with a smile. “Fine… I don’t want to play with them… because I don’t want you to stop playing with me… because I don’t want you to realise you deserve better.”

“Oh, Dai-chan, there is no need to be jealous,” she kissed his nose. “You’re my favourite to play with after all.”

“Even… even after everything?”

“Even after everything,” she let him lean his head over her shoulder. “You know, Dai-chan? Those times, I really wished to disappear but every time you would appear out of nowhere asking for my help. You made me feel needed when anyone else needed me.”

“Then, I’m going to keep needing you forever, Satsuki.”

“That’s the best promise you could make.”

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– Day 6 of KNB Valentine’s Week hosted by @vanilla-daydreams​ and @theuglycrybaby

A/N: This turned out a little longer than I expected,, hopefully it’s good lol ~Lily

Summary: It’s said that people tend to be more open and honest in the dark. Whether or not this is true, you don’t know. What you do know is that there’s just something about talking to Kuroko under the stars that makes you want to tell him everything.


It was a calm night. You had run out of your house and into the fields, climbing a small hill to get away from all the shouting. 

Another night, another fight. 

You’ve grown a habit of coming out to stare at the stars from your little spot on the hill behind your house. You sighed as you dragged your legs up the hill. Finally reaching the top, you plopped down onto the grass and lifted your head to the sky. 

“Hello y/n.”

You let out a small shriek. Turning to see who it was, your eyes fell upon a small figure lying down in the grass not far from you.

“Kuroko? What’re doing here?”

“I’m in town visiting my grandparents. I’m pretty sure I sent you a text about it.”

“Oh…did you? Well nevermind that now,” you smiled just happy to see him again.

“So…I’m assuming things are still the same at home?”

You frowned slightly, “Yeah…”

He looked at you sympathetically.

“But I don’t really wanna talk about it. I’d much rather hear about what’s going on with you. We haven’t seen each other in months after all,” you quickly continued.

“Well if you really don’t want to talk about it, I won’t push you.”

You smiled.

“Nothing interesting has happened much, other than basketball matches. How about you y/n-san?”

“How many times do I need to tell you to stop calling me y/n-san? Just y/n is enough.” you said feigning anger.

“OK, y/n.”

“That’s better. And nothing interesting has happened to me too…”

A silence enveloped the two of you. The stars twinkled as you and Kuroko lay side by side, staring up at the cloudless sky. 

“The sky here is nice. It’s not like the sky back in Tokyo.” Kuroko said, finally breaking the silence.

You nodded.

Living in the countryside meant having clearer skies, and this meant a beautiful view of the stars almost every night. That’s why this little hill was one of your favorite spots. Here, you could feel the sheer and immense size of the universe. You could feel just how small you were. It usually helped you put your problems into perspective, but tonight, it didn’t seem to be working. 

“Hey Kuroko? What’s love?”

He blinked at you a few times. 

“Why do you ask?”

“You see, my friend confessed to her crush on valentine’s day. Long story short they got together and now she’s telling me all bout how she’s in love and just going on and on about it. I’m not annoyed at her or anything. It’s just that she made me question love.”

He nodded signaling for you to go on.

“Like I know scientifically what she has isn’t called love, it’s infatuation. But there are people who’ve been together for very long and can say that they truly love each other. Is that what love is though? Just staying around a person long enough to feel a strong attachment to them?”

He let out a low sigh. “I can’t say for sure what love is. What I can tell you is that it probably goes deeper than that. It’s more than just chemicals in our brain. At least that’s what I’m told.”

“Kuroko, that doesn’t help.”

“OK then, think about it this way. It doesn’t matter if there’s really love or not. What matters is that you feel something for that someone and you enjoy feeling that way about them. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.”

“Wow OK. You’re just completely ditching the idea of love then huh?” you said teasingly.

“Nothing I say is ever right with you y/n.”

You laughed.

This is why you always valued your time spent with Kuroko. He’d always give very straightforward answers to anything you asked. A lot of people may find him overbearing but his direct manner was what drew you to him in the first place.

“OK OK I’m sorry. It’s just that I want something to trust in. You know I haven’t had the best example of love growing up, and what the media portrays isn’t exactly the kind of love that exists everywhere either…”

“Y/N, you trust people, not the concept of love.”

“Hmm, guess you’re right,” you said slowly.

You thought of the days when Kuroko would come over every weekend to visit his grandparents. You guys would spend tons of time together and talk about stuff just like you were now. Thinking about it, he was probably the person you trusted most. You did openly and honestly tell him how you were feeling every time you guys talk. 

“Kuroko? For what it’s worth, I trust you. I trust you a lot.”

He seemed a little taken aback by your sudden confession but quickly regained his composure. 

“I trust you a lot too y/n.”

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Happy Valentines Day! (Kise and Midorima)

The boys buying/giving valentines chocolate for you.



Originally posted by kacchadeku

You and Kise have been friends since the two of you were little, Growing up with him always by your side, you couldn’t help it but fall inlove with Kise Ryota.

“Valentines Day is coming up..” You wanted to ask him out on a date but you were too nervous,“Do you have any plans?” You asked. That wasn’t what you were going to say! Asking him out isn’t a big deal right?

“I have a photoshoot on valentines day.” Kise sighed,“I wanted to celebrate valentines day.”

“Oh really? With whom?” You wanted to slap yourself from asking that question. Of course the answer wasn’t going to be you!

“What are you talking about? With you of course!” He gave you a warm smile that melted your heart,“I’m more comfortable with I’m with you.” Those words felt like ‘I love you’ to you. Hearing him say that made you blush so you covered your face with your hair.

“What are you going to do now?” You asked shyly.

“I guess the only choice I have now is to cancel the shoot.”

“Eh? Why?” You curiously asked,“I’m not worth it.”

“You are.” He stopped on his tracks,“I’ve been waiting to tell you this..” He leaned in closer, Is he going to kiss you? hug you? surprise you?,“Would you like some chocolate for valentines day?”

“O-Of course.” You answered. You were expecting something else to happen but I guess that could wait.



Originally posted by midorihope-blog1

You wanted to see Midorima smile. He always has a straight face on and you wondered what he looked like if he was smiling.

“Is your plan really going to work?” You asked Takao. You asked him for help since he was the closest to Midorima and probably has seen him smile a few times.

“Yeah! Just remember to act wise!” He gave me a pat on the back,“Why do you want to see him smile anyways? Do you like him?”

“No!” He arched a brow,“Okay, fine! I like him! Happy now?” You rolled your eyes.

“Very.” He answered,“Midorima’s in the school rooftop go meet him there!” He gave me a small push.

I quickly ran to the rooftop and saw him standing with a paper on his hands.

“Were you the one who called me here?” I read what was written on the paper.

‘Meet me on the rooftop mwah!’

Damn it. Why did I let Takao plan this? I could have asked someone for help.


“You seem unsure about your answer.” He said.

“I really am the one who called you!” You gave him a shy smile,“Sorry for wasting your time but I wanted to give you this.” You gave him a small green paperbag.

“It’s chocolate!”

“Why are you giving me this?”

“Uh… Happy Valentines?” You smiled.

“I don’t really deserve it but thank you.. It’s the first valentines chocolate I received in my life.” Really? I thought he was a heartthrob? He is hard to approach but other than that? He’s perfect! He accepted it and looked away,“Thanks.. I got something for you too.”

“For me really?” You were surprised. What did you do to deserve a present coming from him?

“Yes.. It’s not like I planned it or anything nanodayo.” He grabbed something from his pocket,“Consider it a coincidence.” He handed me a velvet box.

“A proposal ring?”

“No!” He quickly answered,“Well it’s a chocolate I tried making yesterday. Just pray that it tastes good.” He sighs,“I have to go thanks for today.”

I didn’t see him smile today but the chocolate was definitely worth it.

“Oh by the way.” You gave him a concerned look,“Happy Valentines Day.” He gave you a warm smile that totally melted your heart.

Mission accomplished!

I know it’s like Feb 16 but I was busy during valentines so I’m very sorry for posting this so late 😭

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He could not exactly say when was the first time the thought appeared in his head. Maybe it was after their first win against Kaijo, but that felt too soon. With Shutoku? No, not yet. It was probably after their defeat against Touou. Definitely before Rakuzan.

Kuroko’s lips look so soft.

The moment it crossed his mind Kagami knocked his head against the nearest wall scaring the first years who were training with him. Furihata threw him a weird look but Fukuda and Kawahara just shrugged. They had seen him do weirder things. But the problem was that now he was supposed to train some passes with Kuroko and he could not stop thinking about how cute the other was and how he wanted to hug the hell out of him. He could not focus on basketball like this. However, there was still a chance of getting rid of that if he played his cards well. So he approached Riko ready himself for the worst.

“Er… coach,” he called. “I’m not feeling very well so can I go home… please?”

“You? Not feeling well?” Riko scanned him with her eyes. “You don’t look like it but at the same time you would never make up an excuse about basketball. Fine, but tomorrow you will have to train harder.”

Once outside the gym, Kagami found himself walking to Maji Burger. He sighed when his brain almost created the image of a small boy with a vanilla milkshake in his hands. This was going too far, he needed to find a way of letting these feelings go so he could focus on his team. It was not as if he disgusted by them, but he did not want to spoil the connection he had with Kuroko. Because it was obvious there was no way the other could return his feelings. Kuroko was too nice for him; he was smart and talented which meant he probably knew dating Kagami was not the best idea. The American returnee could only think of basketball and would probably ruin all their dates with his rude manners. After all, Kuroko was one of the most beautiful man he has ever seen, even more than Himuro. He was sure a lot of great people were after him.

“We can’t be together,” he whispered while he ate a burger.

“Who are you talking about, Kagami-kun?” interrupted a voice in front of him.

“Kuroko!” Kagami jumped on his seat gaping at the phantom man who had appeared out of thin air. “What are you doing here?”

“Coach told us you weren’t feeling well so I wanted to check how were you,” he quietly said. “I didn’t know Kagami-kun was so brainless to lie to Coach.”

“I didn’t lie to her!”

“You look quite fine for me.”

“Well, I’m not I have… issues.”

Kuroko stared at him in silence letting the sound of liquid going up the straw judge him. Kagami rolled his eyes in response to the dramatics but could not hide the tiny smile that was forming on his face.

“If something is bothering you,” Kuroko said. “you can always count on me, Kagami-kun.”

“Thanks, but you’re definitely the wrong person to be talking about this.”

“Kagami-kun hurts me,” sometimes it was difficult to know when Kuroko was being sarcastic with his blank face. This was not one of them. “I promise you I will listen without judging you… much.”

“Just drop it, Kuroko. I’m not in the mood.”

“No, this is getting in the way of our play, so we need to solve it.”

“There is nothing to solve!” Kagami punched the table making everyone in the restaurant turn to him. “I-I’m sorry, I better leave.”

Although he ran away like a coward, it did not take him much time to notice Kuroko was following him. He turned to him frowning ready to explain that he wanted to be alone when Kuroko stared at him.

Damn him and his puppy eyes.

“Your lips are so soft I would love to kiss them all day,” he blurted. “No! That’s not what I…”

“Kagami-kun is so blunt,” wait, was Kuroko blushing? “If that is what worried you, then you should have said it before.”

“B-b-but, y-you…”

“We should focus on the matches we have soon,” Kuroko kept saying ignoring his muttering. “After we finish, we can have our date, Kagami-kun.”


“You know, Kagami-kun,” smiled Kuroko. “You also have pretty lips.”

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Day 3 - Flowers/You’re beautiful, you know that?

Summary: Riko has self-doubts. There’s nothing Hyuuga has ever doubted about her (besides her cooking).

Relationship: Aida Riko/Hyuuga Junpei

Author’s Note: I know I’m late, but my fics wanted to cause trouble and end up longer than I intended, so I’m hecticly trying to get through them. This is the first one I was able to finish, and my first time ever posting a fic for Kuroko no Basket. Hope you guys like it!

Prompts by @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby. Thank you guys so much for this little fandom boost!

Read it on AO3

Hyuuga is worried.

It’s not a particularly new feeling. He was worried when Kiyoshi got injured. He was worried they wouldn’t get any new recruits when their second year started. He’s been in a non-stop state of worry over losing his damn mind since they did get new recruits, and they all turned out to be little shits he regularly wants to beat the crap out of.

He’s never been worried about Aida Riko.

The toxic waste she calls food, yes, (Kagami’s been helping in that regard, so maybe he won’t have to risk dying just to spare her feelings anymore) but never Riko herself. Riko has only ever been strong, it’s one thing he’s always been able to count on, but earlier today she looked…frail.

Not pale, not ill, not malnourished. Hyuuga has seen her be all of those things at one point or another, but her resolve never once wavered. The strength of her mind, her character, everything that makes up the Riko he fears, admires, and lo—respects, seemed to have vanished. The Riko of today looked as if saying one wrong thing to her could shatter her into pieces.

So yeah, he’s worried. Even more so when he walks into their fifth class—ten minutes late because he had to speak with another teacher about a failed assignment—to find her usual seat empty. He gets scolded by their English teacher, and informed of what pages of grammar exercises to complete for the first half of class, before taking his usual seat by Koganei and Mitobe.

“Where’s Riko?” Hyuuga asks gruffly.

Koganei shrugs, brows furrowed in concentration. English has always been his worst subject.

Hyuuga clenches his jaw. He doesn’t know how to deal with things like this. It’s one of those situations that makes him wish he were more like Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi’s an instigating bastard that likes to pretend he’s an airhead, but he always seems to know what people need. Hyuuga has never been good with other people—he’s not even sure how he’s managed to keep Izuki as a friend for so many years. He doesn’t even know how to ask someone what’s wrong without sounding like a dick.

Kiyoshi does.

Should he make an excuse to leave class and go find her?

Kiyoshi would.

What does Riko do when she’s upset? Where would she go?

Kiyoshi probably knows stuff like that.

He’s spent so much time trying to avoid certain aspects of his relationship with Riko that he’s realizing he may have neglected some very important other ones.

Koganei’s distraught voice breaks him out of his downward spiral.

“Rinn, for the last time, I don’t need your help. I’m gonna figure it—what?” Hyuuga leans over, catching Mitobe as he cuts Koga off with a serious of flustered gestures and a melancholy expression. “Oh.Oh.”

Koganei turns to him then, eyes somber.

Hyuuga feels a twinge of panic crawl up his spine. “What?”

“Mitobe says he might know where Riko is.”

He gives Koganei a ‘go on’ look, but the cat-mouthed boy just looks uncomfortable, shifting in his seat. Hyuuga promptly loses his patience.

“Am I gonna have to beat it out of you?”

He can tell Koganei wants to roll his eyes, but meets him with a serious expression instead.

“He said she’s probably at her mom’s grave.”

Hyuuga is silent and still for what feels like an impossibly long time. “Her mom’s…dead?”

Koganei turns to Mitobe, translating his ‘sign language’. “Yeah, a few years ago today.”

Hyuuga…doesn’t understand. Why wouldn’t he know something like this?

“She told you this?”

“No, he was looking up Kagetora-san and found articles from that year.”

Hyuuga leans back in his seat, mind wandering. He hasn’t opened his workbook, hasn’t even unzipped his bag.

He’s never asked Riko about her family. They’ve talked about her dad, of course, ever since Hyuuga found out who he was, but she’s never mentioned her mother.

Kiyoshi would know about Riko’s mom, because he would have asked. He’d know where to find her. He’d know how to console her.

“Fuck,” he curses under his breath, quickly gathering his bag. Mitobe and Koganei peer up at him, startled.

He ignores them, and their teacher’s disgruntled call of “Hyuuga-san!”, rushing out of the classroom. He doesn’t stop for anyone who calls out to him on his way out of the building, his thoughts swirling around and taunting him.

If Kiyoshi were here, he wouldn’t have let her out of his sight until he figured out the problem, and tried one of his patented Kiyoshi fix-it disasters that somehow always end up working.

If Kiyoshi were here, she wouldn’t have had to deal with this on her own.

If Kiyoshi were here…Hyuuga clenches his fists.

Sometimes, he feels like he’s the one who should’ve gone to America.

Sometimes, he wishes Kiyoshi was the one in love with Riko.


“Romantic feelings toward Riko? Oh no, not at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love her. I love you. You guys are my best friends.”

“Oh. Thanks, I guess?”

“Also, I’m very gay.”

Hyuuga spits out his drink. Kiyoshi just laughs, clapping him on the back and handing him a napkin.


Hyuuga finds her fairly easily. He always does.

It took less five minutes to find an article that mentioned which cemetery Riko’s mom is buried in, and with only one stop on the way, the trip was only about forty minutes in total. Upon arriving to the ornate cemetery gates, he’d spotted a head of short, caramel colored hair and their school uniform almost immediately, way up on one of the highest points of the lot.

He scales the hill, approaching a large, grey marble headstone cautiously, making just enough noise to alert Riko of his presence. He stops a few feet away from where she’s sitting with her knees hugged to her chest.

She doesn’t turn to face him, but addresses him all the same. “Hi Hyuuga.”

“How’d you know it was me?” He responds, softly for once.

“I saw you walking up to the gate.” Riko’s voice sounds thick with emotion. Grief.

He nods. Without another word, he bends down to gingerly place the bundle of flowers against the stone. He sits himself down down by Riko, close enough for comfort, but far enough not to crowd her space.


“For remembrance.”

“Ah. Thank you.”

Hyuuga shakes his head. “I’m sorry I didn’t know.”

Riko laughs weakly. “How could you have? It’s not like I go around broadcasting it.”

He wants to argue that he could’ve paid better attention, even done the slightest bit of research on her father like Mitobe apparently did, but this isn’t about him.

“She was a beautiful woman.” He acknowledges the photo resting against the stone. It’s of Riko’s father and a short-haired woman smiling with a smaller Riko in her arms.

“She was, wasn’t she? She was an amazing mom. Always there for me, encouraging me to do or be whatever made me feel best. Driven, too. She was well on her way to becoming one of the best family lawyers in Tokyo. My dad was obsessed with her.” Riko laughs. Hyuuga can definitely imagine that. “It was always such a nice thing to witness, two people loving each other as much as they did.”

They sit in silence for a few moments. There’s a gentle breeze in the air, and the wafting smell of the lilies he brought permeates the air around them.

“Sometimes I think I’ll never have what they had.”

“Why not?”

“Most guys are afraid of girls like me, like my mom. Ones who are intelligent, ambitious, headstrong,” Riko plucks at her t-shirt. “Who look like thirteen year old boys without a skirt and hair clip. And the boys who aren’t afraid of girls like me are usually weirdos like my dad.” She shivers, wrapping her arms around her legs again.

Hyuuga gazes at her side profile. There’s so many things he wants to say, but he’s not sure if he should say any of them at all, if he even can.

He thinks about how they met. How she helped them form the team that changed all of their lives for the better. He thinks of Saturday afternoons spent shopping, after school study sessions, her father’s knowing glare.

How she trusts him to cut her hair.

Of ordering food and knowing each other’s preferences.

Shared smiles, lingering eye contact, brief touches.

He thinks of everything he knows about her, everything he doesn’t, and how he’s going to bring that gap. He thinks and thinks and thinks, but he isn’t saying anything, and he knows that he has to say something.

His heart races. “I’m not afraid of you.”

Riko scoffs. “Are too.”

Hyuuga nods, because yeah, he is, but that’s not what he meant. “Well yeah, obviously I’m afraid of you. You’re a scary ass coach, but,” He takes a deep, shaky breath, and decides to follow through. “I’m more afraid of losing you as a friend than anything else. Any guy worth a damn would feel the same.”

Riko looks at him then, really looks at him. As if she’s doing one of her scans. He tries not to swallow nervously. He’s getting closer and closer to confession territory. After a painfully long and intense stare down, she gives him a small, barely there smile.

“You don’t have to be afraid of that.” Riko stands, brushing the dirt and grass off of her knee high socks and skirt. “Thank you, for bringing the flowers. And for being here.”

There’s no place I’d rather be.

“No problem.”

On the walk home, there’s a river bank with stone ledges. Riko trots ahead of him, climbing up on the ledge to walk across like a tightrope.

The sun is setting, and it casts a brilliant light around them, dancing off of the water. Riko leans her head back as she walks, smiling softly with the sunlight shining behind her like a halo. Hyuuga blushes.

He isn’t Kiyoshi. He never will be, doesn’t want to be, but there are certain things he can appreciate about the sneaky bastard.

Kiyoshi would tell her how he feels.

“For the record, I don’t think you look like a thirteen year old boy, ever.” He’s ashamed to say he mumbles the last part, cheeks flaming and facing away from Riko. “I think you’re beautiful.”

It’s still not a confession, but it’s about as much as he can take for the day, and piggybacking off of her feelings over her deceased mother just feels wrong. It’s enough for him to try and assuage any lingering doubts she has about herself.

When he finally works up the courage to face her again, Riko is peering at him with a curious expression. He’s more interested in the tinted color of her cheeks, though, and how her eyes seem to say what neither of them could probably ever manage.

But when she hops down from the ledge, fitting herself into his personal space and letting their hands graze each other lightly, he knows that nothing really needs to be said.

(Except maybe a thank you to Kiyoshi, for entangling himself into Hyuuga’s life so thoroughly that he can use him as a comforting standard, but he’ll die before ever letting Kiyoshi know about that.)

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