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#love that for me

i just watched a silent voice /the shape of voice (honestly idk why netflix changed the title the shape of voice is significantly more poetic) anyway what happened was there was a scene where nishimiya was screaming at the pond where she and ishida go to feed the fish. she was screaming bc when ishida was trying to prevent her suicide he ended accidentally attempting suicide (a lot to talk about here too) and was in a coma in the hospital and had been for a while so nishimiya felt super guilty and her self hatred was at an all time high so she was screaming and then ishida in the hospital woke up suddenly and was like nishimiya! all panicked and then hurriedly took off all the ivs and medical bits and pieces and ran to the pond bc he just knew she would be there and they just hugged each other and cried and honestly that made me pause bc when I watched i was like wait no wait and then i was like wow i think i want this but also ill be alone forever bc im unloveable and i also can’t even interact? like im so bad at being a person and being a person w other ppl and i was like this specific moment is so beautiful (in a corny way) and like but ill never get to experience this intensity of emotions anyway this is a long post and i think it’s incoherent

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Hey, thanks! Fun fact. Hoodies are color coded by au. I realized on these I only notes his skin and hair as being a darker shade on the post game au, but generally I keep the same colors between him because I prefer to work with darker colors.

Not shown are;

Reserve Hinata just gets a suit, simulation Hinata gets his in-game design. No despair aus fluxuate between canon look and twin au.

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Sweetheart I love how you think I remember any of them. That means a lot!

I liked all my ones with photos. The first one I did was Noora’s fashion sense, so that one holds a special place. But I don’t do pics anymore because it takes way too long. That ended when I stopped tagging shkdjd. Rip

There was a really funny one that I loved, I think it was something about Isaks/Evens driving? Idk it was hilarious

Also “how would the Isaks react if they sent a screenshot to the person in the screenshot” was really funny as well

Boy I’m hilarious, wish I remembered literally anything I’ve ever said in my life!!

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