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#love that for me

finally got an update from uni about placement and basically although the process will be VERY different than it should be and at times a little harder, it’s looking like as long as my next placement site stays open then i will get the hours i need to be accredited and graduate… it was reassuring but it also means from today i will be doing absolutely nothing with my life until mid May…. literally nothing… lol

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the power of singing “shade never made anybody less gay” in the same room as my mother who thinks i’m straight

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just realized i have no personality cause i’m incapable of choosing a favourite color <3

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All hostility and anger leaves your body as he lets himself fall onto your couch. You get stuck in a bit of an awkward silence, before you decide to go and make some tea. While youre putting on the kettle, you suddenly feel the master behind you, as he puts his hand on your arm and spins you around and, rather forcibly, smashes his lips into yours, making you crash into the kitchen counter. He pulls away and looks at you with dark eyes and says "definitely dont wanna leave yet." (3/3) 馃ズ馃憠馃憟

hi yes police? send the authorities, i’ve got a case of the feeels

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tumblr has basically become unusable….. what with xkit not working and nothing loading…

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i really love drawing, it’s crazy. I do it as a reflex thing now, I think. I have a little space in the schedule and I’m drawing, big things or little things, things that i haven’t never draw before or things that i can reproduce by heart, school things or personal stuff. It’s just drawing, i love it, the pencil, the sound, the form my body relaxes at the familiarity. I just think i was born to do this, i know I’m not the best but I’m trying, my hand is more loose now and yet more confident; i have been drawing for years now, i dedicated hundreds of hours at this and they pay off. they really did pay off. i can’t believe it started so silly and now I’m doing a career of this because the one direction fanart i made when i was eleven. i hope this is only the begging, i can’t wait to see what i could create with twenty years of practice, or forty. i just really do love drawing, i want to do it all my life.

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Photoshop finally stopped acting an ass and now ya girl can make more mediocre gifs of her faves

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