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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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No one was blindsided, no not even Mr. Trump, truly. He, his aides, intelligence agencies, medical professionals all saw saw this coming. Now it is probably accurate to write that he never fails to get tested every single day … It is also accurate to write that; he was the president who failed to read daily briefings, he is the president who failed to engage in strategic planning over 3.5 years, he is the president who dismantled response teams, he is the president who defunded outreach programs, he is the president who failed to appoint and to encourage competence throughout the CDC, he is the president who failed to listen to other government leaders, he is the president who failed to protect, failed to engage, failed to empathize, failed to acknowledge, failed to make the tough decisions…. Yeah, that president …. HE FAILED.

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Panic attacks have been affecting my life in such a bad way especially in the last ¾ days. I had an exam tomorrow but i’m not doing it since it’s been impossible for me to study. It’s never ending, i always feel bad. I’m scared of going out, i’m scared of dying. Life is getting too much, there are too many things to catch up with and I’m not strong enough.

I want to give everything up.

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I’m starting to think my 4 leaf clovers aren’t actually lucky. Of course what did I expect? That my life would randomly get better because I found a flower? Losers don’t get the luxury of a happy life. That’s reserved only for winners. Those that have accomplished their dreams. Failures like me have no right to expect happiness. We’re just fodder for the truly talented.

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So I’m sitting here with tears running down my face. I was just informed that I failed my math class that I worked extra hard in. I’ve talked to my teacher so many times about how to keep my grade up yet I was still never able to actually do it. I’m so disappointed in myself.


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Are you trying to learn a new skill, but struggling to pick it up? Speed isn’t intelligence. Check out this video below.

In Praise of the Slow Learner:

Struggling with Failure? Check out this Ted Talk with Barbara Corcoran:

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