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#number six

For Ben, it’s probably because he’s dead and can’t change any clothes. (Or if he’s able to later in the season, which I doubt, I don’t think they’d want to spoil that.)

For Five I honestly have no idea. Then again, the school-uniform thing is kind of his brand at this point? So maybe it’s for aesthetic™ reasons.

OR Five just couldn’t be bothered to change any clothes. And assuming that’s the reason, picture this (sad headcanon alert): he doesn’t want to change any clothes, he doesn’t want to take care of his appearance, because that means taking care of a body that isn’t his. It makes it seem as if he’s stuck as a kid forever, it makes his entrapment more real. But if it’s temporary, he doesn’t need new clothes. Why take care of something you’re going to give up on anyway?

ALTERNATIVELY, another sad headcanon: these are the only clothes he’s ever known. He got trapped in the apocalypse as a kid, and he probably held onto this uniform until it didn’t fit him anymore (or until he was forced to change out of due to weather conditions, as we see in the start of EP5). So they feel safer than anything else.

OKAY, NOW FOR ANOTHER THEORY that’s not headcanon-y, I promise: what if Five arrives in Dallas first?

Like we’ve been assuming that the GIFs were released in the order the Hargreeves reach Dallas. But what if, instead of Ben and Klaus arriving first, Five does? So if he’s already there, if no time has passed between S1 and S2 for him, that would mean his appearance is the same. He just… popped right in.

Then again, there are his injuries. And then there are the comics, but at this point I’m not so sure how true to them the show is going to stay. We’ll see though!

And anyway yeah, I’m not sure what theory I support myself, I’m just throwing in some random thoughts. I’m not trying to claim I know what will happen in S2 in any way. Feel free to expand on this if it inspires you though!

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This has been apparently stuck in my draft for ages??? I thought I posted this??? wtf??

I honestly don’t know how to respond. This is so goddamn wild and weird and funny. I love it. Never in a million years would I have thought of this. For some reason, this terrifies me more than the literal eldritch tentacled being that’s resides in Ben’s abdomen.

I know this is supposed to be cute, but I’m just thinking of how the super power works. Is Ben creating the puppies? Are the puppies already existing and they just shoot out? Do they kill people when they reach a person? Does he have to shoot like a ton of puppies in order to do damage? Do they go back in, or does an infinite amount? Does it hurt Ben?

I know I should write something to this prompt, but I need time to process this.

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Klaus: Why do I keep you around again?

Ben: Because the alternative would be developing a consciousness of your own.

As a break from the individual posts I decided to make a small panel of my favourite duo! I got the dialogue from a post on Instagram by @smolbeanklaus 

Tell me if you guys like this type of stuff! 

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So you’re telling me that Vanya’s telekinetic powers, which she seemed to control pretty well even at 4, frightened Reginald Hargreeves so much that he had to drug her her whole life to repress them but Ben’s terrifying monsters didn’t ?

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In S2, I think Ben’s still dead. I literally have no evidence, it’s just the fact that he’s still wearing the same clothes he wore in S1, in all the photos he’s in, when all the siblings (except Five) have changed.

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“I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.”

A prison where you can never turn off the Muzak. Now that’s a nightmare.

The Village is like a surreal seaside vacation resort, with bright colors, winding streets, and holiday entertainments. But like a roach motel, you check in – but you don’t check out, as evidenced by the old folks home and the graveyard on the beach. No one talks about (or more accurately, is permitted to talk about) anything that exists outside the Village. And it appears to be international. What sort of government agency would collaborate with the agencies of other countries to illegally imprison their decommissioned spies? The “maid” assigned to Number Six said that she was born in the Village. Makes sense, if some of these imprisoned people choose to have children, but it’s a disturbing idea.

Surveillance is constant, privacy is nonexistent, and paranoia is the rule of the day. (Although Six also learned that he was under constant surveillance before he came to the Village.) Nearly everyone Six met during this episode was working against him. And there was the hinted at but un-elaborated upon threat of torture if Six doesn’t cooperate and tell them why he resigned.

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