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Basically whats happening now, is that I am really running out of songs, so no daily messages anymore (even though I loved sending them), but whenever I find some good stuff, I will still send it to you. Here are the last regular songs, I am as always starting with Birdy, I have never suggested the ones she got famous for, so here they are: Skinny Love and People Help The People. Others from her: Deep End, Give up, Shadow, Lifted, Beating in your heart (Basically every song from Beautiful Lies)

Heart of Gold, Maybe, Dream. Others: Rhodes - Your Soul, Youth - Daughter, Glass Animals - Pork Soda, Imagine Dragons - Believe, Twenty One Pilots - Fairly Local and Migraine, Thriftworks - Moon Juice, panthurr - woof, Left Boy - Jack Sparrow, Nick Weaver - Gospel. May our taste of music always be the same 2/2

Okay, bear me while I freakout and gush over all the amazing songs on this playlist. I might sound repetitive, but my adjectives are kinda falling short to describe all or any of them. Don’t want to pick any favourites but Youth’s daughter, Migraine, Believer, I had to stop myself from writing an essay about every word in those lyrics and how much I am in love with those songs. 

And I loved Your soul, Gospel and Fairly local’s  Tomorrow i’ll switch the beat to avoid yesterday’s dance and Moon juice I lost track of time, staring into those eyes ooh, it’s kind of scary how the days passed by.

As for Birdy’s songs ( I guess I like her sound a lot these days, thanks to you ), I loved all those you suggested but Deep end, brought back so many memories, those early days when you are falling into the deep end, Give up, those lyrics seem so surreal to me right now, people help the people’s , oh and If I had a brain, I’ll be cold as stone and rich as the fool that turned all those good hearts away. 

Thank you so much for these suggestions X 

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me: yeah i think i’m basically over quirrellmort by now, sky is taking up most of my attention and i’m playing special interest roulette with like three other ships so,

also me: hmm what should i do in the sims-




okay then

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Rumor has it that if no rangers have contracted covid we’ll be cleared to rove sometime today (probably in N95s only, but it’s something). I want to walk around and talk to folks so bad. I’ve been sitting in my uniform in my kitchen, writing programs like a 6 year old in a Halloween costume they like too much to take off even though it’s June.

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