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incorrectbatfam · 2 days ago
Bruce, lightly nudging Damian with his foot: Damian, move out of the way please so I can get through.
Damian: You KICK Damian? You kick his body like the football? Oh! Oh! Jail for Father! Jail for Father for one thousand years!
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incorrect-dnd-classes · 17 hours ago
Bard: I once saw Ranger drink a jar of marinara sauce for dinner. Sorcerer, they opened a new jar of marinara sauce and drank it like it’s a thing that normal people do. It was unholy. And then I asked them what the hell they were doing, and they said, and I quote, “it’s basically a smoothie”
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rwbybutincorrect · a day ago
Going to ask 'why can't we just print more lien' in a room full of men just to feel something.
Weiss Schnee
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incorrect-hololive · 2 days ago
Omega: Please sit on this chair. I’d like to ask you some questions.
Baelz, whispering to Mumei: Deny everything.
Mumei: That’s not a chair.
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incorrectfrogs · 21 hours ago
sprig: Gatekeep, girlboss, and...what's the other one again?
polly: There isn't another one. You're crazy.
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kazbrekkersdekappel · 2 days ago
Alina: I asked Misha what he wanted for dinner and he said "not a burnt quesadilla" because one time 14 months ago, I accidentally burned one side of a quesadilla during a bbq. Kids are so salty these days
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totallycorrectmlp · a day ago
Rarity, lightly nudging Opalescence with her hoof: Opal, move out of the way please so I can get through.
Opalescence: *internally* You KICK Opalescence? You kick her body like the hoofball? Oh! Oh! Jail for Mother! Jail for Mother for one thousand years!
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gleeincorrectquotes · 2 days ago
Quinn : Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the time I fell off the swings at a park and some bitch ass kid said “What season is it? Fall?” I pray that she’s dead every single day.
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incorrectsamdean · 19 hours ago
dean, pointing: may i sit there?
sam: that’s my lap.
dean: that doesn’t answer my question, sam.
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xiiiwayfinders · a day ago
Aqua: I need some serotonin.
Terra: *stands up*
Terra: *sits back down*
Terra: I forgot what serotonin was so I was going to go get you some.
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se-bu · a day ago
Tumblr media
@MercedesAMGF1: LH x AMG. 🔥😈
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incorrect-dnd-classes · 2 days ago
Paladin: You’re standing on thin ice.
Barbarian: I’m standing on the floor.
Paladin: It’s an expression.
Barbarian: It’s a carpet.
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rwbybutincorrect · 2 days ago
Salem, singing: Fly me to the moon
Salem: Let me kick its fucking ass
Salem: Let me show it what I learned
Salem: In my moon jujitsu class
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incorrect-hololive · 2 days ago
Calli: You’re standing on thin ice.
Gura: I’m standing on the floor?
Calli: It’s an expression.
Gura: It’s a carpet.
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angelofthenight · a day ago
Michael: I’d choose Star over my family any day
Michael: blood ain’t thicker than that ass
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