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#spop textpost

I found these 2 masterpieces just hanging around in my WIPS and since im on a bit of a posting spam today i thought why not share this with the world.


The first one is a comic of adora dancing and twerking and the second i don’t really know

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Shera fans on Feb 14th: You seem very…technalogically advanced *air kisses*

Ok truth be told i would marry anyone who’d tell me this😚

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straight friendgroups be like: blonde, brunette, jock, annoying couple.

gay friendgroups be like: dumb jock lesbian, mean lesbian with abandonment issues, soft jock lesbian who gives great hugs, sassy edgy bisexual who doesn’t give a fuck, dumbass bisexual who sets stuff on fire, non binary tax evader, tech nerd, bisexual who always shows off his abs, chaotic bi girl that goes feral, token 10 year old, sapphic obsessed with plants

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This happens when I try to avoid homework:


It looks kind of cool tho

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One more reason why I hate Shadow Weaver is how she managed to abuse and manipulate both Catra and Adora in different ways.

Shadow Weaver made Catra feel like she was useless and made clear how unwanted she was. SW tries to tell her, how she saw herself in Catra, how she saw the parts she disliked about herself in Catra. She tried to take away the only person she cared about, by telling Adora “what a distraction Catra was”. Not only that she manipulated and used Catra for her own good constantly, but also she used her power to torture her when she was only a kid. At obe point, when Catra started to trust her, she abandon her again. Yet, Shadow Weaver was the only “parental” figure she ever had, of which SW took advantage of. She ruined her

Adora was like a puppet for Shadow Weaver. Adora was her weapon. She manipulated her (and practically everyone everyone in the Horde if you see it like this) how princesses are evil and the Horde are the good ones even tho it was the complete opposite. She constantly used her to seek power, even if it meant to hurt people Adora cared about. Yet, SW was the only “parental” figure Adora ever had. She ruined her, too.

Shadow Weaver ruined them. She was horrible to them, especially to Catra. Yet, she was the only parental figure they‘ve ever had

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This has been in my head for days.

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*sleeping together on the bottom bunk*

adora: hey, what time is it?

catra: i don’t know, pass me the recorder.

catra: *plays recorder loudly*


catra: it’s 2am.

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Mom: why are you smiling at your phone are you texting a boy 👀👀👀

Me (scrolling through catradora art on insta and tumblr): haha yup of course

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I just know Sokka, Benson, and Bow would be GREAT friends like imagine the chaotic and sarcastic sidekick energy

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Catra: *staring deadpan into the camera with a microphone in hand* And here, you can see the endangered Adora in her natural habitat.

Adora: *falls down the stairs, spilling cereal everywhere*

Catra: Natural selection is coming for this specimen. 

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