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#the assassin’s blade spoilers
thehighqueenofhiraeth · 25 days ago
yall ever think about what would have happened if arobynn hadn’t set up sam and celaena with farran??? if nothing had gone wrong and they’d have completed the job killing jayne and farran??? and gone to the southern continent??? because like... celaena would’ve gotten her powers back and i know she had them pretty well forced down in her human form but what if she had gotten overwhelmed and shifted and set their house on fire??? not to mention that i personally don’t believe sam and celaena’s relationship would have ended well if he had survived??? i dunno this is really interesting to think about and it won’t leave me alone
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thehighqueenofhiraeth · 2 months ago
The Assassin’s Blade Thoughts
Wow. I finished the book but oh my god. I’m glad I paused the timeline to jump back and see that before moving on in the series but I really want to destroy Arobynn Hamel. I mean I know the guys King of the Assassins and all but Sam of all people?? he didn’t deserve that at all and I understand Celaena’s feelings over the situation a lot better after reading what happened.
And now I’ve gotta move on to Queen of Shadows and after the ending of Heir of Fire??? i just know in my bones that was not the worst ending of the series to come and that’s saying something considering what the king did to Dorian and Sorcha... Uh Oh™️
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